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"twin blockchain network" Discussed on Epicenter

"Safe or any other applications that people are used to using on your maintain as the system grows and there are many cities right. They also need access to these kinds of essential services. It seems difficult to scale where you come back to goes to safe. You know they have to deploy also on matt can also on like you know some other some other side chain or another blockchain. What what's the solution here is interoperability. The only are like mature interoperability tools. The only way forward or rem stock. You know having a multiple deployments of the same the same core technology on all side chains problem actually is not the deployment across the the things like the the problem. The problem is that you know is is that they're not enough being customers as for example as safe they would be very happy to deploy and multiple chains as far as like people were willing to pay for it right but right now they have to do this probono similarly for in fewer. They have to do all of this stuff like pro bono to kind of fuel the earlier option. But eventually i think that You know if the vendors when the system grows big enough then they will be like you know more and more being customers for these surveys and then scaling is difficult right now. Problem is that for all this ruling. You have to do it. In public interest like as public could three public good eight. That's the challenge. I think that you know if there are enough being customers like anybody minds skilling their tooling do different like for example daddy issues the from our from like we have been like i. I think we spend like a couple of hundred dollars every month to just keep the system because there are a lot of applications which are currently using dagger and we keep it up just for the sake of these these applications but then you know nobody's paying us for that and The moment we bring in a payment plan on that and all that that's not our coral this thing but even if we bring it that bring that people will start using some of the free service late so i think the problem here is not thus scaling of these pulling because that's easy that has been done in the space very well is more of like the business models that are available know all the users that are available being us so while going through the matic architecture one of the main main concerns i had was that the design choices that matic made make sense from a two thousand eighteen perspective. I'm somewhat skeptical. That make sense from what two thousand twenty perspective. So here's here's what i. I'll qualify that statement more so when you look at like twenty thousand twenty one for any like l. twin blockchain network ultimately like you need consensus. You need like a way to execute smart contracts and of and certainly large keen mentions are coming along the way i and i think maybe two biggest ones are you know avalanche consensus which is actually better than intimate consensus on most damaging. So everyone's consisted most faster. It can support a lot more evaluators than ten in consensus. The second the second key shift. I see coming. Ecosystem is in the vm. You have the single threaded execution so like every transaction comes it needs to be processed state needs to be updated than the next transaction prostate updated execture whereas like salona execution is different than salona execution. You can have hundred transactions coming and if they impact different parts of the state they can all be processed incompatible on gpu so the main at one date salona executions mark contribution creators battle process processing on a gpu which is why salama is able to be like maybe even like even the future hundred more scalable than any other. Smart contracts There because they are able to exploit this battle ism of a gpu in the blockchain context. So do you think this is a concern that there are going to be better. Smart contact zeke yutian environments as well as consensus algorithms and the combination of these. Two things is going to and then you go to compete on a business level with these platforms that have just these better inventions and you'll be stuck with tandem than edm and in the long run this will end up have been is suboptimal choice to have already like that. Yes so I answered them. Or you know what bevelled for example to so for example this one like the tender mond and using edm like a system like one thing one inborn word i like keep keep using his the production lateness of these things right. So you know that comes. From the proven record of a particular technology so similar social so for example benjamin they they might like tenement might have had easily have like hundred plus chains built on top of it. And you know it's it's fairly stable avalanche. Even though like they. I think few one or two months back. They have launched their minute. That is also distinctive. I don't think it's a full blown full functional minute if we would. If would have waited for something like that. You know we would. We would again will become like those ghost research paper projects which talk a lot of you know you know that they talk a lot of futuristic things. But they don't have anything you know running on the production so that was the choice that we kind of actively have activity taken. We want to have a production ready network where you can have next level of skill ability on top of tedium. So if you're able to do live from thirteen cents per second we are able to seventy two hundred and second. That's already a fairly big live from there and to counter the like let's say the scale ability requirement if let's say that requirement is lauded enough as i already told you that. We separated the validation lear with the execution so we can actually multiple such sites genes into the into the stomach at a rapid pace. Now that is also one more one more important part over there that you know the like from our perspective. We see this platform like this network like we don't. We don't expect this to go from today. Where like if you combine all the data tedium ecosystem audio ecosystem. You will hardly have and the nba. You like ten thousand two hundred thousand a you if you include hundred thousand if you include. All the token transfers like these like bitcoin offers an all that like in the whole space. That's a very very small d a you. And that's i don't have exact fact sheet on that somebody would have done the analysis but roughly. That's what people say. And if you can tap it's hardly you know hardly with all adopt mind you right so right now we need to go from ten thousand to the next million or ten million users and i think that the current skill ability choices available on top of idiom would be able to easily go to that level which salona like as you said that you know like there are multiple like. It's a very interesting concept that you can have multiple paddle and all that. But then there are other people have shown concerns also in terms of centralization of such a system because of these state blowed if the state becomes bloated too big laker doing for two thousand dollars per second you'll state can be can get bloated very very fast. And then only a few people will be able to run it because you know if you want to run it fast. Then you need to lord the entire state onto the ram right and then it's very hard to kind of have a thirty two. Gb or fifty db them..

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