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"two reysen" Discussed on The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

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"two reysen" Discussed on The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

"So it's like. I'm staying out of the way. The last thing i want to do is causing any trouble from the second detract so now adding like my gear didn't get dirtier onions changing motors like you normally do so. Now it was it was easy. It didn't hinder physically at all. So you didn't never mechanic or you'd had guy you didn't want him to train changer. We allow no okay. Well yes so. Chris cole Which is a is a great friend kind of like an american bats. Yep he's also the team owner for me. He's the guy that's been putting this outdoor program together for me so he's been renting for me really all year. He comes to the two reysen in a and do all of that. And he's a former pro back in the day and Loves the sports around for a long time. So he's he's a mechanic but when it happened we don't have them you'll or thing so we didn't have our spare will in the pit lane so he bram back crowd. This fair web figured out. Spare some todd. He's exhausted. He's exhausted us very exhausted. He he's going to hate me for saying this but he some Some stuff might have come up through. Yeah really trying to run back to grab only you will. He was pushing physically very hard. I'm proud of him He when above and beyond to get that tire back for me but yeah so yes. I'm right there in the pit lane. I'm like let's take the wheel off or leased in get ready form. So when he comes back he can just put it on so he he put it on and got it. Got me goll mac again but yeah yeah i love it. It's great. i'm look over. Knows freddie on the screens changing a tire wheel. I just i just god. There's privateer island everybody right there. We're all we're all putting Extra said there's a lot of hats that are being played for sure and the whole day was kind of that way. It was kind of a wild day. In general.

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