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"two smoking companies" Discussed on The Chip Race

"The performance is a great very lucky with costing people who really boy into it. I saw recently with matt. Damon and ed norton when they went to the world series and obviously they're not gonna poker but they say that they interviewed him and they said it's like if someone tried to act someone at that table tried to act in hollywood movie. It wouldn't work and and they're not that good at the table because they don't do any things apoka pro has to do to make a profit at a very difficult game to do so they were very honest about it and i think knowing that you can see. They sort of had that in their head when they were making the movie. And the scripting compliment scripts and production second-to-none in my opinion absolutely well as it did mark the start of poker being depicted onscreen closer to the way it release it. Also maybe marked the end of to you. You rent a poker in the movies in time. Look you smart money. Ocean's eleven lock stock into smoking barrels and that awful stinker runner runner having seen the template of how. It's done better do they get it around in those movies. I mean runner runner is woefully bad. You know the the premise is quite good. You can understand. Why it was commissioned a movie if you into a hollywood producer now and that movie not been made they would probably make that movie pretty quickly because it sounds like a good idea but they just blow it. I mean ben. Affleck is shocking. Justin timberlake his terrible. It's really not a great movie for anyone. Involved and in time is awful. There are some old school poker movies. They're fun to watch the poco moment in there and say off those films. The worst is to minute scene in lock stock where they're just flinging cards each other very serious since she just throwing cards around a table and if that was your family it would be. You know that wasn't poker. No one thinks he's poke other than the four actors involved clearly been told be playing instead straight last. This is exactly how they do it all for the cards in like this. It looks moody over every single hand. It's awful arca cannot abide lock stock and two smoking companies or whatever but cowpokes national is terrible movies somehow got to make war on earth but a terrible even. I can do better than this friend of the show. Martin harris writes extensively about poker tv in his poker book poker in pop culture. His book is obviously..

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