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NutriMedical Report Show Friday May 24th 2019  Hour One  MEMORIAL SALE COUPON REMEMBER TO SAVE AT CHECKOUT 7% NUTRIMEDS AND LUMEN PHOTON, Michelle and Dr Bill, MRSA, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Arthritis, Hypertension, Heart Vascular, Dementia, Memory, ADD,

NutriMedical Report

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NutriMedical Report Show Friday May 24th 2019 Hour One MEMORIAL SALE COUPON REMEMBER TO SAVE AT CHECKOUT 7% NUTRIMEDS AND LUMEN PHOTON, Michelle and Dr Bill, MRSA, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Arthritis, Hypertension, Heart Vascular, Dementia, Memory, ADD,

"Ax twice today, using April Reggie and, and Parwan center, g to prevent the conversion of male hormone to female and use of test. Okay. Topically for eight pumps, the neck arms groin aligned with pregnenolone cream three Versi hormone deficiency can production, this protocol can reverse Vail hormone imbalances, Vitesse with saliva test with console dark ability at medical dot com. Triple eight two two eight seventy so male enterprises reversible. Wells prostate problems was prostate flow are up and sleep flower poly, contact us for your protocol, for male hormone problems and prostate at triple eight two two eight seventy one or Neutra medical dot com. The best place to find the wellness protocols to make better with toxic pharmacy care, and take action with neutral medical dot com. Current you ask your house involves use of interest to reduce blood viscosity oxidation of cholesterol, and fatty acids, and prevention of customization of arteries and small vessel? Metabolic support to Manica Andrea and hurt. And bud vessels involves per static initial sharing higher secondary. Contraction of the blood vessels to move forward to the Arcor for men involves cardiovasc-. Gimme plus to get rid of Nitra proxy radical sell booth. I'm to get rid of higher proxy radical age to plex, and I'll just I'm going to be wanted to get room to singlet oxygen is also make these place nature, improve the heart coke ten supreme. The only non crystallize Cokie ten and what's voca, ten ubiquonol Chinese reduce blood viscosity, and improve perfusion, omega supreme pro increase the last city and use of any accident, h duplex cars, plus other anti-oxidants. Outreaches bud viscosity oxidation cholesterol fatty acid, order neutral, medical com, triple eight two and to age, seventy one Kurdi. Vasquez Simpson just to cart formula containing number of amazing contains Cayenne, nitric oxide release oxygen age derelict Luxy, and she tend to learning in time inflammatory markers York and kills off dental victory and viruses Hawthorn, which is in flower that releases tax tax credit for your heart love vessels. Larry davao. Bouncy. Assistant, four pairs sympathetic milk Sissel that helps you detoxify body from toxic chemicals and affect lymph vessels, art, and one of the small stylized endotoxins, and so say about this is I. Mazing formula disheartened vascular disease wanna stay. Well, he what guarding vascular tincture or capitals, one capsule equals one fifteen mills tincture, and you can obtain this medical dot com and UT our medical dot com. Aaa two hundred seventy one stay. Well was Neutra medicals amazing interested in goals for your heart, your blood vessels in your health. Dr building MD of the report recommends berry chambers in many serious healthcare conditions from struck recovery. Just failure cancer thought of diseases, and revive requiring. Serious infections to be dealt with, with Barrick option therapy, ozone and oxygen. You wanna get a hyperbaric chamber for darker Bill do contact him dramatical com. Contact us AAA two hundred eighty eight seventy one dark Nabila range lease and also documentation. So you can write off the cost of your heavy chamber against your health insurance, and you taxes of the vest, I prepare chambers ones that Dr Bill recommends are so c do range, Sudak Davila's triple eight two hundred eighty one Neutra medical go to contact us and send your request of your specific condition. He will provide consultation and the proper advice for circles and other technology recovering take care with nutraceutical dot com. Sonic life, while the most amazing therapies dark unveil provides is the best. I'm leave exercise machine on the planet, whole-body vibration opening up a muscle insulin of perfusion released them cell therapy, and genetically stimulate the body to release DNA activated. The genetics therapy listing sine curve of frequencies Tomek residents, but cited lies falling for Meryl's enemy no acids agency. Production message, Arnie, correct structural protein deficiency for almost every illness. There's nothing like the sideways therapy for improving body healing exercise. But also the genetic Vulcan provide can help neutralize cheese or Z states, Elvis, getting sonic light machine. So Dr Bill at neutral, medical dot com, contact us at neutral, nutraceutical com. Triple eight two two eight seventy one or go to the website and Informatica Leo's, a contact, Dr bills available to help you get well with. Fanatical. Here show is Friday. It's in the midst of our Morial day sale. We wanna remember, of course, all those died fighting for liberty in America and sales started on twenty second, we'll go through the twentieth midnight. You have lots of announcements we save some percent on top of previous sale prices, and multiplex, and even the looming photon systems, and people have to understand, we always have free shipping anyway, over ninety nine and all of and pads are always free shipping. These continue wondering if you're interested in the fact that this general, Johnny Logan. I didn't know this this morning in navy team sixty. He he was the commander in chief of the union veterans group, they're called the grand army of the Republic, and he's the guy, I guess it started. All we end up with the last. Last Monday in May's pretty much always ends up being right for moral. There's all kinds of things here, but the civil war interesting. Know anybody can go, and look it up. It's kind of cool because member that a lot of them. They have what's called the US colored trumps vows days, significant role in winning in the civil war thing either. Okay. All right. Just I was getting read into that show, Phil, sir, foam sleep. No, not quite well. Yes, the sales on. Hey that'll make yet sales on seven percent off even sale prices. And it'll be on until midnight on Tuesday, which is the twenty eighth. So and you know, if you missed it always honoured on Wednesday, you give me a car, and the coupon code is. Remember, remember, right. Yeah. So we want to remember those who died in active duty. That's different from Veterans Day. Yeah. Like people that are that's right now. Let's see. I've got all kinds of things. There's anything in particular about the sale. Oh, I know what I want to say is so cool. Everyone finds everyone is our Neutra medical family there everyone, and they find that really save a lot when you get the three packs on our sale, because of course, three packs, usually depend on. It is five ten or fifteen or more often three pack. And then when you get the seven percent off on top of that turns out, one of my friends at what am I knew to medical friends was telling me, she's, she got a couple of free bottles. You got getting free when you buy larger amounts, especially. Shift salia. That's cool. So let's see Bill Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla over there in Ohio. Priscilla in bath, whether neighbors, and there's they're just the coolest ladies over there on priscilla's like a genius. He's been listening to Bill too long. Eleven years or something, she's been going to Medical University on it. We should have a graduation ceremony on show that we should because I tell you that it was asking me questions. She this across the street from Priscilla. I said, hey, just go over and ask Priscilla those on the air right now. I can't father him. She'll know the answer. Sure enough. She, she knew exactly what to get. He was ultra Lyman anyways. She was talking. Oh, priscilla's time. Remember she was trying to get your teeth on fixed up, and she got she got the medals out long time ago. But she was recently discovered that pathogens stick on metals even gold gold in your mouth, that pathogens will stick our metals if you ever heard of that, like a magnet. No, they have to chart gold matured. Just mercury overdue own goal. Doesn't have Churchill. One of his gold about that. Yeah. Nice call one I had a nice goal one member Bill very back molar until fellow. Would would date you them? It's a sign that. Oh my gosh. I must have had that for like thirty years. It's a sign of hate the word owned, do you want to know what to do for firstly, most people realize if your mom's always biological dentist do that. Otherwise, they're gonna poison. You gotta take slowly don't take them on trash. Secondly, you need to be before you even start taking out going, maximum ultra zeolite and Samatha talks. I on because you got to protect yourself, as you start dumping. You're going to have some very price even the process of taking out, you are mobile as the deep organs, a lot of people think that they're Murga all gone. I gentlemen, up in Orange County feel months ago, blood back hold back for murdering valley labs. And he went for one hundred exacerbations because he thought it would help to pull up the mercury. Don't mobilize deep organs, and there are several ways of doing I you can who's Lumine pad over your. Navon to mobilize it. Put it on say frequencies for mobilization would be a higher energy, if you're going to, like, frequency number three or to at least thirty minutes a couple times a day. And then the next thing you can do is you can use. Pulse, energy field whether to a low frequent, Wisconsin lobby, L, F infringe Saana after that, the most important thing is looming photon. You wanna say max, and these other things modique grabbed a mercury, and you must continue for several years, not just months afterward because the mercury doesn't come ody's sequestered question deportations and you have to mobilize to. That's what I told him, these mobilize getting infrared, I think he's gonna get a little photon and perhaps inference on it. And the next step is he so Vito, Matt with Tessa violet Ray machine and sonic life. Priscilla's doing is she is member. She she was supposed to Kansas was recommended to get a bone graft, but she's taking the bone generator condal she'll be fine. She's going to member like, on my front to she'll Bill, you're taking a ton generator college maximum, and then the K to doing that. Photon over the Nico setting. She's already knew controllers on need Lumine cycles. While seven frequencies now. Houston Lumine and I had success and dentists. How, how did you do that? My told him hitting. While it is to his own dental practice any need integrate every of dentistry in masters. Very important. Question is titanium bath titanium when they put titanium post, you know, when you're busy. John reactive. It's the problems machine to make the team nicotine white, and you can do there's blood tests that I had to use eleven Colorado would actually manager mineral mental imbalances or machining oil imbalances would, cause other GIC or Jack reactions and you can do a blood test for that. All right. So team usually not. But you gotta be careful not to take him out like that could cause reaction. This fake fail. I spoke with I've ary, not a cool name. I have some man ivory from Louisiana and his wife has very bad high blood pressure. And his neighbor said, take the cardiovasc- by the cardiovasc- some couple of months ago, he did do that. And she was shoot loyalty takes through three of those day. Right. Always, and her her high blood pressure is now normal. She's only taken that Bill. That's just find amazingly she's just taking the car. Eighty percent of the people that have health problem will respond to the vast. Now the other fifteen percent going to need to have coke utan gonna make us a premium some and other things. But at least eight. If completely though, at least partially. So they're precious dropped a range where they can either stop drugs or dramatically reduce attracts things like Mike. Mike Mason glass, Nate. I take every day, I think the supreme pro and a whole bunch other stuff because you take it because you need all kinds of other right? Hey, susan. Susan that spoke with Susan about fifteen minutes ago. Right. Don't she was asking questions about the pure water system? She's asking about a whole house system. And yes, we have a pure water system whole house system. I think it's it costs about eight hundred dollars. Reasonable plus films changed little little wrench once a year and. There's free filters were treated well chlorine. I know that slurring fluorides toxic chemicals viruses, bacteria loves it out. That before you get to your, your drinking water systems. We have to Beth three hundred systems five reserve tank. Of course, one hundred countertop two hundred take taco, boxes runoff, twelve battery of your car or truck, and we have the five hundred auto flashes to Susan also asked me, cure for Mersa, the s that's something for the word here to say, we can put it in remission, which means you know, you're going to a wrong place can require it going to hospital or wash over. Internet's every get infected again. You're in trouble again. Right. To do that is actually gymnasiums, believe it or not. Get verse out or hospital emergency rooms, one of the most disgusting places. They go. And we have of course, there are major anti pathogenic tonight, Alison over, if you mean twenty six five defense. Laurie from over in up in Campbell river. Campbell river Vancouver island Canada. Yes, I spent a summer in Campbell river. My gosh beautiful, and I have to ask you about an old English pop. That was there. I used to go to the pub once frequently take your guests. Probably more frequently. She's telling me they just closed that this year old pubs Royal Canadian pub was sleet Tudor style, English Tudor, south Shabazz beautiful beautiful place. And they had scotch Jake's through. Well, maybe something reopener if they're smart. Tourism and good for British Columbia, and, but that is much just calling she's calling about the sonic machine. She wants to purchase one and she wanted to know I didn't know I put her onto Jim, Jim. But she wants to know different sizes are in the different options money. Briefly what the start out with what they end up. The basic machine is round five thousand nine hundred and change, and that's you can get that on these threats. And then the other machine is professional, which is double the size of the platform, but it's the same power because got to I read one at it's round eleven thousand nine hundred that's being for days and professional. Five thousand nine hundred. Yeah. And the thing is, it's the best of a whole body exercise machine. Don't care if you're a professional athlete or senior citizen. Whatever Tim today will actually tighten up your skin, and your neck, like a necklace, your hernias of you Ryan, prolapse bills, rebuilds, your bones type ligaments, excise, every muscle group in your body REBA pumps, vertebrae back in place. You're not just standing there. I see you with those, those things you're calling. I have a what's called a balance beam for the athletes, and I have the tension bar, I was probably this fetch beam barrier being things you can use all kind of. Something else while you're on Taichi, if you want to on their new newsletter. Fall hand ways has refraction of a second being Wade is magnified by four hundred percent and it doesn't hurt it doesn't you're not doing, like cross it where you're gonna hurt yourself. This is Tony dramatic. So you can take a nine year old can't even stand hold of up there and rebuild their muscles and Brazilian Tutomoni wheelchair walking again. Next. I object she treatment, I do blood tests, and scans somebody actually she which mineral frequency residents to help them heal rental resumes as an empty their their headphones. They actually can plug it into the machine, and they can actually hear the song DNA being played at her jeans. Rated he pleasure actually room where you can put ahead Jack put your headphones on where your accent. Moving along. We'll do that. I don't like fussy about I have two machines, actually, I'm going to be using their for broadcasting frequencies, once, call the Pearl, and plus and the other called the progenitor which is preparing program created three foot field of genetics. We see in the others pro Jen, which put electrodes struck me over the acupuncture, points and pump the frequencies into the skin. Kissing great field from Oregon. It's interesting that he has characters on a scout for years. But he's, he's been purchasing the cocoon cream couple three years. And he puts the cocoon cream on his scalp. But once go, and that the Houston, the only thing that takes it off and keeps it under truce is called say Kenge anywhere divide, including even put that on your scalp a little on your fingertips. Just rub it in your scalp. It's not that big a deal. It doesn't stain anything. The thing about it reverses the damage to your skin to the summit that causes cancer, we just decided conscious like psoriasis, you still wanna put it on open lesion. If you put an open openly irritate. Here in California. So I thought that was really different. I didn't realize that was good for. Yeah. Kericho sissel. So anyways when we come back to you excited. Very memorial weekend. I'm not working Monday. You do. Weather's beautiful. I'm going to be outside. Yes. I think there would be upset if I didn't show Monday she's. Show him immoral J tissue. Medicals new juice silver is a new silver wrapped in on John. End of the offload to deliver to target tissues, kill viruses, bacteria, parasites, and passages. He goes through the biofilm amazing new technology. Dr Bill, Neutra, medical calm. You can get this amazing nutraceutical which is nontoxic through the eye tracker knows or skin at neutral, medical and not our medical dot com. Medical dot com or line. 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Whether you are an elite athletes have post operative challenges, chronic illness, elderly or family. Just once a quick, delicious, drink trying to build eagles, life support from optimize nutrition in one great tasting smoothie, just add cold water almond milk cruise or anything else. You like neutral, medicals life support. Try our great tasting chocolate or vanilla today, cultural eight to one two eight seventy one or visit us online at neutral medical dot com. Neutral medical dot com. For the whole family. So the feds plus by neutral medical dot com. Most powerful observed form a cocoon in the world. It's the only form cocoon dickens oppress catch her mother cells, turnoff inflammation for indices. And we decided levels wrote the body vaster, you're out of indices, and even fight cancer. There's nothing like sell the defense plus in medical. 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A doctor Bill uses this for pain control for regeneration techniques, organ, regeneration, and for stimulation of your stem cell activity, this amazing limit photon therapy this year, we'll probably have an additional device. The strategy therapy during phase of lights to obtain machine contact. Darker Bill medical dot com. Triple eight to onto in each one, you'll prescribe it with providing helpless generation healing and pain, control nothing like limit photon therapy for easy therapy for your is your pay joints, regeneration of. Arkansas toxication of the body. Time machine from darker Bill table Neutra medical dot com. Aaa two hundred seventy one say well with Dutra medical vision. Pluses starkville eagles brain for, for protection of rain as combination of nutrients and tackles support cognitive function helping beaches selected by activated. Folic acid for five. Aarp's geico. Belova COPA money will nutrients provide the accident tippety rain specific nutrients than posting civil L carnitine so far. Derive us penalty conference apartment addresses the multiple pass base involved neurological health by supporting oxidant and said, kind balance Beth elation by the Congo functioning, independent balance neutral, medical dot com documentary legal. Tier. I medical dot com. Triple eight to two seventy one stay well, and keep your brain healthy for medical fish, plots dot com. Take our plus with brainpower to improve brain function and protect you from stress heap your memory working the best, they can be. Let's go rock. N roll. We're gonna start with our neighbor. Rob. He says your neighbor pretty much over his incentive Marco's San Marcos. If you look at the map, just down the road, twenty twenty five minutes, depending where you are Marcos, depending upon who's driving. It's about five minutes away from me and twenty minutes, helicopter. No new drive small. Okay. Hi, Dr Bill, this is a question for the firing line. We said for the show that I will be, I'll be listening to. I usually listen to the recorded shows my question my son is going to seventh grade. And the school says he has to take the TD AP, an M R immunization where he can't register. I don't want him to take it for many reasons, including he has an autism diagnosis already any ideas on how I can get around my son, not having to take this poison and still be able to go to school. Thank you, Dr here that pass, an edict ear California. But if you go to envy, ic-, or national vaccine information, right? NBC dot org. The documents we could actually show. There's no way in any United States states or any western country. You can be forced to take vaccine, including hostile personnel, doctors and nurses. We're dropping for steak mobile vaccines. I responded to NBC dot org envy dot org. Gene, just to tell them off, and also tell them that they are actually in the process of getting a legal challenge. There's more books by all kinds of people on against vaccines. Periodically the people from the vaccine formation center next belly. Concent- how long Dr Phil doing well on the protocol, I have cardiovasc- make us appreciate pro Newseum snake co Q, ten surpreme bio, L, VR, and that conveys after my second month. I'll take the blood test. We might be able to cut back to a maintenance program if you exactly loose going again. Cardiovasc- make pro magnesium classmate co Q, ten supreme by wealthier Caen. Why would you wanna cut back? Does. He wanna get sick again. I'm just reading is it. I don't see the point. I mean. See those. Basically, you don't cut back into those this actually making well you stay on the dosage and tested you talking about several. Well, first off, if you do advanced Corp, consoles or several ways testing first off, you commissions, this diastolic blood viscosity, and that's only one lab in Meridian valley labs, until willow Seattle in measures side, the kinds in your blood Ed, which called radio labs around rock taxes to look at decided can't read into her deflation, and Bishop things like home, assisting, and so on. When we when we give somebody's stabilized on interested. We don't proper those dream maintain it. Next bill. We have everything we didn't just so does something like elevated free radicals worse or of kind. But you don't wanna dry but, you know you don't just take it for a while. You're done though. Sometimes people question because faction you can do that. You know, you're taking dosage of nature died, and Allison met, for awhile, while the drop back to maintenance, those type actually interesting is still gonna pulse to stay alive. Right. So it's a good idea to maintain your heart infection Frederick from Missouri. A hate Bill. My brother was on math for awhile. He's recovered now for over a year, but he went pretty crazy. Now he just eats all the time in listens to music, and it's got some strange rash. I asked him if he wanted to try the new tradind on it. Get rid of it, if it's an infection, but he didn't want to. I've been taking quite a few the nutriments lately, and they really weren't better than anything else. I get frustrated because I want he wants to buy some other stuff like sonic and all that stuff. And then he said, I know. Addictions are tied to dopamine to and make sure so he why he needs to do is, is take things to grace, dealt me like our energizer, which isn't so tires stress to go to reduce the stress hormone to the people that are using diction- are actually have high stress armone to Nevada with her off all or drug addictions. Those just to go and five HDP invite wealthier, those would be the core. I'd start with. And if we think has addiction to we can do some other things, but that would revolve console it looks like he's coming here. So renault. Recovered me. No, no. Really? I don't call recovery. I use it a little different term. I call he's, he's like environment Hollick. Your drug addict, unless you're actually getting treatment of your behaviors still say, like crazy and you're doing your behaviors not quite normal. It'd beans. You're just between dick of spells. So he needs with makes you with a method to be coming off to measure their catecholamines. They use the lab, I two labs now, claiming neurotransmitters, and their platelets and use his wanted to jersey, I can actually measure it and play calculate into a balanced rebalance them also measure their genetics as Jean snip predispose to addiction behaves. For someone that's trying to get off addictive substances like math, the mode energizer tires. The probably the cognition, plus and the brain power rain, MAG. Five TV process stress to go and the combination say the combine brain banks all day long. Let's see. Wendell from Tustin California. Hopefully, you might remember a little bit about our son Robert in twenty fifteen. We had a severe stroke. He's a whether or not you can remember him a new discovery, but for sun right by neurologist was says it's strange because his left leg goes backwards. Not forward. Swing and there is the procedure they try but fail. Let's see what else to say or this goes on, like, did you get this evening, Bill? Things disturbing. This letter sounds like it's been years and hasn't had any help from us. So what's atmos- they want onto conventional? I see all time if people with heart failure, and that's why that's conventional. Doctors treat them until they get sick and die. Stop it. Okay. Integrated medicine reduced. Never drugs improve the efficacy of the of drugs. If you do take some and increase the chances, if you have a surgical procedure done, you're going to have more effective and more complete hailing. So if you had a stroke, it means you have we have to find out why the hell you had a stroke, especially as young person. What's that? Well, I have to know join us talking about firstly joins not gonna go backward in a different direction list has been rupture of ligaments. So doesn't make sense. He's, he's not traded in medical science of something. So I checked it, and he has an order anything, so, yeah, so it's your. Something the first print of advice, number one in need to have them probably do a proper concert on something this series like a stroke. We're not just pretty calm. So we're talking will go reckoning the concept eleven page history. I want all the medical records all of lab work and everything. And then they start sending test kits and doing Vance tests that the doctors that he's working with probably never even heard of these federally certified US laps problems. I see this one periodically people water off. This is Dr they liked because they play golf with them or the dances, whatever they get go down the toilet Mullah circling the bowl start screaming, Dr Diggle. Please don't wait to circle. That's visually. That's horrible circling the bowl, he's called me before you actually jump from the toilet seat into the bowl. You like that. Pretty good. Now. You do visual. Don't you visual humor, digital sarcastic dry humor. Charles sent from his iphone, Dr take just spoke with you in regards to candy, and I've been taking alley max and Neutra silver. But I'm thinking the alley max only has one hundred eighty milligrams that I need to. Goes to the else, also better deal gram to get the Ellison. And then I would have to probably neutral and maybe nutrient twenty six why it'd be the next? Of course he's got Thrush on his tongue. I had Strache is basically eastern time, those farms of dividing, formative ranching farm branching forum can only be destroyed by fire two thousand degrees, or your immune cells generating two hundred ninety degree temperature superoxide Dan radical your profession big eater. So we call them and Arteelah. Besides now, what happens is that cancer. And every disease, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, all involve, styles infections, every single one of them, there's no such thing as disease. It does not involve south infection. For example, when you cancer UCF bar. Epstein Barr, virus edge, and in cancer self, you find fungal antigens inside the cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic prostate. So Eddie pass genetics or essentially, they're not just like a personal thing, Moby meeting wanted. I wanna take it if you're going to get cancer usually tissue gets weakened by toxins, like mercury or toxic chemicals in your water supplier, the food. You're eating by phosphate out exactly big award against the company that makes these pesticides because, you know, they took over Monsanto this company out of Germany. And there's a billion dollar settlement against them. Now that's gonna stay, which is probably gonna drive the company into bankruptcy. So what I'm trying to say. Here's you take take Allison mad right tonight and twenty six fires the first layer. Neutra silver silver is good. Yeah. You can add that to the Neutra silver, and interest of you wanna take good dosage four times a day, probably at least once spray for twenty pounds, body weight four times a day. Peter from stomach, by the way, don't you stay on forever lakes credits. Hard thing, you'll probably gonna knock to you still in two to four weeks. You can drop those half for the next two or three months. This logos maintenance taken Nelson that everyday just one morning, griz this just. For the parallel universe. Okay. Caroline, I'm uses analogy. There's a universe, where Michelle Degal doesn't work with neutral medical and she doesn't have been. Dr Phil de with. And in a parallel universe. The parallel Michelle Diggle five years from now. Allergy now you're gonna go. Dr parallel universe diet, and Michelle goes doctor five years, and she's got breast cancer, because you didn't take else mid, because she wasn't married to Dr build ego. You're, you're really pushing this thing that I need to be married to I think it's coming up on thirty five years, don't worry about it. Well, I can tell you healthy enough, it was taken by someone's, you're gonna live well, over one hundred I'm very grateful for that. You're well. Yeah. Because remember both your parents died of cancer. Right. Well, my father smoked, my mother, they both smoked like my goodness. I remember the kitchen. My parents. My parents. Remember when I was my mother to talk to my grandmother and she smoked for packs a day. Smoke like your mother unbelievable. But she stopped smoking years later later my father, but I still smoke twenty or thirty or forty years that have its price. Going to get going to shore. Smokin I hit smoking because we looked at it on a kid, I'd actually play outside. And if it came in I had to move my hands to see the smoke. So you know, it's wonderful. Parents stuck outside all day long every day. So we did. Around all the time. Getting sunbird, of course, fathers were at home because we're hours. So Peter from Stony in Europe. Greetings, Michelle, and Dr Dido different UCLA around I have a question regarding tonight's six months ago, a strategy noticed a continuous veep in my ears and head, my doctor says tonight after four to six more visits specialist. Doctors I found out that I have perfect hearing all ear functions are very good in the mid is scan is also normal. This sound signal inside my head is getting louder. And it is frustrating, and I cannot find any help, please give your comments could the diagnosis be wrong. What causes it and how to avoid it tonight is Phil, what supplements to take and what to do to get better. I wish you all the best and hope you can help me, that's an important one a lot tonight is nowadays. Well, the first thing is. The first thing is nice can originate from Italy or your brain so years ago they had used to have a schwinn truck to go around, and actually the, you know, the nerves new frontal activities for the actually used to cut the nurse. They didn't nerve into neuro surgical sweep to the middle ear to figure, well, you get nice enough. We'll make it death. And believe it or not didn't stop to tonight's because. Because their brain. Okay. Another thing that's happening. Nowadays is mart meters and cell phones put a cell phone your, your head trying to get wifi at your hopes supplements. Say. Let's talk Aaron. Right cells, toxins Ione of be one plus. Chrome for mega scream pro. Very good for your staff is a new injury. Do severe radical stimulate the healing, you know, your and mice and surfing yelled, but you gotta get rid of the. Water is one of these central's of life, pure water systems. Jim nineteen parts. The vix water, ph rice attack we have a whole host system, one hundred system for car, top reserves system. Prep system two hundred eight thousand five hundred auto flash system and the whole senior water for your dishes for bathing cetera. Nothing like your water from Dr building will get at neutral medical com. Go to the dropdown menu, it phonics detrimental dot com and get your pure water every day for washing bathing and cleaning, nothing like Notre medical to keep you. Well, they will medical care. 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They can get a free starter console to just advice by Email air calling if it looks like the conditions too complex advisors. Full concept that I give them a couple of tops for products to get started and truly. How do I cure my arthritis? My name is Andrew and I have bone Spurs on inside of my neck and joint issues and he's only twenty nine right. So the first thing take and flam ex and arthritis in flashbacks three four capsules twice capitals twice today. You wanna take supreme pro 'cause it gives you pro anti inflammatory fatty acids and you wanna take site reduce your cell detox desire, sell defense. Plus, we just inside a kinds related to our size. Wanna put the proper minerals, back your Bom, which is Dan reader myself. Mike would be too, and you can heal and regenerate tissues, using Lewin, photon over the target areas with a Luma photon pad take a brendor velvety are four capsules in the morning, and uncle my, my Cudi to start off with the other ones. Usually in the first month if you take the fix from the other things I mentioned the race will go way. I'd recommend them with photon over the target areas and use of the other things for regeneration tennis in an Email. I recently became a fan of your show when I'm looking to try one of your supplements that you're selling on your website. I just recently turned three years old. I'm six five two hundred fifty five pounds, medium Bill, white male all my life can suffering from hypertension, but didn't take medications my twenties, and they put him on bene- car HCL, or whatever at the time he was an athlete, and he weighed less two thirty. Pressure was up one seventy over one hundred anyways that went down to one thirty over eighty they stop taking the medicine due to erection. Erectile problems. I stopped taking the medicine at age of twenty six and kept on measuring blood pressure. Stay down though, but he's gained ten pounds last year, and he wants to he says, I'm going, I'm looking to get back into shape and lose ten pounds and reduce my body fat which went from ten percent to twenty three percent. I eat very healthy don't seem to get any results. We've got some good stuff. Yeah. It means he's probably a pre-diabetic. Everybody was apprehensive. Is helping tissue missing. Want to start off with cardiovasc- number one. He's a big boys. We probably need at least four capsules twice today. Right. Those does take for big man. This would five and then he should probably be taking magnesium eight. He's got under control of the known. His perfusion is not under control. He says it's one thirty overnight if he's had previous blood pressure problems is gonna constriction different blast fields in his body. So whenever somebody has previous hypertension. It doesn't just go away. If you do it end of pattern does people always have normal. That's what they compress your bug. Thirty overnight. That's correct. Cops out crock off invented that technique two hundred and some years ago, it doesn't make a profusion detested was up to the research facility in this real, and it's now oh twenty years plus for the end of pattern does the staff. So he needs to number one because that way also refers circulation to his to his rectal orifices penis. Because if you had penile problems hypertensive drives, it means he had poor perfusion to his into his, you know, his peed off. Right. And then the next thing you need to do is take me vice Nate and probably make us a pain, pro- those start with now about those way because we've got loud, I would add left a metabolic one in the morning. Pedo power, and I mix with the Keita powers glacier, mixed drink on all day, long cut out a couple of years, a day, just sip on that. And have a make sure you don't have it after eight o'clock at night, but make sure you have a little vice car paleo diet, and take the Kito power with Iglesia mix drink of sip on it all day, long breakfast and lunch and do get some exercise, whether it's walking, or, you know some other. You know what's funny, what I would think of just from talking to people to you that works really. Well is our fat mobilizer force? Good onto this. On. I would be the first one. I'd recommend be Kito power. And Cemex problem is why you get fat. Is your metabolic rates down and the Kito arrays your metabolic rate and supplies? Energy, your muscles and nervous system. And it'll remobilize fatted your story, right? Yeah. The forest goal margin Catholic face today. Yeah. What about that little flesh, which is also regulated mobilize? It's conjugated linoleic acid. Also good for mobilizing fat once. Well that and the other one normalizes your left and sensitivity, you know, in your body and insulin is left and metabolic, and advise, plus dive alien, but using a lot of people like him there, hypertensive with younger, the winner in their forties. Now they're twenty easily turned Ivanic or fifties. In the problem is that could be presented for years beforehand. So we never see somebody like that usually get type two hypothyroidism. So this poor temperature, maybe a little before you get up in the morning and that maybe being skating type two. So as he goes into twenty two thirties forties. He's lied into more serious vast fewer problems and diabetes. If he doesn't control next year. Hi. Dr bill. Thank you. He had a question of vaccination, and you already helped the new says, I have a friend who recently found out, she's pregnant and was curious to know the basic health guidelines during during pregnancy. But before that when she's pregnant, we've got. Brings you all recommend vita mineral max, the super folate Paramus, v twelve and the ferret in for iron and bone van reader and myself street for your bones, and the ark of the narrow. Jan of other should take also violation of the baby's brain before the VAR along with a mega screen pro very import, by the way, it's, it's actually lodge Japan says research facilities on an Ohio in the late nineteen eighty eighty seven. Found the neurosurgeon actually Mounties rain in baby formulas Japan is a law, they have to have narrow Jen. Actually, I called my culinary job is because he actually no interest. Yeah. Where we. John from Woodland Hills here in California Bill, so sorry to body but a friend referred me to you thinking could help with my eighteen year old cat. I have not looked at your website thrilling, but my friend follows you feel comfortable with that. Oh, I bought the pure water system last week. Good. I don't know if you help with pets, but she wants of course, that's even reptiles reptiles do rally as long as don't slither into my house froze doll. Froze doll. You saying that, you know. Just being silly. Okay. Go ahead. We actually would take care of dogs are my favorite. I'll take care of cats. We also take care birds dogs are my favorite own. Now she's got a cat kinda saying you're not that big fan again. No. I like cats catcher. Okay. But, you know that, you know, the difference I you can tell the difference of the psychology and the cat, the CAC is taking care of the best check child is older, their, their litter box, and everything else. And they realized their master is the genome, so well the cat realizes they must be got. Right. Where's the dog? The dog is a great bog food could take no for walks all kinds of things, and they like their master so much realize mastermind. That's different. That's different. That's a difference. Yeah, I've had both on growing up. We only have dogs now because. Yeah. Cats are very self-centered. They're, they're, they're like Hollywood starlet. Stephen cat Sophea Kelsey lobster. Yes. She's actually she was very friendly with the dog on or she passed away. But she was not like a normal catch Usery family really, you know, nice gap push nice cats. I. Well, I, I get exposed to, to South Korea Korean hunting cats, and these are big bucks. Bye bye brother used to back years ago when I was in medical school, and there was one cat, and this cat could jump twelve feet up to this upper pout thing like this is not a normal cat. Okay. And if you look straight at don't look at a normal he'll jump in scratch you. So I didn't look out were scared scarred by exposure to too aggressive about this week, cath this hat here. Kitty cats, nineteen years old, my calves been constipated for years. He has a possible kidney infection in confirmed. TI from equal lion. Andrew of what's up injure? What Andro carcass blood resolve showed high Emily's creating? Lulled at prosititution platelet count and blood in the urine, he urinated frequently until they made me hydrate him with selene deadly salt water not salt. But now he hardly drinks doesn't urinate much. He's becoming real faith from what the stupid things they did for the first thing you wanna do believe it or not, you want to give him a couple of things, I can start off with just based on his way. If you say the writer, Cise Catholic, fifteen pound one or two drops water. Couple times a day, today, you want to add Neutra silvery between spells three times a day, one or two spaces water than you want to add to this, as well problem fresh water, restful automated. Yeah. Yeah. And then the kneel, you want to add things for his kidney leader or not the power C. Plus, you put it all out of that capsule out the help to boost his, his kidneys is natural direct RC. So maybe a quarter of a capsule put in water. A couple times a day will help increase day recess. You can put a Lumine Pat actually should his pattern. Little rug. And you can set them onto frequencies as internal organs like feed them. See number four for kidneys and that'll help, actually stimulates start working to get so fifty four thirty minutes. The other protocol should help and, and stop that salty stuff, right? That's yeah. I wouldn't owned recommend that about idea. Node. You don't put salt water into try to provide ration- you want improve him urinary function. There's other things you can do, for example. Ladder. No, no. We're gonna catch the victory, an extract of specific types of seed, so you can punch you wanna put a little bit of it in on your finger, in his mouth, or you can actually put it on food, little by Ravel help, because I don't wanna see the kidneys start trying to heal and diaries also reduce about her spasm. Ladder specimen be prepared for vending irritating. Karen from Hawaii. My husband has patches of psoriasis on his lower legs and back keep appearing, the patches or white scaly itchy. Can you suggest to regimen for him? First off, you want us pregnant, along cream, and then if there's no open lesions, you wanna put her on it four times a day. And then I would use the promo. Injury. You know, in has Majel to realize the tissues, and I'd take internally sell the fence plus to be decided kind levels, and then the anti pass Jack's, remember in the skin before you put on the creams, you wanna sprays skin with a neutral silver and or you can do diluted neutral night. The reason is you get passed on the skin like house like house dust mites another pathogens and trigger off in the mid reaction in the Brickell layer of the skin. Durmus that reduces of what's called the kinds like kind twenty seven and that's why I get the curve phenomenon of the scaling. So you gotta get rid of the past to get rid of the site of cash, and you have to simulate reduction in the inflammation, the skin. And when you do all the things skin will start to heal and the scaling will stop sketchy. Sketchy email. My brother's forty four and has tremendous joint pain. The pain was worse in cold weather versus warm, and we live in Michigan. He said every test match -able yet, has not been diagnosed with anything. Do you have a program recommend for him? Well, the first thing is. Part of a venture earlier, which is inflammatory riddick's, joint performance attended mentor. Try that for a few weeks, if it doesn't respond. That's thing that I recommend we do. We've made wanna do console with a acts on pain dot com. Nerves mapping of the Elton says, sensory nerves which you refer to a doctor I've trained years ago with darker Hitchcock. We set the Americans medicalisation so that would help, but I would start out with the protocol for us. Right. And he should respond to leaks. I guess the suicide. To the neutral medical family for today t you back here in another week. I think it'll be made thirty first action. The last in man, this you have a wonderful weekend. Joy. It's your family's friends. Remember?

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