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"two hundred two fifty days" Discussed on FanBros

"I've seen them wrestle in Orlando yet. You know what I'm might have been out there close to Universal Studios. I felt like I was like, I was trying to ride basket a future and it's like a whole bunch wrestlers out there. Even crediting Lewis out there too. I don't even know what was going on with the broke in the neck. So I know what they were doing out in Orlando, man, people you see strange world. Who the first time in the WWE man. You know what? I hate that it is. I feel that Joe who is just been amazing since he's been up to the main roster fire on the Mike. Lately though when it comes to I think he's another one who's been derailed by injuries. Every time he's getting hot. He's kinda out for a month because he's got like a sprain or sums up. I think he needs like a solid win, like a win. Let him get the belt AJ's had it for like a not know close to a year, two hundred two fifty day range. But I think, hey, Samoa Joe in his character. He's not about he. He doesn't need to. He'll take shortcuts. I would like to see him get the belt. Maybe he will does low some underhanded. He gets it off AJ, but I think AJ's going to retain. I feel like Joe needs a good, solid win because the last couple of high profile matches he didn't win against Brock hasn't won against a Roman, not lately ones. The last big victory he got. I can't recall probably over Roman when he was when he was beaten Romans ass, but I don't. I don't think Joe. Oh, needs victories per se. He just has to be in the right place at the right time. I actually think it was would have been cool to have him go on a US title run, just give him a belt like have him elevated. And then when that era's over, then you go after the world championship because I do think he needs to be w champion at some point at some point aren't aware, but I think they're gonna put the. They're putting the rocket while eighty south ride in the rocket. He rocket actually, but going to be the champion four. I think this is Joe's time in this is Joe's moment. Samoa. Joe to me is the package. He's a great in ring performer. He's great on the Mike. He's a great heel persona, and he just no is character is cited through and through. I think this'll be a good time and it'd be kinda unexpected for Joe to get a win. I think they need to put the built on Joe and then create a little few with him and AJ and they can exchange matches, you know, for a couple of months, but. This would be mad, Joe. Joe is just a bad as and I I want him with that built a built like Joe does things in the ring that a lot of other wrestlers don't do when he was wrestling Brock last year, like cute actually blocking his strikes like who's covering up like he just like get kicked. He's like he's blocking. And then. His trash talk is probably the only person you ever trash hawks as good as Joe is probably Kevin odes. Like when he's wrestling, he's like, Joe, you kicking me, or are you serious come by. I just simple. Joe also. These Samoa, Joe plays ex call just like me.

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