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"unique radio station college" Discussed on Radio Survivor Podcast

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"unique radio station college" Discussed on Radio Survivor Podcast

"This was a specific latin-american mystery but we're on the line today with Jocelyn Robinson, project director of the historically black colleges and universities radio station, archival survey project here on Radio Survivor Mine Eric Klein with me as always been. Just so now I want to kind of dig down here because I think you have a unique position if unique experience. To me in my mind and my experience W. Y. S. O. stands out as unique in having an archives project and that's that's Antioch College in Ohio in Ohio Yellow. Springs Ohio. Yes. And Unique Radio Station College public radio station much more. So I think I in its functioning these days but still with a lot of community involvement and it stands out as unique is having a formal archives project I would say that Those don't tend to be in the majority and you've had experience to work there. and I wonder if you have a sense from from both working in higher education working at. An historically black college. And then working there it w why. So if you have a sense for for why a place like any college and to be a wire, so heads this archives project if that illuminated all why then perhaps. These. Other colleges and universities both HP US and. Just in general don't I don't know if you if you have any insights there. Oh, absolutely do and it's not what you think. Well full disclosure I also worked at Antioch College for a time in a higher ed capacity, the an in administration and. Back in. Believe. It was nineteen ninety-one. The radio station moved from the second floor of the Student Union to building on campus. And when it moved, the tape library was pulled off the shelves and thrown into bags and boxes hauled across campus to this other building stuck in a musty storeroom and there it lay for nearly twenty five years That is why Waso has a collection to a large degree. It was almost A. Benign neglect, would you say that? Yes, they. So at the very least, they didn't throw it. Away Right. which, which is often what what happened or that didn't get somewhere where you wouldn't ever find it again if it was California real estate instead of Ohio right. warehoused somewhere where I guess it also wasn't subject to many environmental threats. Well it it it had a bit of threat you know the. It was an older building, musty mildew, e There was a a mold bloom after it had been stabilized, and there were some difficulties with environmental apparatus, but You know for the most part the fact that it was still there in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety,.

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