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"ubah gretchen" Discussed on High and Mighty

"Code mighty at checkout. Okay. So let's let's get let's get into the dirty deeds here what high school. Did you go to? I went to school Islip heist, which was like two hundred seventy people per class. Like, I think like just big enough for everyone to think they knew each other like, you know, what I mean, like everyone knew the names of everyone basics. Super into everyone's business, right? Yeah. It wasn't small enough where it was like mine was like we graduated like two hundred ninety. Hi school for me was weird because it was over pretty great. But I remember I came into high school being like super like consciousness conscious of my closeted nece trying to fit in real back. Yeah. That was my next question. I talked about this a little bit on call. College culture, but you were not out. No, no, no, no, deeply not. And I don't think it's fucking easy. It's just I just had Eliot Glazer on the talk long. Yeah. It's so fun. I've had so many people on the talk Long Island. But I was like we haven't had any gay people on. No, it's a different thing for us. It's very diffe. Because also like, you know, I think people think because it's from the part of New York and people have this association with union people being deadly Democrats. But also socially like, it's pretty conservative. I mean. Yeah. Like, and you know, even the Representative from where I'm from his name's Peter King. He's like a boob funding. I know it got pretty close this time for Ubah Gretchen who went up against him. But my dad like, my parents are like Democrats, they're they're very critical of him. But I was bummed to see that he's still kicking around there, especially because it's been so fucking long because the labor deliver union people are Democrats in that they want to support the union, but they're not like as watch two gay guys kiss. Also like that fifty born in the fifties. Blue collar attitude, but those are the much religion and a lot of religion. Because either whether it's Judaism or. Oh, yeah. Because it's a talion Jews. Oh, yeah. No. No, no. The we talked about this a little bit with I talked about little bit with Elliot to. But there is there's something about that. Where everyone on Long Island already feels like they've been persecuted. Even if they are upper middle class, and they they bought a house on everyone shoulder because it's like win that big city focal these dumb southerners city for real. We're real we're blue-collar. Like, that's where you would hear a lot of the Italians were the first blacks, you know, shit like that or like the Irish were persecuted to hear shit like that. And you're like gosh guys people in my family of said it to me, and it's just like, wow, they are the hardest people to discuss privilege with. Yes, they don't because they. It was hard for them yet. So it's hard for them to see outside of we're talking. Also, it's a generational thing too. 'cause we're talking about the generation that might like the example in some friends we're talking about Ben Rogers and Ryan like my dad would hit me on the ass and spank me, and I was like one of a few kids that got spanked, but he would be like my father used to actually kick my ass. So it's okay because it's less bad than what happened to style Japan, and they backing love it. Lina stodgy back in the day. You know, they think that because they had it a certain way that's better or the way that it should be..

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