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"two guys walk navarre" Discussed on Bertcast's Podcast

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"two guys walk navarre" Discussed on Bertcast's Podcast

"Boosting. Ridge. Might Phoenix. A. Little exactly, and then I say to my pr guy just to be like. Hey, I can't get like arrested for this. It was something like. Oh, I! Bet You've my side if I killed a journal. That journalist you probably. My my biggest problem and trump is i. don't think he laughs. I. Don't think he's ever laughed in his life. I think he would love me. Assure you never say I don't think he will. 'cause I heard I heard. He doesn't like me. Through with me. But like if you can't like music, I feel like comedy is going to be hard for you I. Think I think Kim Jong UN and Donald Trump would absolutely love me. He's A. A TV show. Put this out there. A little bit and I'll put it out of there again and he wants to. Party. Just funding and private. Private jet. I'm cool. He frightening a`dictator. We send you around the world fucking befriending all the dictators. Do you know how much I would love that show I would pay? You wouldn't have to pay me. I'll pay all my own time justin dictators. Let me come in and throw them a party. One Night Berkshire Social. Chair You have to be able to leave. That's. Getting the. SEAL team six. The people you bring you keep them. We all take Jim Norton Rich Voss. You know what? Tang borough rich fast and Kim Jong would talk about his hat for a very long time I feel like I feel like we'd start seeing. Kim, Jong. I, there's a lot of. People out there that I would love to party with. whiskies in stuff he has. He's like a crazy. He's like a whiskey efficient. Took cigars. For me to pace myself so I didn't blackout too early and do something I really regret it I've never a. Here's an. Will the. BACHELORETTE! GET CAUGHT UP? Fundamentally as humans? We WanNA see humans. For else. Still Gladiator I still think there should be a show where you get like John. Jones right and you put a hundred dollars. He's the best year. Ever you you put a backpack on his back with two hundred thousand dollars on it and you put five regular guy's pulled out of a bar in an on, and they try to get it off his back I think that would be great, but. I think that we're turning. This is like dehumanised. Some sounds like a movie ice tea would be. Was a game. We end on that one. You're next. Hey Shit we need to. Do a good job show, you are the quintessential punch-up. Can can you just punch me up out of this and ultra? Okay right to camera. We have a shot on Michelle. First of all you can do, you can create a scene that we all act out in. We'll even create a moment or a catchphrase anything just to get us out of this show. I'm having a heart attack. Right out of my body you know the first thing I do when I get to a hotel. You guys are going to hate the. Turn I. Turn the temperature up to seventy eight. Why because I love a warm room, but also I don't get to control the heat in my own apartment. Because I live in New York. Yeah I just have a radiator that. Billy Bruce. The evil snake. Berbie on the customer sweating. Sir But I also. Like the like the noisiest part of the village, so like sometimes it's the radiator and other time you're like. What's that hissing? It's like. A bunch of gay guys don't. Buy Radiator. This is K. ice cream, Wrapping. Michelle Wolf to take us out on this episode of ood. Closer. On this show up in one joke, one set punch joke. Joke came ready all right. I'm not in this. Shoe. I'll do the first part the second part and a new to play. to fat white guys in a red walk into a bar. The, too fat white guy say to the redhead. CAN WE EAT? Sexually. Starting at the. Two Guys Walk Navarre the redhead. Again. Two guys at a rate header skydiving plane. That you guys in. The. One fat one that white guys parachute did NOPE, and and he grabbed the red head and said. Well you're GONNA die to. Kill. Approach to. Retake all right, dude you me. Ready? To to fat White Guy, how about this to medium fat white, Guy Talking about talking about that. We just. Saying. Chubby White Guy. A real thin early read. Walk into a coffee shop. You do this. They say! They each order a lot today. I. Don't play this game. Okay the. The red, hat orders banana. We'll keep around Robbie finding joke. redhead orders of Banana Leans over to the biggest of the two guys and says. You should probably one of these you fat fucking. He looks at her and says. Already have one in my but. No Third wife got that White. Guy Looks at both of them says. Are We talking about bananas? Could. Shake your head by the camera just mugging, take it. You know when they let you fucking free. They laugh. They laughed pure disgust took. Three of the three live with the funniest people walking. We can't end this. Cruise I, Guy, you not hold it off. How about this? Not Knock. WHO's there to their white guys redhead two. Guys in a redhead who owes Bobby Kelly Burke so? That We. Did you did it this for doing this? Awesome light subscribe find these guys online. Follow them something's burning. Fat. Perfect. Thank you. Five really hoop down really. I think it's hot. Anything. Because I'm for. You just. Fantastic episode of something's burning. Bobby Kelly Michaud Wolf tag here. Follow them fucking. KNOCK KNOCK! WHO's there? That was great. Those a lot of fun Burbank you guys that was. Really..

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