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"tyra tyson williams" Discussed on GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast

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"tyra tyson williams" Discussed on GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast

"You something this guy i thought he was. Okay and fantasy this guy you know. He was like he was a first rebus. Was we first pick last year. I mean he's definitely a guy that at this point should be on your bench. I mean this guy has done nothing okay. And he had that costly fumble at the end only at about two points. Yeah he was awful in this game. Awful awful in this game A guy that should be on your bench from now on because he is nothing. Anyone don't be surprised. Dr williams had a rushing touchdown. We saw mckinnon catch catcher. Pass in this game. Don't be surprised if edwards solaire sees himself out of the starring role because he is not been good and then we go to the receiving stats. Kelsey one hundred nine yards. And a touchdown i mean. There's no surprise there. Pringle had sixty three yards and a touchdown. Hardman five fifty. Five marcus robinson Touchdown in this game is well. Yeah the chiefs offensively regret. Defensively really was their problem and really thought it was going to be row. Because lamar jackson on the first possession Because the ravens got the ball start the game. He threw a pick six. And you thought well here we go again with the ravens and the chiefs but lamar done played pretty well after that Eighteen to twenty six two hundred thirty nine yards one touchdown to interceptions yet. The two picks were bad. They were bad. Obviously it talked about the first one. The other one was you know. He's just it up for grabs in the red zone and it just costed him but he had a hundred seven yards on the ground to rushing touchdowns and this is what makes lamar very valuable and fantasy is running ability because he is amazing on the ground. He has and the two rushing touchdowns huge and yet tyra tyson williams. Seventy seven yards rushing latavius. Murray thirty six with a touchdown they freeman. Had that big thirty one yard run early. On in the game he also twenty nine yards rushing anarchist brown six hundred thirteen yards and a touchdown pretty good in the game. Mark andrews five for fifty seven. Sammy watkins for forty four. Yeah i mean the ravens. They played well in this game. Offensively after the two picks in oh l'amour played really well. The chiefs defense just is not good and i had a feeling the cheese. We're gonna put up a lot of points thing. A lot of people did and they didn't disappoint the chiefs lost his game. Because you know the defense was bad homes through that bad. Pick and then. Edward solaire fumbled cheese for messing around towards the end. They thought we're gonna win. this game. butger is gonna hit game winning field goal. And we're going to be out of here. No that's not what happened. So what happened. Edward solaire fumbled the ball. And then the reasons going forward on fourth and one on their own. I don't remember what it was. They were in their own territory. There was like their forty and the more gets it and they won the game and good for them. Lamar was really good. Fantasy got was give me really nervous because he did get off to that really bad start but yeah i mean. This game was amazing this game. This game is probably the game of the year. honestly these two teams were fantastic. Pensively and lamar showed you something. He finally beat the chiefs. That was his kryptonite. Finally beats the chiefs in a shootout and i mean really i mean looking at the performance renew mahomes is gonna do. Well did amazing outside of that one. Pick kelsey was fantastic. The one surprise was tyreek. Hill three receptions for fourteen yards. I mean the ravens heldman. Check gotta give him props for that but yet if you started any of these defenses this week for some reason i mean. I don't know what you're doing. But yeah i mean this was This was a shootout is a great game. And yeah i mean the chiefs now. Next week they go against the chargers. So that's not going to be an easy game. And then the ravens against the lions so depending on how they do against the packers. I mean i think the ravens probably the game but just still something to keep an eye on though. But yeah lamar. He finally got that monkey off his back and ravens. A big win so yeah. Those are the four o'clock games and the sunday night game. Recaps in the top fantasy performers. And all that stuff so that we are going to take another quick break when we come back. We'll talk about my fantasy teams. How they are doing where they currently are ad. You know players that. I have some concerns about. I touched upon a little bit in both of these recap segments but i will go into more detail with that in the third segment so stick around. We'll be right back here on the gs mc fantasy football podcast tired of searching.

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