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"united alabama" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

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"united alabama" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"We are heading now to tuscaloosa where we are joined by christian and harris the unbelievable linebacker for the crimson tide. One of the most exciting players to watch this year in college football christian. Thank you for joining us. I know it's a busy time with big game coming up as always for the crimson tide. Good afternoon and how are you. How do you feel about the season. So far i i just want to thank you having me on here So far for them and really excited about this week You know. I feel like you know. We still have a lot to prove team. You know one of these weeks. We definitely have to do that. You coming off of a huge win. But you could say that almost every week with with alabama and you turn around and you had to college station. How does that work this is now tuesday on. I know you're not supposed to look back. How quickly can you as a player and your teammates. Turn the page and start focusing on the next game you know. 'cause always tells us about the twenty four hour rule so You know the moment when that game You enjoy for twenty four hours and then you get ready for the next opponent in As we do each week by week so Through the just say that's all we do. Well hopefully he's not watching. Because i do want to go back a little bit Christian big in tuscaloosa. Over the weekend i talked to a number of people connected that program and they felt really confident about the ole game And someone told me that in trying to explain the florida game That the crowd was was was a new thing for a lot of young players. It was so loud. It was so deafening. Of course cova last year. Took care of all that. Could you go back and and was that was the crowd your first hostile environment really big deal in getting through that game versus florida. I mean it was definitely Crowd definitely had an impact on the game. It's definitely a tough place. Where a lot of people to play and of course. There's no that you know before going into that game Like i said we got there and you know yeah we have a lot of young guys and you know as a as older guy We try to help those guys. Prepare for those moments. You know we see where we were at that time. And we know how to improve christian in terms of this defense I mean it was built and you were certainly at the front of the conversation. As as one of the elite defenses in the country and that game things didn't go particularly well Throughout the second half but but against ole miss it was a it was a stellar performance. I mean that was a forty two seven game. It took all missile longtime to score one of the best offenses and one of the best quarterbacks in college football what was the difference from week to week You know. I think we really make emphasis on china finish. Play four sixty minute game no matter who we're playing and You know some that you know we've been really trying to fix and work on the defense Each game florida. I mean you see forty game. We came out second quarter and we didn't come. Marta strong in the second. Half of you there and you know you allow teams to get back in the game. That way like i said coast continues to emphasize that for us. And that's just coming into focus. I know the score does not indicate The dominance was he Frustrated after the game because alabama gave up to two late touchdowns i mean. He's always gonna say anytime we you know. Give up any points in the second half especially in fourth quarter united alabama program really strive on finishing in fourth quarter and You know that's just something we didn't do and we have to. you know. Continue to fix chris. I'm curious because as a lay person It just seems like the games over. And i know just in my own mind is hard. It would be hard to kim. Continue that same intensity but you're on the field and you know what you have to do do you. Let the score board affect you in any way When you're when you're way ahead you're thirty five points ahead Are are you still playing it at the at the at the same level At that moment as you were entering the second half does what we really strive one to to try to keep this intensity we did when we came out on the first job though the whole game To keep that. Like i said throughout sixty minutes. I mean you know they always have is really starting practice when You know you start off practice. You know feeling good. And he gets towards the end when good on good periods real you know trying to finish and which turns out there on game day and like i said it's been struggling with and we'll continue to try to fix and your coaches really harping on each week. So we'll definitely get their chris harris. Chris i wanna go back a little bit because a lot of people close to you. Know your your backstory. You grew up in in baton rouge You were friends with Dylan moses and a couple of other players And then you surprise a lot of people you it looked like you were heading outta baton rouge which isn't easy to do to go to college station. And then you flip it over to alabama. What was that like leaving leaving a place where football is really on the same level as it is in tuscaloosa You know just really sitting there talking to my family discussing what we think is best for my future I mean that's really already came down to for like here at the university alabama. They had the best opportunity for me. to excel as a man on and off the field. And you know. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I know whenever you do something like that. It it upsets people especially probably for friends of yours you grew up with. You're still a young person and that would be hard for anybody to deal with. How did you deal with those friends of yours. Who were lsu fans getting upset that you made a personal choice. I mean you know couldn't really get too upset about it or let it affect me that much. Because like i said i knew i was doing what was best for me and my future You know you can't let you know others play a factor in that. But like i said just came in we want. My seddon kept them. I said this this tired time. So i just never really focus on it. Did you grow up in lsu fan. I mean i think everybody. Growing up in ben. Route's you know loves to watch football. It's their first For me it was my first watch college football. So i enjoyed them. When i was little. Well you see talking about enjoying it. A la folks are enjoying watching you players patacula player and i know this is a big week Heading to college station. We appreciate your making time for us. You know you'd be well and have a great rest of the season you so much. Thank you very much christian harris joining us from tuscaloosa. Truly.

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