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Jalen Green Is a Lock to Go in the Top Four

CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast

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Jalen Green Is a Lock to Go in the Top Four

"We turn our attention to another consensus top five. Pick former or five star prospect. Jalen green he was actually ranked second in the class of two thousand twenty. Twenty two twenty four seven sports. He's a six foot six hundred seventy eight pound nineteen year old guard from california who skipped college to play for the g. league night price of five hundred thousand dollars. He averaged seventeen point. Nine point four point one rebounds and two point eight assists in thirty two minutes per game shop forty six point one percent from field on thirteen point six tips per game. He shot thirty six point. Five percent from three on five point seven tenths per game. He was the team's leading score in best three point shooter. I've seen him as high as third in some drafts. I haven't gone forth behind k. cunningham. Jalen son evan. What more can you tell us well. Yeah he's shot. Fifty five percent from two thirty six point. Thirty six percent from three point range and sixteen games at that g. league ignite level. He does have you know yes. What more can i tell you for. Most people listening there is the allure somewhat of the unknown here. I mean only the diehard diehard nba draft have been keeping consistent tabs on jalen green whereas if he had gone to college he would quite clearly be known commodity. He would most certainly play for bruce. Pearl at auburn. Had onto college. And that would. Certainly things would have gone different. I think for the tigers last season if that had been the case green himself by the way tweeted back in may he tweeted and then subsequently deleted. Because this isn't exactly the greatest endorsement for the daily. He said i know for a fact. If i would have gone to college it would have been a different talk about. Who's going number one. He might well be right. But that's the that's the that's the status of the g. league ignite program at this point and that's to be expected by the way. But hey listen you're not gonna go number one because you didn't go to college but he got paid five hundred thousand dollars and you're going to go second third or fourth and i think that's a trade off the quite clearly jalen is comfortable with

Jalen Green Jalen Cunningham Evan California NBA Auburn Bruce Tigers
The Ugly Partisan Truth Behind President Trump's Stimulus Roadblock

TIME's Top Stories

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The Ugly Partisan Truth Behind President Trump's Stimulus Roadblock

"The. Last official jobs report before the presidential election would garner significant reason but there is no normal these days and the jobs report. Last week was immediately overshadowed by the president's Kovic Nineteen diagnosis. But for tens of millions of Americans, the state of their employment is along with covid nineteen. The only issue that really matters and it's clear that well more than half the jobs lost in the immediate aftermath of the spring shutdowns have been regained almost half ten million jobs have not. That fact alone would suggest the need for further government stimulus but hope for that faded after the president announced that he was uninterested in further stimulus bill until after the election though he then backtracked and suggested he was open to some action even so you might think that authorizing another round of perhaps two trillion dollars in stimulus would be in the interest of a White House seeking to curry support ahead of. The election, but there are reasons for their ambivalence. The harms of this covid nineteen recession are starkly uneven and are disproportionately hurting those who favor the Democrats especially poor and minority workers clumped in urban areas as well as service industry workers all over the country. Some of those are in regions where the Republican Party is strong but a considerable portion are in blue areas of the country more likely to support Democrats. Insured this recession is the most unevenly experienced economic downturn. Ever it is uneven by level by race by region but what is becoming increasingly clear is that it is uneven by party affiliation as well the economic harms of the pandemic and of attempts nationally and globally to contain it or hurting everyone. But those most inclined to vote Democrat are being hurt more than those inclined to vote Republican White Women for instance, have according to the bureau. Of Labor Statistics recovered more than sixty percent of the jobs lost in April black women however have recovered only thirty four percent. The highest earning income cortel is now above the. Employment levels of the beginning of the year. The Lowest Cortel are still twenty five percent below the national unemployment rate is seven point nine percent the unemployment rate for those twenty two, twenty four is twelve point, five percent for those over fifty five is six point seven percent. Then juxtapose those facts to who votes Republican. Versus who votes Democrat according to the Pew Center. Almost ninety percent of black women vote Democrat fifty, six percent of Republican voters are over the age of fifty five millennials skew fifty, five percent Democrat in almost every category those who are being hurt most by the recession are more likely to vote democratic. There are exceptions non college educated white men are not exactly thriving in the covert economy and according to most polls those trending toward the Republicans though the gap has been narrowing since two thousand sixteen in general however, the recession has hit cities hard and service sector cities such as New York Washington DC San, Francisco Los Angeles, and Miami especially, hard more suburban and rural areas of the country have seen. Less, dire employment losses and less economic contraction in part because governments in many Republican dominated states have been less likely to institute strict restrictions of businesses and schools. The net effect on whether the federal government will spend more to address stalled recovery with still substantial unemployment is that the geographic and demographic parts of the country that need help the most skewed Democrat and the parts that need it less Ski Republican. In. A functional political environment, there would be widespread recognition that the national economy and hence long-term prosperity for all of us is impossible if wide swath of the country are economically sinking greater New York City alone contributed about one point, six, trillion dollars to the GDP of the United States in two, thousand, nineteen, which was nearly eight percent of the national total California is about fifteen percent of the national economy. Similar sized proportions are true of major metropolitan areas throughout the country a nation with more than half of its citizens sinking economically is not a recipe for stability and strength for the whole country. Yet, our national politics seem indifferent to that reality. Political leaders appear more interested in the short term needs. Of their particular base than the overall health of the country Republicans are most egregious here though one could critique congressional Democrats for making a political calculus that holding out for a bigger stimulus rather than compromising on a smaller deal is also playing politics with economic needs of millions. The failure to pass more stimulus aid however is the equivalent of refusing to authorise disaster relief in the face of a category five hurricane that cuts through six states on the grounds that it left the rest unscathed we don't do that usually because we recognize that today, it may be Texas that needs money in an emergency and tomorrow it might be New York and that we for all our manifold differences live in one policy. But the current overlap between political affiliations and economic necessity has blinded many to that fact. The refusal of Republicans to authorize more relief spending may make sense given that their base is less impacted by the negative effects, but it will not make or keep America Great. If Wide Swath of the United States are economically imperilled, the politics may explain what is happening. They do not justify it, and in the end, we will all be the poorer if we do not act collectively and quickly.

United States President Trump New York City Republican Party Official Federal Government Texas White House Pew Center America New York California Los Angeles Francisco SAN Miami Washington
"twenty two  twenty four" Discussed on WTMJ 620

WTMJ 620

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"twenty two twenty four" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Great magic picture day for the box in Paris following a practice session have cut my good holders foreign philosophy no different than his state side one and I think balance even when we're back home in Milwaukee or when we're traveling in India and our guys you know enjoy themselves and live life a little bit and then when it's time to play in focus they do it and so I think our approach to Paris is the same audio courtesy of box dot com the bucs take on the Charlotte Hornets Friday in Paris the only member of the team not with the Bucks center Robert Lopez who's recovering from illness reported can cousin's rose slightly during the NFL's twenty nineteen preseason and regular season increasing from to two hundred fourteen in twenty eighteen to twenty two twenty four this most recent season by comparison two hundred eighty one concussions were reported in twenty seventeen before the league over hauled its kickoff rules what was the month until spring training begins the William Hill sports book is that with a projected win totals cardinals lead the NL central division teams with eighty eight followed by the cubs at eighty six and a half the brewers at eighty five Cincinnati at eighty three the pirates at seventy one the Yankees top the list at one hundred and one projected that winds up back to the box real quick Johnson robin Lopez amenities home with an illness he did sent out a tweet earlier today that reads I haven't even been sent one postcard it's crazy it is brother brook road did in saying that he went to the Disney in Paris what we know the Lopez yeah Justin fan with all things Disney so a little salt in the wound courtesy of brother broke and that's fun stuff I've enjoyed watching their activity on Twitter and apparently folks are trying to help me with my furnace situation yeah John David Mack one give us a call he seems to think that your thermostat is shorted out and you need to buy a new one on your way home and I said so you think my broken it's complete rodeos I don't think it's broken I know what it is it's going to be ninety degrees in John's house no is that not good for my furnace like Amazon rain I would say it's not good for your father in law first for your phone and then the dog yeah stern Bella the dogs are okay I just texted Michelle she's usually home from work she's ninety degree she's probably taking a nap so if you updated David Mack one thanks for the help I think WTMJ Steve skill feeding I saw a lot of comments from people television commentators.

Twitter Steve Amazon Justin Lopez robin Lopez Johnson NL William Hill Bucks center Michelle Bella John David Mack Paris Disney Yankees Cincinnati brewers cubs cardinals
"twenty two  twenty four" Discussed on National Prayer Chapel, Pilgrim's Progress

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"twenty two twenty four" Discussed on National Prayer Chapel, Pilgrim's Progress

"Welcome welcome to pilgrim's progress. I'm Ray Greenlee from the National Perch Apple this morning at seven seven forty to my phone began to beep indicating that messages were coming in it was from. I'm a dear brother. I am exceptionally blessed to have some very close friends. Guys that that I walk with that I love with all my heart. Trust them they trust me while this morning. One of these brothers route to me. Joy is in the Lord and he began to give me passages of scripture Philippians. Four four John Fifteen Ten and eleven John Sixteen Twenty twenty two twenty four John Seventeen thirteen then another text. Cain you believe you rejoice with joy ye believing you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Laurie I Peter one eight if we are not rejoicing always with joy unspeakable full of glory. Something is off. I wrote back to him. I don't yet have that joy unspeakable despicable a masking. Jesus to give it to me. He wrote back you already habit. I think let it come out. Let's go for it. I wrote back. I making a list list of things. People events circumstances that I have allowed to steal my joy he wrote back. Let the Lord cover them over. The Lord brought them out. I wrote back. A lack of joy is at its core simply unbeliev he wrote. Yes look at those verses. I sent you his joy as a part of this package. Deal Joy in the Lord Philippians four four John John Fifteen Ten and eleven John Sixteen Twenty twenty two twenty four John Seventeen thirteen yet believing EIB rejoice with joy joy unspeakable and full of glory. I wrote back a man. Lack doc of joy is sin. I'm grateful for what he said. And I did make a list seven items.

"twenty two  twenty four" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"twenty two twenty four" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Entrepreneurship programs and most curriculum I don't agree with because you know these kids are coming into university and when they decided they wanted to go to college they were in high school i WanNa go they have an entrepreneurship program and you don't spend that means I have no boss the I can make my own hours I could make lots of money well as you know Alan you do have to have a boss if if that's what you call a mentor you can thank you and how is it called twenty four hours a day I'll tell you who's my that you decide what you're GonNa work twenty two twenty four hour my boss is my customer just so you know but go ahead yeah well I was talking to you at the break you eat your lunch refrigerating isn't that time because you're working twenty four hours a day and that's how it works Dan the dirty little secret is real entrepreneurs don't do it for the money they do it because they're trying to solve a problem and they love it they love it so you're not doing it for the money now if I was doing the curriculum and you could follow my book but because I have a chapter each one of these things first of all in this chapter on this which is look you gotta work with it's not weaknesses your strength can be improved almost intimately you weaknesses are gonna be improved marginally at best if you put the same method in in you're obviously gifted in this area let's spend time on what you gifted at if you can kick a ball into a net people will tell you at a young age group will tell you the double down on sports but everywhere else in life you're really good at something and you're not good at something they tell you to to put your effort on what you're not so good at which is anti than it's the wrong way to go about it so can you strength don't worry about too I have another chapter on listen it's okay to fail it's okay to fail because your plan B by definition it's going to be better because you plan he has the benefit of knowing what went wrong and you plan it has that benefit so it has to be better then you plan it has to be nothing nobody will appreciate you more than your friends and colleagues if you fail and you pick yourself back up but you can't be afraid of that because guess what it's going to happen during that and also chapter on how to tell you story you might have a great business idea but if you can't explain it to capital markets you can't explain it to somebody you're going to to raise the money you can't explain simple sink understandable exciting energetic passionate way the no one's GonNa come to work with you no one's GonNa partner you have to accept the fact that you might fail you have to know how to tell a story and you know what you told me three points let me add a fourth one find a mental don't think you know the Amazon all the rest or you can check out David mccord dot com that is.

twenty four hours twenty two twenty four hour
"twenty two  twenty four" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"twenty two twenty four" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Control on to five fan by Fi- to J just put in a call for me this they'll be along in just a few moments that's over to the other car now and talk to the young girls picked up a few moments ago yeah both young pretty nervous crashed in the backseat avoid getting the cloud to strange boys have you ever been to the county morgue have you ever seen what happens to girls when they get the up by strangers taking an awful chance you both like pretty nice girls I'd hate to go down here and find you in a vacant lot where were you going on you've got these fellows talk into getting in the car I think it very foolish let's talk to the second voice standing over here you're never locked the funny thing check the car over to the car the girls still huddled in the back seat just events frightened at the moment throwing the light around his empty beer cans codes parag greasy gloves this led by eighteen inches long very conveniently placed next to the driver's seat go talk pretty dangerous legal I mean is that the bar that's right it's just a bar yeah no reason to carry us nothing nobody had also w. what you had in the trump I'm just what you did right alongside the dry I don't iron pharmacy tech good deadly weapon two girls leaning out of the well how the girls feel about cold always shake when you're not cooling we use readiness juvenile charges moved in here that's good over there Jimmy went on in and card for two main spiel interrogation card it's held filed for reverence in case the two subjects that are not formally look girls again just kidding please come running on the whole the two very pretty youngsters are gonNA ride the back seat with us next up old like that theon to their parents Jim kilometer police car a young lady thank you don't do it again thanks thanks a lesson I Hope Not Control on tomorrow twenty two twenty four l. want here uh specht vocal got five six coming but control wanting to find the potential we have a subject occurred a detective girl planted white may be insane requested by then for all right in thank you are listening to nightwatch and following the activities of detective units five six WCHS on its tour of duty remembers the people and sounds you are hearing are real and the investigations are recorded in the field as they actually occurred we'll bring you the final results tonight's action at the conclusion of nightwatch no actors all real and you thought cops was cutting in Ed Cha Nightwatch October seventh nine thousand nine hundred fifty four on Classic Radio Theatre nothing is more important than protecting your family and property that's why you should make a free call right now to.

Fi Jimmy Ed Cha Nightwatch twenty two twenty four l eighteen inches
"twenty two  twenty four" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

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"twenty two twenty four" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"We're back in Atlanta it's Saturday baseball as a group type show in the three it Lana Braves the starters that are in the hall of fame Smaltz Glavin in Matix in I'm wondering. you know you're starting pitcher these guys that's all they got in Smoltz picked up some saves along the way. but I'm wondering of those three. is small so one that just doesn't belong in the group because of his stuff. well you know Richie through are the other ones didn't. he's the guy that had the best stuff you know that you mean he was unique because it's almost like he got bored be in really really good being a starter and they see only be in the in the bull pen and any what's the book he was a really really good closer and then he got bored he said well I don't really like this arm slide so weak he came back he was like the road side are he was also the guy that would flame out just get it fixed and also more use go you blow then fix it then go do you blow the fix it then go do you blow and then fix it but he he was the most intimidating and I think that maybe the best slider consistently the best fighter that I think I ever saw it was that good but with the other guys you know Glavin he was he was Dookie music great athlete he got he got drafted by the the LA kings hockey team fifth round so he was a great athlete but he was a furnace guy and he would shave the outside corner and he would extend the strike zone it was just a little tale that kind of fell off every once in awhile he zippy around ninety to keep you honest he just pitched he was a great for this guy but by far above my favorite guy. was Greg Maddux because that guy redefined pitching if you look at the pictures that come into today's ballgame and it's another heard of a member here the cut get to the big leagues and their twenty two twenty four years old and they throw two types of fast ball they got a curve ball they got a cutter they got a change of they have the same six pitches that Matix had and I mean they can't pitch like Matix can or could they they can't they can't read hitters like Matix good they can't feel the position like Matix good but they learned all those years that Matix was doing his thing and and now I mean it's it's a staple it's what everybody he was the benchmark thank you Greg Maddux you gave all these guys something and he was told how to throw it he was what we do is so young year Matix sigh young ward nineteen ninety five nineteen into the one six three ERA articulate let me say let me let me see if I can. make a point this way if you need it of one of those three guys if you needed one out. to end the game would it be Smaltz yes if you needed a guide to go. nine innings it would be Matix. mia in if you needed a guide to go seventy would be Glavin or either one you could flip yeah they kind of both of the same guy one guy for the less said it again for the rabbit yeah we were still same style pitcher but they were durable and they give you endings and they were tough and why did they get four inches off the plate. they are nobody else did. first of all there could there catchers hobby Lopez he sat out there he had his glove completely off the the the plate in the glove would move they hit the glove and they he would never moved the glove well what I don't like about it is is is we would watch this for nine innings. and then we would be walking out after a loss in the whole brass for the Braves would be there in they thought those are strikes. they could pass a lie detector test yeah there was they thought that they were strikes and they weren't they were some of times it was six inches off the pier it was sometimes just a joke. so anyway they earned it and by the way they all deserve to be in the office they absolutely do screw cap on baseball enjoy this.

Atlanta Lana twenty two twenty four years four inches six inches
"twenty two  twenty four" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"twenty two twenty four" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"ESPN radio's. more from the Antonio brown story has now moved to the six eastern states known as we went with Saturday the raiders released the disgruntled receiver a few hours later the patriots signed him to a one year contract fifteen dollars is a fifty dollar fifty million dollars is the Max you can earn ten million guaranteed to give it a shot with the talented wide out with the patch they don't have much to lose ESPN front office that ability center Louis Riddick says open on the other hand the writers are going to take a hit regular people catalepsy physical right is that with the. they don't have any organization structure they don't have any philosophy they have no motive for broadleaf forests are you will. I want to be at. to make the forty three fifty three guys on that team right now you also see feel bad for the group if you guys were trying to go the right way were trying to gear up to try and pull the raiders out of the told them to make them relevant again that's ESPN's Lewis running France first came to the patriots thirty September fifteenth at Miami another NFL news the falcons and Julio Jones agree on a contract extension through twenty twenty three and that's worth sixty six million dollars college football number one twenty two twenty four ten or twelve right Texas a and M.. at the US open BR countries with a fifty three a nineteen year old Canadian over Serena Williams in straight sets six three seven five the first grand slam title for increased you and it's a nice arena a record tying twenty fourth ESPN coverage of the US open four PM Sunday the men's final Rafa Nadal. the homes are my Kansas City Chiefs Jacksonville to face lit holes in the Jaguars coverage begins tomorrow at noon eastern on ESPN radio presented by winning seats..

ESPN raiders patriots US Louis Riddick Julio Jones Antonio brown Serena Williams Jacksonville Jaguars Texas Rafa Nadal. NFL Kansas City Lewis Miami France falcons sixty six million dollars fifty million dollars
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"twenty two twenty four" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"The third fifth seventh nineteen twenty second twenty fourth and forty second most nominations respectively L. G. B. T. rights activists Johnson river were biological males they were co founders of the street transvestite action revolutionaries they received combined eighty six nominations they get statues Rodriguez tree is the first Latina to be elected as the American public health association was one of the founding members of the committee for abortion rights she got seven nominations to mother Cabrini is two ninety she gets a statue she build NYC program was created after mayor bill de Blasio commission to study into existing statues and monuments in the city setting aside ten month million dollars to craft new monuments better representative of the city's ethnic and gender diversity of the one hundred and fifty statues in New York City only five feature women she built NYC will spend five million dollars to build the new monuments mother Cabrini will not receive a statue despite the fact that she is the first American St and and despite the fact that that she did all this stuff to save all these people's lives now ladies and gentlemen these are the people telling you you're a white supremacist these are the people telling you you're a white nationalist you're a piece of garbage that in the words of anti five the police should off themselves the police should receive air mail when they patrol the streets and they get hit in the head with breaks these are the people who are vying for the control of the soul of the United States of America what do they tell you my parents we care about charity people are nothing but a bunch of racists can't even get a statute ladies and gentlemen a sees America AM seven sixty talking breaking news Jim sure that's got that looked seventeen year old girl found bound and gagged in a car is being taken by our father and sister to a drug rehab center in Mexico that's according to the CHP officers who pulled over the car on the five freeway near Orange County last night after being alerted to the vehicle by another motorist the girl was taken into protective custody no charges have been filed with the cases under investigation a second local case of measles may have exposed others at two locations in the county that's according to county health officials who said today the person was fully immunized but had exposure to an eleven month old San Diego resident who contracted measles after recent trip to the Philippines and the San Diego Humane Society is reminding everyone to avoid bringing pats on hikes during periods of hot weather this after the humane society's emergency response team rescued a large dog showing signs of distress on the three sisters faults hiking trail into scans so the dog named Joey collapse and started panting heavily roughly a half mile along the trail you're never more than fifteen minutes away from the top stories.

nineteen twenty second five million dollars fifteen minutes million dollars seventeen year eleven month forty second ten month
"twenty two  twenty four" Discussed on Ariel Helwani's MMA Show

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"twenty two twenty four" Discussed on Ariel Helwani's MMA Show

"There's a line of right over there, June eighteenth to August twenty seventh that's tomorrow, music, I like how ends right over there. So that's the contender series. We'll talk to Brendan lock Nane. Later on in the program about his fight tomorrow, on the Dana white contenders, here showed we have our next guest or do I need to vamp as they say. In the business corporate, I knew he was going to say it's such a such a corporate word fab. It's like effort effort vamp. There you go. He's efforting our next guest. Our next guest is known to some as PVC to others as patrons. And in fact, her husband is a product of the contender series show. And I still feel till this day that it was a huge mistake to not sign him, but that's a different argument for a different day. She announced recently that she underwent surgery again, on her arm, and she posted a most gruesome photo of said arm on social media. In fact, I was eating when I saw this photo, and I stopped eating promptly afterwards. It was very graphic. Do we have that photo? Are we allowed to show that photo is that a thing where a lot to do or if you're eating take a break right now? Oh my God. She's louise. Page. How are you? Oh my gosh. Look at this. Hello. Say Hello to you, as I look at the inside of your arm right over their side of my body. Oh my gosh. This is something else. How are you feeling good know? Good. I'm you know, all cast it up and actually at Starbucks right now it's my first day where I was allowed to be out of the house for the first four days, I had to have my arm elevated twenty twenty two twenty four hours a day. So I had to like sit on the couch for twenty hours a day I was going absolutely insane. So this is the day. I got to get out of the house and. I'm just hanging out at Starbucks. Well, I appreciate you doing this, in the midst of your sort of, you know, get out of jail, free moment of when did you have that surgery? It was on Thursday, so early Thursday morning. I had this urge. Serie. So I'm about four or five days out of surgery. I would say, yeah, so it's. Number three, it's been rest. This one, actually, I will say, I haven't extremely positive mindset about it Ben here done before this was amazing. And everything it's been this surgery so far. So, you know, I'm actually feeling feeling it. Okay. Why did you need the surgery? Yeah. So everything went fine with my first break, like, where I broke my arm the first time. So I broke it, but I had surgery surgery fail. Broke it again. The second time this one, I thought in January beat Rachel. Was sparring the week after and I- fractured in a completely different spot in my arm, and fractured around the play which happens, I guess in it. Yes. And I went, you know. A month or so before I even got the results back that was fracture..

Starbucks Brendan Rachel Ben twenty twenty two twenty four twenty hours five days four days
"twenty two  twenty four" Discussed on Pet Life Radio

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"twenty two twenty four" Discussed on Pet Life Radio

"Welcome back everyone. We're talking t- Daniel Rodman he is the CEO and founder of pretty litter. So we're talking about how pretty litter is such a great health monitoring system. So I know my audience, well, and I know they're probably thinking, I wonder how this works because you put the litter, you know, in your litter box, and whether it's you, and it works, I know for regular litter boxes and automated litter, boxes and cats do their business. And then they hide it more. Good cats. Do so can you still see it? If there's a color change one hundred percent. So what happens is that after the cat does business and the litters responding to the cats urine. And what will happen is that even if the at users their paws to dig into the litter and then cover the spot where they Pete that you litter that they're putting the other side of the litterbox on topic litter will also react because. Any part of the litter that comes into contact with the urine itself will change color. So seeing that urine color changes is a very visible thing. And in addition to that will continue to happen repeatedly. Right. So if there's something actually wrong with your house every time you goes to pe- as long as it's one of the actual issues that pretty little response to which is a variety of different things that are correlated to fifty level back literally levels of blood, which you can see on our home page of our website at pretty litter dot com, and we describe all of those things potential medical conditions. Very common thing that you take a cat the vet for every time. Your cat will go to the box in and tinkle. You will see that color change. So it will be abundantly clear to the owner, regardless of whether or not the cat likes to dig and cover their waste or just from the very next time. They go never been an issue with any of our customers knowing the something's wrong. Okay. And generally pretty literature turns there's three colors right read if there's blood in the urinary. Could be urinary tract infection. There's also blue or dark green and orange. What did those two mean? Sure. So the Redwood beat indication of blood in the urine, which you know is never ideal. And sometimes, you know, blood candy an indication of attractive section, but can also be an indication of more serious issues. And obviously, it's a little turns red, you're gonna wanna take your cat into the vetting mmediately when it comes to for example, blue that's indication of high alkalinity, which could be certain metabolic disorders feline Lorena right track disorder could you potential crystals as well. You also can see the little turn into a orange or green and those both can represent a lower acidity level, which can be kidney acid calcium oxalate all of those things are fancy terms for a variety of different issues that can be seen through urine. And that is something that I experienced gingy because towards the end of her life. I was fascinated watching the vet not just pull blood but consistently run a urinalysis. And I I came to understand the power. Of urine as an indicator as a health monitoring tool so of eighty would be considered incongruent from a ph level in the urine, or for example, blood can be correlated to a variety of different potential issues or illnesses that we would want you to go to the vet. We designed pretty litter not to be diagnostic only a licensed that could do that for you. But we wanted to be able to create a tool for this early detection. It's like an alert system saying, hey, I know your cats acting fine and all his well, but you know, this literature change color, and maybe worth you taking your cat for a wellness check and make sure that everything's okay. Say you said, you know, you mentioned that several times on different questions on your website, which I think is important because you want to monitor it, it's not a diagnostic though to your vet. Because right, there could be other things but also to monitor over either like a mentioned, I twenty four forty eight hour period because diet changes could could possibly change have an effect is that correct? Plus weather's. Yes. For sure cats. Cats are great, you know, there are fickle bunch and they get stressed out six we do. And so when it comes to stress and your examples of things that can cause stress in a cat. You mentioned any type of diet change could actually change the ph levels in on a temporary basis stressful things, like intense weather, if there's any stresses in the household that can also contributed to it people coming around that they don't know. Or don't recognize what these things end up doing is creating temporary potential spikes in the alkalinity or a lower. Of the city level in a kept urine. But typically those pass within twenty four hours. So what we recommend to all of our cat owners. Is you see a color change in the urine just monitor monitoring for twenty four to forty eight hours. If you see that color change, consistently persist past that point, you know, that it's it's probably good idea to go. Visit the vet. What do you do if you have a multi cat household? Oh, yeah. It's a great question that more than half of our customers are multi cat households pretty easy solution. It's very similar to what you do participate. You had a dinner party. And you didn't want the cats running around. You just have to isolate them, but the litterbox typically what I would do because I I have two cats if there's ever a color change. I just leave my cat with the litterbox for about an hour, either in the restroom or in the garage. And that way you're able to isolate them and then after about an hour you come back in just take a look at the litter box, and it's a pretty easy game. And being able to figure out which cat created the color change. It's very good idea. Just report, and it's good to know of raw. I mean, we have you know, we don't encourage it. But we only have cat owners where you know, they have multi households and they see the litter change color, and they say, hey, I wanna take all my cats that I wanna make sure they're okay. But we we don't think that that's necessary. It's it's a pretty simple straightforward things. The process of elimination. Just give them a little bit of time with the litter box, and they'll you'll see right away for yourself, which might be having an issue. Okay. And Daniel earlier you. Mentioned that you know, it's nice and soft for cats pies. So a machining it's also safe for cats. What about for kittens hundred percent, I really appreciate you asking that question because not only is pretty litter made of a very soft and very safe crystal formula, which comes from naturally occurring minerals that is one hundred percent digestible easily pass through both a cat and a kitten system, and because of the low dust, you're gonna see less sneezing and less issues with cats that are as Matic than you would see with other litters, it is worthy pointing out that there is not enough information out there, in my opinion around Ben tonight clay litter also known as clumping litter, which is what most folks use clumping clay litter and be the reason for that is pretty litter as a non coping formula the way the pretty little works is our crystals will absorb the urine trap, the odor and evaporate. The moisture most urine contains water and were able to evacuate all that moisture trap. All you have to do is toss the poop and mixed the litter, and you will see the litter worse. It's magic by Evaporating. The urine waste we prefer that strong only because of that created light way, but we avoid clumping, and we're not about the clump whereabout dumping the clump because from our perspective clumping. Ben tonight, clay litter has some adverse effects, for example, when a cat licks their pause after they leave the litterbox that they're using clumping clay litter that clumping litter acts as an attractive, so when it comes into contact with moisture it grows in size. That's how it creates that rock in that clump. Well that happens inside a cast. I just attract when they lick their paws, and they ingest clumping litter. So from our perspective, we work really hard at avoiding creating any type of potential health issues as a result of using glitter. And there's certainly a number of that's out there that recognized the value in natural litters as well as crystal litters and moving away from clumping. Ben tonight, clay litters, which is the most common form of litter. That's out there. So. I can assure all of your listeners that pretty litter is completely safe for cats completely safe for kittens and partly ideally, even better and safer than your regular Cup. And clay litter might be definitely worthy asking your opinion on it. Okay. So it's the litter dozen clump and your cat, urinate, what they let are absorbed the urine it absorbs the urine and evaporates the moisture content, which is water, which is the vast majority of your so all it does is it will trap the odor any type of bacteria that exists from the urine, it evaporates, the moisture it works like magic, your cat will urinate in the box, and you come back in our later, and it's gone. All you have to do is just toss the poop in the litter and just mix it. So that you make sure that all the crystals rickety the opportunity to absorb the moisture from the urine and a one bag supply of pretty litter last thirty days, so right now, depending on the size of your litterbox. We would either send you a Ford average size litterbox four pounds or a large litterbox six pounds, and we ship it for free directly to your home. And that one supply will last one month per tax. If you have two cats are the two bags if you have three cats three packs, but it's one bag per cat per month. All you have to do receive the bag at your front door. Rip open the top poured into the litterbox. Let your cat use it at there. Will just toss the poop on a daily basis and mixed the litter and the odor control too, low dust, everything that you would want from your litter will work the same on day thirty as it did on day one. It will ask to its full thirty days, which is why eighty percent lighter than a one month supply of clumping clay litter back the average one month supply of clumping clay litter can be up to twenty four pounds per cat because clumping litter needs to be replaced these replenished throughout the month. Every time your cat and Kohl's are uses the bathroom, and it creates clump, you're gonna have to scoop that clump out, and you have to keep replenishing the litter with more of that clay clumping litter. Well, over time as it keeps depleting because you keep tossing out the klumps, you have to replenish that you need more and more and more and come to find out that after the course of a month us twenty two twenty four pounds of clay litter. Because pretty there doesn't clump at evaporates all the urine. All you could do is toss. The poop. I'm at one four to six pound bag do the work for you for an entire thirty days. And we have a third. Thirty day guarantee. And we have amazingly loyal and extremely satisfied customers..

Ben Daniel Rodman urinary tract infection Pete CEO Kohl founder sneezing thirty days one month one hundred percent twenty two twenty four pounds twenty four forty eight hour twenty four pounds forty eight hours twenty four hours hundred percent eighty percent
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"Let's take a look at a player doing more for his team. How about Russell Westbrook posted is thirty second. Triple double of the season to carry the thunder past the T wolves one thirty two to one twenty six in Minneapolis. Westbrook. Finished with twenty seven points, fifteen assists and ten rebounds for okay? Say which one its third in a row bogus. You wanna talk about nonsense. Tell you about nonsense and that is this dopey D. Wade Paul Pierce debate. Where Pierce's saying he's had a better career way to say he's had a better career. I mean is this really what it comes down to when you know, you're working studio. If your peers weighed at the end of the career now everyone's celebrated waxing poetic as he's doing his Derek jeeter like tore or has done is Derek jeeter like tour around the NBA. I mean it gets. To a point. I mean, you gotta be kidding me. He's since these are things that make me mad that TASR is off today because I didn't want to know about this. I saw the headlines I did wanna process Paul Pierce, his weird argument, but I had to because I'm sitting here today because TASR was sitting here overnight talking wrestlemainia. Yes. And I knew going to come up. It's I mean, come on Paul Pierce, a really really really good player. But you're not wait. I mean, stop it. Well, I mean, but who I mean who can I mean show now Dwayne Wade on supporters? What is the third greatest shooting guard of all time? I mean, what it comes down to of levels, and you could characterize individually big game. And Paul Pierce was an unbelievable became player. So any just was a remarkably clutch player had a lot of. So if you're going to talk about clutch factor. How you got a great players. I mean weighed thirteen top all storytime ole NBA three-time defense three rings peers ten time all star four time all NBA zero all defense one ring. So you're gonna look at it. Yeah. Wade's bit better. Player over the course of his career at five Paul Pierce makes makes him. But this is what it comes down to. I mean, this is how great players now. If you're asking me big game moment last second shot who do I wanna take a shot Pierce or wave? Every day of the week and eight times on Sunday when Paul Pierce taken that shop. Now, you gotta tell me who's had a better career. I tell you Twain's at a better career busy as. But I mean, those are I mean, but we're in a debate. Now where you have two guys also Paul Pierce kin create this debate either which is a whole other thing is it wasn't like somebody else on that panel saying it and led to of actual valid conversation. Paul Pierce can't be whining about stop loving, Dwayne Wade. I was better than him. I can't start that way. I mean, the victory towards nauseating. It is a little nauseated is where you get. I mean twain Wade has hung on here for literally two years. He actually hasn't been and Mike and confirm or deny this. He hasn't been that bad this year. Why wouldn't be in? I I understand has not been that bad down on my he was brutal year ago. It was not Grady eight he's he's nowhere near the player. Once was he's hanging. If you wanna talk about twain, wait, if you're if you're showing up to watch D weight, and and playing now and at the at this ripe old age as compared to when he was in his prime say play, that's fine. You want to get paid Miami wants to pay you. Remember, he got the offer from the Chinese best will league, of course, the off season. They were going to give them what twenty two twenty four million dollars to go play over in China one year. God bless I don't hold any oil against that's fine. Make all the money you could possibly make. That's all well and good the victory tour, though where you announce it and it got to be much with MO with the Yankees with jeeter with the Yankees. It's a little much here with weight and this kind of self serving. It's a little much. I mean, how many times can you have your rear end kissed over the span of six months. I mean, honestly. And then I'm good. So Paul Pierce. I agree with you throws out there. He's a better player than twain. Everyone's all up in arms like he just robbed a Bank. I mean, who the hell cares? It's all to you. At the end of it. Okay. I mean, waiting is what three titles, let's be realistic here. And that first championship you want to talk about officiating shack. I mean how many times that Dallas team? That was a great team that they were sending way down to the free throw line any possible chance they could it that series. You know that bogus. If all about bad officiating thing that series. They set free role on all the time. He how worked up you are this is why didn't wanna know about these things..

Paul Pierce twain Wade D. Wade Paul Pierce Dwayne Wade Yankees NBA Russell Westbrook Derek jeeter China T Minneapolis Mike Dallas Miami Grady twenty two twenty four million thirty second six months two years one year
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"When's the last time you checked your credit score those three digit scores can have a huge impact on your financial life. Credit? Karma can help you with free scores. Free reports and free monitoring credit karma also gives you the tips, tools and advice, you need to understand your credit and how to improve it you can even spot. Potential errors on your credit report that can mean better interest rates on loans and credit cards, which can save you thousands of dollars in the long run signing up completely free. No credit card needed. Visit credit karma dot com or download the credit karma app. Now corn decor brings you the okay. See home and outdoor living show March twenty second through twenty four at state fair park with hundreds of experts. This is the place to find great deals. New ideas. Impractical advice exposure styles adventure side with tips from carpenter Brett tutor of TLC's trading spaces. Plus, check out local chefs whipping up at the all new can stage from kitchens, and patios and more you'll Casey home and outdoor living show March twenty second twenty four buy tickets online at save two dollars home show. Okay. See dot com. Politics here every day. News Radio one thousand KT. Okay. Officially kicks starting your weekend with the cool kids. This is the drive with Leigh Matthews. You are a cool kid for this after dude on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. I'm going to try to be cool and get your home with traffic and weather together as promised on NewsRadio one thousand Katie..

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"O'casey home and outdoor living show, March twenty second through twenty four at state fair park with hundreds of experts. This is the place to find great deals. New ideas. Impractical advice exposure styles adventure side with tips from carpenter Brett Tudor ABC's trading spaces. Plus check out with local Jessica whipping up at the all new cooking stage from kitchens and baths, patios and more you'll Casey home and outdoor living show March twenty second twenty four buy tickets online. It's a two dollars at home show. Okay. See dot com. Guys, if you're one of the many men dealing with rectal dysfunction, you know, the strain that it can put on your relationship. Maybe you tried the blue pill with no success or had harsh side effects. Now, there are real treatment options available to you. Dr how soon a trusted Oklahoma City urologist with over twenty five years of experience is proud to announce the opening of America's number one men's clinic right here in okay? See numale medical center. Tens of thousands of men have reclaimed their sex life. Thanks to the treatments that new numale. And if you've been feeling tired moody, low libido or losing muscle mass. You may have low testosterone numale can help with that too giving you back your energy lebeau, mental clarity and muscle mass. Call the experts in men's health numale medical today at four zero five two six six sixteen sixty two or visit them online at new mail dot com. That's N U M A L E dot com. Call numale at four zero five two six six one six six two that's four zero five to six. Six one six six to numale medical the leader in men's health, diabetes high blood pressure anxiety meds. Everyone's on them. If you're a fifty year old male, maybe a bit Porky, and you may even have type two diabetes, a million dollars of term insurance may only cost you about two hundred bucks a month. Call term provider speak with big Lou at eight hundred five hundred five fifteen zero nine big Lou will find a term life policy for you. Even if you have type two, diabetes, or overweight or have high blood pressure? Term provider has helped thousands of people like you think they can't afford term life insurance to buy a million dollars of affordable term life for you. All you need to do is call big Lou at eight hundred. Whatever you dream up party said he will help you bring it to life. So this ain't Patrick's Day get all the green you need like festive, hats, beads, and tease. You'll.

Lou numale medical center Brett Tudor ABC state fair park feeling tired testosterone Jessica Oklahoma City Casey lebeau Patrick America million dollars twenty second twenty five years two dollars fifty year
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"At providence Baptist church, the president signing bibles and outside stopping by memorial with twenty three white crosses. But on the way to Alabama. President Trump waiting on his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort and on Michael Cohen's claim about a pardon. Here's ABC's senior national correspondent, Terry Moran. President Trump today ripped into his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen for declaring under oath that. He never sought a pardon. My gone lied about department. Stone cold lie. And he's lied about a lot of things before congress Cohen was clear. I have never asked for nor would I accept a pardon from President Trump. But later his team acknowledged Cohen had in fact, asked his lawyer to reach out to the president's attorney Rudy Giuliani to discuss the possibility he knew all about parts as lawyers said that they went to my lawyers, and as Lauren and then on Twitter Trump went further he directly asked me for a pardon. I said, no he lied again at stake in this unseemly. Feud is Michael Coen's credibility already shaky and he fired back at the president tweeting. Just another set of lies today. BC's cure Phillips as Trump of hill. Pardon another former associate who's facing prison, his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, are you willing out apart in for Manafort? I don't even discuss it. I have building when discussing it is you. I haven't discussed it metaphor. Face. The prospect of decades in prison federal guidelines called for a sentence of twenty two twenty four years for his crimes, but judge T S Ellis gave him just forty seven months less than four years a stunning active leniency based the judge said on what he called Paul manafort's, otherwise blameless life, Democrats were outraged but not President Trump, I feel very badly..

President Trump congress Cohen president Paul Manafort chairman Rudy Giuliani providence Baptist church Michael Coen Terry Moran Alabama ABC Twitter Lauren Ellis BC Phillips attorney twenty two twenty four years forty seven months four years
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"Or by starting to wake up here on a breezy Saturday morning. Check in with a good friend de hubs Dylan Hubbard over at Hubbard's, marina, I went out to your world, my friend on Monday, and it was crazy. Yeah. It was crazy, dude. What a what a while. Real fisherman booed. I'll tell you what it was. You know, what it's not the fishing part of that. That bothers me it's the three and a half hour. That was like that was going like big, dude, I'm telling you I stepped in the gym on Wednesday afternoon, bro. Was I saw. Everything my arms my back. I'm like good. God feels like I got my. But what by twenty five pound gag grouper. Nice rush Jurassic Park out there, dude. I can't tell you. How many of them big gags? We caught big red grouper big American Red. I mean, the AJ's were swimming around. We got some Benita going on top of a wreck out there. It was crazy. What a crazy world is just so incredible. The size of the fish out there anywhere past about two hundred and fifty three hundred foot of water people. Just don't get out there. A lot. Very very unique fishing once you get past like five hundred four fifty five hundred you stop seeing the gag of the record for the ember. Jackie start running into those Kyle fish does yellow as snow grouper those barrel session. Those Rosie's the glass side snappers stuff that people don't even know about that national ring fisheries haven't found out about. Yes. Yeah. It was pretty neat. It was pretty neat. Dude. We were using like whole lady fish like. Oh, yeah. Not ten inch lady fish. But like twenty two twenty four inch lady fish. You gotta go big. It was crazy, dude. Big giant mullet. And all I was just like good. God. Larger hold squid is great option big Benita strips, and he really big oily nasty smelly baked once you get down. There. It starts getting dark the smell that date. Sure. Needs to be bulky makes sense makes us good stuff. So what you got for me talk to me. Well, the hawks I is just remaining out of this world with some of the best hawks issue we've seen and what string rarely I mean our ten hour all day on Tuesday had eighteen keeper hawks are Thursday. Ten hour had fifteen keeper hawks are private charters are catching a couple dozen hogs in his shot. I mean, just incredible hulk fish by this past week how much water Fernandez. How much water on the hog faced by? Typically, anywhere from about forty to seventy four of water is working very well for the hawk fish. A little bit deeper is a great option for those holidays right now, there's a lot of pressure on them. So we're working out deeper, and it seems to be working better. And better some really big hogs. We caught one this week that was pushing twenty four inches. So there's some really good size to him out there and that near-shore water. The naked ball. Jake was definitely the hot by this week. We had a one ounce naked Baltic Cristina Fernandez one of our regulars club members. Tipped with shrimp, and she caught a hog fish limit. She limited out on the hawks fish during that ten hour all day trip Tuesday. So definitely a great time to get out there and get after those hogs near-shore, we're seeing a lot of the mangrove snapper as well mixed in with those hoaxes while we're targeting hawks were picking up a lot of negroes offshore grow snapper to anywhere from about fifty to sixty four the water out to about one hundred thirty foot. We're seeing a lot of mangrove snapper action in some really good size to them that big rig, snapper. That's impressive had the big the even the mangroves due to Cam Ryan Rickard posted a post yesterday. They were catching them twenty five inches one. After another monster mangoes one hundred and forty feet. Really really impressive. Snapper, even near-shore. We're seeing sixteen eighteen nineteen inch mangrove snapper consistently inside of one hundred foot of water. And then once you get out there deeper closer to one hundred twenty eight hundred and thirty eight hundred forty you're definitely seeing those larger six seven eight town mangrove, snapper. We caught an old bankruptcy. Yeah. That's it. You gotta definitely go a little further for those red grouper. We've got that deep water cold you're going on now. So the twenty five of them closure. You can't keep breaker for beyond a hundred twenty foot of water or and beyond that twenty thousand closure line, which is listed on the national fishery website. We're seeing a lot of tovia offshore. And then we have our app WC commission meeting coming up this February twentieth and twenty first in Gainesville gonna be heading up there to talk to the commission about that state management amendment coming up in our federal waters wanna make sure that commissioned. Here's from us about our state management needs. And they're starting to work on that two thousand nineteen that's Napa season looking at about thirty two days starting June eleventh for the private recreational anglers and then June first for about sixty days on the federal four higher sleep on party boats and charter boats in the Gulf of Mexico. So looking forward to it. A great red snapper season in two thousand nineteen sure. And we have a special livestream show tomorrow night. We're giving away over seven hundred dollars in free trips since the Super Bowl messed up. Our last episode and not streaming fisheries meeting. Messed up the episode before that we're going to get a lot of three trips tomorrow night. Good stuff D hubs Toubon. They can find you over there. You could check.

hawks Benita Dylan Hubbard Cristina Fernandez Mexico Jackie Cam Ryan Rickard Gainesville Napa Jake ten hour sixteen eighteen nineteen inch twenty two twenty four inch fifty three hundred foot one hundred thirty foot seven hundred dollars hundred twenty foot twenty five inches
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"You can end up with what referred who's pulmonary Damon? It's a fluid on the lungs. You could end up with increased blood pressure. A healthy. Adult has got a blood pressure of one twentieth. Icty we've had Irukandji patients where they blood pressure goes to sort of, you know, to to ten to twenty of a a hundred and what that does is load up the pressure and oil vines, and Autry, and if you have a weak spot somewhere in Autry, and if it happens to be for example in your head, and it blows we can't cite it and the two dates we've had from Keynesian drive anywhere in the world have been exactly that. There are cures that exist. List? They're just inconsistent. Here's Theresa again when we don't night. Nearly enough about the venoms and how they working there's no one treatment fits all. Because we literally dealing with it a large amount of different Spacey's, and they present so differently as well. Impatience? There's only one commonality among people who have been stung the doom part in the beginning Jamie couldn't figure out whether it was physiological or psychological originally thought all of this was psychosomatic. And there was a psychological component to it. The doctors a bicycling going. Well, look, we cannot give you any more moving because if we do we're gonna kill you. So you'll just gonna have to rod this out. So you know, it psychosomatic God this is going to go wrong. What's wrong? Now. I've been the eleven times, I know exactly what he's going to happen. And that feeling he's still the there have been multiple reports of people with air Kanji syndrome, asking the doctor to straight up euthanize them, even when they understand intellectually Howard, dick euless of an idea that is these feeling of being painting doom. It's we think it's sort of like a flight of fight response. So that if I scare you you get a big adrenalin rush. And so what happens is you blood pressure goes up hot right goes up and you'll buddies responses get something's going to go wrong. That's what we think happens with your Kenji, Ben. And when you stung that not you get these release of adrenaline, but not just a little bit full half a second. But a lot of adrenaline over a period of fifteen twenty twenty two twenty four hours part of why Jamie, and Theresa have been studying these creatures in Australia is because there's an impact there. They represent a friction point for the local tourism economy. It's pretty contentious. So it's not an animal that bond lodge goes backwards by the impacts of humans in the environment. It goes the other way, and as we put more more people who would have more people are to gets done. Are there any positive things that could come out of the study of these jellyfish? Oh, absolutely. For example. If we if we go back to. Books jellyfish with pretty suit? And we've got a component adult of the venom from big box V that will cure athritis. We can certainly cure arthritis in mice with components of that minimum. And one of the things that we think that we can get at Erie Kenji venom is switching on if you will inflammation channels in the human system. Jamie says the complexity of Irukandji venom and its connection to the human immune system means it could be potentially used for everything from irritable bowel syndrome to asthma. We just have to get better at understanding the group of jellyfish who stings results in Aera Kanji syndrome, which you're like dream scenario. They're the one that I really like at the moment that we playing around with is the potential KUA for arthritis. I mean, can you imagine somebody and few assigned to the Mike? We can maybe get rid of seventy to eighty percent of you'll pine from Thrace mean that to me would be phenomenal. It really would you can bear me in the grant and OB. Happy man, whether or not a miracle drug made from Aera Kanji venom, ever surfaces, Jamie Seymour, and Theresa Keret seemed optimistic their research will continue the reason they say that as climate change impacts ocean. Environments Irukandji jellyfish are expanding their territory from the tropics north and south for here. And now, I'm Ben Brock Johnson..

Jamie Seymour Theresa Keret Autry Icty Damon Erie Kenji Ben Brock Johnson Kenji Mike Howard Spacey Australia bowel syndrome asthma fifteen twenty twenty two twen eighty percent
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"Has a new owner and the ghost mall down in elk grove is not going to be reopened or at least. They're they're not going to finish building it as planned the mall businesses difficult right now, it is less. You're a high end destination type mall. It's it's going to be difficult. I mean, think of the malls in your area, and how many have big pieces of real estate sitting empty think of the corner of El Camino, and what how many thousands of square feet sitting empty right there. And this isn't a good economy. A good economy where the consumers engage the consumer spending money. You know, I mean, there's only so many gyms in thrift stores you can put into some of these spaces. So what happens to them? I I don't know. Maybe they become fulfillment centers for for some big online retailer. But some of these malls are going to have a very tough Govan. No doubt about people get more and more comfortable with with digital shopping. Market overall day stock market. I should say is up on good Bank, earnings out of Goldman out of Bank of America. We have Sears reaching a deal that he Lampert to save four hundred stores at least for now. These he hasn't put forth any new strategy to make them profitable. But at least they're not going to shut their doors yet. And of course, Brexit continues to weigh on the market to not to mention the government shutdown so plenty to discuss. But overall, the tone has been good in January for the stock market. Dow up one twenty two twenty four thousand one eighty eight NASDAQ up sixteen seventy forty the SNP up six down slightly gold up six twelve ninety four announced ten year bond yield two point seven two percent. Thanks, kelli. Eight.

Lampert good Bank elk grove Govan El Camino kelli Sears Bank of America government Goldman Brexit seven two percent ten year
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"The number is eight seven seven three eight five twenty two twenty four that is our phone number eight seven seven three eight five twenty to twenty four. And the website is America's healthcare advocate dot com. America's healthcare advocate dot com. You can go up there. You can see a tab click. It'll tell you send us an Email. There's a little form there to fill out some very basic information. So we can reach out to you and help you either move to a different planned. Explain the one you're on a whatever the case may be we are happy to do that. And to make sure you understand what your options are as we move into this open enrollment season. For Marie reiterate one more time November first December fifteenth it's over after December fifteenth a very short window this year, forty five days. Okay. That's critical that you understand that please do not wait until December fourteenth to call us or reach out to us. These are the Email whatever the case may be let me explain the government websites frequently go down and have not functioned they've gotten better. Okay. They've gotten a lot better than what they were when Kathleen civilians set them up to start with when she was head of health and human services that was the disaster. But they have. Improve. But they still when a lot of people go on those websites are trying to enroll they crash. So we frequently find ourselves two three four hours sometimes with no access that if that happens on the on the fourteenth of the twelfth. And you've waited we may, you know, we're going to have trouble getting you on because this is what everybody does they wait. And then they're all like lemmings to the C trying to get coverage in place in brokers are on there. Trying to help you get coverage in place to do what needs to be done and let me touch on something here. Yes. You can go up and do this yourself. I wish you a lot of luck. Okay. You're not paying any more to have us do this as a certified broker certified with CMS to do this work that we take twenty two hours of training every year. So that we can qualify bay hip training to to move forward and offer these plants and explain these plans to our clients. In addition, the fact that we have to go train on each one of the carriers websites to be certified by them. So we're not navigators were not sisters. We are certified licensed brokers who understand how this works. Whether you do it through us or you do it on your own or use one of these semi trained. Sisters navigators, the cost is the same. So there's no difference in premium. You're not going to save a nickel by going to somebody else. Here's what is going to happen when you have a claims issue. Okay. When you have a provider issue, if you did this on your own it's between you and the one eight hundred I don't give a damn number at the carrier. Okay. If on the other hand, you had used us, and we are the broker than we are happy to intercede on your behalf and be your advocate, meaning that we will take that e b explanation of benefits we will go to the carrier, and we will find out why it wasn't paid. Was it misquoted the hospital, the doctor the lab, whatever the case may be was it at a network was a mistake on the carriers part. What was? Was the issue. Okay. And then we'll come back to you with a fix or with an explanation. We don't always get it done the way we'd like to have done, meaning it's all taken care of and paid. But we do make sure that you understand the issue and most of the time it does get in it does get resolved. So because a lot of times these issues are the providers misquoting the bills or doing something else. So once again using a broker to do this work in our case benefits by design our company makes no difference in cost. But you do have somebody there throughout the year. If you have issues questions problems, whatever the case may be. So that's part of what we do. Again. If you think you need help if you're moving. From one plan to another..

Marie America Kathleen two three four hours twenty two hours forty five days