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"ubs wbz" Discussed on WBSM 1420

"Com. From the UBS WBZ newsroom this. He's still UBS news seven degrees under partly cloudy skies. Attorney general William Barr says he believes the FBI was involved in spying on the two thousand sixteen Trump presidential campaign bar told a Senate committee today that he's seen no evidence of illegal activity, but added that he has an obligation to make sure government power is not abused to Hampshire democrat Jeanne Shaheen said, she hopes bar applies the same standard to the president reports Saint Minnesota billionaire Irwin Jacobs and his wife Alexandra were found dead inside their mansion this morning from an apparent murder-suicide. Police have not confirmed their identities yet, but did confirm the victims or a bed with a handgun next to the bodies and the lake Manitoba estate. The seventy seven year old Jacobs had owned a minority share of the Minnesota Vikings and the nineteen eighties before selling his stake in the team. He is not the same. Billionaire Irwin Jacobs who hails from New Bedford. A local chef who was one. Nationally televised. Cooking competitions has been arrested in Wareham police say forty seven year old Jose, Rigo of New Bedford was driving his vehicle on main street and Wareham before noon on Monday when he stopped and asked the man for directions, the man off duty police officer suspected Rigo of being under the influence of alcohol and called for an off duty officer to respond to the scene. The on duty officer had Rigo undergo a field sobriety test. He was placed under arrest at the scene and charged with operating under the influence Riga was featured on food network shows chopped and cutthroat kitchen winning them both in two thousand twelve in two thousand sixteen respectively. A massachusetts. Police department is warning people about a scam that asks people for donations using the name and logo of a charity named for the youngest victim of the Boston marathon bombing halston police on Facebook, a town resident alerted them. After getting the Email, which reports to be from the Martin Richard foundation. The eight year old boy was one of three people killed when two homemade bombs at the finish line in two twenty thirteen please contact with the real Martin Richard foundation, which confirmed that it did not send the Email and does not solicit funds in that manner. Please Email is full of red flags including poor grammar and references to the Saddam Hussein of Iraq discovery fund. It also requests personal information, including social security numbers. News time now is five thirty three in WBZ FM sports. The Red Sox finished their two-game series with the Blue Jays tomorrow night. The Bruins start the Stanley Cup playoffs tomorrow and the NBA playoffs are set to begin on Saturday. Let's take a.

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