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"tyler michelle" Discussed on 1075 KZL

"On or have a little bit of trouble getting her. She was on a minute ago, and then we lost her so Alright, Here we go. And who was the shelves in the shower Ecology Company and a company. I don't know if it'll be Michelle herself, but Oh, boy, what? Looks like I might get one. Hey, Michelle. How are you were great. Is Jared and Katie in the morning? Good morning. Good morning. We're so glad you are on because Jason's gonna use as a way to get out of this bet he's trying to find any way to get all this but what she does for everybody, not just a huge bed like a tattoo. Yeah, that's true. This is no different than the pain Matt for his lunches, so we'll get that later. Yeah, it's just another day and said he tried to get out to get any way way diagrams. We had a huge bet over the election, Um and Jason Goodman said if Trump Loses, I'll get a buying tattoo interns, quitter said. If Biden loses, I'll get a trump tattoo. And that was the deal and it's pretty straightforward. We decided that what 23 months ago. I mean, really right. We've been talking about it for November. We've been talking about it for a while. Now, that was the deal. So on a non inauguration day, Jason Goodman live in studio I'll get a permanent Biden tattoo and in turn square did who won? The bet will be able to watch and laugh and take pictures and video filming? Very busy? Yes. So we have Michelle on because we have or Jason, I know has some questions, and we may have some questions about Tattoo process and placement Iceman and what you recommend that you know that I do have a couple questions because you know, this is probably the first time where instead of a strategy in tattoo I want a simple test could do extravagant tattoos, Right? Like the most simplest possible you have Now, let me ask you a question, though, Because I was I've been going through my mind of where to get the tattoo, and I don't want it to be seen at the same time. The same time. So I started thinking about my buttocks. My first question is, Do you do tattoos on buttocks? Unfortunately, we do pretty much tattoos on everywhere. So we've pretty much tattooed everywhere, Toes, fingers, But my but it's more about topics money, but is a little bit squishy. I noticed in the back Like a lot of people. There's more patting, patting cushion. So my fear is that It's going to hurt more on the butt in the back. I don't want it on the back. But I feel is like it's gonna hurt less in the back. How much If my butt is a little bit squishy? Would it hurt compared to the back? It's gonna hurt like any other part of your body that but is not eating kind of different. Usually, What hurts more is the Parts of the body that don't have a lot of meat. Um, anything close to a bones. Um, you know things like that, Like the rib cage Heart. Um, pretty bad. Some people say it doesn't but usually for my Experience the foot. You know what I'm saying? Okay, So what I'm saying the bag like that makes sense. Not a meteor there right on the boat on those tend to be a little bit more painful. Um, Some people have high pain tolerance. Some people have low pain tolerance. I think that it just depends differently on every person because some people can Take tattoos like for instance, my sister just got a big piece on our leg That took you like eight hours. And she's after like a champ, But when she did permanent cosmetic, she was all swarming around, and I'm like Did you just didn't you? Tyler Michelle from an ecology, and Jason Bateman is going to pay off his bet. That he lost over the election on Inauguration Day to get eight Biden tattoo. How is your pain? Tolerance chase? Not good. It's love all right, actually. But let me ask one more time. So my back is like it's more muscle muscular my but seems to be more fattier. Was that gonna Is that with that created difference in pain. I think she's saying to get it on the bottom. Then they'd be less vital. I don't see how that because my back has more muscle, not fat. Yeah, It's not fat muscle and fatter, different, of course, Um The back in some areas that gets a little sensitive. Um the back is a lot of people get tattooed on their back, but they're starting to areas where you hit the bone or you get to the soldier. The shoulder blade that you know, people say all guys right there, you know, 19. But you know the fact the only thing that causes any kind of difference is the tattoo artist because when we're you know, working with those kind of areas It's harder for us to get clean, Um, starting and you know it. I'm saying it becomes a little bit harder on those areas to do. But, um, we just had somebody just not even two or three days ago. Women A lot of women get tattoos. Okay, so I just want my last question I think is going on. But I think so. Well, first of all, can we film that I don't want my entire but on Facebook live not gonna be exposed your whole but Yeah, because like, if you go and you have a bikini wax or something, there are ways to drape you so that your parts aren't exposed. It can't be draped so we don't see his butt crack. I mean, like, you know, you are not a lot of it. I mean, of course, we would put something over that. OK, Just focus on will be a man or a woman. Do you know who's gonna be? We don't people. We don't drive people over there. We'll just put a bib over there. Okay, That'll be fine. And you know, the tattoo artists he was wondering, Jason was wondering is gonna be a man or a woman. I want the most sensitive first person and drink every mother like. No, we can't wait over my way He would ask that you would Um, I want somebody sensitive. That cares about pain. No, it's going to be a male. His name is Bobby Williams. He's been tattooing for about 20 years. Good experience with 20 years experience. Make sure he knows I'm 20 years sensitive. So my question is. Do you have the black light tattoo? Jason? Do we have it? We don't. We don't. We don't. Have it anymore. It's like it was a big, huge thing about like, 10 years ago, But most people don't even get it anymore, So don't even happy. Yeah, that's a loophole. Yeah, it's a tattoo. It's a permitting and in the black light shows up, you can see it doesn't matter. It's still a permanent tattoo. That was not part of the deal. It's a tattoo that's permanent. You are so Jake Swinger parties. Everyone will see permanent tattoo if they don't do it so that e could purchase thing for her. Wouldn't Okay now we're not. Wow. It's a permanent.

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