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"uh hodulik" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Leader. News is brought to you by Semper Solaris. The Santa Ana winds season is just around the corner, and that means fire season is here. That means we all have a role to play l a mayor, Garcetti says. He knows he sounds like a broken record when he reminds people to have an evacuation plan and create defensible space around your home and property. But, he adds, It's a matter of life and death. We do this every single year to make sure that you are safe and that we can protect our city even as we see more extreme weather. As a result of climate change and other factors and a drought obviously continue, he says. This year's brush fire seasons on track to be one of the worst in years. Steve Gregory King If I news news is brought to you by Semper Solaris. Cops and torrents are working with election officials to send out new ballots because more than 300 recall election ballots were found in a felon's car. Sergeant Mark Reynolds, Uh Hodulik says that the guy was found passed out. We're working with several other agencies to try and track down where these pilots were taken from and that suspects intent with those ballots, he says. Investigators also found a handgun, meth Xanax and a scale. Several sex trafficking task forces in so Cal have teamed up to find 18 missing or abducted Children operation. Restoring hope included the LAPD Pomona PD, D. C. F, S and L. A County D a s office and was led by the U. S Marshal Service. Central District of California is missing Child unit. The group spent two months as some are examining 30 for high risk cases connected with child exploitation, sexual abuse or mental health conditions. Nationwide. The missing child unit has helped find 863 missing kids. Just this year. The Marshal Service is more than 2000 kids have been found since the unit was created in 2015 in L A. Corbyn Carson Kft news. President Biden is encouraging employers to require workers to be vaccinated against Covid 19. Now that the Pfizer vaccine has full FDA approval reason most people America don't worry about polio, smallpox, measles, mumps and rubella today. Is because of vaccines. It only makes sense to require vaccine to stop the spread of Covid 19. The FDA announced full approval for fighters Covid 19 vaccine yesterday for people 16 and older Biden also pushing for state and local leaders to require vaccines and other incentives for people to get the shot. The FDA is telling people to stop using veterinary drugs to treat or prevent covid 19, the agency says. There's been an increase in people self medicating with anti parasitic drugs which.

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