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"uncle rich pennybags" Discussed on Stuff You Should Know

"Hey folks want to tell you about a brand new TV. Show From and starring Reese Witherspoon and starring Golden Globe nominee Kerry Washington called little fires everywhere. Yeah you can check out the first. Three episodes March Eighteenth on Hulu and the new episodes come out Wednesday. And the whole show follows the intertwined fates of one family the picture perfect Richardson's and then another family magic mother daughter duo who moved to town and just kind of disrupt you could say the Richardson's picture perfect life that's right it's all good stuff you had me at Reese Witherspoon and Carrie Washington. Because they're both great for real and like we said you can check out the first three episodes on March eighteenth in new episodes every Wednesday only on Hulu. Well now we are road driving in your WANNA learn a thing or two from Josh and Chuck Did Stuff. You know right all right. So we were just talking about Atlantic city I guess we can go ahead and point out now that there are hundreds of versions of monopoly out there. Now were your hometown. Probably yeah one for your favorite sports team. I have personally. My version is a star wars monopoly. Nice which is pretty fun. Nice yeah I guess Hasbro's like you got some money. Sure you can license this monopoly. Go ahead there's Simpson's phenomenon I haven't played it though and not in addition to the Licensed versions that you can find like everywhere they also have like official versions to like there's a US version yeah there's a UK version. There's a there's a new version that's called monopoly here now. What does that even mean super corporate corporate one? Yeah Okay it's It's like everything is multiplied by. I think a thousand dollar amounts are way higher. Is this the one where they replaced the The railroads are replaced by airports where they replaced. Cor- corporations for all the Property so yes like McDonald's and Sony and Yeah God who would want to play that as some people do you know. Yeah Yeah I mean I'm not a purist because I had the stars version but it's no fun to me to play as paramount pictures and right to buy the McDonald's property yeah no let's just me So there are a bunch of different versions but the one. We're going to talk about. Well let's talk about the the normal version with the two thousand eight rules. Yeah and there's actually coming soon Later this year there you can go online at my monopoly and you can design your own board. Is that right and do like your own neighborhood. Wow and then they will make it for you. And I think it's like one hundred fifty bucks or something. Wow moneybags you can. I'M NOT GONNA do it to the East Lake minority. No I was talking to whoever got. Oh sure yeah rich. Uncle Rich pennybags. That's what you should have said. Britain pending pennybags. This sounds not not that wealthy. Well actually I have a bag of pennies on me right. Now he Forbes has their silly fictional fifteen list of fictional characters wealth and he In two thousand thirteen was number. Thirteen Geez is Stars declined them guests. Who THE FIRST. The richest fictional character is the incredible hulk. No he was not rich. Scrooge mcduck Oh yeah well Dune here that gold vault apparently sixty five billion Number two was smog. Which I thought was kind of silly smug from like the rings to drag in. I think like gold got you Carlisle Cullen Number Three Tony Stark for Charles Foster Kane number five. Who's number three? Carlisle Cullen from twilight. Who's that he was the Dad Vampire? Dad Oh the vampire family And he's been alive forever so I guess he just keeps accumulating Bruce Wayne Richie Rich Christon Gray Richie rich. I forgot about him. He's number seven. He had a robot maid and a crazy like Weird scientists friend. Didn't he sure? Like a Richie rich robot of himself. I think he had that too. But no is made was a robot wasn't it? That was the jetsons he had I thought Monty Burns at number. Ten was pretty good. Oh Yeah it's going. Although I would guess Mr Monopoly would be wealthier than Monty Burns. But yeah thirteen and they put it out each year. It's dumb can. We just admit that I was thrilled by it. Okay we spent three minutes on it. Yeah well that's true. Okay so chuckers. Yeah you WanNa talk about the the rules of the game again. Two thousand eight rules if you are a monopoly purist and like. I'm sorry this over going with. Yeah well let's talk about the game board itself to so if you haven't played it. I'm surprised because I think like a billion people have played the game But if you haven't when you get your monopoly game you're going to open it up and you're going to have a board with all these different properties in a square You have to dice twelve. They call them tokens. That's not the right amount either. Is it. No there's eight yeah. I don't understand where they got twelve from. Unless they're counting ones. That may be were retired or something like that but when you open the MoD only eight there there's a can we go over Ger. There's a wheelbarrow Scottie dog. Yeah top hat a cat which replaced the iron in two thousand thirteen. Yeah there is a big big to do because because Parker brothers and Hasbro like. We haven't made a lot of money off of this for a couple of months. Let's just do something? Well they let people vote at least which is Kinda cool right but it was also. Did you see the other ones that they were voting for like a robot and Richie? Richardson Made Guitar Guitar here. They didn't make the cut though. No they got voted out and the cat got voted in the iron got booted. Yeah it only got eight percent of the vote There's the classics shoe of course or boot. Which is modeled after a nineteen thirties? Working Shoe and I think they've kept it the same. The original ones. The the Scottie dog was not one of the originals. That came in the fifties. Yeah and I think that was supposed to be the companion of Melbourne money then he begs pennybags to be cash bags. Fat Stacks. That's tax There was a canon which has been retired. Yeah and it goes to military well the Canon and the Battleship yeah they were from a failed game called conflict and they were like well. We got all these pieces. It's just throw monopoly for now. All right it's pretty smart but they face the cannon out because it's just too violent It says with any without any fanfare or vote or campaign so probably. That'd be my guess. If it's hush yes probably because violence is a conspiracy afoot. There's the race car every little kids favorite which apparently had a number three on the side for a little while. Yeah I didn't know that. Yeah Dale Earnhardt. I guess Purse has been retired. Yeah the rocking horse was retired. Yup The lantern was retired. I'm doing my best bamble impress and Did you get wheelbarrow in there yet? I think I know yes I did. It was the first one I said. Did we say top hat? Yeah that was always my favorite. Actually I I don't remember what my favorite was it on my pinky and I used to draw faces The horse and rider which is retired which I didn't know that's one of the best pieces to me. What you didn't know is retired now. Yeah it was Kinda Sad And now they're An at sack of money was retired as well. The second money in a purse. These are a little similar. Yeah the cat come on. Yeah cat people. I'm sure it's exactly right. I guarantee that's why they got voted in and I am a cat person you know and even you think it's stupid exactly so those are the token. Some of those tokens that we mentioned. You're gonNA find in the two thousand eight set. Yeah and that is European that is what represents you in the game. Yes again for the three people who've never played monopoly. Yes because supposedly At least as far as Hasbro calculates over one billion people have played monopoly. And frankly I'm surprised as that. Low sounds like an.

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