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"twenty grondahl" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"I didn't think Sam Houser was going to let us lose. You know, you're talking about one of the biggest winners I've ever been around. And he knew his team needed him. And he had an amazing look in his eye. He was just I thought he was our leader. Mark head coach Steve J hausky with win. The golden eagles improve to fifteen and three overall and four and one in big east conference play play host to providence Sunday morning at five zero four our coverage. Marquette basketball is presented by you line. And the brewers have new catcher in yeahs Monte Grondahl. But for manager Craig counsel, he's got another tough out in an already stack lineup or certainly very excited. I think in the National League as you kind of look at lineups around the league the lengthening your lineup is so important and adding a switch hitter to that mix. You know, that's gonna be a consistent presence in the lineup is something that is new for us Ron signs a one year sixteen million dollar contract. It's got a mutual option for twenty twenty Grondahl introduced to the media at Miller park yesterday. Again, buffs basketball tonight starting at six thirty with buck shots, the bucks. Trying to get twenty games over five hundred. Gotta look up the last time that happened and the grizzlies this is not going to be your sexy. New twenty nine thousand nine NBA brand of basketball league grind. Now. It'll be low scoring well, but that's okay. I mean, you have to be adaptable. And you can set the pace yourself oftentimes the other team will have to adjust. So if the Buxton set the pace. Yeah. Memphis will try to grind it down. Like, they always do. But. If the bucks get out and run the grizzlies you're gonna fall behind it. They don't do the same. So setting the pace I think it's so important. In in a couple of different sports, football and basketball, specifically eighteen WTMJ got an iphone..

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