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"tyson hollywood" Discussed on KLIF 570 AM

"Yesterday. I said, I'm going to move on. There's really nothing else to say about it. But I am looking around this morning, saying What what is in the news today? And I find the story that says Bill Cosby is actually looking at possibly doing a comedy tour. That promoters are calling him and comedy clubs want him. Shocking and appalling as it might seem. I'm saying that facetiously. I mean, there was no doubt that people were going to want to see this. I'm curious to see how people would respond to it. I honestly believe that he would sell out. Everywhere he went. People would buy tickets. Now there's going to be protest everywhere he goes. No question about that. That was the way it was. He was doing a concert tour before he was convicted. He was on tour and he was selling out places. And inevitably, somebody stood up starts screaming in the audience and security hustles them out and the audience would stand up and give him a standing ovation. Not the person protesting, but Bill Cosby. Saw Bill Cosby live back in the early eighties. He was great. He was hysterical. I'm going to guess he doesn't have the spunk that he once had, but, yeah, he's he is looking at possibly going out on tour. At some point which you know, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this to happen because sometimes You don't want to be tone deaf, But here is the hypocrisy of all of this. This is the part that I I just don't get. You know, Yesterday I was talking about here the legal proceedings. This is why he's out. He didn't get due process and that's what anybody would want when you're in the system. You got to have due process and he didn't get it. We put him in jail because we just didn't like him personally. Screw him, Which the middle of me to we're going to show him. And so the prosecutor and the judge just decided to make up their own rules. And today, Of course, the screaming headlines. Me, too, is over. You know, etcetera, etcetera. Me, too. Me, too, was never legitimate, and that's something that we all have to understand. It was never a legitimate movement because me, too, was about People that you don't personally like, and we want to nail them to the wall. But if it's somebody you like like, Oh, I don't know our current president who is credibly accused by a woman who had five witnesses. Well, she was ignored. All women aren't necessarily to be believed, especially if it's politically inconvenient. You have the governor of New York, apparently groping anybody who comes near him with an arm's length. And people in New York say Well, I don't care. So me, too, was not legitimate. It never was. It's a bunch of hypocrites. Saying hypocritical things. It's people pointing fingers trying to destroy someone else's life. It's too bad that that's the way it turned out. Clearly there is a lot of You know, get into this anymore. Clearly there's a lot of activity going on. That's illegal that there's sexual assault taking place. I mean, there's no question there sexual harassment, it's happening. But the unfortunate reality is the hypocrites who we we look at his leaders. The most vocal They're not credible. And so because of that the credibility of the entire idea is dead. And it was dead from the very beginning, by the way that it never had any credibility with me, at least because the hypocrisy was off the charts and look no further than Hollywood at all of these women coming out yesterday. This is a chill. This is going to make survivors go back into hiding, etcetera. Excuse me, You embraced Mike Tyson. Broadway embraced Mike Tyson. Hollywood embraced Mike Tyson. Excuse me, Didn't he spent five years in prison for rape? But it's okay because we like him. He's just a wacky guy now. We hate Trump so much that we're going to ignore. Incredible accusations against the man who currently sits in the White House. We're not going to pay any attention. She's just some whore. Hillary Clinton says all women must be believed, except those that accuse her husband. No, that's just political. So there's no way That there's any such thing and ever was any such thing as me, too. It doesn't exist. For those who had all your hopes in it. I'm sorry. You backed the wrong horse. You believe the wrong hypocrites? Cause me not exonerated as I pointed out yesterday. Just simply because he didn't get due process, the fact that he confessed to the crimes of which he was convicted We should not even know that and the jury should never have known that because that's where the due process comes in. But we do And so now Bill Cosby is out but not exonerated. But that doesn't matter because his case was dismissed with prejudice, which means they can't retry him again. He's done. He's 83 years old is legally blind. Can't see. I don't know if he's gonna going to want to go out and perform again or not. But he has offers on the table and they will continue to come in. And it makes you wonder. Why can't people forgive him like they forgave Mike Tyson? Or or is there some other reason that maybe we don't know about that would just once again emphasize the hypocrisy of the supposed me too movement. So when you hear people lamenting this wringing of hands.

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