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"two crappy days" Discussed on The Foxhole Podcast

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"two crappy days" Discussed on The Foxhole Podcast

"But we didn't know why and it wasn't really that unusual frankly we were at Trying to keep the enemy from get into case on callow was the closest base the case on and we were trying to stop the enemy from ah getting into case on and Jordan of the defensive. We were actually in case on for a few days but that was our job. We were in the bush. We were batmans. The enemy was trying their best to get into the case on area. The bay fifty days were wiping out the enemy around case on and they needed lots of replacements and so they were coming from every direction that you can imagine trying to get into case on and one of the main routes was Through the calorie area and so our job was to just to stop them so we were out in a bush Look at forum. As sometimes they found us first and some pounds. We've found him. I but that's what we did We weren't in Way or any of the cities we were in the bush. John to trying to keep them at bay. Did you ever have like a moment coming home. Finding out about like how. How extensive the town offensive had been and lake. Were you ever relieved was kind of like a a moment of like of all when you first realize the actual scope of what happened on that on that day Or like what basically happened during the battle of like this. You know this this movement. This is this change Did you like did. Was there ever a moment where you realize the actual scope of everything. That happened up. Found it interesting when i learned about it But you have to remember when you talk about the ted offensive. You're talking about countrywide activity and were confined. Are you know whatever operational area will. That's what we were and that's the only area we cared about. And that's the only area we knew about until we didn't know what was going on fifty miles away or a hundred miles away. Didn't care by frankly. All we cared about was Area of operations. And whether or not we were doing the job we were supposed to be doing in the area that we were located so very Very limited in scope bomar standpoint on the ground. day-to-day it did not that unusual. It was just more fighting more sign. You're right. I mean that's that's a i don't know if i should be like i guess that's a good thing or or that sounds a little like should that be the way it is like. Should you be used to it at this point. But i guess you know you're going to be used to it. You're you're there you're in it will remember. We did have the internet out there and we didn't have newspapers you know we. We had no idea what was going on at all right. Did you have an idea at all of the of the scope of what was coming at you or was that sort of like a higher level of knowledge because when you look back at it you know a battle that siege in case on you know last about seventy seven days based on like what you know is Is is is recorded in history books and military records and stuff about seventy seven days and a force of over. I think it was like ten thousand. Ten thousand ten thousand enemy forces died during the entire During the entire siege the entire battle. But i think it was something upwards of ten seventy thousand seventy thousand north vietnamese viet cong forces launched and it was all coordinated it was like a coordinated series of attacks at At small cities towns in south vietnam. So did you ever have a feeling of the scope of what was what was coming up against you. Because we're we're as he as united states goes in our country goes. We're so confident that like if we go into bus heads and we overwhelming with numbers than than were good but because it was so sparse and spread out. You know you've got numbers against you in this situation where you've got thousands upon thousands of troops. She's being replenished and they're coming at you hard and it's just relentless every day So how long were you actually involved in and Posted up in that area to defend a case on the whole time. That was very and we stayed out there and it just i mean it was just another day to us. I mean if we had a day without combat it was a good day and we had a day that involve firefight that lasted for two days though in those two crappy days But it was. It was just normal for us. It was it was. It was not out of the ordinary. We'd seen combat all the way from jill in up north all the way down the case on and so for us it was. It was not unusual. It was just. It was just more fighting. I mean fighting is fighting killing his killing and it just somebody come in and said oh. We're in a ted offensive. We were like oh what are you talking. Yeah big bright dot but that that span of fighting for that long That really was there. Were some other battles as well. That that Got a lot of criticism because everybody wants to wants to play as we talked about with another interviews recently. Another vietnam Veteran he said he To some effect that You know if you if you could be secretary of defense for one day you know and i. It's it's crazy to think about but there are certain times in battle especially in that era. When like you said there's no there's no email and internet and all this all this nonsense you're you're getting things second third hand and people back home. People in the states are looking at it through their sort of limited view their limited perception of what's going on and they're forming opinions but i think With case on Because of the tactic because of how long it lasted people were growing very weary and because there is such tremendous loss of life. This was a turning point really With a lot of people forming their opinions. That may be this was maybe being in vietnam was was a mistake and Obviously you didn't you didn't feel that afterwards when you're literally sitting there watching you know watching guys drop left and right But but i. But i just wondered what that maybe did even that reverberate with you when you got back home like like this. This this this battle that you were engaged in really had Had had a really huge impact on the country..

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