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CNBC: Inflation Rose Higher Than Expected in January

Mark Levin

01:54 min | Last month

CNBC: Inflation Rose Higher Than Expected in January

"CNBC inflation rose half a percent in January more than expected and up 6.4% from a year ago Jeff Cox The CPI consumer price index was up 6.4% from the same period in 2022 Both numbers the consumer price index Higher than expected across the board increases in shelter food and energy How many of you need shelter food and energy They boosted the index after inflation had showed signs of receding in recent months Yeah you know if you include food and energy and your house or your apartment you know other than that we're doing okay Super core services inflation which is key for the fed in excludes food energy And shelter wrote .2% for the month It was 4% higher than a year ago Turned higher to start 2023 Rising shelter gas and fuel prices took their toll on consumers the light department Labor Department reported The consumer price index measures a broad basket of common goods and services have a percentage rose in January Annual rate is 6.4% inflation I remember when we had non flesh None Rising shelter costs accounted for about half the monthly increase The bureau of labor statistics reported That component accounts for more than one third of the index and rose .7% on the month Up 7.9% from a year ago No .7% on the month .7% of the month means almost 10% for the year

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