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"two three eighty four pounds" Discussed on Cleared Hot

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"two three eighty four pounds" Discussed on Cleared Hot

"Boom it's raining and we got like five inches of rain i think in one night so literally have these mountains energis is serious as they get with over a foot as snow were we were and then i'll send you just get this massive amount of rain and it was it was just rivers coming down and everywhere we drove into begin within the snowpacked than it became ge's sheer ice and you're trying to come down and we did it up put in our truck into the side of a so i have a i was screaming like a little schoolgirl from alive which is just beginning how will the honor of twenty one and they do not make heels like this and kentucky i promise you but you had to get your passport for this trip right iam iaaf in your first passport so that little book is going to get you to go and you can see the whole big world right you're going to come back in this trip a different man i wanna brains l who like to hunt sinoe like i love white till hunting but this is a whole different sleep ballgame we'll get to talk with a shame is more helped how much do you think of big shame he would weigh forty kilos probably which would be eighty pound it'd be times two point two point two three eighty four pounds with said according to my math fourtimes tuesday we're getting the nod like a calculated get those stretches normal or podcast him our guide is probably one of the most vicious animals i've ever met he's a legit dude f shaming half shammy half jim this full french and.

energis ge kentucky two three eighty four pounds eighty pound five inches forty kilos