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"ukraine tucker" Discussed on Trumpcast


13:30 min | 9 months ago

"ukraine tucker" Discussed on Trumpcast

"And ponchos no twitter over the weekend so I'm feeling sanguine and chill about President George McGovern or Marianne Williamson and really just being here now in the age of Aquarius and I'm not kidding because there's good news today for heartbroken American and this really is not gonNa last forever trump will begun bar will be gone pompeo will be Gone Giuliani will be gone and trump cast will be gone yes we promised to stay till this is over right now I'm promising it will be over and here are some good signs creepy trump byte trey goudy has said he won't represent the President Trey Goudy won't represent the President Okay former Republican Senator Jeff Flake Republican senators Mitt Romney Ben Sasse and Susan Collins all condemned trump's appeals to foreign powers to investigate political rivals Republican Senator Chuck Grassley a go check has said the figure who blew the whistle on trump's impeachable call with Ukraine should be protected and when pushed by a constituent in Iowa Senator Jodi Ernst agreed with her colleague Chuck Grassley said the whistle blower whom trump has savaged deserves protections Tucker Carlson condemned trump's call with Ukraine Tucker a Carlson he said there's no way to spin it and there is indeed no way to spin it when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared on sixty minutes he was widely panned for his effort to reproduce exactly trump's incomprehensible talking points about his great wisdom and his beautiful perfect Phone Call With Ukrainian Colin Powell Republican also says the Republican Party needs to get its shit together he may have phrased that differently twenty and lawmakers aides and advisers Republicans told The Washington Post that the party is in convulsions about what to do as president tanks and this stuff you will not believe save as of today the proportion of the American population who say Congress should move to impeachment and removal is up to twenty four percent sent a quarter of the nation what's the president removed from office and those who support impeachment inquiry are now thirty one percent so that's fifty five percent majority backing and impeachment inquiry at minimum a big part of those people want removal that's the highest that this NBC poll has shown all year so the majority of Americans now believe there's something gravely wrong with Donald Trump and twenty four percent want him removed moved twenty one percent of Republicans also support the impeachment inquiry so just please as you listen to you know Jim Jordan Yemen trying to make trump look right in this or people talking deep state or Giuliani garbled mash don't listen to them look at the the numbers the American people don't want this president anymore so as Ned Flanders on the simpsons might say idly idly Ho have you heard the good news filmer all right my guest today is the Great Molly mccue she's an info warfare expert who has advised leaders in Estonia and throughout the Baltic six she's an extraordinary thinker on the role of Ukraine in all this trump's call to isn't just a problem for America it is a big problem for Ukraine molly welcome back to trump cast thanks for having me so we the people of the United States a partial transcript of that trump is alinsky all we got the impeachment inquiries we got some hydrogen from Democrats and if you out of office Republicans we got weird frothing at the mouth nonsense from trump's facto Adams those stores in deprived hacks like Graham and Jim Jordan then we got texts between ambassador Ukraine Gordon Sandline special envoy Kurt Volker that you and I texted about late at night and then we got lots of self-incriminating tweets from trump and the impeachments tagging along but in all this Russian of the call and the texts and their implications for US politics on the president's future we have not spoken nearly enough about your area of expertise you rain and also Vladimir Putin so maybe you can finally once and for all give us context citing your awesome politico Michael about what that call and what the unholy Putin trump alliance means for Ukraine yeah it's it's a deep well of who to dig in into this week but it's been a great week for Putin it was his birthday yesterday I think he's gotten some very nice gifts usually he gets you know puppies and golden plated statues from various Central Asian dictators but you know this year he's gotten a pretty great gift at in the form of a huge deliverable in Syria and a pretty great gift in the form of multiple deliverables deliverables from the president of the United States including discussed racing the Ukrainian president and involving him in scandal continuing to sort of stoke the internal political chaos of the United States and just sort of in general advancing huge amounts of Kremlin narrative on how feckless we are how corrupt Ukraine is really leaving the whole battlefield open for Putin to just walk right through so who put that word corruption in trump's head because that's the word that he settled on he's now acting like he's a great photo of corruption and why is corruption aligned for him almost uniquely with Ukraine is that Kremlin narrative this is one of the most interesting things that I think we've heard from him and you can always tell when some idea has been placed in his head and he just repeats over and over without changing the wording at all amend this is one of them and the number of times that he has said in the last ten days or so Ukraine so corrupted as the most corrupted is so corrupt there's corruption everywhere which obviously there is a lot of corruption in Ukraine it is part of why there have been multiple revolutions in Ukraine the fighting corruption is actually a very important thing that needs to be done there by the president trying to reduce this like there is nothing good in Ukraine it's just a bunch of corrupt thugs is one hundred percent a piece of the Kremlin's narrative which is like there's nothing you can do to make Ukraine better there's no one to work with there's no partners you can engage it's just corrupt sucks and Nazis and whoever Olson in terms of how they talk about Ukraine and this thing that I I don't think I was aware of where crackdown on corruption send which is something that's Putin did when he put his business enemy cutoff ski in Cage and it's what NBS did when he locked up a bunch of his rivals in the In the hotel was up that the Hilton or am I mixing up a Ritz maybe it was it was the rich yeah that's right so he he like he gave them a high style. NBS locked down and now we see sort of trump talking crackdown on corruption and once you represent your rivals as corrupt it becomes license it sounds like to do almost anything and that's what Putin also has done with Ukraine while it's especially in the post-soviet region and certainly not limited to their it's a common theme if you look at any parts of politics in Africa and a lot of Asia a lot of corruption everywhere and a classic strategy to go after political opponents incorrupt places is to accuse them of corruption when you control the eh sort of agencies that get to pursue corruption because then you can kind of control where the investigations go and who is targeted who was not so I mean it's a classic strategy of smearing people when you know in fact you will find corruption if you look because there's so much corruption but Putin in particular has used it as a political weapon many of the cases including some Khodorkovsky and some of the cases that sort of came out of that the way that he is pursue bill browder and others it's always about corruption it's always about tax evasion accusations and it's all just sort of Hickey Dustin make believe in the context of what the Kremlin is stealing and how wanders its own money and but this this sort of package of tools using corruption to target it's so important because the narrative so powerful in Washington I think we've gotten to the point and in Western capitals and I think we've gotten to the point DC where if Putin accused of someone of corruption everybody's sort of like at whatever it's probably politically motivated by you know if you're Georgia Moldova Ukraine and Eastern European Dan country that's what you do when you want to win friends in DC you come in you say no no it's totally fine that I am prison my political opponent you don't understand how corrupt they are there responsible for all this corruption and those wars are fought constantly with lobbyists and other things in Washington than with investors on and it's really hard to figure out when these environments are so opaque what is real and what is not whose side you WanNa pick who side you don't WanNa be on they know it's confusing messy an awful so it's just sort of the tool that they use and in Ukraine case in particular I mean if if you ever want to look at a place that sort of like the ultimate non Linear Enviro meant crane everybody that you know it's it's like huge factions of different actors agendas alignments to the Kremlin almost everything has Russian money tied to it over it under it somewhere and if you don't understand who the person is that's talking to you than you don't understand the information that they're giving to you and what their own personal motivation for that information is and it's really easy for Westerners to get caught up in other people's mess because you understand speak particularly non linear language or dialect or something that's why your reading of this phone call I was especially potent because you hear corruption and I don't think trump's ever said the word corruption and you don't get excited about trump is trump is finally decided that bribes and blackmail are not you know shouldn't be tolerated you hear Kremlin playbook and you also can hear sort of the clash of arms behind this that there's still a war what's fair to call a war in Ukraine that started when Crimea was annexed in twenty fourteen we don't think about this done boss conflict but that's also at stake in this phone call so tell us about that you know since especially sort of two thousand seven two thousand eight when we saw new Putin had become president two thousand he spent a number of years sort of reconsolidating power two thousand eight was the Russian invasion of Georgia which was sort of this huge weird thing no one expected except you know anybody actually paying attention and and then after what happened was right around the time of Obama's election everybody just wanted to go away to norm all and there was the reset and it was like it never happened at Hooton paid no price you have this period where there's the revamp everything the Kremlin learned from that what they sort of the new tools the new military footprint all the new propaganda mechanisms we're developing and then you have two thousand fourteen just after the Sochi Olympics which was sort of Putin's little crown jewel where you have the rapid annexation of Korea invasion with the green man the immediate annexation of the territory and then at parallel sort of the launch of the invasion of eastern Ukraine which sort of move the needle completely awaited from the idea that Crimea was ever going back because there was this other Maury understood what it was like for Ukraine in Yana Kovic really destroyed Ukraine the nominally pro-western according to Paul Manafort but really Kremlin signed president crane one of the things that he did that the Kremlin was very happy about was really gut the armed forces of Ukraine so when he fled after the John when the government collapsed when there's this war going on there was not an army to fight the Russian invasion and if you had been there in two thousand fourteen early twenty not an army to do it than raising money online for bullets and body armor and toilet paper and food and sort of running it out and truck convoys from Kiev if you saw the early part of the fighting you understood what the what this country was up against and now five years later with you know a tremendous amount of commitment and innovation Ukrainian side with very limited but extremely important support from the United States other NATO partners to help them with their training to give them better skills to fight help them build.

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"ukraine tucker" Discussed on KCRW


09:15 min | 10 months ago

"ukraine tucker" Discussed on KCRW

"Not to really listen to them. our Mackey senior writer at the intercepting so much thank you. all right well speaking of fox news two of the networks hosts are openly feuding over how to cover terms dealings with Ukraine Tucker Carlson and shop Smith have been going at each other on their respective shows all week it began Tuesday night when Carlson baited one of his guests to criticize a fox news commentator who had appeared on shop Smith show I heard to effect on our air I heard judge Andrew Napolitano said that the print what the president has admitted to doing he is a crime what's a crime is it a crime your former federal prosecutor well I think judge and a politician who is a full and I think when attacking our colleague who's here to offer legal assessments on our air in our work home is repugnant to rub it in it's not clear if that was you were made at someone's repugnant okay president trump also not so happy to fox these days making his own criticisms known where else on Twitter it is all revealed deeper tensions within that fox news over how to cover the president's and this blooming scandal here to talk to me about this is David full conflict media correspondent for NPR and co hosted on point and he has written a book about fox news called Murdoch's world the last of the old media empires hi Madeleine brand how are you. to talk to you alright so this all started when Smith brought on this judge Andrew Napolitano to discuss the terms on the phone call and basically asked him was there a crime here is what Nepal Tana set it is a crime for the president to solicit aid for his campaign from a foreign government so that would be it with that to which the president has admitted is in and of itself a crime yes okay so then Tucker Carlson later in the day asks his legal analyst if he thinks it's a crime and he says no so is that essentially the rate of this dispute. I think it's a dispute between two different ways of approaching this within the conservative media particularly the specific outfit that is fox news and internal polygons a former New Jersey state judge and he's been a legal commentator from the right mostly an analyst for fox news Jody Jennifer was a former federal prosecutor and has played more of a partisan role over the years and the question is you know the polisario although you know those seemingly sympathetic to trump as he started to come to office none the less as people amid allegations that hardened into a more clear cut accusations about the president's behavior both in terms of his business enterprises and in terms of what he's done in office Nepal Tano at times it said you know this is concerning and this could be or criminal which is in some ways something of a dissenting voice on fox usually they only want like clearly liberal left figures and partisan figures to to be saying that sort of stuff the general E. it put plays is certainly a legal figure knows the law but he but he plays more of a partisan defense role in circumstances like this and so you know shop Smith is sort of this island of critical voices even as he is not an ideological figure himself within fox which is so dominated by conservative figures and can't and commentary shows right but his show was on earlier in the day and it has a much lower ratings than Tucker Carlson show young and Laura Ingraham show so and let's not forget that his show was yanked from seven o'clock in the after in the evening on which was watched by more people to be in the middle of the afternoon when former you know chairman Roger ailes now deceased wanted to pull him back and put in some other voices on the air and is that because Tucker Carlson gets really high ratings. crossing replaced a bill O. Reilly and he's done great at it in the sense that he's retains the loyalty of viewers he originally started by being sort of the anti anti trump not so much of it as a pro trump Chinese kind of chucked all that over the side as as that trump has become more beleaguered and you know his core supporters are are still adamantly pro trump but you know there are a lot of folks who've been turned off by a lot of the the president's actions and and rhetoric over over the months in over his two and a half years in office you know Carlson is is unapologetically supporting much of what the president US so there's some reporting today in Vanity Fair saying that the head of fox news Suzanne Scott basically told shops map to stop this cut this out if you still want to be on the air and he hasn't really talked about this sense this you know back and forth and calling out Tucker Carlson I'm so it doesn't have been confirmed and fox news I think is is denying that that happened but what does that tell you about their priorities. well I think it's interesting that you didn't hear it that report and we haven't confirmed this but you didn't hear this reported that both sides were said stop sniping at each other what we've heard reported at least so far is that you know shop Smith was told stop defending your analyst from being critiqued by Tucker Carlson Carlson is more important to the network's bottom line at the moment right now they're really struggling with how did the deal with this you know it's in some ways rhetorically easier for it's a major conservative figures to defend the president and you've seen that from Carlson from Ingram from Hannity and to to much degree from Lou Dobbs over and fox business network. the Rivera who occasionally it opposes the president on issues like immigration said he'd like to find that snitch he's talking about the whistleblower here fine that's niche and really you know give him a good gnocchi saying he would like to commit violence against the whistle blower for doing this those are the kinds of voices you hear it's easy to do that when the presence beleaguered the prom for fox's what happens if the present looks like it's there's a very convincing case the present is clearly done wrong in a way that much of the American public and much of the legal and political establishment accepts well I have you seen a lot of Republican lawmakers going on fox to defend the president in this matter. you're seeing a lot of love politicians on the hill say you know gosh I hope to get to read to the whistle what was the blowers complained as though somehow they can't possibly find room in their busy days as senators are members of Congress to do that some members of Congress have done that some particular members of the house were conservative members the house of mort in the trump wing of the party have said by god you know Democrats are doing this again they are making things up they are you know just trying to do a version of what they call the Russia collusion hoax there to trying to echo the president's rhetoric you know in the Senate I think you're seeing some member stay silent by and large as they try to create space for themselves see which way the wind blows and see if they can dock this even those who may have misgivings about the president don't want to say so on fox where that's not particularly risky rewarded I don't wanna say so in a way that could inspired the president to support a challenger to them in primaries as you know actions come back up next year Paul Ryan recently joined the board at fox how much of an influence is he going to have or has he had on the programming. I don't think he tends to have that much influence on the programming but isn't it interesting that you know in the big tent that fox says it has it basically buys various wings of the Republican establishment you have you know for many years Sarah Huckabee Sanders father Mike Huckabee the former governor of Arkansas was was a host of the show John Bolton recently deposed as national security adviser was a was an analyst for the show Ben Carson cabinet secretary member was it an analyst for for the network who picks it been communications director for the president she now serves in as senior executive vice president level for the corporation and here's Paul Ryan you know gave birth Sherman over Vanity Fair reported that he's been pressing a Lachlan Murdoch who with his father overseas fox corporate parent company of fox news he's been pressing at the network to get more ready for a post trump world and perhaps rhetorically prepare viewers for the idea that maybe the president deserves to be abandoned impeached or at least wrongly investigated which is not the position of the networks a leading things and that in that story was suggests the Paul Ryan finally had an ability to do this to trump who had embarrassed him so many times when Ryan was speaker of the house of representatives as though he didn't have such power as speaker of the house of representatives had to weigh in an influence public understanding on his own right at that time so you know that the Paul Ryan and these other political figures are very much integrated into the life of fox and its parent corporation in a way that's really hard to underestimate. thanks always good to talk with you you bet David folk complex he's media correspondent for NPR his co host of on point and he's written a book about fox's top Murdoch's world the last of the old media empires. coming up with a dating site match dot com is being accused of fraud that's next on press like. 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