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"ulan wang" Discussed on Outcomes Rocket

"In computer engineering a BA in Japanese which is super cool. My Wife's Japanese guys I don't know that into that from the UC Santa Barbara and a PhD in biomedical engineering from Ucla so it is an incredible privilege to have shown here with us to really take a deep dive into the intersection of Science Medicine and entrepreneurship with that Sham. I WanNa give you a warm welcome thanks for being with US thank you so much Paul it's a pleasure to be on your show it's a pleasure to have you here now are you are you fluent in Japanese once upon a time was fluent Japanese I would like to think that I'm I can under- Dan better than I can now but still no easing you could get by with it though right Oh absolutely yeah I love the language I love the culture they can you read it in writing to yes I definitely could read the Chinese characters Kanji much better in the past ed say it's serviceable now wow good for you man that's amazing and you know when we think about health care and the sort of the global ecosystem I mean that's another market right where you know you have success here in the US it's definitely scalable over there so huge advantage absolutely no I think my interest surly interested in languages and Travel and cultures serves me well in this role I would totally agree as well and so you've got a really unique approach you wear a lot of different hats and you know this kind of perspective across the board as advantages but what is it that got you into healthcare to begin with Wow that's a great question so originally I wanted to be a video game programmer like every absolutely I think there's a couple of Instrumental experiences that shaped my interest in health care firstly being shadowing a rheumatologist both physician specialties at a barbara part of this healthcare technology class back to five seven six where they really promoted engineers to go follow around and chatter on physicians and that was really promoted by this campus effort had an in Santa Barbara Computer motion come out of Kalita I robot gleed with Fester Ulan Wang so think UC Santa Barbara was instrumental in the beginning of getting engineers and healthy your specialty provider stock together and so this experience kind of lead me to believe that maybe I should apply for medical school it was a good idea until it wasn't I think I think twenty three out of twenty four places that are applied but it ended up being the best ever and folk failure really led me into my now compassion which is medical imaging and image guided surgery and and that experience I built a career on top of at UCLA RENNA lab focused on improving technology for the surgeon. So this is using best in class imaging big data back then when it was now it's called machine learning artificial intelligence using fundamental engineering skills to be title to improve not just technology but focused on that healthcare outcomes so our lab at Ucla was also we but I was just starting out at the time yeah now that's a really great story about how you started and how you've come to sort of be focused where you are aging technologies prostate cancer so as you've gathered all these years of experience and now doing your work at a venda what would you say is should be the core focus of health leaders today and how are you guys approaching it I think the core focus of any healthcare organization today would be to listen to your state olders in understanding where you provide value in the whole for all stakeholders in the whole healthcare process. I think that's something that was drilled into us as a Med tech innovator accelerator company where it's not just about the physician or not just about the pair of course the patient is at the center of the listen everything that you do as a healthcare organization has to be to the benefit of patient government other manufacturing partners like where do you fit in I think about as we build our company yeah some great ideas they're thinking about the stakeholders in the process what value units living so we are focused on the big big problem of prostate cancer.

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