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"tyson alalu" Discussed on The MMQB NFL Podcast

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"tyson alalu" Discussed on The MMQB NFL Podcast

"And they were a bad defense. They were really, really, really problematically bad around him. Part of it was the injuries up front. They do get Tyson alalu back. They add Larry ogun Joby one of my favorites to this defensive line. So maybe that fixes it, but they were really, really bad against the run. And I don't want to overstate run defense, but that has never happened to the sealers. They had the worst season of franchise history as far as yards allowed per rushing attempt. And it was just a really weird year where they were probably a 5 or 6 win team that ended up making their way into the postseason in very strange ways. So yeah, I really, I don't know where to place a seam. I could see them being competitive in every game and getting to ten or 11 wins. I could also see them being a 401k this year. And I really don't like either of the quarterbacks. They are deciding between right now, but I also didn't like Roethlisberger last year. So I wanted to find a way to bring this up because the Ben Roethlisberger retirement in general just sort of, I feel got lost in that thicket of news around that time that it was happening. They weren't a particularly explosive team, interesting team, whatever it was, but he told Ron cook of the Pittsburgh post gazette a couple of weeks ago. The general manager didn't want me back last year. He told me that. But I called the owner and the owner was like, yeah, you should come back. And if you're a quarterback, don't you have to recognize that when one of the best general managers in the league is like, I really don't think you should come back here. And then it's like, now I'm going to call your boss and I'm just going to have a year where I go do whatever I want for me. What a self incredibly selfish thing to do. They would have been so much, how much better off would they have been this year? Maybe this is year two of Mitch trubisky, you don't even have to draft Kenny Pickett. Or, I don't know, maybe you're in first place in the Russell Wilson sweepstakes. I would want to go to Pittsburgh. If I was a quarterback, wouldn't you? Yes. I think that's the question. Would they have been able to go out and get someone last off season? I don't think they were going to get someone this off season, who they would have been pleased with. And everybody was spoken for this off. But frankly, if you're Ben Roethlisberger and you're looking at last year's depth chart, you'd be like, well, I'm better than mason Rudolph, 'cause he is. But you know, do they end up getting into the running for another quarterback? And that's the question. And I don't know. I think guys should play until they really feel like they're done because you can't really reverse it. Yeah, we've been rosenberger walked away last year. He's not coming back in like two years.

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