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"The state of baja california sewer endless compost floor seeing is a big spread of violence from the turf war between those two cartels in particular in los compost but also as far east as cancun so this is really upset the balance and the uh the power structure of the cartels in mexico the highprofile capture an extradition bloomberg news reporter eric martin joining us talked about the spread of violence uh brought on by the drug cartels in vacation areas of mexico formally kinda considered to be safe zones so what is the mexican government the mexican military mexican police force what are they doing to combat this uh the spread of the cartel violence tour well in cancun they've higher i heard a very wellknown police chief uh who previously uh help the cleanup peak wanna and he would i want to ask two of them more previously more dangerous cities in mexico and he's been brought on board as an adviser to the maher uh some people have comparison to rudy giuliani um the us and we've also seen uh retraining uh and better uh better training for some of the uh prefers the in cancun we saw a big turn over there uh where a hundred and fifty officer is done in the past couple of months i have been let go for failing a vetting process and we've fina more officers taken from behind the desk and put on the street uh so we are seeing a reaction among mexican authorities but particularly in bihac highly forty authority uh this is someplace where they haven't seen this kind of problem before and fellow uh you know take time to be able to uh to adjust once you're seeing this kind of trend less than quickly carlos mementos that telling me about him he's a real estate developer not a police jeep but yet he's going to provide its own security it appears yes this is a businessman uh into tonnetto uh who has some interest in uh atv park uh as well is uh in some other tour businesses and uh he uh experienced actually relative experienced a strong armed robbery last year and that has uh spurred him to uh higher uh for instance uh.

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