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"united astrology party" Discussed on The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

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"united astrology party" Discussed on The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

"First time boys scheme, but he's come up with. Yeah. Which? Have you ever heard of a more ludicrous policy in law? Well, I mean that was this into a conservative web of poed cast the other morning. It was on Monday morning, actually. And they said, you know, you could tell it was very bad idea. Because Bill shorten jumped on the story guess on for it. And the deal deal is now we've been explain it. So if the at the moment a first time boy needs a twenty percent deposit, which is what generally speaking date, unless they're gonna pay mortgage insurance Loggins insurance, which means if they default, the Bank is covered not the by the Bank is covered yet the buyer posed for that, even then you probably going to need a higher deposit. Then five percent what the Mars and government is said if a home first time buyers is they will provide a guarantee to the banks. The signing allow time boy to buy on five percent deposit in if tie file, then we will make up that fifteen percent of the loss component of your loss and said to encourage banks to sort of lend on a fought percent deposit. Merodon Scott, more or less. What is said, basically, it's a scheme to encourage first time buys to buy a house on a five percent deposit. Which says like a recipe for high risk. Locking in young millennials into alone. That is going to be impossible to new nearly impossible to repair diner Asli highly geared that they can't repay the whole point. If you've got ninety five percent of your value locked up in a mortgage, if you've got a correction in the property market, which were already seeing New South Wales, Victoria. Then you end up in negative territory very quickly. And this is I think very irresponsible Morrison government today. This we've already had, you know, this wasn't the first banking Royal commission, we've had banking enquiries and all that so stuff in the past. And I remember them very clearly being very critical of the banks lining money on five percent deposits enabled the government saying you can we're gonna under audit. Terrible scam to encourage risky landing on the banks pot and to encourage risky borrowing. Ski borrowing on the part of the millennials to ivory extend themselves. This from government, you know. Reports the leave it all up to the market forces as much as possible and doesn't want a wide increase for the. Childcare workers because that would be interfering in a market price. Is you happy to interfere in the housing markets. Also is already with the first. On is bonus all sorts of. And that's that didn't flight at the market. That's terrible. So this is going to do is just bad news all round except for one group. I deeply miss already I'm properties because inflate cross because naval just be more BAAs on the market and somebody suggested that we put a floor under the market as well. Although somebody I heard talking about it said may only eventuate to maybe ten thousand people across the strait while if ten thousand people. Ruined by this. Then it's ten thousand people shoot of it's terrible policy. It's just one of the worst things and the fact that the live potty jumped on board within. Instead, I we'll do it too was on the one hand incredibly. They threw caution cautioned totally to the wind. And they didn't even look at the details. They just get. We'll do it's a of this. I knew details on it's just been. It was described this morning on to grumpy heck's listening to buy one of them. I can't remember which one of them. He said that. It was as if this was a thought bubble not a properly thought-out policy, and it is reckless that the labor opposition jumped on it and said, yes, we'll do that. But they did that because they realize it was a populist policy that they didn't want to be left behind. So they had no choice, but to jump on it was clever politics. But it was a terrible publising. Absolutely. It was ridiculously fine son excuse to not do it. If I win in getting the payoff. That's terrible polcy anyway. Well, this the other thing too is auto Radi hood. Another podcast listening was riding on Monday afternoon. That was just in that because the property process have already come off so much in Sydney, Melbourne that it's probably not going to be necessary in that people were able to say about five percent could probably get on process. I think have come down that much southern Oregon that come into any percent raw. Right. But if you only had five percent of. One hundred dollars. And now you're going to have. Yeah. You still used to get a hell of a lot more money. I've done think it's going to get an evaporate the problem. But it he's one of those things that you can just think is probably not necessary. But what's the sort of average? If there is an average price for property in Sydney. Melbourne, I believe in Sydney, it's it's around eight hundred million eight hundred thousand to a million dollars. I think the pretty average sort of house these it's frightening and people to borrow on five percent goodness thankful for it. Millennials are being if you think this is one. Read I ever again by vitamin story. Take them on a it's a pain in the ass. But you just go sit there, and you're gonna save up to twenty percent diposal. I did it. It's a pain in the ass, but it can be done. Yeah. In anyway, it's got unit listed six nine on the Senate, and it was very bloody too. Because there were a lot of right wing. Not on. I've looked at the Queensland Senate ballot piper. It is frightening. The number of nutters on this on this ballot piper. The very first three on the Queensland Senate Roy's straw polling Hanson's one night Nigerian and United astrology party three number five involuntary medication objectives. So the anti vaccines an anti fluoride body. Go fries renting, we could astrology Bitta families, which is a right wing men's rights group strying conservatives, which is cord Benatti. Why deal pay which is virus Catholic action of the life of body catastrophic? Party the great ustralia party, another right-wingers, sustainable, astrology and right wing, eighty immigration love, astrologer eve society, more shooters, fishers, and farmers group. X I looked up and based on their preferences. Now, the right-wing party Liberal Democrats are Leo sort of libertarian banks and citizens electoral council who again based on their preferences. Another right wing party. Like, you know, you out in the scientist thing about Catta strategy and card. To us after the Catholic Stein. The cat is a strategy, Patty. You don't say anything about I gun toting? Win windows hats. So at one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirty four fifteen sixteen nutters on the Senate shape as opposed to one two three four five six seven eight nine ten would be acceptable. And I include the liberal national party in that. Yes. Take you on either that Senate type d listener and die before. Boy. Some of those does give you a perspective doesn't it on the Ellen? Please. They do look quite human in comparison with some of the others when you compare them to Fraser innings conservative national party in that is a real frightening. Outfit. But I do think really they'll get anyone elected. No. Well, they might get Frazier ending not. They can get many candidates. I am my that that Pomme can get simony candidates BAAs them doesn't have these people. Nice soul. Apparently. But look I saw video this afternoon. And it was somebody else put it this video up on a Facebook post that I regularly look at and it was a video of Fraser Ang? Welcoming one of these candidates to the fault. And it was for the seat that Pauline Hanson originally renting, what was that in roundups which? What's forget the name of the Oxley. Yes. So he's standing for sleep for Fraser innings. What do they call the conservative national party or something endings conservative national party? Anyway, phrase ranting standing in a park with this guy that both dressed in suits. Both look very respectable. But then the person who put this video together had recorded something else of the same guy on an earlier occasion. Or on just going to towns wearing Cussing out everybody he hated and they're all fucking this and fucking that. And he just sounds like a complete angry limited, you know, he's ex-army. And I don't know. I don't suppose that has anything to do it. But he's just a really angry man who seems to hate everybody and phrase roundings now got him running for. Sleep. Today

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