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"unfo  reading" Discussed on Scriptnotes Podcast

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"unfo reading" Discussed on Scriptnotes Podcast

"Curtis is such a genius and has such a distinct voice and it wasn't until I was adopting someone else's distant voice. Oh, I think I have the distinct twice in. It's not the same as this person's voice. So it's been interesting being like, okay, well, people are really if they wanted to watch four wins in funeral as an adaptation into a miniseries, what would that look like and what did they want? Knowing that I'm doing it. So I'm trying to fulfill the promise of people who want to see that while also being like, okay, this is through the eyes of Mindy Kaeling and the biggest. The biggest change at we made as the lead is an African American girl and the the male lead. Is British Pakistani man, and so it's already, I'm like, okay, this is I feel like I can get on board with these two leads. And so right now you're just blue skying or you, you're breaking up. So what happens in this part of the room, we just finished blue sky, which is like the most fun period of pre production in our going into breaking the first episode. I mean, we wrote the first episode is actually written. So we're doing episode to. Which is like a little bit little bit harder, less fun soldiers road with the question, which I thought was perfect question for you. So it will try to answer this question Iran, Philadelphia rights. I've been developing my first feature film and I put in a lot of thought into point of view. The film is an unconventional romance. The majority of the film is through the point of view of the protagonist how to shift the POV at one point in the film, do you find that certain John rose lend themselves using POV in different ways? So he Lovie is crucial thing for things you've written. So the office of course, has that documentary conceit. His funeral, I will are you poaching POV in figuring out your stories and who is who can drive a seen by themselves? Well, you know, I can talk about it more from TV's and features because I'm only written like two features, but I will say that in TV, it's kind of trial and error. You see, like, okay, we know in at least in the menu. We know Danny can do appeal showing, we know Mindy. Ken, Adam pally seems to be able to be in that character and then she'll do character on the show and it somehow not working and it's like an, it's often because as a pubic hair to like we, we didn't take the time at the beginning. You have to establish like, who are the leads in her, the secondary characters, and it's a real thing which is, and when you have a secondary character, the only reveal themselves a secondary character when they try to have a story and it just is not as interesting, and I think that we did that in the office to it's like, if you wanted to leave there is like five characters who could hold a story. And if you try to do that with some announce story wouldn't make a lot of sensitive office, she would have Phyllis. His wedding was the name of the story. Shoot often be like the cover story of an episode, but it really reveal itself, which is, and that's something you do at the very beginning, you have to decide particularly in comedy that you're not gonna like burn your characters, offer jokes, and. Make it so that you wouldn't be able to. They're not a fully three dimensional POV character. It's actually something that unfo- Reading's we've really want there to be. It's an hour long. So more than ever you really need these like strong POV characters. You can't have funny secondary characters. You make up some crazy back story for them for a joke in you. You know, you sacrifice something that's their character just to be like, do comedy bid. And so for weddings, we've been like, okay, these, this is an hour long more than two characters to build a cab story. So it's like eight characters had to be fully three dimensional characters, and I think film is is great that way. 'cause there's not. There's like sitcoms like a boot liveability thing that movies have to have that sitcoms don't have to have. I think, where it's like, no, we demand all the characters be fully three. Dimensional is characters with like active internal.

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