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No. 2 Cincinnati stays unbeaten with 27-20 win over Navy

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No. 2 Cincinnati stays unbeaten with 27-20 win over Navy

"Our current bush picked off a pass with twenty five seconds remaining to secure second rank Cincinnati's twenty seven twenty victory at navy the Bearcats appeared in control until the mid Shipman scored a touchdown and recovered the onside kick with forty eight seconds remaining bush made sure Cincinnati improved to seven or no overall doesn't Ritter threw for one hundred seventy six yards and two touchdowns or pointed it's nice there's maybe so we know that they're gonna fight all four quarters you know if the days are gonna be able to the clock hit zero you know that's what we learned today we can't say nothing for granted can take anything for granted Jerome Ford's forty four yard TD run maybe twenty to ten in the third quarter as the Bearcats scored on four straight possessions Cincinnati was coming off consecutive fifty point performances I'm Dave Ferrie

Cincinnati Bearcats Bush Shipman Navy Ritter Jerome Ford Dave Ferrie
Carolina tops Lightning 4-1, tied atop Central Division

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Carolina tops Lightning 4-1, tied atop Central Division

"Nino Niederreiter Jordan Stalin Steven Lorentz scored second period goals to lead the hurricanes to a four one victory over the lightning the game was scoreless until Niederreiter install scored twenty five seconds apart midway through the middle period Alex the delicate which stopped twenty six shots for the victory allowing only a goal by breaking point will most likely have to go through these guys in one way or the other come playoff time so anytime you can kind of like you know being a little bit and at least I think we even up the series was among the year gone and that way you know we have been on on the conference so we can hang with these guys are great that's Leschi finished with thirty two saves for the bulls who are three points behind the Panthers and hurricanes for the central division lead with ten games remaining I'm Dave Ferrie

Nino Niederreiter Jordan Stali Steven Lorentz Hurricanes Alex Leschi Bulls Panthers Dave Ferrie
Ayala, Wiggins lead Maryland past No. 9 Wisconsin 70-64

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Ayala, Wiggins lead Maryland past No. 9 Wisconsin 70-64

"Wisconsin's fifteen game home winning streak is over following a seventy sixty four lost to Maryland Erica Ellis scored seventeen points and Aaron Wiggins added fifteen with nine rebounds as the Terrapins bounce back from big ten losses to Rutgers and Purdue Dimitri Tracy the three pointer to get the sixth ranked badgers within sixty fifty nine with under two minutes to play before Maryland closed on a ten five run Dante Scott hit back to back shots and I L. a knock down two free throws to put the Terps up sixty six fifty nine with less than twenty five seconds left try scored a game high twenty four points for Wisconsin I'm Dave Ferrie

Erica Ellis Aaron Wiggins Dimitri Tracy Maryland Terrapins Wisconsin Dante Scott Rutgers Badgers Terps Dave Ferrie
No. 20 USC rallies again to beat Arizona 34-30 on late TD

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No. 20 USC rallies again to beat Arizona 34-30 on late TD

"Number twenty southern cal pulled out a thirty four thirty win at Arizona on an eight yard scoring run by the via mail pay I with twenty five seconds left Keaton slow this hit air crime in oak on a six yard touchdown pass to put the Trojans ahead with three and a half minutes to play but the Wildcats regained the lead on a six yard touchdown pass from grand canal to Stanley Berryhill the third with one twenty left the comeback follows a twenty eight twenty seven win over Arizona state in which the Trojans scored two TD's in the final three minutes four of us on Saturday threw for three hundred twenty five yards and a touchdown on thirty of forty three passing I'm Dave very

Southern Cal Stanley Berryhill Trojans Arizona Keaton Wildcats Grand Canal Dave
Huge questions for UK govt after spike in virus cases

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Huge questions for UK govt after spike in virus cases

"The British government is facing huge questions over its corona virus testing system after a tripling in the number of daily positive cases over the weekend that was blamed on a technical glitch the latest problems to afflicted with this test and trace program emerged when public health officials revealed the nearly sixteen thousand cases once tabulated from September twenty five two October two the government says the technical issue was discovered Friday night then it's not been resolved the unreported cases within added to the government's daily new infections totals over the weekend boosting Saturday's number to nearly thirteen thousand and Sundays to twenty three thousand cases before that there had been signs that the number of new infections could be leveling off around the seven thousand a day mark Charles Taylor this month London

British Government Charles Taylor London
Huge questions for UK govt after spike in virus cases

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Huge questions for UK govt after spike in virus cases

"The British government is facing huge questions over its corona virus testing system after a tripling in the number of daily positive cases over the weekend that was blamed on a technical glitch the latest problems to afflicted with this test and trace program emerged when public health officials revealed the nearly sixteen thousand cases once tabulated from September twenty five two October two the government says the technical issue was discovered Friday night then it's not been resolved the unreported cases within added to the government's daily new infections totals over the weekend boosting Saturday's number to nearly thirteen thousand and Sundays to twenty three thousand cases before that there had been signs that the number of new infections could be leveling off around the seven thousand a day mark Charles Taylor this month London

British Government Charles Taylor London
Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping After Birth

Babes and Babies

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Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping After Birth

"Before we dive into the interview with her, we're going to continue our little. Introduction. Birth plans series we've talked about preparing for your GB as test. We've talked about Bernie we've talked about all sorts of different things and today. I'm just going to touch on delayed cord clamping because it is something. So as a Dula. I started practicing in Vegas years ago, and at the time, not one provider would do it and it is something that is very beneficial for your children. And now more research is coming out saying that it is. Something that you should definitely consider putting in your birth plan and talking to your provider about so. According to. The. Pregnancy Association. It. Can Be very beneficial when he will allow the cord to. You don't clamp right away and you allow it to pulse for twenty five seconds up to five minutes after giving. Birth it allows blood to transfer from the placenta to the baby. Sometimes increasing the child's blood volume by up to a third there's tons of amazing iron stores in there. which is really good for healthy brain development also according to the a dot Org, which is the American College of obstetricians and gynecologists. It talks about how? DELETE UMBILICAL CORD clamping increases haemoglobin levels at birth in improved iron stores in the first several months of life, which may be very favorable for developmental outcomes. It can prevent NIMIA. A lot of kids can sometimes be Nimick in the first six months of life and with delayed cord clamping. Less and less, but with any decision you're making. It's also really important to know Not only benefits but the the potential risks and things like that. The only downside that they can see is that sometimes there is a small increase in John. Indus that might require therapy. In a certain group of infants. So there's the benefit of getting all that extra blood in iron stores and that helps with brain development and preventing anemia. But there is a very slight increase chance of having jaundice. So I can actually say in all my years practicing for anybody who has done it I have not seen jaundice case but I know that that research is out there that does back that. So as long as you have the information to. Make the best decision for yourself and for your family and have this conversation with your healthcare provider that to me I feel like is what counts I know that something that we're planning on doing it's a standard practice where. I am delivering so and we do touch on it. Next week a midwife is going to be on and she's going to just touch on it briefly, but I just wanted to go over the. So few are making your birth plan. Definitely look into delayed cord clamping I'm going to leave the links to these articles. In today's show

Bernie Jaundice Dula Vegas Pregnancy Association American College
At-Home Workout 2

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At-Home Workout 2

"So this one is going to be an intense one so clear some room in your house your garden or wherever tatum at home and tell me some explosive movements. Ms First Up. We get between jumping lunges song regime know how to perform a lunge but all the difference here is not it's apply metric movement is boost cardiovascular endurance as well as lower body strength. So what did you get into the lunch? Position prepared to jump by bending your knees and sinking down into a deep lunge lean slightly forward and contractual on then explode up as explode up and jump into the air. Bring your feet quickly together on twitter. Feed positions is as you begin to land. You should also switch your arm positions as you do as well and then obviously as you. Land maintain a balanced Position you'll forward knee each Catholic bishop Ford made should be over. Your forward foot are not beyond and obviously to make sure that you land softly on the forward mid foot and let your he'll come in contact with the ground and then repeats so that's a first movement the jumping lunch with that. Have a jumping. Squawked say similar to a bodyweight squats becoming the lost episodes but we're GONNA explode upwards instead of stopping at the standing position and jump up arms towards the sky or the ceiling and then landed safely sink into all squats. Repeat we did have the inch. One said the inchworm exercise for a little everything really helps strengthen the muscles of -Tario chain which the front hall your body and also stretches the muscles of your Paul Stereo Trains. Back off your body. So He's talked to me entire body in some capacity and getting the blood flowing again. Start Your feet. Roughly hits and support. Take a big breath. Did that as you exhale. Look down at the ground installed reaching your hands towards the floor in front of your feet allow you back to bend one. Vertebra at a time and place your in front of your feet and start walking your hands away from your feet as you can get further away from your body. Allow you heels to come off the ground as your body begins the straighten so when you huns directly under your shoulders check your phone at this stage because you should be full plank position you'll coal chess quads triceps and shoulders or engaged. Then when you're in the plank start walking your hands back towards your feet until directly in front of your feet and stomach up on repeat the movements again from this begins. Go into a high knees. Say Hynix engage. I'll cool strengthen the muscles in legs and get our heart rates up to improve momentum. A coordination and flexibility so feet hit with Paul together a false explosive action. Lift your knee up towards your chest. Alternating knees each time on next excise thing called a groin. A- now the going is was the two movements not cold. The Groin Outweigh game for the one that is the explosive movement rather than the stretch. So how do we do this again? To Stop for the plank or extended push-up position with Angie jumped. Bertha feet woods chest. Landing with feet next to our hand started on the floor and does jumping off feet up towards a hands again to raise your hands in front of us on. Rays are up a tool so so. We ended up finishing in a deep squat. We have placed on back on the ground in front of us and jump off the back and repeat movement so jumped the feet forward from descended prying colpepper position and then into deep squat and so on jump defeat back so these are all movements. Now is persistent conceptualize circuit. So we're GONNA START WITH FIFTEEN REPS OF ARE JUMPING. Lunges straighten to ten to fifteen reps of are jumping squats. Were then going to straighten to ten inch. Worms followed immediately by twenty five seconds of high knees. I'm then going. Finish the first round of the circuits with ten to fifteen groin as an opponent completion of the Groin. As this marks round one of four soon repeat this three times and hopefully you'll experience your heart rate. Pounding calories being burned sweat working up on. You'll have hot a great at home workout again. If is slightly beyond your experience or ability level than simply adjust the number of rounds of the number of reps exercise or again. Make it more difficult for yourself. By adding rounds or increasing rep counts or trying complete. It's time to say self-assessment time and then try to stick within like I had to do it under excellent time each time we can. We'll keep physically active at home. We just need a bit of space. Our bodies on the determination to continue on as normal despite no hunting James and San Juan to to accommodate us.

Tatum Twitter Paul Stereo Trains Bishop Ford Squawked Paul San Juan Angie James
Rookie Bellows Scores 2, Islanders Rally To Beat Kings

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Rookie Bellows Scores 2, Islanders Rally To Beat Kings

"Over on the ice in the NHL. Petri ended overtime in twenty five seconds and the Canadians beat the ducks three to Tampa got up early. And holds onto defeat Pittsburgh to the redwings snapped a nine game skid with a four to three shootout victory over the sabres the golden nights pounded the panthers seventy-two rookie keeper bellows had his first to an H. L. goals and help the islanders rally back to we the Kings five to three the devils. Shut out the flyers five nothing lost to the avalanche four to one. The Blues fell at home for the to the jets and Minnesota topped Vancouver Hoover Florida too.

Panthers NHL Redwings Tampa Sabres Bellows Islanders Jets Pittsburgh Vancouver Devils Kings Florida Minnesota
"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"McDonald's is only Mosey out here that up up it is basically very cannot be combined with any other offer or combo meal good morning at four forty I'm Harris Allen a tumultuous week in Major League Baseball the Capper yesterday the Mets cut ties with new manager Carlos Beltran less than three months after hiring them Beltran was implicated in the science dealing scandal was a member of the twenty seventeen after the team that won the World Series AJ Hinch was the manager of that's what Alex core the bench coach now all three have lost their managerial jobs this week Mets GM Brodie band wagon and said quote it was not in anyone's best interest for Beltran to move forward as Mets manager on quote the search for another new skipper is under way the sun beat the Knicks in the garden one twenty one ninety eight the Andre eight twenty six points a career high twenty one rebounds Devin Booker score twenty nine and Ricky Rubio twenty five points with thirteen it says the next got twenty six from Julius Randle but lost for the seventh time in eight games dropping to eleven thirty one R. J. Barrett left in the third quarter with an ankle injury was seen using crutches after the game hockey the island is hoping to avenge Monday's loss to the Rangers taking them out at Nassau Coliseum last night but was not to be Chris Kreider scored power play with twenty five seconds left in the third period the Rangers pulling out a three two victory Highlanders coach Barry Trotz sepsis capped arranges goalie Alex to your GF who had twenty one of his thirty eight saves in the first period only has our best chances are about the goaltender step up from those guys become your best sellers will will right now and get some emotion I wish we lost the game the last few seconds or so malekko thoroughly and reassess that again I also went over five on the power play the Rangers converted two of their five power play chances Josh Bailey Anthony bodily a score to the allergist because of that a jet and Tony de Angelo the other goals for the Rangers the devils lost at Washington five to to Alex ventured with his twenty fifth career hat trick devil's got goals from Wayne Simmonds and Blake Coleman dealt a goalie Louis Domingue left after the first period with a lower body injury Cory Schneider finished off the final to college basketball Hofstra sixty three North Carolina Wilmington sixty one at B. Quinnipiac by twelve Monmouth by eight over Marist and J. I. T. by eighteen over Lipscomb eighth ranked Oregon lost at Washington state seventy two sixty one with reports every twenty minutes Harris Alan WFAN twenty twenty sports did you miss one.

Devin Booker Blake Coleman Louis Domingue Cory Schneider Oregon Major League GM Andre Wayne Simmonds Ricky Rubio Highlanders Barry Trotz North Carolina J. I. T. Lipscomb Washington Alan WFAN hockey Mosey
"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

KNBR The Sports Leader

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Right six nineteen ninety six okay him as he goes straight up those has marks then dives down at the forty two with just enough for Ellis you first down it was a good read by Joe Berle because gal ski the inside linebacker actually moved to the edge of the deep that he ran right into that area quick snap the burly fix it inside handoff throws a default the single coverage it is too far intended for tomorrow chase well one of the flag look like Kendrick led to trip them up at the end of the play but also look like the ball was untouchable from our vantage point I thought the ball was a little bit over throw but I thought Kendrick actually reached out and grabbed him roughly the aid that should have been pass interference the song nodding his head in agreement with you the LSU fans as they see the replay and curry's well he is grabbed a hold the chase running a step behind the political for winter second down Intel issued its own forty two three receivers to the right single receiver chase dilemma en route to their left side of the world they did not get the lawyer five yard penalty still second down we will T. Higgins is driving to the Clemson locker room on the near side line one of the best receivers doesn't look to be any significant distress but he has left the field with the defense on the field right now for clients at seven fifty two goal third quarter hello sue leading twenty eight twenty five seconded fifty dollars to be told thirty seven same formation is able to go home reply to the right place to the top left in single coverage at least for the moment with tender it's another design school the reason those down at the forty one yard line this is twelve Kerry the night he's their leading rusher he is Terry just five times for thirty four yards flight ever dealer you wanted that hamstring is still an issue I don't think so I I really don't I just think that that right now.

Ellis Joe Berle Kendrick curry Intel T. Higgins Kerry LSU Clemson locker
"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Report is just Asher dominates knew they were gonna have Kevin Durant this season with other than Cary Irving they haven't since mid November last night's one twenty three to one eleven loss in Dallas Brooklyn has now dropped under five hundred fourth loss in a row look at don just let the maps thirty one twenty fifteen in the fourth quarter mix of for a fourth straight win tonight there in Phoenix the Rangers were in Calgary that the line early they scored two goals and twenty five seconds to tie the game at two in the front of the three but the flames one four three the devils top the islanders two one baseball suspended Yankee pitcher to make your mom for eighty one games reduced to sixty three based on time served last season Amman was involved in a domestic violence incident that ended a twenty nineteen in campaigning and want to see my eighteen games for the yanks his suspension is the long as a domestic violence case where there were no criminal charges the messages they never leave a delicate dance this is like the New York City marathon but chances has touched all five boroughs New York is in my blood you know I grew up playing in the lorry star I went to high school in Brooklyn in all seven of playing minor league Bornstein on two thousand eleven on a Monday to make big deal in the Bronx and our stand here chancellor was much uniform plan going against his final season the yanks he missed all but one game to different injuries NFL playoff pick up tomorrow with the two AFC wild card game Dallas Cowboys ever for the cut fries with long time coach Jason Garrett the giants will today interview former Green Bay coach Mike little Maria this is what's up there I'm Jan thanks so much features.

Bornstein Green Bay AFC NFL Phoenix Dallas Mike little Maria Jason Garrett Dallas Cowboys chancellor Bronx Asher New York Amman islanders devils Calgary Rangers don
"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

WNYC 93.9 FM

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"That terminology do you are you you actually diagnosed as a kid I was there I was actually more even more so is dyslexia but I use it as a strength as an instead of as a weakness so it's not like I read back I mean everybody does it has it in different ways that case number on us and if I read ten pages I might not process on and go back and read it but I still go back and read it and I've made it this far without any you know says he found me but interestingly I mean you would describe five billboards I think as being the king at writing lyrics that make you melt so whatever you bringing is is moving people is not your intention to move people that's every bit of intention I have I mean music makes me feel a certain way that nothing else can the world can make me do and so when I when I write songs I want to move somebody in a profoundly to to help them through something or being in the moment for three minutes and twenty five seconds or whatever the that's a piece of magic I think they said that about your song the long way yes over twenty million views stop hot on there is not yeah I want to write a song it's about getting you know somebody by taking a long way to their town by talking about it we take them on yes that's right where they wrecked their back the first time in their knee and as you know and go swim out that kind of stuff is what makes us who we are the way this is John of the ocean haven't you all love someone let the video has your don't get high yeah yeah to love someone and and we see lots of people who love song except let's talk about not only the song but let's talk about your yeah I can always side dogs all that can you yeah what is it that you don't get your license your dog is a good view key on and see yeah yeah that's like two hundred twenty nine thousand.

"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

KNBR The Sports Leader

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Twenty five seconds left to play here in the first half second downtown from his own forty two services that help read out of the backfield isn't steps up don't sit tries to with the stock number throws it incomplete woods on coverage third down now with the clock stopped at twenty seconds thirty Jan two good rushes by the Cougars unexpected pressure on the pocket throughout the course of this game by the Cougars much more than they presented against other teams now art and comes back in the game they played the previous two downs without him this gives him a little more versatility with what they can do bottom is wide of the far side for one of the near side you slowly struggled to his right hand the ball inside and that's all he starts left puts back inside doesn't quite to the midfield strike the fifty yard line well short of the first down and the clock continues to move nine eight and they may let both teams were just let this flock wind down five four and we have reached that has coached because he's got the ball to come back out to sea and continuing way to all time at the last second Mike leach call time out on the near side of lines yes we know that Mike thank you it's it's fourth fourth down.

Cougars Mike leach Twenty five seconds twenty seconds fifty yard
"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on KIIS 102.7

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on KIIS 102.7

"It was too strong and every time I take a moment or I'm just releasing all the guards I just talking and sharing and that's that's the beauty of what what I get to do I think it's it's everything to me we'll cover all this and more you guys Selena Gomez he's hanging out let's get this countdown going this is a song number twenty five seconds of summer descends on these are the only thing on our own the only thing that's gone and when the nights grow cold can look cool way and go away thank you stay thank you this day yeah sometimes you're a stranger I mean how you want me dead Polish way worse for me okay thank you to stay yeah these are the best thing in my life sometimes you are seen by down into somebody out on and you should be aware of Polish meal.

Selena Gomez twenty five seconds
Ohio State Passes Its First Test of the Season by Beating Penn State

ABC Perspective

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Ohio State Passes Its First Test of the Season by Beating Penn State

"For the first time this year Ohio state was truly tested looking like the game was getting out of hand Penn state scored fourteen points in just twenty five seconds to bring some tension to Columbus ultimately the Buckeyes remained unbeaten but for one of the only times all year Brian day saw how his team handled adversity that was the first time I've really felt well I mean here's a little bit Wisconsin game but that we were we were real right there and now we had a response back from against the wall so we did to win a game like that that was not clean shows the toughest that we have because you know you walk out of that game a good one a lot bigger than that Ohio State survived a test at home while organ failed there is on the road the ducks went to Tempe and got knocked out of the playoff picture after a thirty one twenty eight lost Arizona state and after the game Mario Cristobal says his team just wasn't at its best and in November that will prove costly throwing out our best fight we certainly never

Columbus Buckeyes Brian Day Ohio State Tempe Mario Cristobal Wisconsin Arizona Twenty Five Seconds
Penguins pull away in third to beat Devils 4-1

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Penguins pull away in third to beat Devils 4-1

"This for pain would score two third period goals just twenty five seconds apart to pull away from the New Jersey Devils for a four one win after Jeremy can't push the bits per lead to three one John Marino struck quickly with the second goal of his rookie season there was not going to wise to that kind of Saddam back a little and you know definitely we we just kept going so we can you know what office Reno now has points in four straight games Dominic a hooded J. cancel scored for the paying what's interesting Charlie made thirty six saves Pittsburgh is twelve seven and four new Jersey's third period was continue they've been outscored by twenty goals in the final frame this season Taylor hall scored for the doubles mackenzie Blackwood made thirty two saves before being pulled from the game to Jersey seven ten and for Josh Rowntree Pittsburgh

New Jersey Devils Jeremy John Marino Saddam Reno Dominic Charlie Pittsburgh Taylor Hall Mackenzie Blackwood Josh Rowntree Twenty Five Seconds
"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on WGN Radio

WGN Radio

03:09 min | 2 years ago

"twenty five seconds" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Five they're dropping the puck on number three John intro all right thank you very much balls and before we get going here our thanks to chef rental here at the United center for bringing us up some absolutely sumptuous cuisine had most of mine but there's some leftovers under way here in the third the bridge to the left circle turned out of there with a stick save for medical any stronger the right point deceiver chi slow John Adams up in the bread basket of medical any deal smothered hold on twenty five seconds into the third still one of the to find some energy here get some traffic around the front of the net trying grateful second third opportunity for a free to screen hopefully fourteener can't see something here but you got to find a way this is an important game you've got back to back games coming up here against the Dallas Stars and then after that back to back games against the cold days when near the left point this week the put down the board detainees back of the net in front the sod this was being bothered thereby couple lightning players sticks some rolls around from the left corner below circle at the park and it knocked office dictates what a Porter the last point the haunting fires a quick shot toward the net the deflected wide and now the Han at center ice blue line Mr transcend often warning clear the puck so he wanted to get deep into the heart so far corner leaves it differently lander behind the locked at the side passing of the left wing dominant center AC then don't set up the right corner boards and the lightning in marine carrying the park behind the lightning now to leave it there for big Victor Hedman heather with an outlet to catch the Shattenkirk inside the lightning zone the left wing for Gordon to lock in controversy took away soliloquy became the Murphy over the center a circle to show all with the lightning line twenty three tech research at the corner on the net can you get it back near the low point bothered by Paquette who then lifted Kane stick one of the top the floated center right Murphy with a quick now there's been a down in beside the lightning kill any guide to determine your corner curry doc any on route that'll young Rooney was able to get the part now to pack center ice for thirty seven okay to park in the right corner Axum Duncan Keith back together lightning in the chain he between the circle passes the Gustafson at center ice on the right wing put it down the boards and behind the lightning that's not going to put up the far side of Tyler Johnson had the Brady Coburn at center ice the plot of the hardline right wing down the board behind the far side for conical needed gave up the park to David camp who's able to open up the right side Bryant carpenter on the line the cross during sex gave it to Duncan Keith who tried to dump the puck into the light zone of that exact Smith.

John twenty five seconds
"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

02:15 min | 2 years ago

"twenty five seconds" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"In and trying to touch up over here in the near side is boomer can't do it the shot out front but go rescue the sea my feeling he couldn't find it he went down to both knees in the park was under his name well he's had to make some good saves in that was a big one it delayed penalty situation with that will gets through and Bentley gets on the board they would still get the power play good save by Ella chilling in J. you call that a bird in the box two minutes for holding so Bentley gets its first power play of the game twenty seven seconds left second period two zero airforce through almost two full Perry's airforce thirty shots on goal in this game let me a seventeen a stop in front of feeling still time twenty five seconds left in the airforce wins a faceoff and Maynard gets the clearer happens clear there then we will start two hundred feet away this one could carry over to the start of the third period as Bentley is still bottled up in its own in her constantly now left to right with the man advantage that's going to be go she speaker fifty takes it in behind the net feeds out front for a shot that was what at the buzzer meant pullover made that block right at the buzzer and the second period is over the will have a minute thirty three seconds a power play to start the third whatever force to nothing I was a good buzzer at the end right there because speaking of buzzer buzzing it was the buzzing a Bentley on that power play they had something going on the horn goes off but well if we're forced a great period the falcons got a goal they got a power play goal they have a two zero lead entering the third but we'll have to kill off a minute at least our plea to start the third period goal in the first in a goal in the second and the falcons go to the locker room for second intermission up by a score of two to nothing in the box so they've got Carter and Bentley all have the main advantage to open up the third world debt hi Sabrina on a Friday night here for stock in hockey second edition is straight ahead stick around on here for sports network from IMG college.

Bentley Ella Perry Maynard falcons Carter Sabrina hockey IMG thirty three seconds twenty seven seconds twenty five seconds two hundred feet two minutes
"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

Newsradio 700 WLW

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"It seems the Houston uses almost every second of the twenty five second Crocker forty second clock if it's after a tackle and they have trouble getting the plays in it seems their clock management on this drive has been atrocious now they have it at the forty five yard line with eleven seconds left in the half two receivers left one right to deep safety for the Bearcats tune out of a pistol formation catches the ball to fifty short drop guns a pass to the left a high throat incomplete and camp Jeffries nailed the reciever Jeremy single ten AM three jumped up and tried to maintain yeah it's kind of a two hand shop at the small of the back seven seconds left after the incompletion yep just sitting in the back nothing vicious by any means you know although he jumped up come down with that football so that would have been just to tackle so maybe two plays here for use and that's about it use its third down and along way seven seconds left in the half we see a hail Mary here Cincinnati as a safety waiting back at the twenty yard line I have a pistol formation to his back to throw gonna fire deep down the middle of the field intercepted by James Bond Hicks he's running it back to the fifteen to twenty to twenty five and he will be tackled at the thirty yard line SO two interceptions in the half for J. body Hicks there's a penalty flag near midfield yup hold again on Houston so that will then they have the defense of it would have been within another play because it's an offense of our apps over quite a half four J. bond hex to interceptions for the Bearcats to head to the locker room with a twenty one to ten leave J. by Hicks sophomore former high school wide receiver originally recruited the you say buy Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zach Taylor yes Sir did a great job there yeah you mentioned that the safety they were when you mention the hail Mary you are right on and the receivers didn't get down that far and in this particular case just thrown down there by Clayton tune and almost got a fair cop that when it was that easy of a good reception but you take.

Mark Randolph talks about turning a No into a Yes

The GaryVee Audio Experience

13:24 min | 2 years ago

Mark Randolph talks about turning a No into a Yes

"Everybody Buddy welcome to episode three twenty five of the ask. Garry show and I'm very excited about this episode. Let's go right into it. I know a lot of people watching livestream across all the platforms but it's GonNa be Lincoln today. As we continue testing out Lincoln live linked in. Please put in your phone numbers. If you have a question for for my distinguished guest here today Markham and allow you to introduce yourself in a second. new book is out. Obviously I'm really excited about talking about Netflix and his career but I want to get into a bunch of questions because even the first three or four minutes of just hanging with him before we went live. I think the energy is going to be really good which which is exciting to me from a content standpoint so mark. Why don't you introduce yourself and tell everybody a little bit about your origin. Story sounds good. Gary so Marc Randolph co-founder co-founder for CEO net flicks and now soon to be author. which is kind of adding something totally new to my mix for you origin story well? I'm I'm sixty one so I'm still working out with. My origin story is what were you born. I was born just over there in Chappaqua up so I'm a New York boy. He's so for the first half of my life and so. What kind of kid were you so? I was a kid who anytime I wanted to do something. My parents said go for it. That's I I come home and go dad. I'm going to caving in rather than being like what are you. What are you nuts. I get the fantastic. That sounds really cool. That's really neat. It was really neat. Where where were you in the only child you have siblings. I'm the oldest of three okay so right off the bat. Even you know it's funny you hear that a lot more from third child's else perspective so even as the oldest. Your parents had gave you some room. I think for third child. It's like what's what's your name. I know knows it was is really great. It all other thing I do reflect back on. What was it about how I grew up that maybe gave me? Some of the things I have and one is that it was also a family. We're no is always something to get around. It was like not something that you took no and walked and left from the standpoint of if your parents said no oh they appreciated you trying to figure it out a little bit 'cause my mom was like that a little bit yeah and also them kind of recognizing that whenever barrier came up it wasn't like we give up and walk away okay it. It was always being said there's amazing. Go right into this a little bit later this. I was graduating from college okay and I wanted to get a job as a advertising EXAC back. Okay I was really into yet anyway. I applied for this job at. NWEA air no longer here but firm Yup and it was one of those jobs which only usually usually goes to MBA's yup is an undergraduate so as long shot thing and those like I don't know a thousand people applying and I got the first round and then the second round they bring it in York and and I got the second round in the third round they bring you back and I got down to the point where there's only four people applying for this job and it was like Holy Shit and I went in in an interview with everybody whole day and didn't get it and went slinging backup to upstate New York college and going well screw it. I'm I'm not going to up so I wrote these long emails to our letters letters letters to everybody and basically was saying like all right. I'll try again. What what could I do better. What should I learn. What do you want to see and then the guy goes. Come on down and brings me up and offered me the job and the crazy thing is that no one was given the job none of the four of us interesting that this was a job which was about turning a no into Oh yes and so they said no to everybody and waited to see who would not take no for an answer really absolutely. That's amazing that a crazy crazy thing thing. I love it so that really is probably the best articulation of how I grew up interesting so you took that job kind of actually notice how I kind of the way you tell us what I'm like. He didn't take the fucking job I did and I took it even crazier job. which was there was the guy? I've ever told history before. There was a guy in Memphis. Tennessee owned a big cotton company sold it in the family of two hundred years made a gazillion dollars and was basically driving around throwing money out the window basically feels like today you're go he'd he bought these properties and I'm kind of an outdoorsy guy. They have always been into like your story was caves. Yes absolutely WHOA. This guy had bought a ski shop. He'd bought a place out veil and he was looking for someone to tie them altogether and he goes. You'RE GONNA. You're going to run this kind of this big CO marketing business. Did you know that family friends that someone like that. That would give you that at bat at that. Young of an age. There was some other variable relationships. You're you're drag me down. These complicated stories but you're pro so there's an organization that I apologize business where I wanNA bring value to the audience mark. Here's why the reason I'm probing is because I have a very good sense of my audience and ironically. I'm pretty good at this other than the fact. I love to interrupt all the time. I'm because I'm just because I already know what the answers are and because I'm usually on a time crunch so they actually the audience gets mad at me. 'cause I interrupt everyone on the flip side. I've an incredible sense about what stories could bring value. I promise you mark let me tell you one thing about this audience. This is not the today show like what's amazing about. This audience is thirty. Four people bull arbitrary number just heard that story and literally in the next twenty four hours are going to reply to a no and one was gonna get yes and you and I literally right now. Just change the course of somebody's life and that's what gets me high. It's it's unbelievable and by the way don't worry about the interrupting. I mean if you just said like pass the roles and the thought I was talk about the story cool. How'd you get them. So when I was fourteen they packed my parents pack up to Wyoming to do this. backpacking trip in the mountains uh-huh and it turns holidays again which one of your parents was super outdoorsy. If either my dad my dad grew up in Austria so he kind of just if you've gone so and then I loved this program and it was a personal teaches leadership using a wilderness as a setting and I was a student there for three or four summers and then I ended up teaching there as a leader and then eventually got to the point is leading leading the whole courses so a lot of responsibility young that was my college summer job and so this Julian Jay Hohenberger the third the guy with the Cotton Company at one of the things he did when he was throwing the money the window was. I'm GonNa take a course he. He went out to Wyoming. He did this course you taught it. I did not he was so in Namur d- by the course and instructors that when he heard from my through through someone else that I was of course leader there he goes. I want that guy. You know what's so funny. I to this day still have that in me. You show me a kid a guy or a gal who flips sneakers cells blow. POPS does cards like I believe in that Shit Genetic Markers for entrepreneurship I do not it's candy the arbitrage everyone almost everyone. I meet like you says the same thing. It's going in and buying it for ten cents in the next day you go to school for a buck and if you show me people not that it's why. I love people that sell weed who sought like if you tell me that you sold we'd from a bad neighborhood obviously a normally but not always and and you sold nickel bags. I already am interested in you because it means literally arbitrage dime bags. Somebody who's never smoked weed telling the story Free College. I always thought my friend Bob use would have been a good entrepreneur because he had the discipline and the grind to go down to the nickel bag bag level that takes a real fucking commitment and so- arbitrage anyway absolutely right. It's it's the vision to go knocking. It's seeing an opportunity. It's seeing a pressure differential hundred and that happens for kids who are six when it's candy. It happens for people in their twenty six or forty six when they see oh man taxis suck. I'M GONNA do hundred thousand percent. It's that's why it's a marker for that is someone who sees things really matched of course with all these other things. Of course you've seen which is what happened your kid out of school. You're twenty two and you're now running this conglomerate of different businesses and then even worse. I did this job percents and this company better the company that one of the properties was in in the ghost town resort in outside of Vale and the manager did your left and they go and I go I want that job and so they moved me out and now you're this twenty-three-year-old knows nothing and he's running this place which a sixty employees and as he's huge cash flow issues and a restaurant bar and and I'm going down. I'm doing the marketing and the advertising and it was like cashflow one. Oh one it was management one. Oh one it was thrown into this super deep pool and going to swim. You don't know how you're sitting. You're quiet because I'm like. Oh my God we grew up the same way. I'm the byproduct of the same thing in a liquor store. Yeah it was a small base of four five and six employees and then I grew it but by the time I was twenty five years old. I had managed people. I'd paid all my bills with my cat own cash flow. You know credit no credit line. I forget about fucking raising capital. No credit line the first business I built from three to sixty million dollars hours year in fucking eight years had no credit. That's awesome because then you don't see credit as a crutch. You see it's a thing that you is what you know now how to use that the US it's awesome and even if you're trained in it when I raised money for empathy. I didn't spend it as well when when that's exactly right it is something that could save you overspend your business and that is a very very strict teacher so I mean did that cool. Thanks yeah some stuff did that then. It got probably the the job which influenced me the most is. I got this weird job. Quick quick question. I struggle with Sir Twenty three and you're in in this resort town right. Yes resort town SORTA. It's halfway between Vail and steamboat which means the middle of nowhere but it's close to both and you're twenty three twenty three and you've got this kind of cool big job. How did you balance your personal life and your professional life at that point in your life because I've actually I'm not going to lead lead the question. What did you do. How how much did you date. How much fun were you having how much fun where you having a great thing it. Was it was a really good lesson. I had a lot of fun and So don't get me wrong. Because everyone was working. There was twenty three going go ahead and so and and it was the Alpha of the twenty three and that was leverage. That was the bad part though was that these guys it was on the banks of the Colorado River so they'd all go. Hey we're all going rafting going. I've gotTa do you know inventory. I gotta how to pay these responsibilities and it kind of really was painful. So I got a lot of funds. I'm not bemoaning it but there was this realization that there's a different level level of responsibility that I had but I did meet my wife there and so amazing did come out of come out of that go ahead all right so the come come back east and got this how old must've been only twenty four quick twenty-five two years in Colorado two and a half years okay keep going so come back and get this crazy job basically as gopher to the CEO of Music Publishing Company. I think my title was like a I chief of staff or something looking at all. These guys is like literally my so far. I just want everybody who's listening to you right now. I'm sorry mark I'm taking episode over listening. I just I don't know if you've been listening but I think I could see some of you in the room putting the pieces together my core so my advice is to do and like manage and like like actually make and sell it and then or and or if you want to be somebody go work as an Admin a gopher chief of staff for somebody. That's extremely at a very high level each shit. It is basically what I'm saying. Basically is what I'm saying and I'm just GonNa make it simple here so far. What I've heard from mark is the first two things didn't his career was jumped in full throttle. Sacrifice is what he was saying couldn't have as much fun dealt with all that was practical and then and then have the humility. Let's say one more time for all the people out there that love being a CEO had the humility to go from being the lead dog of something like that in that ecosystem going and being a gopher a chief of staff of whatever about the here and I just want to remind all of you this all lead for him to be the CO founder and CEO of Netflix so it's such a I'm so glad you called a little time out on that one because that that is the the piece of advice I give to every single person who goes.

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

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Shannon Sampson twelve hundred W nine one twelve hundred W twelve hundred dollars one thousand dollars six hundred dollars twenty nine J three years zero dollar one year
Ninja hits 1 million subscribers on Mixer five days after leaving Twitch

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Ninja hits 1 million subscribers on Mixer five days after leaving Twitch

"On the road today. Number five talk about ninjas mixer success. This is brian lava for over a screen rants followings highly publicized breakup with twitch twitch tyler ninja blevins is off to a good start on mixer gaining half a million subscriptions in his first stay an pushing the mixer app to the top of the store he did his first fortnight stream with the microsoft owns site from lollapalooza with crowd of fans visible on the stream watching him live and hand a much larger one watching him online the day afternoon now says moved mixture he posted on twitter that he had already hit five hundred thousand subs not significantly more subscribers than he has on twitch which is currently under fifteen thousand according to twitter tracker and twice the number you had at his peak of two hundred and fifty thousand in march twenty eighteen. You have to imagine the subs data fifteen thousand because people are fucking bailing march fifteen resume same page but still way more than his peak in march twenty fifteen of twenty five two hundred fifty thousand so it's important to note that mixers currently offering free subscriptions didn't interest channel to welcome into the interesting so it remains to see how many of the new rush of new subscribers will stick around once the promotion ends and nonetheless. It's an auspicious start for the streamers new channel after his risky move from the platform which he made his fame ninjas rival seems to have been a boon for mixture as well <unk> as ninja subscriber count grew that makes wraps climb to the top of the charts. It's currently top ranked free app on apple storefront. What power man the power when and ngos people will go. That's great. What do you think it means is this. Are we going to see a real shake up here. I hope so. I think that it is enough to at least cause some change but i really hope that it pushes just a little further a little faster than it's currently going because i want to see some real shit i want twitch needs some competition and i'm saying that as a consecrated it does not like the contracts that that they have exclusivity shit so let's get rid of that man. Here's the push here comes the push from ninja himself. Everybody needs you. Take it away. Oh he's not here so <hes> tim yeah. I'm excited to see you can change everything of travel. Go over there for we'll go over there if he can solve this gun violence problems what ninjas moves are still so far away shady in

Brian Lava Twitter Microsoft TIM Apple
"twenty  five seconds" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"Hello, america. I wanna talk to you about next week next week is really important week. And I think a game changing week for the fight against abortion. It is getting so crazy with abortion. We are no longer talking about abortion. We're talking about infanticide. And there is this new movie that's coming out. And is called unplanned. And it is a story of Abby Johnson who I think is a modern day hero. She this woman is amazing. She worked at Planned Parenthood for a while. And then she attended and had to help out on an abortion. And she saw what was really going on with an ultrasound freaked her out, and she realized this a baby. And so she quit and has become this really loving advocate for life. This movie coming out. It was given a rating of our by the MPAA. There's no swearing in. It there's no violence. There's it's this cenex there's no sex. There's there's nothing in it except for the procedure that you will see on an ultrasound of a baby fighting for its life against this abortion. Doctor it lasts about twenty five seconds. But it is impactful, and that's why they do not want your kids to see it. It opens next week. I'm actually flying out to do. Some theaters in Salt Lake City next week. Everyone must see this movie. And if you have thirteen year old kids bring them to see it. It's unplanned more details next week. Newsradio nine twenty four seven FM. Mary. From the network that brought you the bible has been talking about Jesus..

Abby Johnson MPAA Newsradio Salt Lake City twenty five seconds thirteen year
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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Making your free throws Maryland got to get the ball. Inbound. I get it to the right guys. Called immediately by Belmont. One time out left Maryland has to left foul standpoint. It's two shots. No matter. How many fouls occur possession arrow goes to Belmont? You still have to knock them down. You only get the ball and the right guy the right guys hands. But I still trust Anthony Cowan he has been a big shot guy at his career. I would still trust him. Even though he's struggle from the free throw line. Trust him with the ball in his hand. Today's broadcast in the first round of the two thousand eighteen inch J men's basketball tournament on the Westwood One radio network is attended solely for the private non commercial use of our audience any reproduction retransmission or other use of this broadcast without the express written consent of the NCAA and Westwood One is strictly prohibited. All right here we go fifty nine point four to play. It's a one point lead Maryland. This is a big stop right here for Belmont foul right away. Play defense for one good possession. Trying to get a steal the aggressiveness. But you don't want to give them to free shots. Baseline for the Turks. He can run the base body. Hops around. Floor. Five seconds to get it across the timeline. He does with three seconds to spare. All the Maryland fans on their feet. They lead it by one. I never liked this office you'll putting any pressure. Oh, the defense. Dowa Fernando Redondo post. Left side spins toward the baseline up top to Cowan. Doc it too. Gets it to Murphy. Twenty five seconds to play Belmont down by one Murphy, two steps in front of me. Hanging out. He's dribbling a few times. Wind down is down. Well. Dribbles with his right hand. Now cross. Wait. Five more who steals the ball. Two point five to play Maryland has the ball and a foul is. Win. The falls down puts if got a credit the active hands defensively for Maryland around the perimeter active hands foresee tough pass, no vision on that pass. Go down fouls on Murphy. He will foul out of this ball game will come back in. Gay just keep on going. These teams lose. This is what's frustrating such shops around the sixty four more cell. We'll go to the free throw line. More cell is sixty nine percent for the year. Four or five today. Everybody here's on their feet. Everybody in the arena here in Jacksonville up on their feet shots. The first one. Seventy nine seventy seven Maryland. One time out for Belmont. They're gonna take it here. I would say, yeah. I take here. Belmont will call a timeout down by two with one more free throw coming for Maryland. You've got to take the time out. Just in case they missed you wanna talk about what you're going to do in case they missed they have somebody at half court where you can immediately outlet it try to get a shot up. So you've got to take the time out before the second shock goes up to make they're talking about what they're going to go to make. They're talking about what they're gonna wanna miss both probably include getting the passed out the half court. All right. So if they make this free throw to Gough rate is Maryland and foul. Josh that question look. Right answer is whatever you prepare for whatever you practice in your situations because coaches go over situations in practice, if you practice the situation that you're going to foul you got a foul. If you don't do not foul force them to make the toughest shop possible. Which means make the catch coming back to the ball couple couple of dribbles, and they got a heat something up. I'd rather play those numbers if I'm a coach, I don't think in two and a half seconds. You can get a great look to the basket. All right. We'll see adults burger we'll check back in for Belmont. Again, more sell off one more free throw. Oh my gosh. Great game between the sessions mean great start with LSU and Yale. You'll make it a great comeback. Now this game, Maryland, Bilbao Belmont, some high level basketball. Both ends. Look at the coaches on the Maryland side Matt Brady. I mean, they're they're taking Brett's. They're throwing their airbags. They're wiping their brow. Now, they've got to see more Sal, go back to the free throw line for one more shot. Everybody's back except for the two Belmont players. Adults burger McLean. And now they add Hopkins. All the Maryland players are back. Guards up that can force the catch come back to the ball. You're gonna take away any long throw. That's the kids. Take the free throw to try to make it a three point game. Good rebound on the plane ghost. Marilyn well-served by wins at seventy nine seventy seven. Advanced.

Maryland Belmont Anthony Cowan Murphy Westwood One Bilbao Belmont Fernando Redondo NCAA burger McLean Hopkins Marilyn basketball Matt Brady Jacksonville LSU Gough Josh Sal Brett Yale
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Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"Experience with these obstacles than the Americans buy. Yes, barklay is gonna make it through Jeep run pretty solid through the rest of the course. And they're making like, oh barklay she's going to finish stage. Well, oh, my God barklay has finished stage. One big wonderful moment. That was really undermined for me because I just written down the time. Limit. Would have been the time. Limit for the regular course, which was two minutes and twenty five seconds. And she finished this stage one in three minutes in two seconds. And I was like, oh, so actually she technically didn't right through. I mean, a lot more people would finish stage one. If there was not a tight women like all is because they're going fast. I want I want to be like it's still great for barklay. But it's like I feel like they could have been a little more up front about the fact like well, this wouldn't have been a qualifying time in the regular season finishing. The course is a big accomplishment. Like, I kind of feel like they pretended that the that she would have been able to. Yeah. Well, did you know that she's only five feet tall? I I did not. Yeah. Well, they they love that do reminding us that she's very small, and that Brazil reason makes this much more exciting. Well, next up was Georgia Monroe from London. She's a waitress twenty years old. She calls herself the first female on team Europe. Despite the fact that there is another female on. I don't know which one gets to be the first here. I don't know. But the other one doesn't say it so true. This is agreed upon. So she's going to hurt grip is gonna give out on the double Dipper, and she's going to just go down into the water. And that's going to be end of Georgia Monroe the first woman on team Europe, fake, your maybe it's like, oh a lot of the time. They'll be like the first level of law to do something. But then somebody else says it in the same episode. And it's like well. Yeah. I guess technically. I ran I. Yeah. Right. So she's the first on team Europe. Then we get Jack Wilson the twenty five year old Australian motivational speaker he wanted to represent indigenous people of his country, he's a marathon runner and he's going to do decently. Here. Also not going to quite do enough to qualify in the regular season. But he is going to get the fastest time. Yes. And does matter off our site. It's a good day for the us trillions because it's my paper one of the home. Yet. Trouble on the jumping spider getting traction. And then seemed like he was running out of gas hunter sheep run. And then just like totally falls on the dismount of jebron managed to save it. But as I mentioned to two minutes and thirty seconds here for Jack Wilson, and it I guess it was a moderate day. I mean, they got the points. They got the points. But again, you you to be able to do it in the regular time. Limit. I think both points me about smoke personal pride here, and I contact interviewer Christine Lahey is like you did a dance. What was that? He says something about how the kangaroo is the national animal, but he doesn't actually like reference how that and the dancer connected like the inference there is that it was a kangaroo dance. But he just kind of says, the king grew is the national animal of Australia, and it just kind of sounds like he's saying trivia. I mean the dance did include like making kangaroo ears. Those look nothing like kangaroo ears like bug antenna. Grabby ears. These are literally bunny figures up explain to me how you do king grew. Here's I wouldn't go. Okay. So. Terrance laughing 'perfect came full hands not not just two full full fingers together. And then you've been them at the top that there will flop. Kangaroo not to fingers on either side of your head like, you're Richard Nixon. Okay. Well, if you want to settle this yourself, try it at home. Two two years two fingers versus all five and and see for.

Georgia Monroe Europe Jack Wilson Richard Nixon Brazil Terrance London Christine Lahey Australia two minutes twenty five seconds twenty five year thirty seconds Two two years three minutes twenty years two seconds five feet
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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on PTI

"Time is. Oh, Danny man. Oh, I went and got that from my groin. We'll. Starting to kill the show already. Welcome to PTI. Tony is recuperating too. I am joined by our great friend who now has a new podcast network named lemon tart and friends. We had friends, Dan Libertad. Knew we had friends. It's just a name. I don't actually have still just an it's an acronym for it's a long story not with Levitan ores podcasts, but with championship weaken, the NFL, Dan won't mind that the Rams will have to figure out how to feed drew Brees the saints, high octane offense and all that noise generated in the Superdome to that end. Sean Payton is employed as teams fans to focus on the first twenty five seconds of the play clock and make as much noise as possible to hinder communication between. Sean McVeigh is your golf, Dan. Do you think this could be an actual factor in the game? One of the things I find interesting is that football has gotten so sophisticated Mike that I don't feel like really we know as much as Peyton and McVay about what they're doing on offense. But we do know that Jared Goff is the weakest of the quarterback still in the playoffs. And we know that he was pretty terrible before McVay got there and started whispering in his ear in a way that makes them advance. So if I'm Sean Payton, that's exactly what I do. I try to fill up the communication because there's only one system quarterback in the entire playoffs left. And it's the one that you see in Los Angeles date. I don't disagree with any of that. But I would add this after the communication is shut off between the coach of wherever it is on the sideline and wants to talk to the quarterback in his ear like you said whispering in his ear through the helmet communication. He still has to communicate instructions to his players, and what noise is not important in. You mean to tell me in the Superdome, which I think is the loudest indoor place and one of three true homefield advantage is maybe four Lambeau Seattle. A Kansas City. You mean to tell me is not important to continue to make noise in the final fifteen seconds before the snap is that just Sean Payton beans of self absorbed. As always know, here's the thing though. Mike, I love the game between these two teams earlier in the season such sophisticated offense that even the saints defense, which is good. Having trouble keeping up when the Rams caused a turnover. I was like Dame over because there's not going to be a stop in this game. We're just going to see them go. There will weigh in this when I did the last ones in look like that right last one looked high scoring, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's exactly the same thing because these two teams are so fun and talented, you give me an over under Dan how many points in this game over I would go over sixty. I would go over sixty. And it's rare to get an over under over signal on a betting last rip. We go from talking about crowd noise to the disrespectful noise that surrounds the patriots who are sounding insecure and defensive about the blasphemy that is installing them as a three point underdog on.

Sean Payton Dan Libertad Rams Sean McVeigh Mike McVay Jared Goff Tony Seattle Levitan NFL Los Angeles Brees football Kansas City saints Peyton twenty five seconds fifteen seconds
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"Visit four minutes and twenty five seconds. There is remind you of Jay. Can I get one more get take take as many things as you as you would like? That one less because the guy that I'm thinking of swings with two hands. Yeah. I'm still yet to see some of these fucking hits weird angles. Yeah. He's got. I saw almost immediately. I have a thought who is Mookie. No, I I was gonna say, Ian Kinsley. Oh, I see kids. Learn his swing thirty home forty double guy. That's interesting. Same build. Yeah. I don't hate that. I see what you're saying. Yeah. I just saw one swing in particular that looked a lot liking Kinzler. Yeah. Now that you're bringing up. All right. He's got the hips open. Any like it was like a high pitch you need like it was a ground ball. Yeah. That's. All right. I like that. And how do you feel about it? Ian Kinsley comp. Career if he pulled off in Kinzler. Yup. Do you guys want to try and guess who's going to sign between now and the next podcast before I revealed tell us to tell us his who we're done trying. Wade miley. Wow. That's my guess. Where's he going? I'm going to say that he actually goes to the brewers. Stay resign with the brewers. I think that's going to be our big move between now and the next podcast, which would be a quick podcast. Yeah. Between now and the next podcast trying to think who else is still out there. Pollick? Kimbrel. Kaikal? Those are definitely the three biggest names. Marlin as Marlin as drubel Cabrera, Mike, moose stockists. I don't know. Why is it weird to think that the Blue Jays could sign Marlene Gonzales feels weird? Adam Jones still out there. Yeah. Nick, marcus. You know, what how about how about the Braves bringing Nick Marquette back? I could see it. Yeah. It's not a bad. Guess maybe. You'll get on the board. Maybe AJ Pollock. Yeah. I mean that would be sexier for sure. Yeah. Maybe not better but sexier. Yeah. Dallas. As as far as our guesses are concerned geo, maybe Klay DRO. I'd like to see a landing spot for kaikal. Yeah, phillies. That's what I'd like to see my personal theory. Is that kaikal in Kimbrell and probably Pollock will sign after Machado in Harper. Because I feel like if the Phillies miss out on Harper Machado. They go get they may go pay for Kimbrell and Pollick. I think. Yeah. I think I think Kimble's going affiliate regardless. Red Sox aren't going to pay him tote Tolo still out there. It's true. He wants to pitch in the big leagues he'll be on the fucking athletics. That's who I should follow signs as they need pitching. Phase the franchise they do need pitching Dallas. Starters. They need affordable pitchers. These starters. Yeah. Competent. I'm competent big year for Frankie montage, huge whore. Hay day. La Rosa still out there. Wow. Wow. Unbelievable. Hyler clipper, the clip, man. I'm sticking with. Who did I pick? Wade Miley to the ways Wade smiley. And so we're going want Mosser. And my final thoughts are that. Did you know in nineteen o nine tycoons when the triple crown hitting three seventy seven with nine home runs in one hundred seven RBI's? He also led the league in hits stolen bases that year. However, not a single one of his nine home runs with over the fence. What? That's funny. Those are my final thoughts slugger. Okay. All right. It's another week in the books. Amazing

Wade miley Ian Kinsley phillies AJ Pollock Kinzler Dallas brewers Harper Machado Nick Marquette Kimble Jay Klay DRO Adam Jones Blue Jays Braves Mosser Tolo Red Sox Marlene Gonzales Frankie montage
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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Fix our immigration system. Once and for all in recent weeks, we've seen a surge of unaccompanied children arrive at the border brought here and to other countries by smugglers, and traffickers. The journey is unbelievably dangerous for these kids two thousand fourteen by the way, June thirtieth two thousand fourteen when Obama said that, and you know, this his reference to on accompanied children why I wonder why that was I mean Trump and his administration have been roundly criticized for separating families. And the here is the one announcing that they were arriving that way during his administration, and it's widely known, but not reported that the Obama administration separated families, particularly those claiming asylum as well nothing unique to Trump about this. So this is out there now in Trump. I hope he continues this while we're at it. Let's. Let's continue here with our montage. We've added to it. We've made our own montage yesterday. But longer yesterday was I think twenty five seconds. Now, we got up to forty nine seconds. We've added Nancy Pelosi to our Democrats advocating the wall regarding blue enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the US legally, I voted numerous times when I was a Senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in those went our country legally, and those who employ them this respect the rule of law, and because we live in an age where terrorists are challenging our borders. We cannot allow people to pour into the US undetected undocumented on checked all of us agree that we need to have comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform. That can only begin strong border control. We must have that. We must control our borders. That's Nancy Pelosi. That's two thousand six bucks that was on June twenty a two thousand six Obama the first bite two thousand fourteen. In that montage Obama was April two thousand six and Chuck Schumer was in June of two thousand nine Hillary Clinton two thousand fifteen so basically starting all the way back in two thousand five or two thousand six up to a couple of years ago. All of these Democrats were all saying now when it came time to vote on this they only Hillary using I voted to spend my she only voted when it was safe to vote that way. Meaning the Democrats were not going to carry the day. The money was not going to be allocated. But they allowed Democrats to vote in those circumstances if they needed that vote to win an election to satisfy constituency somewhere or a donor who was demanding something or other. So not not that they made any of this happened because none of this ever got resolved. And this is another point to make not a single bit of this ever got resolved. I hear the Democrats and knowledge in this crisis all the way back two thousand five two thousand six. Two thousand nine two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen and yet. All day on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday. All we heard from the Democrats was manufactured crisis. And all day Tuesday at all day, Wednesday and all night last night, the drive by media manufactured crisis. Tucker Carlson put together a montage. I happened to be tuning around last night. And I saw this montage. I sit there, and I smile when I see these it was a montage of all the Democrats and all the media people using this describing this is a manufactured crisis. And we started this trend way back in one thousand nine hundred ninety two thousand when George W Bush chose Dick Cheney is vice presidential nominee running mate. And that's when the drive bys all started saying that the choice was because of or contained gravitas, and we have put together numerous montages over the years following that wants to demonstrate the tie in between the democrat party in the mainstream media that they're one in the same. And of course, the question is who goes I in this is that the media that comes up with the term or the Democrats, and then who follows and it is my contention that in the last couple of years, it's the media leading the leftist show. It's the media leading the Democrats. They come up with something. Democrats follow it really doesn't matter because they're all aligned anyway. And whether the media is leading the Democrats on a day-to-day basis or not in all practical matters. They are aligned and have the same agendas in the same objectives. Against Republicans and against conservatives. And it's just it's manufactured crisis manufactured crisis. At Democrats were talking about the crisis in two thousand five and two thousand six in two thousand nine two thousand twelve two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen manufactured crisis air, accusing Trump of manufacturing this when no crisis exists. And here's where the Democrats are now. Pelosi. I'm sure you've heard the stories about the lying stories about how Trump stormed out like a petulant child in the negotiations yesterday between Pelosi and Chuck and himself in Pence. And Schumer puts out e just stormed out like a child when Nancy told him there wasn't gonna be a single dollar. He stormed out. He just he just threw a temper tantrum. And you left and Pence is not true. He's passing candy around in his meeting where the Democrats are right now. I mean, it's it's no mystery why they hate Donald Trump. They are being governed in dominated by hate. Find it fascinating. They're always the ones launching that allegation at us. But it is unmistakable. It's undisguisable. It's undeniable they hate Donald Trump or a host of reasons we've all discussed the we know what they are. But hatred is a poisonous thing. And they've now gotten themselves into circumstance where despite all of the history, we can go back as we've done and bring back to life all of the sound bites and all the videos of all these Democrats saying identical things that Donald Trump has said. Today acting like they never said those things accusing Trump of manufacturing a crisis. Their position therefore is we don't need to do anything. There isn't a crisis because Trump is manufactured it. And so whatever is going on at the border is okay. It's fine. We don't need to do anything about it. We're not even willing to authorize an additional dollar. To shore up border security. Now, we got out exam Galil contests. Am I we play the audio yesterday where she and this is so I open ING it tells you how they actually feel about native Americans. And I don't mean Indians I'm talking about legal American citizens. Okay. CEO Cortez said the people arriving here with nothing, but the shirt on their back are more American and have more in common with America. Then the big it's trying to keep them out. And so as far as the Democrats are concerned, there's no such thing as illegal in this situation. There is no moral component here whatsoever. United States needs to keep its border open and admit these people because it's our fault. That we exist. This. We do. It's our fault. We have so much prosperity. And they don't it isn't fair that we have so much in they don't. And so if they wanna come make a claim on it, then we have to stand out of the way and let them. Because they are more deserving than we are even though we are the producers, we're the ones that made it happen for over two hundred years. I'm talking about the American people. But now all of a sudden, according to the modern day democrat party illegal non citizens have a bigger claim on the prosperity and opportunity in this country than you or I do and the democrat party is right there endorsing it. Alleging manufactured crisis over circumstances. They themselves have acknowledged and promised to fix and promised to address and promised to spend money on for many years in the past. So they're now they're stuck. They are glued. They are solidly attached to the position that there isn't a crisis that there's nothing going wrong that there's nothing that needs to change. Nothing needs to be fixed. Everything's fine. Now. Of course, this isn't true. It is a crisis. It's not manufactured. But it is a crisis. They think they will benefit from. I should tell you another thing. They are more concerned folks with people who are not citizens than people who are you a new one of the reasons why. One of the reasons why is the Democrats know. That as time goes on more and more Americans figure them out. More and more Americans understand that they are not honest. They don't appear before us telling us who they really are. And what they're really gonna do. They have to mask themselves camouflage. You know, the whole drill. So more and more people in this country over time become more and more understanding educated about the democrat. So here comes a crop a never ending flow of illegal immigrants and don't even speak the language. Who cannot provide for themselves, and they don't care who the Democrats are. And they don't and it, and it's gonna take them years and years and years to find out it's a never ending supply of lower class socioeconomic economic class people become dependent, and it's also a supply of people that are never ever gonna figure out the democrat party not in the near future. So in addition to the Democrats needing a permanent underclass economically. That is always dependent will always vote for them. They also need a never ending supply of sheer ignorance. People because they don't speak the language people because they're not very educated. And certainly don't have any ability to earn significant income are never going to figure out who the Democrats are the Democrats will find it much easier to lie to these people that it will be to continue to lie and get away with it. American people at large. And if you think I'm wrong about this take a look at presidential elections. They don't win everyone and Trump beat Hillary Clinton who was supposed to be a big landslide winner. It is accurate to say that more and more Americans do finally figure Democrats out and left us out if they didn't with the help of the media and all the other advantage. They've got we would already have lost and become a pure socialist dictatorship by now, but we haven't ends because people continued to be wise to who the Democrats are not saying that it's not problematic, and I'm not saying, they're not powerful or strong. Don't misunderstand me here. I'm just saying that it's not a slam dunk. They win everything. It's not a slam dunk that they fool everybody. It's not a slam and Donald Trump. God bless him is out demonstrating each and every day how you push back against these people and how doing so succeeds. Let's take a brief timeout. We'll come back and continue before you know in times like lease. We need him more than ever.

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"twenty five seconds" Discussed on 710 WOR

"The politics and fix our immigration system. Once and for all the recent weeks, we've seen a surge of unaccompanied children arrive at the border brought here and to other countries by smugglers, and traffickers. The journey is unbelievably dangerous for these kids two thousand fourteen by the way, June thirtieth thousand fourteen when Obama said that and you'd notice his reference to on accompanied children why I wonder why that was I mean Trump and his administration have been roundly criticized for separating families. And the here is the one announcing that they were arriving that way during his administration, and it's widely known, but not reported that the Obama administration separated families, particularly those claiming asylum as well nothing unique to Trump about this. So this is out there now in Trump. I hope he continues this while we're at it. Let's. Let's continue here with our montage. We've added to it. We've made our own montage yesterday. But longer yesterday was I think twenty five seconds. Now, we got up to forty nine seconds. We've added Nancy Pelosi to our Democrats advocating the wall here. Go. Gabu enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the US legally, I voted numerous times when I was a Senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in those went our country legally, and those who employ them this respect the rule of law, and because we live in an age where terrorists are challenging our borders. We cannot allow people to pour into the US undetected.

Trump Obama Obama administration United States Nancy Pelosi Senator twenty five seconds forty nine seconds
Airport Scares Related to Respiratory Illnesses

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Airport Scares Related to Respiratory Illnesses

"Travel season is behind us but thanksgiving is going to be here soon enough so air travelers listen up. There is new information that could save you from catching a cold on your trip as NPR's, Michael Ian, do cliff reports the key may be washing your hands before you even get to the gate. The new advice is based on a very simple experiment at the international airport in Helsinki. Researchers took little cue tips in rubbed in over various surfaces in the airport. So things like the handrails the buttons on the elevator. Even the toilet Flusher. Then they took the samples back to the airport and look for signs of respiratory viruses. Like the flu in the common cold one surface at the airport popped up as a hot spot for these viruses. The plastic bins at the security line these trays or not, you know, cleaned after every use and you've got ends of people going through. Through these lines on any given day. That's stuck your Mark Jinro from Beverly in Addison Gobert hospital in Massachusetts. General specializes in aviation medicine in wasn't involved in the study. He says it was published recently in BNC infectious diseases, and he points out that it was very very small. The researchers took only ninety samples across the entire airport and they were only looking for respiratory viruses, not for stomach bugs. But Junejo says the conclusion of the study matches up with previous ones here in the US in particular one study at Boston Logan International Airport, tried to pinpoint disease hotspots in the airport. Guess what was at the top of the list the security line? You have people from all over the world congregating in that area that geographic diversity of people using credible. So it's crowded there can be poor ventilation and you've got the potential for diseases from all over the world meeting in that one spot. So what should people? Do after they come out of security number one. You've got to sanitize those hand use gel hand sanitizer with at least sixty percent alcohol or go the old fashioned root in wash with soap and water. Either way the rubbing of your hands has to be at least twenty five seconds. You've gotta have some friction, and they're just rob the cellular membrane of the micro organism in order to activate it. Finally. He says be mindful of not touching your face before you disinfect your hands. Eighty percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted by human hands your hands touch something like a security been then you touch your nose or mouth and the next thing. You know, you're fighting off a nasty cold.

Boston Logan International Air Mark Jinro Junejo Helsinki Addison Gobert Hospital Massachusetts BNC Beverly Cliff NPR United States Michael Ian Mike Pierre Twenty Five Seconds Eighty Percent Sixty Percent
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"Oh so that was the actual things, that make, you go Things, that make you go very different very different very different Oh I saw your brother Bob at, the grocery, store today Oh that is yeah And guess what he. Didn't, have pants. On The song it's too long It's. Like twenty five seconds long we just. Need smoke break Maybe intro. Plays. The more we get to just? Kick. Fist-bump Swigert cobby whoa what do you do. Over there right and I do all that kind. Of stuff anytime use it plays where frigging high like. Beasts I know I have noticed there. Was half the time. Steve's got his face and his. Phone he'll be one time Oh yeah mom? Doesn't understand, the the phone is also you know like a functioning computer not you usually. The. Phone is facing you and your? Posing. This is what I'm saying I do try. To get done in some instances stories she oh. What's the word panics like any of your aunts do. Wait wait where's this going on right. Now you know now Oh what oh say something, now, all right here's what made me? Go this morning Do you know that parents are now hiring? Video, game tutors for their kids tell me what you mean by is this mean well some parents. Have started hiring video game tutors to help them on for twenty, bucks an. Hour they help your kids get better at the biggest games, right now especially. Fortnight do you know we're talking. About fortnight today on. Twin cities live at. Four we've a tech expert coming in you've heard about fortnight you've heard the word you might not know what. It is or why kids are so into, it or why they're getting so angry some kids are getting angry, at the game and there's there's pressure. Not just to play a game like fortnight but, to be really good at it so kids are super obsessed with these video games so their parents want. Them, to? Be, good at something. That they. Love so much so in that way Could be a guy don't know when your parents. Got horseback riding lessons With the rise of e sports if a kid gets good. Enough maybe they could go pro at video games and make real money so. They think it also may eight helps them with Their social skills I. Don't get that one you know, there is a real video you can go pro and video gaming. I suppose you want your kids sitting on the couch Playing video. Games all day I mean I suppose. If you're sitting at a piano yeah what's the difference Satan Not. Active we're not. Moving, yeah Have you ever? Do you know. What fortnight, is, I'm not familiar I, mean obviously. Have heard about. It I heard it I. Know I've never, seen, it I'll can tell us about. It, all right oh. Yeah, she goes, deep. Sh she. Goes deep hey you ever heard of Stevie Wonder? Yeah I think. So yeah, beautiful, songs beautiful voice speaking Pianist total friggin. Fraud, how so, total friggin fraud Stevie, wonder's first name. Is? Not? Short for Stephen Stefan Guess, again Five? Guesses steadily no Kinda close..

Stevie Wonder Steve BOB Fraud Stephen Stefan Guess Twenty Five Seconds
Mark Reynolds homers twice in Washington Nationals debut against Arizona Diamondbacks

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Mark Reynolds homers twice in Washington Nationals debut against Arizona Diamondbacks

"Sports flash back and morning again the washington capitals finally made the conference finals and now they're halfway through the quarter stuttered by jews time expires does it john walton on caps radio chew goals in the funnel sixty two seconds of the second period to break a to science hamp obey the caps at six to win freight shoe will lead on the lightning washington now seven and one on the road this season game three in their place tomorrow night the jets and golden knights play game two in winnipeg this evening the jets took their opener the warriors in iraq it's finally returned to the court this evening game want western conference finals in houston shortly after nine eastern hopefully this one provides more drama than the east opener yesterday afternoon the celtics writing a twenty five two firsthalf ron to a one hundred eighty three final over the cavaliers lebron just fifteen points with seven turnovers game two tomorrow night in being town veteran slugger mark reynolds returned to the big league last night blanchet second the pitch and it's hidden into laughed and relatives had another the national top six to four mark reynolds and his washington debut here tonight is hit two home runs this bradley that scores kendrick in front of him and washington polls in front now six two four that's greg solti on down in banks radio reynolds didn't find work this all season eventually signed with the nationals in the spring then came.

Kendrick Washington Cavaliers Houston Iraq John Walton Greg Solti Jets Bradley Mark Reynolds Lebron RON Celtics Warriors Winnipeg Sixty Two Seconds