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Lost Women of Panama: Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers

Unexplained Mysteries

02:14 min | Last month

Lost Women of Panama: Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers

"In two thousand fourteen twenty one year old chris kramer's and twenty two year old niece and froun leave in amersfoort netherlands. Shortly after graduating from university. The friends became roommates and co workers. They work together at a nearby cafe as they saved money to go in their dream trip a six week adventure in panama tall and athletic leeson was an experienced mountaineer an amateur photographer. She was interested in exploring panama's lush jungles and beautiful landscapes. More outgoing than li san. Chris apparently wanted to immerse herself in the local culture by meeting new and interesting people half a world away in addition to relaxing and exploring. Both young women planned to do some good during their trip. They arranged a volunteer with children at a local school during their stay on march fifteenth. Two thousand fourteen lee san and chris had bought their tickets booked their hostels and set off or boca. Del toro panama getting to their destination wasn't easy between flights and layovers their journey from amsterdam to costa rica took almost twenty hours from costa rica. They took a taxi and navigated the local bus system to get to the panamanian border. Finally they hopped aboard a ferry and sailed into boca. Del toro on march seventeenth. Though their journey was a hassle. The first two weeks of their trip felt like heaven. Boca's del toro's sat on a small island off panama's east coast surrounded by the crystal blue caribbean sea. It was paradise complete with sun sand and good company. Both lee san and. Chris kept diaries during their trip. Which is how we know about how they spent much of their time. Rather than following strict schedules the two women lingered at meals with fellow tourists and enjoyed the flow of panamanian life. Lee san wrote that they mostly spent their days learning spanish. Though it was difficult lease and felt thrilled every time she recognized a word in conversation.

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Edge of Eternity is Finally Coming

The JRPG Report

01:58 min | 2 months ago

Edge of Eternity is Finally Coming

"I got some fun things to talk about on. Today's podcast. And i want to start with a game which i briefly mentioned over the past couple of years and i want to go dive into it first and foremost and that is edge. Eternity and i've kinda held off talking too much about it as it's been stuck in early access for what seems like years on pc and but we finally have a release date for it It will launch for pc via steam on june the eighth with a massive update that adds an additional twenty hours of play. And we'll bring it's story to an end and If that sounds odd that's because they've been kind of releasing it in segments on early access to people who've adopted it early and The this full version of it will bring that to a conclusion. This is from publishers. Dear villagers and developer mid gar studio which is just an awesome name right. You can't go wrong with that but what's really could be an interest to Gamers outside the c. Realm is. There's always been talk that this would come to consoles once it was complete on. Pc and that is in going to happen sometime in quarter four of this year so october november december sometime in that timeframe they haven't quite nailed down yet so yeah alpha. Pc complete version of the game on june eighth. We'll get it later on in the year There will be for a ps five. Ps four xbox series xbox one As well as xbox game pass this new announcement is for. Ps five and xbox series. Obviously those weren't around when this game was first being developed There is even confirmation. There will be a physical version of it for playstation

Will Collagen Break Your Fast?

The Intermittent Fasting Podcast

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Will Collagen Break Your Fast?

"We have a question from daniele in the subject is collagen slash vitamins. She says when breaking a nineteen to twenty hour fast. Can i start with my collagen supplement which is powder and water and gummy vitamins. Please don't judge a grown woman taking gummy vitamins. Laugh emoji no judging so great question. Daniela the very short and simple answers. Yes the longer answer is. It's a good thing to clarify. I think collagen is something people especially people. That are new to fasting. Think that it might be something that they can take while fasting especially because it's often quote prescribed to take the way she's taking it like in water. Collagen is definitely. Something is not fasting friendly. It's a protein amino acid. It's going to definitely definitely break your fast. Yep people like to start at coffee. i don't know why Started that diddy I think way back in the day. 'cause i remember reading him writing about it. He was saying for women in particular. It was a good thing. Well i don't know it's like wasser by wanting to put this in their coffee. The good thing about college in those. It's very nourishing to your gut. So it's actually a really wonderful time to take it right when you're breaking your fast. Like danielle is and then same to take the vitamin. I'm not a huge fan of multivitamins. In general i think it's better to target specific nutrients there's so much complexities to vitamins. That it's hard to find a vitamin that you know is actually doing what you wanted to be

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Obamacare would get a big (and quiet) overhaul in the Covid relief bill

5 Things

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Obamacare would get a big (and quiet) overhaul in the Covid relief bill

"The covid nineteen relief bill. That passed the house on saturday and is now making its way through. The senate includes an expansion of the affordable care act health care legislation. It would be the first significant expansion of the aca also known as obamacare since it passed in two thousand ten white house correspondent marine groppy reports. This would primarily helped people in two ways. One is for the first time people who are making more than four times. The federal poverty level will become eligible for help paying their premiums so for example if a sixty four year old woman is making fifty thousand dollars. Right now she's not eligible for help but under the law for the next two years she could get subsidies that could make her premium dropped from about thirteen thousand dollars a year to just about five thousand dollars a year. Secondly people who make one hundred and fifty percent of the federal poverty line could get additional subsidy help they already qualify now but the extra help would allow them to buy plans without premiums that have much lower deductibles than what they can afford right. Now there's also incentives in the bill to For the twelve states that have not expanded medicaid under the aca to give them extra money in hopes that they will do so to cover people below poverty in their states who don't currently qualify for medicaid. These changes that are in. The bill are expected to stay in the question for whether they become law is whether the entire bill passes. It's not expect to get much. If any republican support. The democrats need to stay united in order to pass the legislation and get it to president biden's desk and these are provisions that he has promised he has supported and once in there and he's expected to sign the bill into law go relief plan which also includes fourteen hundred dollar checks too many americans and more could enter. Its final stretch on wednesday. Senators may begin. Twenty hours of debate on the measure. That's expected to come to a vote later in the week. Majority leader senator chuck schumer said tuesday. That democrats have sorted through disagreements and now have their eyes set on the deals. Final details senate. Democrats are committed to passing the american rescue plan to crush the virus. Recover our economy and deliver help to americans who need it the most. We're on track to send the american rescue plan to the president's desk before the expiration of the enhanced unemployment benefit which occurs on march fourteenth. I expect a hardy debate. I expect some late nights on the floor. The bill could become law as soon as next week

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What the pandemic has revealed about the real value of college

Modern Ruhles with Stephanie Ruhle

05:25 min | 4 months ago

What the pandemic has revealed about the real value of college

"We've got a moment. We're in crisis. Can we do better. Ron lieber is asking that very question in his new book. The price you pay for college is the author of the new york times personal finance column your money ron for years and years and years. We weren't thinking about the price of college the value of college. Is it worth it. Well i think you have to start by asking yourself what college is right. what is college for. I wasn't sure what the answer to. That question was so i asked you know scores of families and i heard the same things over and over again colleges for getting an education for having your mind grown in your mind blown. It is for kinship. It is for finding the people who will carry you through life. It is for getting a credential whether it's the gold plated one that will open doors or just the degree that will allow you to grasp hold of the middle class and hopefully stay there and so in order to answer. The question of whether college is worth it. You need to find it for your individual family that we as a nation can dictate for any given individual but then how did we get to this place right. My dad worked in the summer and put himself through school and had a tiny bit of debt. After how did college get this expensive. There are so many more things pulling on our household incomes than there used to be. We are entirely responsible in most instances for our own retirement. We're paying more and more out of our own pockets for healthcare. Many people are paying off their own student. Loan debt well into their forties or fifties right so people don't have the same kind of disposable income as they might have earlier states have reduced their subsidies towards higher education which means the price of the state schools has gone up and the private institutions. They've gotten more and more expensive so the middle class. There is being squeezed. This whole idea of i want to go to a liberal arts college and better myself and in the world is will be. My voice. teacher is kind of an antiquated thought. Sure i'd like to enrich myself but not if it's going to put me in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt. I remember when i was a senior in college. I went to lehigh and lee. Could absolutely help you on the career services front. If you wanted to go work in an accounting firm or be an engineer i wanted to work in investment banking so i drove to new york city with my mother and i stuck into the career services office at columbia university and i borrowed these giant binders. That had every piece of information that you needed for every bank every financial institution so you could apply for the summer internships. Now i went to the photocopy machine to start and you needed to have a school. I d to use the photocopier. I got caught. And i got kicked out the reason i bring this up. We send these kids to college but the best jobs are directly linked to only a few schools. So do we need to start looking at. Here's a college. What is the job. My child is going to get on the other side because otherwise they will be sitting here in hundreds of thousands of dollars with a debt. Yes to all of that first of all. That is the most bad ass career services story that i have ever heard your description of this as quote unquote best jobs right. I mean it is true that the best jobs in investment banking very narrow feel from certain institutions. Right unless you beat down the door but are those. The best jobs in america are the best jobs for anyone. Goldman sachs's is hiring. All these people in salt lake city now do not come from columbia and harvard and stanford mit. So then we have to ask ourselves well. These are iconic jobs in in certain social classes but are they really the best jobs out there for any given twenty two year old. I don't think so. Before the pandemic we knew there was a skills gap in the united states. We were at full employment yet. We had millions of americans who are not making enough money to support themselves. We had people who had jobs but good enough jobs. But you hear people making that argument saying you cannot afford to support yourself and your family working in a fast food restaurant but that job was never intended for someone who has a family to support. Is there an opportunity to actually create a real jobs program. A skills retraining program so it's not just about raising minimum wage. It's about retraining. People to qualify themselves for better higher paying jobs yes and that infrastructure already exists we can use the community college infrastructure to provide that skills training but we also have a shortage of qualified instructors to teach some of these skills. Why because the skills are so in demand that the people who would be doing the instructing are making five times as much money being actual practitioners. If you're a master plumber. You're not going to spend twenty hours a week teaching at a community college even though it would be a service to the community if you are a welder with twenty five years of experience right same thing is true. So how are we going to create the budget that allows for more people to be pushed through rigorous training programs. And so we need to do more I think from a state perspective and from a federal perspective not just provides the money but also to ensure equity and access to these programs

Ron Lieber New York Times RON Stanford Mit Lehigh Columbia University New York City LEE America Goldman Sachs Salt Lake City Harvard Columbia
Grow Your Business With These Part Time Hires

The $100 MBA Show

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Grow Your Business With These Part Time Hires

"I hire an executive assistant. A virtual assistant somebody that can do your ten dollar tasks. What are ten dollar task swell. These are these little nitty-gritty tests that you are doing right now. That are wasting your time. That are not really worth much. They'll actually bring in money into the company. You should be focusing on ten thousand dollar tasks as the founder as the person that's behind the product. You're the expert. You need to use your genius to bring in the big bucks. You shouldn't be using your time doing admin work we're talking email scheduling taking notes updating blog posts. All you'll finicky things that anybody could be trained to do. If you don't have an executive assistant already you could definitely get one and you could start time twenty hours a week for this job position. I recommended shakeout all my jobs up. H this is a job. Board based out of the philippines can get some really good talent for part time higher for this position. Three hundred dollars a month is the ranger looking at peanuts. Compared to the amount of time you're going to save they're going to save you twenty hours a week. Imagine what you can do with twenty hours extra week to bring in more clients more customers build better products. Do more live webinars make more sales. This is what you should be focusing on. Not adleman work. Okay so i hire executive assistant. This is going to relieve you of all the little nitty gritty stuff and focus on the stuff that really brings in the money. Higher number. Two a part-time content writer are fulltime content writer. Connor on our team was part time in the beginning and he was able to fill in some gaps and the reason why i recommend a content writers. Because they're able to write you. Blog posts are able to write you a scripts for your video. They're able to create your social media. Snippets what all these things have in common. They're all marketing activities that are going to bringing customers. That are make you money. And all they focus on is writing great copy to sell your products or services. You get the focus on creating a better product in great copy. Great writing like a blog post. That's evergreen is going to bring you traffic. Seo is an investment right. It's something that you're gonna reap the benefits for years to come okay. Their work will equal dollars. Okay now content writer is a little bit expensive because they are a high skilled job but you can get some really good writers and some of them were via a word count or per blockposts or per hour. You're looking around Fifteen all the way to thirty forty dollars an hour to just get started and you can start with ten hours a week and move up fifteen twenty as you see fit a gray site to Find somebody who works remotely to help you With this position is we work remotely dot com is a good job site for this type of work is usually a tech site or tech jobs but they also have content jobs. Upwork is also a good place to look for somebody in this area next a customer service agent now. Any customer service asian. You know you may not have that many customers with that. Many customer service requests a great customer service. It goes a long way. It helps you. Keep your customers and get return customers. But i also want you to find if you're gonna make one higher that's part time find somebody who is really going to focus on dealing with delinquent turn delinquent payments a lot entrepreneurs leave a lot of money on the table where they will follow up with customers. That have failed credit card. The don't renew their credit card information. They forgot to update their Their credit card information in their account. When it's time for renewal for baby their membership or their annual access to your community just simply they just need a personal touch to get them to update their information many. We'll just ignore this. And they're leaving thousands. Maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table off delinquent turn and if you have somebody dedicated that just goes to your stripe account or goes to your back in and says okay here. All the filth payments these are all the customers that are attached to an email each one and reach out to them as an update their credit card information so they can continue to get all the benefits of your products and services an individual email from an unreal. Person makes a whole lot of difference and this is low hanging fruit. Easy part time higher Again all my jobs up h is a good place to find that person. There's also a service. That can do this but i know they have minimums in terms of how many customers or how many failed payments but check them out. There called greedy at greedy solutions dot l.

Adleman Philippines Connor SEO
How To Steal Back Your Identity

How To! With Charles Duhigg

05:19 min | 4 months ago

How To Steal Back Your Identity

"The greatest betrayal of abbey. Ellen's life began with a newspaper assignment. I was reading a story about detox diets. And i need to quote an expert and someone suggested this guy. Abby is a journalist and the author of duped a book about this fateful interview and the bizarre life altering aftermath and so i quoted him Actually it was in the new york times called a fact check. I said are you still in florida and he said no. I'm in the navy now i rejoined. I'm opening up a hospital for kids with cancer in iraq and afghanistan. And i said that's awesome. I want to write about that. Keep me posted and so he sort of did so. We'd never met in person until all why a later that when he finally was coming to new york city where i was living because he had to give a big talk at the un clearly and so he came to do is talk of the un and we went to dinner six months later abbey and this man who she calls the commander were engaged. They moved in together in dc. Well he worked at the pentagon. Abby went to grad school for international relations. But the more time she spent with the commander the more abby sense to something just wasn't quite right. What i made you suspicious. Me told me he had met his first. The first ex wife who's really his second ex wife but his first when he rescued her when she was held hostage in iran. And i said the age didn't add up. I said when we in iran he said oh it was a secret mission. You wouldn't have heard about it really well. And then i thought okay the someone has to do these jobs like better better. Decoy this nerdy asthmatic. Doctor you know like like why not and then. He told me that he worked at guantanamo as the medical director which he did that was part of the problem is that he kind of mixed fiction and fact together and one of his patients was a very wanted terrorist named osama bin laden. And i said that is impossible. And he said the president doesn't know and then i got like all you know. Carrie mathison a homeland. Like god. who's the jihadist. And who's not and who knows what it was. I was gasoline making myself crazy. Suddenly abby found herself using her reporting skills to investigate her own fiance she talked to professors about whether the commanders impressive stories could even be possible. Never like yeah. That's the possible. The final straw was when we went out to dinner with my parents. And we had brussel sprouts and he raved about the brussels sprouts and when we got out he said that meal was awful and i said why did you lie. And he said. I wanted to make them feel better. And that's when. I said you know what i'm out. There's no need to lie about something like okay. So so he was treating been logging and the president to know about it but it was. The brussels sprouts praised that gave him away in the end. I knew they weren't good but more than that. He admitted that he had lied. He said i wanted to make them feel good. And i thought you lie so beautifully which has flowed out of him. If you could lie about that you could lie about anything when you finally did confront him. How did he react to that. Well i left him. I said i'm out. So i never talk to him again. And i didn't find out until a year and a half later that he in fact had been stealing identities and when he was a drug addict. And i got a call from ncis and they said you know there's a doctor who's been writing prescriptions for vicodin and he's been using a bunch of people's names and identities and you're one of the people. Do you know this guy. Do you ever prescription. And i said well. No 'cause i prefer valium and so of course but anyway so he went to jail to make a statement against him. I just started researching all this stuff about this guy. Heaven the guy you're about to marry steal your identity is obviously different than casey's going through but it actually has a lot more in common with her situation than you might think abbas wrestled with the kind of psychological trauma that really defines any breach of trust. And she understands the obsession. That's now leading. Casey to work twenty hour weekends on her case. So you're in this kind of like luminol space of you may be probably sort of know them. But you don't know and you're not sure if you're ever gonna find out right. Can you kind of describe where you are with all this well. I kind of actually have this idea that i might want to sort of help other victims by maybe writing a book about the experience. I guess what i'm trying to do. Is you know sort of gather information about how other people handled it and how they move forward with their lives. But i don't necessarily want focus too much on our case. Because i feel like it's not mentally healthy evian. You've seen more people get duped and cope with getting duped than the next by by a long shot. So i'm curious to hear sort of your take on. What's the most interesting thing to me is. When i was reading the book was a how many people i spoke to. Who had been duped and most people didn't wanna talk about it or use their real name because everybody felt completely humiliated. So when you talk about writing a book to help people and what i tried to do anyway is at least make people feel less stupid. And if you're gonna feel stupid that's okay because everybody's stupid then

Abby Grad School For International UN Carrie Mathison Iran Ellen New York Times Pentagon Navy Afghanistan Guantanamo Osama Bin Laden New York City Brussel Iraq DC Florida Cancer Abbas
The Psychology of Gaming with Jane McGonigal

The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

04:50 min | 5 months ago

The Psychology of Gaming with Jane McGonigal

"And super better and what is it about video. Alex people have an aversion to video games. But there's so many useful tools and insights and lessons that we can draw from them. People who don't play games have two games that you'd out. I mean there are two point three billion people on the planet now who regularly play video games like one in three people have actively chosen to make games a part of our lives which is really exciting moments now. You don't even know. I i would. I bet she might be. I mean she might be doing something on her phone like a little cat collecting game or something. I talked to so many people who swear they'd never played a video game and they are on level twelve hundred of candy crush saga all the time. So what is it about games. Look i mean my god. We could have like a twelve hour. Podcast series at least on this but The the most important thing is this. This is my life researching. The potential benefits of games played by the right person at the right time for the right reason and the number one thing we know any game that you love i don't care if it's the legends. It's fortnight is candy crush whatever. Whatever you feel drawn to We know that there is a transferrable benefit. Which is you get better at learning new things at dealing with systems that are frustrating and having to adapt. you know. you're learning new rules. You're winning new interfaces. It's designed to frustrate you and you have to adapt and get better and build confidence in your ability to get better and every game does this. And it's it's something that we shouldn't trivialize. We shouldn't pretend that that games are just escapist or just a pastime that they actually build you know this kind of growth mindset. They build this resilient way of dealing with challenges and they especially for young people for kids who grow up learning game after game five year old twin daughters who just got their first tablet this year and they've already taught themselves to play over a hundred different games on this tablet and every day they come show me like mom. Look at this game. I learned. Watch me play this game and just the confidence that you can build in. I can learn anything. I can teach myself. I can get better. I can develop new skills. Even if i'm terrible at this the first time i tried it That's something your whole life until you're like a hundred years old desperately trying to keep that neural plasticity going. How do i keep my. You know. Brain healthy and active. Where's the gray matter gonna grow. You can grow it by learning something new. That's hard for you so from five years old to one hundred years old any game that's designed to be challenging is going to give you that benefit. So how should parents think about that with kids. Because there's a lot of questions around screen time. And whether i should let my kids play certain games or not. How do you think about that okay. So the number one thing is you have to be in conversation with your kids around what they're playing and they're three really powerful questions that i ask my kids and anybody. I'm trying to get to know better. Understand the relationship to games and understand their personal strike so you ask them about whatever. The favorite game is right now. What does it take to be good at this game. What skills does it require. What kind of personality or temperament require you ask them. What have you gotten better at since you started playing this game and you ask. What's the hardest thing you've accomplished in this game and asked them to tell you about how they did it you know. What did you have to do in order to meet that challenge because it turns out that people who can talk about what they've gotten better at. What real skills. Whether it's you know being able to manage my breathing under pressure my heart rate under pressure there competitive e sports player or if it's creativity. Maybe i don't give up when things are hard. It's communication stressful situations of my teammates. It's i can get. I know where to look. Whenever i i don't know what to do. I really good information. Finder whatever it is people who can talk about that. They tend to bring those skills to their work to their learning to their relationships to their hobbies And all you have to do to get somebody to transfer the benefits of games to real life is just have that conversation and you can do it with yourself to like just have a little game journal every time you play new game. You're like what am i getting. Better epic playing this game. It's the hardest thing that i have achieved by one. Been playing this game. And what did it take to do it And so if you're having this conversation with your kids. I don't care what they're playing. I don't care if you're playing fortnight twenty hours a week in that stresses you out on by the way twenty hours a week is like the tipping point where we do start to see. It can get in the way of physical health your mental health. So you know

Best Productivity and Technology Stories 2020

Anything But Idle

04:15 min | 6 months ago

Best Productivity and Technology Stories 2020

"I'm recieving smith immigrants and we're your hosts for anything but idle this is episode thirty five And we are going to be covering productivity and technology news in review twenty twenty hour recording on december twenty first twenty twenty and each week we cover the productivity news headlines of the week and to do that we usually bring on some panelists and today we have one panelist to help us talk about all things in the personal productivity in technology space So today we're bringing j miller onto the show. Jay is a developer advocate at elastic in san diego. California a multi potential potential light. I'm hoping i'm getting that right. Jay enjoys finding unique ways to merge his fascination with productivity automation and development to creek tools and content to serve the tech community. Welcome to anything but idle j. Glad to be here. Glad to have you got to have you wonderful and so with that. This week's theme. What i thought we would do stone. I thought we would do is to walk us. Through the the stories of the year as many can kind of figure out twenty twenty was a little bit unusual. It was a it was a challenging year for a lot of us and it was unusual in many regards but we've had a lot of productivity and technology news. That's happened a lot of things of have occurred this year and so augusta you wanna kick us off with. What you believe is kind of the biggest story this year. The virtual shows you know as as a person who is star his life doing sales deny remember the big shows and and i remember the apple event and events in big deals when the beginning of twenty twentieth star. And we got covid on all this. What is going to happen with this shows and we saw apple with google sampson with microsoft going into this virtual events from good to better because really there was just there was but but we're going to remember only the good ones that got better There were some that. Were not that way what happened but but even we were able to experience. How apple did the first one you know. Then it gets better and better event to wonder because and google did there and samson need an incredible job was there events too so that was something that i don't think any of us will have considered before twenty twenty that it was going to be an option to watch this event. Live this way everybody live instead of having some people who is going to be there and we were really jealous about it. I mean as a someone who like my job as a developer advocate. Is that go to shows like this. Go to conferences. Go to all the types of meet ups and things like that. I think we look at the larger shows for inspiration on how we can do things and this was like the hardest one because at the end of the day like no one's got the production budget of apple google and samsung so for us. It's like okay. How can we take these massive productions that they're doing in downscale them for the local know. Meet up or you know the online conference that you know for a lot of these companies a lot of these foundations and organizations. They rely on these events to stay afloat until the next year. And so it's like super important but yet we're all like rolling with the punches and doing some crazy stuff and honestly that's kind of been like the coolest thing for me to notice. Is that presentations change. I saw developer conferences where people were doing like scripted. Talks in law muslim Full featured production sets. And they look like you know everyone's favourite high school musical play but like at the same time it was it was causing us to think differently and to do things completely unheard of in terms presenting Whether you were presenting you know for your favorite programming language your favourite productivity tool a meet up or whether you're introducing a brand new chip architecture as in the case of apple

J Miller JAY Apple Google Smith San Diego Sampson California Samson Microsoft Samsung
E-Ternal: New Technology and the Quest to 'Live' Forever

WSJ The Future of Everything

04:11 min | 6 months ago

E-Ternal: New Technology and the Quest to 'Live' Forever

"While medical equipment is scattered around the house and a nurses always present lucienne cates. Home is far from depressing their close mother daughter team they tease each other and joke and mali's always providing comfort. She tends to sit on lucy's lap or bed begging for pets or scratches people baio digital legacy moment bloke. Who's going after. Kate isn't as tech savvy as her daughter and while she has an iphone and watches net flicks. She worries about managing the tech. Lucy plans to leave behind. We sat in the kitchen together sipping tea and eating doughnuts while she showed me all the photos of lucy and the rest of the family. That's cave five now teeth. Yes she was so well she still photos are what most people think about the memories that they're going to have who passes what about all of this digital like see stuff for you you're going to have this whole other body of things that lucy's written online and videos maybe it will make it easy might be one released now. Maybe in tom a will be able to look back and think. Oh no she did do a thing. It went replace kate. Skepticism made me realize that considering what those who survive us want is court all this. I also had hunch that there were some tech options out there. That might work better for her than she might think. I'd like to now. Go talk to a couple of other companies and see what they're making and see if you would be on board with either trying them or seeing if they'd work for you must be great even if i don't use those platforms but won't give me ideas and thoughts of ways can make an impact and how legacy and why the not considered thank you guys so much. It was so great to meet you. Thank you for everything we say. And i thank you so few weeks later i went where i typically go to find new tack the san francisco bay area and true silicon valley tradition. Where did i find innovator. Really thinking about this problem in his garage. Hello are you there dad. In two thousand and sixteen james host recorded twenty hours of interviews with his father who had just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. James eventually transcribed the interviews so that they would be searchable and then he used that transcript to create a chat bot that responds to messages with text audio and photos. Think of it. Like a customer service by james types inquiries on his computer and bought replies with passages from those interviews sometimes. They're accompanied by an audio clip or a photo he lovingly called it. Dad bought Did you meet mom. Mom was reversal after the rehearsal morning. So why did you ultimately decide to make that by. I wanted to make the dad. But because i wanted to have a way to get at my dad's story and has got better at the programming part of it. I started to think more and more about capturing some of his personality and his way of being in the world watch from the sky the look i love that song. I liked that one myself. Do you interact with your dad via the pretty often. It's like oh this have him sing one of his songs or tell one of his jokes and per them all before but there's something in hearing his voice. That's that's comforting was. James has experienced making dad bought. That made him wanna give everyone a similar opportunity in the fall of twenty nineteen. He started a company called hereafter. Ai

Lucy Lucienne Cates Mali Terminal Lung Cancer Kate TOM San Francisco Bay James
Here's a first look at Apple's $549 AirPods Max headphones

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Here's a first look at Apple's $549 AirPods Max headphones

"So one of the other things on on the airpods mex so talking about its battery life. Apples claiming twenty hour battery life with these headphones. You can charge it with a five watt iphone brick. It will run for ninety minutes after just five minutes of charging and you can get the full battery life in about two hours on a five watt. But you can get a little bit faster with larger power bricks fast charging because it's not usb c the unity jozy the uscca to lightning cable the big brick. You don't get fast charging again. I kind of wish they did use c. As the connection on these devices and i also i don't know i almost wish there was an on off button because here's what you have to do. So these airpods. Max come with a case but quote unquote in the biggest air quotes possible case because basically comes they little sleeve that you slide the airpods max into and their little sleeve has a flap that closes in when they're in that case it tells the airpods max to enter the low power mode and that's how it will stay on standby for a long time if you don't put it. In that case. mk hd was saying. It takes up to two hours for them to go to sleep on their own. Not being used so you really kind of have to put it back in that little sleeve to make sure that they. The battery holds its charge. You know if you're going to throw it in a bag or whatever. So i find that strange and i also find that case. It's not a case like it's not really protective about anything there's openings everywhere they want you to carry it by the handle of like the head strap of the headphones like that is the handle. When they're in this little sleeve. And i mean let's be honest. It looks a little bit like an undergarment. I won't go into too many details about that but it just feels a little strange. I'm concerned about the price k. If it's worth the to it's worth a to if it isn't it isn't it isn't to me. It seems like you might be here. That's great buzz. While i hope they have bigger batteries in other airpods. Stir presumably there's still commit degrade as well so come a point when you're five hundred and fifty dollar had funds need tap. Their batteries replaced right. How long will that be. How degrade when we stop being twenty hours and i did see. I think the battery replacement will cost like seventy nine dollars so better than a new pair for sure. Shut

The Anti-Black-Friday Gift Guide for Photographers

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The Anti-Black-Friday Gift Guide for Photographers

"Over the next several days. You're going to hear the bef term many many times even after the actual day has passed. The truth of the matter is that you'll be able to get decent deals on just about anything you set your sights on. So let's focus on quality gear with lots of appeal. I hope you enjoy these gift ideas. So i've been working on this list for a while and this is stuff that i just lifted from catalog pages or other articles or things like this. I have worked with this gear with the exception of just one item. And i want to get that one item but everything else has been thoroughly tested in highly recommended and this is fun stuff. I have things that start at ten dollars here and go all the way up to three hundred and fifty dollars. I'm going to start out with the think. Tank photo lens case duel and both the fifteen and the thirty green yes. The green models are the ones that are on sale. You can get the fifteen for nineteen dollars a dollar savings and the thirty for twenty hours. That's also an eight dollar savings. I like the thirty because it holds some of my olympics lenses such as seventeen millimeter f one two and those quite. But i love these guys i really do. And it's funny. When i was looking at the ratings on them i think they were around three point. Five out of five something like that and i thought wow. That's kinda low for these things. So i i'm not sure what other people like or don't like about them. Here's what i like about these first of all. They're not oversize like some of the lens cases that i have there too big. They add to much dimension to my camera bag or backpack wherever they have the end. These don't do that. They protect the lenses but there are a nice size and they work really well. Now the idea is that you can open these things from the top and they open up like a know like a can or you can have the zipper down the side and open them up. That way i tend to work with them from the top. Only you know they're. They're really nice like that. They're made out of water resistant. Nylon so they keep moisture away they have these little stretchy front pockets. That are really cute and they can hold lens caps or memory cards. They work i. I have four of them and i wish i had more. This is the best price that i've seen on them. Now they have green and black. The black ones you have to pay full price for i like the greens. Because they're easy to find in my camera bag or my backpack. So that's the think tank photo lens dul either the fifteen or the thirty now as you may imagine. I have the links to all of these things. I'm gonna talk about here in the show notes so just come to the show. Stop shopping for all these goodies. You don't have to search for them. Find the deal all that kind of stuff at the digital story dot com okay. Let's go to the second one now. I reviewed this recently. So you may be familiar with it. The kingston data traveler dual for nine ninety. Nine nine dollars in ninety nine cents. I have it right here. In fact i use this thing all the time. I love it. It's a sixty four gigabytes. it's fast. It's a nice fast flash drive. It's very compact in the thing about it. As it has usb c on one end and usb a on the other end so no matter which device you happen to be using you just plug it in and it works and so you this carry one flash drive around you. Don't have to worry about adapters. Have to worry about docks. You don't have to worry about any of that stuff. It's ten dollars. Sixty four gigs of fast memory in just works great and even has these little sliding these little sliding covers so you can only expose the usb and or only expose the usb a and so up. Here where i record I have usb a. And then i take the podcast. And i put it on my macbook pro mine newer laptop. And that's what i use at home to edit it in. That has usb c does put that show right here put it in my pocket taken home. One flash drive for all my ten bucks. This is a great stocking. Stuffer for photographers. And really anyone else. Who does computing. Type things that kingston data traveler dual sixty four gigabyte. The link is in the show notes or this next item number. Three is the one item. I have not tested but i want right. The forty nine dollars item and it is the p. l. one ninety are photography. Led light can

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Ashley Graham, supermodel, entrepreneur and host of Pretty Big Deal

Skimm'd from The Couch

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Ashley Graham, supermodel, entrepreneur and host of Pretty Big Deal

"We are very, very excited about today because we have a special guest joining US Ashley. Graham is here she is the ultimate multi hyphen it. She's as supermodel entrepreneur designer author advocate and she's a new mom. She's known as a trailblazer in the fashion industry and has emerged as voice for inclusivity and empowerment. Ashley I'm excited to have you with us. You are always on that still fun and interesting to talk to welcome to skin from the couch fake you. Daniel, it's always good to see you. I wish that I could see in person so it could like rub some like baby Juju over your belly league. First of all, how's the baby? How is how is life in Nebraska? MOM's basement. We have been here since like March thirteenth like the it was like right when it started and we were hearing rumors of the New York, city, shutting down and my mom who is who helps me out with? Isaac. Lives in New York with us. So she said, let's just drive back to New York City and I was like, but that's like a really long drive. She's I can do it's twenty hours. We'll just do it nonstop and sure enough she drove. Seventeen of the twenty my husband took last few hours because he just needed to and we made it and we've been traveling and we've been very cautious about where we were traveling loads of road trips because we have that travel bug still and I think it's been so nice to be able to see the country from a new perspective. That's pretty cool. So how has it been doing road trips with how does is now? So Isaac is seven and a half months and we. Seriously Daniel? One of the one of the best things to go through go through pregnant the go through the Labor and everything. But then when they're like four or five months, maybe five months I don't know how old lake the lake good time to do it but sleep training because yeah. Then all of a sudden you're like, wait a second I I, slept through the night and the baby's okay and he's he's still likes me. So, let's start off with basic question although for you this is. Not a basic question Skim your resume for us. Oh. Wow. The resume first of all I, read the skim this morning I was I just I love waking up to the scammy Chris Bring me so much joy and you'll see here I tell you this every time we just making me feel smarter. So just think all thank you. Okay. Highlights move to New York at seventeen had to figure out the modeling industry. Then was a TV commercial for Lane Bryant that was banned my name was on the map then a few years later I started a lingerie line with a Canadian company that catapulted into a few one major cover because I was not a at a total girl I'm not giving you highlights. Sorry. Then that catapulted into sports illustrated cover, which set me into than starting my own swimsuit line, which then turned snowballing into. So many amazing things like a book a Barbie that was made in my likeness I, didn't know you had Barbie. That is so cool. She's been mic she. It's like it's amazing how she really looks like me too. It's bizarre. I was just on the cover of vogue and January pregnant those my second American vote cover. Oh. My God I don't even know I I did a Ted Talk I've got a podcast I've got I've got some shows we're going to get into it. You've done a lot. What is something that people can't Google about you? who what my farts smell like when you're pregnant. This is why I love anytime we're together I have to tell you. So for those of you listening Ashley was our moderator for the first night of our bookstore tour and curly like just fucking terrified and Ashley. We got to hang out with in the green room before when I was pregnant when you're pregnant and you are just so chill and relaxed and it was like the Basque Calming Energy and fun and we so. Appreciate that this is the best part being with you. So I feel like that's something that people can't Google. I. Mean. It's hard because I am such an open book but now being a mom like I have realized that there are some things that I just WanNa keep Permian Justin and you'll feel that to like there's there's intimacy that doesn't need to be shared with the world and you know you can talk about it but We decided to not for right now, share is a photo on social media and it's been something that that we've kind of gone back and forth with but I'm really glad because he's ours maybe one day the world will really get to know him.

Ashley New York City Isaac Daniel Google Nebraska Graham Lane Bryant TED
GOP pushes Barrett toward court as Democrats decry sham.

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GOP pushes Barrett toward court as Democrats decry sham.

"Republicans powered Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett close to confirmation yesterday pushing past Democrat objections and other properties during the covid nineteen crisis in the drive to seat President Donald Trump's pick before the November third election. The Senate Judiciary Committee said October Twenty second for its vote to recommend Barrett's nomination to the full Senate the final confirmation vote expected by month's end. You don't convene a Supreme Court confirmation hearing in the middle of a pandemic when the Senate's on recess when voting has already started in the presidential election in a majority of states declared Senator Chris coons. Republicans eager to fill the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader. GINSBURG counted that trump is well within the bounds to fill the vacancy and they have the votes to do it. Barrett's information would bring the most pronounced ideological change on the court in thirty years poised to launch a new era of court rulings on abortion voting rights and other matters that are now open to new uncertainty. The forty eight year old Barrett was careful during two days of public testimony, not to tip her views on many issues or take on the president who nominated her facing almost twenty hours of questions from senators. She declined to offer specifics beyond the vowed to keep open mind and take the cases as they come. Barrett refused to say whether she accepts the science of Climate Change under questioning from Kamala Harris saying she lacked the expertise to know for sure and calling it a topic to controversial to get into. Barrett framed acknowledgement of a man made climate crisis as a matter of policy not science when she was pressed by the Democratic senator from California the Federal Appeals Court judge responded that she did think Corona virus was infectious and smoking caused cancer but rebuffed Harris on the climate change question for seeking to solicit an opinion on a matter of public policy. Especially, one that is politically controversial effectively ignoring science in the face of the ever-present. Climate. Crisis.

Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Senate Donald Trump Senate Judiciary Committee Ginsburg Kamala Harris Senator Chris Coons Federal Appeals Court President Trump Ruth Bader Senator Cancer California
How to get a Helicopter License

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How to get a Helicopter License

"Let's talk about what it takes to get a helicopter certificate because I'm sure that's probably the first thing in people's minds. What are the FAA requirements for getting a helicopter private? Well. You're GONNA, find the requirements under part sixty, one, one, zero nine, which is where you're gonNA find the airplane requirements as well, and essentially it's a very closely mirrored to what the airplane requirements are you going to a total of forty hours under a part sixty one school Twenty hours of that is required to be dual ten hours of it is required to be a solo on your own, and then the other ten hours are generally made up of preparatory work or some of the students weaknesses in what they need to prep for the the ride and I, think everybody knows that forty hours is the minimum. Certainly airplanes people end up with more than that. What's kind of? The typical range of ours that people end up when they get their private in what drives, that WH- take some people longer than others. So all the requirements for helicopters were really based off of the airplane requirements. If you look anywhere in the far aim, you're gonNA see a lot of mention about the airplanes and it's not until you get down to the bottom of the regulations where it says except for helicopters. Helicopters can do this or this doesn't apply to helicopters special be far for an example, doesn't apply to helicopters as far as not being able to get it at any time you can request it at any time but yes, a typically people get their license about fifty hours seems to be difficult I. Don't I'm hearing more and more than in the airplane world fixed-wing world that taken people closer to the fifty hour mark in I. Don't know what that what that's caused by. Like you said and like the regulation say the forty hours is really minimum. I have had one of my students get. It is little as four three hours. But for the most part, the average is around fifty hours or so in helicopters I can say they're quite a bit different than airplanes. There's a lot more moving parts in just getting the actual hand. Eye Coordination Down to fly the helicopter is probably typically what takes a little bit more time. Now on top of that, you know it has to do with people schedule. Everybody's busy whether you have a job or a family or your own school or whatever. It might be. You know the more consistent you are in your training, the bathroom it's GonNa go typically. Nowadays, it other than when you and I flew. It's pretty nice because we have the Internet and we have. Why a few programs on that, you can take ground school online whether it be three o'clock in the afternoon or three o'clock in the morning whatever works for you, and then you and I. Can. Sit Down with our students and do information clarification making sure that people understand what they're learning. What about folks like me? Who have a airplane certificate and actually have one helicopter lesson on my belt Bell let's forget about that. What are the our the requirements different for someone who's already a pilot? Yeah. So right there the requirements are thirty hours flight time twenty hours of dual and ten hours of Solo. For the most part. All My ad on students are still taking somewhere in the forty hour range to fifty hour range, just depending on their schedule but the the minimum requirements drop by ten hours. Now, if you go to a part one, forty, one school that typical forty hours initially drops down to thirty five hours. That being said it still minimum the way I run my flight school as far as the education the syllabus recording I run at very much like a part one, forty, one school. So from a learning skill standpoint airplane pilots at any kind of a disadvantage because we need to unlearn things that we thought we knew. Well. I can tell you go on the opposite way for sure since I did that getting my helicopter first and then my but yeah. So there are two things that really pop out my head. One of the things is you know airspeed is our lifeline in an airplane in a helicopter that's not the case rotor RPM. Line the one of the. GonNa Notice with new pilots or on pilots. I should say when they're coming in for approach, they don't like getting slow whereas one. You know what you do when you coming on approach whether we're practicing shallower, not steep approaches whatever they may be we end in a hover. And airplane pilots don't like when you touch the ground. You're still going down the runway though is just getting them to understand that it's okay to lose airspeed because it's rotor RPM that we're concerned with the other thing is in a stall or an engine failure. One of the first things they tell you to push forward to regain airspeed don't do that in a helicopter, particularly a two bladed rotor system helicopter because that'll put you into A. Low gravity situation, and if you're in a low gravity alone g situation, you can actually aerodynamically take take the fuselage of the aircraft and the rotor system that is no longer supporting the fuselage and you can actually snap that off similarly to over controlling an airplane in saying Arab addict situation or windy situation breaking the wings off other want things that you need a particularly watch. The other thing is we don't lead with the rudders interns. We don't have rudders we have pedals, but they're anti Torque pedals in that strictly to keep the ball centered if you will or to keep the nose pointed into the wind, the more power you pull. The more anti left pedal that you need an opposite that of meeting right pedal when you're taking off in an airplane.

How B-787 Captain Shreenand Sadhale got his start in aviation

Ready For Takeoff - Turn Your Aviation Passion Into A Career

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How B-787 Captain Shreenand Sadhale got his start in aviation

"So tells you got your start in aviation. Well I grew up in India. And you know in India as you. Envision isn't as accessible as it is Let's say in the US. So there's no there was actually no generally vision avenue I grew up in the eighties. But we used to live. Right on the final four and the one four. And this is the time when jets. Loud. and. Quite a spectacle come into. And even though they were not too many a couple of jets. Rushed to the window to see them. It was always an exciting part of. Growing up. Watching these airplanes I had no family who was involved in aviation, but my dad used to travel a lot. And going. To the airport to receive and. That was quite. It was quite excited and. Attracted me to, but I guess it was. was. Okay. So how old were you when you took your first flying lesson that? Point. Twenty twenty-six, what happened was I always wanted to be a pilot. I. My vision was in twenty grigny anymore. So the was out of the picture. and. The fact that I couldn't fly fighters anymore meant my interest sort of windows into. Automobiles and motorcycles. Which is why I ended up being automobile engineer. But I was interested in working at a desk so I started writing or magazines. And I started off, my first job was actually. As a motoring journalist. And I was having a great time driving getting invited on test drive and bribing all sorts of. was sort of. started to come back a little bit and I guess I was looking up. As to how I could still become a pilot. that point in time Singapore Airlines as luck would have it. This compute bureau luck as Singapore Airlines came up with an ad in the newspaper for their credit. And the deal was that debate for your flying. The Youtube underplay. And you had to work with them for seven years. And when I read it I, it felt like the sort of thing that only happens to somebody else. I don't. So so they are going to pay they're going to pick up the TAB and there's only a seven year commitment. That's a good deal. It has been I mean have done it for. So I. But I didn't really expect that I would get through. So i. sent him application then as like whatever they would call. I give the interviews. And the other funny story about the interview. You had to down what Ellen you wanted to go to India group. So there was a choice between Singapore Airlines passenger line. Silkair, which is the regional airline. And as I got. And I wrote a Kabul has my first choice. And they were quite stunned because in the first interview, they asked me. You show you I go because you have to make off. Because I I will because I make great coffee. and. I really do want to fly the seven four seven. And in the second interview again. Asked me. Don't. I said. I know people were was in buffalo so I have absolutely no. No. No did you say the way to ministry? Did you say this because you thought it would be an easier way to get hired or do you really want to fly boxes instead of people? I just wanted to fly the seven I. I didn't really okay what? What it was filled with. A really really wanted to fly December seven and you add it was being phased out by the time. I would have gone online right? So the only way to get the flight would be to cite S I will. Okay. So they hired you right. Did I mean as? I say it's one of the best mistakes made released. Get in as through the cracks and Between was done in two parts. You had to do the ground school I in single. and. After that, you did the initial part of the ocean licensed in. Australia. Oh. Okay. Now all the the ground school and everything I. Assume there were people from all different countries was all the training conducted in English. Yes. It was and there was a little bit of lying on one fifty two in Singapore. Essentially just to see if you could. You know you had the hand eye coordination and that sort of thing. Aviv. Singapore study was essentially just to clear your eighty peel. So that's how they did was they made sure you could read the Terry. And once you got your DP, which was the frozen beal. Scientists, which was in Australia. Okay and how many hours did you get in Australia? So we the one seven do and the barren, and that was about fifty dollars. But here's the interesting part the for the guy who went on the white bodies. They made them fly. Lear jet for twenty hours. In the Brisbane and a this used to happen when I was in the program opted after that. That is one program that I could really signed up. And more years of my life. To plan because. It. It is quite a yeah and quite fantastic experiences when to fly away forty five meaning.

Singapore Airlines Australia India Silkair Ground School United States Singapore Youtube Brisbane Engineer Kabul Ellen India Group Aviv Terry
The Shade Room: Pros & Cons

The Nod

06:12 min | 9 months ago

The Shade Room: Pros & Cons

"In a world filled with Daesh ously bountiful boss of headlines and videos that screen world saw the shave room has taken instagram by storm in two thousand fourteen Joachim. Wanda start at the shade room after realizing she can use her love for celebrity gossip to practice her writing. But after hating ten thousand followers you want to realize she was on something. Today, the Shade Room has over twenty million followers on instagram and features regular commentary from celebrities like the descent Nicki. menaj and Ti that last part is what makes the Shade Room truly unique outside of twitter it's pretty rare for celebrities and everyday people to have so many interactions with those blurred lines are also what makes the Shade Room? So controversial whether it's making Ziya, Wade owner of harmful comments or the legal back and forth with Cardi B. When it comes to boundaries, things can get ugly. So today we brought on journalist and author George. M Johnson to help us figure out if the Shane Room is good or bad for the culture. Thank you me. I'm excited. You know the showroom has built an empire. Moving celebrity gossip here's what's your take on the importance of celebrity gossip. Gossip. It kind of is what keeps your career going on social media wise. As media has shifted from red carpets to kind of step of house, you can kind of create your own `Paparazzi. Kylie Jenner. Day. The. Whole Light Brown skinned girl only. Even though it was big, it kept her name out there viability for twenty hours on. Sale somewhere absolutely down, I think that celebrity gossip in general is fun I. Think it just gives me something to think about. Everyday life especially, these days I'm like recently has gotten dark I will say. The thing that? Has To be say. For the most part, it can be fun. I think that there is a difference between having good fun and that exposing like the more vulnerable aspects of somebody's life four laps, all that being said, what's actually start our. Conversation today with the pros. So you our guest you welcome to start off with the pros at Oh i. Froze are that the platform very very large and When they are used for good, can generate a lot of money especially to light nonprofit organizations are community based organizations and especially small businesses. I think a lot times sites will amplify. Small black businesses or business owners were creating things and it literally opens you up to people to support your products i. think in ways when you utilize your platform to uplift. And encourage and support resources in things that are out there for black folks I think that's something that more of. These types of sites can start to do. Now that's the point I do wonder what percentage like if you actually did, what percentage of share on posts are act I kind of lean towards the lifted Maybe one out of every fifteen. Twenty. That's something I. Think if I'm considering what my pro is I think the showroom actually does what I consider a pretty exceptional jobs documenting how black people use the Internet, black folks have. In DEX on social media, you know we are on twitter. So much is referred to as black twitter. This thing that all kind of white corporate executives are trying to figure out and the share room kind of will break down those pieces before black people like I think about the the not obeying video that came out recently. Day aware she. Fucking Bang. Not A. wakeup talking about not obeying and I'm like what is going on and I knew that I can go to the shave room and it will break down who made it why popular all the means they had developed all around it and I think that actually can be a big service like I don't know of too many other places that are talking about. The way. Black people use the Internet and social media like the share room us. Come along with a whole lot of other stuff. Absolute. Auto. I think that this shade room is a reliable platform for black celebrity. A celebrity period is is celebrity gossip every single celebrity whether they want to admit it or not they benefit from the celebrity height machine and that gossip like gossip mechanism the shade room does is provide back black celebrities who are frequently shut out of your us. Weekly's people magazine's it's a place. Where you know a black celebrity knows that somebody is GonNa care who they are what they're doing whether they are selling Tommy T or in the case of the simone dry like usually I like to keep some of the scams but I can be some old was I can go on the find out but also Michelle Obama gives a speech at the Democratic National Convention. Even if I missed it. Yeah NPR. Have NBC. SHAVER. Remarks on that to the thirty years from now we look back. The Oscars, the grammys, the emmys, the institutions that don't frequently reward black talent. We might look back did not see an accurate reflection of what was happening in the culture, our culture at the time American culture at the time. But this Shade Room Shave is GonNa Habit accurate count black people the culture and shaver actually documents a wide variety of black people and I think that's a good thing. Archive of like everything going on black. That's a good point. It's an interesting slice.

Shade Room Twitter Shane Room Instagram People Magazine Joachim Kylie Jenner Wanda Oscars Ziya George Nicki. Menaj NBC M Johnson Wade Shaver Michelle Obama NPR Tommy T
One Priceless Lesson We Often Forget About Love and Life

Optimal Living Daily

05:14 min | 9 months ago

One Priceless Lesson We Often Forget About Love and Life

"One priceless lesson we often forget about love and life by Mark Chernoff mark and Angel Dot Com. Everything, we need. Jose's wife Maria was born in a one bedroom stand alone home on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen Mexico. was a fine little home, but her father Oscar wanted a real house. So he worked two jobs a sixty hour week factory job, and then another twenty hours or so a week as carpenter. Oscar say fifty percent of his income for over a decade to build his family of four bedroom house like the ones in the better parts of town he put half his family savings and a low community bank and he talked the other half away in a safe he kept hidden on their property. On the morning Oscar plan to break ground on his family's new house, the local community bank shuttered stores just hours after law enforcement declared the bank was running an illegal and uninsured Ponzi scheme ninety percent of the deposits Oscar made were lost. Then the very next day. The little home was robbed at gun point in exchange for his family's safety Oscar for the rest of the money he had hidden in safe. In the short window of thirty six hours, the family lost a vast majority of their savings from years of hard work the night for the first time as Mother Olga watched Oscar cry. She approached Oscar with their infant daughter cradled and rocking in her arms and said, it's just money minister just a house. We've so much more than that. We have a truly loving home. Oscar looked at Olga, dried his eyes and nodded his head in agreement. He spent the rest of the night with his baby daughter holding her tight to his chest reminding himself that he might not be able to give his family, the house he dreamed of, but he can continue to give them a truly loving home. And for the nine years that followed Maria grew up in that small loving one bedroom home. After the first year, a sister Andrea joined her after the third year brother Roberto showing to the memories share of that time are truly heartwarming for example, everyday. Of Maria Early Grade School years she remembers her father coming home from work just before dinner giving her and her siblings, individual hugs and kisses, and then asking them to questions. More you loved. Do you have love in your heart? All three shoulder would nod their head smiling then he'd gather them all up in a big group. Hug and call out Metoo we are blessed. We have everything we need. With that house. Even. Though Oscar sincerely believed what he said to his children. He was still pursuing his dream of building a larger and more comfortable house for his family and nine years after losing all of their savings Oscar. Once again, saved enough money to begin building that new house twenty feet behind their little one bedroom home he started with framing out the foundation of the kitchen them Ria's mother had always quietly dreamed of. One Cement Block at a time paycheck by paycheck. Slowly, but steadily built a house he'd come. So close to building nearly a decade beforehand I a kitchen, a large family room and two bathrooms than a master bedroom bedrooms for each of the children and a nice covered front patio. In two thousand, two, win Jose Maria and start falling in love with her Oscar was still building that house. Soon. Thereafter, he put the last few finishing touches on it. The, entire family celebrated for weeks on end and Nowadays Oscar Olga still celebrate holidays and special occasions at the House with all three of their children and their children's families several times a year. But, the stories prizes lesson has nothing to do with that house. Just, a bonus the first day Jose met Marie his family. He noticed how sincerely loving and happy the whole family was. He praised Oscar for the beautiful family. He had asked him what the secret was. Oscar. Spent hours sharing interesting heartfelt stories about why his family was the luckiest one in the world. Never, shared all the details about how their house was built. In fact, after years of knowing Maria and her family traveling with them and even living with them for a short time, no one ever thought to tell Jose about how their family's house came to be. They ask questions about the construction few occasions and he received replies about the construction it until after Jose Maria got married and close on their own first house in Miami. Florida that Oscar took Jose for a long walk. He s does a about the details and Jose excitedly shared information about their new neighborhood in the House Oscar listened intently smiled and then finally he shared the story you've just heard. My daughter does not need a house Oscar concluded she needs a truly loving home and when you fill that home with children, your children will need exactly the same. If you that no matter how big or small your actual houses, your children will WanNa come home to you. The rest is just bonus. I know all of this because Jose ms one of my best friends and just this morning over coffee. He asked me where I was going to write about today. When I told him I hadn't yet decided. He smirked said Mama story for you, and then he proceeded to tell me the story I just told you.

Oscar Jose Maria Mother Olga Maria Early Grade School Mark Chernoff Carpenter Ponzi Scheme Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Metoo Andrea Roberto Florida Miami Marie
"twenty  hour" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

Newsradio 1200 WOAI

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"twenty hour" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

"Be at the park for twenty hours every day affected immediately low nicotine smoke could soon be coming to the market Tom Busby a bluebird houses and focus report alcohol free beer decaf coffee sugar free soda and soon low nicotine cigarettes that's what a small biotech firm from upstate New York is hoping to start selling twenty second century group John Pritchard says through the bio engineering of tobacco plants nicotine is made up much much lower levels in the recent therefore ninety five percent less than would be typical into back and makes its way into the Leafs now it's up to the FDA which is expected to decide in the next few months if these low nicotine smoke can hit store shelves and with thirty four million smokers in the U. S. Pritchard says the target audience is growing for adult smokers with an interest in reducing their exposure to nicotine I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg business for news radio twelve hundred W. O. A. R. the San Antonio Spurs has the magic tomorrow night at the AT&T center the voice of the spurs bill Schoening has details in today's spurs insider brought to you by Kickapoo lucky eagle casino second year guard Lonnie Walker the fourth is still figuring things out according to head coach Gregg Popovich the walkers getting valuable experience as he is now part of the spurs rotation he got a start Wednesday night in a loss to the Dallas Mavericks scoring twelve points shooting five of nine from the floor including two three pointers he also blocked a career high three shots the twenty one year old Walker says he's trying to play off his teammates and pick his spots of the season opening Walker in.

Tom Busby New York Leafs FDA U. S. Pritchard San Antonio Spurs Lonnie Walker Gregg Popovich nicotine W. O. A. AT&T bill Schoening Dallas Mavericks
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"But because the interest rate is so why should that option for you be banned by the nanny state we'll talk about that this are the left continues to battle the narrative that white privilege and students fill white privilege students are filling our nation's colleges but according to my friend and colder that is just another liberal math so far the Adam should show a consists of hearsay testimonies and better former employees so does it come as any surprise that the left brings on experts for the Jerry Nadler show this is phase two of the impeachment inquiry to use the time to bash one of Donald trumps children I'll tell you that story my daily impeachment update coming up later on this hour and cast a vote in my Twitter pull a Lars Larsen dot com it out Lars Larsen show now this is a positive change in an economy like this I don't know why anybody well I do know why some people will still be on welfare even in the most vigorous economy but should we keep giving food stamps to able bodied working age dead beats now I got an email from somebody saying well that's me in an inappropriate well let me describe what I'm talking about the trump administration wants to change the rules on what everybody calls food stamps but with the federal government calls supplemental nutrition assistance program or snap and all they say is if you are of working age eighteen to forty nine years of age if you're able bodied sound of mine no kids at home you need to work a job if you're not willing to work at least twenty hours a week you're not going to be on food stamps make that one change and the American taxpayers saves five and a half a billion dollars by taking able bodied adults with no dependents and no physical or till disabilities and say either get a job or you lose your food stamps I think that's reasonable and if you want people to be successful I think one way to get them successful is get them into a job the twenty hour job turns into the forty hour job the forty hour job even if it's nothing much to write home about turns into the better job someone else somewhere else making more money that's the way to success having somebody who is so lazy that they say I have no kids to take care of I have no mental disability I have no physical disability I am of working age but I refuse to even turn in twenty hours of paid work every week that person should not be wild on the dole should not be getting food stamps and having you who are working hard buying.

Adam Donald Twitter dole Jerry Nadler Lars Larsen twenty hours forty hour forty nine years billion dollars twenty hour
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"Lock us in by the way if you want to listen to any of our prior programming certainly for the last a couple of years at least this any program you're interested me go to a night side on demand scroll through you can read this in a podcast form which causes sixty minutes of each of the show produced out about forty forty one minutes now on the twenty third of the week is the twenty the other week five nights a week four hours a night twenty hours last are the week here on nights side we generally talk about a topic which we will talk about later of of some generic general interest and think about it what grind your gears will get to that but first need to shock is going to a touch upon a few of the stories that we just didn't get around to this week because frankly we don't have enough time with their noting that are not enough hours in the day I've heard that before yes indeed have you ever have you ever been to Scotland I have never been to Scotland but I had I want strengths Scott she didn't particularly like it okay well that's the same thing isn't it in a study shortbread the. the loch ness monster. I've always wanted to go to I'll be honest with the I've always wanted a lock mass I think it's a hoot and I like going to haunted houses not like going to look for things like big fight and I wouldn't mind going to area fifty one for remote sometime just throw that out there other people thinking about yeah I would we could do in the area fifty one remote we can do a Roswell remote I would be I would be down with that too but Linda Ronstadt's hometown is she Roswell brought Linda Ronstadt was born in Roswell around the time of the rise for her concert when she was great but it is always great anyway it turns out that scientists have been taking DNA from loch ness in Scotland and they say the loch ness monster might just be a giant eagle wait a second wait a second how had they I how would they take in DNA from something we've only seen pictures of what. they took her from the waters they had they were taking DNA samples from the waters of loch ness and they say that there are no there's no large animal DNA in there like a dinosaur something like that like a prehistoric Crowder nothing like that is in the is another one so we drown well I'm sure that there there are dinosaurs it's wham that are with their water based on. black they say there is an abnormal amount of yield DNA in loch ness so now they're saying they think that the loch ness monster might be a really really big people living E. L. but is there only one well I'm sure they breed and by periodically but nobody knows a you see a giant thing in the water you don't think there's a bunch of you think there's just one so people keep saying applying it you know that's that's interesting what else you know so in Australia there is a bit of a neighborhood kerfuffle going on there is a vegan. who lives next door to some people who like this still I do to these people who like to barbecue and she's been a real pain in the you know what because every time she small somebody's barbecue she's been **** and she's been filing complaints and she sued her next door neighbors to stop them from barbecuing because she's offended by the smell of barbecuing meat through the control freak so yes yes so so what's happened is that I see meat eaters from around the county have banded together to attend a mass community barbecue outside of our house so I they've just decided that did she and to be honest with you and I and I have vegan moments I made my husband a vegan for summer and is as cholesterol went down twenty points in his blood pressure was it's very healthy to do I don't think you should for somebody I think it's you know a couple nights a week we do it he's very happy but she's a bully but you're not forcing you neighbors just rally she exactly she's a bully she is she doesn't like the sound of kids playing basketball in neighborhood and she's really ticked about the smell of barley sick she supposed to barbecue in basketball how on American I'm telling you well you know our Australian as the case may be it is very obviously on American issues in Australia it's it's true enough so anyway I'm with them I would be in the front row right with that with a hot dog or the smelly strips I could find if that were me Michigan is taking a stand that's America that is America good that is Michigan is becoming the first state to ban flavored E. cigarettes no more sweetie fruity flavors in Michigan they believe that the vaping products are specifically dot designed to help children and there've been a lot of serious long illnesses going on talk about tonight the lead some couple the newscast tonight we I think we talked about that earlier and maybe we have to get to that next week you suggested that but I wanted to go political tonight that's fine get a job that you judicial. yeah to distill the good when and by the way if I can make my vote it's not for judge Joseph just put that out there I'm with you and I I am clearly with judge charge said on the on on that comparison yeah the but Michigan's become the first state to ban I think Massachusetts need to take a look at that there was a student out two weeks ago who they had to put into a coma her lungs were so broken down from from vaping for showing of the network gassed an eighteen year old kid yeah what one kid said his lungs felt like he's a seventy year old yeah it's just and everybody thought it was a good way to get off the cigarettes but the problem is people who never smoked or using it and it is it is not without hazards as everybody initially thought in Utah there are two conservative groups were very upset at a school board meeting about a new law that lets teachers answer what they call quote spontaneous questions about sex from students so if your child ask your teacher what is oral sex or something explicit like that oral sex is talking about sex exactly right yeah okay to go back there right okay the teacher on the check is allowed to answer it add that the parents are set to like send the kids home we want to educate our children about this this is not your job to have a teacher you know give a spontaneous response to if if and I'm not saying this is true it out there is a better file teachers out there they're gonna like that I would think they would like it a lot yeah actually okay to be honest with you one more one more one more that's a that's a tough because there are some really you got to go well I'll give you two good ones go go for you to best one no I was going to go for this on this okay. no a Rourke I don't know if anybody heard of the democratic you make everybody knows better right he's is he is family a dirt too because I thought it was you know a good luck charm he is running for democratic nominee for president he's the guy who Ross Roberto Francisco yeah to all right yeah exactly he's not Spanish by the way for people who think he is he's the guy who was bested by Ted Cruz when he tried to take Ted Cruz's Texas Senate seat close race though. he he says he's been falling and the numbers so I guess he's decided that the best way to get attention is to swear. so after the last mass shooting he basically you know gave it gave a sound bite to a crowded room of people I'm purport is that this was you know bleep in the aft forward you know crazy I think a lot of attention for so he's decided that it was spontaneous yes spontaneous with what he says no it was gone this is what I was about it's absolutely spontaneous because lo and behold there was a back room full of T. shirts Dan that had you know what exactly what he sad including the swear on it and that had to have taken them all I look at least five or ten minutes to make all those hundreds of old lucky coincidence it was his depression T. is fundraising off of the mass shooting now with us tee shirts on I've seen I've seen some low stuff and I don't think there's another candidate up there who thinks that this was a really tastefully good idea making money off of them well absolutely and being opportunistic off of mass shootings that's pretty low yeah the only thing this lower is is standing in the polls. nicely done thank you thank you and nicely done was a quick kiss we get back we're going to talk about what grind your gears I have a new growing your gears most of you know the things the grime my gears maybe last year drew to tell us what grinds his gears he's he's never done a grind your gears and we'll see would you would grind your gears recently and would love to hear from you can open up the phone line six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine two thirty this is the opportunity to tell the world what grind you gears get it off your chest coming back at night side. side with Dan rate the news watch never stops WBZ newsradio ten thirties. when you're building a new home don't get stuck.

loch ness monster Scotland Scott forty forty one minutes eighteen year sixty minutes seventy year twenty hours ten minutes four hours two weeks
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"But it didn't matter because we needed to blame some people, and it's much easier to blame a black and Spanish people than it is to to possibly fathom that this happen to someone else. I don't know, man. I'm I'm sorry. This really mad. We made a bad choice medic netted, let's listen, you know, this woman is a bit do look at our hair. I mean, it's not I mean should wearing something from fucking. Nineteen. Seventy right here with that hair. You obviously hate yourself. And she's clearly also not getting laid, you know. So I mean, of course, she's going to be fucking angry. And that's why I'm angry. But listen, again, I'm going to give you the the last second words here. This was really are only serious stuff. And then we'll jump into the comedy and just a second. But but Christian are you said it about this and. Any last remarks? You have to say on this on the story here when they see us. Yeah. Clearly excited about it. I think a Arnie's a wonderful wonderful director even wrinkle in time, which wasn't great. But it was cool. And you just to kind of talk about what I was saying before with old Amazon going after prestige thins in the world of the arms race that we're going through with streaming services right now, it's good to know that Netflix isn't purely throwing money at big budget stuff. They're still willing to tell these smaller stories. This whole episode count is only going to be four episodes. But I I've heard that the run times for each episodes are going to be about our twenty hour thirty it's really is a mini series event. And I would bet money next Emmys, you're going to be hearing about this this program really really can't wait for it. Definitely. So again, leasing gentlemen is coming out on Netflix four part series made thirty I the last of us. So let's go ahead. And now, and now let's go ahead and talk about something. Comedic here. Right. So because we haven't heard from this individual in wall. And look Netflix has brought Mike Myers someone I have not heard of in years, although he was pretty much just some guy. I saw pretty much every day growing up in the nineties. Netflix has given him a six episodes series here. And he is going to be portraying multiple characters. These six episodes are only gonna run about half an hour. And yeah, Netflix gave Mike Myers. The rains in. You know, the the show. What's the word? I'm looking here for Christian. State of freedom. Yeah. Creative freedom. Thank you to kind of do whatever the hell he wants this comedy series coming exclusively to Netflix. How do you feel about this? I'm kind of relevant, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Listen, I loved Wayne's world growing up. I thought that first movie was great. And then of course, we got the Austin power movies in the late nineties and early two thousands and stuff like that. So I mean, he's been around a lot. But again, creative control he had created control on the love guru in that movie was a righteous piece shit. You know what I mean? So. You didn't miss much. But yeah. So I mean, I'm kind of a relevant. Good for Mike Myers. I guess because he needed something. I feel like he's been in movie jails. The love goat grew that was eleven years ago. Yeah. I think it's cool. The Netflix was going into business with people with name power in at least creatively. People have creative agency. I think that's pretty interesting..

Netflix Mike Myers Wayne Arnie Amazon director Austin eleven years twenty hour
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"Dr liederman. Thanks, rob. Rob is our announcer. News fantastic, Robin. I spent part of the week actually one night. We did an all nighter that we worked all night working on the art of radio surgery. And we often do that we create our and booklets and DVD's and the purpose is like our usual purpose of may sound boring after a while, but it's education the purpose is to educate. So that you and your loved ones and neighbors and colleagues and even some people down the street, the debris early no can get better treatment. We're gonna talk about the importance of that in just a few minutes. One of the things that recruited a piece of art recruited this week is in to one of our patients. So we have a patient who retired. He worked on in Manhattan, New York in one of the buildings just turned seventy is a runner and during his treatment. We would talk about his running and he finished his treatment just a few weeks ago. He had a competition in Perth Australia. So if you know, Australia Perth is on the far western side. So it's a heck of a long trip from here probably twenty hour trip from here. So he finished his treatment. He got on the plane, he flew to Perth Australia. He competed in two races. I think a one hundred meter and a four hundred meter race. He got the gold medal. He came back. And he came this week to show me the metal and to tell me thank you for allowing him to be treated and to have good treatment and to run and to succeed. And to be world champion is a gold medal world champion that he received just weeks after finishing cancer treatment for his prostate cancer. Don't we talk about number one is to think about his achievement to congratulate him, but also to give all of us a chance to reflect on what? Our treatment is like compared to radical surgery. And if you've spoken to people who've had radical surgery robotic surgery, though, often tell you it's like getting hit by a truck and many people are in the hospital. They're laid up. Many people are diapers and IV's or pain infections, incontinence, bleeding, our patient was on a plane to Austria going to win any won a world championship gold medal in track at age seventy. Here's an idea of the work. We do in the vast difference there is in different technologies. And unfortunately, so many people never get to hear about treatment. Choices are phone numbers. Two and two choices and our numbers two and two choices because we want you to understand that you do if you have cancer are your friends or neighbors have choices, and you don't have to have that radical surgery. You don't have to lose your arm or your legs. Your breast your long. Your pancreas bladder kidney most likely there are choices available and choices that give equal or even better results. And if you look at our data for his prostate cancer, you will see that we have better results in his category..

gold medal Perth Rob Australia Australia Perth Dr liederman Manhattan Austria New York four hundred meter one hundred meter twenty hour
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"Mentors. Are allowed to clock twenty hours a week? If we need more hours, I hire more mentors. You can't be wealthy and successful and working all those hours. They don't go together. It would be disingenuous. If my mentors work more than twenty hour. It would mean to you that there is no such thing as they retired in a rich. It would be a job. It's not a job to mission to mission to help people to give back and yet you have to make sure that people don't get too involved in the mission. Forget the Domitian is just part of a life part of major plan part of the whole picture, and you have to play it that way. And so I learned the most important thing in the world that was how to keep stab. I've had people that work for me for twenty years. I have many people work from ten or fifteen years. And it's because you don't turn people out. This was a massive epiphany came to me during this period of my life. And so there was. I decided I had to go find my own business, and that I was going to treat the business and the people much differently. I remember when we hit our quote in sales. They would change our quota and make it harder. Or do we cut our territory now or they'd give the good territory to a week salesman? So he could hit his quota and put us in territory. So that we could bring it up. I'm gonna go build a business.

salesman fifteen years twenty hours twenty years twenty hour
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"From workhouse connect in a j Benza. Vein. He liked to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex games is the guy put the cock and the peacock network. Okay bitch. Hey, everybody AJ bend to here for fame bitch. This is November sixteenth twenty eighteen. What do I sound a lot different from last night? Don't I? I just went through a twenty hour bout with a head cold, sinus Itis, you name it to beat the band. I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately had that stomach thing last week. And now the head called. But last night, I did a patriotic Assode. And you know, I'm not I very rarely go to the studio in the last couple of months to do shows anymore. I do them on my house when I see out of my house. I mean out of my bedroom. And when I say bedroom, I mean, I sit on the bed and I stare across the room into my closet. That's my view sometimes Trent around and face outside. But either way I'm here in this little room. But boy, I was sick last night. And I actually. I don't usually listen to the shows after I record them because I just wanna make gonna do. It's already gone it's done. But I was going to pick up my daughter today from from high school from rehearsal for play. And I listened to it. I said holy shit. Why didn't somebody get a welfare at creamy? I mean, I- cheeses sound like Courtney love meets Chris far. Listen, I was I don't know how many cold pills into my night. It was. But I I've told me all we have Robitussin said no Robitussin costs here. She has. No, it's a new Robitussin. I said that robot us, and they got the corner they got the corner on coughs. She's a no this is for severe called chills. It stuffy nose. It's cough. It's chess. I said I got a runny nose runny eyes. She goes, I'm telling you rub touch. I went home on that would be Wednesday. I took a bunch of rubber touch didn't do shit. Finally. I went to Ralph's the corner supermarket and I bought top cult Tylenol cold severe. I love when they put severe in. The fuck in talent. It means. It's going to knock you the fuck out and it did. And I got like me. I don't take the recommended dose. It's recommended that means the they tell someone I recommend you take two. When you tell me that I go four maybe six three I work any I took four. On top of that. You know, I'm gonna talion guy. So whenever we get a head cold or chest cold right away the old Guinea medicine. Is you take a couple of you? Take two cups a red wine the cheaper the better he he'd love in a in a in a little saucepan. And then you put some Honey in it. And then you squeeze lemon. Nice. So instead of T you go to bed with this warm wine with lemon and Honey. And it is great. But it also knocks you on your ass and I'm listed at patriot show. Oh my God. I. Anyhow, I fell asleep after I sent that show out against what I woke up two clock in the morning with my fuck and headphone still on my head. So got through the shell. But I maybe I should've called in sick, anyhow, I was sick all day. I've been okay for the last. I'd say three hours good enough to get up and start looking and reading and talking. So here goes today's show, and let me tell you today show is brought to you by the fab fit fun winter box. Man, the winter boxes here you got to treat yourself with the items in this box. I'm gonna tell you something right now don't struggle with what to get your loved ones Christmases common. Whatever the fuck if you're into beauty, and fashion or you're into the next best thing that's happening. You gotta go fan fit fun. I mean, it's not only at.

Ralph j Benza Chris peacock network Assode Robitussin Trent Courtney patriot three hours twenty hour two cups
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"To twenty hours A day take. A pause Jill Nado Fox News A Russian helicopter, carrying oilfield. Workers crashing in Siberia shortly after takeoff eighteen killed apparently the choppers blades clipped another helicopter, that took off moments before a warning to China. Russia and other nations from our secretary of state Mike Pompeo telling those nations, to be mindful of international sanctions on North Korea seeing that Washington will take seriously any action that reduces pressure on the north to, abandon its nuclear weapons Pompeo telling reporters in Singapore the United States has new credible information, that Russia has violated those UN sanctions and says he's going. To take this, up with, Moscow and condemn it Jerry bomb Garten Fox News President Trump's proposed, space, force getting a thumbs down from his Defense Secretary Jim Mattis citing concerns about the cost and. The added layer, of bureaucracy, is Minnesota The twins have some big plans, this weekend that have nothing to do with baseball identical twins twenty four year olds Chrissy, and Cassie are tying the notch with twenty four year olds. Zach and Nick, Lewis with, separate nuptials last night and today but a double reception tonight in, grass, Lake Michigan east of Ann Arbor crazy not at all the couple's tell wwl TV We all, there is a. Special twin bond there is Yeah and so having somebody who understands that is huge couples plan to move in together into a two bedroom apartment, after a double honeymoon to DisneyWorld Jeff monosso Fox News the pro football hall of fame, and. Ducking the class of twenty eighteen tonight in canton, Ohio one of. The eight inductees will be somewhere else legendary. Wide, receiver Terrel Owens known for going, his. Own way well hold.

Mike Pompeo Terrel Owens Russia Jill Nado Trump North Korea UN Siberia Jim Mattis China canton Lake Michigan Jeff monosso Singapore Minnesota United States Washington
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"Neglected her she'd hit him he'd come through the door after twenty hour shift and she go crazy screaming accusing him of cheating on her when his actually working she also struck him repeatedly on his body she intimidated him to try to push him into striking back that didn't work so she started throwing household objects pat him and another concentre johns became the family finances he's working more making more than enough money to provide for the family but it was never enough when she was a spender in early nineteen ninety one tracy spent thousands of dollars breast implants and in april nineteen ninety two she took off her top and showed off her breasts to her friends at bert stay care now she'd been working at a medical facility and had begun an affair with the man who worked there at home to john this was a different story she told him that she was being sexually harassed at work she said this guy was someone closely connected to the owners of the company and that he was stalking her since she had said no to his advances she said the company had been complaining about her job performance but tracy had told her son's babysitter all about this love affair she had with the guy and she even told her that she'd become pregnant with the guys child and had had an abortion so so we've got two stories there entry see also got involved with some shady characters that she met at strip clubs both male and female strippers who were using drugs and we're possibly engaged in other illegal activities tracy wasn't only having an affair with the guy she worked with but with a male dancer and another guy all at the same time then she sold one of their dogs until john that it had been run over by a car she was resenting the dogs because she thought he liked them better than her painting might have she's tough she's not a very likable person now and then there was this major incident that occurred when a gun was discharged into the ceiling of the pitman's home and tracy said it was all john's fall she said she had accused him of infidelity and he produced a gun in a threatening manner and after you left the gun discharged as she went to unload it john totally completely different story he said he was inside the garage attached to their condo working on the family car that night afterwards he went inside took off his shoes because we agree see that when tracy saw the shoes on the floor she went wild she picked him up open the garage door into the shoes of the garage then she went after john yelling you are never going to leave his house alive i'm going to kill you serious but is john took the wise path and decided not to argue and left the house working out the door here's a gun shy turns around i ran back into the condo tracy was talking to herself she's on the couch apparently calm she is weird 'cause she just outrage she said she tried to kill herself but now she was fine now there was a bullet hole in the ceiling tracy went into the bedroom john called nine one one when police in the emt's arrived they gave john the option of either allowing them to take tracy way to be evaluated or not a social worker rive in after evaluating tracy didn't want to admit her and she can stay john decided now a police reported the incident backed up john's version so tracy did start therapy after the incident she went out and found a new job for a while they didn't argue as much and tracy seem to be much more relaxed this whole thing i don't know why they didn't want to admit her i mean if the social worker tells them that she doesn't need to be he doesn't have much choice but to keep her i mean to me it sounds like she needed to be admitted right right i'm not sure maybe he's just going by the social workers evaluation who said i don't think she needs to be admitted but because of the social worker says she doesn't need to they might not do it so i don't know but i guess she got the therapy she was acting better she went out got a new job look like things were improving very short time so then in march nineteen ninety two john had back injury while sledding with.

twenty hour
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"Think that's like this giant tractor beam the pleasure bull towards this kind of stuff and away from those takes eat even the even the you know sports radio hosts who are not huge soccer fans are so engaging in soccer and it's the see see the same thing on twitter right i mean the people who were not the people who was so take a shot every you know once or twice a game about how football american football or basketball is a is a better sports in here's why soccer is not as good they're still engaging in real time with the game i think there's that necessity with the way that sports writers cover sports now that it just it really is the you know it's a twenty hour a day job and you and yet you have to engage yeah and this kind of pulled a vent culture on twitter with her so few things now that bringing us together that all of america watches at the same time that if you are a website a news website of any kind you just dog pile whatever is getting has pulse right absolute whether that's a tv show whether it's the oscars whatever and like the world cup reaches a certain level in the ratings on fox been absolutely spectacular but it obviously something that not only not only captured the attention of fans but captures the attention of a lot of kinds of people that live on sports twitter right and live on your website and live in brooklyn specific and monopolize time of the new cycle when nothing else going is going on in it it it really has it has an outsized voice obviously if the world cup was going up against the nba playoffs or something it would be a wouldn't have quite the platform that it does but but it's a you know it's it's it's certainly got a loud voice in you know for for people who are on twitter it's it's it's making a lot of noise i was fascinated by the story in the wall street journal today because the author gerald eskenazi was a longtime sportswriter at the new york times and a very nice guy wrote this what is you know a very standard dismissive of socrates but he had a line in there reset i wrote a book about soccer so i went back and look this up it's from the early eighties and it's called a thinking man's guide to pro soccer so he has actually traveled the opposite journey he was not the guy who hated soccer decide the love it actually have more respect for this journey you has the guy who wrote an entire book about sock was was full pledged enough to to write a book called the thinking man guide and now is writing the story about like what's the big deal about this whole world cup kinda thing i totally perplexing but i find it weirdly more honorable than the other thing like i will everybody likes it so i might as well too yeah it is a very strange journey usually the i mean the earliest adopters dishonor phantom or the loudest voices that i know at least in my personal life you know if you could see planted your flag early enough then you then you that's something to be proud of right now that's that's pretty incredible yeah it's like i i was interested nothing soccer that i wrote a whole book about it and at the end of the.

twenty hour
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"The gt library of charge this one in particular you know there was a five year period up until twenty sixteen shuttled banking assets as a proportion of gdp doubled to reach eighty seven percent of gdp now they've had this campaign to put a squeeze on the riskier areas of shadow banking and that ratio last year as you see towards the end there of through through twenty seventeen i should say slipped back to twenty hour seventy nine percent of gdp according to moody's now there's two real components two prongs to this crackdown by thirties it is the clamp down on the high yield asset management products basically after explosive growth from twenty ten to two thousand sixteen as we have seen wealth management products sales by banks barely increased in two thousand seventeen the other part of that of course his efforts to shrink the hidden interdependencies between financial institutions and that's where i want to bring up the second chart we can see this one drop the the drop we've seen in twenty eighteen the rolling over in the banks borrowings from other financial firms is another sign of success it's a little bit of a drop on the right side of the year she yeah steve you talked about some of the successes some risks still remain correct yeah that's right didn't authorities do realize that as well as i mentioned in the open here basically regulators have also i've already shown some sort of awareness that the pain that they're causing so they've delayed the full implementation for one of these asset management curbs from mid twenty one thousand nine hundred to the end of twenty twenty and the other aspect of this as well as many things in the chinese economy there are ways to get around the various crackdowns i'll just take one example as well here regulators placed a ban on the banks providing of implicit guarantees for riskier offerings to chinese savers so banks have boosted issuance of structured deposits derivative factors basically.

moody steve twenty twenty eighty seven percent seventy nine percent twenty hour five year
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"And the plane would fly off to somewhere island industry still continue is crazy i'm just you know just listening to you here in just the visual i mean it's just so wrong it just goes against what we note to happen i know you talked about in your book as well and i'm tell me if i'm wrong or right here did you see bones that were turned into flutes or you just thought it kinda look like a flute yeah so so i opened up the book with this chapter called the dead end right here i am trying to investigate this market for human bones and i heard this story that some police on the bhutan india border had found some bones so i took this like you know it was probably a twenty hour drive over these crazy indian roads to get to this border town and when i finally talked to this copies a gal show you the bones and he points right across the wall 'cause his police station was literally shared the wall with these border and so he can look out right into foreign soil and he said yeah we we collected them you know right from there they were throwing these packages of bones over the wall into indian soil so then they could smuggle them out and sell them and i was like oh this is great this is like the story that i've been trying to investigate and he he opened up the police cell which is like literally like an old timey wild west jail cell and he and inside where these four burlap sacks full of like tbs and and and skulls he dumped it out on the floor i looked at him and i immediately knew that these were the wrong damn bones because they were not being processed for an atomic will specimens they smelled like dirt like earth like they bet in the ground for years and instead what they had had been due to they were sawing them off and the skulls actually just the brain pan which is being used for buddhist rituals where you know in this.

twenty hour
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"And then i did that i did very but i have to say i was in the airport a lot so if it was like it was it was it was like a twenty hour plus journey to get there so that's a lot of airport okay so let's talk speaking of actually nintendo and sega actually will mostly just intendo nintendo there is an ex point exploit for the switch that was discovered that allows people to play homebrew games on it and the verges a deck on this is a nightmare scenario from intendo but you know what it is is like the best thing that's probably ever happened to everyone in it's unfixable from from all accounts so this is this is nine god like this isn't nintendo's fall this is actually something with nbc has terra x one ship which is what they use for the switch and it's also what they use you know it's similar to what's used in the shield but yeah there's some sort of exploit that apparently does is not patch people and right now it's it's it's a tethered i guess joe break them and they don't really have any working experts now in brecon talk more about this but it's kind of like in the old jailbreak for the iphone days like the idea would be you would have to do the job rake every single time you moved up the console so in getting into that that buddha mode can be difficult but i mean this is just the first step like to me i feel very confident and i'd love to hear your thoughts on the spree and also your simone i want to hear you guys thoughts i feel very confident that in a couple of months there's going to be a really easy software like exploit too.

nbc joe nintendo brecon twenty hour
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"And i go back run to the bank right now i get i get this guy i didn't get twenty hours away and this where does she call comes out to me today he will command or state trump i don't know what what he was i what's he doing he says and he throws me literally down on the ground and says you stole someone's i said whoa hey on their team rick rick i'll tell you what get a lawyer six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine hundred nine ten thirty we're not gonna let a case what happened i don't think rick that the registry police office i think there were registered their registry inspectors i believe who give let driving road tests but i believe that the registry police along with the mdc police were taken in by the state police many years ago let's focus back where we are curtain hanson kurt how are you tonight welcome next on nightside hey dan how are you good i hope your story is a little more focused than rick's a little bit more focused but it might be a hair off topic but it is easy path to say if i may go ahead okay so i got you know have you seen the nine eleven memorial plates that we have in massachusetts the ones at the us flag i'm aware of them yeah yeah so ever since i've gotten that i have not been billed by easy paths and it's been about a year and i've contacted them every single month since february two thousand you get an easy pass on your windshield inside your windshield and as your.

kurt massachusetts rick rick mdc twenty hours
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"The younger truck driver must complete a one hundred twenty hour probationary period of on duty time in which eighty of those hours would be spent driving then a second two hundred eighty hour a probationary period when the team was drive for a total of one hundred sixty hours companies and organizations including ups the international food service distribution association in the ata say they're all behind they support referred to as the drive safe act because the additional training they argue it would expand the recruitment pool that's out there to help alleviate the truck driver shortage that's when they go into all those numbers about how many drivers short we are now and how many it's going to be in the coming years you graduate high school seventeen eighteen nineteen years old you're still two years away from being able to essentially work in the trucking industry and it's in that time that most folks find another job another career path they move on to other things it's a missed opportunity yet time and time again for the trucking industry now they kind of compare it to two more like an apprentice ship rent internship program you don't just get your license get your keys and you're on your way they've got a nineteen ninety one study.

seventeen eighteen nineteen ye one hundred sixty hours one hundred twenty hour two hundred eighty hour two years
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"Could have gone to a restaurant in singapore that event jewelry in order the squad wrong no twenty hours in each direction doesn't work yeah gregory in july time we're going to be for new year's eve we're going be out we're going to get a french house as well but at this friend's house w's go to they serve lend tolls and then they ask you eat them it's pure luck yeah they seats lock yeah i had to work in the south where frogmen should eats them of the games axworth rolling in our from the south we blackeyed peas as for lethem on new year's day of ham hawks ana dose were i think that it's so interesting and superstitions of like good luck on new year's eve being only to it i might try beans pork in beads it to find a bean any use train we're going to be ringing in the new year to be determined still don't know yet one we'll take a woman i will be worth it but he declined a really romantic destination going to be with her yes i think are jealous of are and how it's great every year i think about that kiss at midnight and for some reason i know it's it's silly would doesn't take nother kiss and if you don't get it what's the difference but i just i think about that gives at midnight that i don't know why something happened to me as a child maybe father upto callahan or something i don't know so wait lately you when are you going are you get stressed out about kissing admitted his good make sure i have a kid i gotta have lips on my lips at midnight three people i cast my two boys at all as lawyers i'm going to try to kiss rago ruin in.

singapore gregory callahan twenty hours
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"But let him go yeah let them keep it going way we will return i will let him but how much gouge aj mccarron was going from the bengals to the browns for a second and third round pick here by 24 hours more than jimmy garoppolo twenty hours head that's part of i has and i'm like how much give free cousin the browns k a does i again and everyone thought the deal was done the browns were celebrating the band goals obviously happy with what they had done and they faxed in their paper worked illegal offices and the brands did not know deal you'd like to think that it was someone in the browns reputed to be smart front office had said there's no way of sending this fact facts but no someone just screwed up late is after the deadline passed they appealed to the league nogaideli hold on hold on at forgive me for my ignorance on this aj mccarron is now still a bang goals still of bangui yep yep never went through so what you guys are saying to me is the browns were so incompetent that the only thing achieved by this transaction was to reveal that incompetence to all of us not just merely by trading more for aj mccarron then jimmy garoppolo but also by black young getting and bleeping the paperwork atl that we know that they don't know what they're doing and that they don't even end up getting him and then get made fun of for it they don't get anything other than made fun of correct they thought that the bangles dyke just one team at the facts in the paperwork grabs him to we just dissolve the browns means should i'm sorry mike i know that you're squad come coa said we just get rid of them all together laws that gives mike is actually excited he's out he didn't like the deals terrible trade i wanted to blow it here's the problem what if it was a deal that you actually light and they blew it because they didn't know the rules about faxing in the paperwork to the illegals in awful looked even further trade that i didn't want this is really embarrassing demo what's more incompetent.

aj mccarron bengals browns jimmy garoppolo the deal mike twenty hours 24 hours