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"twenty one eight thousand bars" Discussed on KQED Radio

"German students are doing well in school but it could be doing better that's according to the latest worldwide education study known as he's the new data presented this week by the OECD showed that while German students remained above average they dropped behind in reading math and science last year compared to two thousand sixteen the current front runners in the Pisa study are Singapore Hong Kong Japan Estonia Canada and Finland the study's authors said possible explanations for the drop in Germany could be due to the increase of refugee children they also pointed to the fact that socio economic background with a stronger predictor of educational success in Germany on average compared to other OECD countries Dutch boardrooms might soon be seeing more women in their ranks the Dutch parliament approved a motion this week that would require companies on the Amsterdam stock exchange to have at least thirty percent of their supervisory board seats held by women the motion passed eighty seven to sixty three with broad support from opposition and government parties but was opposed by the prime minister Margaret is VVD party education minister in great fun angles Hopen said parliament was writing history and praise the decision as a big step for gender equality in two thousand thirteen the Netherlands introduced a voluntary guidelines for companies to reserve thirty percent of all board seats for women but the quota has still not been met across most companies lawmakers will now drafting new regulation which is expected to go into effect in twenty twenty one eight thousand bars of World War two era gold have been returned to Poland the hefty freight worth at least four point five billion euros was flown from London back to Poland where it had originated at the outbreak of World War two in September nineteen thirty nine Poland's gold reserves along with other assets were taken out of the country and eventually ended up in Canada the US and the UK for safe keeping the gold bars shipped from London to undisclosed balls in Poland had to be sent in eight separate installments involving police escorts and a high degree of secrecy Kathleen Shuster there with that roundup of European Union this is inside Europe and I'm Helen sini in Bonn Germany it was meant to celebrate NATO's seventieth birthday both the military alliances summit in London this week was overshadowed by clashes and tensions between the allies teri Schultz has more from the British capital no one was in a festive mood over the two days of talks despite NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg doing his best to spotlight the dynamism of the seventy year old alliance declaring space as a new operational domain need concluding its first ever joint position on China European allies spending ever more on both their own defense and on NATO's joint expenses and more I can announce that we have delivered on than they thought readiness initiative allies have connected third did battalions thirty air squadrons on thirty eight combat ships available to NATO within thirty days we have also agreed on a new action plan to step up our efforts in the fight against terrorism what got the most attention though was of course the disputes this agreement will always attract more attention down when we agree I'm done that's in the way the hall our open free democratic societies works I don't complain about thought that that's just the fact that complaining once a major activity elsewhere at the meeting and even complaining about complaining with French president Emmanuel clone defending his description of the alliance as brain dead and in a major role reversal trump saying that was very disrespectful of the French leader Khan said he wasn't sorry speaking here through an interpreter I stand by my decisions and I think that when things ice up if to break the ice after a break through it there's a bit of mess but it does create a way for speaking of mass a light hearted moment among leaders at the Tuesday evening reception ended up causing quite a big one Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau surrounded by my clone British prime minister Boris Johnson Dutch prime minister Margaret and princes and was caught on tape making fun of trump it was widely believed that was about the U. S. president's penchant for turning photo ops into news conferences although Trudeau denied that when his post meeting press conference was dominated by the issue when you told our president mackerel and prime minister Johnson that you sought trumps Timo visors jaws drop yesterday what are you referring to what was it that because that's but we were all surprised and I think please to learn that the next you seven will be at camp David I think that was an unscheduled announcement and I think everyone's team of every different leader has teens who every now and then have their jaws drop at unscheduled surprises like at that video itself for example trump addressed it to saying he presumes the comments were a backlash against his criticism for Canada's low defense budget was too fast I find it to be a very nice guy but you know the truth is that I call them out of the fact is that thank you for sent and I guess she's not very happy at the same time the man who used to be NATO's biggest critic left the meeting without his schedule press conference but with a compliment we've had a tremendous two days I think NATO is stronger than ever been a lot more money is being produced by a lot of countries and they're enthusiastic.

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