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"two original novels" Discussed on Sci-Fi Talk Scribes

"Know kubrick was the guy for me. He's a great director. Oh man he was. He was one of my favorites of all time. Yeah he was he. He did a lot of great films during the sixties and seventies classics. And certainly two thousand. One it's just. As soon as i saw in college. They released it in the seventy s. When i was in college and the mid to late seventies and i went to this theater and so they had it in seventy millimeter. Which was stated your. At that time. I went to see at once and i go. I gotta seat again this way. And i've seen it and then i was just totally engrossed in the movie and like the making of two thousand and one. I had to find out how they did it. I loved it. I mean they did. Some of the special effects in an abandoned corset factory. I love stuff like that. But it's a great movie. And i found out what everything was shot. And how they put everything together and how the actress came on the project and everything and it's the movie still holds up incredibly. Well you know it's yeah there's no moonbase in two thousand one but but still it's really more of a first contact story told in a way that we've never seen before a very sort of some people interpreted it to be very religious film. Kind of just depends on how you look at it. You know you interpret aliens or are they got or what you know you know it. Just it he left it up to the audience to decide you know what is movie about. Oh yeah and then. That's the brilliant. I mean people have different Ways of of seeing it absolutely. That's actually interesting because if you look. At hearth saint clark's novels a lot of his seat themes almost border on religious terms. It's really interesting so he was able to do that in such a way. In in couch in science fiction that really made it so different and provocative. I really liked the way he wrote. And you know they're both gone unfortunately and But the movie still holds up. And i would love to see them re release it on the big screen again and really do it up again. It certainly deserves. They did in two thousand one. I know i know that. Yeah they even had birthday parties. I think in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine for how so in her von illinois made a big deal. Ask her banda. Excuse me but you know it was great and oh twenty ten just forgot it just. I felt bad for for peter. Hi to get kind of caught back. 'cause that was just not the right way to go and have it doesn't need a sequel. It doesn't doesn't. They've got a lot of things. Wrong what do you. What do you have anything on your table that you're working out. That hasn't been that hasn't been maybe officially announce jet just finished dark side of the morgue. Which is the second rock and roll. Hit waiting to hear if You're solid to was gonna fly which which i'll jump on immediately probably that happens And if it doesn't then I'll just probably come up with something new. What were you writers. Do you know we think of fiendish plots. I heard you were also either adapting some screenplays. Is that director. Well i already have I have two original novels One that's called evil hours and one is called face blind and i've already adapted them to screenplay and they're one of them at least is getting some some buzz. Oh good but you know. I'll jinx it if i talk about it. Sure sure You know hopefully something will happen in that regard. Well cool well. Hey i really want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Thank raymond benson and just a couple of elle's that really important visit his website. Raymond benson dot com in addition cinema. Retro dot com. That great magazine. We were talking about during the course of the interview. And don't forget to take. The audience survey sci-fi talk dot com. Click on the link link there or also on my podcast page. If the podcast description just click on as well. Thanks so much for listening. This is tony. Tomato take care. Hey this is raymond. Benson i wrote metal gear solid the novel and the rock and roll thriller a hard day's death and you're listening to sifi talk..

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