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"two wing backs" Discussed on ESPN FC


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"two wing backs" Discussed on ESPN FC

"For seventy percent of the game. Now all of a sudden you have to defend it. He doesn't look comfortable doing that. Pulisic was quite. I don't think that's saying anything. I don't think that's a hot take. But i also don't think the united states was as fluid going forward now. I felt like giovanni riina had a better tournament semifinal finals if you combine them he was more impactful and games. He was willing to drop deeper in the hole but politic's the game changer. Pulisic has the pace off the ball. Logistics the guy that can run off your number nine whether it's sergeant or whoever is up front and so. He's the one in the blink of an eye that can change the game. He can turn over the game and then all of a sudden. The game's going in your favor. Gregg berhalter has to find a way guys to get more touches. And i don't think he's putting him politic for that matter in the prime spot to do this in the best games. We've seen politic play for the us men's national team particularly in woke up poll flying in two thousand eighteen. He was actually playing as a second ford a number ten in a four. Three one whatever you want to say. It was underneath. Josie and he had the freedom to just go find the game. Go get into the game. Do something right through the middle and impact the game now. A lot of people will say herk. I've seen you do this. And it's right for chelsea a wide player. I get that however for the united states. I'm not so sure you need him to play wide if giovanni rain is that kind of player the way is they've got to find a way to get politic involved more in sub you're right it was a quiet game in my opinion from pulisic and yet it doesn't matter because he bared the most important penalty in that game. If i could briefly here. I actually thought when they did that. Three centreback back line. The two wing backs that they would play josh sergeant and almost two tenths very narrow. Wingers like he does it chelsea. I thought that would have been better for players like christian pulisic ngo on giovanni rain. And when you have wingbacks because then it gives them the liberty to kind of overlap. You and to play off you. I was very stunned when i saw him. Isolated and you saw how ineffective now. We saw the ranks rate. There he was. I a lot of team team ranks for the us men's national. You had a very underwhelming final. As far as good football good play. They won the game but by no means was that aesthetic. Can we talk a little bit. we talked about even horvath off the top. Here let me take you back to like two thousand nineteen early two thousand nineteen so early days of gregg berhalter and i were doing a game i think in in arizona and we have these the day before the match kind of behind behind the scenes chats with the manager and one of the takeaways from that was he said there was an open competition for goalie. And i really believed in. And eventually zack stephanie. Kind of locked down the number one job and didn't really seem like there was much. Competition zack steph gets hurt it's scary. Because it's one of those non contact knee injuries. Then ethan horvath comes on and does what he does. A is this number one job for the us now up in the air with what like eighteen months ago to the world cup. Better be but absolutely better. Be because what we've seen from zacks stephan look at the fa cup semifinal guys you you see him make one decision coming off. His line. he.

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