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"two volts burg" Discussed on Chelsea Mike'd Up

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"two volts burg" Discussed on Chelsea Mike'd Up

"Walk everybody to the official chelsea. F c podcasts. You're listening to chelsea mic'ed up. I know it's international breaks or you're trying to figure out. What exactly are we listening to this. Podcast four access team. Oh verner arguably mounting late player of the season campaign for chelsea will get into that and the season that was for team. Oh verner he is actually very honest about some of the struggles. He has really engaging personality. We think you're enjoy the time that we spent with team verner. We'll get into all of that and more on this week's episode of chelsea miked up von medical mike ryan ruis your host co host neutral observer. Chris wittingham on board here in chris. Up to the minute reaction here on the official chelsea. F c podcast. We got to watch it again. We got to watch the game another victory. this was Shoutout two volts burg's official youtube account. That's where we watched this one really early. Start here on the east coast enjoyed that it worked out for me this time and full sber fast. They got some fast players. Their speed were presenting problems for chelsea's back line early on chelsea. Survive it and go through to the champions league semi-finals really easy second-leg advice bird and three nil and i don't want to sound too hyperbolic here chris. This is a massive achievement for this club. I really wasn't aware of how massive until i started digging into the history in this competition between these two clubs and a hayes the manager of chelsea's women's club who's arguably one of the best managers in the history of the sport gave voice to this being one of the biggest wins in the history of the program. What does this mean for you said at the end of the game people like drew and hannah call myself poll. We've been in from the beginning and we've at lose.

Chris wittingham hannah youtube two clubs chris this week second-leg mike ryan ruis one champions league east coast drew verner one of the biggest wins . F c two volts burg chelsea women's club three sber