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"uniformed services university health sciences" Discussed on The Scholarship Shark Podcast

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"uniformed services university health sciences" Discussed on The Scholarship Shark Podcast

"And today's episode is a conversation with two military moms now what I love about this. I know both of these moms personally, but this was their first time meeting and talking. And even after this interview the conversation kept going, and it was just simply wonderful to hear them. Connect on a deeper level. So let me tell you about each of the moms, I spoke with misty Macken EFF. And I also spoke with Natalie MAC, so you're going to hear some similarities in their stories in their households and then some differences, how they handled the college admissions process with each of their kids. So less. Just jump right into today's conversation, high ladies, welcome to the show. Yeah. Absolutely. So as a again, is a part of our celebration of national military appreciation month. And I just think the both of you for not only being military spouses, and Missy was also in the military. So she'll talk a little bit about her background, but also parenting kids through the college admissions process as military, military moms, and so super excited about this episode because it's, it's great to have someone who has that lived experience, actually share what they've done, what they wished they had done or wish they had known and then the Jared vice so they get from. Thank you. Yeah. So I want you to tell me a little bit about you, your background. You're a little bit about your family, a little bit about your military experience. What you're going, and we'll start with Natalie. I. Oh, okay fan. Well in high Missy I dressed well, I am a chasmin south. My husband is currently sation that the uniformed services university of the sciences, which is a little, no military. Jim, it's and I say, gee EM, maybe it is stationed on the campus of f- affairs, which wealth to read national medical center in Washington DC. And so he's stationed there at Houston is what it's called you uniform services University Health sciences. And he's due to PCS sue to fort McNair, but we live on fort belvoir, which he makes that commute and I'm so precious, because we choose to lift your on belvoir because of the quality of life that we. Observed when we came to assure the to the tourney person, look at the action for where to live in the DC area, we have five kids, and they ranged from eleven almost twelve he reminds me, it'd be twelve July thirty burn. Then we have a son who is seventeen and a half. We have a friend who was twenty two daughter who's twenty four and a daughter who's twenty seven. So we're so excited to this past weekend as of yesterday are third. We have third college graduate. Oh, right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. We saw in so Nikolas route. We'll decide he graduated from American University and he was so excited. He was at the school of international service and so and he got a university award. Pam, I'm so excited. He was awarded on Friday for the herald Johnson award for making a difference too in the area of diversity, and inclusion with American University. Yeah, a lot of research are in reference to assess topic, but this flavoring and the, the American University and, and the history that was involved with that, and it will never it just hurts impacts. It a lot of areas there at American though. He's, he also deals with food, insecurity with college college campuses, so erase I'm still trying. I'm bragging about, but. Both graduated some live in university. The oldest one is half of fourteen and the youngest one in two thousand sixteen and she was on the prophesying their play once after she was so proud, and she did well so proud of all of them, we have two more to go to college to get through high school in preferably. Lord willing to college, and we've moved all over the place. Obviously, I feel we patient here now but here's the two thousand sixteen in this area of DC. This is home for us, right? Across in their Orland Clinton, fort Washington. And practice with the Danta Jacksonville and with the marines. 'cause my husband being navy chaplain he served with the marines the coastguard, and of course the navy, so we were doing a second with them league core down at you ever air station near camp legit and prior to that we were overseas in, when I call Bella Napoli, which we absolutely love three years in southern Italy hopes to get back there. Nice. Yeah. So we. Wow. Like has been really good for us, just not saying it hasn't been without its challenges and the realities that we we deal with from the hard times, but it's an overall really really, really good. Do a lot with the military community. Always we always have as a family and my volunteering. A lot of each out being a mentor. I do a lot with the home school community here as I have in other places we've lived and, and I recently ventured into two categories. One is a started as an independent consultant with paparazzi accessory. So I'm so sorry about that, or that January and selling up five dollar gorgeous cartoon jewelry Nikko, and they free some credit about that. And then additionally about eighteen months ago or so we made a decision to bring my mom. In law in with which has been a game changer. And so I started a blog as a result to just kind of, and I'm still at the beginning is still being worked on. But it's it's out there. Bailable is still pretty rough, you know of a blog. I'm just kind of trying to feel my way through this whole new season of doing blogs and all, but I'm excited about it. So that's, that's pretty much in In an. an. Do you have your hands full? I do. I do. Yeah. I think we all we all do never Terry wives. And then additionally home school piece. But it's good. It's good. That's good. That's good. Only these linked in the show as your 'paparazzi website, and then also your blog website in case you know, there's someone listening who needs that support encouragement with a baby a parent or in-law kind of thing situation as well. And, and maybe a mob listening wants to buy some jewelry, and we'll keep for date night, or just about what, what, what are those length? How can people find you on both of those? Okay. All right. Well, signing him hassle raspy, I have a business page on Facebook, which is. Bala. B. E. L. L A, bullying. B. L. I N T by v y naturally. N. H. E A L Sabella by nattery, as my Facebook business page. If you have a website, which I'll let you do the link. I guess probably easier than me saying that 'paparazzi accessories dot com forward slash two five one three three zero four slash that's my kids. But I'll let you. Late for that. And then the blog is life in the middle dot MIT. Yes. Like it in the middle of that site because I feel like we're the sandwich generation where he my husband and I are in that middle of the sandwich, and then the top can be my kids or my mother-in-law either way, we can flip it, but we're it'll and that's at sandwich generation, and we're just maneuvering and figuring it out as we go, and I realized how many people aren't prepared for that season or life. And so I want to be the voice, or one of the voices to help people start to get prepared. And also to how to do it with joy now to see God in. Yeah. That's probably my, that's what I'm thinking blog the focus, and I also cover home schooling and other things. But that's the piece that I really wanna get it out. All from I love that. Thank you sharing that, thank you. Well, congrats on your rethink graduate. That's exciting. Yeah. You know, hear remember Nick from fan because I'm like I do I do I do. I just can't believe that old. I know I know they haven't so fast. I know. So maybe misty. Can you tell us about yourself? Your your does your military background. Yeah. So when I was. Three five single mom with four kids and I watched my tool to feathers in the military. So when I didn't have the scores of the money. Oh, they are kind of an actual thing to go to. So, yeah, I went into the army, and it was mainly GI Bill. But I actually grew up a lot there. I learned how to attendance take care of myself. I remember my surgeon teaching me, how to do my checkbook, you know, and how to budget, and it was just it was really good and eaters, I got more out of the military than I thought it was. I sure. And then on that my husband. So. Yes. For being in for a year, I met Mary, Sean. And we've been married for twenty six years. And we have five awesome kids and their ages in lot. We've got there's Twenty-three area Anna's twenty two Eason's eighteen he's graduating, you're this year, and then that was thirteen and bring in his twelve. So it sounds like our kids are a similar. I agree it. Yeah. Yeah. And I know both of you personally. So she was saying, and I'm like, oh, so similar so similar in and then as you begin to say where even going you're going to see the more similarity solace. You keep going. I know. Yeah. Ethan. So his coupons that he's looking at is liberty university. That's I pick and second pick is Appalachian bible. He wants to do camping, outdoor leadership, but he also wants his nece and entrepreneurship and liberty have that they're one of the only colleges that has exactly what he wants to do. So Appalachian would not have the business so yeah, he is applying applying for scholarships because he knows that he has to, you know, have so much. We don't want him go into debt going into camping out or leadership. You know, if he was going to be a lawyer said, beware thing. Camping out early ship. So we right now he's in the process he's got nineteen for me right now. And thank you. And your snow that you're helping him because he's got nineteen right now that he's working he turned into couple yesterday. So he's just he's saying thinking about right. The thing that my son also loves the best liberty is their cafeteria, like we went and visited, and they have, like I guess, one of the top rated cafeteria. And yes, you know, sure enough like peace in like the way to hurt is through his stomach, and he loves her. That's important. Yeah. Gotta live there. You gotta like the food. The food makers. My only one at a five that it is for of it. Yeah. It's hard to beat liberty in a lot of ways, you know, they aren't just boom, but yeah, we're really thankful in my dad recently came to live with us too in December. So, yeah, he got to where he needed to go into care facility, or live with someone. And so he heard my husband was sure it higher. 'cause my husband he's been in for twenty three years, and he's about to drop his packet and summer, which means is that's one year from retirement date. When you drove back backing so he'll, he'll be retiring next year tone. I and when my dad heard used in that he said, I'll see you on your own. So we've, we've got done to and caring for him and learning the ropes I'll definitely visit your blog. Oh, great. Yes, I work at heart attacks as I can get it up misty. Oh my gosh. No pressure. No pressure. Okay. Okay. All right..

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