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"two miles per gallon" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"And YouTube I'm robbed here and joining me as Mark Jamal drive Chicago and Chicago auto show marketing director Jim O brill and EPA fuel economy numbers We spit them out all the time on this show We see them on the side of the vehicle stickers But Mark how do they come up with those ratings Well I think everyone would be surprised to know that they don't actually drive the vehicles One thing that happens is that if a new vehicle comes out with a new engine and new transmission the EPA gets a hold of it They put it in a room and they run it on a dyno and they measure the CO2 emissions at the tailpipe And from that they're able to somehow compute the estimated city and highway and combined range Rare occasions they do actually take them out on a test loop But that is not common because you can't guarantee that those driving conditions will be identical from car to car to car to car for a different times of the year different even different traffic situations things like that So they've kind of created this sterile environment where they're able to take all of that away and sort of measure it And at first you think well that's silly Why would they do that But if you think about it as long as they test every car exactly the same the numbers really don't matter what matters are the differences between the numbers right So if you look at car a and it gets 24 miles per gallon city and 35 miles per gallon highway and then you have carbine that gets 30 miles per gallon city and 45 miles per gallon highway You know that car bee's gonna get better fuel economy over the life of that vehicle And so that's where customers I really think they shouldn't focus necessarily on the actual numbers as much as the differences between the numbers So when you're looking at certain classes of vehicles we talked about the Acura MDX earlier the differences between those vehicles are incremental I mean you're talking about one or two miles per gallon difference between an MDX and a GV 70 or something And so if you just focus in on that number and think man this one gets two miles per gallon better I'm going to get it That's a bad reason to buy that vehicle You're looking for big swings in fuel economy to make that your decision maker It might be the icing on the cake you might say well I like these two vehicles a lot And this one gets a little bit better EPA numbers So yeah that's the one that I'm going to pick That's fine But if you just say this one gets 2 mph so I'm going to buy it Well you're probably going to be unhappy because you should be buying a vehicle because it meets your needs a and B it's something you really like to drive and you're proud of And that's what makes people want to keep their car for the rest of the is Liz long as that vehicle lasts And people that don't buy with those two criterion mind end up selling their car before they know it We're not happy But yeah it's interesting to see that the EPA those numbers and sometimes in fact the EPA will take a manufacturer's word on the numbers and we saw how Hyundai got in trouble with that a few years ago where they would say no no no no no this car is basically the same as it was last year You don't need to retest it And it wasn't So yeah All right Jim Cruz knights and events We've got a few coming up Yeah we've got.

Mark Jamal Jim O brill Hyundai 2 mph EPA last year GV 70 two vehicles Mark 30 miles per gallon one Chicago 45 miles per gallon 24 miles per gallon 35 miles per gallon two criterion two miles per gallon few years ago One thing YouTube
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"two miles per gallon" Discussed on Clark Howard Show

"Again the policies that they would recommend to you the most important thing is to make sure that they are rated by am best with a good rating and mick nebraska says my wife and i have been discussing whether to answer the door to door the door to door to door salesman. I say no but my wife thinks it isn't polite to not come to the door. Usually if a product is good. I will find out about organically and i don't need the hard sales pitch at the door. What do you think so always say. Your wife is always right except in this case. She's not right. Sorry my evac. You are right on. This is better not to answer the door. I don't find that anything good happens. Typically when you answer the door for door to door sales person and let's put a little paranoia in your wife. There have been instances around the country. Were someone pretending to be adored or salesperson is actually a thief casing your establishment to come back maybe later and burglar your house the burglar at your house. So maybe that paranoia will even though that's rare it will get her to accept that maybe it is a better idea not to open that door for the solicitor coming to your home. What about i have a compromise. Get a ring door camera. One of those door cameras so you can talk to them but not answer the door from like your phone somewhere and just say i'm sorry we don't accept solicitations or now we gotta we gotta talk true personal stuff krista so your husband. Mike is the nicest guy in the world and he answered the door. The door doing a pitch. And what is it. Do over the ring doorbell. I just did it. One time. I i saw. I got a notification that was out the door ball. And i clicked it on and i could hear the person selling something to my husband and i was at work but i turned on the speaker and i was like. I'm sorry we don't accept citations. We don't want any husband was like that's my wife like looking through. Their guy was like really weirded out by it but it worked all right. That is a great suggestion. And you're the tough when and he's the kind one in your household right. Yeah i guess. Oh okay can't in. Oklahoma says does having a clean waxed vehicle which allows for smoother airflow result in better gas mileage. so there been a bunch of tests of that cat and Mythbusters actually did one where they drove muddy car then clean when there was clean and shiny been waxed and they actually got about two miles per gallon better with clean wax car. I know if consumer reports we consider that to be scientifically valid test but they did find a slight increase in fuel economy by having a clean vehicle instead of one caked in mud. Now remember caked in mud is different than a vehicle. The just has dirt on it When you could write please wash me on it. So might carries a fair amount of weight. And i would say in a typical situation if they with extreme test mythbusters could only get a two mile per gallon advantage with clean wax car. I guess there is a slight advantage. But not a big. And i want to tell you how much i appreciate you listening and a very excited about tomorrow's episode when i have the pleasure of speaking with jonathan clements someone. I considered to be one of the creamier trustworthy financial writers in the united states. I hope you'll tune..

Mike tomorrow mick nebraska united states One krista about two miles per gallon jonathan clements Mythbusters One time Oklahoma two mile per gallon one one caked those door cameras creamier evac
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"two miles per gallon" Discussed on The Darin Olien Show

"Only in one direction but at the speed of light now. Physicists say well energy electrons. don't move through through leaving things at the speed of light. But that's been proven to be incorrect by By german physicist by the name of constantine meal so he's proven in his lab that yes indeed Energy moves or electrons. Move through the body of speed of light. Wow which helps us understand if why if you put essential oil on your big toe. The frequency of that is in your brain at the speed of light so we have this Muscle battery pack system. And that's the major provider of voltage and by the way just as an aside the brain uses more voltage than anything else in the body and therefore it needs the biggest batteries so the br the battery as supply for the rain is our legs. Wow that's the backup. Backup system for the brain is is the lake so one of the reason. Your brain works better if you go out and walk around the block because you've charged it up. Hey what do you use on your skin. I use this incredible product. The good from caldera lab. It's lightweight serum is made of twenty seven. Active plant tackles that are ganic and wild harvested. Yes this is my ideal serum for my face just a small amount every night after washing my face in his all it takes to have this great skid smells good feels good and helps tackled dry skin without being oily wrinkles scarring. It really does. Keep my skin looking young as i absolutely feel from inside. Gotta try this stuff. Go to caldera lab dot com forward. Slash darren or use the discount code all caps darren at the checkout for twenty percent off your first order of the good. If you don't like it guess what they will give you a full for and refund to invest in it invest in your skin and your health. It's easy guys go get some energy begets energy. But now this actually explains it right suggest by the the moving changing of the the almost geometry of the muscle. You're saying that that is the actual pump or the release of energy from battery pack. Yes as pies. Electricity is the is the muzzles battery charger. And so that's why it's Exercise is important. You know you talk about exercise. Being important to move lymphatic. But i think much more important job it has his keep your battery packs charged now another interesting thing is that as an embryo develops it starts in the brain and from the brain circuits. Extend down into the rest of the body and as they do so they go through very specific teeth. And so our teeth individually become integrated in specific circuits and. That's why our teeth have such an important role in all of our electronic circuits so so we start with the big batteries in our muscles to go through the teeth. And then they go down to the cell membranes and our cell membranes are actually designed to be capacitors so unwarlike bastard. Capacitor is a small battery so if you'd have to electron conductors separated by an insulator you have what's defined as a capacitor and thus store electrons are store will ditch the difference between a capacitor and a battery is in play a capacitor. When it's asked to discharge completely discharges all of the energy at has whereas battery can release it slowly over time so basically again. We have our muscle battery packs than we have. Our cell membranes are actually small batteries if you please just underneath. The cell membranes is a special kind of water that has been called easy water exclusion zone water alcoholic abso docked. Pollock has given it that name and it's actually another of voltage storage system because instead of being h. two o. is h three zero two which is an electron donor form of water. So there's a third battery. Then we have the mitochondria and those are the little power stations inside of cells and inside the maddock andrea. We have another rechargeable battery system. It's called atp when it's charged up his called adp when it's discharged well. The atp is the final Batteries power source for the cell to do what it needs to do. And as it spins its electrons and becomes a discharged battery. Obviously you need a battery charger. Inside the maddock andrea and that battery charger is called the citric cycle or the krebs cycle and the krebs cycle has designed to run on fatty acids so for every unit of fatty acid. You put into the krebs cycle. If oxygen available you get enough electrons to charge up thirty eight of those little. Adp batteries but if oxygen is unavailable for every unit of fatty acid you put in. You only get enough electrons to charge up two of those batteries so little like a car that goes from thirty eight miles a gallon two two miles per gallon if you don't have enough oxygen and then finally we have our dna dna when you see pictures of it. You generally see it from the side and it looks like you took a couple of ladders. Twisted them together. But if you look at it from the and you'll see there's a big hole down the middle and down the middle of that whole is in implodes what's called scaler. Energy and scaler energy has the ability to go down. Not only do service the power supply to your dna but it has power to read to communicate it to the next new sell. It makes it to communicate with other cells in the body so the scaler energy that employs into dna is not only a battery. But it's an information transfer system. Wow so we have these five different batteries. That must work a for the cells to continue to function so one of the things then. That's important to recognize his that. If someone has an organ that's not functioning normally. You can take it to the bank that it won't have adequate because all chronic disease is defined by having inadequate voltage. Now the next piece of the puzzle happen stipulate polarity so if you look at a battery. It has a plus on one end and a minus on the other hand. If you take any rechargeable battery new drain it two zero the polarity flips upside down. So now if you take a battery and put it in a ratty charger upside down at won't take charge while it and so what happens. In our muscle battery packs in particular is if we drain our our muscles to down to zero. They flipped her priority. And therefore we lose the power that's necessary to have the twenty five miller goals for cells to walk run correctly. And we certainly don't have the fifty miles. It takes to make new cells to repair them so once. Batteries flipped nothing. You do works. So how do people in the normal day out of power they draining. They're they're they're muscle battery packs for example how that happened. Well we've identified five different reasons that muscles and and flipped their polarity. First of all is steroid. Second is a scar across the circuit across the the wiring system for that battery. Third is a dental infection in The teeth that are in that circuit fourth is emotional baggage and fifth his toxins so each one of those things will drain your battery a little bit an extra drain a little more than a little bit more and finally you add enough of those things together then the battery flips now. This is one of the major defects in my view of traditional medicine and even many forms of so called alternative or natural medicine and that is in traditional medicine. We do scientific studies. And that's in quotes scientific studies in order to find out if one particular thing is causing something or if one particular incur- something and so we try to isolate all of the other substances or other things just to see what. The effect of that one particular thing is what the reality is almost. No illnesses are due to one particular thing now. There are obviously exceptions if you happen to be next to assure chernobyl when it blew up. Yeah the radiations gonna kill you. You know if you're under the water and held their your and you don't get oxygen. Yeah that's going to kill you too. But talking about most of chronic disease is not a single item causing it. it's a combination of various electrons. Steelers added together which are adequate in their summoned total to drain the battery zero k so now we see that. Same thing in natural medicine alternative medicine. Whatever you wanna call it. Everybody's always looking for that magic south african jungle juice. It's gonna cure everything. That's wrong with everybody and i'm sure having gone and inspected a lot of those things you in particular know that that's simply not true. There isn't one magic notes. So what you have to do then is to go down the list of those things and identify which ones are active in order in keeping us circuit Flip because if you don't fix them all even if you flip the battery back in charge it up which can tell you how do in a moment he'll simply flip again. So would you like me to go down the list. Let's do it. Let's go to list so thyroid. Hormones very important but thyroid hormone. That's most important. Is t three so the thyroid normally makes tea three four but the thyroid hormone that most doctors prescribe is just t- four. Now the problem is that to convert t four into the active form of t three. You must have. I dine progesterone glutathione and several other things that are in the list that you have to have been. The problem is that many people are deficient in those cofactors nutrients. So if you give somebody four. It doesn't matter if they can't converted to the active form t three and so And the other thing is that the that the Thyroid process actually begins in the hypothalamus of the brain. And that part of the brain is under control of adrenaline. From your adrenals. Fear of so of your dreams are out which is true in most sick people. They end the thyroid process. Can't work correctly. Because the epa thelma's in getting the signals at needs so the the apple thomas puts out what's called the retro peak releasing hormone which tells the poetry to put out t h which tells the thyroid to put out t four t four must be converted to the active formity three. Unfortunately doctors are trained to look at t s h and occasionally they look at t four and if those are in the normal range they say well you have added with thyroid hormone but you can see those numbers could be normal. But if you can't convert into the active form you could be eighty percent efficient at the cell membrane and have normal h four and your blood and so there's enormous amount of undiagnosed hypothyroidism and so Remember that the thyroid hormone t three controls. The voltage of every cell membrane in the body. T. three also controls the total number of might aqa andrea in the body and t to controls the function of the maddock. Andrea has a big big juggernaut of control over these energy systems. Just a an f. y. I i've got about. I'm about three hours. Work away from finished writing a book. About what escalier energy. And how does it affect the body and that goes into great detail. About how all of the scaler. Angie works because the reality is that scaler energy is the essence of life itself. Yeah and is the scaler Move through different. Frequencies hurts frequencies. Does it move in that. In that way. Is there levels to that scaler energy. Or how is that associated with frequencies and things like well scaler energy in and of itself is sort of like Something like money set in its savings account waiting for you to need it and then it will go. You can withdraw. Are you can utilize saying that is scaler. Energy will implode into the center of anything. That's a platonic solid spheres cubes pyramids and whatever or implode into anything that's golden mean and by the way your dna is golden mean and that's why scaler energy implodes into the when that stops happening. You're no longer with us. So we were at thyroid scars dental infections. Now if you've got a circuit going through a tooth decay in the tooth decay simply as a resistor to some of the electrons trying to go through that tooth and drops the voltage event but decay in and of itself won't flippable aaron but if you have infection in a tooth and infection spreads into the bone around the tooth. Now it'll simply flip the polarity in that circuit and nothing. You do will work until you get the infection out of the bowling around that twos and of course the. The teeth are most likely to end up in that situation. A root canal teeth because.

fifty miles twenty percent Andrea caldera lab Second h three zero two twenty seven h. two o. thirty eight miles a gallon twenty five miller five different batteries First third battery each thirty eight constantine meal one one direction one magic notes two two miles per gallon
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"This price range it really flies under the radar a lot of people they think a city and they think of Camry or accord but we really are saying check out the super legacy especially if you live in an area that has regular snow and ice and other bad weather operate gets twenty eight miles per gallon overall which is really good considering that and standard all wheel drive and ended this legacy is quiet comfortable it's really easy to live with my Quincy of Consumer Reports is our guest on first light right now as we talk about C. R.'s topics in cars for twenty twenty all right let's move up about ten thousand dollars thirty five to forty five thousand active Toyota so we're we're looking at the Toyota Avalon and the topic for a large sedan the Avalon it for years has done well Consumer Reports testing but this redesigned model has really turned it up a notch it has luxury and comfort the compared to the vehicle that might even cost twenty thousand dollars more I would you get the V. six model which is smooth and at the switch shifting eight speed transmission or you get the hybrid model which gets about forty two miles per gallon overall it is a winner any way you cut it but one of the models that that really blew us away in this category was the kia telluride this is a neat size three row SUV that you really honestly came in like a wrecking ball there's it's rare that a vehicle that joins a crowded segment just comes in I don't know where and cleans house the the al all the other models in this segment are are playing catch up to the telluride another getting UP into the forty five thousand to fifty five thousand category now we see some of the higher price names at least in here what model three as our top pick in this category I think most people know it's an all electric car we saw between two hundred fifty and three hundred thirty miles of range which is really outstanding preferred compared to any any electric model out there really this is one thing that Tesla does very well proving that their their models are going to go a long way on a full charge of the model three also treats the driver with excellent handling great steering it really feels like a sports car than a sedan what else do we have in in this this top category are you definitely need to check out the Lexus are acts this is Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports C. R. Avalon telluride Tesla Toyota
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"two miles per gallon" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

"Thanks for joining us on car pro USA of course we have a website of course we have a Facebook page Jerry is all over Twitter may not so much but I do a lot of stuff on Facebook and if you'd like to access any of our social media of women's clothing are giant YouTube channel you can get there just by going to car pro USA dot com yes real simple use a search engine over the top right there's a mini bar at the top right also three little lines and and that takes you to my FAQ page which people rely on more and more every single day all the car reviews that we've got a there our podcast where on there for three hours every weekend most of you only get two hours of that decision pick up that third hour commercial free from corporate USA blog good information there along with the recall section what radio stations were on across the country everything you could possibly want is there let's go to Stephen ville Texas Hey we talked to Tom Tom thank you for calling Sir well thank you Jerry thanks for taking my call and gradient from Stevensville Texas thank you Sir I know right word is cute little college town yeah sure Hey I got one question for you concerning my two thousand and fifteen Dodge eco diesel what it about six months ago been barely happy with it good mileage and things like you know well coming from twenty five hundred diesel you know a little less but it to happen boy is it such a Georgia driver's versus a three quarter ton yeah right make a U. turn park in it it is a world of difference yeah it you're it but the after I bought it which they're given the low mileage I think it had about twenty eight thousand miles on it and I bought it about six months ago it was still a recall in the recall was gone yes they're not going yeah mission correct do you know the story you know the story behind that Tom I felt at the time we covered it extensively here because it came right on the heels of the big Volkswagen emissions scandal so what happened was I believe the year was twenty seventeen they had always struck somebody accuse fiat Chrysler of cheating on emissions and they vehemently denied it but when the smoke cleared in investigations were over they found out that they did cheat on him so we wanna entire year in probably the reason your truck is so low mileage we want an entire year that they were not able to sell new ram eco diesels and then for your crossroads government settled on a fix for them and people had to take their vehicle in and if they bought it new which one applies to you they were given a monetary monetary compensation because when they do the submission a recall on it to get it in compliance with EPA standards and the the fuel economy drop a little bit the listeners I talked to told me after they had the nation's fixed they lost about two miles per gallon but at the same time which is interesting to me they said that they felt like vehicle ran better they had more power than it used to so I don't understand it never even looked into you know what what's involved in this emissions recall but if you had it done yet I did I had the recall okay in it and they up the warranty like another hundred thousand miles that was part of the settlement right and day only problem I'm having and again it was kind of a a new truck so I wasn't sure about the performance before the recall I didn't not real life you know but it runs great now but I have a problem in the morning a cold morning with a hesitation like other stop sign where trying to start going after the stop sign and the car hesitates a little bit and then it gets stolen you know I try to put my foot on it didn't hesitate and then it really screams out but I was just wondering if there's any type of here for that hesitation that won't affect the warranty that they gave well I think you're gonna have to take it into a ram Dodge Chrysler jeep ram dealer and describe for them what is this happening it almost sounds to me like you could have some turbo lag there which is not uncommon but that can be there there are remedies for that whether that's gonna fall under your warranty or not I can't tell you you've got a longer emissions warranty thank you do plaque powertrain warranty so if they can tie this hesitation to the emissions warranty then it will be covered but those are those are answers you're going to have to get from a Dodge Chrysler jeep ram dealer and you've got one there's Stevensville before you buy a car that doesn't really fit how you drive all corporal USA at one eight hundred nine two six seventy seven seventy seven you're in charge of hiring and indeed has solutions like online skills test which led to candidates show that they're the right hire and we'll give you this barber shop quartet will sing the name of the perfect tire that flooding the Sunday.

Jerry Twitter Facebook
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"two miles per gallon" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"The Maki Maki yeah yeah yeah marquis is here at the use now shows here in the Houston area and you want to see this thing it's it's it's a good looking right I gotta say I got handed to four I have a problem for not only the Stalin but the technology that goes into this and I got to invite me along miles I'm sweating bullets right now and help with that this didn't come out real soon yeah so we'll say all right let's go back to the phones and talk to Donald in California hello Donald one one no welcome all right let's start Chris online one Christian book Hey good morning how can I help you I've got a reservation on one of the bodies and minds what I think is concerned is the the distance I know that the four wheel drive or the all wheel drive and the rear wheel drive said there's not a big difference between the Max distant planets around or miles right do you have any input as to what's going to be better which would be there the all wheel drive or the rear wheel well I think that's I mean for me all wheel drive is always a more enjoyable vehicle the way it handles away rides and drives weather is going to use more energy I mean you would think and look where I'm guessing here the gun issues a logic but if you get a situation where you need the all wheel drive it's bound to use up more battery power so where do you live Chris your California okay the do you do any off roading nope okay I would are you are you into performance and handling and that sort of thing or you just looking for transportation mainly just transportation then I would mess with our driver under those circumstances you know I think you are going to use some energy certainly it's gonna it's it's almost like an all wheel drive verses of front or rear wheel drive car as far as gasoline all wheel drive will cut right will cut the gas mileage by one to two miles per gallon typically and and and I think there's got to be some energy years from the batteries of this marquee the the performance version now that's the one that our and that three how drops down to about two sixty I'm told so yeah and in the electric car you gasoline car it all has to do with how you drive and it really is that simple it has to do with how you drive and I'm not taking it you can be tempted with this marquee to stick your foot in it all the time because unless you've driven a electric car and understand how much more direct the power is and how much more responsive and no lag it just instant pure raw power going to four wheels are two wheels at the same time man is like your cars get gonna be for those of us who like to go fast if you cannot run the range is going to be a lot of fun okay that good luck to you I appreciated Chris thank thank you I appreciate the call greatly I've got a roof do a little inside to Mike in San Antonio Jerry all right let's talk to market center thanks for taking my call looking the family car we got to know each I let it go under water been good to us but I looked at two different cars we look looking at a.

Maki Maki Houston
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"Models reliability and even its owner satisfaction survey based measure on how happy car buyers are with the car that you own to learn about satisfaction our friends at Consumer Reports collected survey data from their annual survey on more than a half million vehicles here are the ten most satisfying based on see ours latest survey in order of ranking at the top the Tesla model three this compact all electric sports sedan in its long range version can go three hundred ten miles on the charge next up the Porsche nine eleven a rear engine sports car that delivers a near ideal balance of performance and livability the genesis G. ninety unlike the equis Hyundai's previous luxury sedan the G. ninety is thoroughly capable and competitive another sports car that resides among this top ten of most satisfying is the Chevy corvette with its adjustable driving modes it can be a fairly refined cruiser or a track ready race car at number five the Tesla model S. all wheel drive is now standard on this fully electric four door luxury hatchback though it's huge iPad like center touch screen is a distraction next up the Toyota Avalon redesigned for twenty nineteen it's now nibbler as a pleasure ride and is more stylish and fuel efficient from kia the stinger a four door hatchback designed as a thoroughbred rear wheel drive sports today and with an aggressive stance a third all the electric vehicle makes the cut the Chevy bold leading the charge for more affordable Evey E. second reach the two hundred mile range next up the Toyota Prius hybrid now in its fourth generation with improved handling and a more sculpted styling it gets fifty two miles per gallon overall rounding out the ten most satisfying cars to own is the Dodge challenger this retro my and muscle car comes in a bewildering number of trim lines topping out with the outrageous eight hundred forty horsepower S..

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"two miles per gallon" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"The consumer so when I look specifically for us in America this two data points I look at we did research two years ago showed consumers our entire electric fleet and we got a market reaction we did that same test same cars modifications and the market basically double to triple in terms of people intending to buy so we see the wave coming the other one of course was last week we had nine hundred of our dealers down in Chattanooga and whether it's in Milwaukee or whether it's in Santa Monica California dealer see it as a business opportunities there saying let's bring it and let's go so my reaction from consumers and from dealers is is the wave is just starting to head right now and again we will be there so so Scott you talk about that been wave coming and the consumer driving it might that give more force behind the demand for vehicles overall because there's some softness in the United States right now certainly in China sings office is is a possible renewal of the demand people always say you know I don't like to I want to replace my car the one electric vehicle you know there that is a key insight and something I see as well if you look at the average age of a vehicle on the roads in the US it's about eleven to twelve years this has a mass of opportunity to drive an entirely new stimulus and I think that stimulus will hit when you get the pricing right of course when you get the value story in terms of lifestyle lifecycle ownership it's going to lead to a massive refreshing because right now if you want to refresh your car the customer saying yeah a new one has one or two miles per gallon maybe as nice a leather when someone says a new one fully connected all electric a whole New World of driving I think it is a massive opportunity to do a reset that's what I see as well I think that'll be two to three years out one more of these cars get on the road and you get what I call purchase confirmation the biggest driver of sales is another consumer seeing another one on the road and saying the Joneses have won the Smith south one I want to get in on it that was Volkswagen America CEO Scott Keogh coming up my conversation with securities and exchange commission chairman J. Clayton on a range of issues including with the US investors can feel confident about investing in Chinese companies this is Bloomberg deleted Hey this is Jay Farner CEO.

America Chattanooga Milwaukee United States Joneses Scott Keogh J. Clayton Bloomberg CEO Santa Monica California China Smith Volkswagen America chairman Jay Farner twelve years three years two years
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"Well they wrote far hud mind you new new columnist New York times Obama it's it's an attack on Barack Obama is being too two were not the left enough. one review a sentence from his his essay here. Democrats in the seventies eighties and nineties. altered their economic vision. they abandoned the new deal and great society liberalism. in favor of a new dog and with it came to be known as neo liberalism. hello who user through with it what's he talking about. did did did do Bill Clinton ever say Hamel me on me a liberal did Hillary Clinton ever say I'm a neo liberal it came to be known in the. in the fevered brains of left wing academics. anyway how does he explain it ready now you know what the left stands for in their words. a view of society in which markets and financial instruments rather than government policy and direct intervention are seen as the best way to achieve social ones. there you go. you can have a clearer than that. government and direct intervention are the best way to achieve social ends that's what the left believes that is called dictatorship that is cold totalitarianism we will use the government to director Lee intervene in your life. and I would say a good part of America and is now comfortable with that. we don't want are you like the way this is markets. markets means freedom that's what markets beans you are free to buy what you want. if I don't want an electric car talking about cars. this morning I was listening to MPR folks what I do for you. is worthy of the cigar. so NPR was interviewing the governor of California Gavin Newsom. he is a he yeah I have is suing the federal government over the issue of the era of this the emission not the mission actually the. how many pop how was how many miles per gallon cars must receive bus get. fuel standards is that what it's called. at any way out of the California said by certain year it has to be fifty miles per gallon or fifty two miles per gallon. and the president said no you can't make a rule for one state this is the this rule is national. so he got rid of it and so California is suing. so here is so Gavin Newsom's argument to NPR was. the big four manufacturers they want the standards. the NPR he kept saying that. the NPR. reporter never asked what a life for baby it really maybe I'm wrong because what I'm about to say is so obvious to me I don't understand why it was not that obvious to the NPR reporter. what stops the brain defectors. from keeping to those standards. right. there is no law that day with the big four cannot produce green cars but they're not producing green cars without the needle. for whatever reason they don't want to produce green cars they used to. if the man if the big four manufacturers really wants to produce cars that average fifty miles per gallon what's stopping them they don't need a lawyer to do so. why didn't the a PR person asked the most obvious question in the world the entire Gavin Newsom argument was based on the big four car manufacturers. don't want the standards the lord they they are really want fifty now this is what I believe. I may be wrong I me I may truly be missing something so obvious and and that I need to be corrected because I can't understand why the question was attached but maybe there's an obvious answer. this is my theory the big four manufacturers like nearly all big businesses are so cal would by the left that they will not say or do anything that will in any way alienate the left wing activists who will smear their corporation into the dust that is what I believe. I may be wrong. but if I'm wrong they don't need a law to produce cars that go fifty miles look at fifty miles per gallon. it it was just incredible..

Barack Obama New York
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"two miles per gallon" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

"The United States teetered around thirty thousand dollars close about this one in safety Arthur C. Clarke said and alcohol detector will prevent the driver from starting up if he's had too many for the road wow mind you this was before the big push against drunk driving happened so he he was ahead of his time yeah and if you get A. D. why you might well have to blow into a thing to let your car start fuel economy autos may top a hundred miles per gallon he said no not quite now cars are getting the equivalent of a hundred miles per gallon on our a reality so says car driver they say the twenty nineteen Chevy bolts achieve a hundred two miles per gallon in C. dash D. real world highway fuel economy I'm not buying that one he also said shifting gears really not shifting the transmission will be continually vero variable in effect making available to an infinite number of gears I think he's right on that I think there are now cars that have variable transmissions so if I'm right on that one few other things you put in near earth objects the day we mine asteroids is drawing ever nearer I was getting closer to that but that hasn't happened yet bye bye sheet metal sheet metal bodies will have gone the way of wood paneling he wrote back in nineteen eighty six instead the bodies will be built at a plastics and composites reinforced with glass for graphite fibers wow he's got that one right more dense no more dense listen to this one the new bodies of cars will never corrode moreover fenders made of certain plastics will disorder dent and minutes later bounced back to their original shape I got about one completely wrong did me no I just thought you'd enjoy those three oh three seven one three eight two five five seven one three talk what will what will we be.

United States Arthur C. Clarke A. D. Chevy thirty thousand dollars
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"Hundred million dollars to seven hundred million dollars to close the deficit sports traffic and weather next on WGN summers here street festivals concerts fireworks barbecues nothing beats a trip to the beach in a new Chevy Chevy and summer goes together like ham and eggs speaking of fireworks you can have a blast at your local Chevy dealers fourth of July sales event now through July eighth you can get over forty six hundred dollars below MSRP on a twenty nineteen Chevy equinox L. T. plus GM owner you can get an additional thousand dollars in savings it all adds up to big money there's nothing better than summer driving in a new Chevy equinox with thirty two miles per gallon on the highway the equinox gets you where you want to go leaving plenty in the tank and your wallet Chevy equinox to get the latest technology like available built in four G. LTE wifi that connects up to seven devices so drop by your Chicago in northwest Indiana Chevy dealer go to Chevy drive Chicago dot com for details the Chevy fourth of July sales of and it's going on now through July eighth Chevy equinox your perfect summer drive the kids the key he he he also accepting boats motorcycles R. V.'s and real estate donations.

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"two miles per gallon" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Road lock and dam near Joliet. Sports, traffic, and weather next on WGN summer's here and street festivals. Farmers markets barbecues and summer concerts. And there's nothing better than summer. Driving in Chevy equinox right now get eleven percent below MS RPM, most twenty nine thousand nine Chevy equinox models. That's over forty four hundred dollars in savings on a Chevy equinox premier. You can take that to the Bank with its thirty two miles per gallon on the highway equally. Knox is perfect for those summer driving vacations. Plus, you get all the latest technology like available built in four. G. L T E wifi that connects up to seven devices. Keep everyone connected twenty four seven and it's more than just great deals you can count on at your local Chevy dealer. Keep your Chevy running right with factory trained technicians and GM certified parts. They can save you time and money and get the job done right. The first time because no one knows your Chevy better. So drop by your Chicago and northwest. Indiana Chevy dealer or go to Chevy drives Chicago dot com for details. Take off for summer in a Chevy equinox, everybody. It's Bill leff for Omaha Steaks, if you're still looking for that perfect gift for dad, this Father's Day or a great way to stock up for some grillings think about Omaha Steaks. You know, it's not too late to purchase the Father's Day state fix package. Just go to any of the most takes retail locations. Mentioned the promo code Bill leff and you'll get seventy four percent off now. That's. Two hundred and thirty five dollars value, yours for just fifty nine ninety nine amazing. You'll receive two top sirloin to fillets pork chops for burgers for jumbo Franks, for crispy chicken fried, steaks, all beef meatballs, four premium chicken, breasts, and caramel apple tart, so good almost aches offers one hundred percent guaranteed world-class, steaks, and more. Stop by one of their local retail locations at the streets of Woodfield, Naperville crossing Orland park or at the oakbrook.

Chevy Omaha Steaks Indiana Chevy equinox Bill leff WGN Joliet Chicago Knox Orland park GM apple Woodfield oakbrook Naperville forty four hundred dollars seventy four percent one hundred percent thirty five dollars eleven percent
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"Welcome back. Thursday off in rural Mr. motorcoach with us this morning. We meet up product of the hour. Well, we're talking about fuel optimize her. A lot of guys have been. That have diesel we're looking for the code low-sulphur lube, which also works very well. Has not been carried as much in the truckstop says the fuel fuel optimize also works and diesel. The red while versus the green, if the green byles not, they're the red bottle fuel optimize, it has a red circle. Turf, you'll system moves deposits injectors pumps carburetors for all fuels diesel applications including boats, why? Well, one of the great benefits of this. You optimize is that it removes condensation from the fuel from the fuel tank that takes the water out of the fuel, and it takes a condensation. Then take it out neutralizes out. This. That will help. Build up of algae in your tank. Any other harmful deposits its biodiesel compatible? And a lot of people use it in storage tanks. If you you're storing out on a farm, and you have a large story tank, adding this in there will keep the algae. Tag and he announced pretend gallons of fuel the bio treats, sixty gallons it is extremely strong. You do not use very much for your personal vehicle. I just took the ball up in count one two three that's enough. I do that at every fill up. You can stretch it out to fill up if you like I like doing it every show up because I can tell the difference in, in instantly gained about two miles per gallon on the few. So just remember that file treats hundred at sixty gal. Motoko fuel optimize Mayer has it? A Reilly auto parts you can get it. If you ask for. Fleet farm has it most of the truck stops..

Fleet farm Mayer sixty gallons sixty gal
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"Director of auto testing for consumer reports. And now we're going to check out these ten cars, I what did you pick for mid sized SUV? Subaru is set. So this is a three row seven passenger SUV. It's actually a large ruby SUV that could put your family that really drives like a small car. Okay. And let's go to mid sized car when it comes to midsize car. It's the the Toyota Camry hybrid. All right. And so what is the best overall compact luxury car, so compact luxury viable, but it's overall we're always looking at the overall rating everything included the Audi A four is reliable. But it's also probably Liguria performs. Great comfortable all the latest gadgets, but they actually worked pretty well. What's the CR pick for subcompact SUV? Is a new category for us in this case. It's deep Conde Kona that versatility. But at a lower price about twenty five thousand dollars, all right and the best subcompact car again, a new category here, and this is the Toyota Urus, fun sporty reliable vehicle that does have standard on commercial break. Now, you've got to pick for large car large car another Toyota Avalon hybrid. And this is a really big roomy Dickel that happens to get forty two miles per gallon as long as we're in the larger vehicles. What about the luxury SUV really the best luxury SUV you could by BMW X five. We just recently tested it because it's a brand new entry. But it it almost like. Like a sports car, but it's roomy and comfortable and and versatile. Okay. So how does the compact SUV stack up comeback back to Subaru? The Subaru forester. That just continues to be a really Gary entry. But this is actually mixed innovation Subaru forester, the two thousand eighteen and it just kind of build on a really good foundation. And what about the the hybrid electric car? No surprises. It is the Toyota Prius again. In fact, this vehicle has been on our topic less longer than any other vehicle and this year, actually, adding all the drive which can brought me feel now I know this final category is going to make a lot of our listeners, very happy. Because I think a lot of our listeners drive this vehicle, which is amazing that it's still around and kicking and getting getting high marks from consumer reports that the top pick for twenty nine includes the F the Ford F one fifty. Yeah. Well, I mean Ford f one fifty continues to be a solid choice. And this is I mean, they've done really amazing things with powertrain here. So a few people who are going to laugh when I started putting the V H, but there's a two point seven liter visa. Six turbo engine that we tested we got eighteen miles per gallon. But it's like a lot. But that's a lot for truck that this big capable is it my imagination. Our car is just getting better and better. You know, it's not your imagination. I mean cars are more advanced in more capable than they ever have been. It's unbelievable what they are capable of in terms of performance and fuel economy and increasing. I'm they're really doing it all the one thing that I think. Surprise to a lot of people that would help complex. They're getting. It's not just get in turn the team go. You know, every car has a a tablet dashboard in it. There is there's quite a bit of learning her sometimes. All right. We've been talking with Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing for consumer reports. Jake. Thanks so much for being with us this morning on first light, your very, welcome. All right. So the way this works is that they tested fifty new cars, but they also analyze data from their survey that they do every year it takes pretty much the year. I think they go through four hundred and seventy thousand specific individual vehicles, and they get information on that. And consumer reports by the way says they feel so strongly about the benefits of automatic emergency. Breaking that's the technology that slows or stops a car when a crash is imminent, even before you can react. Well, they think it should be standard on all new cars. And that's why they considered for their top picks. Only cars that include automatic emergency breaking as standard equipment for their. Top pick. So all those cars he mentioned his top picks have the automatic breaking as one of their features. All right. We are now at seventeen minutes before the hour on first light, our number is eight.

Subaru Jake Fisher Subaru forester Toyota Camry hybrid Toyota Director BMW Audi Avalon Gary Prius senior director twenty five thousand dollars seventeen minutes seven liter
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"Around the house Americans refused to sit still so how do you connect with all those moving targets, easy radio radio reaches ninety percent of Americans every week more than Google Facebook and even television, but hey who has time to sit and watch TV. So when you want to connect with all those constantly moving adults teens and millennials get to iheartmedia dot com and put AM FM radio to work for your company. This is tomorrow's technology today. Brought to you by Toyota. If you think you have to sacrifice mileage for performance with an all wheel drive vehicle think again, the Prius all wheel drive models are anticipated to get fifty two miles per gallon city, forty eight combined or fifty on the highway. Toyota's David Lee says the all new 2019 Prius with available electric all wheel drive redefines what an all wheel drive vehicle can be Toyota wanted to expand Prius capabilities and really bring it more in line with some of the buyers out there who live in areas where they are concerned about their traction needs. And this should help them really. Accomplish those goals. That's tomorrow's technology today. Brought to you by Toyota developing mobility, technology for the world right here in Boston. Learn how you could save on. Toyota's must advanced safety and hybrid technology at Toyota's official website for deals, buyatoyota dot com. Let's go places. Having. Kids. Zanan cards donate. S. One eight seven seven Kars four kids K A R S, Kars for Kids one eight seven seven cars, donate your car to the. His quick and easy. Out there. Tax deduction. Seven. Kid. Donate your. Also accepting boats, motorcycles, RV's and real estate donations New England it's tough to predict and it's hard to get around. WBZ has your back. Busy news traffic on the threes. Accuweather. The weather turns veer, Hugh, turn to WBZ NewsRadio seven twelve.

Toyota WBZ Accuweather Facebook Google David Lee Boston Hugh official RV New England ninety percent
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"Today, you'll get it today. And then you'll get every Friday from that point on. We've had a number of questions today already on the show from people who. If they had taken the newsletter that already known the answer we cover a lot of territory in this thing. So right now, we go to John in poetry, Texas. John thanks for calling. Yes. I I really enjoy your show. Thank you. I wanted to call a wanted to call you about the ecodiesel settlement. You know? I have a twenty sixteen dodge ecodiesel, I've been pretty happy with it. It's it's done everything that dodge said, but I've also been following the lawsuit, you know, since last summer, and then I recently heard that there was settled. And then I recently last week got noticed -cation from you know, from dodge talking about, you know, like a dollar settlement. Yes. They're also going to is the big question is they're going to change somewhere in the software the engine, and I've been asking what's affect is that going to have on horsepower and mileage because early on in this lawsuit. I mean, some people were saying that it was going to drop the horsepower and dropped the mileage well, and I think. Good chance that I don't tell anybody knows that answer yet. But I can tell you this as closely as I followed the Volkswagen emission scandal when they came up with the fix for it. It dropped about two miles to the gallon. And and so everybody was pretty pleased with that everybody told me what the Volkswagen that they could not tell any difference in the performance other than about a two mile per gallon drop. And if that's the case. Yeah. I mean that I think that's the best you could hope for I had a story in the newsletter. In January last month fact on the sixteenth, and the the terms have been settled the judge has not done the final sign off on it that I know of. But what it calls for is a lot of money going to the EPA a lot of money going to the department of Justice to reimburse them for their investigation and the California Air Resources board because they get money every time there's a settlement. But the people who own these trucks are going to get about twenty eight hundred dollars in cash. So if you drop two miles to the Vallon like happened with VW that twenty eight hundred dollars a by a lot of field. That actually the notice the knows I got a little over three thousand in the noticed. I got may have upped it a little bit. Yeah. But I'm just concerned about it. Because I really enjoy this ecodiesel. It does everything that dodge said it would do. Well, it's a great truck a big drop in mileage, well, two miles. It's it's two miles. I mean, you still don't want it to drop anything. And a lot of if you if you look at the dodge forum, a lot of people are saying, you know, you know, you're not going to touch my truck. I mean, you're gonna. You're not gonna let you touch it. And that's that is their option. They don't get the money and it won't pass inspection down the road. So then they don't get to drive it. That's a good strategy. Well, it's a it's a problem. I mean, 'cause you know, there are some places where where you know, they do check the smog California for sure Dallas Fort Worth. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm actually I'm outside of Dallas Fort Worth county. But, but it's it's, you know, I it's just nobody likes. Yes. Nobody likes it. But it is what it is. And we can't change it and you're getting compensated for it, and maybe it won't be two miles per gallon. Maybe it'll just be one. We'll have to see Tom's going to tell us once they get that fixed completely put on all these vehicles, and that's going to be a while. That's not gonna happen. Real fast and to MAC in Richmond, Texas, Mack. Welcome. Hey, thanks for taking my call twenty twelve bought my wife. Eight new Lexus Rx three fifty right has has sixty thousand miles on it. Today, and she has a new car fever, and she wants she wants something an SUV little larger. It's been a great car. Course, we've kept it service. The this whole time. Sure just wanted to know your thoughts on what maybe she could look at something a little bit larger, obviously, the larger Alexis. But any other brands that you might recommend? Look at the Audi q seven that's been really nice as she got the third row seats a little longer than what she's got with that Lexus. So that might be thought there is a new Lincoln coming out called the Nautilus. I'm sorry. The aviator dot of five passenger the aviator seven-passenger SUV, and it looks like it's going to be something really really special. So I think one of those two I'm not a big fan of the bigger lexuses to be honest with you the. It just hasn't changed. I'll sure I'll fall in love with it watch. They do some changing to right now. I can't tell a twenty nineteen from a twenty twelve you know, what I'm saying. But but I've got great Audi dealers there. I've got a great Lincoln dealer in bay way and tell her to look at those two and see what she thinks about those. I think if used to the Lexus the Q seven is probably going to be the one that's going to remind her most of her Lexus except longer a little bit wider..

dodge Lexus Texas John Audi Lexus Rx Dallas Fort Worth county VW Dallas Fort Worth Richmond Lincoln EPA department of Justice California Tom California Air Resources Mack twenty eight hundred dollars
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"two miles per gallon" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Think it's a spot. I want to be in. I think once it goes cross seem like the type to get over so far. Snap. It off quick. It's got a pretty good chance to go in. So that's why I like to hang out most of the time and try to get a quick shot. If you look at the way that the power play has been clicking here. What is the big difference between now and then at the beginning of the season. Obviously confidence is a big factory that we're eight now because we see when you jump over the boards. You guys are all excited to get out there in the power play. But what has been the major difference? Yeah. I think confidence plays a big part in it like you said. But I think we're we're winning pucks back when when we take a shot or we lose the puck we're giving it back and creating offense off of that. So I think that's a big key for us. And. Got to keep working hard powerplays been red hot five on five play has been suspect here in the last little while, but you got three power or three goals here in the first period, all even strength. What was the thought process coming in here to prove that number five on five that we wanted to get a good start start strong and both a lot of speed. So I thought we did that. Well, we keep going. We're going to keep getting chances and goals. All right. Alex, thanks for joining us. Keep up the great workman. Go. Get them ethics for shoot it very much Alex debrincat our guest, and it's three one in favor of the hawks over the capital's after twenty minutes. We should remind our listeners that today's guests on the first period interview will receive a gift certificate to Joe's seafood, prime steak and stone crab a favorite before. And after the game. And I know the boys rave about that song get on that. And before we send it away. I got one more bit of business. Everyone loves the power play. Well, your local Chevy dealers have a power play to get your attention. The two thousand nineteen Chevy. Equinox is built for Chicago winters shift on the goal from front wheel drive to all wheel drive or even activate tow and haul mode when the going gets tough and with thirty two miles per gallon on the highway Chevy equinox gets you anywhere. You wanna go go to chevydriveschicago dot com. Check out a Chevy equinox on the road to the top. It's all about drive. All right. Thanks,.

Chevy Alex Chicago Joe twenty minutes