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Poll: Stark racial gap in views on Black woman on high court

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Poll: Stark racial gap in views on Black woman on high court

"A new poll finds Americans are sharply divided by race when it comes to president Biden's promise to nominate a black woman to the U. S. Supreme Court forty eight percent of Americans overall say it's not important to them that a black woman will likely be the next Supreme Court justice according to the Associated Press norc poll just twenty nine percent think it's extremely or very important but among black Americans the president's promise is resonating sixty three percent of black Americans say it's very or extremely important compared to just twenty one percent of white Americans and thirty three percent of Hispanics the numbers are much higher among black women seventy percent place high importance on a black female Supreme Court justice there's also a political divide most Democrats think it's at least somewhat important but eight in ten Republicans do not I'm Jackie Quinn

President Biden Supreme Court The Associated Press Jackie Quinn
US casinos won $53 billion in 2021, their best year ever

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US casinos won $53 billion in 2021, their best year ever

"Twenty twenty one was a great year for casinos if you lost money at a casino last year you're not alone America's commercial casinos had their best year ever in twenty twenty one winning fifty three billion dollars that's according to figures from the American gaming association which is the industry's national trade group in person gambling continues to be the main source of revenue for the industry even as internet and sports betting continues to grow the fifty three billion won by casinos is more than twenty one percent higher than the previous best year which was in twenty nineteen I'm Shelley Adler

American Gaming Association America Shelley Adler
US lifts pandemic travel ban, opens doors to visitors

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US lifts pandemic travel ban, opens doors to visitors

"The U. S. lifted travel restrictions Monday from a long list of countries including Mexico Canada and most of Europe the new rules allow air travel from previously restricted countries as long as the traveler has proof of vaccination ended negative code test land travel from Mexico and Canada requires proof of vaccination but no test airlines are expecting more travelers from Europe and elsewhere and are increasing flights between the UK and the U. S. by twenty one percent this month over last month US towns on the southern border have been devastated by a lack of business and are hoping Monday's re opening will bring a flood of visitors to the businesses that rely on them I'm Julie Walker

U. Mexico Canada Europe UK United States Julie Walker
Big changes in White House ideas to pay for $2 trillion plan

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Big changes in White House ideas to pay for $2 trillion plan

"With the clock ticking toward a self imposed deadline the White House is offering to shift off a key component of how to pay for president Joe Biden's two trillion dollar social services and climate package the White House is prepared to keep the corporate tax rate at twenty one percent shelving a hike to twenty six point five percent favored by many Democrats for companies earning more than five billion dollars a year instead there would be a new tax on gains of those with more than one billion dollars in assets in his hometown of Scranton Pennsylvania Wednesday Biden was sounding confident this is been declared dead on arrival from the moment I introduced but I think we're going to surprise them but the clock is ticking democratic leaders in Congress want agreement by week's end Mike Rossio Washington

President Joe Biden White House Scranton Biden Pennsylvania Congress Mike Rossio Washington
 Microsoft: Russia behind 58% of detected state-backed hacks

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00:45 sec | 11 months ago

Microsoft: Russia behind 58% of detected state-backed hacks

"Microsoft's digital defense report shows Russia is responsible for a majority of the state sponsored hacks it is detected in the past year Microsoft says Russia accounted for fifty eight percent of the hacks mainly targeting government agencies and think tanks in the U. S. followed by Ukraine Britain and European NATO members the effectiveness of the solar winds hack which mainly breaches information technology systems boosted the success rate of Russian hacks from twenty one percent the previous year two thirty two percent China meanwhile accounted for only eight percent of the hacking attempts that Microsoft detected but successfully broke into targeted networks forty four percent of the time I'm

Russia Microsoft U. Ukraine Nato Britain China
Biden wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations. Here's why that's going to be hard

WSJ What's News

01:25 min | 11 months ago

Biden wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations. Here's why that's going to be hard

"Biden has said he wants profitable corporations to pay their fair share in taxes but under the latest tax legislation some companies would still be able to pay nothing. According to the democratic proposal approved this month by the house ways and means committee the top corporate tax rate would jump from twenty one percent to twenty six point five percent but our reporter richard rubin says the bill doesn't address the reasons that profitable companies sometimes don't pay taxes the company that aren't paying taxes or paying. None are often doing things that the government is encouraged them to do by giving them tax breaks the do it so for example that includes investing in equipment where you get a full and immediate deduction it includes doing corporate research so that you are you get a tax credit for that and i think what democrats are doing is they're saying look we know there's some companies out there that don't pay taxes and are profitable but we're not going to solve the equation for that. We're not gonna fix eight on that we're going to address what we see. Is maybe bigger issues. And they're going to focus on trying to encourage companies to do things that democrats want them to do invest in solar power invest in low income housing. And they're not willing to give up those goals. In order to fully address. This idea that every profitable company has to pay something in taxes. But a white house official. Says that. The committee's bill does markelle step forward in biden's effort to get companies to pay

House Ways And Means Committee Richard Rubin Biden Markelle White House
House Democrats Propose New Tax Hikes to Pay for Their $3.5 Trillion Bill

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02:01 min | 11 months ago

House Democrats Propose New Tax Hikes to Pay for Their $3.5 Trillion Bill

"In congress are moving ahead with president biden spending plan. It includes up to three point. Five trillion dollars for new programs mostly aimed at helping lower income americans. They plan to finish work today on a long list of new tax increases to make that spending possible. Npr congressional correspondent kelsey. Snell has been looking into this story. Good morning kelsey. good morning. What are democrats proposing re taxes. So democrats say they can raise at least two trillion dollars in as much as three trillion dollars with this plan. You know the big ticket items are increases to the top corporate and individual rates. You know basically they're trying to roll back. The tax cuts republicans passed under president trump. In two thousand seventeen okay. Let's parse those two out. What would this mean for taxes on individuals on the individual side. Democrats promised voters that they'd undo taxes for the wealthy and this is really their moment to do that. They want to return the top tax rate to thirty nine point six for individuals. Earning over four hundred thousand dollars. They also want to increase the rate high income. People pay for selling things like stocks and other assets. It's called the capital gains rate. And they wanna make the top rate for that twenty five percent which is a pretty big hike and what would it mean for businesses. Their plan would increase the top corporate tax rate from twenty one percent to twenty six and a half percent. Now that is not a full reversal of the tax cuts. Republicans passed and it's lower than what biden proposed they also plan to include changes to the rules for pass through businesses. Now sometimes that includes doctors and lawyers but it basically means that someone reports business income on their individual taxes and they wanna make it harder for companies to avoid the new higher taxes. How are republicans responding to these proposals while republicans say that the bill will actually have some pretty harmful effects on the economy. Mostly by making the us an unattractive place to run a company and they say it would penalize companies. That would normally use the money. They'd have to pay in new taxes to reinvest in their

President Biden Kelsey Snell NPR Congress Biden United States
Democrats try delicate tax maneuvers for $3.5 trillion bill

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00:54 sec | 11 months ago

Democrats try delicate tax maneuvers for $3.5 trillion bill

"Hi Mike Rossi a reporting Democrats tried delicate tax maneuvers to fund their three point five trillion dollar national rebuilding bill house Democrats started work Tuesday on funding president Joe Biden's three point five trillion dollar rebuilding plan but they have little margin for missteps Biden has said revenue to pay for the package must come only from Americans who earn more than four hundred thousand dollars a year to do that Democrats are proposing raising the top tax rate back to thirty nine point six percent on individuals earning more than four hundred thousand dollars and couples earning four hundred fifty thousand dollars the corporate tax rate would rise from twenty one percent to twenty six point five percent on companies with annual income over five million dollars but passage in the fifty fifty Senate is uncertain with Democrat Joe Manchin saying the package needs to be cut to between one trillion dollars and one point five trillion dollars to get his support might cross yet Washington

Mike Rossi Joe Biden Biden Joe Manchin Senate Washington
House Democrats Set to Propose Corporate Tax Rate of 26.5%

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00:41 sec | 11 months ago

House Democrats Set to Propose Corporate Tax Rate of 26.5%

"House. Democrats set to propose a twenty six point. Five percent corporate tax rate hike from twenty one percent. Now the top individual rate would go to thirty nine point six percent the rate on capital gains would jump to twenty five percent that proposal also includes three percentage point sur tax on individual income above five million dollars. The tax hikes would be part of the plan to pay for the democrats budget. Bill between the obamacare surcharge and the five million dollars surcharge. You could be looking at doing the math right. You'd be looking at about forty six percent before you hit state for you at that that top surtax kicks in. I think after five million dollars right

Did Ending Pandemic UI Benefits Push Americans Back To Work?

The Indicator from Planet Money

01:59 min | 1 year ago

Did Ending Pandemic UI Benefits Push Americans Back To Work?

"Hiring slowed really sharply last month. Us employers added just two hundred thirty five thousand jobs in august restaurants in stores. Actually cut workers as a new wave of current. A virus cases made people nervous about eating out and in-person shopping but in the two months before that the economy was adding tons of jobs. More than a million jobs in july alone it seemed like there were help. Wanted signs everywhere. A lot of employers were complaining that they couldn't find enough workers and some of them blamed the relatively generous unemployment benefits and that was the logic behind the states that decided to end those benefits early. Which is what set up. Michael's experiment she speak to business owners. They say got jobs open. We can't sold them and the thought was that the reason they can't sell them because people would rather be on unemployment benefits then applying for work and as soon as we removed those benefits the labor market would start booming. People would start returning to work. Businesses would find the workers. They're looking for and all would be well now. That might have been a reasonable theory. But it's not what actually happened as we've talked about on the indicator before some earlier research showed unemployed workers in states that took away benefits. Were only a little more likely to find jobs than those in states that left the benefits in place and now michaels research is showing exactly the same thing. That's right in michael's experiment. Twenty five percent of the workers who lost their benefits in june had gone back to work by august now in states that left the benefits in place. Twenty one percent of unemployed people found jobs so there was only four percentage point difference when these benefits went away so all those employers were pointing to the benefits as the cause of all of these workers. Not taking jobs. Michael's research says that is not what happened. The thought was that. Removing people's benefits would really produce a surge in employment. And that's not what we see panning out

Michael United States Michaels
COVID Anxiety Rising Amid Delta Surge, AP-NORC Poll Finds

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COVID Anxiety Rising Amid Delta Surge, AP-NORC Poll Finds

"A new poll finds Americans anxiety over covert nineteen at its highest level since last winter's search the Associated Press and O. R. C. center for public affairs research poll comes amid another nationwide spike in infections spurred largely by the highly contagious delta variant forty one percent of respondents said they are extremely or very worried about themselves or their family becoming infected that's up from twenty one percent in June and about the same as in January during the country's last major search close to sixty percent say they favor requiring people to be fully vaccinated against covert nineteen to travel on an airplane or attend crowded public events only about a quarter of Americans oppose such measures meanwhile fifty five percent support requiring Americans to wear masks outside their homes I'm Ben Thomas

O. R. C. Center For Public Aff Associated Press Ben Thomas
Californians endure intense weekend of wildfire fears

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Californians endure intense weekend of wildfire fears

"The Dixie bar which started on July fourteenth has now grown to become the largest single wildfire in California history the blaze was twenty one percent contained Sunday morning according to cal fire and had grown to more than four hundred and sixty three thousand acres Dixie fire public information officer Ryan Bain says they're playing catch up and it's very hard to get out in front of the fire because it's fueled by strong winds and bone dry vegetation you older ninety nine percent receptive in the afternoon that means out of out of a hundred hundred embers that are cast up into the air ninety nine out of a hundred of them all will likely Starfire the Dixie fire has destroyed at least five hundred and eighty nine structures damaged another thirty eight and forced tens of thousands of evacuations since it began according to officials I'm Julie Walker

Ryan Bain CAL California Julie Walker
Victoria’s Secret Ditches Angels to Push Empowerment

Pop Fashion

01:56 min | 1 year ago

Victoria’s Secret Ditches Angels to Push Empowerment

"Victoria. Secret is retiring. The angels you know like those model ladies on the ads and in the fashion show no more. Instead they will have a collective the collective right now they have seven women. Rain like a starbucks burp right. Now they're gonna have seven women ranging from a seventeen year old chinese american freestyle skier. Who is i think. Olympic bound to priyanka chopra. Jonas who is thirty eight They're going to advise the brand and appear in advertisements. You might recall that. Doria secret has overhauled. Its cease we in the past year or so and just weeks ago now announced. It would spin off victoria secret from the rest of parent company albums. The new york times reported that in. Twenty fifteen victoria's secret have thirty two percent of the women's underwear market in the us. What percent while last year in twenty twenty a had just twenty one percent dying that's like a eleven percentage point drop in five years. That's pretty drastic. pretty drastic. Lot of competition came into the market and a lot of people were like. You know. I don't know if i want to buy what batory secret selling. So martin waters of the former. Had victoria's secrets so many a in here say vicky house martin law martin waters who was recently appointed a ceo of the company. He was appointed in february. He said to the new york times when the world was changing. We were too slow to respond. We needed to stop being about what men want to be about what women want

Victoria Priyanka Chopra Doria Angels Starbucks Jonas Olympic The New York Times Vicky House Martin Martin Waters United States Martin
Biden Ends GOP Infrastructure Talks, Starts New Negotiations

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00:46 sec | 1 year ago

Biden Ends GOP Infrastructure Talks, Starts New Negotiations

"President Joe Biden walks away from talks with Republican senators on a big infrastructure package president Joe Biden has ended talks with Republican senators on his proposed infrastructure package now plans to try to build a bipartisan compromise with Republicans and Democrats Biden walked away from talks led by senator Shelley Moore capital after the two spoke Tuesday the size of the package and how to pay for it remain stumbling blocks the president wants a one point seven trillion dollar infrastructure investment plan Republican senators offered nine hundred twenty eight billion dollars and proposed tapping unspent covert nineteen money Biden has rejected dipping at the cove in nineteen funds and proposes raising the corporate tax rate from twenty one percent to twenty eight percent Mike Rossio Washington

President Joe Biden Senator Shelley Moore Joe Biden Biden Mike Rossio Washington
G7 Finance Ministers to Meet in London

Monocle 24: The Globalist

01:46 min | 1 year ago

G7 Finance Ministers to Meet in London

"Ministers from the g seven group of nations. Meet in person here in london. Later and britain's chancellor has ambitions to forge a joint path on one of the thorniest economic issues of all time business taxation. His plans for proposed a proposal earlier this week by the us to introduce global minimum corporation tax rate of fifteen percent while to assess what nations will want from plan and whether she soon equil- convince all of the g seven ministers to agree. I'm joined by rob cox global editor reuters breaking news breaking views and he joins us on the line from our xerox. Judy ever good morning to europe. Good morning how are you very well. Thank you good to have you with us on the globalist. This is the first meeting for some time. All these ministers isn't it not lethal logistical reasons. Yon i mean it is. I think their first face-to-face meeting of jesus just g seven finance ministers since the since the pandemic began so quite significant. They'll get to look each other in the eye and try to get to some consensus on what has been one of the thorniest as you pointed out issues among rich countries for for decade. Doing know what that plan is what the idea is at the moment. Well there is. There are various plans out there. But the main idea is the one being pulled together has been pulled together for for years now by the oecd. It involves something like one hundred and thirty seven countries and the idea is to basically come up with with a minimum corporate tax rate. The administration has well yellen. Ah janet yellen the treasury sectors ford fifteen percent joe conto seems to be holding out the idea that could be higher if we don't get my way i think he put forward originally twenty one percent That seems to be in line with what you're hearing from the uk from other members of the g. seven italy

G Seven Group Of Nations Rob Cox Britain Xerox Reuters Judy London Europe Yellen Janet Yellen United States Joe Conto Oecd Treasury Ford UK Italy
Rural Oregon Tries to Become Greater Idaho

Kottke Ride Home

01:44 min | 1 year ago

Rural Oregon Tries to Become Greater Idaho

"Counties in rural eastern oregon have voted to secede from their states and join neighboring idaho to become greater idaho. The proposed move is precipitated. by growing. tensions between the rural counties in the state's urban population centers. The greater idaho movement is calling for eighteen full counties three partial counties in total to depart from oregon and joined greater idaho accounting for seventy percent of oregon's land but only twenty one percent of the population or about eight hundred sixty thousand residents. The move would make idaho the third largest state in the us after alaska in texas. Oh that land accounts for so few people that idaho would still remain in the latter third of states population. Wise such a move would require approval from oregon and idaho legislature's as well as the us. Congress and the tension between the eastern and western halves of oregon are a bit of a microcosm of the nation writ large quoting the new york times. The shoots river divides the high prairies of the eastern half agricultural and politically conservative largely from the wetter. Woody your western half which has long been more populated and more liberal. The statewide shutdown orders that accompanied the coronavirus pandemic last year deepened those divisions crippling businesses. At a time when some rural counties had few cases the protests and riots over race and police conduct in portland the state's largest city widened the gap further still and the defeat of former president. Donald j trump who won most counties but still lost the state by a big margin after president biden's strong showing in the city's capped off a litany of frustrations and quotes.

Idaho Oregon Alaska Legislature United States Texas The New York Times Congress Woody Donald J Trump Portland President Biden
U.S. Proposes Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate of 15%

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

00:15 sec | 1 year ago

U.S. Proposes Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate of 15%

"Treasury department says it supports a global minimum corporate tax rate at least fifteen percent far below the twenty one percent. It's been asking for on the foreign profits of a us based companies you offer comes as the g. twenty zeke's deal on. The minimum corporate tax

Treasury Department Zeke United States
McConnell Says GOP Open to $600 Billion for Infrastructure

AP News Radio

00:42 sec | 1 year ago

McConnell Says GOP Open to $600 Billion for Infrastructure

"Hi Mike Crossey a reporting the Senate GOP leader says Republicans are open to spending six hundred billion dollars for infrastructure improvements Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is floating a national infrastructure investment spending plan that's about a quarter of the size of the two point three trillion dollar proposal president Joe Biden has laid out speaking at the university of Louisville Monday McConnell said Republicans are willing to spend up to six hundred billion dollars on infrastructure Connell also came out against Biden's plan to pay for the infrastructure package by raising the corporate tax rate from twenty one percent back to twenty eight percent instead McConnell said he favors increasing user fees Mike Rossio Washington

Mike Crossey Senate Mitch Mcconnell GOP Joe Biden University Of Louisville Mcconnell Connell Biden Mike Rossio Washington
"twenty  one percent" Discussed on KDWN 720AM


01:37 min | 2 years ago

"twenty one percent" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"Morning massive anti body tasked out of New York suggesting that that new Yorkers have been exposed to covert nineteen many of them by governor Andrew Cuomo saying Thursday in New York City that at least a twenty one percent of people had it tested positive for the antibodies well what does that mean we have undertaken the largest most comprehensive study of New York state to find out what is the infection rate and that we started a few days ago thirty percent of the population is about two point seven million people who have been infected if you look at what we have now was the death total which is fifteen thousand five hundred that would be about twenty five percent death rate but to be cabbie outs first is preliminary preliminary data is only three thousand and when we say there are fifteen thousand five hundred deaths that number is going to go up those deaths are only hospitalization for nursing home deaths that does not have water cold at home deaths African Americans and Latinos are in this survey disproportionately from New York City and New York City is at twenty one percent meanwhile a Britain has launched a covert that nineteen vaccine trial testing.

New York Andrew Cuomo New York City Britain
"twenty  one percent" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

WNYC 93.9 FM

02:48 min | 2 years ago

"twenty one percent" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"At twenty one percent the poll has a six point five percent margin of error new Yorkers vote in the presidential primary on April twenty eighth early voting will begin ten days before that tonight rain is possible mostly cloudy low forty three this is W. NYC at five oh six support for NPR comes on the William and flora Hewlett foundation committed to supporting ideas and institutions to advance education for all preserve the environment and promote vibrant performing arts more information available at Hewlett dot org this is All Things Considered on W. NYC and you are listening to our first day of W. N. Y. C.'s winter fundraiser and we're kicking things off with the challenge to you if we can persuade one thousand listeners to become persuaded to become a sustainer is today W. NYC will unlock wait for this fifty thousand dollars it's a challenge grant from the Kaplan brothers fund we've had a pretty successful day but we still need it two hundred forty four additional listeners to sign on as the standards in order to meet the challenge we've got to do that well within the next two hours in fact under two hours with only got until seven o'clock so please give us a call eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two or go to W. NYC dot org help us unlock that fifty thousand dollars I've got some help here in the studio this afternoon our program Jacquelyn sing god and thank you so much if you've already made a contribution to get us off to a really strong start during our winter fundraiser we really do appreciate every single donation whether it's five dollars a month or five hundred dollars or producer circle twelve hundred dollars or twenty five dollars really what's important is you are putting a check in the box for public radio and independent journalism that's what we do here at W. NYC and we do it with your help eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two pledge online W. NYC dot org listener support is the single largest source of our funding we couldn't be prouder to be able to say that your voluntary contribution is the largest source of our budget keep us going that direction please become a sustaining member today eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two hi how much tougher county New York here's why I support W. NYC click here to get news without the yelling okay you are an opinion without the felling those who are just like.

NPR flora Hewlett foundation W. N. Y. C. W. NYC New York Hewlett dot Kaplan Jacquelyn producer NYC
"twenty  one percent" Discussed on WMAL 630AM


07:54 min | 2 years ago

"twenty one percent" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Media that's coming up a little later in the program plus in a moment we're gonna check in with now Gardner of hers foundation hill let us know what's going on in that very important vote in Great Britain all that's coming up but first we haven't used to power yeah Adam Schefter we have instruction Congress yeah house Democrats so let's call this for what it is a political job history is happening right now as we speak in the house Judiciary Committee as they are debating and are expected to vote through two articles of impeachment on the president of the United States joining us now for his reaction is Tony said special adviser to the White House Tony a yet it must be unbelievable as you watch this transpire before your eyes Larry we we basically have two articles of impeachment that are very thin and weak that don't identify any evidence of an impeachable offense it it's become we've called a champ we've unfortunately now had it go to the level of being a complete joke in and how it's been pursued on a straight party line the factors democratic opposition against impeachment I certainly in the house I anticipate if this goes to the Senate democratic opposition there as well and think about this Larry the Judiciary Committee is the committee of jurisdiction on impeachment they have not called one fact for material witness at all in their hearing they have not given the majority they are right to have a hearing themselves and their now rushing to push these articles out without having done even the most basic minimum to have a fair proctor and the result is is going to be clearly across party lines and it's going to go to the house next week but it doesn't make their case stronger just because they're with the Russian through and putting pressure on their let's talk about those Democrats who might actually vote with Republicans when these articles of impeachment make their way to the floor because I think that's an important narrative here Tony said if Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and and Jerry Nadler and Maxine waters and a whole lot of them if they can't even get Democrats to vote their way on the articles of impeachment why on what why under should the American people go along with this well I think part of the issue here Larry is the American people have clearly rejected impeachment champ I'm a mom all that showed seventy one percent of people polled have either little or no confidence in the way Congress could handle this impeachment process I will you get twenty one percent of Americans agree on anything in politics this environment I think it's significant and and and Warren Spahn a bit of celebration at the moment and you have the Republic you're you're a part of both the house and the Senate so this is allowed us here on the eve of this vote to focus on roughly about thirty probably more if they vote their conscience Democrats who are evil districts in swing districts who don't support that don't support impeachment that have voted for the president in these districts in the past we're gonna have to really decide whether or not they're going to go you know down the road that Nancy Pelosi and Adam chefs are leading them toward which will likely lead to their defeat in twenty twenty or thirty to reflect the actual will of their constituents who elected them and that's really going to be a a big task but the fact that we're even here Larry with the possibility of other Democrats the fact that your phone number at the show you what what a court case this is this shampoo office has been yeah I I absolutely agree and and let's let's explain why it's such a a poor case because I don't take that if these do get voted on and passed through the Judiciary Committee in the way Jerry Nadler's handling these things it sure looks like he's gonna muscle it through we have to reflect on the fact that this is only the third time in American history that an impeachment process has gone this far and so this week we must it is incumbent on us to not just look at president trump but look at the constitution and look at the legacy in the president that is being established here and in that vein twenty sake this second article the idea that you were move of president from office because he is quote unquote obstructing Congress explain to everyone exactly what they mean by that because last I checked the executive branch has every right to fight for themselves and for their separation of power here from the legislative branch you're not supposed to be under their farm let me just make something very clear careless or sorry the second charge obstruction of Congress only beat up charge it's a completely fake article on there is a record of it without the quantity and the Democrats know they could not produce enough information and the fact that the White House never committed obstruction of justice because we do have your point constitutionally protected privileges executive privileges and separation of powers working with a client so they come out with this you know kind of war wordsmith version called up structure of Congress we have in our constitution article one article two article three the legislative executive judicial Adam his definition of obstruction is one the work each second at the end of it executive as new with the legislative want it's a productive justice lady the cost to redesign granddaddy of going to the courts to have some sort of relief Adam shook his make going to the court against against the law by this definition oracle bobble would have been impeached with the way his administration not many of their investigations including with fast and furious so it gets it to come it's actually a reckless and yet the first president to that date after that that's that's the bottom line here at it no matter what you think of president trump this is absolutely dangerous going forward to sit to lower the bar an impeachment to this level it's it's obscene Tony say let's let's skip forward a little bit I know you don't want to look into the future too much but assuming Nancy Pelosi goes ahead and get this four voted that they've been promising they're frothing at the mouth bass for several years now the president has said he wants his day in the Senate he wants a full trial he wants witnesses for hearing from Senate leadership now that that they want to just take care of this really quickly no witnesses let the vote and have it done with a is that a wise thing to do should the American people really see exactly what's what what what happened here and and get when this is and find out exactly who talked to whom and why and how we got here from there let Larry we've been very clear in the present very clear he's done nothing wrong and welcomes the opportunity to have a trial in the Senate what we call live witnesses like Adam Schiff like the whistle blower like hunter by all who have factual and Kirby very important don't forget we never got a chance to introduce rebuttal evidence at all during the house process the president I want to make his case certainly in the Senate at the same time we also respect the Senate's role that they're going to have to come up with a fair process and procedure and we're gonna be ready we're gonna be ready for whatever side I think so Majority Leader McConnell should defer to the presence of the president's name the president's office the president's administration that has been slimed and he has not had one opportunity to put on a defense I think leader McConnell should defer to the president's wishes on this and and allow him to have the trial that he deserves but we will we will see what happens Tony said in the meantime I appreciate you joining us today thanks Larry.

Gardner Britain Adam Schefter Congress
"twenty  one percent" Discussed on KSFO-AM


02:14 min | 3 years ago

"twenty one percent" Discussed on KSFO-AM

"It's certainly appropriate for us to get a referral referral about a then employee of the department which is I think. you're probably referencing and then we would assess it and as you indicated before we would make an independent assessment of whether. well I'll give you one example Mister dowdy was asking is it did you initiated obstruction of justice investigation based on what the president said was a very clear question Mister Comey said I don't think so I don't recall doing that so I don't think so however on page thirteen of your I. G.'s reported said they call me purposefully leaked a memo so that they could have a special counsel appointed to investigate obstruction of justice of two of those cannot be true there there it pops it dynamics in terms of what they're constructing and and we have dozens of examples where that has happened is that something that would be important for the American people to know and for you to look into I guess I would say as in any situation we want to get the referrals the testimony and so we can make so we'll be referring those inconsistencies to you today Wednesday's hearing was billed as a form to examine the community of inspectors at general their resources and ongoing work but many lawmakers focused questions on horror which is reviews related to the FBI and the DOJ a greater share of U. S. teams are vaping nicotine E. cigarettes about twenty five percent of high school seniors surveyed this year so they they nicotine in the previous month up from twenty one percent the year prior the university of Michigan study was published online Wednesday by the New England journal of medicine researchers surveyed more than forty two thousand students across the country in grades eight ten and twelve that study also found that cigarette smoking declined in high school seniors from about eight percent to six percent meanwhile the CDC is warning the public to stop buying the cigarettes off the street as it investigates an outbreak of illness and traffic associated with raping a doctor and she cat told the Associated Press the CDC's activated its emergency operations center in response to the national outbreak of severe.

Mister dowdy president Mister Comey special counsel FBI DOJ CDC Associated Press nicotine university of Michigan New England journal of medicin twenty five percent twenty one percent eight percent six percent
"twenty  one percent" Discussed on WJR 760

WJR 760

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"twenty one percent" Discussed on WJR 760

"Residents of South Florida are jamming stores and gas stations ahead of hurricane Dorian but some of the shelves are bare gas right now water everywhere is packed there's cars everywhere I really want to like five different stores nobody have water no way but I was here like three hours ago and there was no way to come in came Dorian is expected to strengthen into a category three today with winds of at least one hundred eleven miles an hour as it heads towards Florida correspondent Nick Valencia is in Daytona beach monitoring the preparations there this storm is still at least three days away but still making a lot of people nervous we've heard of a cruise lines re routing the track of their cruise ships around the track of the storm I should say also college football is back Florida state in Boise state are expected or were expected to play game in Jacksonville this weekend that menu has changed for the north towards Tallahassee trump will stay home for the storm sending vice president pence to an event in Poland instead of going himself trump has four properties in the path of the hurricane the Mar a Lago resort which really is the southern White House and the derailed golf club among those for Democrats have been taking jabs at trump one Democrat congressman don Beyer says trump is interested because the congressman says Florida is not an island of color the former prime minister of Canada Kim Campbell tweeted that she hopes the hurricane makes a direct hit on Meryl ogle another shooting at a Detroit gas station one person is dead following that shooting in southwest Detroit an innocent bystander was apparently shot and killed by a man in a car who were following another vehicle and they fled Michigan students not reading at grade level more than half of the third graders in Michigan are not reading at the appropriate grade level according to the M. step test scores they show just forty five percent of the third graders are proficient or advanced in reading and the other English language arts a Michigan law school says has become too expensive to go to college there so they say they're gonna cut tuition by twenty one percent western Michigan university's Cooley law school announced that tuition cut twenty one percent that'll take place next year for those law students they also want to close the Auburn hills campus for the western Michigan Cooley law school one of the priorities of the new president of Michigan state Dr Samuel Stanley about the cap this is still number one it's such a complex institution there's so much going on three billion dollar plus budget I'm a lot to learn and understand so that's my number one priority but then I think you will be as I said before getting back on the trajectory increasing the student success that they've had we've graduating students at the highest rate ever making an incredible destination per student.

South Florida twenty one percent three billion dollar forty five percent three hours three days
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"Updated as the situation progresses chance of rain today the forecast is coming up next the cash you earn from your time donating plasma adds up for the things you want and the things you need and your plasma donations can add up over time to create life changing medicine for people with rare diseases see for yourself new donors can earn up to four hundred dollars in their first month donating plasma and bio life visit by life adds up dot com to get the new donor coupon today three three seat three three three feet is your source for all in all of the issues including by the dugout for every game home and away combs cardinals pirates angels and Felix call three three three feet that's three three three any of it anywhere in the ticket three three three seat is your source for events worldwide tennis with the world's top players great seats available at all locations including boxes if the Cincinnati Bengals college football Jonas brothers Shawn Mendes sandy and I wouldn't be brothers Salim beyond Florida Georgia line Thomas Rhett she's an LD kiss back breaking Benjamin Iron Maiden Broadway call three three three three three three three please sponsored by farmers insurance we are well rehearsed all but one bone that farmers insurance we know the sound of a perfect hot air balloon landing and a less than perfect Dr farmers we are yours well well well well well well during my for Mr for insurance exchange that affiliates parts available in every state weather forecast from news radio seven hundred W. well after Tuesday's torrential downpours we will likely see some patchy fog developing as we head out the door this morning temperatures will be in the mid sixties this afternoon eighty two partly cloudy but again we'll see some isolated showers developing in our north wind tonight we dropped to sixty three to dry out tomorrow partly cloudy and dry hi eighty three from your severe weather station on nine first warning meteorologist Jennifer catch mark newsradio seven hundred WLW it's sixty five degrees right now our next update at eight o'clock Rick Eugene newsradio seven hundred WLW I have seven thirty eight right now Mike McConnell here Mister optimist Mister glass half full the upside to growing inequality user growth in jobs working for rich people what since two thousand and eight I think it is yeah two thousand to twenty eighteen the overall job growth has been seven percent we've had seven percent job growth is pretty good pretty good however in jobs that wealthier people might take advantage of even upper middle class that's for the growth really took place again all jobs seven percent latest shins and nutritional as twenty one percent fitness trainers thirty five percent personal financial advisors up thirty seven percent animal caretakers like dog walkers up fifty eight percent skin care specialist up ninety three percent marriage and family therapists of ninety eight percent massage therapist up one hundred and five percent and lastly manicures and pedicures up one hundred and fourteen percent since two thousand eight again compared against job growth overall of seven percent money to be made them I guess is a look at these most of more fairly decent paying jobs there you go work for a rich guy seven thirty nine travel weather sports and all that but first a Bloomberg money update the people so your dreams are crazy the last well you think you can do maybe you should reevaluate your goal sports talk with lance McAllister tonight at six just on seven hundred W. L. W. this report is service of western and southern financial group translator future into success western and southern is committed to helping make Cincinnati the best place to live work and play.

seven percent three three three feet seven hundred W four hundred dollars ninety eight percent ninety three percent thirty seven percent fifty eight percent thirty five percent sixty five degrees twenty one percent fourteen percent five percent
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"To twenty one percent then your losing big time national realty's class a property fund includes only prime income producing property build far below market value your security recession proof with large apartment buildings your diversified with income streams from multiple buildings you have one hundred percent of free cash flows paid to you first this portfolio has six hundred million dollars in new construction equity value in Brooklyn Hoboken Jersey Gold Coast in Delray beach Florida nationals twelve year track record of proven success with eight hundred million dollars of property under management is based on prime income property only stop recession risk and stock market churned with diversified eighteen to twenty one percent returns for I'll raise our cash flow once you see these class A. locations you'll wonder what took you so long to call call to a one to ten twenty seven twenty seven that's two oh one to ten twenty seven twenty seven and offer to buy or sell any security is only made by a private placement memorandum read a person about Wesley past performance is no guarantee of future results national is a real estate developer C. as a and R. I. a dot have you ever suffer from red itchy and watery eyes do you frequently sneeze or experience nasal congestion if so you may be one of the millions of people who suffer from allergies across the United States here in Raynham Dr Kenneth canyon is working to find new treatments for allergies if you experience allergy symptoms you may qualify to participate in an upcoming allergy research study this study requires thirteen visits over five to eleven weeks and you may be compensated up to twelve hundred fifty dollars for your time to find out if you qualify for this allergy research study please call eight six six I drop that's eight six six three nine three thirty seven sixty seven or visit my I study dot com if you experience allergy symptoms and participate in this study you'll be able to discuss your condition with the study staff and will be compensated for your time learn more today by calling eight six six three nine three thirty seven sixty seven or visit my I study dot com if you're a developer looking to develop a.

nasal congestion United States Dr Kenneth canyon developer Brooklyn Hoboken Florida Wesley twenty one percent eight hundred million dollars twelve hundred fifty dollars six hundred million dollars one hundred percent eleven weeks twelve year
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"As my return about twenty one percent one thing I don't like here is in twenty eighteen the company actually made one point five five dollars on the earnings per share so you can get the Klein there we like seeing increase of Reform Act ran as you said to my I think it could be a value trap the numbers look good on the surface for the valuation ratios but deadly some major concerns in balance sheets not as early as I'd like it to be all right yeah I thought maybe they might benefit from it infrastructure rebuilding maybe Ellis sure yeah they do a few different things another a minor of of different commodities and so forth so but you want understand what they do a little bit further before seeing how they would actually be impacted by the infrastructure okay thank there are better places to save your money on yeah I I think there are some better places that there's you know since we think there's some good steel companies that will actually be big benefactors that have cleaner balance sheets I think are just better companies to be honest all right thanks all right not a problem is found him you're welcome bye bye already know all right let's head right back out of the phones is head down to Coronado and speak with John Hey there Johnny on the smart investing show how can we help you good morning I tell you I was looking at pepsico ET alright let's take a look there Texaco then I I know they just reported earnings pretty recently heard from the CFO as early in the show pretty optimistic about the consumer live in numbers were quite strong as well so Senate take a look here at pepsico against symbol is P. E. P. valuation ratios current price to earnings looks good at fifteen point eight is below the industry average of twenty three point one current prices sales at two point nine again below the industry average about four no comprised handle book value I'm assuming that's because of the acquisitions they made they have taken on probably like good will and intangibles from those acquisitions would want to take a closer look at how those acquisitions have created synergies and followers of actually been working with the company just to avoid any potential write downs to get a nice dividend for pepsico of two point nine percent coming only uses forty four percent earnings to pay that out so comfortable with that that pay out ratio cells grown one point four percent over last twelve months industry has beat pepco as it's grown three point nine percent but still glad to see some growth there for pepsico earnings on the other hand while surprised by this up fifty three percent for the answers up twenty five point seven percent I'm guessing there's again some accounting that that's a card with that earnings growth one take a closer look there can I concerned by the balance sheet and fortune by pepsico current ratio point eight six and even the quick ratio point six six one back out in the Tory is concerning a little bit less liquidity that I'd like to see and told us the equity at two hundred twenty three percent is a very very high I don't know if they've been buying back stock or or what's going on there but that to equity is a concern here for me measuring effectiveness return on capital very strong at twenty two and return on equity ninety nine that again is kind of feeling my thoughts they have been buying back stock because their equity has been declining it as it appears which is boosting their trying kapple Bruce and return on equity but again once a closer look at that and come after tax profit margin eighteen point four percent above the industry is seventeen point two percent disable turnover at eight same as the industry average in inventory turnover at seven point nine above the industry average of six point seven now if we look at the current price for pepsico I believe it has done quite well over the last twelve months from not mistaken and of course can slow read here for the next part of the the shift but I think I do have the earnings if it does not there we go pepsico has as I said done well the current price is a hundred thirty three dollars and twenty eight cents right now it's fifty to five hundred thirty five dollars and twenty four cents and fifty two week low is a hundred four dollars and fifty three cents but we got to December two thousand twenty is the estimated earnings per share on a gap basis of five dollars and eighty four cents is hard to sell price unfortunately of ninety six dollars and thirty six cents and I said their earnings of the P. E. over the last twelve months is very strong it I don't know what happened with their arms picture but in twenty eighteen previous empowering for five dollars and sixty six cents and gap earnings for eight dollars and seventy eight cents we definitely had some either sales of investments or or something there the boost those earnings in the short term that world a one time deal and then to see it actually at five dollars and eighty four cents is growing up that pre example of a but well off that gap level which does give me a little bit of a concern on the valuation moving forward okay thanks to all right thanks for calling John all right as you said it opens up a phone line but the phone lines are pretty much coming closer to show is wrapping up in Russell in San Diego don't recognize the name I don't know if you call in a show before but hopefully can call in again next week let's talk about looks like C. G. C. not familiar with that company but again love take a close look at that for you next week I'll talk about the workshop again one more time at the workshop we will talk about you know does the long term erosion of your wealth due to inflation were you if not it should the bureau of labor statistics tells us what would of cost twenty dollars in nineteen ninety eight today cost thirty one dollars and nineteen ninety four the nationwide average for a gallon gas was one dollars eleven cents you fill up your tank you know it is nowhere near that level the day especially here in California how do you avoid having your wealth eroded by a long term inflation you.

twelve months five dollars four percent nine percent five hundred thirty five dolla two hundred twenty three perce hundred thirty three dollars hundred four dollars fifty three percent forty four percent ninety six dollars thirty one dollars twenty one percent five five dollars fifty two week twenty dollars eight dollars seven percent one dollars two percent
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"twenty one percent" Discussed on Chicago's Business Authority

"Today's. Segment is. Anxiety is pretty prevalent in the United States right now but twenty one percent of women and fourteen percent of men have some sort of mental health issue, and a majority of them things -iety, or some variation of anxiety. You can kind of briefly say that anxiety is anytime you're worrying have fear about something, and it's kind of happening on a repetitive basis in, it's one of those things when you talk to people and say, hey, you having Zaidi a lot of people say nam fine, I don't, I don't ever have any type of anxiousness or anything like that. But if you study their behavior and UCLA approach things, and you listen to the warns the us, we might hear things like, oh, don't do that. You might get hurt or I won't do that. Because I'll get hurt and what you wind up picking up on is that there's a lot of fear based thinking was a lot of worrisome base thinking. It it's kind of like things ideas there at a more subtle level, that do not wear of, and it's affecting their interactions with other people, which would impact. So if it was a parent hours affect how they're raising their child or how they're handling their child growing up. We look at what causes it, there's some clearly define contributing factors. And from person to person, there's no sort of like list that says, oh, this is number one for everyone. Just number two for everyone. This is like a general list of things. They should be aware of a concern. For a lot of people childhood. Trauma is a contributing factor to anxiety. So some event that happened to them as a child is affecting them today as an adult then may not even remember the event that may have tried to block it out, if it was a pretty serious event. So if you if you suspect that, that might be something there, probably want to try to see a counselor see someone that's got some competency, and that kind of area could talk through process, it, and make sure it's not something that's holding you back from being the best you could be today. Another area that is often a big contributing factor stress way to medical clinical literature position. It's kind of like here's a stress acting you and therefore, you're going to be worse off than you were before that way. I look at stresses very differently. I, I don't think it stress per se. I think it's the inability to handle stress that's the issue because no stress to be like, lifting heavyweight. If you're strong enough to bench one hundred pounds you could handle that stress. But if you put on six hundred pounds and your arms, get stapled to your chest, then you're gonna say, okay, that was too great a stress. So, but the term in terms of wage lifting weights both times. So you wouldn't say that lifting weights is too stressful. Because you could handle it with a lighter load. But you couldn't handle it at the heavier wrote. So that's why I look at it from. Spectacle of an inability to handle stress, but some of the factors that contributed stress things like relationship issues like arguing with partner marriage issues of friendship issues in many cases, that stress can be alleviated just by being more clear with each other about what intentions are or expectations. Another contributing factor to exciting, our medical factors. And this could be like a bonafide medical, this, this could be medication at someone is taking certain meds, do alter brain neuro chemistry. So they're gonna change the way you think you're gonna change when you handle your reactions in different situations. Sometimes it could also be a lack of oxygen so for low, and sir nutrients being low in those nutrients into fears what the ability of our body, particularly a red blood cells. Bind oxygen. That's kind of an impact later on our to concentrate. And when we can't concentrate tend to get more anxious or more stressed out with a given situation. Outside of the medical facts. Another contributing factor is some sort of prior history or current history of substance, abuse, substance abuse is a pretty broad category. Term, basically taking recreational drugs guys that went out one night got drunk crazy decide. E- party and start doing ecstasy mother drug. We heroin cocaine on the damage that can take place over time. Some of it is reversible. We know today there's a national student drug abuse publish his all kinds of data on how somebody's chemicals affect brains of rodents, our, they studied brains of people have a history of some type of drug abuse, and this clear differences, in the brain patterns of people that have an exposed to certain drugs on a consistent basis versus people that have not been exposed to those drugs. Another area genetics. And, you know, we have twenty two thousand genes that make us up and the genes are different Creech person, so, well, we all may share certain types of genes, we might have a certain, gene. He there were going to be lots of other genes are very different between us. We get these genes one part comes from a mom and one part comes from her dad, and this genetic information it controls things like the neurotransmitter rumbles in our brain controls. How respond to signals environment, how respond to nutrients from our in all kinds of other factors. So some people do have a genetic predisposition to be an anxious and having a high state of anxiety. So for those people if they didn't know that they had the genetic predisposition, they may be stuck in a place where trying to kinds of things that don't seem to work, and this is where you want to have invested time and money to finding out something because they could save you a lot more time in money or greater amount of time and money in the future on things that simply won't work because not the best fit. And another air. That's a really a lot of attention house brain chemistry, we can control levels of dopamine serotonin, epinephrine, and acetylcholine brain from our diet and exercise patterns, and our sleep lifestyle and stuff like that. And it's a pretty complicated area physiology, but it's stuff that we do have the ability to influence. And so we know, for example, someone has low levels of serotonin is going to be some issues. So one of the ways we can then fluence that is by looking at their diet, and making sure they're eating foods that are high in trip defend that you can get a precursor to make serotonin other ways would be to look at foods that provide amino acids like Tyra seeing phenylalanine because those foods, then provide the precursors to the body or making substances like dopamine or norepinephrine rep. And the significance of having knows nor transmitters improve is at now you have more balanced responses inside the body so manifest itself, that you have more stable and balanced reactions outside the von. It's when you're looking at someone and there's an event that takes place. You know, that visual signals that goes to your eyes brains got interpret and process that, that's all chemistry there, we tend to think about it, because it happened so fast. But decisions we make our respond. That's all basically chemical reactions that are driving things forward or maybe holding us back. So that you could look at to improve or reducing Sidoti would be trauma from events, stress in a relationship medical factors like medication Gironde of any medical illnesses happening history of substance abuse, genetic predispositions, and then brain chemistry like would foods. Are you eating that are affecting the molecules in your brain addressing these areas or a long way to reducing how much exciting and much worry and fear that you have are you tired?.

dopamine UCLA United States Zaidi Tyra partner Creech heroin cocaine acetylcholine epinephrine one hundred pounds six hundred pounds twenty one percent fourteen percent
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"What's the best Chevy Chase movie thirty eight percent Christmas vacation twenty six percent Caddyshack Twenty-one percent vacation fifteen percent, Fletch. Josh in Pasadena says we left one out what's up Josh? Ritchie? Read a Brockton anybody listen. You gotta know seems like old times rich, you know, things like old time. Yeah. Right. But is it really up there with any of these, Josh? Oh my first Chris Ball. I'm bringing back your midnight run day because rodents in that also. That's right. And, and it's classic movie. Classic. Classic is wonderful in it. The move. I had an anchor man, sort of experience with this movie, I walked out of dinner with schmuck. And it was just monkey to schmucky for you. You know, my wife Danielle and it just as you know, the if I don't think the vibe is right? But when I watch it now on, like cable. It's hysterical. I've start Josh, thanks for the call, brother. Thanks for the call Rudd and Steve Carino. Jared in Idaho. You're here on the richeisenshow. It's up. Jared. How's it going? What's going on brother? I was just listening to my car and wanted to say that I, I talked to my wife into naming my son Fletcher, she she thinks it's after the guy that makes the arrows, but he's too young. I watched it, but there's gonna come a time where we get to sit down, and he'll watch his namesake six five eight with the afro ads. Next level Jared, you didn't didn't give up the ghost to your wife on the rich Eisen show through the radio. Did you know she teaches you school? You're safe. You're safe. They're safe harbor. Wow. See, you named you named your son Fletcher..

Josh Jared Fletcher Brockton Ritchie Chris Ball Pasadena Danielle Idaho schmucky Rudd Steve Carino thirty eight percent Twenty-one percent twenty six percent fifteen percent
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"Twenty one percent a home. Cutting people say in El Paso. It's the affordable for me annual navy area. Interesting and also Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, sixty one percent of the people moving there were millennials. Yeah. Oklahoma City another metro area with a high consideration of. Sanyo's unemployment rate is nearly tweet percent why vase area experience the third highest increase away wages about eleven percent. I'm on a hundred legis metro areas. Not so interesting and rounding out the top ten of the top destinations from Elenio homebuyers, Salt Lake City. Tell us about that some lake savy had one of the highest population. Shares of millennials after Provo Artem I'll steam in mighty some decent area is the home of humors companies such as adobe Simpson microscopes, I've never Dowd. Unemployment rate is lower tweet percent amnesty late saving. Moreover, we see that inventory choice eighth are expanding in the area. Seems permeates increase by fifteen percent compared to a year earlier that is so interesting and what a fascinating study. NPR's new most popular areas for Molyneux's where they move and stay and Nadia. I really appreciate you. Joining us today and talking about it. Thank you, Stephen. Thank you so much. You're very welcome Nadia Evangelou research economist at the national association of realtors..

Oklahoma City Nadia Evangelou Oklahoma lake savy El Paso Salt Lake City national association of realto Sanyo adobe Simpson Stephen research economist Dowd Molyneux NPR Elenio Twenty one percent sixty one percent fifteen percent eleven percent
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"And twenty one percent say their kids have swiped. Their parents card without their permission techs Rosman with credit cards dot com says there's ways to help go Henry incurring all allow us that really specific guidelines announced that your kids can spend types of stores where they can spend you can get instant alert. This is a really nice training wheels. Way to go out teaching your kids how to use plastic here in the US. It's more common for kids to have a cellphone that it credit card. Matt piper. CBS news a hot air balloon stolen from Bloomington. Indiana has been recovered in Florida. Ah? The Marion county sheriff's office says it was the first time in one hundred seventy five years of law enforcement that they recovered a stolen hot air balloon. It was seen at the villages. Hot air balloon festival at the Florida horse park. The owner has chosen not to press charges just wants the balloon returned. It's eight thirty five at News Radio. WFL a weather is neck for all your vehicle care. You need experience. Honesty, and integrity, certified female friendly. Matt Korea's craftsman auto care, rockstar technicians. You can trust at craftsman autocare dot com. If you've been disappointed in the past by carpet cleaners promise results, but only deliver soaking wet carpets and excuses. Don't put up with that. Zerorez is different or the only carpet cleaners using powered water instead of soaps and detergents. So your carpets aren't left, crunchy and stay cleaner longer use zero residency. Why we're the highest rated cleaner and the DMV this month get three rooms of carpet zerorezify for only one hundred. And twenty nine dollars and get your hallway clean for free. Book your cleaning online at Zerorez DC dot com..

Matt piper Rosman Matt Korea DMV Florida horse park CBS US Florida Marion county Henry Indiana Bloomington Zerorez one hundred seventy five years twenty nine dollars twenty one percent
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"Twenty one percent of working Americans report, they are not saving any money at all analysis from Greg McBride chief financial analyst at bankrate, Greg what's up? Despite the fact that the economy has gotten better and over the last several years more people are working people are finally making more money. We're not seeing the needle move when it comes to savings one in five working Americans aren't saving anything nothing. And that's not to say that everybody else is doing a great job. Yeah. There's still about another half of Americans that are saving but saving a token amount. Really only about one in four Americans are at the other end of the spectrum and actually saving inadequate amount. Saving more than ten percent of their income. So you've got. Source of of working Americans aren't saving anything at all. A source that are saving older ten percent of their income in half of working Americans right there in the middle putting some money away. But but not enough to reach us financial goals. So the one in five saving nothing. That's no emergency slush fund. No retirement. No college savings nothing. Exactly. Yeah. You know, what happens is if you're not saving anything. Couple of things are happening you you're one financial catastrophe away from having to incur high costs debt, or or maybe just digging yourself into a much deeper financial the other possibility is if you're not saving anything, you're living on the savings that you already have if you spending more than you make savings is gonna make up that difference until it's gone. So either way. Yeah, you know, neither neither one is treading water. Let's put it that way. So, you know, really important to be putting money away. There are multiple goals that we need to be saving for the rainy day fund for unplanned expenses. But also. The longer term goals like retirement or things like future education for children, grandchildren. Even the down payment on that home you plan to buy in a few years. Now, you've been exploring this data for a long enough time to know, what's the mindset here. Why why don't why can't we get this, right? Because people get the order wrong. They spend I and try to save what's leftover and what happens is too often. You get to the end of the month and nothing left over even when there is there's no consistency to it. It bounces around every month one month you so almost over next month. You don't have any and got to put that equation around successful savers are all about those they'd kiss tablets to habits. They pay themselves. First and the easiest way to make that happen is automated set up a direct deposit from your paycheck into a dedicated savings account. Utilize payroll deduction to fund your 4._0._1._K or workplace retirement plan, set up an automatic transfer from your checking account into an IRA make the savings happen automatically without you having to think about it. And then make saving the first priority living on what's left after that. When it's simple these days, right? Mean you can do it all from your computer? This you really out of excuses were speaking with Greg McBride chief financial analyst at bankrate dot com. They've got a new. Survey that finds one in five Americans is not saving one thin dime. What about? By generation younger folks, getting this more than some of the older folks or vice versa. Well, the younger folks millennials in dozen gen-x, which I mean, let's face it. Those are the years where your expenses tend to increase faster than your ability to save and the numbers just like that millennials and gen X had a highest propensity of either not saving at all. Or if they were they were saving less than ten percent of the rain comes by contrast baby boomers had a higher incidence of not only saving money, but most likely they were saving more than ten percent of their income. And so I think what this really illustrates is dead importance of prioritizing savings, he'll millennials more. So than any other generation said that the reason they weren't saving that they hadn't gotten around to it, which really speaks to the benefit of automating it that way. You don't have to get around to it happens automatically is this a message that is breaking down with us as parents or in school or I don't know is where does blame fall here. Well, it'd be we could certainly start with school. The fact that there's just not a core. For personal finance curriculum as part of the education program, the need is certainly there, and even the demand is there have lectured to college classes and the classes semester in semester out there oversubscribed. Greg. Greg McBride chief financial analyst at bankrate dot com. Thirteen minutes in front of the hour. Capital? One is building a better Bank one that feels an axe nothing like a typical Bank. It's why the reimagining banking.

Greg McBride chief financial analyst bankrate ten percent Twenty one percent Thirteen minutes one month
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"With your financial issues. Aig update. Agriculture outlook storm starts today in Washington DC. So we will get the first projections for the two thousand nineteen growing season. I thought that was going to be the big news today until this morning when word came the D west China started outline commitments in principle. Sticky issues using the trade war, and that news is brought new life agriculture markets heading into the US, Mark. The average trade guests is the US farmers. You're gonna end up planning ninety one and a half million acres of corn this year. I will get the actual numbers when those are released tomorrow. But for now that is worthy trade is is expecting things shake out. Speaking of projected plantings analysts in Brazil are pegging nation. Second crop corn production at sixty five point three million metric tons would. You be twenty one percent higher than last year's crop acreage. Estimated to be up four point two percent from last year. The overnight trades. Fried corn futures are trading four cents higher yesterday. Market traded lower unresolved trade war situation between the US and China. And of course, it appears that has been turned around today. But also pressured by news of new cases of African swine fever in China and Vietnam that news has traders thinking that China may not need to buy as many soybeans is head bench projected overnights radar respond. So being futures are trading up a nickel on me. Encouraging news around the trade war threat market tumbled lower yesterday, and lack of demand Egypt came in and bought three hundred and sixty thousand metric tons a weed yesterday. And here in the US we missed on an all of that business. France, got half of the bushes with remaining Bush's being split three ways between Russia, Ukraine and Romania. You'll grenades rage. Chicago is seven cents higher. Kansas City is up eight cents or Minneapolis this trading? A penny. Higher parts cotton futures closed thirteen points Loria students settle at seventy twenty eight is we're still not recovered from the sharply lower session about February eleventh remaining trapped in a really tight trading range overnight trade strike cotton. Futures are bouncing back a little bit up fifteen points hires a record. This lean hog futures were pummeled for the second consecutive session since they were limited on Tuesday. Yesterday gave us expanded limits. You saw April is closed down another three hundred and fifty five points to settle a fifty to ninety seven the close last Friday was sixty dollars and twenty seven cents to two trading days this week we stripped over six dollars per hundred weight out of this market. Kettles futures were stronger yesterday with April. Live cattle up seventy five cents for March. Feeder cattle, close twelve and a half cents higher classroom milk futures suffered a setback yesterday was March futures down ten points to close at fourteen sixty overnight trade class three five futures are trading. Eight.

US China Aig Washington DC Loria Chicago Brazil Minneapolis Egypt France Mark Kansas City Russia Bush Vietnam Romania Ukraine sixty thousand metric tons three million metric tons twenty one percent
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"Now the glucose meaning. Conjoined subject had only twenty one percent reduction. So you can see the flex around perform much better than glucose to me. But here's yet another key takeaway flex benefits build over time. That's huge they build and they build. So when you look here on day, fifty six on the woman pain index you'll see that the flexor on subject had of fifty five percent decrease in aches and pains. That's way, better than glucose way better than placebo. So the point is this you take it, and you feel it. That's why I take flex around daily myself because as I told you I move around a lot, and I exercise a lot. And it's also the reason why I recommend it to my patient. So we're talking about just one little soft gel a day. No, more big tablet and flex rod is actually three times better glucose Amina conjoined for maximising joint comfort. It's also great for the heart and great for the brain as well. So I tell my patients that it is the flexor on daily advantage. And that's why I want you to. To get a bottle for five dollars and try it out for yourself. Okay. Well, I know the two guys are getting some amazing feedback from customers who are using the flex around. In fact, I want to tell our listeners how they can get a full-size bottle Affleck's around for just five bucks. I mean, that's a five dollar trial with free shipping. But first, we've got some personal stories. These are amazing testimonials and got a couple of them here for you. This is from C L R E is a fifty five to sixty four year old guy. He is from Utah. And he writes awesome, very effective. You just take the supplement and your joints will feel so much better. My lower back feels much better. And I am on my third bodily. Really appreciate that. And also Robert for New Mexico. He had this to say he gave it five stars first off I replaced glucose meter an Conroy with flex Ron. I mean, I've tried several items from purity products, and they have never let me down. I'm only on week two flights arrive, but love the easy. To swallow pills. And that I get some of that krill oil as well. Now, this is so exciting to me when I hear those sort of testimonials because these are people that are taking no formula and are getting the benefit because we have to recognize the flex Ron is a difference maker, there's unbelievable benefits for your joints. It also great for your heart and for your.

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"Somebody who self-conscious perhaps worse. Sometimes mice. It's not so much of a socially anxious. It's that I'm anti-social that I don't and I'd be I would love to hear your parsing of this. Sure. Sometimes I feel like I am. I just don't have that much to give. And I am maybe not that friendly. And and I've had people who were close to me colleagues complained that the me that shows up here in with you in a podcast, or in an on camera interview is much more sort of open than the me that's around the office just on a workaday basis. And I think some of that is a kind of an inner stinginess, I don't know if that even fits into the rubric were currently discussing, but that's just what's going through remind as we're talking. So I mean, I don't I don't think this is what you're describing. But I think it's worth saying in case listeners identify with because. Okay. So when there is a threat. And that threat could be a train a bus headed towards you could be an external threat, but it could also be a social threat that comes from our own head, and regardless of the threat our minds and bodies react generally in one of two ways, and that's fight or flight. And so when we often think about social anxiety. It's flight we think about wanting to hide under the buffet table or going to hide in the bathroom, or, you know, scrolling through our phone pretending to refresh Twitter a lot. And so that's that's what we think of stereotypically social anxiety. But twenty one percent of folks who experienced social anxiety come off as fight. So they're they are prickly and irascible grouchy and try to steer the conversation with white knuckles. And they reject other people before they can get rejected. And so then I don't I don't think what you're talking about for you feeds into that. But again, I think it's worth noting that for listeners who may not identify with the flight, but maybe identify fight. You'll know I think that makes a lot of sense. I don't know that that applies to at least what I was thinking of when I said that. But and I I don't let's see if I can come up with an example. Well, when you were saying before that a tool to use in in is to turn your attention inside out. In other words, you're you're focusing outward instead of inward, and you really listening to what the other person says, and you're thinking carefully before you respond. My thought was yeah. I do I do do that. But it's exhausting. And I don't know. I do I was gonna say I I don't know whether I can do that all the time. But I do know that I don't do that all the time and often it will be like I'll walk out of here where I'm very I'm listening, very carefully. What you're saying? And. And it's not because I'm anxious. Just because I'm on I'm on. Yeah. But my next interaction will probably much less satisfactory to the person with whom I'm interacting because I've expended a lot of energy. And I can't I don't feel like I can do that all the time. No. And I think I think that's normal. I don't think anybody could really do that all the time. Just like you can't be mindful all the time like sometimes you do have to plan. Sometimes you do have to reflect like you can't be in the moment. All the time. I think that's okay. And so I don't think it's the the goal to to try to turn one's attention inside out all the time into to never look inward. I think this is something else that I think is important to say that oftentimes there, I get questions about how do I know if I'm socially anxious, or how do I know if I'm just an introvert, and and so to speak to that. I like to say that introversion is your way like that's just how you're wired and so- introverts have like a lower. Tolerance for stimulation..

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"Not a speech. It's only he's only requested eight minutes, by the way. ABC NBC CBS FOX will air President Trump's Oval Office address. Russia today has said, no. In in other news. House budget chairman, John Yarmuth. A democrat of Kentucky has announced that the forthcoming budget blueprint will call for thirty three percent corporate income tax rate increase. By hiking the tax rate from twenty one to twenty eight percent, okay. Sorry in our pre show meeting. Earlier told you that it was thirty three percent. They they're thirty three percent rate hike. Okay. Okay. I thought that they were gonna to thirty three percent. But. From twenty one to twenty eight percent. So there you go. Now, the interesting thing is you and I've talked about this in the past. Then this is one of. You want you want a monument to Trump? Going back to the woman last week. We're not going to build the wall. It's a monument to Trump. Okay. Well, if you want a monument to Trump corporate tax rate in the tax rate cuts might be it because the corporate tax rate at twenty one percent, and you and I've mentioned this before that right after I mean, you had a couple of months after Democrats stating if we take power we'll raise it to twenty five twenty six twenty seven twenty eight percent in the United States. There's victory right there because otherwise would have stuck at thirty five percent. And even they. Can't sell thirty five percent again. Well, and I remember thinking, I didn't have any faith. They would get it below thirty. Yeah. So imagine the Democrats, and it will be tough for them to get it to twenty eight and it's not going to happen. But the in in the next it's not going to happen before twenty twenty or twenty twenty one actually, but imagine they could it's wouldn't be above thirty. Now. Remember when Nancy said we would like to raise it back to twenty-five after the tax cuts right now. It's back the twenty eight we'll see where they try and go. The high end for them, right? Which is why that's one of the great things that Trump did. Yeah. You know, it's it's the old proverbial boiling, the frog you raise it slowly over a period of years, which is what they were trying to do. I'm sure, but the fact of the matters is this is that the American people are a lot like the people all over the world right now, which are give me things, but don't raise my the cost of doing business now the corporate taxes different because most people don't put the two and two together and that is corporations don't pay taxes their customers do. So they pass that onto the consumer they're, greedy. They just want to keep their money. Well, then do you guys want to just tax the more? So they're going to pass that to consumer. No, they won't be greedy. Then. Can those are the insane arguments you hear but every corporation has a cost of doing business. You raise the cost of doing business, and we pay for it. Whether it's a tariff or tax. That's what it comes down to the consumer pays other countries. Don't pay. We do. It's funny because I got a guy who wrote me this is a couple of months ago. You guys are completely wrong. You're totally and completely wrong. And it's all came from the thing that that the consumer pays for corporate taxes or for for corporate taxes. No, they don't of course, they do. And he said this came from the innocent. No, actually, it was talked to me. So this came because of he was talking about the early nineties and something I can't remember what it was. But something in the early nineties, and that's that's where this philosophy came from. And I'm thinking to myself. Well, actually, I known about this since the sixties, and I know the John Kennedy knew about it. And I know the Milton Friedman had been talking about it for years, and so no was being discussed in conservative circles way before the early nineteen nineties. I forgot what he was trying to say, you know, what he didn't do as he didn't complete the equation, right? And often they do. He, you know, he was saying no, the the government call, you know, the the the X border has to pay the tariff. Yeah. And therefore, it's the porter. And then when they sell it, what do they do? They raise the price. They have to raise the price in order to do that. And then you have as we have seen whether it's a corporate tax rate or a tariff, you have inside the country every you know, every manufacturer will raise their cost higher will increase their profit margins. The country the politicians that want the terrorists will note that those companies are doing much better in hiring more and forget about the people that are being hurt by the higher cost of that good and service that is spread out throughout the economy, which is harder target. And and you know. And see words Ben I did have somebody right to me about a week ago. Say there hasn't been one job loss from the tariffs. And I sent him the list of over two hundred companies that have and that goes back to October or September that already had laid off people that were in the menu where we're manufacturing goods on of out of steel and aluminum that we're being hit by it. And it's and it's very simple and people were try. They don't try to debate it off. But when they do they they try to debate it with which I think is really cool. That's fun. But the fact is you cannot artificially raise the cost of goods and services and make an economy better. It's impossible. The other countries don't pay that we pay. What what what anything they may pay comes in the form of political pressure which in China? Almost non existent. It's it's not completely non-existent. They do face. Well, what they're going through right now. And that pressure Israel, and the government knows and with a nation that size. You're going to have to deal with now they have taken away term limits and in China they did that last year. And so president gee could be there for a long time. They would back to write their old ways in terms. But there is no when you when you raise the cost of doing business, whether it's the minimum wage, whether it is corporate taxes, whether it is terrorists you're going to overall hurt an economy it's impossible to make an economy better by doing it, even the Democrats stopped going back about a decade ago. They were still attempting to defendants and use the concept that when you raise the minimum wage will then people make more money and are able to spend it, and it makes you Konami go more. Well, you're not completing the sentence. Right here stopping there. You're not talking about the fact that it has increased the cost in doing business, which means people people buy fewer of those products, which means people get reduced ours or get laid off because less about product is being produced therefore, you also decrease the productivity and efficiency of that company and the other companies, and you hurt an economy overall, finally democrat stopped defending it you got to appoint a couple of years ago when former. Governor Jerry Brown. Yeah. That weird to say now again, so hear me he hasn't been he's been governor for the last, you know, fifty out of seventy five years. No exaggeration there. But when he when he signed the minimum wage Bill and said it never forget it. May not make economic sense. But it makes political and woes it social Justice sense. Something like that. Yeah. It's like, wow. That was really stupid, but doesn't make economic sense. Why are you doing it? What he was saying was it hurts and economy. But politically, it's a right thing to do because the idiots out there believe it makes an economy better. Yeah. And and that's I made somebody feel good. That's all I need to do. Like his train to nowhere. Seventy seven billion. Walls, if you could build with that we could we could almost build a wall all the way around California. Couldn't we please. I believe I believe so was watching the the the speech by now governor Gavin Newsom. ABC seven I'm watching, and I believe that's out of San Francisco. And I'm watching via their website live streaming. And then at the end of his speech. Mrs Newsome comes up there. There was a moment when his youngest son came up there with Bing ki with his blanket and so's dad had to hold them for a minute. And they were all the whole audience was kind of cooling over that. But at the end of the speech. The wife of the now governor walks onstage. And the anchor says, and there is the first partner. I said what what did she just say? I what I partner not first lady of California. Oh, okay. About companion. Remember, the starch me? I other person remember the Star Trek one of the star. The early stubborn for anybody under the age of one hundred original Star Trek. Remember, the one guy in the gaseous, you know, thing that would come and hover over him and later on and was a female, and she was actually having a relationship with them. And it works the companion. Yeah. And then he was really freaked out the guy when he realized that the gaseous life actually loved him and was a female that's kind of the opposite in my relationship. I'm the gaseous one in our family. By the way, getting Kevin to to get off Star Trek here. Gavin Newsom, California, governor Gavin Newsom everybody in California's stop what you're doing. You're driving your electric vehicle. California. Governor Gavin Newsom boldly declared his state a model for the nation Monday. But said it's leaders have failed to rein in the soaring cost of living in stem inequalities that are making it harder for people to achieve what he called the California dream. Oh, really is. So I can come into Texas again, I suggest I suggest more regulations. More restrictions on business. Higher costs will solve the problem. Gavin, right. Can't get can't get a grip on the cost of living. Yeah. You can't hours after stating the cost of living was too much Newsom proposed state funded healthcare coverage for one hundred and thirty eight thousand young people living in the country illegally and reinstating a mandate for everyone to buy insurance or pay a fine part of former Brock Obama's healthcare law that was eliminated by Republicans in congress last year, you are exceptional, but you must be regulated into more exceptionalism in Gallup's. That's right. You won't be you will be mandated to exceptionalism. That's right. Giving more people free stuff will help solve the problem of a high cost of living making government much bigger than it is to take care of everybody from cradle to grave will definitely cure the problem of income inequality. And the soaring cost of living. Yes, I'm sure it's going to work. I am. Positive. It's going to work. I wonder if he's gonna take another trip to Texas. Remember news, Lieutenant governor took the trip to Texas. I gotta find out. We have no idea we have to go to Texas to see holiday create jobs and how their economy goes. Well, yeah. 'cause I know 'cause you're thinking Mr. governor Newsom that we're just were were befuddled by this. We keep enacting more regulations making the cost of doing business more expensive. And the businesses don't seem to like it. What would possibly be the other way that we could go? Like the opposite direction. No, no, no. We can't do that. Do more of the same. We must ensure as conservatives that we just don't focus on occa- CEO Cortez. We must let you know that there are prominent Democrats that had been in office for a long time that are just as clueless as a case, yo Cortez. Ignorance of economics in the democrat party is not exclusive to millennials. It is not the exclusive domain of a millennial from New York. There. Keep doing more of the same. You'll change it. Just because I don't know you have better hair. The president is to address the country tonight. We'll get your calls and comments on that coming up eight six six ninety redeye. Back.

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