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"two thousand twenty seven two years" Discussed on WDEL 1150AM News Talk Radio

"Than the lowest writer quintiles make important bitter kroner you're going to be more people were open worn out no not going through the government yeah i mean larry nassar denies no guarantee that there is no guarantee your and and there's no guarantee that uh let's say you've got a business owner and it's a pass through a see it's a no sub asks or something like that and and making seven hundred grand they say 28 grand does not mean that employees gonna get a twenty thousand dr r ray other what they're there might be a bit of a race for employees i've they're bringing down nearly three million dollars and it's an llc and it's a past ruin in now way then maybe there is some there for the employees a personality the the best place they can put their money back into the fifth is there anything you seen the tax bill that troubling uh other than it i haven't looked at it that closely on the back gambled from what i understand allowed cuts uh are due to a fire at some point in the future and of course than i've become to the health card because you know people are going to be screaming when their taxes get rate so this is 2017 and as you just said on nearly all the individual income tax provisions expire after two thousand twenty five this and keep in mind this is two thousand seventeen how often thus congress y'all scream and debate tax policy correctly or rear yeah exactly spell on think there were worried about competent oranje going pirate likely the grant long before that while sure or the so what it means is that if you get a 1200 dollar a break in your taxes in two thousand nineteen then you fast forward to two thousand twenty seven two years after the same expires and your tax break is only three hundred dollars right and it will occur in regard to put people are going to colonel matter what up there anyway yeah child tax credit the hired child tax credit goes away after two thousand twenty five armed with your clients have you seen negatives and.

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