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"tyronn lue tyronn lue" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Here, so just getting ready ready for and we got chilly on the trigger a little bit later on, so we're getting ready for football season. Right. Couple of things to dive into. The Nets surprised everybody They hired Steve Nash yesterday is their head coach, and obviously it was a great player, but this is a high wire act for your first N ba coaching job. Unlike Nash, the Nets stars Kyrie, Irving and Kevin Durant already have championships here. And they have sway here in New Jersey or in Brooklyn with the Nets, But you have to keep them happy and also helped them get better. And there's the rub with coaching stars. You need gravity. You gotta have their respect. And some players are great. Adam most famously, you know, Phil Jackson was great with the Bulls and Lakers. Some guys were overwhelmed by and the Nets had a good, scrappy team before they got Kyrie and Kevin Durant, but that was under coach Kenny Atkinson. But they let him go because he wasn't a good match for Katie and Kyrie. And maybe Steve Nash is stardom and previous relationships with Durant in Golden State will be effective. He was a great player to time and beeping and the Nets fans have to hope that that basketball genius will translate into immediate success for a team that's built to win now. And win big I mentioned at the time. As soon as I heard that Nash was being hired. You would probably have some criticism that this is a guy who didn't hold any head coaching jobs and their African Americans who didn't get these opportunities. I also said to you yesterday that Tyronn Lue was probably getting the 70 Sixers job, which he got yesterday that there was talk that they were looking at other candidates. But back to Steve Nash. Steve Nash got the job because Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Co signed on this It's about relationships. You know, we talked about this before Jason Kidd and the Greek freak. If the Greek freak leaves, then are you bringing in Jason Kidd? Or do you bring in Jason Kidd to get the Greek freak to go? If he happens? Leave Milwaukee. It's about relationships here. Steve Nash got this job because of his relationship with Kevin Durant, and therefore you have to have Chirico sign on this and you've had other coaches. Who haven't played are they played and having coached before? Mark Jackson? Isaiah? I think, J kid Larry Bird. There've been other coaches who have taken over those roles. And they hadn't coached before, But Steve Nash is going in there and got the job because Kevin Durant said if Kevin Durant wants Tyronn Lue Tyronn Lue is getting the job. Playing simple But they kept Jack van which I'm glad they did, because Jack von deserve consideration for that head coaching job with the Nets. They played well, They played hard and didn't have any superstars and he's going to be. I think, the highest paid assistant coach now. Helping Steve Nash and Steve Nash will lean on Jack Vaughn. You'd be smart to do that. But that's what happened yesterday. With Steve Nash getting that job couple of games last night, there wasn't much to see with the Clippers against the Nuggets. And this is one of those where you go to seven games. You're drained by it. Now You got a two day turnaround. You're gonna face the clippers, and it looked that way. You start to see some defense now. And get ready for more defense. You may not like it, although in the Boston game, they didn't play defense on the last play, but we'll get to that coming up in a moment, but suddenly there's defense in the bubble. After the players took the two day hiatus following a Jacob leg shooting. The games have looked very different. Pre hiatus. Points per game combined 2 27 since then to 10. Shooting was 46% prior to now, 44 Three point shooting about the same But here's something to keep in mind. The games have been closer. Before the hiatus, five of 35 games were decided by four points or less since the two days the league's did not play games. The league didn't play games. Six of the 14 games have been decided by four points or less. And you saw one of those last night with Boston. And Toronto. Now let me get to that game because that was one of those games where the Celtics looked like they had it in hand, and if they go up three games to none, then it's not a question of if, but when they move on to go to the Eastern Conference finals. In fact, the Celtics prior to yesterday's game were the favorites, according to Vegas. To come out of the East. Now, I don't know if they change those odds. But these are the odds right now. The Clippers are the favorites to win the title. Then the Lakers, then the Celtics and then the heat. But Probably gonna change in the next couple of hours. I'm going to guess if the Bucks happened to win the game, or Miami goes up three games to none. They would probably Leapfrogged the Boston Celtics there. The Rockets are next on the list, then the Raptors and the Nuggets now the Celtics and the final play. You know you have this brilliant Kemba Walker passed. I mean it. It was one of those where you go. Wow, That's what championship teams do. They make a big play right at the very end. And then Toronto draws up and out of bounds play. And here is Kyle Lowry, the Raptor guard before we even get to that last possession, Just what is going through? Your mind right now. You just essentially saved yourselves in this.

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