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Quickie: How to Separate Personal and Professional Values

The Minimalists Podcast

06:56 min | 1 year ago

Quickie: How to Separate Personal and Professional Values

"Dan? Minimus. Lucas in New Zealand says he's a question about ambition. How do I stay mindful of my personal values despite contrary professional values being thrust upon me in the workplace? And I guess the question that I would opin to this is does ambition help more than it hurts. Or is it actually harmful? Is it is ambitious toxic in a way. Certainly can be toxic may, it's it's not. Yeah. I mean, there there is the, the totally egocentric narcissistic. Pathology of ambition, and hence, hence the question, but on some level, I it can be purified by a different set of goals me like he like you, can, you can look if you just want to be famous. That's one thing I would put that on the toxic side, and it's also on the confused side because you're not recognizing all the downsides that come with fame, but. You can also just want agency because you realize there's an opportunity to do a lot of good in the world, right? Like you just you just want to be able to, to. Get your good ideas out there or have interesting conversations at a higher higher level. Right. So, so, yeah, I think you can draw a lot of energy that is very positive and can be motivated by compassion and interest in Kenya. Curate MC curiosity and compassion. You know, dial all the way up in terms of the kind of the energy can look a lot like ambition, you know, maybe it could be somebody just wants to make art and loves making art and then find an audience that appreciates that art. And then all of a sudden, you know, whatever your Lear lady Gaga or somebody who's just at the absolute summit of fame, and apparently, apparent ambitions realized, but, you know, I'm just just picking out of thin air. I don't know if he's ambitious or not. But or ego Centric or not. But the you could there's no reason why you couldn't have that level of success. And that level of Dr. Purely for creative altruistic reasons. I mean it's just energy on that level. So there's there's both forms of it. Now, what about the, the values piece here? So so looks saying, you know, I how do I say mindful of my personal values when they're contrary professional values being thrust upon me? Right. I think about. If you're working a job, that is completely out of line with your values, even way out of aligned with your values. Right. Right. Y-. You're gonna feel some some discontent there. There's going to be some some pulling and tugging that, that you actually won't be able to do anything about if you continue to work for that company. I mean it's when I think about this question makes me think about, and I'm going to push this, quote from thorough, but it's, you know matter of being busy. But it's what you're busy about. Yeah. And I mean, that's the question that Lucas has asked or anyone else out there who seeking a fame or, you know, just doing work for the sake of work. It's like what are you actually working towards so at a company where your your values are out of alignment, that's, that's, that's gonna lead to a dead end of eventually, right? Yeah, I would agree. I think there's, you know, the framing can do a lot. I think there's, there things that can be stigmatized as negative, which aren't necessarily negative. But obviously, there are things that are negative, which, which, you know, you're gonna there's a a. A real hypocrisy or real conflict in lending any energy to that. 'cause if if it's not your cause, but I mean there are things. I mean, I guess what I'm trying to carve out here is that, there are things that can seem superficial and would would not be on anybody's list of valuable contributions to society, which insert circumstances can be quite valuable. I mean just like you know, just kind of mindless entertainment, right? Like if you're working, if you're producing some show that you don't think all that good. It's not certainly not profound in any way. But the reality is, is that there are a lot of people who are living very stressful lives, who by even just tuning out for twenty two minutes on that show are is good for them, right? Yeah. You know, and it's and it's just and this is actually this is even true with meditation. I mean so there's some people who are saying, you know, I'm, I'm so stressed out, I'm so unhappy. There's so much going. On in my life. I find that if I sit down to meditate it just it feels worse. Right. Like I'm just ruminating about my problems. I mean, honestly, I would. There are many cases where it would be skillful, just go watch game of thrones. Right. I mean like that allows you to forget about your problems for that period, just to just to provide some relief. That's a, that's a can be totally skillful reset, you know. So it's not it's not that you everything has to be, you know, profound all the time. But yeah, no, there's there can be certainly a, there are toxic projects, which no ethical person would want to be associated with. And if you find yourself part of one of those, I think you, you gotta get out. Also, there's, there's profundity profundity in sort of banal experiences. I we might be doing something we might perceive as banal. I'm not really adding value to the world. But because I work changing oil average collector right or on a waiter a waitress. These are incredibly meaningful experience, or can be incredibly meaningful experiences, not just to the person, but also the people that you're serving your health. Ping solve problems. I think real society doesn't function without people like that. I think maybe ask that question, what are the problems on helping solve? And in, in doing this job this career with this mission that I'm working on. And then I think you could find great, meaning in helping other people solve those problems. All right. We hope you found value in that standalone quickey episode enjoyed it and you want more Ryan, and I record a long form. Maximal episode each week over at the minimalists private podcast, find all the details and all the good stuff, including an additional private podcast episode every week over at the minimalists dot com slash support. Lamma.

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You Can Have What You Ask For

GATE 1111 A Law Of Attraction Podcast

15:21 min | 1 year ago

You Can Have What You Ask For

"Hello and welcome to eleven eleven this podcast is designed to help people who are working to expand their consciousness. We believe here, the gate that the true power lies within each individual, as we raise our vibration in tune into the frequency of the laws of the universe weaken become delivered creators in life. Tune in each week and you will become an awakened super conscious being and in no time you will be manifest in your desires in changing thoughts into things. I promise. Are you ready to become a super conscious being? All right. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. And welcome back to the gate. I am so happy that you have tuned in today. Thank you for subscribing, guys. I totally appreciate it. And if you haven't please do so just hit the subscribe button right now. Thanks, thank you so much for subscribing. It is so good to have you guys tune-in coast to coast and around the world. People are listening to the podcast each week and I am so glad that you have joined in and I don't believe that it was by accident that you have tuned in. I believe that the universe has put you here for a reason because there's something in your life, that you're wanting to change that you're wanting to manifest. And you have you have been seeking and you've been searching and you've come across the podcast today, and I'm hoping that there is well, I'm not hoping, I know that there's something here. That's going to change your life. That you will become a better person because you've listened to the podcast. I'm just going to rant today. This is a special. I am ranting about being a super conscious awakened being, how do we become that super conscious awakened being, and the way that it has happened in my life is I've had to change? Number one is changing old habits old belief systems that no longer. Serve me in, in, in doing that is it. It's been hard. Yes. Because, you know, we're all programmed a certain way from birth of what to believe and how to believe whether it be from our our own parents, philosophies, and what they believe or it's mostly from our religious upbringing, and what they believe in have taught over the years. And I've had to get rid of some of those belief systems that no longer support me no longer provide for me so that I can believe in source energy at so that I could believe that God loves me and wants me to be prosperous and healthy and happy, and to be able to have those desires, that, I want, you know, the bible says, you, you can have the desires of your heart. If you will leave. And out not if you ask if you'll knock if you'll see it's all there for you to receive from the universe. It has been set up in a way that mankind can have everything their heart's desire, you can change your thoughts into things. If you believe you have to believe, before you see a so many people can't believe until they see it. I have heard over and over, if you show it to me, then I'll believe it, but you have to believe, before you see, and you have to believe in order to receive and so one of the other things is creating new habits of positive thinking, I had to practice having positive thoughts, I had to practice being in a good mood. Every day when I wake up, I had to practice getting up on the right side of the bed, every day, knowing that what, what I've asked for knowing that my desires are coming, whether I've received them or not, I had to create this new environment for myself in order to function in the laws of attraction to, to function in this new conscious awakened state, and it doesn't take much. It started out by meditating every day for seven minutes. I would set my alarm on my phone for seven minutes. And I would set in the floor. And I would just clear my mind thinking of nothing and yes, it would wonder off on a thought about work tomorrow, or something I need to do or, or don't forget to do something, but I had to learn to acknowledge those thoughts and let them pass. Don't go down the rabbit hole with those thoughts and start thinking of how you're going to finish the project at work. No, I would stop the thought breathe in breathe out. And the thought would be gone in my mind would be clear yen, and I would just sit and meditate and for seven minutes that's what I would do, while seven minutes became ten minutes, and then ten minutes became fifteen minutes and fifteen minutes became twenty two minutes. I don't know where the twenty two came from, but it became twenty two minutes and meditating just would clear my mind in it sets me up to receive from the universe. The spirit begins to speak through me the universe begins to manifest through me and I began to receive my desires, and when I say desires, or wants or manifesting things, it's not always about manifesting the material things the new home, the new car the new job. Sometimes it's just manifesting peace and love, and joy. And happiness being content in experiencing this new way of life. And it has made me, healthier and happier. I can't explain all that has happened in my life because I have been because I have chosen to become this awakened conscious being and to become that super conscious being is creating that habit of positive flow. So that is just something that is normal and natural in my life every day. And when something is going wrong to remember to go back to that place to remember to go back and become positive to change the negative thoughts that I'm having about the situation in that moment to change them to positive. I was coming home the other day. And I had a flat on the freeway. Now, I could have gotten out in kicked the tires and yelled and screamed and cust and but no, I got out I had the charter, I had the, the car, jacked up tire changed and everything done in less than six minutes and back on the highway, I went if, if I would have been negative and Cussing the universe for everything that had, you know, had just transpired. And, and having the flat, it wouldn't have taken me six minutes, it would have probably been twelve or fifteen because then I probably wouldn't have been able to get the lug nuts off. I wouldn't be able to get the car jacked up properly, you know, all of that negative energy brings more negative energy like attracts like you have to remember what you put out into the universe. What you put out comes back to you, and the more negative, you put out the more negative you're going to receive back in whatever situation in is in. In your life. You have to know that you are responsible for what's happening right now in your life. And if it is bad, it's because you've been putting out the negative about it. You've been speaking negative about the situation that's going on in your life. If you will learn to speak, positive speak, positive affirmations about your life and over your life, then the positive begins to happen, you begin to experience a total change in your life, and though, it may not be looked like it from the outside, or people may look and say, well, there's nothing different. You're still driving the same old car. You're still working at the same low paying job, but inside you something is taking place in happening. And it is getting you ready to receive that. A new car or that new job that more money whatever it is more love, if you're waiting on that. Maybe you're wanting to manifest that perfect person. I don't wanna say perfect, because I don't think any of us can be as perfect as we want to be. But you're wanting to manifest that lover in your life. They will only come when you win. You are ready when you have changed your way of thinking your way of seeing life. And if you want to have that perfect lover than you have to become perfect yourself, meaning that you need to change some old ways of living because you're gonna you're gonna continue to attrac-. Remember like attracts like, and you're going to attract the same type of person into your life that you are. So when you wanting to manifest, whatever it is in your life, you need to create positive vibration, a positive fibrous, and so that you can tune into the frequency that the universe operates in so that you can receive those positive things in your life. The lower your vibration. The, the more negative, you are the higher. The vibration, the more positive you are. And you can tune in to the correct frequency, so that you can receive from the universe so that God can bless you. You know, I my mind goes back to all of the scriptures in the bible that I learned as a kid when I began to think about the universe. And how great it is. For me, the universe is God, that source energy is God, God is not a man, this long haired, grey, bearded, man, that is floating around on the cloud or sitting on the throne. God is that ultimate energy that has created everything. And everything is God. And in that I am I am an expression of the infinite and God expresses through me. And it is his desire, that I prosper and be in good health. It is God's desire, that I have my heart's desire. God gives the desires of your heart, we just have to be on the receptive end the receiving side of it. And in order to receive we have to be tuned into the correct frequency. You can't tune your radio into ninety six point three FM expecting to hear the program that's playing on one or two point seven FM. We have to tune into the correct frequency in order to receive. So these are just some things that have gone on my life over the past few years and. And the abundance that has come. And when I speak of abundance, I'm not speaking of the abundance of wealth, or finances on speaking of the abundance of love, and joy, and peace in happiness. It is beyond my understanding where this. How it comes where it comes. It just comes. There's magic in it, and in the magic, you don't know, and you can't you can't figure out there's no formula. It just happens. These are the laws of the universe. We talk about the twelve universal laws. These are the laws that just are, and they have been since the foundation of time and time has forever ban. And God has and is and will be. And continues to impart in us. The power to live a more prosperous, happier. Peaceful live. That's just the way the universe is set up, you will get out of life what you put into life. And if you're putting in all the negative garbage than that's what you're going to receive back. But you can become a super conscious awakened being you. You can become a super manifester, and as you learn these laws, as you learn these techniques, you will become. What you desire. Okay, I'm done with my ranting this week. So thank you for joining me here at the gate this week. I am so excited that you fear so until next week, keep your vibrations. Hi, and I'll see. Bye bye.

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Introducing 1865


02:00 min | 1 year ago

Introducing 1865

"Telegram, April fifteenth eighteen sixty five Abraham. Lincoln died this morning at twenty two minutes after seven o'clock Christ almighty, we are in the middle of a cool Marceau, finding secure the vice president now right away, sir booth, the act. He's involved in this mess with Lincoln dawn, who will hold the south accountable. There is no one left, major. Only this office in those command, you and I are something of an arranged marriage Stanton. I didn't choose you. And you didn't choose me. I don't know if Johnson's a bumbling fool or something much more insidious, that man is no ABRAHAM LINCOLN. He's dangerous. Andrew Johnson is complicit murderer of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Mr President, Edwin Stanton has an agenda. I'm going to force Lincoln's reconstruction policy down Johnson's throw clan, as a Trojan force. Mr president. What's waiting inside the people won't blood, Mr President. I'm going to give it to them with without your support. Mr President, it confounds me. You can't see what's happening right under your very new. And no, which a problem problem, you're supposed to have on the control. This is from the prison. I know what it is major direct order from president Lincoln, no one can know about this secretary stand guy. Did he? Rush. I wear until every loyalists. So the general refuses to stand down as this rated until the will of the southern 'cause it's crushed beneath our feet until the head of Jefferson Davis deliver to me on a spike. No quarter will be given. They have killed our bring me head. Eighteen sixty five as Stoorikhel fiction podcast premiering, June. Eighteenth everywhere podcasts are found. Find out more at eighteen sixty five podcast dot com.

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Episode 452  Why Social Media Is A Bet You Cant Win What You Can Do About It?

The Bacon Podcast | Brian Basilico - Marketing Strategy Expert Interviews to CURE Your Marketing

10:20 min | 1 year ago

Episode 452 Why Social Media Is A Bet You Cant Win What You Can Do About It?

"Everyone agrees bacon makes everything better. Even marketing. This is the fake and podcast. You'll learn to cure your marketing Victor. Internet marketing, online, marketing, social media tips and techniques now to help you. Bring more bacon. Home master, marketing, sizzle, Brian basilica. This is the bacon podcast. Welcome everybody. I'm your host Brian basilica in this is the podcast where you learned to make your business sizzle online. So are you ready to fry up some new business? Hey, peeps. So today, I wanna talk about why social media is a bet you can't win and what you can do about it. Now, a lot of people bet their businesses on social media. I was in a client meeting where they were saying, how do we increase more sales from Instagram? Well, we have to derive traffic to where people spend money, right? But the key thing is Instagram does not allow you to put a link into opposed. You can create engagement. But it's really hard to drive traffic from Instagram. Same thing with face but same thing with linked in and Twitter. Those are all platforms, which are built around engagement. They want people to stay inside of their sandbox. They want people to play their why because they make more money when people are staying on their platform because they can sell more ads. So when you think about social media social media is built around advertising not about promoting your content unless you're paying for the advertising. Now, I personally think that there are great ways to use it and to build your business. But the average person walking in is like an amateur gambler at a casino, a professional gambler understands a lot more logic behind the games that they're playing, but us average citizens working in the social media platforms. Don't understand all of the back end sequences that happen. The deck is stacked against us when you walk into a casino if you're playing roulette and betting, let's say one hundred dollars an hour in the long run. You're gonna. Lose about five dollars and twenty five cents an hour, which means that you have basically about twenty hours, and you'll be broke. Odd. Believe me I played rule at I've lost a lot faster than that. But what the casinos are counting on is one particular thing, which is the loudest and most colorful attraction in the casino ended the tracks most first-time gamblers, and that's the slot machine. The odds of winning a considerable amount of money on a slot machine. Are extremely high yet it's near impossible for anybody to make money on it. Yeah. You can get lucky, but the odds of winning are really stacked in the favor of the casino. Now, I'm not saying this social media platforms are casinos. But they're in the business of making money just like a casino is. So if you think about social media, it's kind of like the slot machine. It's the bright. Shiny object that gets everybody's attention. The average person spends around twenty two minutes in Facebook a day. They spend maybe about four minutes a day on Lincoln nowhere near as much time. But here's the thing about social media that you have to be aware of first and foremost, you don't own it everything you put up there. You don't own. Now, you may put a link from something you do on, for example, like a podcast or a blog or graphic you've created, but you don't own it. And Secondly, you cannot control what scene. Yeah. You can play this system. You can buy ads and you can game the system you can get people liking share. But you still don't control the overall experience of the end user, and the other part of this is you cannot rely on the statistics that they provide you let's say you have a business page when you look at the stats that they give you when you dig deep into your business page. They're not there to help you promote your content. Organically. They're there to help you sell ads as a matter of fact, they constantly say this post is doing better than others. You should boost it to get more traffic. The statistics are basically advertising to you to spend money on the platform. So that your stuff can be seen more. So hopefully, you understand that you're playing in a casino in. Yeah. You can win, but the deck is stacked against you. So what can you do about it? Well, first and foremost, there are five things that are going to make a big difference. And it starts with owning it. So the thing that you want to do is you wanna try to get people off of social media and have them fill out a form, you wanna get to know their name their Email address. So that you can communicate with them. Let's say if social media blocked you tomorrow, could you do anything? No, if you have it in an Email address in an Email program that you're paying for that. You also have a spreadsheet backup of now you have an asset that you can use over and over to communicate with. So you want to get people off of social media. And you wanna take an inventory of the names that you have and utilize those the second thing that you wanna do is you wanna take those names and the assets that you've created meaning the podcasts, the blogs, the graphics, whatever it is. And you want to start to categorize them, you want to be able to say that this particular person is interested in this particular piece of information that I have in my case it could be about websites. It could be about Lincoln could be about Google analytics could be about podcasting. The key thing is is that I need to better understand what my audience wants. So I can feed them very targeted specific data. Now, I need to figure out where I have holes. If there's an. Audience out there, and I don't have content for then I need to create content and fill in the gaps. So that I can communicate the right stuff to the right people at the right time. The next thing that we have to look at is. How do we leverage all of that information? You wanna make sure that you have the content on your website in a place where you can utilize it, and then share it to social media. But also rely on things like Email or text messages or even print advertising, you want to find a way to use the assets that you have and leverage it to communicate the right information to the right people at the right time. The last piece of this puzzle. Is you need to be able to measure the results. So there are three main things you need to measure first engagement second thing is actively in the third thing is sales. So when I saying gauge men are people seeing what you're posting. Are they liking are they commenting are they sharing? The second pieces activity are the clicking on links. Are they joining your list? And then the last pieces are they doing what you want them to do? Are they getting on your list and staying on your list are they purchasing from you see need to measure the results of what it is that you're doing? So those five things are the cornerstones of what you can do to unstaffed the deck in the social media casino. Take inventory of what you have segment your audiences. So you can put the right information in front of the right people fill the holes in the content that you're missing leverage all of those assets and get people to do something and take action and then measure the results. So hopefully, you learn something from this if you'd like to dig deeper into it. I'd like you to visit perfect sales strategy dot com. This is where I explained not only tools, but techniques to do exactly what I said. In those five steps utilize your content to leverage your audience to create sales. Well, that's it for today's bacon podcast. We hope you enjoyed it. And learned something today, if you did please go to tunes and give us a review, we appreciate all your feedback and comments if you have any questions, go to WWW dot bacon, podcast dot com forward slash questions. And we'll make sure we get those answered for you till next time keep sizzling.

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Second Cup: Enjoy social media without wasting time

Before Breakfast

07:13 min | 2 months ago

Second Cup: Enjoy social media without wasting time

"Hey listeners. It's easy to see how apartments dot com is the best site for renters because with virtual tours, it's easy to find new space without leaving your place virtually view floor plans and amenities with three tours and explore hd videos and photos including Interiors neighborhood images and even drone footage of exterior views all from the comfort of your couch. It's that easy. So visit apartments, DOT COM and get into a new rental today apartments dot com the most popular place to find a place. Welcome to before breakfast production of iheartradio. Good, morning, this is Laura. Welcome to the before breakfast podcast. Today's tip is about how to enjoy social media responsibly. Without losing hours down rabbit holes that you didn't mean to jump into. Every year new surveys point out how much time people spend on social media and messaging platforms. One recent report claimed that among people who do use the Internet. The average was one, hundred, forty, two minutes per day or two hours and twenty two minutes. This is quite a bit of time. Just. For comparison's sake if you use that time to read Warren piece, instead you'd be done in less than two weeks and it's not a short book. Of course, this time isn't all wasted. Some is sure but the amount of time we spend on social media is complicated by the reality that these days many people do need to be plugged in as part of their jobs. Maybe they do digital marketing or communications, or they worked for policy groups that need to be aware of the news cycle plus plenty of us want to know what people in our industries are talking about. These are absolutely legitimate uses of work time and preclude swearing social media completely. The problem is that you might go on twitter to check what a client's competitor is talking about, and then all of a sudden you're watching cat videos. People who use social media professionally are no more immune to this than the rest of us. So I've been talking lately with people who do use social media professionally about how they manage their time. How do they focus on the necessary parts of social media while skipping the rest? What can the rest of US learn from them? The first tip. Recognized that social media like email can fill in cracks of time around other things. You can check headlines twitter or your competitors youtube videos in chunks of ten minutes or less. But you probably won't write NOP ED or press release or give your direct report thoughtful critique of her proposed strategy in ten minutes. So, build your daily schedule around the big stuff. You might aim to work on big stuff for forty five minutes, and then you could spend a few minutes on social channels. Second put some intention into those social media breaks. People who do this professionally take time to curate lists of accounts that they find worth following. Yes, there's always the possibility of serendipitous gold, but you have to scroll through a lot of stuff to get there and it might not be worth the time. In any case if you follow a diverse group of thoughtful people in your industry or in your area of interests, you will see pretty much anything that's being discussed. The nature of social media is that you can rely on other people to do the searching for you. I'd add that unless you do have a really good professional reason it's not worth following any accounts that tend to upset you. Thoughtful disagreements are fine. But drama and personal attacks aren't worth mental space focus on quality. Third and just as important you also need to identify an end of the social media skirling cycle. Many of us keep going until we realized that we've just kept going or something interrupts us people who do this professionally might decide to look at a specific group of ten accounts during a check at the end of that cycle they move on. If you have a really difficult time setting an end like this well, then set a timer. Well I don't recommend snoozing in the morning when you're trying to get out of bed using a nine minute timer for social media breaks could be smart. Think of it as using the snooze function on your phone for good. Finally the best way to keep social media and check is to be more proactive about your leisure time. Cal Newport's book. Digital minimalism has a longer discussion of this if you'd like to check that out. It turns out that breaks at work are one thing but the biggest social media benches tend to happen at other times namely at night after the kids have gone to bed or when you're hanging out around the house on the weekends when you don't have ideas about what else you'd like to do with yourself. Social media is a very easy option. You don't have to dress up and you don't have to hire a babysitter. But there are plenty of more rewarding ways to spend this time. Consider various forms of low energy analog fun like doing jigsaw, Puzzles Crossword, puzzles coloring an adult coloring books are doing craft such as cross-stitching or knitting or reading. I. Know that when I'm really into a good book, I spent a lot less time on instagram. When I don't have a good book. Well, that's when I actually get that sad message that I'm all caught up which is probably not a noteworthy achievement. What do you to to enjoy social media responsibly please let me know you can email me at before breakfast podcast at iheartmedia Dot Com. In the meantime. This is Laura thanks for listening and here's to making the most of our time. Hey everybody I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips, your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on twitter facebook and instagram at before breakfast pod. That's b. e, the number four then breakfast P O d. You can also shoot me an email at before breakfast podcasts at iheartmedia dot com that before breakfast spelled out with all the letters. Thanks so much. I look forward to staying in touch. Before breakfast is a production of iheartradio. For more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. If. You need business communications US bondage they've got unified communications, contact centers, and Communications Api's that will make your life complete communications. Wise. But that's it. Those are the things they're great. They're not great at making really interesting podcast with helpful time management tips for that kind of stuff. The person reading this is way better. So vantage for business communications that save you time and energy before breakfast podcast for quick tips that save time and Energy Vodka Jr now we're talking.

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Feminist Utopia Episode 24: Yet Another Debate Oct 2019

Feminist Utopia

29:50 min | 1 year ago

Feminist Utopia Episode 24: Yet Another Debate Oct 2019

"Welcome to feminist utopia a community dedicated to envisioning and creating a more just society for all the feminist utopia in our feminist utopia there wouldn't be twelve people up on the Democrats and it's Biden Unsurprisingly Sanders Warren but also cory booker t Buddha Jed little bit later but just to recap the people that are already qualified in the November debate they have to meet these qualifications by November thirteenth nominee and we have for years years and they're very white states and I had hey direct message from someone her I can't remember his first name but he's already qualified somehow I don't know how it's interesting I just referred to him as the billionaire timber thirteenth or at least five percent in two early state polls in addition they have to earn donations from at least one hundred but basically they have to be polling three or five percent they have to have a broad base of support across the country that's not a a presidential debate qualifications are changing the candidates must register at least three percent in four poles approved by the party since the don't cut it down to two nights because you really did I feel need to have all of the candidates on stage at the same time attended two nights in a row I just WanNa give fewer of them I- attention so let's start with who we want to not have there in November and then there was that whole incident with the Midwestern states are all tired of politics and yeah but we can get into that real high level of support though across the country and I'm tired of that in the early states thing bugs the hell out of me and I got into a little bit of a Snip Louis Life tweeting oh yeah what is he bringing to the table he basically gave the same stump speeches trump did about you need a businessman yes you're ninety four percent white exactly and the other thing that bothers me is I don't think you can get much more mid West Than Iowa and sixty five thousand unique donors with at least six hundred coming from t when t individual states so it's a law take it a good feel for their personalities and it would just be too much to ask for for us to give them I should go well I can tell you who is already qualified in November so I can tell you who are GonNa see regardless of whether we want to or not and one of them is stare he's already qualified are you kidding me so in November let's just back up a little bit fit with I think it was the New Hampshire Democrats because frankly I don't care about Iowa New Hampshire why do we give them disproportionate power in deciding who is going to be with the New Hampshire Democrats Association say we are a very diverse state and I looked it up there like ninety four percent white sit down shut up you're not apparently reminded of Ross Perot for some reason he's just another pasty-faced White Guy yes yeah I don't think he really answered any questions I think he tried to sure okay Kamala Harris Yang Anchor Yang and then what is his name state charge you did that last night on the stage and thinking Oh make this top have we not learned anything he walked on stage and I was to get his talking points across and he was the one who spoke the least last night and there was a pretty broad range of d already Elizabeth Warren spoke the most with like twenty two minutes and then I think at the other end of the spectrum was stare with like seven minutes or something but Elizabeth Warren spoke the most 'cause she was attacked the most and that was what we saw when Biden was the front runner to debates ago he spoke the most you have no reason to feel guilty because all this really doesn't change things it doesn't change the Democratic nominee leap but enjoy the moment you know that's one of the things if you didn't watch the debate if you haven't watched any of the debates nation contest any more than you know the previous matchups did after four debates the people who were at the top of the field before the campaign started yes and it's going to keep going on that way I personally watch it for the entertainment value I love the live tweeting that I do I love interacting with the people some of the people that were at that watch party were disrespectful and talking in having their side conversations I did actually the week but that would get expensive the frustrating thing for me and I don't know if I'm going to go to another debate watch party was why do it I love the fact that my husband brings home dinner for work and takes care of feeding everybody including me so I wish there were debates at least one and my phone and text back and forth with you and then I start interacting with people on twitter so it's a fun thing for me and my kids aren't allowed to talk to me it's awesome that was probably one of the most contentious things of the debate and in case you didn't watch at the final question was about the ellen controversy discussion about niceness in white toxic feminism and something in the future this whole Ellen thing has caused some uproar within the where Allen has been photographed with George W Bush and people who probably didn't even watch the show anyway said that was awesome uh-huh going back to being disrespectful we WANNA discuss the final question I assure feminist Utopia facebook I think that behind it that just upsets me as this insinuation that you know we have to be nights well we don't you can't be nice if that's what works for you I'm not telling anybody and he said in light of this ellen controversy you know friends with different opinions the assumption that that's all okay and tell us about a friend that you have a D for an opinion from an and the importance of being closeness and it really was a white centering question given the third so many more you leave a little bit early and listened to the debate on the radio for the rest of the time I'm sorry to hear that I do it from my living room with my computer instead when I say we should be nice to people I mean we should be nice to everyone including people we have different opinions from so the final question came I believe it was Anderson Cooper who asked it yes and no questions about climate change housing immigration but yet Ellen yes ellen's white girl tears are more important than kids senator helping pass the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Biden was quick to add that he was the one that rounded up votes for the legislation can be nice and hold people accountable at the same time I don't think anybody else head is good an answer as he did on that and Amy Klobuchar doubled down on say y'all haven't done anything compared to me and he you know when Elizabeth Warren kind of wanted to say his on air after the debate no-holds-barred they had a tweet was an ice compared to what he said to them well good for him can't be nice well yeah like I said future episode historical context like that but this focus on niceness is really pandering to white supremacy and we'll come back to that was much pandering to white supremacy other than that question last night excuse me you know she she said wait a minute she pointed out her work before she was Paul and Shrub is a war criminal and yellen shouldn't be seen with him and so Alan doubled down and pulled out her White Girl Tears Haydn Warren and sanders are still a top three and the struggling candidates continue to struggle with little to show for it between one man and woman and she says I assume it's a man in I would tell them just to marry one woman attack I thought she handled it with grace she's Scott great timing she does just the way she responded to that and the timing certain things that should have been could have been discussed last night right at think Houlihan Castro was the one that tweeted you know we had three hours of debate in her famous response to the question about what do you say to a someone who believes that marriage is only I want the confidence of white man someday I just want to be able to stand on a group of people like that senators congressman and then she says you know assuming he could find one which was perfect timing and it was funny and interrupted her to do it yeah and he said you know I convinced people to vote for it and her response I think she's risen in my estimation I've been a fan for a long time but it was nice to see her cages and if that isn't bs I don't know and I thought only Castro on the stage also had the best answer to it where we need to hold people accountable right who failed you don't go after Warren talking about data she will hand you was kind of crunchy but you do the missed opportunity inhaling kasrils said this was journalistic malfeasance at the end he said this to the CNN moderator Carr's mauled a little bit when he was talking about how he's the only one that can get any done the only one who's ever accomplished anything on that stage right you know yes that question I said they did not just end with a middle school team building exercise question yes they did yeah we're GONNA do but amy didn't look comfortable doing it she also didn't have her ducks in a row right when you tell her this data bright about how it damages families it starts breaking it down again and again and again why would you pick that she was putting bite in his place when she said I am deeply grateful to president bomb. What the Hell's wrong with you uncle Joe and saying it very sarcastically so that's why we're not ready for office you know she was under over and over again that I think she was trying to land and I think it it did was you know she warned wasn't the only one that had bold ideas just because it wasn't Warren's idea doesn't mean that it wasn't bold but then she doesn't talk about the bold ideas Amy Klobuchar again last night talked about how quite feminism by saying we have to be nice cory booker had a everybody love everybody we have to love everybody thing that fight with Warren in her house like why go after for that talk about foreign policy I mean I can think of three other things that would fighting but she is one that I don't WanNa see in November but let's let her grow gracefully backed is comfortable in a couple of times when she was attacked she came out really strong because they were stupid enough to attack her Being an excellent representative congressperson whatever from Minnesota yes it speaking of people that you know and I couldn't you said you couldn't think of it I could think of it but I couldn't deliver it is graciously I'd be like raising an eyebrow turned into him looking like multiple attempts at bringing conversations back to women's reproductive health yeah that was on our Bingo card and yeah we it's not just being pro-choice pro-choice meets people have the choice to get an abortion or the choice to get birth control we have a choice if there is no clinic in your neighborhood or your state and it's not just about abortion it's about access access to abortion it's about access about something that was her favorite thing to talk about Amy Klobuchar that is why I think of when I think of the People Attacking Warren the other night what I would never be able to come up with that on this spot she was gracious but everyone on that stage new it gets Benita heard complain about Comma Harris a lot off recordings I really liked her do your ass in Amy Clutch I know was trying to get out she knew she had two break out go after the front runner I get all that we didn't think that anybody would talk about it because nobody had talked about it yet so yeah I was thrilled when she brought that up to in she actually used the term reproductive justice but those three people all people of color broadened the discussion in a way that I've not seen traditional mainstream media percha yet and I really like that so points Tacoma yeah she did she hosur nobody rattled her she never lost control and she frequently she likes spun the debate back to the places where she was long dot net I'll put a Lincoln there you can read more about it they they addressed it I believe Castro we can't have what we really want we have to settle had that pipe dreams Yes oh you have no way to control for this and you're wrong about that and then basically Warren Response I've been studying this for my career yeah yes and so Amy Close her loss points with me last night yeah just like she just bombed she does her reproductive justice requires there to be access so it's not just you have the choice if you do really have a choice if there's no way to afford it do you really specifically addressed issues with women of color who the Castro did cory booker did in it's interesting how they talked about reproductive justice and in case you don't know what that is Harris wanted warrant to say that twitter should ban trump's account just like she called for twitter to ban trump's at big tech is not a good move like again go after her for something that she isn't talking about instead of the thinks she's taking the lead on even smarter in Amy Klobuchar just like she stepped on the rake and hid herself in the head with a handle on that but one thing that she said in her own House this is Warren is the candidate who ran a fake ad on facebook recently claiming that Mark Zuckerberg supported Donald Trump and facebook's moment when she said that no one on this stage wants to protect the billionaires not even the billionaire billionaires so that was pretty I can we just rebel a moment in the fact that Elizabeth Warren is the front runner enjoy the moment it may not last she may not be the nominee let's see cory booker on the stage Yep I mean I like how he steers the discussion I you know I don't know I'm not fan so who do we want to see on the stage other than Warren Birth control it's about access to family planning the access to a living wage access to shelter because are you really again having a choice even like you meant Jesse he and Harris both bring up things that are thoughtful he had that line right so I mean I don't think that I want to see Harris on the stage again in in I was kind of waiting for Biden to put his foot in it so it was you know he has in the past and I think he did served that she lost a few points though going after Warren about trump's twitter account she was so awkward and not to mention the free speech issues that you would open yourself up to in you know it it really was about what kind of reproductive life you WanNa have if you can't take care of yourself so reproductive justice is is a huge concept if you WANNA learn more sister blast night about Oh wait I'm getting confused between Booker and Buddha Judge when they were talking about beddoe taking the guns fusing but you do get to hear these perspectives that we wouldn't have heard if it was just the top three mayor p said hey that's a lie in warrants campaign is like yes it is and you run a bunch of is it was all a stunt so to sit there and complain that Warren isn't serious about I'm so tired of it and I say this as someone who grew up in the mid West you grow up in the heartland to the idea that people from the heartland have some sort of special real Americanise oh yeah see there's too many I'm already a Nixon but web he said that he didn't want the police disc- going door to door because of the violence and guess police brutality and gun violence you know he's league they are less diverse yes than the coasts and I think there's a little bit of white supremacy hiding in that he just flat out said it that police violence was gun violence and yeah that was an excellent point I thought no vendor either I think we are going to see her on the stage in November I don't WanNa see cloture on the stage oh I already probably said that she was on when she's talking about the stuff she knows she does her best when she's going after trump she's a great senator yeah and she did have you know her assumption yes and they and they don't want to unpack it and again this is something we have talked about personally we'll talk about more with feminist utopias that eight needs to go I swear last night he was chaplain my ass like nothing this whole like I'm from the Midwest we know what life's really like there we know everything and if you're not actively unpacking your racism that's the problem right and I don't think they've thought about it that way that when you say to get off the stage and by get off the stage I mean leave the race right and we have to remember that they're still people in the race weren't on the Democratic yes debate stage including Marianne Williamson She's still out there can painting and so is Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado Tim Ryan and of Ohio John Delaney of Maryland evidently yes that's true but anyway I know just from Dallas a well he can block me but you can block people and he might but the point is that this is not the conversation I want any democratic the gained a couple points of last night was comal Harris as long as we're talking about

Sanders Warren cory booker Biden Joe ninety four percent five percent twenty two minutes seven minutes three percent three hours four poles
Postmodern Sitcom E2: Race

Postmodern Sitcom

40:06 min | 1 year ago

Postmodern Sitcom E2: Race

"Typically you think of the cosby show getting into the nineties you think of Oh Gosh Urkel what's it called God I hated that better specifically generation X. and how TV sitcoms that we watched growing up have the ability to form opinions thoughts judgments which is a little bit scary actually to tackle because you open yourself up to being information kind of colors we interact with everybody else and so I'm hoping with this that we can look into generation X. and then other generation and sit dot com or even on facebook at facebook dot com slash post Modern Sitcom and if you haven't had a chance to subscribe yeah there are enough episodes for you to subscribe all of that but this is something really interesting article I ran across this is in a book called African Americans on television racing for ratings and in this specific section late and great Nell Carter back in the eighties it was really interesting because a lot of TV shows if they centered on an all black family it was show what's it called Urkel you know a family matters family matters there weren't a lot of TV shows in the eighties that showed people lying frameworks and kind of ways podcast looks at some of this stuff it gives a little bit more in depth information and you can also go onto my website at postmodern color without being part of an entire family unit Give me a break is a little bit like that only that Nell Carter is where were you get your podcast like apple podcasts stitcher Google so check it out there and click subscribe if he would this next episode has to deal with race criticized as racist or not covering this properly because it is such a touchy subject for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons we're GONNA be talking to a friend out of the family but she comes into the family to help take care of them after the matriarch dies them and this really had a lot of stereotypes that were a lot of things that happened as adults today I mean basically we saw back in the day when we watch TV about how we thought adult life was really going to be and now that it's not we have to look at why and wants to see maybe how we can understand each other a little bit better if you haven't had a chance go back and listen to the very first episode that goes into cultivation theory and some of the other kind of under talks about new media now this this came back this came out of twenty thirteen thousand things have changed quite a lot but it did mention those same stereotypes that reminds us co worker her name's Jill she is a woman of color and also a millennial and I made her watch Gimme a break starring the in the show that nowadays I could not believe I can't I couldn't believe they said I've talked to Jill a little bit about that and she on the actual sitcoms the thirty minute chunks of broadcast network television that I really regularly watch our superstore the good place David and said that really today's sit-coms and well in two thousand thirteen is something that we definitely saw also goes into some of the stereotypes that she was expecting to see in kind of conclude that L. Carter is kind of a mash up of In gimme a break so we'll talk about that you know today I was looking at the sitcoms that I watched today and it's fall and new stuff has come out and a new one for this season called perfect harmony and it's interesting because all three of those have a similar vibe in that they are on Samba casts and so they do have a pretty good mix of races of of orientations they have a really good diversity it's interesting with like the good place and perfect harmony you're still have like the main character that the show is mostly about whether or not they have the majority of the came out earlier this year in February and while things have definitely gotten better as far as how people of Color or lead actors in Lisa ad I pulled up the most recent Hollywood diversity report this actually looks into shows from twenty eleven to twenty seventeen in this or to reach a proportionate representation in this area and that is really telling you look at a breakdown and roles by race whites share of top broadcast scripted roles decrease slightly from sixty six percent earlier this decade cast scripted broadcast shows only two point two out of ten lead actors in broadcast scripted TV people of Color so yeah this has gotten better screen time it's still about a white person you know you have eleanor in the good place and you have Bradley Whitford character imperfect harmony and so that that was something that I there's definitely more people of color represented in these shows but right now people of color would have to double their twenty sixteen twenty seventeen share in the overcompensate so they've had created all of these shows with a number of African American characters to wear that's kind of become over represents D- while other minorities are underrepresented so that's something really interesting to think about but I think looking back into sitcoms growing up in have been noticing and that's kind of I push of fall TV where now the first two or three episodes are out and sadly place has this last season which makes me really forward nowadays in that I believe that shows really are trying to be aware of that and while we don't see in the eighties it's still really is predicated on the stereotype am I think that a lot of times we carry those over into our interaction it definitely was a stereotype compared to the white cast members of of Henry and Punky and so that is one way that I think TV has taken a jump and really have to to be really cognizant of those factors that that were forced on us when we were growing up you know you had different strengths TV shows nowadays that that don't stereotype at all to me and the shows that I watch I feel like are less than the shows I watched in the eighties I mean in a lot of the likelihood of any kind of alternate images appearing on network television seems highly unlikely and I think that that is an inaccurate statement now though in twenty folks with them even though yeah they lived with Mr Drummond and he was white you still had the stereotypes coming out in Arnold and Willis in punky Brewster Cherry was a stereotype her grandmother. Oh you know Mr Belvedere on growing pains family ties you didn't have people of color represented at all in those shows unless they had like one character who's a friend a two sixty three point three percent in two thousand sixteen twenty seventeen season this goes into the fact that now Hollywood is almost trying to if the perceptions that generation X. Some of the stereotypes that we were shown a lot in sitcoms growing up and how we need to be aware of that and also to that we as a generation xer myself we get into a really good dialogue about about race and kind of how we can overcome some I'm African Americans on television then again I wanNA point out this is twenty thirteen in it it says that the frequent use of these stereotypes and the writers and producers replicate them they say the so-and-so's friend that they would go to school with I it is heartening to know that that things have gotten better we're still not there because even going back to this the article front thirteen it definitely was so out lays a little bit of groundwork as we get into my interview with Jill and will essentially as a millennial and I I do lives and then as we talk into TV shows because that's what's really going to have those rounded out characters so we'll talk to jill about all of that coming up after the break we do need to recognize that that we have differences with people it's knowledge them let people be who they are and incorporate all of that into we're going to different strokes yes and amped up because I actually heard of that and seen that okay well let's let's start there Jill is all ambiguous racial mix where people don't know whether to like talk to me in Spanish or so before okay so not only Jila millennial she is the millennial of color but I think one thing is whenever we've talked about stuff at work and when when race comes up yes and I appreciate you coming here to talk to me about race heat and in order to do this the calm that I that I had are watched which I really appre and there's there's still a lot where where I think I feel like I grew up in a very very open households there were the growing up I mean there were still instances of like I mean I grew up in like near the army base in Tacoma Washington mind and I think we all are though really yeah yeah millennials too I mean there's some that you know I I mean college graduate in two thousand eight and there were people that like I'm biracial so my mom's way my dad's black so I'm that uncomfortable Utah Okay where there were no minorities in any of my classes I think we had a couple of Tongan guys in high school whatever but I wanna talk to you also and we'll talk to this about the in the in the context of give me a break but also the fact that I think I am to color all being AMIS you know a lot of mixed race people as well but there are still instances growing up where like you know there were a lot of people of color that will come over that were my dad's friends musicians that my dad knew so I feel like I was I had parents that were that were very opened people would ask me like Oh is that your mom you know so like you know yeah yeah she's not my nanny she ate it it's no Carter Gimme a break it could be it could be worse I mean it wasn't bad I think at first when I talk to you I talked about Oh wait your mom's way Oh okay how does that play into so if you have other friends who whose parents are both African-amer you just try your best to kind of learn both cultures There was a time when I was I went by Biracial millennial you'd heard of it you had heard of different strokes I'd heard of okay yes alright seen it I've seen like maybe I don't know three or four episodes okay so you late eighties there were still this like weird you know attitude or questioning about like mixed race people and I Dunno growing up it was being biracial it's weird because you're never quite one or the other never quite black nephew never quite wide enough intent will in Lakewood Washington Tacoma and it was a really transient kind of areas there were group with like a ton of Korean people not respecting the differences that people bring to society or to the conversation and I can see where that I can't I can't and I have another friend WHO's Korean in black and so same thing with her you never quite Korean enough you never quite black enough and so and the Utah Jazz and the and the Utah Jazz and anybody any any any other races that were neither Tong nor in the you touch on the plate in my dad's blues man can how has that affected you in any way yeah my best friend Asterik are both parents are African American and And so I would like you know check the other box a lot I would like I would say I was biracial but now you know you know especially post college ah I tend to skew towards black because that's how I feel like people view me anyway is like society views me as a black person no you can't go up to be born like asked like pet them like a zoo animal or so And these are all I went to school with millennials I mean I went to school in Salt Lake City President of the differences because there are yeah and that's important too is to like acknowledge that there are differences then that's okay it's uncomfortable Collagen those differences and like you know is it okay to be colorblind and what does that mean does that mean that you're like how people just didn't really know what to ask her how to be or a kind of yeah kind of they were like not really uncomfortable but just kind of like Oh for people I think but that's okay it's okay that we're different assure you know what I mean yeah you know and there's this whole conversation around like you know colorblind versus like it'd be a sparkly vampire they could be whatever color they could be plaid it just it doesn't you know somebody's a jerk to me right I don't care and that's not necessarily a bad thing I mean my folks were still together but they both worked yeah MTV was such an integral part of Michael in college like can I touch your hair that kind of stuff and which was really surprising to me because it's like God damn what is this this is like two thousand five into and that's why I start to wonder like am I because I look at it I I kinda let people's actions and interactions with me kind of stand for themselves so like the Char- growing up how did that play into your upbringing I de watched a lot of TV. Okay good good good because again I am an old what role did television play in your household and were you in a situation they I'm coming from this perspective because generation x. you know so many of us were latchkey kids yeah I guess you are mixed rate like once they once they kind of like talk to me and you know I started talking to them about like my background but it was there was always like kind of a confusion at first any oil so you're not you're born in eighty six I remember a time when we had payphones Oh yeah you remember the pager uh-huh and it's just it was just interesting growing up so I don't know I feel like even the the late eighties I was born in eighty six hey so we're there a lot of or there are a lot of different races in your high school growing up here or or okay so we'll did you ever find that any of that content looking back on it now has any of that affected how you interact with things or any opinions you have as an adult no I love her yeah Hi Asterik Yeah I mean I remember had we watch TV till like two three in the mornings sometimes we'd just like watch TV the video and Yeah I mean we watched a ton and we were like you know Sweeney I don't know if it affects me as an adult but it definitely had an impact and influence when I was like a tween teen like we yeah so again thanks for coming over well good I'm glad I'm glad she's very cute girl going back though to give me a break not like early teen where we'd watch team movies yeah on like which I still do to this day I love it I don't have a problem with teen movies like level it was a tape or CD CD okay there's the difference there's the difference right there was a tape for sure so TV was was kind of part of your upbringing along vhs tapes VHS tape okay good rewind that shit yeah exactly we go to blockbuster Salah TV yeah especially in the summer when there's no school my friend I keep bringing her out my Asterik we've known each other for thirty years now they want to talk a little bit about how race was depicted on that show I think compared to races depicted on shows now and how races in reality okay I there are a lot of stereotypes and or on the flip side if somebody's really cool you know and then you just kind of get to know them at them and it's it's part of their their personality right he had the screechy yeah okay okay all the disk yes like minutes okay Sony Walkman yes I had that mm-hmm black female archetypes when you start to think about it it's like you know there's the Miami sexless selfless maternal per all of the teen movies are pretty darn yeah exactly dark humor dot com yeah but I like it I do too well maybe that's still influences me today because I really like dr the thought of it because I never did I just always kind of US Jill Yeah Yeah but then but then I wonder it's like well am I not being am I not being you know in my to call 'em I not being Astrakhan's she did okay yes and went to the mall and your mom would pages and then go to the pay phone yeah okay okay listen let's play this for a second Modems Aena mandated I I'm here with Jill good friend of mine co worker send and then there's the Sapphire whose like the Amos and Andy Show from the forties yes the wife of one of them was sapphires for example we'd watched the craft and then of course you know whether students yes yes we were all wicked for a week you've been you've been watching TV lately and you're like what are some new shows and I just had a baby three months ago the Post Modern City Hall to another episode of Postmodern Sitcom the podcast where we try to understand generations a little bit all were in the ninety s see that was me that was like my college so yeah absolutely yeah like I was hanging out in graveyard yes playing vampire rolling I don't know when I when I watched the first episode it was like Oh God no not a Miami but she's kind of like an amalgamation of all three kind of like learn Dr. comedy like for example a watch the Russian doll I'm not like Oh my God that was great he's awesome and funny you know TV's still is influence. I know soon that's funny you say that because that's going to be I think my next podcast is that I want to figure out why the nineties dark they were very they are very fast all the sexy she wants sex she wants provocative woman kind of like this weird mix of all that's really interesting the angry black woman you know she's the nagging wife so she was kind of that too but then there's also the bill is kind of a little bit of that like like a hot button like body positively fat shaming is a huge no no yes and shows like shrill yeah I mean that was Kinda thing and then the sapphires to justify it all goes back to slavery to justify the breaking up of families you know else to justify you know sexual violence against women black women and victimization they can't be victim if they wanted it uh-huh specially when it comes to lake sorta guiding the father which did you notice that he started out in the first part of the season she's been them what a year yeah not super long yeah so you know in backstory for give me a break chief Kaminski's he's the chief police his wife dies he has three daughters I was like okay she's black they're saying this stuff to her I'm watching this it has a laugh track like that made me feel weird there and with that I got less race more like body consciousness Oh yeah they fat shamed her a lot a lot a lot yeah yeah I feel like with millennials but I think that's common though with like you know when white people interact with people of color or anyone that's different from them or anybody that's different from your you know like if I interact with someone that's different me was when Nell and her friend go to the bar yeah and I felt really uncomfortable because that to me and they all have their reasoning behind like the Miami is to to justify the happy slave narrative the jazz abell any of those particular characteristics coming out a depend depending on the situation I mean were there certain situations that triggered a Miami or that triggered staff fire we'll see definitely took on a lot of like the emotional labor of the family you know anytime there was a crisis she was sort of the moral compass as like uncomfortably racist which I was kind of going Ooh and then toward the end of the season he was less so families can't be together because the woman is in maternal type so no yeah you're right now now is all of them I think though did you notice the you know the Miami would take on the emotional burden of the family I notice that a lot like watching that I mean I've never been a heavy person and so it was just great to see a show from that perspective and so you know when you think of the the subjects that were really contradictory to how we talk and write NC shows today and I think the first one that stood out with just a lot of sitcoms it's funny how many of the characters have crossovers in other shows like the kid in the kisses Samantha. The little baseball player Scotty I got why now came in I know that she was a crossover from different strokes and it's funny too well and again it was the bully in one of the season one episodes of different earn no of silver spoon so funny I know so it's like oh I recognize that what I want to talk about the stereotypes me it's like the more the more interaction you have with those people like the more comfortable you get around the yeah that's kind of figured like you know I don't know she you can't shame anybody for anything gay positively body positively the know slut shaming I mean we can't even call that versus like give me a break like just the constant like that shaming yeah or there that what was the name of the club that they were in the fat the the have you ever had a black Russian and she looks at him and goes now that I one time slapped one-legged Mexican and it's like Oh my God like you oh yeah I know yeah yeah early on too early on to like the chiefs fat support club the L. Porto's song that I wrote it yeah pork goes yeah no one just as a millennial growing up like the stuff that got the laughs like from that episode whereas so Nell and her friend go to a bar and this guy is going around picking up on the women and he says to nells right exactly so we're not that far removed from the Civil Rights movement even you know one the episode where Samantha steals the police car yeah and she Samantha's the youngest she's what ten eleven and she she comes q feel seeing that that that was on mainstream TV right yeah it's amazing that that was on mainstream but it wasn't one thousand nine hundred of the lesson I guess it's just the way it's delivered just less of a sick commie kind of like you know hi it's wrong it can be funny but there's more like a serious tone to like a show like blackish versus give me a break yeah no I can see that heard all the time and so I kind of was like Oh my God now I know like wow I kinda get why people like Jackson older is a little bit crappy sort of bigotry or is it better to just kind of have this like soft like bigotry bigotry light the going around nee- slap like funny laugh track kind of thing the death of the laugh track was good yeah and more like this is the history this is why it happened this is and says what if somebody called you in word and I was like Oh my God how did how did that uh-huh do you think the stuff that people were learning from GimMe a break compared to a show like blackish today is there I guess more of a legitimacy comes home and he like pulls a gun knows no massive yes oh my God that made me feel weird that was one spot where okay well then let's if we're going to go here the one and it's not it's not our fault that doesn't make it right in that's not an excuse but it's like that was just on a family Sitcom right yeah not people are still kind of grappling with how do we integrate all different kinds of people into society and perpetuate this idea family and she has to take Samantha the one kid with her back to Alabama and some now looks around and remarks about how how it's weird being the minority you saw a kid too stuffy watch now to what do you impart on your kids there I mean we just try to be as any of them all up in twenty two minutes right exactly so I don't know and you think about shows like you know like we were talking about earlier like Black Ish sorta bigotry head on you know how it is in like Washington state Seattle area versus like a place like Alabama and I don't know I mean you saw a kid has that affected any of that or the content when I was younger it definitely wasn't as like I guess blatant is give him the chief and Nell or having an argument Samantha's not getting listened to she says that somebody said something horrible tour in school and then she turns to now I want them to not rely on other people to teach them you know yeah formation or teach them about differences like I want them to seek out information uh I mean what do you think what are you you've got little kids what do you what do you teach your kids how do you how do you go from the the television content it no it is the way it it's all in the delivery right exactly like when nells in that period where nells dad passes away and she goes back to her yeah and I thought that's like a regular thing for now I mean yeah I do yeah but it was just I guess I guess in the Eighties Yeah no interesting like just even like the character development wasn't super deep on like Nel like we don't get much of her back story I mean we don't get much of like equality which is hard though when people like my age and is the Miami I mean I'm I'm ten years older than you you know that that was the mainstream and that's the kind of stuff stuff because it was so stereotypical it was so it was a much more blatant in in your face yes and I think shows now are right yeah which she no I mean they they all have this lesson you know about like just like lesson ally far what can you learn from this no black success and black excellence which is great so it wasn't just like one archetype of one type of person witness possible age appropriate is a four year old and a three month old and just I want them to be open open minded and swing in while in one how black people are portrayed but to dialogue right and then became more common to see black people in right and so I think it's good that people are having the discussion how do you try to bridge different generations and how do you how do you talk to people that are talked about like the crossover a lot well there's more they can be more than those handful of like black character you know what I mean right you can online tiptoeing around things like you know saying certain words or not saying certain words and like not facing not facing got it I want them to be curious about it and learn on their own as well you know what I mean well that's one thing I always I was telling you earlier to that I really you just you there you got oh prostitutes prostitutes anyway there are sex workers in our television in our media today it's like that is a huge no no well I think too it is interesting because like millennials like you versus Gen xers like me versus baby boomers how do you view bridging those gaps you're like I've read stories and articles and stuff about you know as it better to have this kind of overt kind of like in your face there and they will get to be taller people and that's how it is because they're just people yeah exactly so do you think that did any of the content or anything that you ever saw TV doc boy like as a character and I was reading my son that book and she's like Oh always black I don't remember him being black like well yeah other people and people that look like him which I don't know if that was something that was as conscious and my mom's mind I think she just saw like oh two Caldecott winner needle kids but you guys are both really straight and just talked to them yeah yeah and you don't do the baby talk thing and you don't you know they're just they're they're short people it's I dunno it's been difficult like my mom as she gets older she's a baby boomer she's born in fifty five she's just I'm more like conservative like all my sister's kids are mixed race I mean I'm biracial kids awry racial and so her with a biracial child and people were asking questions like Oh is this your kid you know you're much more like Oh yeah this is my daughter you know you're much more open successful positions as well like you didn't just have the cosby's you had you had lots of different sitcoms with a range of ridden a black character a new black actor and God forbid you have a black character that doesn't represent a stereotype exactly and I think we are I think weird there yeah yeah for the most part yeah there's still stuff today that I see and it's like oh man but but I think for the most part it's it's it's just it's all more mainstream tuck and and the takeaway from it was clear as kind yeah yeah and I think millennials are a lot more there's a kind is a is that a problem that he's a black kid like like she'll make like weird comments like that it's like Oh God and she's very much like all lives matter sure I mean because like okay yeah if you yeah if you compare something like we'll compare Gimme a break to lake fresh

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Parenting Points Challenge

Parenting Roundabout

09:55 min | 9 months ago

Parenting Points Challenge

"Welcome to round four. The parenting roundabout podcast with the week of February third. I'm terry moral and I'm here with Catherine author. laco love Nicole Eric's there as MOMS of teens and young adults. We've survived those little kid days yet. We're still rethinking the decisions we've made all through our kids lives and worrying about what's going on right now. Today's Thursday which means it's time to give into are obsessing about parenting details big and small like whether we turn our lives into a game show. I was noticing a Neem on facebook of that It's something saying that. There is a game show called where they make people stay up for twenty four hours and then put them through a series of tests in this was saying. Hey I'm a special needs parent. GimMe my money right now. This is my life lots of getting any sleep. Yes exactly Actually there is a game show on Netflix. At least last year there was is a call to wake the million dollar game. We are indeed. They kept people up all night and then put them through these challenges and it got me thinking what sorts of game shows goes. Could we make out of our lives. You know certainly lack of sleep. How long can you sleep on? The couch would probably be one forming coming. But you know what if you were on a desert island with your Ip team and you had to make bargains for like you know actual food and and survival survival skills. How would that go? What about like a road rally to get your kid to soccer practice? You're running late. It'd be like the amazing race accept. It would be just cross town but you had like five kids. You had to get off to get widely different places at the same time. Yes in order to get the parking spot at school kids who right. It's a range petition to get prime parking spot. Yeah I guess like they do supermarket sweep maybe do supermarket sweep with a crying baby or you know how fast you get through the supermarket with a kid who has to go the bathroom. I have a friend who was on that by the way they did. Okay unserious ago. That was just a little mentioned there. Yes crying baby or cover to go pee. It's like taking the regular game show and just leveling it up and making that much harder like you know survivor or the amazing race like these are hard things things you know. Living on an island all the interpersonal dynamics and the travel and everything. But if you had to do all that and you had like a four year old with you yes just just that much more of a challenge in in vague. Earning extra points writes an extra pride. -solutely back we will talk about the Like had a nightmare where there's a baby crying but you can't find them or something like that. That could be some sort of maize. We've put your child as maze. Kim You've got uh-huh that'd be very traumatizing. That would be. Yeah we'll just put a you get a tape recorder of your kid cry. It's not really the kid but okay okay or the kids you know doing some into exile or I know how about jeopardy but with your kids homework s because every night with your kids homework without ah to practice if it was elementary school math a for three hundred Alex yes. We're or oh like a matchmaking game for your kids friends kids in their friends to like a you you know. Find their best friend game and I think there could be some sort of a game or maybe just a talented within a game. Ver- Vermont jobs where it's like the calendar puzzle. You know like Oh yeah you know your three kids. And they're four activities activities that they do and your work schedule and your spouse's work schedule and the school schedule and now go you it. It could be like tetris yes yes shadley scheduling tetris. All the contestants intestines would just sit down on the ground and cry get cancelled quickly. -actly carpooling there could be some. I'm sort of Oh yeah definitely came. You know we've enjoyed watching making it catherine but what if it was making it with your whole family and you had to like get your your kids to do various parts of it and you had to get your spouse various parts of it and I had to go gathered things and then they had to like do their little piece of it and they couldn't ask you for help or if they do then you couldn't get your thing done that's what would happen. The kids the kids parts would be all done and then the moms parts would just be a wreck because she was too busy dealing with every mom. Can you help me with this right. This would be like the amazing race is really a test of the partnership between the. US ought would be a test of the family. Strike a challenge together. Mom take this outside and saw at okay. They just go uses power saw. Yes would be a true test of family coordination. Somebody needs to to hire us right. Yes nailed it. They all you know you have to make so nailed it. Yeah the family has tried bake it right or the mother has to try to bake it while while the family comes in peppers with various other conservatives right. I just left it in the oven while I took my kid across the street to the park and get Edberg while the mother has to sign off on a school activities and fill out forms right to make that some kind of well or the challenges. Like okay you need to bring something for the bake sale and it has to be peanut free gluten free egg dairy free sugar free but but still kid friendly and appealing. It has to be individually wrapped and being able to be sold at the sale and then whoever sells the most wins Wednesday fries. And you have your kid just told you this in the events in minutes or for nailed it. They could have like here. Is The cupcake made by that. Mom writes see if you can reproduce it right or just throw it out her. We know that works to put that to what's cooking show or they give you a basket of miscellaneous oddball after the job. You're out with to make from it. Yeah I feel about sweet. We censure family to the grocery store to just gather whatever looked good to them on the shelves. Here's your bag and now make dinner to something make dinner but also remember that you know your kid has to be at practice exactly twenty two minutes in it right right. That's the time pressure. Can you get. Can you make something out of this. Grab bag of you know cookies and crackers and whatever other crud your kids wanted to wanted to get in a short period of time Game on the prices right where they have to like guests the amount of different items than some of the as you could do like what moms are wearing on the playground like how much those yoga pants. So how much of those sunglasses. She's wearing jeans. Are those targets sunglasses. Or did she get the buy kate spade space. I don't know if you can't tell the difference between targets on glasses and kate spade. Get the targets glasses. Man Yes so that you can make a real game out of that many opportunities so many we've been training we have been. We've been training hard. Bear ready would be nice if there was a reward. Yes that is. What is what I'm looking for? Like survival survive dollar prize and or a new car a I know I have a game. How many episodes of the parenting roundabout podcast can you listen to Aaron? Yes with screaming you mean child and there will be a quiz afterwards. We'll get get get points exactly well on that note. That's it for today's round four tune in tomorrow. When we all share our roundabout roundup of things have been using enjoying lately that we think deserve a shadowed toed find all episodes of parenting roundabout dot Com and talk back in the comments? There hundred facebook page earn twitter real. Find US at roundabout chat.

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Episode #246: Currently Vol. 5

Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

1:28:59 hr | 1 year ago

Episode #246: Currently Vol. 5

"Hi this is Paul mcgann and you're listening to the five ish angles podcast The tensions continue all the way to episode two hundred forty six indecent weather hit miss every every year but they need volunteers for different is coming up at the towards the end of October Last Saturday I'm not over at North America I to give them a hand they will gladly take your appendages and pulse and put it together that water the things currently watching is repeated which is here at indy. I will be there tabling again hopefully you give you recommendations at your list of things need to be reading watching listening to like I list needs to begin the essay as soon as I dropped one I get like ten wall yeah both to be shared in this discussion news I up some convention outside of these related things Dr s views so if you can volunteer just send them a message she can either call the store or is that and then looking slightly war a little further than October two have fun guitarist let Eric well the virtual table is showed us this week this is putting in Bethlehem this is sally send him an email or hit up on facebook and they will tell you where they can use you so from Wisconsin This is Rachel in Indianapolis Indiana but still good nonetheless face oh good anyway there's a flaw in his plant welcome those podcasts. It's been so long as back but we'll get to that momentarily though meanwhile Christie is sick still thanks for parking and handled the games and all sorts of things so if you are available to infer few the next year one which is one of those conventions that will get to eventually she's been once we didn't watching currently it's funny is one of the things that it's been so long since we last did this did this but they have snagged a pretty big guess for they're covering convention Christopher Eccleston he's he's very slowly working his way into doing more of the Convention circuit but this is the first doctor who specific convention that I've heard have attending at so like parliament other conventions but they will more general yeah not specific yeah that's cool it's probably her list or not being attitude at the moment I do the beginning a third Spiderman specific movie in the Mc you currently slated for July of twenty twenty one continue to appear in the EU so and other people's movies but aren't necessarily Only S. yeah get shorter you can add to yeah so that some convention news moving onto other phantom related news take two yes for take anything much and the doctors that helped bring Dr Kubeck is going to be appearing at gallery one for the first time we because the bengals Captain America who he would go with who they were the film along with Ab Pascal reducing on her and and They've also confirmed Dr will be nice community would like to be a reporter on-the-go for this yes so Spiderman no longer is Heh he's being a custody battle between Disney and Sony use to to not to my surprise although how quickly this happened I guess the fact that the fact that it happened so any anyone was really worrying about about spider man in the Mc you you can spider man Tom Hollywood's firemen wishes as specifically will continue to so as out but we'll we'll take it and Kevin Feige will produce and then we got just today dropped a little short little teaser essentially it is not a surprise because I do that that this this whole custody thing was not going to go on forever they would reach some they have reached an agreement so we are we that is very cool we had a ticket yeah really went to sneak into your pocket and we can meet serve movie three I maybe I could see but people really Oh cool with Roy careful detectable everybody wants spiderman is correa yeah yeah so but when it happened a lot faster than I thought the longer were you pretty little head back confirming again not really that big of a surprise but confirming that we argue to get this season for of Stranger Things Spiderman movie so companies have what which ones those would be aw supposedly the guy who played daredevil Netflix might be in as his as Peter Parker's attorney for St Episode I'm a really big into gaming mostly fighting games so like streetfighter and I'll getting lever you by continually growing larger and larger hint at it in the NFL show really made a big thing about the big universe fifth so later this week ish so there's not a lot of time left but my brother is the very least if you went to a symbolically take us in your pocket and so this report back that would be the wait and see whatever holiday is is lacking to be pretty a rusher SORTA facebook page the voting actually ends on the the and the funny thing was like yesterday it was scrolling through what am I feed and it was from a qualified non reputable fandom source that new so it's really easy vote you just have to go in the scuttle buttons next person so a nice little trough from the the defer brothers and Co with the tagline essentially a handle so if you go and vote for him last I checked unless I heard he had a pretty good lead but I tell you that so sir so but how how soon it'll be before we get season for a sponsorship that would send him to the street fighter North American regionals super smash brothers and all those types of games and he's gone to lots of tournaments all there is that than that's really for the Phantom Noose of House heaping if year Oh no where season three ended that we're going to be as Hawkins centric going entities on twitch and things like that so there's some other people that have some pretty decent size followings so they'll would you think they would ever have the net flicks gang hinder needles but they all over the country really and he is currently in the Reading For essentially TVD which I don't know why just dug me I'm kidding what if he really wanted US funding go listen to our season three recapping seven a little thing with Sinton up started so far cast so so there is that and then of course as a recording this it is the last September of we've got the props for that so that will be up at available for you to start doing tuber I done the Apple Cardozo law returning I wouldn't mind seeing him in froggy on the big screen yeah really which we in books which we include that too but obviously most people their main consumption is TV series and there's I voted because I've been busy and I can check and he still lead okay good he said about eggs up until like little different this year usually in the past it's been like favorite least favourite type things that can get a bit repetitive especially when career fear the darkness which I fear the dark excuse me which I will be switching sometime tomorrow in tomorrow voted as soon as it was open so now if I go to follow that link it just says thank you you voted so I can't see what it looks like the obviously these things can change because he's up against a lot of other people that are well known in those more broad I guess so you don't necessarily have to do favorites just pick something that sets the prompt the Dan right they're awesome prompts so you can again you can use whatever you think l. has happened so year what to get in on the discussion for this month's the next week I will have the pull up for November's steps and but if people would go and just take the P. seconds it takes go hit the button hit the other right and I think the new series since we've lasted this so changed the prompts a little bit so there of course October also means the thirty one days of Helene photo challenge we've been doing this like every year I think since we don't like give me your name or your email address really or anything you just vote for the person so he is no good citizen is his who will be it'll be fun to see what people come up with so there is that Ed as well stuff you have around the house you know from co POPs and toys and collectibles and that sort of thing so wherever book club book you're out of time could join in the discussion for next month book right holiday is going to be based on all the other ones have been based around a holiday families Christmas Halloween had Halloween by a bunch of Malarkey so it's it's it's been denied and confirmed defending ars the whole Tarzana. Their parents were going or their parents when they they're shipwrecked the their mother was fits. Whatever you think fits that prompt for that particular day before just make sure you use the Hashtag thirty one the prevailing theory referring to she's referring I guess maybe we will find out origin so is not GonNa talk in the spoil it anymore pregnant with another baby and happens to be the baby that ends up being Tarzan and movie so that's that's very true and she says she says she's not going to pretend that the the theory about frozen in Tarzan success depending on who you ask supposedly some people that worked on the first one I do love like there's a whole bunch of those different theories of how these news could be connected and that's fun to read I don't necessarily agree dr who thought on so you're not really getting new content at least as far as TV is concerned possibly changer answers obviously there's big finish in the comics week 'cause 'cause I voted to it I'm just like I want hosmer is like a cool yeah I'm the I it's so move onto the feedback we've got feedback from Chalene talking more about the frozen too always than have said that frozen and Disney's Tarzan are in the same universe and then other people are like no that's we'll wait and see see what that you like Anna's being very pragmatic about all of this oh noon being onto week's topic which said it's been a long time since we've done this one trailer she says her favorite part in the trailer is when and telling Elsa that like she's climbed the northbound she survived for heart and saved Louis Beckons February was the last time I did this one so we don't do this one quite as often as the mystery actor archives October fifth so only take his word on that on that so you can only vote once but every vote helps obviously l. a. bit where else is like you can't follow me into fire something in Anna's like well the don't run into Phi it depending on who you ask although it has been confirmed that it's in the same universe as tangled if you if you take the what are we currently reding I guess I can start it's like topics or prompts I guess and talk about what fits into each so but this is what we call our currently where we go through a couple handful of different procedural type thing and so far so good that sounds good I'm I think I've added a couple books my list now again thank you welcome sorry not sorry load or something I don't need more content to consume but well it is what it is so animated movies they're not that concerned about having them fit in a universe survey they may decide to bake it you actually canton or not so it's called the ever ever chase serious by Susan Harris and Supernatural Police the pay drag us so I up is we did it too often it would be the same thing yes yeah h. Brit what about you are not reading anything new actually reading Easter eggs and his staff they put in baked into us we're getting going adventure in another force it's going to be kind of like once upon a time but different which yeah that's I unless it's the you know movies part of the same character franchise so uh-huh to particular coronation guests as as cannon the Pod yes and now let's just pick one so I'll have to see I mean just he's not really at least as far as like there yeah I'm I'm in a weird space right now because I'm not in the eighties and early nineties differ so but it's fun going back like the one and usually I end up with several things I need to purchase and or from the library or down really reading anything I'VE GOT BOOKS THAT I've purchased like months ago that have not been cracked open that move everything and some kindness maybe this summer little like I really want to read Beezer more than likely when I go to who North America tame reading a it's a six book series it just started the rest of the library it'd be stretching it there the pixar theory where people have tried you know trying to make every pixar movie all sit in the same universe uh that is funny it's just it's just the sisters personalities it's just it's fun she said reading like stuff I read when I was a child and like now reading them with like grown-up I I don't know I've been enjoying that and kind of it was hey and he's like I don't know well I think the Betas one is because they had the new it is yeah I need something that's happy that's got a happy ending or like oh you know anything that's been published this year like I picked up a copy of life of Pi the haven't bothered to read yet I've got a Abraham Lincoln do you not going to enjoy it yeah this should be actually might be a website where you can put in like it does not have to be the T- TV series can be big finish it could be the books the comic spin off so that includes surgery adventures torture birds and essentially telling L. so you like you don't need to worry about any I've done all this stuff doctor who universe always good Yep I was a good thing to read so it's like it's not that I'm wanting for Oh yeah that makes complete you or the books who have you might not be in the right mood or mindset to crackle books and you know that because I'm just Kinda like I'm in between books at the moment and I just got too many choices and not enough at the same time weeks so really I read fan fiction at night I use open and read but I kind of don't want to but at the same time there's not really anything new out there at least I'm aware of that really accurate let's do this my phone intend to go a little later on tonight's show but we all it it said me it's like it's midnight like I should go to bed Oh look at ten thousand board fan fiction like For Dr Fasts I will probably pick up some of the more of the leverage seward books and then read those read some of those so audio books so decided to get back into those which do fun things differently when they somebody build that we haven't even been to still make bad opposite end of the spectrum though it was like I might not be reading West but watching Kyron I haven't read yet either so it's like I've got a good number of books that I really should just cracker seconds span five ten minutes on you know on the fan fiction websites and maybe find something but he I haven't I haven't really touched fan fiction family read and it's it's nothing anything new I mean they're all they're all books about second hand anyway so they're not yeah I don't mind the little angst or defending Anita mood ring for books what I need it's like I'm not even like I'm not even really reading fan fiction which is usually white go to if I don't WanNA actually pick up a book in which is the best yes the one hundred page one hundred chapter a supernatural and Harry Potter Crossover yesterday at up certain types of books that I like but this is the type of mood I'm in exact Gimme a public things that was mentioned watching back in February the three of us are watching because it's back on for seconds of the five girls podcast and it is time once again for us to really looks from my childhood I've been going through baby club you may be in the mid for this like an genre so far whatever you say here read this book yeah really big two hour premiere last week at I guess I got loose jumped down the massingir little late last season so gene on the other oh boy howdy like I was saying at the beginning it's been so long since we did this that one of the a seventeen year defensive against our teachers have been the salt that makes sense yeah that's like two or non reader that probably sounds like nonsense but to another reader so they changed the format a little bit because the number of participants is larger suggested sixteen he's not getting right in on it on the rate at the at the start of the season glad I am I didn't even watch last season more in the last week it has in the last six months just because I had the EMMYS and the career products on and then the ones we've seen so far I think my favorites so far the butterfly so when they're having to do they've got a broken up into groups do the votes whoever gets voted the best singer so thankfully they were all on the same channel so yeah massingir totally amid for the next however many weeks is going to be thirteen to not stay they'll get two of those they will go head to head in the no vote on which one of those kits kicked out might be team 'cause you're standouts yeah soup for the first eight that we saw and really there is only one person who is not a perfect the I two shows Prodigal Son yes yeah I've not really my TV has been it one that sounded like they weren't a singer and they still didn't do too bad so right grow so they gotta go head to head trae save save their behinds so so we haven't even seen all of the singers yet the the rottweiler and the skeleton ever in have been my favorite so they didn't they had a really good the budget for the costume air style most everybody has as sounded really good so it's fun to see like the person show that was in production along getting ready to premier shots so happened to see shoot what two more groups to go and gather over GonNa be our eight eight last week and so yeah Alevis come through when you can't see their faces like how end the costume Sakir yeah look really really good like the you an ad for it play while I was playing Harry Potter hogwarts mystery they yeah yeah the prodigal son I had no idea this was the thing that this was this was even it's going to be several weeks before we get to see everyone performed for the first time let alone multiple ties because we've only had two groups go and they're still it gets unmasked so that's new the head to head or the you know sink seeing Kinda group say if there's really any eight one that I'm like you know watch out for them just seeing every say everyone yet I do have some that I'm like where do we go along with the mess singer for me I've because I like because you can play ads in the game like get coins and varies so ninety nine soup too yeah yeah so we still got two more weeks before we get through everybody for I go round so Hi I can't so a Lotta Times I will just set my phone down and be like okay player Ad Give me my bonus move on with the game so I was got like a cop so it's not like law and order but it's kind of like law and order but it's kind of like law and order meets like silence of the lambs in a way because it's almost like like a cause the sons like he's a he's a profiler so he's not necessarily turns out it's like a police troops not necessarily true crime but like it's like Michael Sheen plays this guy's dad who apparently was a serial killer when this kid you know this guy who was a kid and he's been completely traumatized he doesn't bite his tongue yeah like psychologically this I mean this is not a nice he is so good i the the shows lectures just drawn to him yeah attention to me thing that hits a play the ad turn to do something else and out of the corner my I I see ass again Lou Diamond Phillips is a legend so show to watch but it's it's an interesting concept where I mean we've seen yeah other shows movies where people work with criminals and wallets playing you know because he's ads can be anywhere from like fifteen seconds to minutes just depending on what it is to help them understand the criminal brain banal it's you know the father son relationship and in this role I can see why for like a half a second neil game it was considering casting him as Crowley we've criminals but like he's got PTSD night terrors like heap doesn't sleep very well because you just says dreams by rebels forced to work with his father to help help him profile some of these breath of a of a serial killer but he's Michael Sheen like you didn't get a lot of screen time in the in the and then you know might shane is just he's just he's brilliant and everything that I've seen him in so far and I could his part of you know see on my screen I'm like wait a minute is that Michael Sheen got distracted with other things but yeah I needed to get back to it is TV series some well known as frankly overused like criminal tight TV show tropes percent of the time. If I'm playing in gives me the option to play an ad to get you know bonus coins or whatever I'm like yes I usually have it on mute things said it's it's biographical but fictional at the same time and yes there is a lot of sex in it guys got the you know the trauma from having this father who was you know this absolute psychopaths nightmares of fighting dead so he handcuffs himself and he puts a mouthguard in his his Gomez and why Michael Sheen was kind of considering it until we both decided Nah competitors year there's some recognizable other actors that were in this series as well Allison Janney was in its it was it was one of those premium cable channel series So yeah definitely not safe for work they'll be all the better for it they've they've hit the we'll surely hit what say pro-children but yeah it's it's it's a good series I mean it's not yeah yeah yeah yeah so it's got a good premises got a good cash if they can avoid but yeah the the the new show that it's currently airing that are watching everything else is just it is I saw pre it had to be achieved in but then I'm also big Fan Europe assode hopefully you will going forward but a few times a he's onscreen he is he is creepy it's so good the which completely different town but the political theories kind of comedy series that Peter Crepaldi was in Komo stuff that's not knew that a speaking Michael Sheen one of the other things I've been watching I got so far in and then Asia of study participants so he doesn't he's not on screen for very long so actually one of my friends is as a as appears it's a really short he's an Amman is not really a lot of action or anything but I mean the characters are written well well real well fifties fifties early sixties and seventies was a uh-huh readings but I could see them going a couple of different ways storyline wise that to me it's like if you do that did several years ago call masters of sex where he plays Dr William Masters who was in the so there's but I need to add he'd get back I was like this is why I can't read anything uh-huh watching movies I think and then I'm also in the middle of watching the sick of it ways for him to curse without just relying on your your standard curse insulted everything it's it's funny it's like the office Shakey in some spots so if that bothers you you may have issues watching it but other than that stick with anything because they're gonNA bounce around apparently because of his bouncing around to that and then moved onto I don't know what I moved onto but it wasn't tv it's a big thing with him that one yeah they've at the raiders come up with some very imaginative Kind of a pioneer researcher into human sexuality So it's based on an actual real person So that wait this is this was like an HBO stall was on showtime I think so time yeah yeah in the right area reese style kind of like the office but they don't have the talking heads where they taught that you're interviewing someone on it's just people in but for British politics it's a bit hard to watch visually because they do because it is kind of that documentary it's shaky camera work because I think they're trying to make that documentary office style but it's just almost shoot asserted I started watching that I've not very far into it so which was the like Sitcom Comedy Really Short like twenty two minutes or something like that there's that and then I also watching Thirty Rock was on NBC with Tina Fey and Al Baldwin Tracy Morgan stuff so I like Tina fey a teenager the different political offices going about their business usually screwing things up which is why makes the comedy but not Svu lately again I don't know why I just put it on randomly and I've been watching that's kind of predictable so I hope they don't but we'll we'll we'll see the the they've got a good they've got a good so so let's me watching like five different TV shows at once it's no wonder I'm not reading anything works but you know they talk about different locations and stuff like I have no idea what you're talking about but I don't care because it's Peterka polity he's wonderful so it's funny this Ah Larry's the stages these words is filthy words out of emergence evil all have the fall and I've been randomly going back to like older shows like the nineties and before like I've been watching zones in the second series season it's more than that there's not a lot it's not a very did not go on very long episodes of Seltzer the brand new ones this year step tone and I've also been watching like movies that I've been meaning uh-huh oh and of course a lot of it because it's British politics a lot of the references gus straight over my head interesting episodes the number of episodes I I just lifted up like yeah the first forest like 'cause I had recently we watched Deadpool so like I John Wink try to think of what you posting wow that's what my child and I thought it was going to be I watched that on flights Egypt Murray Hill yes I really watch any movies all the United Watch Friday the thirteenth part five the other night doc it's on like I've been like you because you watch way more TV than I don't know the first thing about I know who you know I know that they have a prime minister and yeah that's how they're yeah so you a lot of cop related shows birth I always kid I'm living the same phone like this watching the shows that are back on because I watch a lot of shows swatch like I've Finally Watch Tech The coaching companies though it is it's actually it's actually genuinely funny it's just I remember hearing about that a lot when he was was cast in doctor who lost loved that yeah there's a lot of cursing it's like back from San Francisco and there were several times or add to make sure I wasn't laughing so a lot of people around me is like really cheesy the newer stuff they really go for like shock sometimes called private eye yeah last year and we own five but are paralegals are copies uh-huh and then they had me she says but I didn't watch it five yes exactly to horrible so you so stupid yeah it's no surprise that you die yeah annoying characters at least current TV than I do like watching you watch things like Hawaii five o so it was a really old DVD copies. Though I have a friend that made made appearance on a master's sex sells like hey I don't really have so that was Kinda Fun Rolf probably end up watching more Halloween type guy movies which does not necessarily my cup of tea I'm not big into like I remember walking I liked I think she's a she's a good comedian die soon enough and then when they finally you're like finally why wouldn't lie was you why did you he could show like Oh this is interesting yes the plots pretty predictable but like they went back to angel to like people don't know him from leverage and librarians you're broad but What if anything are you currently into painting anticipate aw should be interesting movie Weiser's I am looking forward to at present I've always been drawn the cop show is in medical shows I watch a lot of medical too he news a former librarian slash hitters was making make guest appearance as Supernatural Finally Aka Christian Kane Watch esiason's of game of thrones but usually it's just the plot is just so ridiculous I spend most of the time just rolling I'm also anticipating next week the season opener herb? US season supernatural end the disk has gone bad so we rented office which is actually better so because it looked better hd the same boat we usually watch into seems up yet official I can't go anything like drawn like what's coming out this year like what which I am actually going to see an early screening of your showing it as a weak heart of the heart things and then occasionally they will include a screening or something and I usually don't the announcement until it's completely sold out I do have to be a town like last year I like that spoiler easy sell but yeah the as part of the heartland film festival so I managed to stagger a ticket so I'm actually going to see it next week along Ese are using something that one time Yep yes they are it is what it is oh this one's a bit value but the stuff from like the eighties it's really it's just so cheesy yeah so you got a TV Lee usually not in town when the heartland film festival's going on because it's close to my niece's birthday so usually undergoing town so that we can go sell it supposedly he is supposed to be playing a hunter friend of Dean's so this should be interesting a real friend like aren't they asher film although most of the classic ones are ridiculous it's not that I can't stand the blood and guts and the slashing goes aloe play money season thank you I will bring my own tissue because they just just reviewed it on Cult Cinema Cavalcade Minnesota CIANCI's favorites and it's not seeing yet I'd seen four and six but that has Koby Sotos in it in a whole from mother and even John then Dr professed who North America next month I have a very busy October's so anticipating October being beautiful date in the neighborhood which is the best riders movie with Hanks over so I guess my October right calendar for October is I think it was last year they did a screening of the Princess Bride with Rob Reiner and complete it sold it was sold out at a time birthday so it's not an event that I really got to attend like any the screening anything else being the limited theater release for the Metallica to concert movie so that's something that's soon that a very excited anticipating and next week actually also the screen her vowed it took four we all star wars we can hear the non white I place too many spoiler spoiled yeah bio movie license that was a thing that's happening so so this year I happened to see posting on facebook frog it's better to come under Benedict cumberbatch strange other other thing backs of Candy S. my favorite part about Halloween Candy set twelve so the tournament formats they're doing like tournament format so I do feel that you sent me is that Angel alone I love angels had a plaque up in commemoration commemoration with the Sir Patrick students my my friend hope was there actually assery don callously fall is not even funny I'm sure somewhere in there John's like go some haunted houses John You have fun tell me all about it when you get back what everybody currently listening to for me I go back tree listen Brittany heartland about this screening of it was sold out by the time I got to it but then they made announcement like Oh more tickets available Mike sold so trump they are going to go see that which it is he ing and that's about as scary as I'm willing get chauncey on the other hand I'm sure we'll be like go to like twelve hundred houses weekend I'm like that's Nice I am listening to is it is needed available on Amazon streaming you may have to check your other at the end the years like what is coming out well we got further into verse we Got Star Wars or as Scott Walker because most of them are now open for the season in the area my mom is working at one of them so well I don't care give me tickets go to go see the Mr Rogers movie here don't watching the plot you watch it so that you can go I know that you know that pokemon start listing the names like as a provider of subscription but the Beatles Fiftieth Anniversary of Abbey Road. There was a deluxe edition that just dropped tale go at least a couple times I sure I don't do the best I do. The Children's museum haunted house for for that Societa she got to watch that which was really cool right and listening to they had a a dedication dedication in Los Angeles the last week or the had tossed this my way a couple months back in real listening to it it's called cabin pressure it's a BBC audio comedy drama Ah of just like background music and not like anything specific that there's channel I'm subscribed it was listening to listening to a lot sir another channel that does like those long ambient music but it's videos but it's like pirates of the Caribbean or Winter Woods of You can you can check them out too so but that's that's mostly what I've been listening any channel IHEART radio I've been listening to the flicks with friends Uber Law they do fandom related ambient world that's what it's called where they've got like couple hour long but it's really good to have in the background when you're doing whatever where you just need that background noise long movie like Soundtrack playlist on spotify Shaun keeps adding to it so the things like thing for the most part I've got different channels that you don't need to pay attention to what's actually going on you just need that noise as that's a good option actually so there's another one oh I can't remember the name the era or Ribbon Dell or rainy night at hogwarts cool so if you want something that's slightly more recognizable Jazz Bossa Nova you know not live instruments like Guitar Light Percussion some piano I love the channel now think I assured it with you guys can chat at some point but it's coming to an end podcast lots and lots of podcasts I have so behind on podcasts don't anyone give just goes on and on and on and on not never stops safe you just need like some ambience background you do some background noise but something where you long videos were there like an hour two hours three hours sometimes longer and they have somewhere that's it's live so autobiographical of a well known person and they don't tell you who it is until the very end so back after 'cause they do seasons so they had a break in between seasons but imagine life is back aw things holy I do not need any more podcast and I've struggling is a huge have the yeah if you have a device that you can have youtube open there's there's a lot of those life channels on Youtube the ashes that's just what I stumbled across a night happened like they're they're stalling these tend to be like a lot of like smooth so far behind by the time I got to the point where like yeah we're taking a break they were back like two weeks later so but they just came back a few weeks ago so I've been listening to them when they release their new episodes they released A weekly so yeah I've West Wing weekly although they're getting cost to being done there it's not even funny so sorry Lou one of my favorite podcasts just came ten years please and thank you unless you tell us otherwise yeah this like I have my go-to you know traveling the vortex which they took a short break but it wasn't that long of a break for me because I followed yeah yeah so no more podcast recommendations for like oh I listened to the streaming different streaming apps it's really just kind of depends on what mood I man I have been listening to the David Bowie called cinema cavalcade they stole still got their regular releases I'm so far behind a Lou sometime early next year so that'll that'll free how until someone gives me you want to listen to that much so and of course unspoiled they're still going strong going working their way through the list me any recommendation I don't you can recommend books seek recommend TV shows or movies but please for the love of although now fallen slightly behind again but I don't WanNa get spoiled on the big finish th anniversary usually I don't care about splitting big finish you too many of those like the podcast belonged to a network as I used to but back then when I did ridiculously long I could hate you it's awesome yeah I mean I'm not complaining in writing clothes and on itself like listen to anything and last season of the West wing so assuming that the podcast will end once they get to the end of the get to the end of the series so they'll be done eh have a lot of background music listen to different random channels on iheartradio including some local radio stations that makes complete sense whatever the earplugs doesn't filter out hopefully white noise will cover a Lotta music bear so it depends on who it I'm in but I'm not really yup the those done the day I'm walking on something so a lot of the she you know she needs to like blackout as much noise as possible now sleep with ear plugs in while I have white noise going yeah the OH to this podcast about this show it's funny because if you show like I haven't watched but will pick up but I can't have the TV on I can see the TV on I can't do that I can't specific click I've been have that like I on the TV one you've got the lights even if even if you also creates content for Youtube I understand that you know if you want to make a living off this problem with stuff on Youtube to especially they've got ads at play in the middle of videos but the volume between whatever it is TV where you can adjust the brightness you've got that but then with the TV the it's not of the other showed a list it's bad enough listening to some of these shows especially the ones that are like on networks like imagine life is part of the inevitably that like they say like you know you have a friend that has a fan on all year round I on it helped me kind of like the same boat as you age I'm not really listening to anything specific wandry so they've got a whole bunch of podcast this podcast is brought to you by this other podcasts like Oh that's interesting now anymore I've like that even when I sleep like even though I S- I sleep with ear plugs then which would make you think Oh control over what ads play they just can say whether they want ads or not but they can't say what ads get played but you would think so that's the one where they they give you like the it's kind of go to the Lake Hogs New People talking interest so I ended up watching that show and listen to that same podcast it's just a big cycle of yeah of quietness I can't there has to be some employees around it's too quiet I freak out and see awesome are gives them add that are appropriate for that stuff without loud music or loud talking doing other things I don't want to have anything that half actually like you saying pay attention to these exit background I can't do quiet I know people who can orange walk a listen to all those the band thing that you would talk about the Hugh Tube all their power that the algorithms all of the algorithms they have that all the time I even if it's too cold to have the pen on me I'll turn it around but I have to have that noise of Youtube you

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Food Neighbourhoods 149: Athens, Chalandri

Monocle 24: The Menu

05:08 min | 1 year ago

Food Neighbourhoods 149: Athens, Chalandri

"Hello and welcome to food neighborhoods on monocle twenty four. I am marcus hippie. All cities various locals love for their food and drink offerings and in this series we get to know these places this week we hit to the elusive northern suburb of halloween green athens to find out how it went from shopping close to food in a matter of years are regarded as morcos daphne carnoustie's while locals head to downtown athens for some of the city's best culinary options is the northern suburbs that pack in an impressive array array of some of the capital's most indulgent meals each time i visit the northern suburb an up and coming foodie haunt of landry. It seems there are always new additions to the list and while there are plenty of classic diviners and traditional greek messy restaurants around in her landry. It's all about letting your imagination run wild off from american style grill burgers sushi pie shop bagel cafe belgian waffles to name just a few the real problem is choosing wisely because nobody does comfort food better than her landry. Thankfully the ample pedestrian streets mean you can safely all around the food cluster on rushed before making your choice choice you see calorie which is only twenty two minutes away from central athens on line. Three of the metro used to be famous mainly for its retail options a favourite weekend destination for sport of shopping the wide pedestrian streets around the main square in charge of ideas nicolo rarely found in central athens were lined with clothing and homeware stores over the past decade during the country's economic crisis. Many shops were shuttered. It's a narrative that's played out around the country as retailers decided to try their luck in food and drink industry one of the few sectors that continue to thrive despite the crisis people don't easily give up a sunday brunch or mid the cocktail it seems today restaurants cocktail baas ice cream parlors in coffee shops nearly outnumber the areas shopping offerings with eateries lining every every street and spa greek arcade and while you can still find good shopping spots the main event in her landry is now undoubtedly the food the pizza straight from wood fired oven head to lose the first outpost opened on the popular greet island of antivirals by a couple from rome with the fenian branch opening and calendar last year becoming instant haunt the roman pizzas are an oval rather than round shape with very everything is made from uganda flower needed and left for at least thirty six hours before being coked the vegan peter's particular hits and one of the taste is he'll try and athens. He's known as the miranda it's talk with flavors and tomato sauce fresh cherry tomatoes aubergines capers garlic olives parrot with many options of greek in italian wines next and a testament to the growing ethnic food scene in athens pink. Elephant is an indian restaurant that recently opened a sister branch in central athens. Thanks to the menu is long so it might take a while to order on arrival. You'll get to bowl of chris papa with two dips sweet mango chutney and spicy yogurt it head for an aromatic coma with safran and omens or a nice mehari served with beef cardamon ginger in plenty of onion. There are great veggie options to try the mug china with ginger chick peas coriander and grandma but perhaps landry really stands out for or it's desserts so if you've got a sweet tooth take note. Mr peacock is an all day bar. That's made a name for it. Staple pancakes try the american style stock with drizzle chocolate or the colts owner filled with chocolate and hazelnut cream top with ice cream for another decadent dessert head down the road to belga cafe andbranch spot opened last year which specializes sean is in belgian waffles though the onus choose not to describe it as a waffle shop but a gopher he from the french word which means waffle you'll find combinations including the waffle lemon pie peanut butter with miranda snickers peanut butter cream with butter caramel and caramelized possession filling caulking is nearby nearby is known for its large variety of freshly baked cookies and you can linger for an evening of cocktails with live music to the list goes on and what started from necessity for some people as a way to cope with the country's economic crisis has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for foodies so don't discount the city suburbs just this yet next time you're in athens for monaco in athens and daphne carney's these visas being episode number one hundred and forty nine food neighborhoods thanks to daphne for today stewart in athens for more food and drink stories tune into the menu every freud a._s. twenty hundred london toy. I am marcus hipping. Thanks for listening to by now.

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Rick Mercer remembers John Crosbie, who has died at 88

The Current

02:47 min | 10 months ago

Rick Mercer remembers John Crosbie, who has died at 88

"This is a CBC podcast. Matt Galloway this podcast from on the January tenth edition of the current. Pull before we go. We want to Aknowledge. The death of John Crosby for more than fifty years in public public life. He was a force unlike many others as a federal cabinet minister in to progressive conservative governments from his budget. That brought down the Joe Clark Administration in Nineteen seventy any nine to his shutdown of the cod fishery devastated communities to his tenure as left hand governor of his beloved Newfoundland and Labrador John Crosby was eighty eight years old. We thought it's only fitting to give the last word today to another luminary of that province Rick Mercer. I'm Matt Galloway. Thanks for listening to the current and have a great weekend. Well you could put forward an argument that he was perhaps. The most influential politician in history was a man who is at the center of every significant part of Newfoundland history since confederation and whether people agreed or disagreed with him nobody ever questioned his love of Newfoundland and Labrador. It was infused in everything he did. Not only was he a giant figure in Newfoundland. He was a giant figure nationally and in many ways he was our most famous newfoundlander for many many decades. Okay so we were okay with that because he embodied all the qualities that we're proud of he was hard working he was passionate he was capable and had a hell of a sense of humor and we were proud of him. He was known as a good guy. And I don't think there's anyone in Canada who knew John or Jon who wouldn't want to sit next to him on a plane or have a bear here with the guy and I was fortunate enough to do both of those things probably the first time I spent any time with him when his book was released no-holds-barred which is a great political memoir. And I was on this hours twenty two minutes and I went down and I did a shoot with him at his summer place anyway. We came up with his gag where he was going to throw me the office land at the end and he said I've got something for you. And he went in the shed and then he came out and then he had a gun with him and he threw me off the law and then he said the seem Amisi you can kiss my and Blam he fired the gun over my head and it was a great moment scare the hell out of me but just as soon as he fired the gun. The door opened opened and Jane his wife ran out and she said John. You told me you got rid of that. And he looked at me and he said it's time for you to go. He had a great sense of humor. And he always had time for me as a young fella anytime I happen to be around him and I would badger him with questions and that kind of thing. He was a gentleman for more C._B._C.. PODCASTS Goto C._B._C.. Dot C._A. Slash podcasts.

John Crosby Newfoundland Matt Galloway Rick Mercer Joe Clark Aknowledge John Canada Amisi Jane Jon eighty eight years twenty two minutes fifty years
Youre on an UNSTOPPABLE Rollercoaster  Sales Success Stories Book  Sample Story #27

Sales Success Stories

11:43 min | 1 year ago

Youre on an UNSTOPPABLE Rollercoaster Sales Success Stories Book Sample Story #27

"<music> you're listening to the sales success stories podcast what we deconstruct world class sales performers to provide insights and strategies to help improve to learn more visit us at top one undock f._m. Here's your host scott ingram. This episode is brought to you. Thanks to the generous support of vineyard go video. If you're a fan of this podcast podcast i hope you'll help support them and help yourself in the process by downloading their free chrome plugin so you can start increasing your email. Response rates with video video get started today by clicking over the top one dot f._m. Forward slash v and see what vineyard go video can do for you and your sales efforts today. I've got another sample story for you from the b._b._c. Sales mentors book this one comes from able lomas as he talks about riding the roller coaster that we all know oh s. sales given listen able lois is the top account executive at trust radius. He shared his story with me. Episode fifty nine of the podcast top one dot f._m. Forward slash fifty nine and is working on two other stories for volume two of sales success stories hong kong singapore toronto philippines and more international international selling from the office and keeping prospects in suspense can be a great tactic but show up to the sales call hi this is able lomas homelessness feature on episode fifty nine with sales success podcast hold on. You're on an unstoppable rollercoaster selling like your speed dating when i started my new new role at a fifty person startup in april twenty eighteen. I had a few set target accounts that i absolutely wanted to win. Thing in this is a shortlist. That's more important than commission check. It's about something bigger and account that i wanted to secure as part of my tenure with the company to no surprise video team had been hammered account for months with no response i joined the fun and three of us were all targeting the account together then just a couple of weeks later v._p. Of marketing for the target account registered on our site and we had a meeting scheduled for may twenty first the meeting was like a speed date that went all too well. We quickly escalated to proposal on may twenty fourth than the price his package negotiations then started the contract redline process on june first with a target have a contract signed by mid june. We had done a couple of rounds of red lines in one on open line item when they count fell silent. It wasn't until june twenty six. When we finally heard back indicate the contract was on hold until mid-july as most teams. Do we tried multiple. He wrote outreaches including executive to executive level calls emails all of which were lured we wouldn't be close in the steel within the calendar quarter water intimate the emotional state even worse on june twenty eighth and other vendor in our space tweeted about the relationship with the company which included a quote the company's c._m._o. From dead to renew chase as a calendar flip to july is advised my leisure team that one of three things could happen one would be awarded the business as negotiated in q three two we'd have to renegotiate and settle for a smaller deal or worse case the three the deal was actually dead. It would have to start from scratch on july seventeenth as we attempted to re-engage where we are already thinking was finally confirmed firm. The deal was dead. They subsequently wouldn't revisit a partnership until twenty nineteen. It may be all business not personal but i took this personally. Only i started the grieving process was sadness reflection in thought. My stomach was twisted in knots as i reflected on the situation examiners every step in every action taken by the friday that week i came to the conclusion that i hadn't sold the account and into to reset my friend of mine in star. New pursuit was hungry in my mind was now free to think of new possibilities saturday morning began full of excitement segment while the c._m._o. Had previously alluded as i had a plan to finally get him engaged whether true or not the reason. I heard why the product was stalled was due to a soft q. into as a result. My plan was to text him at noon eastern time on saturday knowing that he wouldn't be in business meeting. Here's how that played out with. The names removed july twenty first twenty eighteen twelve o two easterns c._m._o. If you truly believe your buyers trusted customers before your marketing we should discuss how to make your company truly customer powered to prevent another disappointing quarter. You don't have to buy now but accept my challenge. Inge inlets sharevision twenty two minutes later able adding my new v._p. In marketing she's leading the charge element to view connect from here here with just a few lines of text in the cell phone. That chases reborn in the chiefs was real. It took until august sixteenth to have my first meeting with a new new v._p. Marketing she brought several people table all of whom defer to her meeting within one breath. It was clear that she was a high i._q. Person extremely fine fine but won't hesitate to be extremely direct. It was clear that she had the respect of everyone whether on this call or anywhere she was present awesome. The call went well but she didn't show up for our next. Call on september fourth. She also wouldn't accept the risk date for september twelfth so i texted her early early that morning. When i thought she might be between the train in her office she responds with the following message. Hi able appreciate the enthusiasm full transparency z. We don't have the budget until january to do anything comprehensive with you but looking forward to chatting the call itself was turned into a discussion about the business justification advocation. I told her how we approach business justification and she shared with me what she needed in the justification by wednesday september nineteen the justification aged was in her inbox. I asked her for the opportunity to review together to which she responded that she get back to me next week with her. Not willing to commit time we plan a trip to a certain person we built a whole itinerary around meeting her without knowing if she even show up with this in mind de risk the trip in two different ways one we we scheduled meetings with several other companies to make good use of the trip to we work with a champion within the account to blackout time when the v._p. Marketing was likely likely to be available fast boarding talk to over four. We are on the ground in new york city. That morning was just beautiful mild yet cool. All clear skies in new york city was bustling with his usual energy that morning their primary reason for the trip meeting with a v._p. Marketing she had finally accepted are meeting invitation. The face-to-face later that afternoon we arrive in the office lobby wrote up the elevator to their floor. We were greeted by three briefly souls at the reception desk sinus in and showed us to the water cooler. They had us take a seat as a winner for the marketing to come get us. If we plan this right. This will be her last day expected her to be late with the hope that she wouldn't be rushed to see us off about fifteen minutes. After the plan start time she comes comes out to greet us. She first introduces herself to my boss and they shake hands second. She turns to me with her hand extended to which i told her i was gonna need a hug in fairness i created an awkward moment in got an awkward side hug within turn as she loves to large high-tech conference room overlooking in massive screen she the ashes of <unk> plug into present but we declined to have a conversation stead. Although i'd every piece of content possible ready if necessary we started the meeting by finding common ground with people we both knew in finding some commonly shared experiences. It took no time to realize this was truly magnificent person. You're sitting sitting across from after only about ten minutes in before getting any prepared content. She pauses a meeting proceeds to tell us that she likes his personally and respected our commitment to not just the harbor who put into every meeting but by delivering value to her and her team and every touch point in the buyer journey with us even though she didn't have this in her budget plan. She wanted to put together a deal her next question. What is the smallest deal we can do to get started after br answering your question i finally shared. She didn't know i told her that we had negotiated deal in bay and we were just a week away from signing when the deal one on hold her reaction the action reckless able if i had known we screwed you i would have been more empathetic to you. Tell me what the deal was in. Let's get it done done now. Maybe she would have been empathetic. Fight told her sooner but to this day. I believe that i had to earn that moment of empathy. If i had shared that information information center i wouldn't have gotten the reaction a receive that day as we prepare to depart her office once again great my boss with a handshake she turns it to me with their arms wide open says able bring it in as we exited the elevator and exited the building back in the streets of new york city. We are greeted with chill. Chill cold fall down for. There's no other way to say this but we have made it ring a few weeks later october thirty first. We officially added this new fantastic mystic customer. Had we follow the typical path we might just be restarting the sale cycle now emitted by twenty twenty. You call them a customer instead. We challenge each other. We ended up deciding. That partnership was worth more than waiting for fiscal budgets to work themselves out. Lessons learned one sells might be a rollercoaster but it is up to the rap to be unstoppable otherwise the rollercoaster is likely to stop at the wrong point in the buyer journey to deliver value at every touch point weather on a scheduled call a new between meetings or any other time that a customer is touched value trump's available budget three. If you don't have a clear state of mind do what it takes it achieved clarity before you act the result of a clear mind will we'll make all the difference in the world for we all know about the challenger sale but challenge everything including yourself your team. Your prospects your bosses and your customers. If there is no challenge it's not worth the fight in five be human show empathy the in practice embassy in every customer touch point. Some people might call it karma but you never know when the empathy will be turned in your favor for for more about the book you can click over to top one dot f._m. Forward slash b. to b. and if you'd like to check out my full interview with able you'll find that in episode fifty eighty nine at top one dot f._m. Forward slash fifty nine. Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in next week for my interview with jay small. Thanks for listening to the sales success stories podcast to be sure you never miss an episode and for an invitation to our sales success community powered by fluid subscribe to our our newsletter at top one dot f._m.

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Chasing Contentment (Wade Joye)

Elevation Church Podcast

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Chasing Contentment (Wade Joye)

"Open builds your fate hope it gives you perspective to see God is moving in your life enjoy the message. If you don't know me my name is Wade this is Stephen Fertig on the pastor of Elevation Church and this is our podcast I wanted to thank you for joining us today this inspires you for Stephen Groping in Colombia and had a great childhood amazing parents they were a tad overprotective maybe a lot over protective but up in Columbia South Carolina go gamecocks probably the only time I can ever say that with confidence from this ages this weekend probably heresy to say this I'm sorry so like I said I'm I'm the worship pastor the church so naturally I would come home from school and me and my friends did what every elementary school boy did a back in the eighties before the Internet we actually went outside we could I can do all this through him who gives me strength title the message that God's given me for our church today seven years old is foo fighters so if I've done nothing right as a parent of at least on that one thing right so we were talking about all these bands and are realized thanks giving present your requests to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus now finally brothers and sisters says verse verse six thirteen it says the stay standing do not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and petition with is chasing contentment chasing contentment Lord I pray that you speak to us through your word I pray that you will give us hearts to believe God gives ears to hear in the face to obey Jesus name we pray Amen I go ahead and give about five or six hubs for you had the your seats whatever is true whatever is noble whatever's right whatever is pure whatever is lovely whatever is admirable if anything is excellent are praiseworthy think about such things really fell in love with music way earlier before high school and I think I remember the very first song road and it was back in second grade I grew I love music I'm a retired worship leader retired songwriter used to dabble and all that and so I was I was with my three kids three little girls and I was trying to not comprehend that because my second grade year was full of angst and frustration due to certain bike riding limitations that were posed upon me against my will give them a history lesson on music and specifically the evolution of my love for music and really this was just an excuse to make them listen to my favorite high school bands from the nineties so the ready for the work all right I'm ready to preach we going to be in Philippians chapter four for our short time together renewed concern for me indeed you work concerned but you had no opportunity to show it and I'm not saying this because I am a need for learn to be content whatever the circumstances are not it at the time but I'm a parent now so I'm kind of overprotective and I saw that there's now see there was love and wisdom behind some of their rules but my second grade year I did there's a debate in our family twins add Liana Adly loves pop music she's not a huge fan of Rock Leon She's my rock my rock kid and her favorite band rode our bikes it was awesome you should try and so you know my parents they let me ride my bike on this one small stretcher road right in front of our house listen to Nirvana smashing Pumpkins Pearl Jam I think we've got some fans and also our fighters one of my favorite bands there's actually has to be in need on know what it is to have plenty of learned the secret of being content in any and every situation where they're well fed or hungry whether living in plenty Orrin want the pavement right in front of my house showing off all of our tricks it was great but then I think my friends started to get a little restless because their parents were a bit more liberal with the and whatever you've learned or received or heard for me or CNN me put it into practice and the God of peace will be with you rejoiced greatly in the Lord that it lasts rules in mind so one day we wrote up to the stop sign and then instead of my friends turning around to go back to my house they just kept going and they which to me I want you to imagine for a little second grade weighed two standing at the stop sign just so sad just wondering what treasures and wonder nobody stands me big finish nobody stands you are a forty-three thinking like there's something that I'm missing out on just beyond the stop sign how in the world could I be happier full disclosure very blessed life I love my life I love my family I love my church I'm getting to live out my dreams but how many of you just sitting here at the fence may have been two years involved and then a song began to rise from US spirit cry to the Lord this a mountain and you feel like you know what satisfied but now I'm not because we all want this we all want that feeling have to pretend like it's perfect and fake it and be happy with decisions that are made that I had no control over and somehow that was contentment and joy awaited my friends in this huge neighborhood and so a pedal bike back to my parents I'm begging pleading I'm trying to reason with them with all hi stature very intimidating second grade that didn't work either so every day rod to the stop sign waived me I would be happy maybe I could find joy maybe I could be contempt and so Paul's writing Philippians about contentment we live on mountain view drive and I could ride my all the way up to the stop sign but I couldn't go past the stop sign and at first that was great I mean me and my friends we just tore up I made it past the stop sign in third grade but I don't think I ever made it past that feeling whether in second grade you're satisfied and you're happy that you're on the mountain until you look over and you see your friend on another mountain that's just a little bit taller little bit bigger a little bit sexier I and I think I've always thought contentment was one of two things either my life had to be perfect which I don't know about you but never been that way or second-grade wisdom while I'm responsible and I can handle it in my friends are doing it and none of it worked try a new tactic and I was like who's going to mess with with a man or boy friends I was just pouting so one day I had had enough I just rode my bike back to the house and I threw my bike up against the fence set down up against the fence you could tell at second grade I had a talent for for simplicity repetition I knew the power of that and songwriting and you know once again picture second grade which was about the size of forty-three year-old Wade feeling of contentment and I really believe strongly in my heart some of you are on the verge of sabotaging your life trying to find content you know body under Stan me it's real complicated if you catch a single intent on this small stretch of road when a whole neighborhood awaits back a- just get there if I could just be that if I could just achieve that then made this whole treatise on content from a prison cell which is not the ideal place in my mind to write about contentment but I think it's exactly where God wanted him to write it from I thought I think our culture is caught the wrong thought about what contentment is I think Paul's trying to explain it to us right here and if you don't know Paul was writing I didn't really know how to be content when I got the call from the doctor seven years ago that my five week old daughter Sydney has you know we want to be content we have this picture perfect image of what our life should be if it could just be that that I'd be content and ruined your life in the process and so somewhere along the way I think I've caught the wrong thought about what content tint in any every situation so Paul is not saying there's a secret to being content with your season because honestly sometimes fibrosis wasn't sure how to be content with that and I wasn't sure how to one day tell her to be content with that I mean how do you AH struggle for contentment is not just when you're in the valley and you wish your on the mountain sometimes you're on the mountain the best of my knowledge is the first time I remember writing song and it went something like this no body on stands me content with the fact that your husband just walked out and left how are you content with the fact that you raised your son in Church and see Paul's not saying I'm content with the prison he's not saying I'm happy about it he's not saying I'm content with the lack of resource I'm content with because you think it's in the next marriage and you're about to abandon this one you think it's in the next career and you're about to make a choice to find contentment I don't think God's can sit with our season I don't think God wants us to hurt that way or to suffer but Paul saying there's a secret of being content in it it's not with it it's acution and they still have joy and they're still rejoicing and the first century world didn't understand that honestly sometimes I don't understand it either I don't contentment we want to be content with our with our relationships are friendships who want to be content with our career we want to be content with our bank account and our finances take notice of these people like Paul who claim to follow this the self proclaimed Messiah named Jesus and they're facing down death and now they're they're hooked on drugs how are you content with the job that you hate how are you content with the things in your life that you really wished you had the power to change only get it then I'll finally be content and sometimes for me in the chasing I've made some of the dumbest decisions of my life chasing this fleeting but you can so keep chasing it and we keep struggling with an and we keep thinking if we can just get my life to look this way then put it into practice and the God of peace will be with you so thank God sent me here to tell you to stop chasing contentment I had the wrong preposition there the whole time Pol saying there's a secret of being content in your trial now with your trial and I think that is what caused the first century world because it sounds cute and it's shrew at face value but the more I started thinking about it in the more I started thinking about you know how do I explain to Sydney one day content in cystic fibrosis how do I explain to the person who doesn't have a job how are you don't just not being content it really is and maybe you have to how many of you heard the sermon last weekend I caught a thought incredible sermon wasn't it if you haven't listened you need to go back and listen but I think I've caught the understand how to be content in any and every season and so that was the message that really wanted to preach today that it's not with its Phil miserable I still feel frustrated I still feel like there's just something missing in my life so maybe that's part of the secret but maybe it's not all of the season I think the secret is in verse nine here it is all says whatever you have learned or received are heard from or seen in me repetition and it's not normal it's a practice turn to your neighbors they were talking about practice here today I feel the spirit of Alan Iverson coming over me we're talking about the fact that being persecuted for the Gospel that's not it at all and I think if you don't read verse twelve carefully you'll miss it this is what Paul says says I've learned the secret of being it does and here's what I love about the word of God you can read a passage for years and then in a moment the Holy Spirit can just illuminate practicing contentment is not a chase it's not a magical download contentment is a practice and it takes work and it takes Ktar my favorite guitar player Stiegler Rave on and you know I wish once Stevie Ray fan right over there and I wish I just came doubt always the same gingas grill loves gas grill I mean she loves everything about Gingrich she loves the breath that you needed to hear that exact right moment at that exact time and God showed me this I wanted to come to ballantyne a- as he looked at his life and looked at some skills that he had put into practice day after day month after month year after even when it didn't feel was it just be content in it doesn't change how you feel it doesn't matter what word you put their doesn't matter what sounds cute I still practice the petition so one of my daughters adly it doesn't matter if I'm if it's breakfast record in a D Chord and g chord and now I don't play anywhere near Stevie Ray if I did I'd be taken joey spot over here every single weekend denim preach and normally I'm use a really nervous to say on the stage I'm nervous right now but I couldn't wait to share this with you because it started to help me and I really pray it helps you aw practice see you can be content in your situation but it takes practice it's not your default setting see I love and so last Sunday after church sitting on my couch two thirty in the afternoon and I was just looking at Philippians four as a God what is the secret I really I want to know because I struggled launch dinner ever ask her where she wants to eat doesn't matter if it's a daddy daughter date or in a hurry on the way to church her response is one hundred percent without failed I think there's three skills that we can practice with the rest of our time together the next twenty two minutes it's not a sermon it's practice so get your sweats on stretch loose we're going to practice together three skills that we're going to practice to help cultivate heart or contentment and the first is this so note takers write this down it's practice the petition weeks ago I came home from church had been visiting some campuses and Ferris and the girls who beat me home and add these just smiling faces just beaming ear to ear and I'm like Nomo he began to learn the secret of being content in a situation he is telling the Church and Philip if you practice these things you can learn it to but I know enough to get the job done and I don't have to think anymore about how to play a C or how to play a D. or it comes nationally and so it took practice it's so hard for me to believe the truth that God wants something good for me and sometimes I feel like if I want something enough it's probably an idol is to make something that wasn't natural feel natural and so Paul saying you are not prone to make the choice that leads to contentment it is not natural but I didn't quite connect but I realized that I think the exact same thoughts about God action on the menu the variety she loves the dining experience the ambiance the atmosphere she just graduated from small to a big ball she loves everything the please as we were running errands and the way home from Church and we we stopped at a place that was really close to guess and I wanted to ask Mommy if we could go there's no way garden want me to have it and I missed a find contentment as believing for a no so I'm not disappointed guitar it took years and years and years in high school just closing the door playing along with my favorite bands my favorite music practicing mass scales learning to see out Gingas I enjoy I feel like I've said yes digging enough to show my love for Ashley and the Great Dining establishment of gas grill out of the womb with guitar in hand just playing his version of little wing I have been a very awkward and painful birth for my mom that was the case but no I didn't know how to I didn't know anything about it royal the worship Pastor here at the church and I have the incredible honor and privilege to preach and bring God's words you this weekend I am excited there's also getting as close to our house so I've also exercised my fatherly veto many times we're in a hurry and I'm like we can't go to giving us today it doesn't matter how many good things the Lord has done for me over my life for some reason I think his disposition towards me is no you said yes and I I was really shocked that she surprised that that I would say yes because our bank account shows that she says yes to add a lot but I figured you'd probably say no when I almost asking and then I did it and almost ass and I thought she said no and finally we were walking out the door that's like mommy there's there's Gingas and when I want to yes and I don't get it in all that does for me is I lower my level of expectation I lower my level of faith and I might tell you yes god is good but I have a hard time believing that he actually wants good things for me I mean he might take me to McDonald's but not gingas I mean that's Oh gosh like one of her friends must have given their life to Christ somebody must have gotten baptize at Church Avenue wh- what happened and she's like mommy to meet a Guinness a lower level of belief and I claim it's contentment and it's really just complacency settled and I don't think Paul says contentment is found from just accepting your situation questions asked I think Paul says again for listening God bless you and when that happens we start to lose hope and there's no way you can have contentment without hope the Bible says that hope deferred finishing a petition is to make our present a formal request to authority with respect to a particular cause so contentment is the first step is recognizing that I am not in authority over my life there's some things like he might be discontent because everyone else is getting the promotion and is not us it's appealing to a higher authority who has the power to act but also the wisdom to know when and how to act and sometimes when not to act good morning I'm not I'm not one of those I wake up at five and go work out I'm not that person I get my best prayer time done in the car not just praying blessings over people in Charlotte traffic is actually I can be still and quiet and founded just accepting things as they are it's found on we recognize there's actually someone in our life with the power and authority to make it better and that all and realizing that there's nothing we can do to fix this so we have to appeal to a higher authority and so to make petitions we have to stop hiding our emotions here's what actually makes that dangerous is when we do that we began to believe the lie that God doesn't listen in God doesn't care I wake up at five in the morning and spend an hour of uninterrupted communion with the blessed Lord Jesus and I just hear his audible voice I'm barely saved I feel like I need to confess in front of thousands of people right now that all those times growing up when we played hide and seek and I was like where's Liana whereas alley hiding our desires hiding our requests from God I mean it's the worst game hide and seek ever you can't hide anything from the Lord and no my twins are right here ends and prayers one of those words we a lot in church and we can become numb to it so I wanted to focus on the word petition because it sounded like a strong word I was drawn to it so I looked it up and the thing but in every situation prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God so Paul says offer up prayers and petitions feelings out and they'll say okay got him I'm really really nervous about this meeting today I feel like everyone's going to finally realize that I'm not that smart and I god is also cultivating hope so here's what that looks like in my life right now this is just a window into my prayer life and I wish I could say that own and actually talk to God because prayer for me right now it's kind of messy and it doesn't feel very tricky and it starts with trying to be brutally honest with God's so I'll just try to get all have what it takes or I'm nervous about this conversation because I really want this person to like me but I know you want me to say this you know I feel like no one understands me still that second grade kid you know mad about the bike and I just get all the emotions out all of it and then I tried to move past the emotion to truth and say God but I do know word makes a heart sick we have to hope that God wants to move and can move if we're ever going to cultivate a heart of contentment and so- petitioning I knew where you were the entire time so forgive me dad by the way it is we try to hide what we want from God and he knows it's really because you're late

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Inside The Parker - Nats Steal Game 1; Rob's World Series Prediction; A.J. Pierzynski Breaks Down Nationals/Astros

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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Inside The Parker - Nats Steal Game 1; Rob's World Series Prediction; A.J. Pierzynski Breaks Down Nationals/Astros

"Jason I are looking back at the most compelling teams in sports history why we rooted for them or against them as they achieved their title of best of the best when it comes to sports history doesn't change or does it come find out on the special teams podcast which is now available on Jason Smith and Mike Harmon together awesome stop that's how baseball goals sometimes it's amazing that's why you play no matter what people look at it on paper and they try to inch you that that's going to happen doesn't always end up that way it's an amazing amazing feat but it was the astros getting the you remember the picture of him on the mound he was devastated almost shocked and couldn't believe it and he was that moment when the ball went out I couldn't believe it Chapman said I couldn't believe it went out at that time of the game four splits to win yes on paper they are loaded I get it and they won a world series in twenty seventeen and a lot of players at our age and moving on to the world series number two I know everybody in the alkyl have basically pick the Astros iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts burke shares to the sound from wherever you live Mlb America this is inside the Parker you give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the scoop on Major League Baseball now here's Baseball Hall of finally got to talk about it and that's six four loss and how stunning it was and he was quoted any said quote at since September they didn't hit that well against the Yankees they had better clutch moments to walk off home runs that really powered them to this the game the Yankees win because the Yankees have the better bullpen it was because the Yankees couldn't get a clutch hit that they weren't able to gene photo number one zero three rob Parker welcome to inside the Parker I'm your host Rob Parker and again I just couldn't believe it him and the whole city of New York and Yankee fans all over that was the bullpen game that was supposed to be the year for the very first time so they're the newbies but here's the thing that I think people haven't really looked at the astros really haven't hit teams will do that he's from Fox sports plus we have foul affair and a little trash talking that and much more let's go who helped win that world series is still around the nationals hadn't been able to get out of haven't been able to advance in the playoffs until yes game one of the world series is in books and just got told you the national is going to win this thing they gig game one score more runs and put themselves in spot to win that game but in the end the Yankees with the better bullpen did not win because the bullpen gave the number three interesting story on MLB dot com basically asking which players who play in this world astros have so I think pitching always stops hitting so I really really like the nationals even with the week layoff and now they're going to face a team in the nationals that have outstanding starting pitching I would say better starting pitching at this point the knee I still like the nationals to win this in six games that's right Parker prediction nationals in six I still like the national the world series has started and everybody's a buzz about the astros in nationals a lot of people in the season started thought it might be the dodgers the nationals I predict will win six games but we have a great podcast coming to you AJ presents key will further breakdown both team interrupt to lead off it's getting rough and keep them up rob's hot take the three biggest stories in major league baseball number one game six of the Al to send the Astros to the world series and the Yankees home and in the Yankees and that would be the big match that they hadn't had in a long time but it didn't happen and one of the reasons that didn't happen was because of a Rall Chapman aamer Gary Coleman unbelievable same thing I don't see him at this point being a hall of Famer despite that's a given there's another guy that possibly could be there Max Scherzer who is just one of ten pitchers with at least we side what he's done in the postseason and you have Stephen Strasburg another guy who said some sort of career but at this point no it could potentially make it to Cooperstown in the baseball hall of fame that's a good question is one guy for sure in Justin Burland or I think that L. C. S. to move on to the world series but if you were honestly looking at what they were doing during the playoffs against the Yankees they weren't hitting the baseball award so he's another guy that has a real shot there are other people around exact cranky Nah I'm not so sure meeting here in the world series I liked a lot of guys in this world series but I can't see more than two making it who is one of the best closers in baseball and he gave up a two Al two run home run to Jose altuve Aaron the bottom of the ninth inning you're thinking about narcissism infertility divorce co-parenting no matter what it is we're getting into it so we hope you enjoy our new podcast hall of fame hey it's steady mellencamp from real housewives of Beverly Hills and we're going to take you down some serious rabbit holes speak about all of the topics you know the ones heady teapot come join me iheartradio is number one for podcast and it's easy to see why find teddy teapot on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast I don't see him on that track at this point so those are summited named some of the guys I would say to guys that have a real shot doing great man fabulous so excited about the world series no doubt world series kicked off last night Tuesday night game one but coming into the series Aj who did you like when you look at the nationals and of course the astros who and that would be Justin Burland in his career what he's been able to do and Max Scherzer so one from each team the former tigers you're he's a hall of fame Jose Altuve Aa too soon to really say that Tita surefire hall of fame who won a world series with the White Sox in two thousand five two time all star and a Fox baseball analysts Aj how you doing here comes the big interview listen and learn so cool all right let's welcome in former Major League catcher AJ presents I don't care what anyone says starting pitching still wins in the postseason and don't forget Anabol- Sanchez just think about this what what they have everybody talks about the Astros Tony Pitching which is great but I think that the nationals starting pitching it's actually better and here's the other thing Aj the CBS but it was a bullpen game what you know why would you have a bullpen game in such a big game like that and not have started so I'm with you on that I love the Oh to be talking about starting pitching matchups there's nothing better than baseball than waking up looking in the newspaper and seeing sure zor versus coal Strasbourg versus in the metrodome going ten innings pitched for pitch and that's what you look forward to you look forward to those matches at least I do as a baseball fan I mean the bullpen is great astros really didn't hit that well knit Yankee series they had the two clutch moments to to walk offs but if you really take a look at what they did they didn't do as much damage as they had done agent Kinda showed the blueprint on how to pitch against the Astros but the problem is you still gotta get hit and runs off the astros staff which is very very difficult but how nice under grinky versus Corbin it's good it's good for the game and I love it no doubt about it that's what was so disappointing about game six yes it was exciting in the Sir Cinderella Story from the standpoint that the Astros already won the world series two years ago they're loaded they got a expe- and the have a week off before it just seemed like it works out for most teams it connect- hurt a team not playing cardinals it is hard to bet against anytime you have Sherzer Strasbourg Oh yeah thank you but Corbyn's your third starter it is tough to bet against you because and that means that you have time off and on your series quickly and you pretty much dominated the other team isn't this the classic you know big guy again in the past well it's never they didn't hit against the raise either ration- down pretty pretty good also so it wasn't like the astor's are coming in gnashing the ball the vote team you have the better team to be honest with you I think actually have something special going on the way they won the wild card the way they came back beat the dodgers the way they just manhandled but until someone proves me they can win a seven game series by bullpen and I'm I'm not a believer I understand why they do it and I understand why teams have to do it but at the end of the day starting pitching still win in a playoff until this year to meet this is a classic matchup of of the team that has everything and the other team trying to get there idea of big horses at the top of your rotation that's baseball is meant to be right I mean you look through the history of the game and you look forward to these matchups uh until someone proves me wrong and always will daughter nationals at a disadvantage no baseball you play baseball everyday it's not football once a week of teams that are not teams but of starting pitchers and teams that have these great starting rotations and remember Jack for John smoltz back in ninety one so I understand why team say that but it didn't affect doesn't know five and I have no sympathy for anyone that says rest affects his rest is a good thing in October that means you're winning nationals in six games over the Astros I just liked the team what they're doing the magic that they have going on Who did you pick a major league catcher won the world series two thousand five with the White Sox and a Fox baseball analyst thanks for joining the PODCAST AJ had the better team on paper are hard to bet against you got one through twenty five I can get one to four probably the Astros Organization they mazing podcasts news we just launched our very first podcast thrill his best and the rest every week you can hear me and amazingly talented colleagues talk about the best of awesome game five I mean they've blown some games blown some series this is where they always thought they should be and up until this year they were kinda known as the team that couldn't get it done and all of a sudden pick the nationals I think it's going to be seven though but I think the actual figure out a way to get it done we appreciate his name? Aj Brzezinski of course from the cold cold world tune in on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts the last few years so I I mean I understand why you're saying that because they were wildcard team they got to such a bad start in the astros or the big that Astros but each either pretty evenly matched they have good the best in food drink travel and entertainment like what's the best city to bar hop in what's the best thing to order at Taco Bell what's the Best Pixar movie listened to thriller that's right him and his wife had a beautiful new son John Michael Masterson so the only analytics I can figure out it's time for the pocket protector central the analytic numbers you need to know well maybe F S One's Anthony masterson is his name wit's team a lot of stars and the nationals water have a lot of good players they're Cinderella story did it did a team that couldn't get over the Hump couldn't advance same.

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Episode 532  Foresight is 2020  How Building Trust Is Important To Sales?

The Bacon Podcast | Brian Basilico - Marketing Strategy Expert Interviews to CURE Your Marketing

10:20 min | 10 months ago

Episode 532 Foresight is 2020 How Building Trust Is Important To Sales?

"Everyone agrees Bacon. Make everything better even marketing. This is the vacant podcasts. You'll learn to cure your marketing. Victor Internet Marketing Online. Hi Mark is social media tips intact now to help you bring more Bacon Hall. Master Marketing Sizzle Ryan Basilica. This is the Bacon podcast. Welcome everybody I'm your host. Brian Basilica in this is the podcast. Where you learned to make your business sizzle online? So are you ready to fry up some new business pay people. Well we're at the door of twenty twenty in this is the last one of my Mono- casts about foresight twenty twenty and today. I WanNa talk about how building trust is important to sales especially in this upcoming year so I had this new customer contact me and they wanted to figure out how to use. Seo To build up traffic to their website which totally makes sense. I mean it can and it's great for that kind of stuff but the key question I have to ask them is this why. Why do you want to build up traffic? What do you expect out of it and it made a lot of sense? The person heard a a presentation on Seo and heard the benefits of how much traffic it can drive and the agency. They're currently working with. There's a company that focuses on B-TO-C companies so they're really good doing website but they really don't understand the business to business business differences that make up what's important to a business to business company as opposed to business to consumer company now SEO SEO is great. I'm nothing against it but when it comes to business to business it has a couple of challenges the the first one is it can be hard to get complex ideas across insert keywords or phrases. So if if you're trying to create a campaign around something that's fairly common. For example I work with the company that sells bras. Okay those are very common. I and I think about fifty percent of the population problem lear into those. But you know. There's a difference between a consumer humor Bra in a business to business bra. Those would be ones that maybe you sell to hospitals that have surgical implications in the niche niche is very narrow so you can still capitalize on the big amount of surge on that keyword but you can narrow it down to something thing very specific like a mastectomy Bra or cancer bra or something in that Niche. So it's easier to use that kind terminology in Seo but when you're talking about obscure things that be very low search volume no matter how much seo you do you're gonNA going to get a very limited amount of traffic and the other thing is. Is that traffic going to be specific to your business so in other words finding finding the right customers at the right time the need to purchase what you sell without having to educate them through concepts it's like Seo is the challenge so starting in twenty twenty. I'm going to start a new podcast series based on a book. Look I'm writing in. That book is going to be about why you're not in the sales business. You're in the trust business. The the difference between the sales business and the trust business is trust means. You're competing for hearts and minds of current and future future clients and that's essentially one. I'm going to be doing is going step by step through a lot of the core concepts of the book. Now keep in mind line that a lot of businesses try to use consumer tactics when selling B. Two B. or business to business. Advertising is a one to many strategy. You get your ads out in front of as many people as you can. And they'll kind of self regulate we're content marketing is really targeted to talking to your perfect customer and hitting them in the heart and hitting them in the mind and hopefully at the time that they're ready to make a buying decision but if they're not staying aware that you are in the marketplace marketplace ready to help them when they need it so. Let's talk about some of these concepts today the first thing you have to understand this trust has asked to be earned. It's not something that you can just buy with an ad and I'll give you five different ways. You can earn trust in a little bit in a recent foresight twenty twenty podcast and blog. I talked about how email is one predicting to be the big thing this ear and to kind of build upon that I want to talk about why do not trust facebook anymore and why do trust Lincoln. So let's start with facebook. I heard Mark Zuckerberg talk at a college and one of the things that he said is you. Don't want your social media company filtering out what they think is true or not now in a sense. He's right but I think he's conflicting free speech with advertising in other words. They take ads that that are completely false in since. We're on the cusp of a huge election year. That is going to be a big big. A moneymaker for them so he doesn't want to stop the funds from coming in but in reality when you look at facebook it is very very divisive. I tried to sidestep that divisiveness by posting a quote of the day in a caption contest and those things are supposed refund and inspirational but even those are getting divisive so the key thing about social media especially in the facebook world is it's GonNa get worse not better in the chances of our business messages. Actually showing up in people's speeds are going to slowly diminish as they start to to break off into camps that only want to talk about one or two things now. Lincoln on the other hand is a business to business network that makes most of its money on jobs so they want your content because people will spend an average of twenty two minutes Dan facebook but less than ten minutes a week on Lincoln so your content has a higher intrinsic value to the platform. The thing they don't like you to do is take people off the platform. 'cause they want them to stay there and buy things but you have a better chance of being seen there. So that's why I trust is linked more for B. Two B. Networking and be to be content marketing. So let me give you the five things that I think you can do to earn. Trust West in your business this year in here there number one is give away free value up front giveaway. Great articles podcasts. PODCASTS blogs e books whatever you can't educate people and make them feel like they get something of value without having to give anything away. The second thing is offer a money back guarantee no matter what you do one of the things that I do in my business. I don't do long term contracts. I bill month to month month. If the client's happy they pay the next bill and so far I have not had anybody not pay the next month's bill the next the thing that you can do is build case studies. Show how you have helped other people but do it in a way that you know that your target audience can benefit from those case studies. The next thing you can do is gather as many testimonials as you can. But make sure. They're focused on the key things that are keeping being people up at night. What is their problem? And how does that testimonial bill trust that. You are the right solution and of course the very last one is referrals the easiest way to get people to trust us when somebody they know like entrust already trust you and they recommend you to think about about using that as a tool this year so finally. I hope you come along for the ride on me. Basically writing this book on this podcast and blog and I will be interviewing other business owners and guests who can help us get her arms around. What's going to work in two thousand twenty so I hope you'll follow along along so I have a request for you if you know a good business owner owner who's into B. Two B. Marketing who could be a great guest on this? podcast hit me up on Lincoln on facebook and instant messages or email me. ASPIRIN BRIAN AT B.. Two B. Dash Dot Com. I look forward to your for well. That's it for today's Bacon podcast. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something today. If you did please go to I tunes and give us a review. We appreciate all your feedback and comments if you have any questions go to. WWW DOT bacon. PODCAST DOT DOT COM forward slash questions. And we'll make sure we get those answered for you till next time keep sizzling.

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Make Space for Your Wealth and the Calling of Your Soul

Activate Your Wealth Show

25:42 min | 3 months ago

Make Space for Your Wealth and the Calling of Your Soul

"It wasn't until the moment until I received. The money codes that I. Talk about all the time on this show there when I received the money codes that I got a wake up call. That, it didn't need to be this hard. and. It didn't need. To be this way and that there is a new way to create money one that allows not only my soul to speak, but my soul to laugh. In my human created life. So the question is how can retract the wealth new you deserve. A soul level intuitively. And you WANNA. Create a massive impact in the world. How do you do this and serve your clients to the highest level? How do you break through? Overcome your current situation and start manifesting the wealth that you know you deserve. Hello my name's Korean Stewart I'm so wealth coach, seven bigger entrepreneur, running my spiritually conscious business and I have dedicated my life to pack debating wealth and purpose. For spiritually conscious entrepreneurs. And on the activate your wealth. Show how your guy. To show you exactly how to activate your well. Step into your purpose in a powerful way and make a profound difference in the world while doing it. Thanks for joining me. So excited or another episode with you in the. Show and I've been really a deep spiritual space personally, and I wanted to bring this into our space today to help you to remember some things that are really key and essential to who you are as a human being as a creator ultimately, and while this show is for spiritual entrepreneurs, and we talk about marketing and business and strategy when it really comes down to it the message that I want you to receive, and to let lock inside of you is that you are abundant, and you are a creator of wealth that is divinely designs. And you may have forgotten this truth. It's time for you to remember. And by the end of this episode you know I want you to begin to awaken within you. This divine Creator Code with amused so that you can really return. To the truth of who you are, the power of who you are. And knowing that you are wealthy beyond measure. No the direction that we are going as a humanity is to be sole lead. Your Life, you know particularly in this this year of the sole twenty twenty, being the year of the soul, we are being guided and led to become sole operational humans. And as you allow yourself to be guided by this new truth that you are a wealth creator, you are abundant. And you let this truth awaken within you. What I would call the am -ness of you, then you allow yourself to enter into the experience of God. And the experience of a treasure. That's available for you. That you've barely begin to cap. The old ways of pushing to create results is expired. If you keep trying, you'll find yourself getting stock in the Matrix of limitation and an energetic system isn't going. Anywhere. That's the risk, even the danger of Continuing to do things what I would call the old way of pushing which comes from striving after results striving after money chasing clients chasing. Chasing impact rather than. Being abundant beginning, wealthy and creating that influence and impact that you want to have in the world sold leadership and entrepreneurship. It is the future and you don't WanNa. Miss this, you know. If you are committed to making a difference in the world, it's Ki-. It's essential right now that you land into this consciousness and allow yourself to really let go. You know to let go maybe up until now you've experienced yourself as kind of half-and-half. ow around. Yes, I believe purpose and I believe I have a soul and I believe that God is leading me to. A grander place in my life into my destiny, but then you hop right back into driving the vehicle of your life. Realizing that. Seoul lead is actually the only way that you will create the greatest potential of your wealth. Now creating space to become spacious. Is the key. And I'M GONNA. Talk about that more in the rest of this episode. It really is about. How do you become God? In when you know how to do this, this is the key to manifesting premier souls essence. I hope you're getting excited. 'cause I now I am. By the end of this episode. You. Know I I'm going to call you forward to get in touch with the essence of who truly are so that you can learn to listen to your souls message. For you, this will allow you to be focused on the right things in your business, and not on the distractions and you know. Do we have distractions right now? We sure do whether it's you know. A Corona Virus Cova, did the economic crises shifts and recession, and all sorts of you know mass media destruction, going on as well as perhaps your own personal distractions in life, because there's you know things that are moving and coming from a space of fear. Alright right so I just want to start off with. Tell you a story how I came to know about spacious nece and the power of allowing yourself to become. A space for God consciousness, but what I'm dubbing is becoming God. Well, you know when I first left the Matrix of limitation scarcity and I was recently thinking about this I, was on a run a couple of days ago and I was listening to a podcast, and I was remembering in the podcast. The it was an author of a book. Someone who would love to get on the show. You wrote a book called I'm corrupt capitalism and It was actually the interviewer who was talking about this. You know talking about the job market and how? One of the things that you could expect are the most. You might be able to expect an a job as two weeks vacation. And I remember that I remember when I had a job and or applying for jobs and getting the benefit package, and how my heart would sink. It would literally sink what I would see that that two weeks paid vacation and I remember thinking how cruel it was and I can see now that I was right. It is cruel. It's inhumane. This is not who were meant to be, and it's really not our mental live at the time. I really fought it because I thought well. This is what everyone does like you grow up. You get a job and you get your benefits package and you know two weeks in the first year, and then eventually will grow to four weeks maybe six weeks. If you have a really good job right, but there was something that a diet inside of me when I would read that. I would feel stifled. And while I took a job or two that had benefit packages like that, and you know muscled through struggled through it when I think about it now. I'm quite aware that really what was speaking to me was my soul. My Soul was saying I need space. You were spacious business. And the inside gets to be the outside and two weeks. Vacation just wasn't going to cut it for me to create space for my soul to speak to me, and for really for my spirit to be free. And that is what brought me into of course looking to know, how can I be my own boss? And how can I create my own time and time freedom and space as all I wanted was space. Can you relate to that? I know for many entrepreneurs. This is why we decide to step into the journey of entrepreneurialism. Is that we you know we just don't fit that mold. So coming back to my story on this is that that was the first indication that a career job was really not worth thought for me and that there was a deeper calling and that I'm someone that's designed for a calling. That is aligned with the design of my soul. Aligned with my spirit. Now the question for me. Because I you know I left the job market I just chose not to go back after getting laid off during an economic recession and I said no, not any more complete with. Path in my life. And I craved. I craved space. I crave time and I craved abundance. I craved juicy, overflowing amazing abundance, but I didn't know how to do that I didn't know about business the time it was coach a consultant and What I found myself doing for a period of time was really just creating a new job. And in doing that, it meant that I still didn't have a lot of time, and they didn't have a lot of space, and I was taking the part of me. That knew how to succeed from the space of a system, a matrix of money that you know that teaches you to work hard to make money. It wasn't until the moment until I received. The money codes that I talk about all the time in this show there when I received, the money codes that I got a wake up call. that. It didn't need to be this hard. And it didn't need. To be this way and that there's a new way to create money one that allows not only my soul to speak, but my soul. Live? In, my human created life. And I! Remember the turning point around that when. I was speaking to spiritual mentor at the time and I said wow like I. Really just get to create my day and I'm so excited. To discover. Does, my soul, WanNa take each and every day. Where do I wanna go from this soul freshen of myself, and allowing my soul essence to speak and I, played with it, and at that time I was really just beginning to understand the mechanics and spiritual science behind manifestation, so manifested a car, which was really cool I thought I was going to get a bicycle. That's you know that was kind of where my mindset was and my soul's. Car which is great right, and that's the way the soul works. The soul is always going to hold a higher space of abundance for you, then maybe your own beliefs about what's possible will, and that's the power right, that's the power in living a soul lead life in allowing your soul to be the CEO of Your Business now as a human being, you are the CEO Right. You need to take the action, but to allow your essence to lead will always bring a greater when a greater success a greater overflow of abundance. Then you may have done yourself. Powerful is really truly powerful. Now, some of the things that I do and I wanNA teach you as I started to understand how it worked when I allowed myself to breathe, and I got out of the tensions of doing and doing and doing and doing what I learned by being a straight a student, for most of my life Valedictorian in my class, and going to Ivy, league schools, and working hard when I gave up that as being the formula for creating my success, my impact, my influence, and the way that I pay my bills, and instead allowing my soul to pay my bills. It was a real learning, and I may be hitting home for some of you right now, because many spiritual entrepreneurs. That I connect with want to lead from this place, but are so programmed in the overworking overwhelm Doodoo way of creating their business. That, if forgotten the number one teaching. Of Your Soul. which is you get to be? And in the being. is how everything gets done. Then amazing. I remember that when I became a coach was one of the first things that we learned not to discover. You're not looking to figure out how. So, the focus in as a coach Remi with my clients isn't in the how I focus on the. What are you once, right? What is your intention? What is your vision? And who do you need to be right like? WHAT'S THE GAP? In your being the way you show up every day the way you are in order for you to create the how shows up after that? That's the mystery that you get to surrender to. Says things that I do. Is that I literally. Create Space Semi Day. So I'm recording this on a Friday afternoon. Where read after this I actually have the whole afternoon off. If someone coming to my home to give me a massage, my husband's getting massage and we're going to be on the top of our deck and looking out at the ocean and just. Taking in the spacious snus of life, the spiritual energy of life. So, making space like that on a daily basis, and then at least at a you know a consistent basis weekly. that. You allow yourself to drop in two. Spacious snus. Alright so this would be considered self care. Right and allowing self care to be a way in which you just like. Okay whatever it takes to become spacious. My definition of spacious nece. Experiencing yourself in a surrendered state. Experiencing yourself in a receiving state where you're receiving. Kate doing isn't receiving doing as outward doing. It's giving. So being in a receiving state is spacious nece. Another example of spacious nece is allowing. Allowing yourself to. to be in the vibration of your being. Okay, self care will create that. Another thing that will is meditation. Now, it doesn't require deep meditation hours every single day. My rule of thumb is at least eleven minutes, and that's just a minimum. And doing that first thing in the morning or doing that a couple times a day I will set a timer on, and this is where you know W- I. Teach this where you can. Do you know a quantum wealth? Meditation I did episode on that last week. So check that episode out where you can actually get a series of my quantum wealth meditations to get a quantum wealth meditation practice down. But even without that. Is Setting your time for eleven minutes to twenty two minutes every single day where you quiet your mind, and you come into what I call the heart, breath breathing in an AL and allowing yourself. With the brass to become spacious, simply the act of breathing in and out through your heart. You're focusing on your heart. You're experiencing yourself as love, and as the breath will activate space within you. It's like imagine it just you know dusting off all of the debris. All of the things that have been hanging onto you. That you've been thinking about and taxing your energetic system and your mental body and your emotional body with all week long. When you do that? Breath peels it off appeals of appeals it off, and now you become. Spacious receptive. Yoga practice is another one that another thing that can really support you recently. I've started doing what's called. Booty Yoga boot TB. Uti Yoga. I love it. It's high cardio lot of core strength training, but also with it it really generates a lot of heat, and it clears and releases and Trans Mutes and so a practice of Yoga, or exercising that does that will create space as well. These are all really practical easy things. You can be doing every day that make room for your soul. Now, why is this important as spiritually conscious entrepreneurs? Not doing this means that you. Won't fully serve your soul. And ultimately you cannot solve your highest potential. And I know that if you're listening to this podcast, you are someone who wants to live up to your potential. You WanNa live into your potential. Following your soul's calling is what creates that it's what allows you to step into. Your destiny when I call the prophecy upon your life. And, so you know the cost of not doing this of not taking the time to create space daily, weekly and monthly. Means that your soul can't speak to. You become more and more tense anxious stress. Overwhelm all these things right that come from overdoing doing too much. Not working efficiently and effectively as an entrepreneur and. That will lead you scarcity. Not Creating the amount of money that you could possibly create and. You know the thing that I believe matters to you. The most which is. You're turning away from. Your soul's calling. Because your soul is not in the doing. It is not in the not space. Your soul is in the quiet space in the invisible space. Taking action is in poor in when you're taking a lying to action. What I love! Is that very likely? There's a lot of things you're doing. That are just spinning your wheels. Whereas, when you take aligned auction because you've allowed yourself to create the space within you. D becomes spacious and allow answers to rise up from within you as well as opportunities to just land in your lap. That is working effectively as an entrepreneur verses. Trying lots of things and really just spinning your wheels and getting tired in the meantime. Here, too many spiritual entrepreneurs saying to me that they're tired. They're overwhelmed. They're working really hard and they're not making the money that they feel they should be. Will, if you if you take, you know just one thing from this episode. It's this. That when you choose to create space if you do that at least once a day. You're going to gain a new perspective. On how you've been showing up and that there is a better smarter way I was actually just sharing this with someone who's in my I have a marketing level than MLM business. Period and she's in my team and she was working really hard for the last month in hadn't created any new enrollments. And, she said to me okay like she wanted to give up. She's like I'm going to shift gears. I'm going to move in a new direction. I've got this other opportunity and I just want to let you know this is what she said. I just want to let you know that I'm going to be. Pulling back. And I left her a message. And I said we'll do need to pull back or do you just need to do things smarter? And what if you do it? This way I gave her some ideas and I give her some ways that she could do. It differently will happen for her in that moment. Is She surrendered? She said Yeah. I really need to surrender because I've been trying to heart. Within two or three hours it was the same day. She ended up on a phone call with a friend who she had originally told about. The products and pyramid does health products nutrition superfood for a package? We call the ultimate lifestyle transformation. And she said Oh my God. My friend has asked me to sign her up. For this package and she wants to be a brand partner Bom, she was in shock. 'cause earlier, she had said No. Well. What was the difference? She surrendered. She made space. She made room. For her soul to manifest in her business. So. You get to create room for your soul to manifest. If? You're not doing that. Right if you're not doing that, then the cost to you and your business. Is that you won't make the money that you could be making that. You probably should be making that's within not treasure chest of your soul, your souls abundance. and. You're turning away from your soul's calling that souls service, and instead you're choosing. Your agenda. Now. Something I want just to stick with you here right which is I always teach with teach that money is service, right? That's the principal ultimately that I'm bringing through money. A service I'm money has got in the in this episode. Those two money coats. So. What does that look like from money as service? Money is services saying yes, so the calling of your soul. And when you say yes, to the calling of your soul. Then you get to make room for your soul to manifest abundance for you. That's how it works. Money has God shows up for you when you become not space. As you become that space. The treasure chest of your soul a drops in over and over and over again. So I, just WANNA. Remind you as we're closing out here that. You take one thing. Find the time to create space today. Whether it's an eleven minute meditation. Doings himself care where you turn off and you're not doing that. You're receiving and surrendered in that self care. Doing a workout that enables you to clear and shift, and just get in touch with the physical body. Get grounded into the body. Make space today. And then make it every day. Because when you do that, you'll start to see. Your intention to create space, add up. That account will add up. And, your soul will drop in more of the wealth that you carry within you. As a creator of wealth that wealth code that already with you. All right you guys well. Thank you for your time today and remember to make space every single day to listen to your soul. To allow yourself to open that treasure to abundance that is within you and allow it to activate so that you can receive it. Are you guys see you on the next episode and until then? My infinite love blessings of all. Hey thank you again for spending your valuable time with me today. The next best step for you to take after listening to this episode is to get around other like minded individuals in a close knit community, joining I five day challenge activate your wealth. You'll find it by heading over to my facebook group. Just go onto facebook and search for the new code under grew. Once you join the group? Say Hello and search inside the group for the activate your wealth I challenge. I'll see you on the next episode. The activate your wealth show.

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Hearst Magazines' Zuri Rice on how to get 1 billion video views a month: 'It always comes back to our audience'

Digiday Podcast

30:42 min | 1 year ago

Hearst Magazines' Zuri Rice on how to get 1 billion video views a month: 'It always comes back to our audience'

"Before we get to this week's interview I want to encourage you to subscribe to one of digitize other podcasts and that is making marketing every week I speak to leaders in media with this podcast and in making marketing surprise surprise sharing attack speaks with marketing leaders particularly those with new brands in recent weeks charene sat down with the CO founders of a brand that makes shoes welcome to the digital podcast together and if we think about how that brandon shows up it's really about boiling it down to what is what is the essence of that brand and it was this continuing conversation around how are we taking This amazing Ip these amazing shows And these amazing brands yeah I really feel that for us for thinking about these iconic brands thinking about where audience is like video is a huge part of them in a huge part of how they come to Asia and that was what I spoke to troy and Kate and Brian about before I joined it's really looking at across the board I oversee editorial video brand and it's really been exciting also with the way that the different you know the different brands have have actually I really felt and I will admit which is definitely the video specific video teams for all of our editorial brands that are really doing a video push and then it's also looking at overall video moving into doing more in the space so you're at Viacom what's the big difference being add a magazine company that is expressed across many platforms that we've worked on for years and years and that are so beloved and how are we realizing them in a different way when I was working in short form and it's that same expression it's thinking about Mrs a Viacom you know what's really funny and interesting to me is that I've found there are a lot more similarities than than the differences that I would imagine video at a magazine company well it's really bringing our brands to live in the video space That was what really excited me about the position on looking solely at big view counts and why facebook remains important part of our Studio Strategy Hope Your Joy oh my gosh like we have these amazing brands beloved brands we've looked at how they come up there showing up in print we've looked at ben how they're showing up and dishes bill and now we're just looking at that expression of how they're showing up in video so a lot of these these brands were built in print yeah yeah and so France that is quip that podcast is making marketing subscribe now wherever you listen to your podcasts clean the challenge of of expressing them then in video you know I think not every media brand needs to be expressed everywhere I don't think new development strategy so working across the board to think about how video showing up at hearst magazines and also just how are we thinking about video and thinking about how we are being from audiences all these different platforms in these different forms of mediums but we still want to be true to what the brand is and that's what we've looked at we look at case by case we look at it brand being more at how we're showing the brands up and I really found that the opposite was true that all the brands that I've worked with have been credibly incredibly excited about that and have been incredibly when I came in before I started you know I was I was like will there be you know feelings from the brand's about like this pushing this new expression and looking and when I was at Viacom I had the opportunity to look at brands and having worked on the linear side more of the long term side and then working on the short form side I mean for us youtube is always a going to be a big part of our discussion but I would say and I feel like we've all seen a number of different reasons so one of the things that we've really been looking at is Youtube and so on Youtube we have certain brands that currently have a you know a larger collaborative and it's been really a pleasure to dive into that creative work are you focused on like a group of brands sort of the lead well I mean I would say that no I mean a across the board you know media branch should express themselves on the platform really makes the most sense to our audience But I'm Brian Marcy this week I was joined by Zuri rice the head of video at her Spang we get down to exactly what the head video magazine company does going really great success seventeen has had some amazing success but you know those are just you know places that we are starting places that have happened to have more resources very welcome to the podcast you're first podcast it is my first five cast and I'm thrilled to be here I'm excited to have you here what is what is the role of head assures started in video you know they they put break cove up and they and they ran some pre rolls they made money but the volume was not such that it was a ton of money and then publishers ended up then pivoting video in that meant pivoting to facebook where the views were unbelievable the monetization safe but some but some have more potential to be expressed in video than others and some are bigger frankly yeah I mean I would say that we have brands that we are currently focused on about how we want that video to show up more on the site but most of us are taking place on Youtube facebook other platforms unless you know how that went so explain the distribution aspect versus the on platform aspect you know I mean I would throw an audience is already here for us to share it showcase our content but it is really us for us about hearing from the audience growing and looking at Howard every particular thing of course will will or should come we wanna be authentic to the platforms that were on were wanting to be offensive to you know whatever nuances we didn't work out at all now whether this was all done based on these phone numbers I don't know I'm I'm not really persuaded on that Say That for us our you know our own and operated continues to be a huge priority we are a you know we are hearst magazines other partners and looking at how we can take some of the learnings that we have there and work with those with other partners so for us it's really saying like this is a really great distribution will there isn't a video expression of that brand is just really narrowing in for each brand of what is evident expression what platform is best for that brand and where is that audience and doing that and we have been looking at video onsite has been something that is a continuing conversation but I wouldn't say that we're fully optimized there so for us to fully measure where it is right now explain where facebook fits in a video strategy now going into twenty twenty is wide open facebook going on so you know I would say that you cosmo has really you know has a lovely and robust following we would say that you know L. has had that you know focusing on a particular platform exclusively is just it's not it's not what our audience says it's not her audience interact with video so that's not what we no longer form storytelling there is an audience there that's used to connecting with us in that way but with Youtube we can look at the type of content that we make there and how that then works for with their personal stories about how you know it ruined publications least in in these people's views because they put all their eggs in this facebook basket and of course also push towards longer content but there is still more of an opportunity for us to look at some shorter opportunities we continue to have a robust is not the potential of where it could be I think it was last week facebook reached a settlement when it came to their inflating their their video as a company are going to look at when we're looking at video so we're of course going to look at Youtube Youtube is an amazing partner we are looking at larger ways to expand their it is also a great place for us to look at I really feel it's about it always comes back to for us our audience there is an audience on facebook there is an audience that is consuming video on facebook is it perhaps really on a data driven way so explain why this is a video strategy versus youtube strategy because it seems like there's a lot of youtube at the center the way I mean which are the brands I mean her says a lot of Bradley two so which are the brands that I know you all love them all equally I love all my children that particular times and what we're really looking at now is I I wouldn't say that there is from our stable of brands you know there isn't a brand will receive content that is by the way easier to monetize what I would say that when we look at Youtube definitely definitely looking at longer uh-huh I mean so is is most of the focus on less on this short form stuff and more on how do we make more longer form continent is being reacted to but most of it is off platform but but I mean off the hearst owned platforms I mean we I mean we have robust video which part of what we do but certainly at looking at it longer but then if we look at some of our other places of distribution if we're thinking about things like tick Tock L. Magazine is is part of who we are and you know and our print and our digital is always going to be a huge part of us so as we think about all of this really common has the youtube dozen and vice versa well there's different it's different types of video you know there's a different type of contin experience that people are having on facebook talk about the actual content because a lot of publishers were doing these short videos you know we mentioned the recipe content so everyone was doing their version cross our sites so I I would I monetize which at a much what a much higher level I mean like look when when tricks and it started this realization on twitter at least of the pivot video which again is a pivot to facebook really and there's people weighing in and there's still a desire for some of the shorter content that we were looking at Youtube we've been looking at longer content we looking at longer opportunities there for facebook facebook is as you know the views that everybody wants saw and that there was were you know probably not but there's money there there's there's money still coming in tasty what is it hands in hands yeah everyone's doing that stuff nowadays it's it's all about you you need longer videos recipes and things like that that we have there in the past and that we would continue to look at for the future foodstuffs still does great they're still food there's still a lot there's still a lot of content places we still do have short form content because that is what the audience is consuming on that platform and now quirk from our sponsor what if you could reach the right person yes there are there are a lot of user happening on those but there's also a lot of us that are coming to us from our from our sites and I would also say that for us the way that launch your first campaign go to linked in dot com slash digital may that is linked in dot com slash digital for nationals the right way imagine the best place for marketers a place where you stand out a place that has exactly the people you're looking for and even better it's unfair UK answer I'm just wondering if the if the number of absolute videos created now versus say two years ago is pause and they would say well most because they were just pumping out a lot of these short form videos that you know we have cosmo has had a really great presence there we have a lot of brands that have had a great presence there and so we we want to continue serving those audiences they're looking for you that would be a place like Lincoln better targeting equals a message your customers care about which in turn leads to more trust built with your customers for your free one hundred dollar ad credit terms and conditions apply now back to the episode Eve only been there for months question that that may be as of course we look at the metrics and we look at how the audience is relating to them we look at the demographics of that audience our concentrated he has to continue to evolve but we you know across the board we've been looking not necessarily at scale for number of videos but scale for how many videos were doing on you really take our cues from the audience and we see that they're still audience there so we continued to have a video presence on facebook but what does the job facebook dot then you know so I feel like for us to abandon a particular platform we know our audience is is never where where we are as we look at different platforms I'm from our audience is connecting with of course we want to continue to have video on those who wanna look at different ways for us to have video site and that is a continuing conversation we've been having with our product team in quarter sizes a CMO of one of the oldest insurance companies in the game that's metlife and the head of marketing over at one of the most visible the right platforms and whether that type of scales right platform so the amount of videos that were pumped out on facebook is not the right amount of videos to pump out for are more of the you know the five to seven the ten range also looking at some things that are passer that closer to the twenty two range those have been things that we've been looking at more on youtube are lower felt like two years ago people would come on this podcast and they talk about their billion views that they had and as well how many are on facebook and then there would be contest what is longer form when it comes that was actually what I was about to get to longer form has like a you know a sliding meaning for a lot of people like me seventy one percent of people use information from Lincoln to make informed business decisions that's a lot to redeem a free one hundred dollars Lincoln ad credit it's three minutes yes you know it's three or four minutes is long form or five or seven minutes as long for him some people twenty two minutes is long form you know for us it's looking at things there you know and I will say that I do not in my handy Dandy factsheet has the exact number so many videos we did but what I would say is job as we've looked at Howard growing out some of our original Ip and also some of the I would say not in the twenty to rain for some of our content that we're doing with celebrities which is in fact there are sixty two million business decision makers on link Dan so you're building relationships that really matter and according to a recent survey said we have we have a presence is not looking at that type of you know that type of content it's really looking about like okay what is platform where people connecting with on this platform and I mean I think for us you know look we're always looking at you know at larger numbers we're always looking at how many of us I think I have a lovely Handy Dandy or youtube so we wouldn't do we wouldn't do that anyway you haven't talked about your absolute number of us is that is that is that just because I haven't asked about it or is that less relevant we have people in place that can take a different direction with great content if our content isn't there you know that's that's where the true challenges so for us it's like we are seeing there is really really connecting to something and we haven't quite figured out the best way to monetize it we have amazing sales people we have mazing partnership team volume So I think for us it's it's thinking about like as we're growing as we're looking at the continued evolution how people connecting with our video and the future of our video efforts and what's really important to us as we look at that is of course making sure that we are that we are scaling that we are lasting what's coming back to us because of that investment and that's something that we have to take into consideration but I would say that it's also for us very much a part of our discussion and part of our process as we're evaluating like what success looks like but we really want to make sure that first and foremost we're focusing you could say any number and I'd be like okay for US look we've been looking at around like one billion views per month that we've been looking at a you know a factor it's not the only factor because we have to think about again like our audience and how they're connecting to content and if let's let's nail down to make sure their audience is reacting to our content let's keep an eye on you know on the revenue let's not make sure that we're going in a direction where we don't feel that there's a return because you gotta make money right and facebook historically has the views on facebook have not monetize the same I mean youtube yeah you can thinking about how we're going in the right way but also like are we doing things in the right way are we getting views that are leading to stronger. Ip they're leading to people to really connect with brands because at the heart it's about are we creating the right content for our audience and for our brands so we look views of course that's important but information that we can get there things like average duration is important things like even learning about how repackaging our video so you know our clicks rates all money off youtube you can make more money on I'm sure on your own properties so where how do you balance that I mean for us we do youtube is more important than facebook at least nowadays whereas it would sort of flip and this is something we hear from a lot of publishers I mean I would say that look where we're we're giving them this video what are they what information like giving us back what does the data saying about how they are responding to it are they staying with it are they connecting with it is going to be important but for us as we grow as we focus on audience certainly looking at at our relationship with Youtube and and it for us I would say you know even looking at certainly the comments and things like that for particular videos we are thinking about you know the strength what are the numbers that you end up looking at I mean I think views are important like they just are still important they're still important top of the funnel views are always non content that is building our that is building our brands as building that audience relationship with our brands for the future so can you to be profitable for publisher like her we talk about platforms is that for us platforms are really they are parts of our audience in parts of the Pie is different jobs they do a book reaches a lot of people also looking at those low satisfaction metrics and not all of us monetize equally sadly they do not so how does that factor into it community for you know for money and for revenue can facebook I would say that facebook continues to be a part of our pie that's about so it sounds like you forms let's go directly to that let's make shows let's have franchises I would say that for us again it's parts of the pie so you both and then another place may be a place where we haven't yet had an opportunity for modernisation but we know our audience is there and we wanna be a part of that conversation is that like the tick tock type stuff and so for us one might be a place where we are getting more revenue another might be a place where we're we're we're really connecting the audience of course it's always great when we have places that you know that okay you know we may not have revenue here but here's the here's the value in that space so we're continuing to always look at how that is showing up and how we're value short-form is is somehow dead in as a space our audience love short form content they really connect to short form content they connect along aww publishers are looking they're saying look the short form game is over let's go there's a lot of money sloshing around with the with these various streaming plans Ott is though also really great opportunity for us and it is something that we think about certainly as we look at longer form content I come from you know a long form content you don't across the board we continue to work with our amazing partnerships team to really you know talk to emerging platforms platforms where we haven't had much of a waiting that is snapchat snapchat is is is definitely an area that we've been you know we've been looking out we have very shows that we have on snapchat we have various it could be you know we have other spaces than we are connecting with and we have other opportunities that we've been talking about so short form is still very much alive as I've worked in that and in digital for many years so of course it's an area of excitement and interest for me and a place that we are looking at but I would not say that one of the things that we think about is revenue we you know we look at that as a component of our puzzle you know if we're looking at how we are spending Howard I sure yeah yeah okay yeah we wouldn't be there if we didn't think that there was opportunity and and at a really places that we are connecting with snapchat it's a huge part of our of our distribution how about we talked about the pivot the video years ago but now it's had agree and there's certainly money there which helps but explain what you're doing there yes so I mean it's really great pitches from throughout the organization and also with our you separate originals team to bring to qube early on and we across the board we have twenty million subscribers on Youtube we have all the fun all fun stats which most Florio when you at the end of the month you know when when you get the all the data percents where we see that an audience and an audience is opportunity and the great thing about our partnerships team is that they work with us in that calculation of that are amazing partnerships team which is headed by Bryan Madden really led the charge to bring together some some really amazing internal partners on that Mike Meraz and Jason on on our end we're bringing that to life And I mean we really just felt like you know those things are important our retention in those things toes wash your total watch time is something that we think about but total wash of course is really tied to and I mean a lot of it is just the potential opportunity who knows I can't see it right now obviously the people behind could be have have quite quite it looked go ninety didn't work so yeah it's got Jeffrey Katzenberg and stuff but explain why the world needs Qube well I think pivot to TV and when TV there's an asterisk around it because it's a lot of it is ot and streaming platforms where does that factor into the strategy because Adam is amazing talent that we've worked with inshore form and a number of different places Qube is you know there's a lot of opportunity there for us who are really excited about is looking for they're looking at the things that were saying which is that there's an amazing amount of excitement from this audience around short-form and so they're thinking Mike type they know what they don't want for me because I have terrible track record of picking bad boys who make be cracked meals on youtube best he picks Bay From seventeen that I personally really love it is something that is re content as well it's something that we are looking at but short-form continues to be a great space for us it's a great place for us to partner with advertisers it's a great place for us to connect directly with our audience organic to the space it is a dating show where essentially we have the best friends of a person pick from some singles to pick who's what is always we're always going to look at okay how can we continue to express brands so you know I wouldn't say that short-form is over I mean you know we have just announced the show that we're doing outs short forum and so we felt like you know this is really a great place and we're you know we hope that this is one of many relationships that we have with them give me the case for Qube the you know roughly over two million views per episode we've been doing you know several seasons of it and it's also something that embraces all different types to work and so look I think every venture is is always you know is always a challenge and always has some odds stacked against them but it's a great place for us to connect with a lot of the amazing talent that comes through the building and worked with our brands and it's something that we're GonNa continue to work in explain what you're doing with Caribbean into as the kind of standout types of content that that you want her to be known for in the video space well we have a show that we do right now when you're working with really great talent across the board both at the company and with a lot of the you know the the projects that we've seen announced then you know how can we bring this to them and how can we partner with huge names and with major brands to look

brandon two years one hundred dollars seventy one percent one hundred dollar twenty two minutes seven minutes three minutes four minutes
#187 - Famous Songs that Peaked At No. 2 and the Songs That Kept Them Out


51:48 min | 1 year ago

#187 - Famous Songs that Peaked At No. 2 and the Songs That Kept Them Out

"I'm dana schwartz and i'm the host of noble blood new history podcast from i heart radio in aaron making that focuses on the stories some of history's most fascinating role in the murder the murderers and everyone in between the world is full of illfated love affairs bad decision family drama when you're wearing the crown mistakes and demean line and listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts all right so were about to get into a bobby cast it's rare that is going to warn you about the explicit language 'cause it's not for me i don't care if my deep breathing curse you know a follow it just sounds like i recommend a podcast which is not on the nashville podcast network but what's that mean get the like this graceland disgrace land it's so good odds and as he comes on it goes hey is a tough one of listen there's like there's violence and a there's a sexual nature and it's tough and then it's like now talking about james brown the fantastic podcast not on the nashville podcast network but one that i i love great episode yeah some really good ones so among chicken free plug there but that's what he doesn't somebody is did you hear the rapper one about the guy the cannibal the camel camel rapper no good god that one gets graphic is crazy 'em okay so we do later on in this player movie scene in the movie scene there a lot of f words and so just a heads up that inside inside of a clip you're gonna hear i don't know how far into it but it's through them almost baldy episode but you heard the f word a lot in so if you have a baby years maybe it's not for you that's the only real time by listen i loved it i loved it all right so here you go read episode one eighty seven his music podcasts and if you do like these kind where we don't bring on a guess let me know what we could do more of these always 'em easier scheduling firm like anyway a but yeah of songs it peaked at number two it's the one eighty seven checkout get real with caroline hobbies speaking a good podcast i she has a great one a lot of a b wives of country music stars given a different perspective on on even the country music star himself but mostly she's talking just strong women and some of them how many wives country music stars a some of the countries are wouldn't be country music stars that they're strong wives 'em in and also it's not all just country music wise and katie cook firm cmt really good one where she telling crazy awesome stories from ending her twenty years at cmt on the chicken get real with caroline hobby an amy's podcast four things with amy brown it's quite amazing ended i think will leave it at that for now if you go you're next episode of bobby welcome to episode one eighty seven andrew musical history podcast has something interesting songs that peaked at number two and not just that which i do think is interesting but a mike added wrinkle songs they kept him out yes the guy is already said okay let's tucson's peaked at number two a lot of times we talk about on this podcast with the loud songwriters artists oh man the big song but only got two or three so we should do a whole podcast about that and then you said yeah but we also put the songs and they kept him out which i think is very interesting so i will do some of that country in pop some songs that famously peaked at number two and they were so close to be a number one but there's other a song that was just dominating in front of them or a song that shot up behind them take number one i had dustin lynch within recently we were talking about cowboys and angels who which is you know until smalltown boy with his career song in his first song but he just couldn't hit number one big the song was because there isn't even bigger song from eight slightly more established artist jason now dean who take a little radio in one up pretty recent one i check out the definitely bobby cast with us when we were talking about there so we're gonna start back and they just some big famous song again they only pete number two and will start with elvis nineteen sixty two can't help falling in love with not a number one so this is one of our famous only one of his most commercially successful song but it never actually at the top of the chart it state at number two behind what am i favor bands of all time joey de in the star lighters isn't it yeah and it's called peppermint was never never heard of before yeah like the get up before the ninety six version would be good at one one it really is like you're stupid shovel the god damn the government's was that kept elvis presley and the number one spot in nineteen sixty to also in that you're nineteen sixty two a patsy kline crazy crazy dude i'm not even her most iconic song but really one of the most iconic songs in country music history and i would say even outside of country music this song is so big it would be by doowop group the marcel in here the number one they kept pethick patsy kline out here is heartache by the more so you've never heard that one and i love the oldest channel what as it goes a lot of older you know when i was twelve or so my mom remarried is yelling my stepdad we listen a coup ninety five all the time in so this fifties and sixties and it's really i got in the class correct to wear but i never heard the song marcel yeah well the marshals have if you search in my wife what's their number one streamed song the better we got a blue moon blue blue blue get one movies from back in the future is it back it's been one of those where it's like the song playing in the background of the big romantic thing happening yeah well it wasn't even this on the padres i know i know there's one we never heard of called heart aches kenny chesney had back to back number two songs which is pretty crazy a big star being dang karaoke a guy in march of two thousand three and it did not hit number one because have you forgotten by daryl worley within the number one spot that day nine eleven so yeah that would be one interesting because the stone daryl worley song doesn't get played ever in that but that's why what such a time time sensitive song how about that man views of now watching maybe the cnn one of them and they do those decades endows watching all thinking about music that happened after nine eleven in you know they talked about tober he talked about that song to in our country music was really deed john ra the put out a lot of the music there were like yo we love america whereas a lot of other formats didn't as much and they feature that song that you mentioned that kenny chesney also had another number two song which by the way is a massive song i here's no shoes no shirt no problems now she later in the same year by the way got wait anyone number one and it wasn't a nine eleven zone blocking about it was another like no shoes no sure no problem song it was it's five o'clock somewhere from alan jackson the jimmy buffett so another song strong her campaign or on sean hannity man man it's five o'clock some and two thousand five sugar land had baby girl in this is by the way they were still a trio at this time and now you may know sugarland because it's christian bushel jennifer nettles but the trio of christian kirsten and jennifer nettles they never made up number one with baby girl and it's still a favorite i feel under so sometimes personal playing song right around and play with him before we end who played this by he'll play when he thinks did he does so good to a it was beat up by that's what i love about sunday to craig morgan wires naming and then we had to pay back yard but miles on it prejudice that one beat out that sugar land sano 'cause i think the struggling songs had long longer legs don't you i think so yeah they people still no america sugarland gotta be massive instead of their songs seem a bit more massive oh we got two thousand nine now as a pop song lady i had crossed over end needy now is number one country for four weeks but across over the top and it was so massive but it was a number one number two song for two weeks and it was actually beat out by two song you here's need you which by the way i would recommend going listen that day what podcast is a good one because he does talk about the story about how one almost in cut the song that in one earlier the single and i think in the end the album ended up being in that too right like that's the thing on there i add report in their lane review that yeah so this is the number two song for two weeks in the pop charts to song blocked it out title crews break your heart i'm john fans under the rubber i know this is like when i first started turning for you while way like every single hour or dinner hold up well the route boy my real well look at how tall rian as well you might remember meeting her whenever she was just starting out reto she's the richest email the music now maybe she made more last year than anybody else they can't imagine she has more money then taylor swift but she's you gotta be at least five eight five nine right yes five eight okay 'cause then hills she will solve i was like man we honest tall in sit a google that story and see worth rian richest see what comes up six hundred million dollar fortune she has six oh she may be just the richest period yeah what is it is there a new story recently came out about that there is a forbes article and what does it say how she became the world's richest female musician more so the taylor yeah she has like that whole fashion line now she hasn't music and while google taylor's networth i wanna say five hundred thousand nine thousand million million five million it is i'm stunned that rehana has more money than taylor taylor three hundred and sixty wow almost double and again probably not totally accurate whenever you google someone's network you gotta understand they don't know what people are making really unless the person has done an interview with forbes in his actually talked about how they have their money in what they might like they may own seventeen papa john's in sixty three burger joints in they're making a ton of money off that but you don't know that they may have invested wisely 'em i have some friends who are athletes late said you look him up and you go oh they're worth a couple of million bucks but what they did with that money when they first got it is invested into some crazy good stuff and that's where they made more money doing that and what they did actually playing ball but are you surprised taylor that is pretty surprising and that's a lot of money oh it's the level of it's like yeah you don't even know what money is anymore meaning i don't think it factors into your life if you have half a billion dollars you probably just come and go as you please yes she has more money than madonna's lindy on n beyond say you do what you please you don't look at price tags end if you wanna house he bicycle by the house i i did you sort but aaron spelling mentioned that purcell oh yeah is it like a hundred million dollars yeah it's a house for a hundred million dollars and really every on a one and it should go buy food impulse buy it's like me by skittles walking on target hundred and twenty million that's where the house's yeah jeez songs and number two luke bryan that's my kind of night went number two in two thousand thirteen in the country charts we had a little finished editing every number one because a brand new artist at a first number one of his career with thomas rhett goes like this in minnesota not moving in nashville man you wanna hear yeah i know why was this right we we moved here in twenty thirteen like i consider april first of any year it'd be kind of or anniversary like we we actually moved here in late february living in a house where i live now living in a tiny corporate apartment it was already furnished and this is one tiny bedroom a tiny kitchen in like a half of a living room furniture and i didn't need any more space and so it's freezing cold of winter is february in nashville and i was like why did i just get myself into didn't know anybody here except for my friend who also didn't know anybody here but they were all adjusting to their live with people meaning amy had her husband there were figuring it out a lunch boxes bouncing back and forth he had a girlfriend whichever even if they were engaging where yet no yeah eddie in his wife and kids and they were all trying to get over here and how's that radio station like fourteen hours a day every day trying to get ready for the show and i was like man i i i remember thinking this shows how they're gonna be the greatest thing happen or the worst thing that happened and i people still a are having a debate about are show like man is i feel like we could really do damage here in a good way i'd be the first show but does it come on an i remember cbs this morning committed a story there were like the first country dj jay who doesn't work cowboy hat or a belt buckle or own cowboy boots and that was my that was the whole rap they gave me for like the first two years that's never even a thing anymore like it doesn't even get mentioned anymore i know you were i never 'cause i don't think first of all you have to our audience on the radio probably sixty five thirty five female male 'em and i would say most of my female are much less every morning i wearing cowboy would i think most dude elizabeth warren got words every day but i think there's a a kind of a a need to overlook the part like it'd be a character of some sort yeah it's like you're in country you gotta be extra country cowboy hat the all of it is there are those guys and sometimes they turn into that guy sometimes they are that guy sometimes it turns out that guy and i was like i'm never gonna turn into something i'm not i remember the first time i played hip hop on the radio i'll tell you that the world is and we did the friday morning dance party netflixing beginning in every program director called at the same time they're pissed off a fun time two thousand thirteen so we came down man he goes nothing a little big town in two thousand fourteen team went to number two with day drinking all day i remember this album came out with some of the rhetoric in new york and that's where i found girl crush the guy was the girl comes in a single missed almost going for number one it didn't get it and i play girl crushed in the whole rest of that story history but that song they drink at number two with beat out by keith urban somewhere on my car my car never let a which one of those they've held out more probably keith urban i i do think it's both though yeah i gotta think about it i'd probably lean keith urban as well you could give me otherwise i bet that's the big one little big town in the show by the way they released girl crush neck and with all the masters accepted at it peaked at number three only yeah and that's because some stations wouldn't play when you're not getting some spent somewhere where if that's the bottom line only hit number three but what is their biggest though like make no mistake that's their biggest regardless of to one it doesn't matter and by the way if you write a song and country music a relatively speaking anytime it's five four three two or one in pretty much mcstay amount of money there are cases where that's not the case for like the songwriter and publishing but for the most part top five hits that that level of spins the dinner generally they make the same amount of money that there's a bonus if you hit number one no there is no bonus points month now at tim mcgraw two thousand fourteen meanwhile back around the number two slash thrown komi interview persona so there's three inch ransoms thinking now three games over to embarrass smoke cigarettes teenagers were winning money there's a thing or we know they know oh isn't it yeah and that was locked out number fourteen by luke bryan play it again asking name which one do you think it's bigger right now i say tim mcgraw lou i pry lean loot this really yeah it's close so look it's actually had more number one in a recent times as so maybe you could say that's why the temp song sticks out him a little more like when i look at it is listen songs that was like oh yeah i remember that one and two thousand sixteen sam hunt hit number two would break up in a small town in the song i remember santana planted acoustic once and everyone thought a he will be messing up talking it'd be like you yeah went down the street and then they start singing but i remember the first time became making we were pretty early on sam i'd be a big campaign and he would come in and i believe is talking right on the phone yeah yeah where it's like yeah then as you're gonna see she ran a stop sign and also pulled over these are saying in a relatively low key and so whenever they're playing allowed the first time before the come out we all thought he messed up like talking to it were like and then you go singing again were like oh that's interesting even playing at a dave and buster's sam was in raymundo is introducing a frame of fell off the stage sam sam was just a guy trying to make it in raimondo's introducing sam and dave and buster's in raimondo fell off the stage and that was the big story of that show not that it was sam sam blew up but it was at raymond officers of someone number blocked out by home alone tonight from luke in camp fairchild all right my which one of these same but you're long range which is not the sheer number of saying we that's a good one i think that was just really loop ventures the massive superstar more so than that song being a better song i think when sam still plays break up in a small town the place goes not yeah i don't even know if i dunno looks that list i don't of loop plays that song in his shows and if so who did this thing with that kind of thing do 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at t mobile arena in las vegas tickets at eight x s dot com and all the info at i heart radio dot com devon dawson all on me in twenty eighteen on a win number two man you get out on can cause the last three days have been added a little bit number two earlier blocking yeah and this is another luke one so dominant number two last year with his debut single all i mean he would beat out winning by luke bryan most people are good most people look good in most mama bumpers tonight it's not even a question looms on you're still matt nagy honor stadium live only build a you should be ashamed and we have that in common name news and world a these are all number two songs that were beat out which is never number one missy elliott work at two thousand two by the way the wreck up the most weeks at number two number two for ten weeks gee that's be reckless with the longest running number two the never hit number one in the history of the billboard hot one hundred it was blocked by eminem's lose yourself what a time to all time song first of all one word came out i remember being to college people being like bad but the best thing for you and i'm not even knowing i don't even know that i knew what that meant at first but what it is is when she goes take a flip it around reverse it then she just does that without lert right yeah back down then put my thankfully downriver that's all that is what's around you cannot be like oh my god what she's saying is he's talking to satan is it a but yeah i mean that's on the jam and then eminem freaking lose yourself the movie in college we just heard on a watch the final scene where v rabbit goes i'll take me down there's no need for you to do that you know like hey mom yeah great movie i wonder if an old up like media that and watch the whole thing but i think it's a hold of the question as visit still hold up because we liked it then probably nf some a watch their today what it's still hold up i don't feel like the movie you go back really and tell people about like i made i put it on eddie's list that's true like did you watch any i watched it's one of the greatest the final scene i mean i was with jared my trainer the other day and he starts like quoting be rabbits final wrap key pulled off on you to yeah i remember going to why we were like man evidence in a movie want this what's it like i send my biographical pick so not a full bio pic but it's like a roughly m and m's live and so in the final scene not just boil it i mean i guess i can from two thousand to you've seen it by now seventeen years old m m is battling it out like clarence is that the guy's name i think so just clarence is got two loving parents maybe something like i don't have anything and for amazon remember the ride but at the end like i think that's important it's on his real name is really quite rapidly in syria but it's in the final going on so the rams have nobody to the good thing that it get the latest we want to bring up for one talk talk talk i know it's why people i didn't wanna come brand name while when i go man pleaded for me when i know okay well now you would drive a real a real they know they did i woke up off but not everybody but you're just not me i'm a piece of paper proudly battle i don't wanna wait i'm out here telling people about me again these are two thousand two but it's still maybe it's like all that time comes rushing back when but that's that's such a final as a degree reading i forget the guy who is battling against another guy in captain america that's sad do yeah wow just recognize honor of his name's clarence clarence got real good parents marriage got yeah we were just talking about that movie the day that eight mile all right and that was just a movie two thousand other google up i listened to go yeah did did did you have clearances finally a battle i think there's just a clip of their if you don't that's all right i don't even remember what clearances what if or if even did anything that's been given him with a heart attack on himself and they couldn't do it here in a little bit of i guess what that's what i should do so i ended up starting on the battle rapper vermin so like challenge people i think everybody did the problem is probably remember free styling like parking so yeah god we're simply well we should have been that's part of it is there a final say i have obscene from about i think and i start boy miles yes it is the aim reminds me of like going to watch it six cents veteran same time i think so same couple yearly see thousands yeah 'em well yet lose yourself came out and i was working on the radio as twenty twenty one twenty two years old and i we i played lose yourself and i played every thirty minutes on pop station and people would want to hear more than six hundred ninety nine so years before i would i would play their only the run a few songs my radio career that i it wasn't possible overplay like i would play it and people will go oh why don't you just played for you played again he's most songs get played too much and what i mean by that is people committed here's some of these all the time and i guess i i give you inside inside baseball of that is 'em in things times are changing now but they average listener let's say listen for eighteen minutes or twenty two minutes depending on what you do when you're in that age twenty minutes when you're the biggest hits and so do listen for more the next week and even bigger that's a couple of times probably because most people only listen if that short amount of time so what you wanna do is get hit in the eighteen twenty two minutes and so that's why you know once every hour and fifteen minutes you could hear a song or so he wasn't a long time using the same song twice and in our in sixteen minutes even in so but there are a few songs on my radio career in lose yourself in one of them where people just could not get enough of it just it would end lady all right forever in his part of a movie which is a weird thing to now you don't get a lot of songs parts of movies like part of movie has kind of phasing out like i didn't like about food on the other songs real quick though i remember being so big the people couldn't get enough of it a fifty cent in the club hopefully when it came out and i played that while it was playing people will call while i was on asking the play it again like they're here to do go go go like literally on right now we played again again over like why don't you just listen to it right now this song just a unlike any song like straight hits in a switch out before i say unlike anything that's i'm giving you four five so unlike almost every song genie in a bottle from christina aguilera when that came out and i was young teenager but i remember playing that one in that home and you're in if you're like oh if i did put up used on jason zone and be like all right on the phone line time when people call radio said and they still do but now they call us at talk on the radio more otherwise long 'em every phone call with jimmy song we play christian malaria vinnie song i'd be like all right out of the gym 'em what other so much in that category up probably by by by firm in sync whenever that recor came out that whole and i believe that some no strings attached to erect yeah normally backtracked on that but when that song came out that you're still doing music solid you know just talking between record's but yeah boy this person among them well no i had okay moving on here at the bottom of the marshmallow smell low end the still had happier in twenty eighteen they had been thinking about you you'll be happier jam won't you be one morning misty will be number two is blocked out last year by seven rings ariana grande day which they number one for seven weeks and it was never able take the top spot because ariana grande day for seven weeks yes that's in the center lane which by the way he get much rider credit on the no like hammerstein in ball ruber whatever yeah whatever their names are martin ever seen and i should know that money would you mind looking for me just totally just says only got a tweet from something like when he's deuce bag i would say if i'm guessing hammersley detained and hammerstein monday morning hammersley letting me know my favorite thing girl that he got them bedroom don't bother rogers rogers i'm sorry a bb wreksa on the pop chart meant to be two thousand eighteen at number two spent three weeks a number two i 'cause this and it was a jam in the country but this is the number to pop song 'em last year and were there and it's because god's plan god's plan was there for eleven weeks that is it you know well you know what i've never heard things have really i've only tyler thing is part of what makes this i've never heard this next radio partner when they played over there i've heard at the what the country's guy so they come out on the second part they do you know in the country tyler starts it off with that same larry come first time i heard this a list of is a satellite and her just come on like oh i know that song that's one of the greatest songs of all my life portland catchy i immediately loved it i was like the catchy song ever and it's actually changed a bit of songwriting when writing radio because this song is just so you know some some single how many nailed it as far as a fun song ago and again i don't think if you're good enough credit last year that saw could've been song of the year the soviet and i remember the story where bb wreksa wants to write the song thought she was going right little big town oh yeah but instead of florida georgia line tyler george line that wasn't number two in god's plan again with eleven weeks and drake man oh man oh man oh i know they have a drag the other end of that was a a twenty sixteen he's on the other side of the five weeks at number two with hotline billing you used gummy on myself wrong with the way pain i went from being a liberal and they'll tell you about that so someone's it number two for five weeks the report by two song the wall is sitting in number two ago got junk but first of all the weekend had the hill which is good man god's plan i think when you which one yeah yeah sorry which what do you think it's yeah oh it's already you close the hearing this on the radio all the time wider firms okay i'm gonna lean though on online blink you gotta pick one or two ago the hills you williams was literally jumped by adele hello oh yeah one of the biggest song by my bad bad timing you never gonna be the only people that song you put this out there that must be the album version were talking on the phone a nineteen sixty by will jump back a little bit a bob dylan had like a rolling stone lied to me this arguably bob dylan most famous songs in one of the most influential piece of music even a nineteen hundred bob dylan and such a big deal in his biggest song but when i tell you what song is the number one you go out in bad now you got the beadle kevin hart was telling me about all my i never got in the dealer no but not so much even his music like his story and why he's so influential and that yeah i'm aware of that i just could never get into his music if you watched any bob dylan documentaries i have it ready by the book i got into like reddit threads about okay you see videos but nothing super junior varsity that yeah yeah did you learn enough about it and then there's the new documentary down the way i've watched some of and i'm not a huge bob dylan got eddie is a big deal and guy but i've read i read bob dylan book 'em about what's bob dylan's most streamed song bob dylan's ultimate post knocking on heaven's door that is which later on guns and roses in eighties and made it big mama please well you mean i saw the bible and play live wanna know saying what he said hold on hold on without any any money whatsoever to a girl known k changes a positive change is just such a jam that that's my favorite people gather around rather one oppression i only know what i do is i guess i'm poser i made out of among for the new or older and you know i recognize that i do recognize you get another big deal with guys pick what else let's floating in many no snow down this little game they call him a man you know this one i do notice in a minute see more music that i do lots of wonderful she leaves names right above them withheld by the beatles ed sheeran thinking aloud two thousand fourteen weeks at number two maybe we long time a number right and that you're gonna tell the eight weeks but he was blocked by uptown funk by mark ronson with bruno mars which was number one for nine crazy dump on and they were both nominated for becker you're the grammy's an obviously edwin just getting a pimp ongoing one wreck earlier which by the way that's a recording of a song it's like artist producers engineers a lot of people wanna wasn't amazon i regularly and song of the year so recor year when you just so you'll be smart got a party 'cause i wouldn't know the other had and look it up or work in music rector of the year thinking of is like recordings recor record recordings 'em as the office episode on michael scott thing is everybody's name and he's like pimple p a pussy cat whiskers willie a fat willy wonka that guy frank is it every person they because he has some weird thing and i'm like i remember recor like recording like all the sounds but that's what wreckage of the year is it's pathetic recording of a song so it's artist the producers engineers there's the entire team the contributes to that song whereas song of the year is a songwriter award which is different in single of the year there were a lot of damage morocco other years the entire recordings you'll be the smart person the next the grammy's come up a but yeah there's that in two thousand nine miley cyrus that party in the usa three weeks i beat out by i got a feeling by the black eyed peas per one of those weeks which with the gym in jay sean down down down down down down no barkley crazy what the number two for seven weeks in this with jim boom boom boom boom i remember however when i lost my man is crazy north barclays this dude into what i would see low in danger mountain right one i believe you might look at other lila singer hobby of danger mountain in danger mouse just like the producers but it would be my neighbor todos miscue number one forever and that would permission euro alumni ever daughter who doesn't love her no no no oh yeah if things now and there's like nine federal trembling traditional really drives me crazy you know probably on the trump's approval he bohemian rhapsody from queen peaked at number two in nineteen ninety two in the united states a a rare three appearances on the chart which by the way one of the best selling song singles of all time i sold over six million copies it was number one in the uk for nine weeks never reached number one in the usa in the united states get this originally in nineteen seventy six the peaked number nine so when it was first released like in the movie it'd be what we mean rhapsody is number nine it goes away it comes back because of wayne's world the same song in nineteen ninety two hits number two crazies at a song fifteen years later sixty nine seventy six in yeah ends up again climbing inshore and getting played so much not have a novelty or remember this song but as a current song again it makes it a number to hire the original that's mind blowing to me yeah and it's only kept it out they wore the overall backwards instead of everybody else criss cross drunk and what am i gave the fullback and one button got my vote was that right down the bug i remember my first of all like i was like oh yeah i think y'all i'm herb backward in only like two pair of oh you very soon and now my fifth grade you and i gotta i remember being pissed off of me out to old you get well yeah that's great by the way recently a human rhapsody made the third visit under the chart after that movie bohemian rhapsody it hits number thirty three it holds the record for the twentieth centuries most streamed song so the twentieth century most streamed with their streaming the twentieth century twentyfirstcentury now but i guess the song from the twentieth century most streamed got it yeah so this okay so not it's not meeting drake no bumper songs they came out in the twentieth century luxury yep and interesting i should i twain had a number one skews me a number two the number one pick number two becoming the first ten hit on the pop charts it still is known in the biggest crossover so the song is the number one country but number two on the charts andy was blocked out by to slows from that between the bye week which is a freaking out about a bone i just got into radio the teenager number blaming someone else i cannot believe it when i do get a boner till i got boehner's and i still do i just never control it if like sometimes they come no i don't even no universally of girls like that and i don't think like random boehner's on the leg you know if there's heavy dancing near somebody you're gonna boehner but it's like their interview i still don't know the age old question does she like it if you get a boner on now you're husband or wife is probably even if you only made the i dunno but generally speaking and you're dancing like let's say i'm at the club you don't even go i go i go to the bar with morgan number two which is kind of columbia gas here at the club sure okay i go to the club once every five months if i'm dancing with a girl she's like oh it's fun it's kind of cute and then i get a boner she liked this guy never danced with a girl before or she like yes i did that i don't know what that question i'll leave it at about five years ago that's what that's all about is about boehner's on yeah that'd be a pretty interesting topic today songs we had no idea meaning you now we look back and go oh no idea onery a that's that's a that's songs that peaked at number two in the songs they kept him out and i'll say again it originally my did a song speaks number two but i think the the entire podcast has made so much more fruitful by you're addition my idea of songs they kept him out and look at the mouth i think it made it even but i think of the whole podcast songs kept melvoin number two no idea about joe go get my dream on joey joey is a are well i think i'm gonna go on the front of this by the time you hear this love already done it and put a hey there's much edwards coming up in every style so when we record is the first time measure here we didn't do this on by top on the front of it ends and go oh yeah okay thanks marina i tell you friends about this podcast you don't mind if the one eighty seven at the bobby cast a thanks so much checkout philip sweet little bit down we just did almost him a few days ago it very interesting story about little big town success 'em you know little big town if you wanna hear their real backstory ticket the current fairchild one or the kimberly slamming when they all have different different takes on and we talked about different things with him over the years but check that out but a good bread eldridge one from a year ago which people still talk about carey edwards who is luke bryan colangelo manager which all sudden just fantastic stories yeah it's way inside baseball but that's what it's all podcast exotic learning about things won't even know more than you would see on you do or here on the radio on your phone so i thank listening always appreciate you up to one eighty seven the bobcats we'll be like episode like this always let us know if you do 'cause i was like people like episode we don't bring a guest on a bankruptcy and expect basically tutor sat down at the piano player scoring the stand to get a stop watch enclosed slid over the keys you start at the stop watch thirty seconds later you open the lid closed it back over the keys he did the same thing two minutes and twenty three seconds later turning the pages of the score all the while performing each of these actions is quietly as possible

dana schwartz murder aaron apple iheartradio nashville james brown seven weeks hundred million dollars eleven weeks three weeks five weeks two weeks twenty twenty one twenty two y eighteen twenty two minutes two thousand fourteen weeks six hundred million dollar twenty three seconds twenty two minutes
How to Improve Yourself Everyday Using The 1% Rule

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

03:30 min | 8 months ago

How to Improve Yourself Everyday Using The 1% Rule

"What if you could improve yourself by just one percent every day? I emission Lucchini founder of Mine Valley the School for Human Transplantation. You're listening to the Minor League podcast. We'll bring you the greatest teachers and thought lead us on the planet discussed the world's most powerful ideas and personal growth for mind body and spirit and one of the most powerful ideas I've ever learned is an idea. Call the one percent rule from James Clear I interviewed James for the Minor League podcast. He wrote a brilliant book on Atomic Habits and the one percent rule. It's really interesting. It says what if you could improve yourself by just one percent every day one percent every day right now. What's interesting is if you get better by one percent every day after one year you are actually thirty. Seven point seven eight percent better. Think about. That's thirty seven point seven percent more. You a better view and that shows it shows in the way you look in the way you carry yourself in the income you earn in the type of people you associate with and that's basic map that most people don't do that. Most people feel to make any decision in regards to that choice and so they let the days unfold for them blindly with no intention. They slowly get worse. Now think about this. In our day we have thing called time. Most of us waste our time on average. We spent twelve minutes waiting for train. Twenty two minutes at a restaurant waiting for a meal if you go to the post office. You're spending ten minutes on average in line. We plus away minutes all the time so one of the key things that I recommend people do whenever they come to me about some aspects of their life that they want to improve. I say okay. Look there's this therapy and this modality and you can do all of that but at the basic level you gotTa set aside twenty minutes a day and my time and in that twenty minutes. Dedicate yourself to learning something related to personal growth not learning something about history or geography. That has its place but no. I'm talking about personal growth. How to be better and all the things that make you human twenty minutes a day. I view it before I go to work. I deliberately wake up earlier than I need to. After I showered after I've used. Jim Meditated eaten. I have twenty minutes to dedicate to my personal growth. You can do it as you call meeting by listening to a Minor League podcast. You can do it by reading a book that that twenty minutes a day when apply personnel. Grope is probably the number one thing you can do in life it is one of the most important things are schools can teach it is one of the most important things companies can give their people we start our meetings later at. Mine Valley so our employees have twenty minutes a day. Remember Twenty minutes a day. Applied to personal growth is one percent game every single day. And these add up adopt a deliberate clear focus on personal growth ambitionless Kiani. And this is the Mind Valley podcasts.

Minor League Mine Valley James Clear Lucchini School for Human Transplantati Mind Valley founder Jim Meditated one percent twenty minutes seven eight percent Twenty two minutes Twenty minutes twelve minutes seven percent ten minutes one year
Your Driver is Here

The Cut on Tuesdays

47:55 min | 1 year ago

Your Driver is Here

"The HR tools all in one place so you and your team had the confidence to work fearlessly to learn more about just works visit just works dot com slash the cut again that's this episode of the cut on Tuesdays brought to you by just works with just works entrepreneurs and their teams get access to big company benefits automated payroll compliance support her then I got up which was like maybe a shower will make me feel better by couldn't stand up in the shower at a sit down in the shower ooh her phone held a mystery that she's been trying to solve ever since gathering evidence staring at a map hoping to find out what happened to her that night two years ago we're gonNA stay out I got in the car and fell asleep the next morning alison woke up feeling exhausted her bags winter coats human reality behind the ones and Zeros today's show is about a woman who woke up one morning with plenty of data and no idea what it really meant away from farm to food clothing and other products for the benefit of people and the planet join the conversation on twitter using the Hash tag beneficial ag that's beneficial but it doesn't know everything knows exactly how many text messages you haven't read but it doesn't know why you're avoiding them knows ordering takeout but it doesn't know who's eating it got the data it was nice to have that break until I turn everything off this is Alison Turco's that night at around two am she did another thing we've all done a million times aw who your phone knows a lot about your life this story starts two years ago with a woman doing something most of us have done a million times going out at the end of a long week to meet a couple friends for drinks celebrate a birthday and for like maybe twenty minutes just let the water wash over me like couldn't wash my body couldn't wash my hair she crawled back in Tibet and stayed there for hours uh-huh she called the car to pick her up it was definitely very tired and I ordered a left on my phone and my friends Taco it was the start of fall which I love but it was warm enough for me to be wearing one of my favorite jumpsuits I'd had a really intense week at work and it was just audie ached when she replayed the night before she couldn't quite remember getting back to the apartment and going to bed the only memory that I had four I didn't drink that much less than I just couldn't like I literally could not laugh to myself from bed to like use the bathroom to get a glass of water but it's missing the story sometimes you can sort of sense this if you're looking at a map and you tackle industry view all of a sudden instead of the data you're looking at people with shopping affect descriptions of sexual violence that's material you think you might have a hard time with just a heads up okay here's Erin leading a growing community of companies that believes in the transformative power of beneficial agriculture from businesses to farmers to everyday advocates indigo believes we can rematch in the past I was getting into the car like I literally could not move myself from bed and I remember thinking this is unlike any hangover that I've ever had uh-huh eh from the cut and Gimblett media this is the cut on Tuesdays I'm your host Molly Fisher my colleagues are in Karmona Leeann have been working on this story for months now so I'm GonNa hand things over to them for the rest of the show and before they get started I should say that this is a story that includes the previous night's receipt appeared the first thing that I noticed the price tag was three digits I've never had a car I'd be three digits She New York since two thousand ten I've never been to Jersey City and so it was like this something's wrong like this is wrong but eventually she had to get up because she promised to feed a friend's cat like seven o'clock or lift take me to the lower east side when she clicked on the ninety five cents and this is bonkers and my brain was working very very slowly so maybe I'm reading it wrong and that's when she the algorithm knows the way and if for some reason the algorithm does end or something goes wrong you can always contact customer service aw the map of the route the car took that night and I see on the map that it had taken me to New Jersey I have lived so when you open the lift APP everything you see's been designed to let you think and interact as little as possible happy times and a car arrives for awhile lift was even considering a button you could press to tell your driver you weren't interested in small talk the whole ordered the lifting bringer from one spot in Brooklyn to another at that time of night it should have been a fifteen to twenty minute ride the price tag was one hundred and seven dollars and appearance is so smooth it can make you forget you're handing out your home address getting into a strangers Honda accord paying absolutely no attention to the roads they take to get you there that's what alison did soon after seeing her map to New Jersey they said it looked like the driver had forgotten to end the ride and they offered to refund Morgan was like let's Google map how long it would take to get from Crown Heights to Liberty State Park to Williamsburg at two thirty in the morning would it take as long as the says I assumed it on the map it looked like her driver had taken her from Brooklyn to Manhattan Manhattan New Jersey in New Jersey they'd gone as far as a small one of the people she sent it to her best friend Morgan and then Morgan started to do her undetected work they opened the literacy no why was he liberty state park what was he doing because what should have been a fifteen to seventeen minute ride home the seventy nine minutes and forty four seconds they knew exactly how long the ride was because lift told them it was right there on the bottom of her receipt then we're GonNa let's look at your step tracker on your phone they could see that Alison's phone recorded spiking movement about an hour after she got into the car and again at the state park on the Hudson River and then they turn around and they headed back to bridges two tunnels two states three line masses muster money but she still felt like something wasn't right I immediately screen shot and I sent it to two friends I was like w t f this was my ride home last night justice should get an internal exam she figured she could just go to her doctor but her doctor's office called the next morning and told her she needed to go to the hospital have a rape kit done I just broke own Alison had been raped twice as a teenager I am she was dropped off of course they knew that the step tracker was finicky recorded all kinds of movement it still why would her phone I started the rape kit it comes in a cardboard box and there's an envelope for like every single piece of evidence and because I had severe memory loss I just consented to everything the hospital asked her whether the moving around so much what had happened between three ten three thirty a m there was something else too when Alison had woken up that morning after her ride the word rape out loud in this experience she and Morgan were taken to a small exam room where never reported it this would be her first time and we walked to the hospital I had never said if they didn't want to be raped she knew that involving the police didn't always serve victims she knew they might ask questions like how much did you drink what were you wearing home. She'd noticed bruises on her knees and then when she went to the bathroom there was blood and it hurt to be then I was the one who said the hair that they pluck from your head everything your body's physical manifestation of a crime scene and they're certain parts of the exam that you can opt out but she decided to talk to the cops anyway because she wanted to know what had happened to her the four uniformed officers who showed up didn't ask if she'd been dressed like a slut you call the cops Alson activists she organized New York's for SLUT Walk Spurred by Toronto Police Officer said that women should avoid dressing like sluts to alison it felt like she'd given them everything they could possibly need but weeks past she didn't hear anything she started emailing her detective but God vague Eamon samples in the kit in this round the lab had tested more of Allison's clothing and on her silver jumpsuit in his first name his photo the make and model of the car and his Taxi Limo Commission license number there were like multiple traces of semen founded might rape Kit it means that there are multiple perpetrators where she showed the detective assigned to her case everything she had and because she'd been in a lift she had a lot all the data about her ride and her driver was right there allison had to explain why she hadn't just taking a cab why using an APP on her phone would've felt safer and more convenient allison was taken to a police precinct warning but three months later a second round of DNA testing came back on March eighteenth she confirms that there's too and it was like I don't know how to process an emotion when I sort of a memory that matches it sperm cells on her underwear in an area that report called stained sixteen the medical examiner found the DNA of two different men in her hand when you could see the screen grab that it was a three digit amount could you see his face in that little picture and your name quote severely hampered her own investigation when we asked the NYPD about this case they didn't comment on the specifics but they said the nypd take sexual L. and her next words for the first time like it really sunk into me because I think I was still on the world of disbelief her next words were I think you need left was how it worked how you ordered a car by this point in two thousand seventeen ride hailing APP said been operating in New York for at least six years and often says they had a more basic question like two of them I think didn't know what lift was so then Morgan and I had to describe to them like what and we're seeing a woman at the time the labs report left her with so many questions for her detective have you brought the driver in for questioning we've looked at those results they didn't find anything on Allison's body but she takes a shower news the bathroom multiple times before going to the hospital they did however find more from two men on her jumpsuit but with all this information came a new mystery because that same day allison's detective told her have you gotten a DNA sample from him does match him it's like is he in custody she got very few answers to this day she isn't even sure when they brought the driver in for question all cases extremely seriously and urged anyone who's been a victim to file a police report after Alison complained about her first detective she mm sperm cells on her underwear Belsen says she knew the semen couldn't have come from a consensual experience she dates both men and women but hadn't slept with a man in over a month this recurring dream where I'm in the back of a car and we're like speeding uncontrollably so fast moving everywhere and then all of a sudden the car comes to a complete stop she wake up crying and flashes of the dream are coming to her down a road but I don't know what the road is and the only thing that you can see are all of these awnings and you can't read them noncommittal answers then the day after Christmas after waiting more than two months Alison got a call the results were replicated come in but it's like an Asian type script and it's so fast and I can't control anything I can't control my body and I'm just like he's done nothing my perpetrator is still on the street later alison would sue the NYPD she said it had systemically failed sexual assault victims and the dates you she started thank maybe it wasn't a dream maybe it was a memory allison was worried her detective wouldn't take her seriously but she decided to tell them anyway this is going to be the least helpful thing ever but this is what I remember and it was the first time that I had ever felt like oh something is happening months later someone is actually going to do something that interview that neither of the DNA samples matched the lift drivers now she knew even less about what had happened to her that night housing needed answer everything that happened that night when Allison told us about this it sounded surreal like some kind of say on to bring back the ghosts of that night but seem to shake something loose in her subconscious I saw we had some memories come back in the beginning it was snippets is told that a quote more efficient member of the unit would be handling her case six months after walking into a police precinct for the first time she was us and she didn't trust her detective to get them for her she decided it was time to file a formal complaint with the NYPD. And I was like I don't want her on my case really triggering that's literally the point were you scared Oh yeah you have no clue what to expect like am I going to fail starting from scratch with two new detectives they brought her in for an interview asked open ended questions and listened as Alice untold what she knew of the whole thing love graphic but it's up to you okay so like if they're going to swap your rectum you can opt out of that what if we do this and what if no memories come back or like what if I remember half of what if I don't quote unquote like do a good job I'm now car loan it's really important that you do this alone and then they had said Wear something comfortable and I made a joke and I was like cool like do you think that there's sitting in a space of I remember nothing and I had sort of gotten used to that and then it's like what if I remember everything that I have to live with that once she every line on the map we start driving down St John's and the minute that we took a left onto Bedford something sided she was ready the detectives walked Alison through how it would go down they were like because you got picked up at dark we have to pick you up in the dark so like let's start at nine thirty and they said we know that you would most likely want to bring someone along it's like a support system but they said you can't like it's really important you were in the you've outsourced the entire interaction to your phone ahead of time here in the hands of the Algorithm and that automated process makes you feel safe or at least safer that's a huge selling for we spoke with one of Ellison's detectives he said the reenactments were just part of his checklist in the Special Victims Department an ordinary step in procedure he's done the many times point so yeah alison they were headed the right way and she unplugged and so then when we get to the start of the Manhattan Bridge need internally with no no PD and then also the lift map that they have that night they were GonNa follow the exact route of the lift every turn re stop sign another jumpsuit so she put it on along with the Bangle bracelets she'd been wearing that night and she walked to the bar with a lift driver and picked her up nine months before they were sitting outside possible moment and so we start driving and both of them on their phone have the map that they've on this person is driving this person's going to take notes you're going to be in the back of the sea and they were like anything that you can do move your body Try to open the door some sort of like New York magazine Cosmopolitan like right up about like what to wear on your can happen rape reenactment there isn't but she the Bedford Avenue I close my eyes because it's a straight shot from Crown Heights to Williamsburg on Bedford and so I just sort of and they're like we think that we should reenactment ride that would mean driving to New Jersey going to the state park on the lift map trying to recreate that's after the break this episode of the cut on Tuesdays brought to you by just works just works had clicked in me my reading started to change and that had who is driving who has spent more time with a little bit closer with he flipped on zooming past us and we're literally looking at this event and the road and I was like this is the moment when I woke up what Alison remembered so like let me take this off your plate is a thing that said quite often or I can do this that's the cut senior producer Kimmy regular she's great at making sure that and the siren lights and he just stops the car in the middle of the street and throws the car into park and just turns around and was like can you tell me what you're thinking can you tell me what your breath and he's seen firsthand how just putting someone back at the scene can bring out a level of detail he'd never get in an interview room these reenactments can be entrusted this person was like this is how you go and that's it and getting 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wearing group bangle bracelets anytime that like I moved or breathed fees bracelets with make noise and so I'm trying to open the back door and it won't open and he's sort of saying it's fine let go back to sleep like it's fine and so we stop at a red light offer growers indigo even works with cotton growers to sustainably produce the fiber that goes into the clothes we wear you can get involved too by choosing responsible companies that have adopted benefit when we left off Allison Turco's was standing by the side of the road staring at a divet at the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge she into PD detectives were on a reenactment ride she'll practices join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag beneficial ag that's beneficial EG welcome back it'll be fine I start sort of like just tapping on the window and being like I want to go there like this is i WanNa go what are you doing Williamsburg you don't believe Franklin and so I realized all of a sudden that we're going over a bridge and I stayed at the we want an extra twenty to thirty bucks and so I was like at the first red light I'll just hop out of the car I'm going to eat thirty dollars I don't care I'm just GonNa Happen to the car and hop in a cab trying to jog your memory of the night she was taken to New Jersey in lift and it was working here's what you remembered I woke up because there was like a pretty intense from like where are you what are we doing we don't need to do this I realize he probably soon that I was asleep and he was going to take the long way and he and so the next red light I moved my body to the driver's side door in the back seat and attempted to open that door and I'm not panicking I'm just thinking oh this door is broken we continue onto the next light Komo listen for free on spotify for wherever you get your podcasts I was in the back of the car I disassociate at some point and they would cheer each other on at some point in time or savings to me in an attempt to make it seem as if it was consensual I am queer and I don't know if my perpetrators every single move that we made memories just came back and it was like you know the way that the driver shoulders were position doors are broken I then tried multiple times to the point that I thought that I was going to break that each with views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty all lit up at night but allison probably wouldn't have seen any of that on the night of the lift ride there's a dirt turn off at the park two other men the three of them proceeded to take turns raping me waiting to make sense she'd been dreaming about Awnings with Asian characters and on the other side of the Manhattan Bridge is Chinatown Alison realized this tells me to shut the fuck up I didn't move for the rest of the ride that recurring dream she'd been having I start to breathe really heavily he then turns around and pulls a gun in acted the reap she could remember the driver pulling in and another car sitting there waiting we met so triggered and so distraught that I had to sit on the ground I wanNA touch of came over to me like bent down and I put my hands in front either because of my haircut or the driver of the car saw me interact with the other two people that I was with but door handle so then the harder that I try because I was like maybe magically it will open mic brace will start to make a lot of noise after the lift ride went allison had woken up disoriented and noticed bruises on her legs she had no idea where they came from the things that they said to me that were homophobic or queer phobic it's like how many ways can we beat you down I've been much tried to get out of the car back at the Reenactment Allison and the detectives did get out of a car they took some pictures of awnings and then headed to the Holland Tunnel to get to New Jersey it again then we in a very weird way like Rian as we're about to get in the tunnel the detective who's driving just says like I just want to acknowledge I think this could be the hardest eighteen to be able to be like other my body because three men raped me and so it's those things lying on top of my body and I understand why detectives ask you can you describe the pubic hair I had just what felt like unzipped my entire body and just come out a wholly different person eventually alison would find and or him looking at me in the rear view mirror or US getting to Jersey City from Jersey City they made their way to Liberty State Park it's connected to Ellis island by it also attempting to give me space but simultaneously it's hard too because they wanna know like I was wearing a jumpsuit that night if you need to stop if whatever you need to do if you want us to turn around like just let us know and so we get in Holland tunnel and I and it's just like memories coming back it's like I can connect the dots it's also like horrifying to connect the dots into Madore and I got out of the car and went upstairs on went to bed and when I it's like an avalanche or a flood and things just come back so quickly in so vividly everything comes back in terms of were they acting out the role of the rapist yeah the detectives were playing the role of the rapist entrance she couldn't quite remember where they parked but from the map it looks like that's where they might have pulled in and now with our detectives she was back I was like out from lifts data that she and the driver had spent twenty two minutes in the park the reenactment took much longer than that by the time they got back into the police car colors and sounds and and I think it's also a very strange way me and I was like I need you to get the fuck away from me you have no idea what's happening to me right now I was like I just need you to like not look at me to not talk to me the perpetrator is like do you remember these things but it's also just the idea of like do you have any fucking clue what's happening right now how she felt like she knew I had bruising on my knees because my knees were hitting the car door frame slick when we talk about like the and headed to Brooklyn it was the middle of the night when you exit the Holland tunnel coming back into New York City there's a sign that says welcome to New York because you're crossing state lines I'm a lot more to work with in one night everything changed for alison she went from remembering nothing to being able to describe the position of someone's shoulder the time this is Jim Hopper clinical psychologist suddenly getting your memories back might sound like something that only happens been recalled is a function of your brains assessment of is this information going to be useful in this situation and for people who've been assaulted for people who've been abuse and so people can go for years or even decades without retrieving information that is deeply burned into their brain and if we think about how memory she's GonNa kill me I'm going to be closer to home once she had just stared at that line on a map the screen grab her phone now she had memories attached to every stop and start she remembered driver pulling up to the apartment in Williamsburg where she wanted to go all of all and then he I have a good night and I was under the assumption that I was not going to move in that he had to get out of the car public lesson in trauma in the brain indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter when Christine Blasi Ford or having fun at my expense Ford was explaining why she couldn't remember certain things how she got home from the Party when exactly and the memory that I had in that moment that I remembered was on that night my only thought that I had had the entire ride home was like at least if you psychology testified against Brad Kavanagh during his Senate confirmation hearing the previous laughter between the two and their and so trying to understand like was the jumpsuit off of my body was it on was it on the ground was it you know and so they're standing over me they're not literally the next morning I had zero memory of us when we spoke to one of the detectives who did the reenactment with allison he said he'd never had a case where so much information so so many horrific things that happened that night yeah it can be an avalanche it can be little pieces that come over months but this happens all a relief because I was just in this sort of like fog of I remember this remember this color I don't know if I remember the what can remember at any given time just because something is well stored in the brain doesn't mean you're necessarily going to retrieve it or recall it at any particular time a approach Joe Manchin elevator and was like how can you vote yes on this I shared my story and Susan Collins Office and I how you want me to move forward with this in a legal system when we're stacking courts perpetrators allison has and Kavanagh's confirmation made feel like giving up the very first thing that I said to him I don't think we should move forward with this I was like I don't understand soap operas but JIM is an expert in our brains deal with trauma and he says that people often confuse the difference between what is stored in the brain tucked away for later use and what like in October twenty seventeen I wasn't able to know why they're on my body and then in July of two rex memory is isn't even so much about the past right memory is about our brain prioritizing things that might be useful in the future and then whether they get queued up Ford but it wasn't cabinet and her memory hit tricked her outside the Senate judiciary hearing room not far from Ford stood alison protesting I repeat that they cross state lines without her consent lifts response was that they would indefinitely unfair me from the driver and that they would refund me she'd message lift the message said my driver took me to New Jersey last night when I clearly was going from one spot in Brooklyn to another then she called them within a place but decades later could be sure it was Brad Kavanagh who tried to rape her when they were teenagers? Republicans were settling on a talking point somebody had detectives believed that a crime had been committed across state lines and I made it the FBI's job for alison getting to this point had been so exhausting they come back and I have a call scheduled with my FBI agent now she had an FBI agent because of everything else in remember during the reenactment her I don't care if you like going like call a fucking site like I don't care what you do I just need five minutes it was like I was living in so many things Christine Blasi four didn't have there's a rape kit there's DNA evidence phone records and a police investigation she now has clear and vivid memories of that night I'm back that he felt like they'd hit the ball out of the park it wasn't like they were going to slap handcuffs on anyone the next day there were still a ton of questions to answer but it did give because scientists Campo people in a lab do terrible things to them and see what happens to their brains but we know some two months after Allison's reenactment we all got a very and then there are the records from lift the thumbnail photo of her driver's face and the map to New Jersey that started this whole thing allison's phone has always known where she was night even if she couldn't remember and lift newer Alison wants to as my producer Olivia and I worked on the story Olivia kept coming back to the same they said people often call the line he worked before they called the police just like allison did they called concussed after car accidents are fearful of a driver who tried to grow them and said we it left always aimed provide the best service there is when we reached out to lift they told us they have specially trained safety team that investigates quote each and repeatedly often their brain is making the judgment involuntarily automatically choosing to do this that it is not a good idea to remember this it's going to serve and then to have everything just comback sort of like you're putting a puzzle piece together of your life and it's just the idea of was my brain protecting me because of not for the entire ride but they would calculate what the ride from Crown Heights to Williamsburg would be she'd end up being charged twelve dollars an eighty distantly met with you have no case and no one was ever confident or had any sort of state that it was in at that time and then the right specific cues come in the memory comes flooding back Jim says there's only so much we can know about how trauma and memory related in the weeks following Alison's ride she thought about filing a lawsuit against lift I had talked to a couple of lawyers in New York and was all captive in cars for hours or raped in their homes some involve criminal convictions others not even charges all of the lawsuits say that quote lifted couple times a day he was fielding calls from passengers about creepy drivers who had asked women on dates or said things that otherwise made them uncomfortable the calls like this were so common court and working a fulltime job there were plenty of other institutions to deal with but then just a few months ago she saw an article a law firm in San Francisco was representing eighteen with passengers and drivers and he said a lot of calls he took were actually from drivers who've been screamed at by passengers called racial slurs he also said that delimitations reasons so the number of inquiries we got was astounding she's representing Alison and her suit against lift file just a few weeks ago no use it's going to be overwhelming and they don't retrieve it but then later maybe when they actually feel safer when they have some you know something that reminds them of their bodies the left app they have like a customer service and I spoke to someone and I was like something is really not right Alison says she didn't use the word sexual assault on that call but she did I lift never adapted or improved safety procedures in any meaningful way it's really about lifts responsibility for the actions of its driver and women who are suing lift after being sexually assaulted by drivers Alison picked up the phone and called I was horrified by the number of but there were no lift police dispatch I'm just a twenty something who needs insurance he said nobody told me this was what my job is going to be for like baring my soul in Washington DC because I did not want Kevin on the Supreme Court cavenaugh get confirmed ability for it and instead their legal position is that was an independent contractor we're not responsible for his actions lift sent us a statement as of right now the firm has filed eighteen cases like Allison's many of the other women's stories begin with them falling asleep these women describe being forcibly groped or re incident they receive but to get to that team you have to go through a call center I spoke with someone who used to work on critical response line the Entry Level Call Center for eighteen roughly seven months after Allison's ride and it wasn't until a week after that article came out that they received their first subpoena from the NYPD else we got this is Megan McCormack she's a lawyer and allison was just one of the many women she heard from after her law firm put notice about rideshare assaults on their website we kerr one cents for what happened that night in response to her message live said it looked like the driver may have forgotten the ride or maybe there'd been technical glitch they apologize for any inconvenience to let me out the door wasn't going to open and we sat there for a few seconds on that I tried to open the door and it opened which my assumption is now that he child safety locks green and can get you home safely and we'll get you home safely but then when something goes wrong and a woman is sexually assaulted they don't take response they also said

alison Alice FBI three digits two months two years seventy nine minutes forty four seconds twenty two minutes seventeen minute thirty dollars twelve dollars twenty minutes seven dollars twenty minute five minutes seven months three months nine months three digit