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"usa medvedev" Discussed on The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

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"usa medvedev" Discussed on The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

"Everyone and welcome to the passing shot. The ten is focused by fans for fans with Joel and Kim. Today we are going to be dissecting. The men and women's jaws from the Australian Open Twenty four hours away came from the first grandson of the air. I know that we're kind of thousands of miles away on the other side of the world but I am I am here. I am excited and I can't wait me too. And I've just been scouring the jurors Joe for all our favorite players and this new Dennis Estimate Malik Jeziri. They didn't even make qualifying by. I think she giggled him. He's playing like some random challenger in the middle of nowhere I think he got to the final. I mean lost in the final but we say about the Australian. I definitely am despite his absence. I've just been looking through the drawers this weekend and trying to see if my predictions I made a couple of weeks ago will still country. I mean I'm still kind of set in that joke. Which is is going to walk away with the title agencies. You know he hasn't got the easiest rule but I can't see it being anyone else but him but let's have a look at the top seeds and kind of that projected Paul's ways Save any other neighbor. That might stop them on their way in an early round the Jacob Rich. I mean yeah. Let's start with the about your bitch because I still think he is the form I mean he is the favor like there's no doubt. Here's the favorite going into the Australian Open. Given his. You know his record in Melbourne but also given his record this season it just excite. We've already kind of entered peak Jovic phase and I mean he is going to be a tough. He's going to be a tough person to be but having said that I think of the you know the big three. He's got probably the trickiest trick round one match. I'd say Jan Leonard Strath. Yeah that's the night session on the first on the first day tomorrow so yeah. That could be could be bit tricky. He might lead us. Perhaps I want for stuff is an and I mean the thing I would say about joke. Which is because of the HP COP? I didn't have thought would have altered his preparations because he doesn't normally play a warm-up event going into the AO so. I'm not sure if that would make any difference having played. You know quite a few matches there. But I mean he's going for his eighth title which that alone says everything and intra. Interestingly Serena Williams will say beginning for her eighth title which I thought was if they both end up winning that's quite nice storyline incident. Look here's his paw. I mean as I say we got strip in the first round who I think generally could be quite a tough first round opponent he went to one the HP Cup. He seemed quite comfortably won and four and generally. I think he's been he's been quite decent at Grand Slams. He's already done in Australia but Yeah I sent anything. That could be a little bit of a joke. It's GonNa be needs to be on his game from the first point in round one. But if he comes through that he's ever qualifier Ito from Japan them British fans. He could come up against Dan Evans in the third round followed by potentially Schwartzman or live at U. I use I think has been too quiet fairly good. Start to the season fellow. Serve beating Jackovitch happen with that. I just don't see the jude outcry. Place Spanish players. They they tend Steve. Very well against him. But getting into the business end from the quarterfinals stage. I mean he has surpass In his quarter And then potentially Federer in the semifinals and of course in the Dow or Medvedev or on the bottom half he could he could meet in the finals so we could have A. We could already have kind of a repeat of the ATP Cup kind of singles rubber between Jovic and Adele. We could have the again in the final in the Australian Open. But yeah you know. I think I think you'd be fairly happy with that. You know you come through the first round job probably a bit of a tester and I think yeah. You shouldn't lose too many. You have too many minutes on court. I think going into kind of the business and do you think yeah. I think sit surpassed probably the first genuine danger. Mom for Djokovic and that's that's just a shaving kit surpass kind of keeps his form going from the end of last year when he couldn't he won'the finals say ask for data evidence. I've actually go him losing in the second round. So I ain't GonNa get Brown matchup with Richard Hiking. I mean what Evans took out. This is very wishful thinking getting ahead of ourselves but that would be quite a story. I mean we'll be talking about that. And that was part of our did. Ask Our listeners about Evans and where he would collect that so we'll we'll come unto those predictions at a bit but yeah I hope to. I think I think Evans kids. I'd say evidence is going to take out nobody jock itch you get. He needs to still. Doesn't these debates. Let's look at Rutgers. Projected true so. I think forever like he's not really going to face a test until the fourth round where you know. We've got a potential carry shot. Which is oversee going to be a popcorn night's session match if it does come to the Yeah he's first few rounds Hugo delion possibly dope on a soldier from the second round and then have created said round. He won't day is a very good player. But Yeah curios fourth-round it's kind of looking looking likely oviously. We sold them each other at Wimbledon and that was quite entertaining today of Kerry is going to get the fourth round of Roy A it's not certain but I mean I think we've I think we've seen like I like to think we see in a new nick curiosity season and this is not that curious where I'm going to be like you have to almost take it like match by match but at the same time. Yeah I caught him a bit like the I am excited. Potentially by a Nidal Curiel fourth-round match but again we to take that route by round because they carry us. What side of the bed does he wake up on? But yes. I think that could be a very tasty match up. The moving on moving on from that era qualify knows. Could Face Dominic team who? I'm looking for the main up up for debate. Whether dominant team gets to the quarterfinals person listeners sink but was it wasn't that great in tippy cut and that's really his only kind of A competitive match practice lost borna courage and Huber her cash in three sets. So and you know he's never been past the fourth round of the Australian Open. Don't again on him. Getting the cool to maybe. We underestimating him but he just doesn't. He did really well at the water finals at the end of the year. But yeah something in my mind when I think of John McCain now coming in today I don't see him up there and also I think USA Medvedev doing very well at the peacock becoming the fourth seed at the expense of team. I oversee everything. That's how teams favors so You know having to face of potentially needle in a quarterfinal. Yeah Yeah I see team. Get out being brutally honest safety. He's the first big seed in the men's draw weight. Well Okay and then we have in the semi's Medvedev or I mean basically by script it could be well. I think I gave. This is probably very boarded. Team is a is a walking seed in the first week. You know. Surely Julie and say I think Andre Rib love is in this compartment of the draw and would face Medvedev in the Kuta if you relive gets rib lavish kind of the man of the moment. He has lost a match in twenty twenty one to back to back titles And at late so I got him reaching the quarters. Personally I didn't think he would beat Medvedev but I think he might give money. It remains to be seen on stage if he can keep his consecutive five-set matches. But yeah I said anything probably will be Medvedev Medvedev doll semifinal in which case could be on for a repeat of the classic. Usa Pin final from last year. If if that does happen came we fill it? We might as well reschedule. Catch up already a to like the next off to because yeah not went onto like the middle of night birth. Yeah that that would be. I mean that would be treat for the fans and then yet again could play Jackovitch Federer in in the final. Say T- thing I mean. Let's look talking with Roger Federer. I think he's go. I don't write draw. He think he's go see Jones in the first round. I think also a walk in the Park Federer. Cryan rich second round her cash that round the interesting because he's beating me. Yeah that for me is a that is for me as a bit of a danger like a watch out. I think for ME DANGER BUT NOT FEDERAL LEASING DANGER. Federal has had that rogue sort of has lost two players. We would just say no expecting on John. Millman and also kind of federal has not played yet the season. He's not played you know he's he's not played. Any warmer events didn't play. Atp Cup so you know going into Australia going into Melbourne is he gonNa be short match practice that carpet and he so yeah. This will be different than he has an. He hasn't had a warm up. But I mean he's got shapoval off in the fourth round or could be Grigor Dimitrov. Few oversee beat him at the USA person so I think his yeah. Fed and full frown. Maybe Bit Dodgy Crucified Bertini Folk Mania either of them like obsessing federal so I think if Edrich get through third and fourth round. He'll be well on his way to match up with joke. If you play with Bertini Folk Nina. I think you'd be looking your lips. I will be. I will be very impressed. If Bertini Offauq NIIMI Get to get to the quarterfinal stage. Yeah Bertini how? Great season last year. I feel like there's this overriding sense that it was a bit of a fluke but like a he had his. He's had his moment. But you know you might. Well I'd love him to prove meowing let let's see but I just just kind of see Bertini Orkney..

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