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"two half three hours" Discussed on Paul Allen

"Later. All he never get slowdowns joining me a little less than an hour from now nine to do Norte went for. Path returns on Monday. But we're getting rhythm with the Burke Vit- four remember the Minnesota Vikings superbowl champion and a member might be the don of the mendota Heights Mafia Matt Burke joining me. Now how you doing Mr Burke. I'm doing well brother how you doing. I'm doing well now. I heard a crazy strange rumor that on Friday. Is it possible that you might be joining Paul Charts for the feast accurate? Not only possible. It is happening on willing. That is happening Ardo. That's sweet and are you able to unveil maybe one of the talking points or one of the things you're excited to get into on Friday or do we have to wait for you to join charts you and I well. I'd like you to wait. But let's just say and I mean there's there will be There will be some serious news dropping on Friday. You'll know more tomorrow and then Friday it's GonNa drop on your show that's fantastic. We not doing. This is important. It is to as is important to me. breaking news. That's what we do. We are Well it it won't be breaking. Let me the IT will be. It will be breaking. It will make news coast to coast North Coast to south coast. Mr Burke at Burke Matt via twitter. Have you done any retail shopping since Monday? Now that People can get out in into stores of it more frequently than they were before I have not but my wife has done enough for both of us but I love it do you. Do you ever think about like a post purge to do list. You know once once everyone kind of takes a deep breath in and we can kind of go outside again and we crawl out of the caves and everything. This is what I WANNA do. Do you ever think about that. The only thing I WANNA do and we're doing it is. I want to take my wife out to dinner and we already. We Have A. We have a reservation on June first one of our favorite spots that we're going to go out like we do week we do every almost every week Which is we go out for. Two to three hours and we sit across from each other and We have a couple of cocktails and we just pretend for two half three hours. We don't have kids and it's it's fantastic and that is by far In my in my very cushy life the thing that I have that I have missed the most just not being able to do that. That's one of the things not only not only a dad but you think about like just the date night like you go back in time and you know like I love my Gal to death and we've been together for nearly fourteen years married for six and change. Both of his actually forgot that this last Sunday was six anniversary. But that's a different conversation but the the ability to go out sands kids and just remember why you liked each other. You know what I mean. Crucial yeah exactly what you mean. It is absolutely crucial to just to just life and so Like I said I know there's some people out there to get a lot bigger problems than than that but that is the one thing when they said doing I we were. We called up the restaurant. Szenes table for two 'cause WE'RE READY. Corner Table One cocktail to straws and and let them date night. Resume Do you have you ever thought about if there is a way the one thing with all of this is is. It's it's kids graduating right like you know kids. Not You know the the upset nature of the process of maybe kids moving onto college or just kids ending the school year kids. In general the Youth Sports Angle for me is tough because I wanNA find a way to get kids out playing sports again and it just. It appears to you know for at least from the state's perspective not to be a possibility. If this particular juncture you think people could social distance and allow our kids to play sports if social distancing was that important to you yes and I'm not saying if it is great you know it's not I mean you're you're okay. I listen I think really what I want to say. Is You sports? That doesn't mean that you have to be an organized league wherever you can have the uniform. And there's six coaches and they're scheduled thank you. Sports can be. Hey around ten o'clock Let's call up other parents. Hey around ten o'clock if you're free drop your kid off at the park all stay there and monitor and I'll just throw a couple of different balls out on the field and let them figure out what to do. That's you sports too and in fact that's that's probably more important more needed and quite honestly I have. That's the one thing I've really enjoyed about these. Last few months is not having to run around. It'd be nice to have a place to go once in a while but not having to run around and manage the schedule and figure out WHO's picking up. Who and what we're GONNA do for dinner and Kinda that bad news grinder sports and I. I'm kind of hoping just for my sake that it does extend into the summer people could say well you could just not head because that's true but if the sports going on we're GONNA WANNA play because that's where their friends are so so that's cool but You know I think just kind of take a broader a broader view as to what actually defines US Sports. And there's nothing wrong with kids just running around playing which Which we've been doing for a while over here and I think I think my kids are really enjoying it and I'm really enjoying it as well. Matt Burke Weekly Guest Nine to noon hoping at some point in the future that you'll be able to join us in studio again and it sounds like the next opportunity might be Friday. So that's going to be bad as I'm yes I am. I am filling out all the paperwork. Civilian all the testing. I WANNA be in studio with guys on Friday. Do you own a hazmat suit. I do not okay. Well we'll have to figure that out. There might be an exemption in your case we'll see With the NFL. You know in lieu of OTAS and and really big spot opinions and need to be had on certain aspects of the game and teams. Were just kind of waiting one thing. Just say no that at one point post football whether it's working at the League offices and the interactions and relationships that you've made I was just curious. I was reading about the the enhancements to the Rooney rule and you know increasing numbers of minorities that are going to be interviewed for each jobs. You know making coordinators mix and those things. How have you felt that the League is handled? You know the implementation of it and the execution of that. Well I mean I think everybody's trying I mean I think generally everybody's on board with that And why we don't have more minority head coaches in the NFL. I don't know I really I really don't and I don't think anybody has a good explanation. I don't think you can't just say well. There's there's only four minority head coaches therefore Nfl owners are racist. Yeah to me. That doesn't that doesn't make sense Especially in the NFL where? It's just all about winning Obviously about south that the NFL is is kind of one of the ultimate meritocracy that makes one of the ultimate meritocracy and so winning kind of kind of trumps everything but it but but but therefore it doesn't explain why there's only. I think it's for minority. Had coaches right now because Because there should be more. There's obviously more qualified. So you know it's it's one of those things they keep they keep revisiting and trying to throw out of ideas out there An and hopefully. Hopefully they'll figure it out. We will figure it out soon But it is a real head scratcher. Because I think it's been going on for on hold. The actual Rooney rule is but I think it's been at least a point of emphasis within the League office and the teams for for twenty or twenty five years. So I had heard this and I don't know if you've heard this but I was. I got the opportunity to meet somebody who is an has been a not a head coach now but was head coach before Fairly successful one and he is. He's black and talking about this concept. The one thing he said is is the balance of. It's kind of a split view where loving the opportunity but the question exists especially early in the career of is going through. Motions is patronizing and my actually being interviewed with an opportunity to get the job. Should I just appreciate the experience? Kind the split view of how to perceive that opportunity and he told me ultimately that he enjoyed it. You know and the concept of not only getting the experience but ultimately the opportunity to get a job that he wanted was qualified for got in his teams won a lot of games kind of that split view in terms of how to perceive the the real genuine nature of it. Or is it patronizing or just checking off a box to qualify for the coaching search? You know what I mean. Yeah I mean maybe one of the unintended consequences of mandating the teams interview at least one minority candidate is the interview could be deemed as not being serious. Just just checking that box and and and yeah that that that can't feel good but I think I mean I'm I'M I. I'm I'm making some assumptions here but I do think when Mike Tomlin went and interviewed in Pittsburgh I don't think he was their number.

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