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"uc health university colorado hospital" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"On Colorado's Morning news every week, our hospitalizations increase faster than the week before. And are projected to reach higher levels. In short, we are moving in the wrong direction here. State epidemiologist Dr Rachel Herlihy is Colorado along with the rest of the country deals with rising cases of Cove in 19. Several counties, in fact, are moving back to Maura Restrictive guidelines. And the state Health Department says If the trend continues, we could be looking at major issues when it comes to hospital capacity. And we're looking at that latest with Jussi Health, University of Colorado Hospital head of emergency medicine, Dr Richard Zane, doctor Good morning. Good morning. Are you starting to see your hospital fill up with patients because of the virus. Well, we're definitely having increasing admissions and we are busy. Give us sort of a percentage. How full are your bed's? How many beds do you have left to deal with these folks if we see an increase in the next couple of months We've been planning for this for seven months on DH percentage is in the right way to describe it because we are very flexible and how we can accommodate an increase capacity. So what I can say very accurately is that we are increasing the number of admissions, which is the wrong direction. But right now we're able to accommodate Colorado Doctor. I imagine the timing of this couldn't be worse because we're getting into the winter season, which, as you know, is the flu season. Is that a concern for you as well? Well, it's cause and effect we're getting into the winter season so people are closer together so they can have less distant thing, which increases transmission of infectious disease, so it's cause and effect. And the winter season is exactly why we're seeing increased cases. Because of that exact effect from a flu perspective, we aren't sure because we've never had a flu season, where most of the population were masks and Meticulously washing their hands. So hopefully with the increase in flu vaccination masking in Washington, the flu season will be a less impactful. What happens? Can you take us through the process? When somebody with Cove in 19 comes into your hospital there admitted, are they isolated in a certain wing is the protocol different for nurses and doctors and medical personnel that interact with them? It is their restrictions on visitors. We cohort patients who have covert 19. We use universal precautions for all patients. Ah, But for patients with known covert 19, there's extra infectious precautions, obviously isolation and meticulous pp, Doctor How, speaking of the pp How is how are you doing when it comes to resource is in gear for yourself and for the front line health professionals And do you have the ventilators and everything? You need T help people out? We dio We've been planning every day for the last seven months and have made tremendous strides on PP supply chain as well as ventilators. If it comes to it, will you tell folks who need elective surgeries? Hey, we're gonna have to put you on hold until these numbers go down of the Koven 19 patients. We are right now, Like every hospital in Colorado, looking very carefully at patients have scheduled surgery where an inpatient bed would be required. And if we can safely delay them were safely delaying. Doctor. What is the average age of the patients that are coming in? Is it Is it a wide swath? Is that the older, vulnerable populations that were we? We've been hearing reporting on From a presentation perspective. We're seeing across the age spectrum from the perspective of patients who are sicker and requiring admission. It skews toward older with co morbidity because of Ren Dez severe and some of the other treatments out there in this, this plasma that they've been talking about from people of egg oven Cove in 19. Are you seeing fewer deaths in your hospital? For a lot of confounding variables were seeing lower death and lower youth of ventilators may could be because of the use of Rome disappear and other therapies but mostly It's because we've learned a tremendous amount in the last seven months, so we are learning every single day and all of those together contribute to better treatment. On lower mortality doctors We wrap up with you. I know we're getting closer to a vaccine. But is that going to be in pardon? I guess the knowledge is that going to be the magic bullet, or is it is it something that we're gonna have to deal with the even though we do have a vaccine for it. Is there going to be like where we need a vaccine Yearly for covert 19? There is no magic bullet. There is no flipping a switch, and there is no instant pudding. The vaccine will be an important tool in the toolbox. We don't know yet if it's a vaccine for life or if it's a vaccine every year will depend on the phase three trials and the response to therapy. But I cannot emphasize how important of vaccine will be. And how important getting vaccinated will be. Dr. Richard Zane is the head of emergency medicine at UC Health University. Colorado Hospital. Thanks for the time, doctor My pleasure. Have a good day. 7 49 heading back outside just ahead of more news. Let's see what's going on.

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