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"underhill hill" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

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"underhill hill" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"The sports leader. Welcome back to Camby tonight. My name's Bill, asking you filling in for Mark Willard and some positive points about tomorrow's game Madison, Bumgarner on the hill tomorrow against Kevin GAAS men as this reading this minute ago, just unbelievable. What I'm reading here. Madison, Bumgarner seven and three with a two point seven earned run average against the Braves in twelve career starts in fact, entering tomorrow's outings, Madison won his last seven decisions. That's right. Seven and all with a two point zero three earned run average in eight starts against the Braves. He hasn't lost to the lane of Braves since two thousand twelve. So you think about that when he goes on that hill tomorrow, seven and his last eight starts with a two point zero earned run average pretty Godley numbers right there to go on a hill tomorrow. So if you're Batman, do you bet on him? Do you put a of money on Madison because seven knows pretty damn good. And I think Madison has been pitching real good. His last four starts. So we'll see what happens. But to some thoughts before you go to bed tonight before you lay your head on that pillow about tomorrow's game. I'm thinking, hey, giants got a chance. Well, I think they do. Number forty is on the hill tomorrow against Kevin GAAS men, a right hander panic wasn't in the lineup today. He'll be there tomorrow belt wasn't in Atlanta today. He'll be there tomorrow. The left is going to have the attack. You might even see Stephen vote behind the plate tomorrow. Lefty attack against God's men Madison on a hill. Not a bad flavor when you wake up tomorrow morning, having a Cup of coffee. So far has been fun tonight. Really enjoyed fitting in tonight. Kmby are Tanada got Jacob and Dave behind the glass. Thanks so much fell as a really enjoyed it. Good timing. Good fans could support. Thank you, all for ripping on me on Twitter if you want. I know you've couple of did. It's okay. I take it. Couple of Facebook hits. I appreciate all the fans. Support vitamin blue and myself on the hill, vitamin Bill would be back on Saturday, where on seven to ten on Saturday. We got big lease v. Coming out with us, the hall of Famer we're gonna have a good time talking to him. And one of the fierce homerun hitters the giants used to have rob deer. He's going to join us also. So join us on Saturday. Seven to ten Underhill hill, vitamin Bill, we'll be back. But again, thanks so much. Giants replay coming up here at midnight to fellas are still going to be working late. I'm out the door. Enjoy the evening of a good night. Thanks for listening. I appreciate the time..

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