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"tyler mellie" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

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"tyler mellie" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"There in fourth place, five games out of first And they central leading things off in left field. Jesse Winker hitting second in right field, Nick Castano's Tyler Stevenson will catch and hit six or catching hit third. Setting forth the center fielder Tyler Nay Quinn. The third baseman AU Antonio Suarez bats, fifth Adding six the shortstop Kyle Farmer, Hitting seventh at second base. Jonathan India, Alex Blandino it first base bats ate and pitching and batting ninth. Tyler Malli and Malli leads the Reds out onto the field here this afternoon. On a beautiful day. Great American ballpark once more than lineup for the Reds. It's Winker cost, ya know Stevenson Nay Quinn Suarez Farmer, India. Blandine O'Malley, Tyler Malli pitching. The umpires for this afternoon's game. At home plate. Nick Lynn's Shane Living Spark occurs at first base. Ron Culpa, the crew chief. It's second. Bruce Dreckman is a third. Lisa is always to be joined by the cowboy Jeff Brantley. Cowboy. You look at this pitching matchup today. Tyler Malley has been awfully good for the Reds. Johnny Cueto has still been very solid at this advanced age of his career for San Francisco figures to be a pretty good, bad matchup, but the red seem to find a way to get the bats going and hopefully early in support of Tyler Malli. Yeah, I think that in order to Really put Johnny Cueto, the bed You've got to be able to battle from from pitch to pitch. There's got to be a game plan not to try to lift and separate but to continue to keep pressure on Cueto. That's the only way you run him out of the ballgame. For his Tyler Malli. I don't know that anybody on this staff that is throwing the ball better than what he has. I thought his last couple of innings in Colorado About his big of a gut check. Aziz. You could ask for the Reds needed that win. Things were not going well, and he still was able to put seven innings of to run ball on the board and for a guy that Was taken out of the rotation last year. He has come leaps and bounds and come with a vengeance. But I'll say this, Tommy, this Red's club right now is going through. Probably it's Toughest spot so far as far as Challenge roster challenge of their mantra of the next man up because they've got injuries. The Votto moussaka, since l other guys have got to step up and they've got to step up in a big way. Stop this losing streak. Today is the day to do it. With Tyler Mellie getting the ball against Mike Give strips key to get this ball game started. Hope you enjoy it. It's the Reds and the Giants on a delightful afternoon. Here in downtown.

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