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Elon Musk Doubles Down on A.I. Ambitions Despite Regulatory Scrutiny

WSJ Tech News Briefing

01:27 min | 3 months ago

Elon Musk Doubles Down on A.I. Ambitions Despite Regulatory Scrutiny

"Tesla has been leaning into artificial intelligence as we've talked about on the show company's tapped ai to power assisted driving beecher's and eventually wants to use the technology in fully autonomous vehicles. But at the company's ai event last week ceo elon musk reveal. The tesla is going even deeper on. Ai you might have seen in your feed that. He unveiled a humanoid robot. We're setting it such that it is At a mechanical level at a physical level. You can run away from it and most likely overpowered here to break down. All of that is our reporter rebecca. Elliot hey rebecca. Thanks for joining me. Yeah thanks for. Having me amanda. Okay so tell us about this robot. What exactly is musk pitching here. So tesla introduced what it is. Calling the tesla bhatt on thursday and this is a human looking robot expected to be about five foot eight weighing one hundred twenty five pounds. The prototype elon. Musk said he thought would be ready. Next year Though what we saw on thursday was you know a human dressed in a robot costume dancing on stage. So you know make of that what you will.

Tesla Elon Musk Beecher Rebecca Elliot Amanda Musk
The Truth About Pandemic Weight Gain

The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous

02:00 min | 4 months ago

The Truth About Pandemic Weight Gain

"I've been seeing a lot of reports in the media about how much weight everyone supposedly gained during the pandemic year. And some of these numbers are pretty alarming. One highly regarded source reported an average weight gain of twenty five pounds. Another widely reported survey. Put that number even higher at twenty nine pounds. Meanwhile everyone on social media is bemoaning. The fact that returning to in-person work or school is going to require a whole new wardrobe because they can no longer fasten their so-called hard pants internet memes and jokes aside massive weight gain in a large proportion of the population would have serious implications in the form of increased disease burden risks and disability. Fortunately when you take a closer look at the data the actual situation is not quite as dire or dramatic as news. Reports would suggest one of these reports for example is based on an internet survey conducted by harris poll on behalf of the american psychological association. And contrary to what you may have seen about this in the media the survey did not find that the average person gained twenty nine pounds during the pandemic four in ten of those surveyed actually said that the pandemic did not result in any unwanted weight. Change twenty percent said that they experienced unwanted weight loss as a result of the stress. The remaining forty percent said that the pandemic had led to unwanted weight game and the average reported weight gain in that group was indeed twenty nine pounds but only half of those or twenty percent of all respondents reported gaining more than fifteen pounds. Keep in mind as well that all of these were self reported changes not verified by any actual weight data so it's unclear just how accurate people's reports or recollections

American Psychological Associa Harris
Psychedelic Renaissance with Amanda Feilding

The Drug Science Podcast

02:48 min | 7 months ago

Psychedelic Renaissance with Amanda Feilding

"You ended up running psychedelic research institute like beckley right. Well i wonder how to minimize it. Damn i grew up in a very unwieldly setting. It's a house. They beautiful to hunting norge but basically owner sack some castle with three months and it would they isolate on the age of a mall and my parents were definitely. My father was an eccentric and says it was a strange for the isolated upbringing. Had nothing much to do but can mature around nature having little mystical experiences and dreaming about two and then i finally decided to leave home winter boarding school which was a terrible mistake and i want to silence the school. Tom price and warranty books on buddhism because my godfather was a famous buddhist monk and i'd never mentioned but i kind of helped him of high magic nation and the noun refused to give them and said they give me books not said d much but i'm off and then i left them with twenty five pounds in my pocket which was old woman allowed to take ruled in those days. The my have much more to give me and window for the next six months traveling toward salon. Where my godfather the walls. But i got kind of north in the desert and ended up living with avidity interesting bidu tribe Of the shalem his tried when down to the eight and we had all sorts of inches and it was a very exciting time when finally go to england is somehow got to be. I was off by professors ena. Who was the head of really the top professor in the world full compact religions and buddhism and he took me on as a student and studied with him it nipple mysticism sacred and profane and mysticism from age. Ten with my favorite topic. Shall i studied with him. Become awkward out but it was very interesting. And then i would think accused sixteen to canvas by someone who shared this index of me. Who'd been in the all men that with quite a few years older and i was amazed beauty which came out to she every rachel's on and then that was state when i was

Beckley Tom Price England Rachel
A Stroll Through Racing History: Peter Pan

The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

01:47 min | 7 months ago

A Stroll Through Racing History: Peter Pan

"Later today. The new york racing association will present the peter pans. Jake's a grade three tests for three year olds of the violin. Eight at belmont park. The racing world will be watching to see a potential belmont stakes. Contender might emerge from the field and has been the case many times in the past but for our purposes. We take a look back at peter. Pan himself the champion thoroughbred of the early twentieth century for whom the race is named peter. Pan was a home. Home-bred fold in nineteen hundred four for owner breeder and wall street investors. James r keene. His trainer was hall of famer. James rowe who would count peter pan among the record thirty four champions. He conditioned turf historian. Ws burke described peter pan as a bay with a narrow blaze. his head was broad between the is deepened the jowl and square at the muzzle. He had a stout neck. A beautifully laid shoulder and a deep girth and flakes. His barrel was buried. Full the ribs arching the quarters massive and the tail set low all according to vosper on another occasion fosberg described. Peter pan is a big burly bay with every evidence of constitution and a degree of courage which helped him carry his speed. When the pace was at its fiercest asks for breeding. Peter pan was the son of belmont stakes winner and two-time forcibly your command bill. His mother mayor named cinderella and one in stakes company in england at a mile and a half. His third dam was a full sister to the epsom derby winner of eighteen. Seventy two as a two year old in nineteen. Oh six. Peter pan scored his first aches victory. On june twenty eight taking the surf stakes at five and a half furlongs as the co. Second choice at the sheep's head bay racetrack in brooklyn a few weeks later on august sixth. He's on the flash bakes the same distance saratoga leading all the way under top weight of one hundred twenty five pounds as the two to one favorite

James R Keene New York Racing Association James Rowe Peter Pan Belmont Park Peter Vosper Fosberg Jake Burke Bay Racetrack England Brooklyn Saratoga
Lauren Oyler Talks About Deception Online

The Book Review

04:20 min | 10 months ago

Lauren Oyler Talks About Deception Online

"Lauren. Oiler joins us now. From ithaca new york. Her first novel is just out. It's called a fake accounts. Lauren thanks so much for being here. Thank you for having me alright. So people know your name even before this novel moseley probably as credit. You've written book reviews for the new york times booker view but also for many other places. Talk a little bit if you would about your reviewing. And how did you get into this well. I started reviewing as elliptical writer. As i think. Many increasingly many writers wrench generation will have to sort of similar background. Just about the millennial generation yes. I'm eleni on thirty years old. So i consider myself a true millennial smack in the middle and i said in english and college and when i graduated i moved to berlin and part because it was really cheap to live there and i wanted to work on my writing and the first sort of opportunity i got with to write liberals about books so every week i think for over a year i would write like a top ten list about top ten bucks three when you're sad and second your house or or whatever and you just made these like did you just come up with all by yourself or did you sort of pull friends. How did you compile them. Sometimes they would suggest something so if there was some event or you know if there was a holiday. Do something related to that. But it was really like. I could do whatever i wanted. And i think i was being paid. Twenty five pounds per article. Which means that. I had a lot of freedom to sort of cover the kind of books that i wanted to cover and do sort of weirder things and in the process of researching this column. I read a lot of criticism. I read a lot of weird sort of book websites. And i learned a lot about what was going to contemporary literature. Learned a lot about what i liked. Agent like in criticism as well. I want to hear everything you learned in all of those areas. I mean i. I guess what. What were the weird book websites. Well at the time we were living through a period which is now referred to as it right so the author but maybe many listeners will know from this movement is tau win. But there was a large group of sort of internet inflicted writers and poets and novelists who are doing sort of experimental literature. That was very much inflicted by the internet. And what kind of book criticism did you read. Where did you turn to other than us. Oh of course. I was reading really widely. But the thing that the way that i really got into it in the way that i sort of developed my style was by reading. Lots of old issues of el arbi wonder review of books online. And i just found that that you know. They're sort of signature combination of of very sort of cheeky. It's not cheeky. But it's it's very indepth in a along review. In which many sort of the books. The books are viewed for many different angles but ultimately there's a real perspective that's gone into those pieces that i really connected west. We should say at this point because it doesn't necessarily show up in your voice that you grew up in west virginia so this is like a very presumably big cultural shift going to berlin and reading the l. r. Did you grow up exposed to a lot of books and to criticism as as a as a kid or a teenager. No absolutely not. Don't overstate might rural upbringing raw. Basically not in a suburb but but something like a suburb But there wasn't you know there wasn't a lot of there weren't a lot of magazines around like i wasn't reading the new yorker. My family was reading the new yorker and my family our readers but they're reading sort of marshawn nra Stuff which is fine. And i should have to do my customary disclosure. Which is that. I did go to jail so that is really where. I got my my hose. Anything you can see the semi writing as well which is a real combination of of colloquial like mainstream kind of slang and the higher register that could be interpreted as literary or more serious. And i think that it really does come from this kind of normal upbringing in west virginia combined with suddenly. I'm at yale. And then i moved to europe.

Moseley Ithaca Lauren Berlin The New York Times El Arbi New York West Virginia Europe
The price of rare plants

On The Ledge

06:08 min | 1 year ago

The price of rare plants

"Right. Now it's time to talk about rare plants and when this turned into a ranch, I wanted to be a reasoned argument but I hope that this will give you pause for thought about what's happening in the house blunt world right now, I guess I got really alarmed about plant prices. When applaud the I've been lusting after suddenly went up in price. As many of you know through the podcast I've been looking for a piece of Panteli sensation, a cultivar of tons of area. Correctly Justina As been moved to the dressier genus, the snake plant, I've been looking for. Peace or a plant of this particular offer longtime. Now, for some reason, while they're common in the US, they just aren't that common here in the UK and I haven't found a shop selling them I think couple of people found a plot shop in Poland selling them, but I still do not have one of these plants. So I. Put an Ebay search save out there. So that anytime anyone put one of these plants on Ebay. I. Would know a few months ago the last cutting that I had been watching the last pup that I've been watching when I think he has for about twenty five pounds and I missed out on time because I thought that's a bit expensive. Anyway another pop came up from the same seller I think very recently about two or three weeks ago. I was Kinda getting excited because the price was still quite low are and all watching the countdown and the price was still about ten pounds and I thought. The chance here? How much did it go for? It went for it went for about eighty seven pounds. For a tiny stick of a snake blunt. Thanks to the listeners by the way who offered to send me a piece of their bench Elson session from the US very kind of you. But I don't think it's a good idea given plant health and spread of diseases to be importing individual plants from the US plus. Don't think it's worth it for the air. BYLES. Of course, there are other house plants that are going for much much more. The headline in The New York Post recently was some sucker in New Zealand just spent five thousand dollars on a house plant. There was a variegated rafic for a test drive perma with variation, the basically split relief in half between the regular caller and sort of golden yellow. and. That plot went for eight thousand, one hundred fifty New Zealand dollars on the site trade me nuts about five thousand. Dollars in other words, a lot of money and there is a track record for plants on this trade me site going for a lot. There was a Hoya I think it was a Hoya compactor with the reverse fair Gatien the way for six and a half thousand New Zealand dollars. A before POPs a couple of months before I'm, and of course, we all know about the variegated monster at unsown. With those little holy leaves marked with cream the have also gone for some really interested. High prices recently, this has been building for a while. Now, this trend towards rare or Unicorn House Plaza cost a lot of money but I think that lockdown has exacerbated this desire for plants as lots of people who want to. Live and up their Home Office of got into the House plant thing during lockdown adjust desperate for these very, very rare loans. And I think we've really got to take the long view about this in that planck. Crazies are really nothing you. My first thought is back to the fern craze in the mid eighteen hundreds I wasn't there I'm not quite that old over my children would probably beg to differ. So in the mid eighteen hundreds around the world. There was a firm fever that really took of people and lots of women in particular were going out and bought an ising and looking for funds in the wild and buying. Funds from nursery such as the famous and now defunct lodges of London with the huge glasshouses, and these were really desirable things to own back. Then the talent teradata mania was coined by Sir Charles Kingsley and he wrote your daughter's perhaps I've been seized with the prevailing Tareyton mania and are collecting bind funds with wards cases where into keep them for it's you have to pay and wrangling over unpronounceable names of species which seemed to be different in each new book that they buy till the territory mania seems to you somewhat of a ball. So that might be familiar. Scenario of of wrangling over the names and buying the special equipment, the wards cases, which is just the original server terrariums plots in. So that is an illustration of the fact, this is not a new a new thing. Plunk raises a bit around forever I mean even Coleus those cheapest chips plants that you can buy very very easily are certainly not subject to a premium. These days were at one point something, very new, exciting and expensive. If you check out Dr Catherine, Horwitz Book Potted Histories, you'll find out that a dozen new coleus hybrids sold at auction by the RHS's one, hundred, sixty, eight when for three, hundred, ninety pounds. How much three hundred ninety pounds is worth today about thirty thousand pounds so As I say it's not new and equally even further back in history chilly fever and sixteen thirties same time citrus trees also massive status symbol mainly because you needed an orangerie to keep them in. So. Wild prices for applauds are nothing new

New Zealand United States Unicorn House Plaza Justina The New York Post Teradata Plunk Elson UK Sir Charles Kingsley RHS Dr Catherine Poland London Tareyton
"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on KHVH 830AM


01:54 min | 1 year ago

"twenty five pounds" Discussed on KHVH 830AM

"For dogs twenty five pounds and under and each room is clean and vacant forty eight hours prior to your arrival twenty percent off dolphin quest reservations to use promo code K. rate twenty twenty the Kahler hotel and resort visit Kahala resort dot com this is attorney Marc J. Victor with the attorneys for freedom law firm being charged with a crime is a serious possibly life changing matter I've been zealously representing people charged with crimes for over twenty five years my experience includes several first degree murder trials many high profile cases in thousands of serious felonies of all types in both state and federal courts we also handle appeals if you're serious about fighting it I'd be honored to represent you located in bishop square or online at attorneys for freedom dot com thank you mark seven oh seven newsradio eight thirty K. H. V. H. have you looked into buying a home only to find out you were too late that the offer was already accepted on the home you're really really liked well how would you like to be the first one line getting on team wellies list is free and gives you immediate access to the best homes as soon as they hit the market Joseph and no they needed a quick sale in their white Kelly home but like everybody else he didn't want to leave money on the table even during the pandemic locked out still going on right now we are still have the the travel lock down and one may lift tomorrow but we still can't fly transpacific without that annoying quarantine even during now the pandemic Adrian in the chilly owes aggressive marketing campaign with team Wiley they sold the home for Joseph and Anna within two weeks for an amazing five hundred sixty eight thousand dollars know Joseph and Anna are free to move on with their lives Adrian daily in the Chilean RT from team Miley real estate group of Keller Williams Honolulu they are confident in their marketing strategy even during this time they guaranteed to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to or they'll buy it and because life happens if needed they'll let you out of the contract at any at any time and so many reasons.

"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on 710 WOR

710 WOR

02:06 min | 1 year ago

"twenty five pounds" Discussed on 710 WOR

"Lost twenty five pounds she's five feet one shed some nausea when choose eating had an MRI children eight and a half by four and a half centimeter mass in the hand Singh Saud mass in the upper pulled the left kidney and what examined her and we talked about all the options and we offered her biopsy and she wanted a biopsy to prove that his kidney cancer we encourage that the surgeons usually remove the kidney without proof and we don't like that very much because it can make serious mistakes and sometimes sad to say they remove the kidney and there's no cancer so what do they do that the next day they say Hey Mrs Jones good news there's no cancer in Mrs Jones says but you took out my kidney and throw the garbage out my kidney back what we don't do things like that here at radio surgery New York we offer biopsy which is painless and easy showed a biopsy and she was treated with non invasive radiosurgery for kidney cancer years ago and she has a new skin now she came in this week she and her husband and we compare the new and the old fact independent radiologists top independent radiologists compared and showed that she's in remission doing well and this is the work that we do many people ask for Dr Lieberman what happens when you treat a patient well of course we wanna follow that patient wanna make sure the treatment successful one make sure the patient is fine and will follow the patient for the rest of our lives decades why because if the patient wants and everything's based on what the patient wants we believe the patient is the president of the United States of his or her body my name's actually terminal B. right back numbers mean much to me because of prostate cancer I'm John he brags the number two for my step father who died of prostate cancer and my uncle who suffered so much after prostate cancer surgery the number fifteen fifteen years since Dr Lieberman successful treatment of my.

nausea kidney cancer Mrs Jones New York Dr Lieberman president United States John Singh Saud
'The Mountain' from Game of Thrones picks up 1,104 pounds to set deadlift world record

SportsCenter AllNight

00:21 sec | 1 year ago

'The Mountain' from Game of Thrones picks up 1,104 pounds to set deadlift world record

"And others have tore Bjorn since as the world record the deadlift wasting one thousand one hundred and four point five two pounds the six nine four hundred twenty five pound your since at the mark it is native Iceland known as the war is best known for his role the mountain in the HBO series game of thrones a true

Iceland Bjorn HBO
TV's 'Mountain' takes deadlift throne at 1,104 lbs.

WTOP 24 Hour News

00:33 sec | 1 year ago

TV's 'Mountain' takes deadlift throne at 1,104 lbs.

"In power lifting news have Thor Bjornsson set a world record in the deadlift today hoisting one thousand one hundred and four point fifty two pounds you watch HBO's game of thrones you know him as the mountain the six foot nine four hundred and twenty five pound native of Iceland told ESPN afterward I believe today I could have done more but most the point I'm happy with

Thor Bjornsson HBO Iceland Espn
What's the Deal with Digestive Issues and Anxiety?

Not Another Anxiety Show

06:07 min | 1 year ago

What's the Deal with Digestive Issues and Anxiety?

"You know that you have anywhere from five to twenty five pounds of waste throughout your digestive tract gross? Yeah is that true? Absolutely absolutely I knew secretly. I weighed one hundred twenty pounds. Why are you laughing? That's a walk like in me like like time at one time so now imagine how much easier it would be to run away from a bear if you could instantly drop a bunch of that way got it. I'll look at you. You're so clever right at you. That's going to stick with me you. That's an and I kind of I think to when I'm working out and doing squats lunges with a ten pound weight versus without the way it is significantly new fart. Oh Geez no. But that's more exciting line of thought but now it's just a lot easier without the ten point eight. It's like as soon as I drop that weight like. Oh this is effortless like I could do lots forever or lunges forever and so obviously it makes sense to want to kind of our body to clear itself out if we need to run if we need to run dropping up to twenty five pounds is GonNa make us a bit faster when we're that much later. Yeah I remember when Panicked like was a was brand new and and sort of bewildering for me This is this is pre you by the way and understanding the stress response understanding that your body totally evacuates waste understanding why you sweat. Karen Young talked about this recently. We've talked about it in the stress response before but understand that. Your eyes dilate. I think right you're hearing something happens to the hearing your all the blood rushes to your internal organs away from your arms which they get cold and tingling understanding. Why your body has evolved to do this? An- Wi- is fascinating to me. Love that stuff. Yes so I mean. When we're in the midst of a threat you know fighting or running for our lives the only essential functions. We really need in. The face of that. Threat is breathing circulation and use of our big muscles so when we enter that fight or flight mode our body decreases blood flow Terai digestive tract and without that blood supply digestion. Just doesn't happen and so that's why we feel that nausea or that you know very significant urge to go to the bathroom. You know it. Tell me why this would happen. So I if I I feel like I just had a nervous life growing up so I always had that sort of like. Ibs Ish life. This is so gross. I'm never going to get married. That's you know that's fine. I'm uncomfortable but guys sorry or or ladies. I'm like one step away like one going out to the barons weapons anyway. I I always had that sort of like until I started. Dealing with anxiety look sorta how upset like permanently upset stomach anyway but something weird would happen to me when like after a panic attack like after it all like I would have like a rock in my stomach like it seemed like it. Yeah sure feeling like stomach yeah. Nothing would like evacuate. It just felt like I couldn't or or maybe this isn't related at all but the sensation of like you can't swallow as one thing you know like a lot of people have that but if I was eating something and then got nervous it felt like sat my chest like that's the muscles and Chen for sure this tension Chen and sometimes it can be if it feels like something is just sitting there Especially if it's like in your stomach can also be indigestion like your body's not digesting the food and I can feel a little bit like a rock lead like stomach and you may not get noticed like like it never really worried me. Maybe it's I always felt like us like some gross but it wasn't a sticky thing for me. I know this really freaks people out though. I mean a metaphor which is kind of that. Fear of throwing up is yeah. That was how that was one of the ways my anxiety first manifested when I was younger and when I'm stressed the first thing the first place it shows up is my gut for some people. It's muscle tension headaches fluttering. That stuff is kind of down the line for me. The first thing my body's first. Hey you know. I'm Kinda stressed and overworked and burnt-out and slow down. Its I Q. Is that indigestion? Heartburn them bit just unsettled. Nece and in my stomach's now that you say that. Whenever I'm like stressed to the Max I do get some especially night like heartburn. But it's on me the whole thing with anxiety like it's all of US experienced probably similar. Things is just what we what gets sticky right. It's kind of what we misinterpret so you. It's like digestive. Upset is just digestive upset for like that. It's just sort of like well. Yeah for me. It dumps towards. Oh my gosh. If anyone heard I think it was episode thirty to remember when like one of my it would jump to all my gosh. What if I put my pants like what is i? Put My Hanson. What if I throw up front of everybody like it wasn't just digestive upset? Okay so sorry. In the moment it feels like absolutely mortified in the worst thing. That can happen and unacceptable. Like now when I look back it is. It's funny and it makes people laugh and that's okay I'm cool. I'm cool with

United States Chen Indigestion Karen Young Nausea WI Muscle Tension Nece
Punter steals show at combine on bench press

Pro Football Talk with Mike Florio

00:17 sec | 1 year ago

Punter steals show at combine on bench press

"The guy who stole the show in the bench press was a hunter from Arizona state Richard Turner twenty five reps of two hundred twenty five pounds he's the nephew a longtime NFL punter Matt Turk meanwhile LSU tight end Thaddeus moss the son of hall of Famer Randy moss showed up discovered to have a broken

Matt Turk Thaddeus Moss Randy Moss Arizona Richard Turner NFL LSU
Punter steals show at combine on bench press

WTOP 24 Hour News

00:16 sec | 1 year ago

Punter steals show at combine on bench press

"At the NFL combine today Arizona state's Michael Turk put up twenty five reps in the bench you to order twenty five pounds no big deal you're probably thinking but did I mention he's a punter he was the only kicker or punter to take part in the bench press at the combine you can put the ball to average forty six yards this past

Michael Turk NFL Arizona
AMBER ALERT: Regional alert issued for 10-year-old Houston boy

Sean Hannity

00:31 sec | 1 year ago

AMBER ALERT: Regional alert issued for 10-year-old Houston boy

"An amber alert has been issued for a ten year old Houston boy police say was taken by his mother's ex girlfriend Sunday evening the boy is black and Hispanic four foot ten one hundred ten to one hundred twenty pounds last seen wearing blue Texan sweat pants with Texans written down the side it's also wearing brightly colored Nike shoes with yellow orange and blue suspect is thirty year old Nicole Harrison is about five foot six and weighs about one hundred twenty five pounds she has black hair and brown eyes there's no car involved

Nicole Harrison Houston Nike
"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on Q95


02:32 min | 1 year ago

"twenty five pounds" Discussed on Q95

"And barrels and we will see you on a range that rose rose Darryl and Darryl standing next they have signs that say slow down I drive twenty five pounds and dirty and brown okay I was in the way right see our range and I they spend and are staying gets left I have seen them working yet they have and a bunch of friends miles live from the and the range barrels looking back can our range barrels a my girlfriend the next week rain and there's Josh this is Tom speaking got here yesterday thanks for noticing we would have no we're good about that two seven year old semi Daddy you need a hair cut what no I'd like to talk about something important my new fascination with double eraser pencil now on either end giving I'd like to renew my call for people sending me double Richard pencils I got some from the United the United States Senate ladies and gentleman that's right with Tourette won a race or any chance you get a raise a few taxes what happened they should.

Darryl Josh Tom Tourette Richard United States Senate
The weight loss surgery decision

Native America Calling

03:06 min | 1 year ago

The weight loss surgery decision

"So take us to the moment that you so you. You had gastric bypass take us to the moment that you decided you needed to get it. Well seven and I was three hundred and twenty five pounds and I you know I had some close friends who like came to Manson's like you really need to you know improve your health somehow and so And Linda October of two thousand eighteen. I got you I had to go in for some blood. Testing like doctor called me a few hours later. Says you got I want you. He's come into the office and you know he had me that. I wasn't diabetic. So that really hit home as to I have to start looking at Ways to improve my health and a lot and I. I've tried losing weight over the years and I've I've lived ten pounds gained gained fifteen lose twenty gate and gain twenty two so my back was kind of against the wall there and I went in foot to a diabetes. Vdi Workshop and when I met the new Dietician Outpatient Dietitian. And then she put me on a program to start losing weight which I lost a couple pounds and then she raised the issue. Have you ever thought about You know gastric bypass and then that kind of got the ball rolling there. So when did you have your surgery. I had a mid July last year in July seventeenth. And how much weight have you lost. So far I've lost one hundred and twenty pounds. How would you say that your life is different? It's now that you're a hundred and twenty pounds lighter. I mean the list goes on and on the improvements. You know I I've been I was taken off my They met foreign the diabetes medication that I was on. I was taken off of that. 'CAUSE You know I you know. My diabetes is in remission at my blood tests. All show that by glucose level is always hovering of the healthy range. You know was hovering over two hundred What I was way overweight? And now it's hovering around seventy nine in the mid seventies I flew to had two two or three very long airplane. Flights and I was able to sit in my seat with an without having to seatbelt. extender you know that. That seems like a small thing to some people like it was like a you know to me. It was like a kid on at Christmas. So it was like the coolest thing. Yeah I'm sleeping better. I was two years ago when I was working. I was notting all the time. I had to stand up to keep myself to stay awake through my to stay. Ah Stay awake while I was working on important tasks and now like I am sleeping very good for different tire. Nice now you know. That's all from my weight loss.

Diabetes Linda October Manson Dietician Outpatient Dietitian
King Arthur Flour expands flour recall over E. coli concerns

WBZ Midday News

00:28 sec | 2 years ago

King Arthur Flour expands flour recall over E. coli concerns

"More King Arthur flour his being recalled over concerns about possible E. coli contamination this recall expands upon one that happened back in June king Arthur's recalling some lots of five and twenty five pound bags of their flower consumers are being told to discard the product and submit claims for refunds through their website the we called King Arthur flour bags are sold by retailers and distributors across the country and was also sold on the company's website in their catalog and at its store in

King Arthur Flour King Arthur Twenty Five Pound
"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on KTKR 760AM


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"twenty five pounds" Discussed on KTKR 760AM

"Member FDIC he is the greatest receiver of all time and I did not stutter and right behind him now in terms of all time receptions the guy who is covering for the show that I host on FX at NFL the grind he is not other than pro football hall of Famer Jerry rice also here courtesy of our friends from San Francisco in rice a Roni rice and pasta Roni if you will get to chat with you Jerry rice how are you Sir rich are you doing better for talking humana man good to hear your voice right back at you how was it to be a correspondent for NFL the grinding watching and follow around Larry this past it was so good you know because we always granting that's one thing about and then to be able to give the fans an exclusive inside their head up on one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game with Larry fitzgerald so I had opportunity to be on the field and this guy he was is everything everything that at all you know he was well. yes. doing the entire time on the field if I when they were warm enough Larry killed throwing me to football so you know if I want a team is running drills like that too warm you know pre game and all that the he would throw me the ball he just kept coming over so you know I'm just hoping that he he broke the record and he was able to you know catch bibles and pads Tony can dollars which Tony is he was an exceptional try again you play the game a certain way and minnows great see Larry accomplish that and become second now Jerry what what you just try and put the a mere mortal that's listening to us or watching us right now in the in the shoes of of what makes Larry so great that you know because you embody that greatness yourself it's a difference between being good and great and then there's a difference between great and and one of the all time greats Jerry what what is that intangible. I think the thing is is is having a combination of so many different things so many different qualities his hands he doesn't drop footballs the way he can run round and round and position themselves it's another thing his knowledge about the game of football also his mentor CEO of hats in the game on other players so I think he's a great ambassador for for the game of football and also to in a bill Jerry rice here on the rich Eisen show who is in your mind the second greatest receiver of all time. like which is why you put me on the spot like like job sharing and I'm also very curious people would learn and and I don't think you were you know denigrating anybody else. number one we know who is Jerry you know you know Larry still there are you know you know he the. he still planned at a at a very high level I you know I love his approach to the game the way he condition. waiting condition hisself. he's always in top shape he's gonna go out and and always give me one hundred percent I would have to be there for each year mac and who was the toughest that you ever faced guarding you. the young offenders and there green. two of the fast food the. cornerback okay I will play the game. so it was important for me to to try to win at the line of scrimmage if I had to double move trouble move and try to get them off their base because when you got too fast corner back like that what they want you to do is just really because they they knew that they could run with you and and so I would have to give it to those two guys one of my favorite lines having been around Dion as long as I have Jerry rice is at the combine when he watches cornerbacks in the weight wraps room have to put up two hundred twenty five pounds. as many times as possible. he laughs just like that St it's ridiculous he goes I never had to put Jerry rice across my chest and left that's the line he always uses yeah you know to be on and we had some great battle and you know we still talk about those days and the thing that comes to mind is so weird because when we had to face each other we've been plea you know we were up all night long thinking about the game and thinking about the opportunities. we would have been a ball game he won some battles I won some battles but there was a lot of respect I thank and and did he ever tell did you know we had to tell her where he put his feet or the way he he moved his hands or because I'm sure he was watching you the same way yeah you know what what when when Dion came over to the San Francisco forty Niners he was one of those guys that laid his uniform out a certain way he always had these boxers on that he's put on flag down with his regiment Alex is two additional thing like that but man when it got stepped on a football field he was just I mean he was almost like Superman in in what he was able to do so Jerry rice here on the rich Eisen show once the first time you met bill Walsh when you knew that your member of the forty Niners in here we go we'll walk me through that year well when I got the call from bill Walsh and it was like it was like a dream come true and then to meet this guy and he had this air about him and you know he was not only a coach he was more you know he was like a father to me and he gave me an opportunity to no chase my dreams and the play for the San Francisco forty Niners one of the greatest Dennis the ever you know it's something I'll never forget and look who's the got the only remaining undefeated record the NSC right now on the two thousand nineteen football season Jerry. all right now and you know last week you know they turned the ball over on offense they had about five been they got to go back and they got to make those corrections right do that then I know I I think the team can you know continue to win but it's just one game at a time who's the best receiver in the NFL to day move move Larry from its NGC you you put him up there in terms of the all time great of the one that you you think it's got and tremendous amount of talent young what have you I think I think Julio Jones I mean based on the football field that can run by you he he's go to call off the line of scrimmage and you know you can always position is body to make difficult catch. Jerry rice here on the rich Eisen show tell me about the rice and pasta Roni that your what what is what's going on here with the San Francisco treat right here well yeah you just hit it right on the nose you know rice a Roni we were both the San Francisco three and or no with rice a Roni and I even thought about changing my name to Jerry rice a Roni. yeah you know something about their which how they will look on in Jersey and you know would tell gating in football is going full force right now it was always easy for me to run that perfect route are you know make that winning catch or something like that but what I like we write a Roni they have so many varieties I mean varieties and another thing too you know when I when I play the game always had a goal to reach and you know when it comes to delegating it jalapeno cheddar okay well what might be on a football Manziel the consume Goldie right dot com if you want more info okay yeah and you go those go team rice dot com for more information you can win prizes cash and and and other front mooch I know would love and pasta Roni he's is all about the pasta. moon is a funny guy man he dressed up as someone you know. yeah yeah he put on the charts he put on the George Jerry yeah but I still can't believe moves their realize how many had. so remember I can only be a milk about twenty and it was told me my going away yeah sure you know we bring that up with Steve all the time and I'm glad you open the door to allow me to barge through it sort of like the Kool aid guy so you know we bring up the fact that on Jerry rice day he gave her alone so many targets you caught twenty Jerico twenty ball can I remembered making that presentation to a Terrel after the game by giving him the game ball but it was supposed to be my going away day but you know but you know. movie did kept saying that you know I didn't realize he had called then I was like yeah you know I knew. he did tell us that you did communicate that in a way Jerry. we on the same feel. hello movement which is one of the all time greats images to a great human and Jerry rice good to chat with you we will chat with you further down the line and thanks for doing that for the for NFL the grind I can't wait to see you out there with Larry and I saw you also playing golf for them as well it's just it's neat on off the field the whole thing it'll be great you know I took the money from Larry right no would you care to try to get him to sign that that hundred dollar bill but he wouldn't do it okay there's still there's still time Jerry. Terry so that's Jerry rice you're on the rich Eisen show ads Jerry rice on Twitter at the Jerry rice AT. on Instagram. all man. I do not know why not I know he's on a tour he's probably got another call we got to do it but he brought it up. he brought it up all we tell mucho time number which tells a story that he sensed. shall we say in real time. Aries. disappointment. that is his day in. he's hardly getting. I any catches you know receivers want the ball and that terra loans would get twenty catches twenty receptor Terrel ins hall of Famer his career high in single game receptions came on Jerry rice day. twenty. I do believe mooch put Jerry back in the game that was already decided to go over in Celtic acts performed. baby December seventeenth two thousand yes Sir you look that up we'll come back at least a great stats to tell that's next on the rich Eisen show don't you dare move still to come your phone calls that will take Jamal Adams and David Boreanaz in our number three..

Jerry rice Roni rice Eisen Larry fitzgerald San Francisco NFL football FDIC Terrel ins hall Sir rich Tony Twitter David Boreanaz Jamal Adams Terry two hundred twenty five pounds one hundred percent hundred dollar milk
How Are Maine Coons Different From Other Cats?


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How Are Maine Coons Different From Other Cats?

"Friendly intelligent and huge. Maine coon's are rugged longhaired cat breed. That's become a favourite of Phelan fans everywhere from the breeds mysterious origins to its oddly dog like behavior Maine coon's. Aren't your average everyday house cats first off. They're the largest of all domesticated cat breeds. They gain as much as two pounds. That's about a kilogram per month during their growing cycle which ends at about four years of age which which is more than quadruple the maturity time of other breeds well most adult cats way about seven pounds. That's around three kilos. Maine coon male cats tip the scales up to twenty five pounds or eleven kilos females typically weigh in at about twenty pounds or nine kilos. Maine coon's are also some of the world's longest domesticated. It'd cats in terms of physical link as well as in terms of time since domestication both male and female. Maine coon's typically reach up to forty inches. That's a meter for in length from their noses to the tips of their bushy tails and although the main coon is often regarded as America's first domesticated breed. It's ancestry is shrouded in mystery jury advances in genetic testing could help identify the Maine coon's ancient relatives which may have accompanied the Vikings on their exploratory voyages. There is one origin story you however that may have resulted in the breed's distinctive name Captain Charles Kuhn kept longhaired cats on board when he sailed from England to New England ports during the late seventeenth seventeen in early eighteen hundreds legend has it that when Kuhn anchored his ship in New England ports his cats would slip away to mate with local felines although it is is steeped in speculation this long-standing folk story purports that these long haired Kitten or referred to as coon's cats the Maine coon's origins may be Murky Erkki but its future looks clear in nineteen eighty-five the main coon was declared the official state cat of Maine and as twenty eighteen the main coon was the fifth most popular breed in the United States a Maine coon even had a pivotal role in the Harry Potter films as Mrs Norris The pet cat of Custodian Mr Filch her claim to fame besides starring starring in one of the hottest film franchises of all time was stopping on command as she paced the halls of hogwarts. Many Maine coon's can be trained the way that you train a dog this intelligent and eager to please breed exhibits a few doglike tendencies such as following their owners between rooms and the capacity to and interested in responding well to training with the assistance of training techniques like using a clicker that makes a clip indistinct sound followed by treats. A Maine coon's behavior can be harnessed though despite popular perceptions options just about any cat can be trained using these tools if you keep at it and that training can help keep house cats stimulated satisfied and physically fit. Most cats have an aversion to getting wet but not so Maine coon's equipped with water resistant for these be lines. Don't mind taking a bath are known for joining humans in the shower the even go for a swim for example tizzy a five year old. Maine coon from Pennsylvania made headlines for taking laps in her family's swimming pool something she likes to do on a regular racists during the summer months and in two thousand and four a Maine coon named a little nicky became the first pet animal to be cloned commercially after Little Nicky died at the age of seventeen his Dallas. Area owner paid fifty thousand dollars to have little nicky's. DNA transplanted into an egg cell. A surrogate mother cat carried the embryo and Walla a kitten similar in appearance and personality too Little

Maine Coon Maine Coon Nicky Captain Charles Kuhn Phelan New England Vikings Mr Filch Walla America United States England Dallas Official Harry Potter Mrs Norris Pennsylvania
3 Strategies to Start Finishing What Matters Most with Charlie Gilkey

Entrepreneur on FIRE

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3 Strategies to Start Finishing What Matters Most with Charlie Gilkey

"Charlie say what's up to fire nation and share something interesting about yourself. Most people don't know what's up fire nation. What most people don't know is that over the last three months? I've lost twenty five pounds man. I get after it a AH packed on some extra weight over the years and then a book will make you added some additional weight so I was like you know I gotTa take seriously so I got after it. What would you say is the biggest against reason that you lost the weight Diet Bar none? I went on a pretty strange Paleo Diet which is really good for my body but the thing is rose like you can't can't out train a bad diet you just can't and so I was like no matter what I do I gotta fix that and I'd layered on some hired a personal trainer but barnum and the Diet can't train a bad diets and other way to put this is you can't out exercise your mouth fire nation truth straight truth man. Dan and that's brilliant virtual trainers so key fire nation. I mean I've had jeff work and me out four days a week for years now and yes. He's on video want zoom but man. He's still yells at me. He's still gets my form inaction. He still make sure that I am pushing it to the limits. That accountability is absolutely key and guess is what Fire Nation Accountability also helps you finish what matters most and that's we're talking about today the three strategies to start finishing what matters most so oh I m brought Charlie on the Mike because he's obviously got his book start finishing on the shelves right now so let's just dive into why don't people work on ideas and projects that most light them up Charlie. You know that's really interesting and it's counterintuitive because the more that something matters to you the more you'll thrash witted like no one has an existential crisis overtaken the garbage out or doing the dishes like we don't get really worked up in knots about that but when it really matters that book you want to write that business you WanNa start that relationship that you want to take further. All those things are things that actually make it harder to do the thing that most fire you up am mm-hmm. Unfortunately I think our wiring is the opposite. We think that if it lights us up we will want to do it more in in some ways that's true but when it comes time to actually take those steps steps we don't do it and so I think starting with that is is one place it's helpful a lot of people and the other thing about it is as soon soon as you start doing that work the thrashing that I just mentioned which is that middle flailing that sorta you're working around the project but not really pushing it forward word like that rocking chair that does a lot of motion Denver gets anywhere. That's thrashing when you do that. It's really one of those things where many people again again take that as a sign as they're working on the wrong thing. They see those challenges at sea that emotional sort of process and flailing are going through something wrong but that's just part of the process process and so you know anything that's really worked doing is one. We're doing bad in the beginning but it's also worth going through those hard parts. I love that visual will fire nation think about. Are you a rocking chair a lot of motion but not getting anywhere. You're just there rocking back and forth like yes. There's things that are happening. Motions happen your quote unquote busy but are you producing the right content. Are you actually getting somewhere. Are you actually working on the ideas and the projects that fire you up now. Prioritizing projects is something that's a lot of people struggle with and then you know once they prioritize them Castilla matter take the next step actually getting them done so. How can we first off get better prioritizing and secondly actually get those things done the first thing to think about it? The more priorities you have the less weighty each priority is and so if you have too many priorities you actually have none and so the first thing did you do when you prioritize and I think this sounds obvious John but so many people start with a list of seventeen different priorities and then try to figure it out what really getting clear that you know usually there are three to five things really matter the most and focus on those in go through that process where you have to understand that your reach will always exceed your grasp. You'll never be able to do all the things you think you might want to do and that's just part of being human but when you accept that you can get down to. Do you know that three to five I call it the five projects John and it's really a much more nerdy way of thinking so the longer version is no more than five active projects projects at any given time perspective so let me unpack that just a little bit no more than five active products active projects are the ones that you're actually pushing for your work. They're on your virtual or physical desktop. You're touching them on a daily basis pertemps perspective It gets easier when you think you know I've got five no more than five five weeks size projects that can push for this week and people are like There's no way that I can do that but we really look down to what people actually get done unless you John Lee Dumas. You're not doing more than three to five anyways like when you really look at the end of the week of things that matter most you might push five significant projects forward at at that time slice and if we zoom up to the monthly perspective of the same sort of thing we just look at how those products are contained how those weekly sized products containing them onsite products and so on and once you get better at that and choosing from the beginning like at the end of the week. These are the five thing the five projects that I want to have made significant ignificant progress on it's easier because it lets you filter out everything that doesn't matter and so you put the work at the beginning rather than putting the work. Every we damn day where you're trying to figure out what am I going to do today or you know at the end of the what should have done like you just make that those tougher costs the beginning and actually once you give yourself self that space to do it makes pushing those projects to done a lot better known applause here because what I like people to think about as momentum mental here if you finish three significant strategic worthy product our projects a week and you do that every week you Iraq up so many more wins than what most people will achieve most months anyways so people tend to look at like wildfire projects this week. That doesn't get me very far. It's not the week it's stacking those bricks week after week in seeing those results and that's how you're going to one beat yourself but you'll also start laughing other people who are still flailing and trying to figure out which of the seventeenth things that they think our priorities are actually going to fire nation. Let's talk about this second. If you're prioritizing everything or for seventeen things or twenty four things you're prioritizing nothing. Three to five is the Max and Charlie as you said no more than five have active projects at any given time or on the exact same page when I created the mastery journal for Focus sessions that's all I give you any given day if if you follow the process of the mastery journal about being productive disciplined and focused four focus actions and if you are taking those four focused sessions in your diving in two for specific tasks that you want to get done and sometimes you're gonNA use two or three of those focuses for just one task because it's the compound compound effect of actually completing projects you know that person that has seventy four tabs open on their desktop. Guess what they're completing anything on those tabs but if you just have one two three four five tabs open in your goal is to just get that done today you're going to win. The compound affects affects GonNa work. One percent better the slight edge. It's all real fire nation. So what should we do when others don't believe in our projects or ideas just like we have these ideas. We're going to keep it to three to five. We're listening to John and Charlie but everybody else is just like now. That's just that's not gonNA work brow that. She's not GonNa Happen Arpan. What do we do them well? I think you WANNA look at those people who don't believe in an into two different camps right so what are the naysayers and the naysayers are those people who are mostly what you you just said. Their gender like NAS NOT GONNA work. You don't have what it takes. You're not ready so and so forth now the thing about a true naysayer is much like you know what Taylor swift upset about haters haters gonNA hate. They're just going to do that. They're invested in that in different ways. You're not ever going to convince them or switch them. That like what you're doing is important Horton so stop destroyed limit contact. Don't talk about the project do your thing put some points on the board and if they really needed to see some points on the board to believe in you then they will but if they are going to be haters they're going to look at your point to not carry anyways your fundamentally focusing on the wrong thing so doesn't nice airs dealers are different Bro because has developers. Are those a well meaning people that once you talk to them they want to have that sort of quote unquote helpful suggestion or they want to do something thing. That makes you feel worse like every time you talk to derail her with your project. You feel worse and the hard thing is sometimes the people you love the most and the people you're close to be derailed so dealers. It's not the complete avoidance that I just mentioned naysayers. It's actually figuring out strategically how aware you're going to engage with them so that you actually can at least not have this negative for such a pushing against everyday because your project if it really matters to you it's GonNa be hard enough on on song and then you have just the general pressures of life like you don't need to add this additional sort of weight of naysayers in derails on top of it but they're different and I think too many people try to long to convince naysayers to get on their side and fundamentally don't and then and they spend too much time caught up in derailing but I really want people to focus on our your. Ac these are those people John who once you start talking about they believe in you they have have your back is there's like when you talk about like of course you should do that. I've been waiting on you to do that right. You want to focus on those naysayers and edgy start building. I don't know how much time we have air bet. There's four types of people that I like people to put in their orbit round projects in their work yeah. Let's do it good so they're guides. which are people people who have walked the road a little bit longer than you are there? You're Yoda as it were. They're not gonNA work on the project with you but they're going to be over there saying cryptic things like use the force or you know be yourself to never make sense in the moment but you understand it later. So those are your guides. The second are your peers and these are the people that are sort of at your shoulder shoulder shelter with you. Pushing you you forward these might be your mastermind buddies or coaches those friends and people in your orbit that really liked you up but they're still not in the project. Third is the supporters which of the people in the project working with you pushing it now what I didn't mention earlier as a project doesn't necessarily have to be like work focused in my definition of project is anything anything that takes time energy and attention to complete which means all those life projects that you're not getting to one of the reasons you're not getting to them is because they're still ideas. Yes we don't do ideas we do projects and because you probably attached more weight on work projects than life projects right and so I thought that thin- because when you think about who's in your support it could be your partner. It could be the neighbor kids who watch your kids in animals so you can focus during those focus blocks we just talked about and get some mm stuff done okay and then the fourth per the fourth kind of person in here and this is super critical John. Are you beneficiaries who will be better off when you finish your project. Why how will their world be better? What will they be able to do because you can play that project and what's super important about your beneficiaries is one whenever ever you get stuck? You have a real person you can reach out to and say hey. I'm need some guidance here. I'm wondering about some things off of you is what I'm doing working and you get that real oh feedback as opposed to some random advertiser out there. Some you know forty five year old soccer mom in Indiana who you can't reach out to that. That's not very useful but the second thing is it makes it really real that there's that particular person that you know that if you don't do your work their life is worse off right. When you WanNa quit you think man what about John What about Sally? What about Henry like if I don't do this work? They're not better off in sometimes sometimes John. That's just the additional fuel that you need to to get out of whatever head trash. You've got going on to get out of whatever you know stuff. That's got you stuck stuck you so you know what like there there. I'm here to take care of them. I'm here to create this thing for them and I'm not gonna go even if I'm able to like give about myself. I'm not giving up on them and I'm GonNa see this through fire nation a lot to to and pack here but I'm just going to burn through its haters GonNa. Hey Hey hey hey hate focus on the yea-sayers I love that phrase focus on the mayors and what were those four guides peers supporters orders beneficiaries and

John Charlie Jeff Work Fire Nation DAN John What John Lee Dumas Denver Iraq Soccer Henry Indiana Partner Horton Taylor Mike Sally Twenty Five Pounds Five Five Weeks Forty Five Year
How Does Sugar Affect Your Skin?

Birthday Skin

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How Does Sugar Affect Your Skin?

"Today's episode is all about the way that sugar affects. She skidded yea. May I just Do you scoffed a big travel before the nice kind of gin and tonic on the go so we are so mingun. We we practice what we pray is like when we did the episode on alcohol and widely before we pissed. I we pitched put logic tone it down a well essentially we will researching something else weren't we and we came across the fact that apparently sugar is just really bad voice skin and I wasn't necessarily aware how how it would affect you. I thought it would be one of those things where it's like. It's not good fiercer. It's just inflammation Blah. Blah Blah Blah is such is so much more than that so complicated as an yeah than what you decide later. I'm not sad you explain later yeah so it's basically a process called. Glock Asian which we have briefly touched upon him in a previous this episode but we figured that we could do a full APP kind of based around that I think is quite interesting. This CPR interest in yeah definitely so we're going to run through the effects of a high sugar diet on skin what Greg Haitian isn't Halloween takes how should not change just a chemical might befall cells cells and then waste fight it so. Would you like to start aims. Gonave looks quietly into having high sugar diet. Yes so I'm just GONNA look in general roll out. How your skin reactive you do have a high sugar diet so the swan excess sugar in your bloodstream what you just said it causes glaciation and like we just mentioned y'all. You're going to go into this a little bit more later in a nutshell this is basically a natural chemical reaction which happens when the sugar levels in your bloodstream spike beyond were aw insulin can handle yeah if you are diabetic. You'll probably know Alaba this anyway or if you know somebody who's diabetic you understand what like spikes spikes insulin levels and that kind of thing means but essentially body can handle a certain amount It's a very individual thing but there's a lot of people who are diabetic after look the glycemic index of food or drink ozone and figure out whether it's going to balance them out or whether it's going to be too much for them or whether they need it's bring them back up so as a safe or a healthy blood sugar level and like we said. I'm going to speaking about that a little bit later by just thought my aunt that people might already understand John. Without mains. Yes so I'll let you go into cash. I've a few notes on a poor. Yeah we rock paper scissors all night long for the traces precision explaining it to me yes so essentially glaciation is when you say this an excessive sugar in your blood screen blitzkrieg. God help screen and you bloodstream it causes a process called which is a chemical reaction within our bodies. He's that happens when we spike are interesting can handle and essentially just creates a situation in yourselves whereby the sugar touches to the collagen Jim Protein and then it stops it from forming a strong structure so it makes you am super wrinkly basically just means means that you you collagen cells gone before us in family would and can every up we talk about how important college and it is important to keep it healthy and yeah and and something that you can do obviously take collagen supplements. We looked into that didn't win and we were like said in the last APP baffled pleasantly surprised yeah that it did actually work like said before. We've we look at loads of papers and stuff you picking off your godly twenty five pound. A nail picks up in the morning. Oh God of warnaco longest. She's right now picking off a jails and struck me to the joke on the floor screw anyway yes so the Asian takes it starts to show kind of at the age of thirty to thirty five issued a high sugar diet and essentially wants your cells under the process of Glide Keisha and there's a new I use substances created and thus of disrupts the mall so is actually something is called an age which is quite appropriate because it makes you skin look aged am boy. It's they advance graduation end products and it's just really destructive site just breaks down the last in degrades Collagen. an like we said that is walks. What's key to making sure the ISKIN supply and fences loads of things we can do to protect those proteins and having a high sugar diet is just really bad for your Well well really bad. Few Salvos obviously is not good for you and it's worth me saying now as well that when we're talking about sugary diet we're not talking about naked a bag of haribo unlock. Vena home a coke install yeah because they are sugary. Obviously they do need to avoid them book. If you have a really high diet in fruit and vegetables and obviously quite love Veg- is quite Karbi fruits quite Karbi that breaks down into sugar if they're quite sugary anyway that she natural sugars so if you sat listening thinking. Oh yes fine because I live a refined sugar free diet and that's still not really gonna do everything because chances are you probably just making up three refined sugar uh-huh by adding more fruit sugar on naturally occurring sugars and that's still a problem am now in terms of what occasion looks like you know when you see and I'm going to say an old an age on it but when you see wrinkles they all just kind of lines in one direction so they're like the not horizontal her is on the not vertical ever like dry sand in the desert yeah it it basically looks at cross hatched wrinkles said the skin isn't sagging being and it's not wrinkly. It's kind of both so it just looks like I don't know I'm looking at my knuckles right now and you see how because he's obviously they move in all different ways. You've a lot of lines running across your calls. looks like over your whole body so it's not just your face aces like your arms especially chest and like a for a woman steria and it happens quite a lot hands well especially when you have a loved. Sun Damage because that we set some damage and the free radicals caused by UV Navy be race breaks down Collagen cells as well so over time and this is why it kind of starts peak about thirty the if you'll start to notice it because it's not just the guy -cation so it'd be guy -cational sun damage it'll just be general aging anyway lack of the right vitamins any skin skin or lack of your body produce in highly acid and that kind of thing but have looked into a little bit about how you can fight guy -cation. If you would like me to go into that Kgo am so we are going to talk about expoliation in a couple of episodes time boats Ph as something I wanna go into took a poly hydroxy acid and is really gentle exfoliating or cycles of a B H h alpha or B. Two hydroxy acids. This all sounds very confusing but trust me. I WANNA try and make it simple is really good at helping fight any of the signs of aging through Keisha and but in terms of Dui -cation what you can do is you can live a low glycemic index indexed diet so you want to be in slow releasing carbohydrates like Brown bread able white bread. No sometimes we put up with care about the calories but there's just a lot more sugar in white bread than there is Brownback bread so it will stop inching levels from spike in and then go over the threshold for what your body can actually handle because that's that was soon as you go over. Dot Thousand Locations starts to happen and so there's another thing that you can take. It's called con seen if you go to the gym cry allow you take supplements for the GM a lot of people or bodybuilders or people trying to build Moso will take Elkana scene and that AH really useful for repair muscle so he's on a very cellular level e Cantate Casino L. Cost Nine. Don't I did look into the differences between the an AH couldn't find anything that really made sense to me to relate on here book of essays during the similar thing so it's helping to repair anything if you start taking cau- aw colonising then you might notice a difference in your skin but like said this takes a long time to happen so if you want into go if you're into supplements and I would suggest carnoustie because it's could risk in any way and then I read that if you take vitamins B one B six. They're really good for as as well so essentially they all worked together to get in there and breakdown that protein so you know I was talking about their advance Caucasian and yet products dot is a protein eighteen breaks the Collagen and lasted. If you'd have these vitamins might coniston and things like that it will it will go in and it will try and kill the age so a- as soon as you start to kill that then you lesson you Collagen bill back up again and beal healthy and super quickly be one vitamin B. One is phoned in chickpeas summon potatoes which is great for me because I do level of. Am A CHICKPEA and summon Corey be six is found in polk sunflower seeds and wheat germ so no could have fun of pork are usually all. Could you make a sexually free poll. I mean to make his own sexual. Weird is a nice word that you don't you don't want pork. I'm sure you're going to gross tomorrow autozone. NFL So little store here Charlie doesn't e- Any me she panics harian aside chicken anya yeah so you still eat chicken. Can you still want yeah so she's been given up. She's giving up pork for like as long as deep without Habana. Yes so Alex's parents donahue. Don't who if ever you go round she'll make some knows yeah well. It's the it's the fact that I'll around to Alex's house in his mom is like pro- Wpro like she even has airbnb is like she runs Rhone Airbnb so much of a fantastic Hoshi as so now she knows that basically basically I just eat fish and chicken. She will make a fish dish a chicken dish and often then she'll make something different like beef or pork or Lama weather weather for everybody else so I used to love a hog roast and there's a whole grossed thing happen tomorrow and you're going to go no but the problem is I know the Alex's mom wouldn't be asked if a bit of the pork because they were my favorite however number one soon as see the pig on a stick. I'm probably going to be like a company that and number two. She always makes an effort to to not give me pork. If I went in eight she'd be like she could eat quite easily be like I didn't need to use the effort because if you can eat now than you

Alex Inflammation Iskin Steria Gonave Greg Haitian Alaba Airbnb Autozone John Vena KGO Brownback Rhone Airbnb GM NFL Beal Corey
"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on 710 WOR

710 WOR

02:49 min | 2 years ago

"twenty five pounds" Discussed on 710 WOR

"There's no charge no obligation. You'll see examples, you'll see cat scans of women who have big breast masses treated successfully. Here is see pictures of their breasts before and after treatment what it looks like this is the work that we do. And we have lots of information we're here to educate an offer fall, the options talking about a man is eighty four years old. He came to me, and he had a ureter cancer cancer, the year or the years to between the kidney and the bladder, we had this cancer. He lost twenty five pounds. His wife died. He was widowed yet to children yet, history prostate disease and a year ago. He came to me that some kind of something was something done by somebody urologists president. Oh, what? And they diagnosed year. Or cancer. And he came to me with this year. It or cancer. He lost twenty five pounds when from one seventy five to one fifty wasn't a smoker and examined him. And he had an incision his abdomen. Didn't know what it was and it was the strangest thing. So we got his records who got him staged up for year to cancer, and we found out that the urology doctor cut out his kidney and ureter without informing the patient. The patient said he knew nothing about getting his kidney inured or removed. If you could believe that I believe him. And he came to me. He thinking he had a massive cancern his abdomen on the ureter, and we staged them up the ureter kidney were gone, it was thrown at a bucket in the hospital and that was last year. Then he came this year for a checkup, and we checked up and found this cancers traveled to the neck that surgery really didn't do its job. The purpose of surgery was to cure them, and now the cancers traveled to the lymph nodes, and this is also the work we do had he come to us first. We would've talked about all the options including non invasive treatment for your cancers and kidney cancers, and bladder cancers and other cancers, but sad to say the surgeon remove the kidney and the ureter seems like without telling him. And now a year later, the catches traveled to the neck as a mass, thereby pet scan. We got the pets can we staged him up and we've offered a biopsy to prove to him a hundred. Percents that this is a recurrence of zero cancer traveled to the neck and we talk about all the options, including chemo and radiation, and surgery, and also more precise treatment like ours. And why do people like are driven, well, because it's more focused, less collateral effects with chemo. Cuma doesn't care anybody with your cancer, he's already had surgery said to say that seem to help much. So the beautiful thing.

chemo Cuma president twenty five pounds eighty four years
How will the European Parliament election play out in the United Kingdom?

John Batchelor

10:09 min | 2 years ago

How will the European Parliament election play out in the United Kingdom?

"Gregory Copley the editor and publisher of defense and foreign affairs is an Australian observing the squabbles. In London over Brexit, more than that, the ability of democracy, parliamentary democracies such as Great Britain to transform itself in the face of obstacles, the story. So far says that the Prime Minister Theresa may is extremely unpopular because of our inability to convince a majority of her own party to endorse her Brexit plan leaving the EU in adequate time the final vote is now delayed until the end of October of this year. But that opens up lots of maneuvering in Great Britain futures since we've all agreed. According to the economists that Theresa May will not be the. Premier in two twenty twenty Gregory very good evening to you. I know that complicating all this for American voters because after all every two years or four years we've vote for this party or that party, very fixed. But there's another election coming up an election for the European Union that introduces a wildcard into the British parliamentary system, what is the Brexit party? Where did it come from? Why is it suddenly popular? Good evening to you. Good evening. John bell. It is interesting elections was forthwith kinds of probabilities and possibilities. But the European Union the European parliament elections coming up this month and actually Britain was not due to contest those elections again because it it should have withdrawn from from the European Union by the state the fact that the the British parliament agreed with the European Union to delay the British until October amid the that the UK head to once again contest, you opinion, European parliamentary elections. So the Brexit potty, which we knew was in the wings because because it was announced in January that that it would be formed in the event that that they record it, neca. And it was it was announced Lasi at the behest. All Nigel Farraj who had established and run the potty United Kingdom into independence potty. Now. He'd lift you Kip because it's not the become a haven for all of the extremists. If you like who opposed to to the present government, but so Nigel left that once it wants, the it became clear that Britain would have a referendum on on the withdrawal from the European Union Nigel tell me a couple of years ago that if Britain didn't exit on schedule made promise to. He would get back into politics. Pullman new poppy and go to the jugular if you like against the existing British potties. So the job of the Brexit potty is to contest the the may parliamentary European parliamentary elections right now. Brexit' body looks like it's going to take about thirty percent of the British fights for those British say to that that's way ahead of presentable Leiva, which which has been looks like it will take about twenty one percent of the votes conservative. The county ruling potty take about thirteen percent of the vote the Liberal Democrats ten to the green party nine percent. And and so on so basically you've got a wreck potty which from to to now has. Closed itself to to gather a huge following on much in mind of the beginning of may, actually, the the Brexit potty launch website and invited membership within two days. Some eighty five thousand people to join the party at twenty five pounds a head. So that raised about two point eight million dollars than an anonymous data put in another hundred thousand pounds, and then one of the conservative party biggest diners cannon city would not support the conservatives anymore and gave an immediate two hundred thousand pounds about you know, close to three hundred to two hundred eighty thousand so sixty two hundred sixty thousand US dollars. So now, we've got this party which is getting a lot of fund. It's got candidates across the board. It's registered as a British political party. So it can can contest elections across the United Kingdom. This is this is very significant because when the elections take place, and if as we expect the vixen potty will take the bulk of the of the British in the European parliament, then Farraj will tell us if it's too domestic creating Brexit. So therefore, the Brexit party is not an end in itself because natural Farraj does not believe in the European Union, nor does he believe that Britain. Will Britain's future is in your opinion. He's running for parliament, he well, he just he discourages a Britain to pay attention to in future, the European Union parliament, he's and and the way to interpret then this than is that he's setting up himself as a power in the British parliament. But he's not going to have a seat there. So how did he go from doing very well in the headline? Lines for the parliamentary vote in Brussels to doing very well in the the next election for Britain. Well, obviously win the next election takes place. The Brexit potty as registered Patty cannon will field candidates that already. They polling for a forthcoming election shipping, it takes place within the next year or so which is quite likely would would put the Brexit potty as one if the most significant hottie in Westminster, and it could pull McCullough's and govern paps with the Tories the rump of the Tory potty, but we have to wait and see that makes you could continue to gain momentum. I think that stayed will have to obviously lay out a comprehensive program of a policies. It may need actually also a change its name. So that it. Doesn't look like a one note when the song. And I think that's quite within the Cavs. But right now, not you'll prize wants to galvanize the potty around the immediate objective of saving Britain from being lost into the into the European Union forever, which is basically the alternative which MRs may. And Jeremy Cohen, the leader of the labour party, maybe taking now the vote is not gonna be enough Taybeh to determine what the Britain's gonna do. It's gonna be in June. This is going to be the fourth time. This is my his taken to parliament proposal to leave the European Union with the deal, which means luck. It's a into long-term trade deals with or a customs union of a sewed with European Union. Jeremy Cohen wanted to keep Britain in the European Union as a member of a customs union, which would preclude Britain from creating trade deals with the United States, Canada, India, Australia, and the like which which is. The logical step. So what what we want to see from from Nigel Farraj is if he tackles that he would want to see Britain withdrawal without a deal. So that it's free to create trade deals with all of its great trading partners. Greg the Brexit party. I understand it's in Susie Azam that's responding to a new way forward. But do we know who it's a -tracting is it attracting Tories is it attracting the liberals is that attack attracting the breakaway labor? It's attracting people from all of those parties all of the major parties the the old left, right? I is not playing as well as it. Once did the the the labor and Britain, nor the conservatives actually seemed to stand for what they used to stand for or the reality may be that those positions within the British political spectrum on a longer balance. So so essentially, we are seeing a break up traditional politics in Britain. The same way as we we've seen it in in in France. But of course, the French have a greater tendency to move politically to create new potties lousy because of the interruption of World War Two which left them in a position where they they rebuild from scratch getting rid of the rump of the labor party, the conservative party, and the Liberal Democrats is gonna be the difficult thing. But if Brexit body comes in as a sizable force, then I think we'll see even more defections going along down the line. And maybe even a Benchley merger of whatever the new Brexit. Potty calls it self and the conservatives I'm speaking with Greg Copley way are speculating about possible turns in the road for Great Britain because of the paralysis that's Gregory that Greg uses that word in the headlines first analysis paralysis of the British parlor. Lamentably system

Britain European Union European Union Parliament Brexit Nigel Farraj British Parliament Great Britain Gregory Copley Liberal Democrats Brexit Party United Kingdom Greg Copley Tories Editor And Publisher Theresa United States London Prime Minister
"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on 850 WFTL

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"twenty five pounds" Discussed on 850 WFTL

"Wyndham is closer than you think near you and book direct motels dot com. That's eight fifty killed traffic. CBS twelve meteorologists Michael airborne, spotty showers and thunderstorms for parts of the area through the early and mid evening. Otherwise late tonight. We're partly cloudy mild with lows and the Lord of its seventies your Tuesday morning, sunshine, seventy percent chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon evening against some of the vocally heavy again with afternoon. Highs in the upper eighties. Eighty degrees in Boynton beach, eighty four degrees in lighthouse point your next update at six o'clock. I'm Ron Hersi. Stay connected with news anytime at eight fifty W F T L dot com. Do you think it's possible to lose six and a half pounds days? Yes. You did it. I'm pretty sure I did waterway close. Can't lose can't lose that in calories. Not without surgery. Right. Alex Rodriguez did. Hey, Ron into this met gala thing we're talking about last week with jaylo. And I guess he said he he was he didn't look fat in the pictures. So he decided that he's gonna lose six pounds two days by just eating nothing. Drinking water. That. But of course, he was did a lot of workout. He's running up steps. All he did was work out drink water. He must have been a lot of fun part of. Jalen holding up two hundred twenty five pound Alex Rodriguez because he couldn't walk because his legs cramped up food. And I guess he wears a forty eight Jack anyone fit into a forty four a forty four pink tuxedo jacket. So. Realize that vein? Really? Thirty pounds, whatever he is the six pounds difference in terms of photos tall to he's not that six three fat. Curl says. Six pounds. You're six three to twenty five thirty to twenty plane days thirty now. So he thought my lose six pounds could lose like four sizes and a jacket. I guess so God what the pictures? Look, probably look like a I thought this guy was smart. Kerley not this is not a. Credit there. He lost the six and a half pounds. But left to see him at the at the once once the red carpet was over and get him in there that guy made a beeline to the buffet. Just food like this. When I don't eat something. It's weird. I have a low blood sugar thing sometimes it acts up. Let me sometimes it doesn't. But I have to have something every four hours a little or break into a sweat shakes hike. Hypoc it's called. I remember one year when it was YoM. Kippur course. And and so fast until sundown, and I remember fasting and then walking to the restaurant for the fast and just getting the shakes and the sweat the cold, sweat and sitting in the in the restaurant, but just sweat pouring off of me shaking and brought the bread I a bit through the basket. Just just fasting for twenty four hours. Wasn't even twenty four hours. Kipper it's twenty four hours still midnight. Where are you right until the actual day till the clock changes from one day another. That's when I start about six hours. Eight. If I started midnight and go to noon, that's twelve hours go to six eighteen hours a big deal for me. I guess so, but I do it. Anyway, because I don't do it. Then the the bad luck. I go for it. But I can't imagine doing two days of not eating not healthy. I wouldn't think. No. I I guess like if the only way I could do that if I had stomach virus or something I didn't want. It wasn't hungry. You know what I mean? I should talk. I hardly ever have.

Ron Hersi Alex Rodriguez Boynton beach Kerley Curl Wyndham CBS Michael airborne Jalen Kippur Kipper Jack Ron twenty four hours six pounds two days two hundred twenty five pound eighty four degrees six eighteen hours
"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on 710 WOR

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"twenty five pounds" Discussed on 710 WOR

"There's no charges, no obligation. You'll see examples you'll see cat scans of women who had big breast masses treated successfully year is see pictures of their breasts before it after Jeevan what it looks like this is the work that we do. And we have lots of information we're here to educate an offer all the options talking about a man is eighty four years old. He came to me, and he had a ureter cancer cancer the year or the years to between the kidney and the bladder. We had this cancer. He lost twenty five pounds his wife died. He was widowed yet to children yet history prostate disease and. A year ago? He came to me at some kind of something was something done by somebody urologists president. Oh what? And they diagnosed geared or cancer. And he came to me with this year it or cancer he lost twenty five pounds. You went from one seventy five to one fifty wasn't a smoker, and I examined him, and he had an incision his abdomen. Be. And know what it was. And it was the strangest thing so we got his records who got him staged up for a year to cancer. And we found out that the urology doctor cut out his kidney and ureter without informing the patient. The patient said he knew nothing about getting his kidney inured or removed. If you could believe that I believe him. And he came to me he thinking the mass of cancer in his abdomen on the ureter. And we stayed them up. The ureter kidney were going. It was thrown in a bucket in the hospital and that was last year, then he came this year for a checkup, and we checked them up and found this cancers traveled to the neck that surgery really didn't do its job. The purpose of surgery was to cure them. And now, the cancers traveled to the lymph nodes, and this is also the work. We do had he come to us first. We would have talked about all the options, including non invasive treatment for your cancers and kidney cancers and bladder cancers in other cancers, but sad to say the surgeon removed the kidney and the ureter seems like without telling him and now a year later the catches traveled to the neck as a mass thereby pet scan. We got the pets. Can we staged them up? And we've offered a biopsy to prove to him a hundred. Percents that this is a recurrence of zero cancer traveled to the neck, and we talk about all the options, including chemo, and radiation and surgery and also more precise Jimmy like ours. Why do people like are driven well because.

cancer Jeevan president chemo Jimmy twenty five pounds eighty four years
"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on 710 WOR

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"twenty five pounds" Discussed on 710 WOR

"We are back. This is Dr Liederman we're talking about how to be smarter really patient by patient. We're learning about cancer treatment what talking about a fifty two year old woman. She's single. She has no children. She came with three friends provider of a lung cancer spread to her brain or bone or liver came into our office with no documents who's down in Florida. She fell down. She fractured her leg. This is felt to be due to cancer. They put a little brace on her leg and Senator on her way. And she came to New York, she was born in New York City. She had a biopsy showing lung cancer this non small, so along cancer. She went to one of those. Super pooper places around town and started chemo, and she hates the chemo, and she has brain cancer. They've even started to treat her brain cancer. We know that chemo very commonly does not even touch what's in the brain. So there's lots of reasons she's here number one is to attack the cancer in the brain. Number two is attack the cancer in the bone that broke and led to this whole diagnosis and number three lug. So there's lots of reasons that she is with us, and we're getting our documents from Florida, New York and re-staging her and then offering treatment to try to get her the best possible results eighty two year old man, he's a teacher. He's married with two kids, and is high blood pressure is Lega deem who seen by dermatologists has multiple skin cancers hit a basal so cancer on his low back. He was offered surgery. We treat by the way, many many skin cancers, I think right now, there's many for example, we have five or six patients with cancers of the knows that we're treating right at this time. Sometimes I. The patients Pacific by each other to patients or three patients with those cancers altogether waiting for their treatment. We have a very active service. Why well spent decades treating cancer of the nose deeply involved, I helped write papers on skin cancers. And we have good technology today that many people don't wanna lose their nose of a man right now is in the food industry is the cancer up and down his nose. He was going to one of the big hospitals in New York. They wanted to cut off his nose. Yes. They wanted to cut off his nose, and I can tell you that I've seen patients who've lost their nose. It's not a pretty sight. So we are treating him along with other patients with skin cancers, often basal cell and squamous oh cancers. This man wants us to treat his cancer on his low back because he's very active and exercise. He doesn't want the exhibition his want cut on doesn't want the sutures as what the inconvenience and our work is totally. Not invasive. There's no cutting no bleeding just invisible beams to attack cancers, even skin cancers on the face or nose or years or mouth or is our hands or feet arms or legs. Or even unlike this man in the low back, and he saw surgeons they offered surgery just doesn't want surgery for his skin cancer, and we have highly successful treatment. And this is the work that we do every day talking about a sixty five year old man from Puerto Rico. He's Mary came with his wife who was hospitalized at one of the biggest hospitals around town for five centimeter mass. The long hit at the botox is a mass paid the flank. He lost twenty five pounds in two months. He's had multiple lesions on this go well came in you is that one of the biggest hospitals, and I guess they didn't see that. He had herpes zoster shingles on his head. And here we diagnosed him a mmediately. Started treatment immediately shingles can affect patients, especially suppressed patients who was in the hospital and has his cancer. And what we got started with treatment for him immediately. He's got the mass in the lungs got new headaches. So we're staging them up. We're getting treatment going for him when we got treatment for his shingles. Immediately. The hospital. Why didn't they diagnosed him? Well, there's a big piece of art in our office at shows an oil tanker stuck at the middle of the ocean. But as little cigarette boat going round and round and round and round this oil tanker, and it says when your health is at stake, stay away from the slow pokes. And really mean it he was in the hospital for weeks and nothing happened to him here within minutes, who's diagnosed with shingles got treatment goings getting staged up and ideas to get better results for every patient who has cancer suspected cancer had a man who's seventy four it came in with seven kids. He's married with seven children. He said his wife left him. He was fine until a couple of years ago. He felt fatigued you went to one of the big hospitals in New York. They opened them up for cancer. Then it gave them six months of came. Oh, but he says they never explained to him what they did said surgery did chemo. He said he lost his erections has frequent urination. Ear and it's twelve times a night. He has fatigue is change in his weight. I examined him is dominance Asian. Yes. He does. And we are called to get all his records. And we're getting testing to see what he had because no-one there seems to have ever explained to him fully what diagnosis he had why they're treating him and what the follow-up is. And so many many patients are like him that come to us just not satisfied with the big super pooper hospitals. And we're talking about an interesting man, he was referred by one of the famous urologist in town is an eighty year old man. He's married. He came with his wife evaluation metastatic cancer has heart disease at heart bypass at valve replaced has high cholesterol high blood pressure. He had a superficial bladder cancer and three months ago, he had pain in his legs. It was seen by one of the doctors and the big hospital. It took them three months. Three months. Month's unbelievable, but true to three months have testing to find out that there was suspected cancer in the bone and liver and the lungs took three months, we could have most likely happened with us would have been diagnosed in one day to three months at one of the big hospitals. And he came to us when his urology friend said, hey, you better go to Dr Liederman and get worked up, and he came to us and immediately we got a biopsy. We started treatment. Dispense weight has gone from one hundred sixty two hundred and forty pounds is five foot eleven he's an ex smoker, and he has metastatic cancer his cancer eating through the bone eating through the pubic bone his multiple lung metastasis in liver metastases, we ranged a biopsy showing cancer, and we started treatment all within hours compared to elsewhere three and a half months, no diagnosis. So again when your health is. Steak you might want to stay away from the slow pokes for three and a half months. He had pain and suffering loss to way to Ned no diagnosis, whereas here within hours he got worked up into a painless biopsy is not guided by into the liver, mass and started treatment. So that we're able to relieve his pain and suffering are clock works at a different pace. It seems than the other guys are clockworks at a very different pace because we know that someone suffering in pain, or who has cancer has wanna wait three or four months to get an answer when it can be done within hours here at thirteen four Broadway. There are huge differences. There are huge differences. Just because they tell you they have to wait lunch. Another week another month. Another whatever you might want to consider a fresh second opinion here at thirteen eighty four Broadway brought thirty eight street where we see patients with. Newly diagnosed and recurrent cancers anywhere in the body that would talking about a woman who was forty four years old so young pretty young woman. She has a child she came with her sister. She's diagnosed four years ago with a mass of the Nippo the biopsy showed invasive cancer, she had cancer travel to the bone. So she had stage for cancer shit standard radiation to the breast. She then had hormone therapy. And then recently, the cancer traveled to the liver and the brain, and she was at one of the big hospitals in.

cancer brain cancer New York chemo Florida Dr Liederman Senator New York City botox headaches Puerto Rico Lega Mary Ned three months
"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

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"twenty five pounds" Discussed on You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

"I must talk about one hundred twenty five pounds for me. That was the best way in the tournament. For me. I hear talk of one thirty three. I liked one twenty-five I like one twenty five so much that guys ran away from one twenty five to get to one thirty three. And that's how that division ended up. So damn stacked and the guy who wanted at one thirty three and Suryana oh did not win it a year ago against Nikolai who wanted to win twenty five hundred just offering for you one twenty five just because everybody ran away from it. You don't get then give one thirty three the respect. All these guys are so good. Oh, really? Because if they were so good, they would've stayed where they were supposed to be which is at one twenty five, but they didn't think they could win it. That's why the way got so. Logged in the first place not for nothing. But let's just tell the story the way that it happened. And that's the way that it happened. So Spencer comes through it in. It was so obvious all year long that specially can win this way. But it was also very obvious all year long. There's some guys in the right scenario can put some points on the board. Eat up the clock and get the jump on him which made it very interesting. It really did it made it very very interesting. But when you have these guys that are big match guys when you have guys who have been to the world championships multiple time. They're just not gonna feel those same pressures at a national event in it doesn't matter if you wanna call it, the NC double A's doesn't matter if you wanna put eighteen thousand people there, it doesn't matter if you wanna put it on ESPN, they're just not gonna fill those same pressures as they did on a time change in caca STAN and in Bogaert in an octopus. Stan when they were teenagers with nobody cheer, inform and no fans there and corrupt referee. His and still going out fighting all of that. And getting their hand rates. There's just a different level of pressure and experience, and that's something that you really saw Spencer Leigh have on his side. He went out there as calm as he could be which is an overly competence compassi could before the environment and let everybody else choke on it. That's the way that happened. And it turns out his predom- good wrestler. Those are the ingredients is pretty straightforward. I would be remiss if I did not mention for you. I did not agree with the ref at all in the yawny match with Joey McKenna. I thought they took that match from Kenna. I must also say to you. I don't know if there's a nicer guy or a better interview in all of wrestling than Yanni. He just seems like a really great guy and what he was able to do with a tight waste a tight waste a waste blocked from the front to put a guy upside down on his back with one hand from the front and to do it three and four times you go back and score. That however you want I thought the situations that were challenged and those situations that came about we're on. I will also share with you. I saw two other points in that math, and nobody argued against no bricks were tossed no stop down in the action. Why thought iana should points? He did it all from the same position. He's defending a single with a tight waist. You fell a is out there. I mean, come on. We gotta give this one to him to hell. How the hell's he doing that? Who should strengthen power also must give a shoutout to Naf right way to go took out Oregon zone Tyler burger and a good match. Burger went out there burger fought hard Nelson better resume fine. We can live with that. Absolutely. I did think that he had a very tough match with Hitler, though. And I thought that there was two separate take downs. It should have gone to Hedley. I would not offer for you guys at that would change the outcome of the match. I'm well aware of Hitler got that. I take down that. If you look at the scoreboard, those are all the points. He needs great. But. I think we should also be able to manufacture at least within our own minds that north would have wrestled differently..

Spencer Leigh Tyler burger Hitler Yanni Stan Joey McKenna Suryana ESPN Nikolai Bogaert Nelson Oregon one hundred twenty five pounds one hand
"twenty  five pounds" Discussed on Pet Life Radio

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"When you might have lost siblings or a spouse. But the joy that you will give that dog or that cat for the last days of their lives to me says says it all and today, I've been reading I wanted to do some research on this. There's a lot of assisted living facilities that allow pets. Some started off small with a resident dog that would come and visit you know, the residents because assisted living doesn't necessarily mean you bedridden, but you know, they have living conditions where you go in because, you know, you don't want the house anymore and all of that nonsense, and you just want to have a place where you could be cared for and watched over, and then it may be gradually goes. But so they had you know, a lot of test centers or facilities where they had like a resident dog, and he would they would sit on the lap. And it would it would give them joy. And now from what I'm reading a lot. Lot of assisted living facilities are allowing their residents to bring dogs twenty twenty five pounds. Of course, you know, you have to keep in mind. Are you able to camp for the dog some of them have facilities there where they can help you with the dog? You know, you want to be able to groom the dog, which means brushing, not just bathing them and taking them to grow. And you have to be able to walk them. You know, it's not like you're letting them out and the walking look what people get outta walking. I just started walking again after being bad for a while. And I'm just loving it. I walked minimum of two miles a day, the most four miles because you know, wherever you walk you have to walk back, but it's wonderful. And here if I had a dog besides that I'd want to bring a dog to dog park, but you meet people because you know, somebody will say, oh, isn't that cute? And you know, what they talking about me. Are they talking about the dog? So you meet people, and it gets the people out. It gets you moving. You know, there was a story years ago that man was so overweight. His doctor said if you wanna live get a dog and walk and he walked him and he walked him any lost weight. Now, he's on. I think is the second or third dog for that. So there's so many different, you know, aspects to having a pet besides blood pressure. And you know, they say if you pet a cat, you pressure goes down and just have somebody love you. And you know, wanna be with you. You know, there's different kinds of dogs that are just perfect for that. I heard and read that Boston terriers were really bred to be companion dogs, which I certainly didn't know, and they're just very happy sitting at the feet of their own or being around their own little dogs pugs pomeranians, toy poodles. I grew up with a, you know, a standard poodle. They're brilliant dogs. But everybody's got the best story and nobody's wrong. So it's what you particularly like they. They say cocker spaniels, they say Beagles, I like schnauzers, but I heard that they balk. So that might not be a good mix in a assisted living type of situation where you could bother your neighbors unless they had harder they were hard of hearing. And then who cares, but you know, the temperament and the care, and and just the socialization would be so great for anybody. Whether they're in their sixties or the seventies or their eighties. And I think it's just wonderful. I mean, we see what it does when people bring comfort dogs into schools or into hospitals. I see, you know, they bring them even into.

Boston twenty twenty five pounds
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"Twenty twenty zero twenty twenty twenty five pound bag better. Check it out. This flower, ever, go stale. Yeah. Really? I thought you could keep flower around forever. If you don't keep it probably the best of the views by so obviously, it kind of deludes. Hey Rudy Giuliani. Maybe going on TV after drinking. Yeah. I heard this Daily Mail says that explains. Things are beginning to make sense. Yeah. This is from the Daily Mail. He say three Republicans close to the White House believes that he shouldn't be going on TV at night because he's drinking before these live spots. Previously Giuliani did admit to politico that he may have a drink with dinner. But insisted he doesn't have a problem. There's been a series of bizarre interviews involving Giuliani. But President Trump reportedly has no plans to fire him or to keep him off of TV doing. So I think he likes a whiskey with a cigars. Yes. He does. Yeah. And I have seen him out at night at restaurants. And he he has a glass of wine serious about Rudy. And all these crazy things. He's putting out there. It was from judge Napolitano is that it's one of these things attorneys. Do if you got bad information put it out yourself. Don't let don't let Muller put this stuff out. So this kind of dribs and drabs of these revelations may be the White House attempt to get the stuff out an indiscretion prior to Muller lasts. No big deal. Once it's yeah. And I think the drinking before the TV interviews makes more sense. Thanks, joe. Okay. Hey, today's the day the MTA decides whether or not to raise fares. Hey, how about fixing the subways? I. Yeah. Bless you wanna fastened bucks your next chances coming up at eight oh five on seven ten w o r don't go away. But now, let's get the product..

Rudy Giuliani President Trump Daily Mail Napolitano Muller White House MTA joe Twenty twenty zero twenty twen seven ten w
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"You have read very poorly today. Third thrown men that way hundred and twenty five pounds. That's odd. Ask him about the I hate watching those guys fight the guys who come into the ring with the belt over their head. But they can't hold it up because it's too heavy. Tomorrow. And it's gonna be great though, you gotta talk a real tough guy. Simba hind some microphones. I'm not saying that one hundred twenty five pound dude couldn't beat me up because these could they are exceptional fighters. I'm just saying I don't want to watch squirrels fight. That's what I wanna see. I wanna see one hundred twenty five pound trained fighter fight against like a six six three seventy three hundred seventy five pound guy who can't fight. It. All nice won't be the purpose of that was a big guy. Yeah. There was something shocking that happened during the Richard Jefferson interview. I don't think it's ever happened before in the history of the show. It was fascinating to watch the mischievous differences between Billy the one who's always an instigator and right behind him. Mike Ryan lording executive who has to take care of everybody's feelings around here in the middle. I don't think you even heard this. I mean, Richard Jefferson was excellent. But his last answer was the most long winded boring thing we've ever heard around here and going, and when that happens when that happens we have played for fifteen years around here Harrison Ford, what was the name of the movie, I don't even remember the decision. Air Force One Air Force One. And this is what we've played to tell the audience that we know that this person is Yam get off my plane now Billy played it kind of scared and soft because Billy is scared and soft I wish done it more aggressively. But Mike didn't wanna do it at all. It's blasphemous. It's insulting to our guest and guest who is extraordinarily before that it's disrespectful. The problem is when I previewed it it was so loud that I was afraid that it was good Harrison Ford was going to be screaming and his ear. So I turned it low, and I didn't realize how low would be because the preview is full volume. Okay. Billy. I want you to understand just totally how okay I want. You to understand what happened there as Mike was breathing over your shoulder, and you were riding our ship here into the sky, your fear made it so that you made the joke, but you made it so scared that I don't know if anyone heard it, and if that doesn't speak to your terror, and how it handcuffs you in your daily life with every step. You take has. I saw the fear on you that entire time. And you did it anyway and untrue, Billy style. You did it poorly. I don't think it's cleared. Also, which is another issue..

Billy style Mike Ryan Richard Jefferson Harrison Ford Yam executive one hundred twenty five pound six six three seventy three hu twenty five pounds fifteen years
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"Lose twenty five pounds, or are you going to make an extra hundred thousand this year? How would you feel if you actually did it? That's the big difference. And it comments Kim. Well, I find it really interesting. When I go to my gym, I've been going to this gym for like twelve years and the first two weeks of January are packed their packed. It's like it's crowded. There's not a lot of room to move. And then on that third week all the sudden it all lightens up. Everybody's kind of disappeared. So one thing that John says in his book finish is it ninety two percent of all New Year's resolutions fail. Ninety two percent. Well, zigzag was even worse ninety six percents. Yeah. And so I was what I love is John. He wrote a book called. Start in two thousand thirteen punch fear in the face escape average and do work that matters. So he did the book start. But then you realize that will people start sometimes that's easy to start. But it's hard to finish. So we're going to find out how you finish. And you know, if you're going to go to the gym don't send an annual contract just day to day. That's good financial advice. So John welcome to the program. Thank you so much for having me exciting time here to talk about topics like this. So John, why don't you write this book finish? Well, a big part of it was as you wack mentioned. I wrote start and a bunch of people came up to me over the years sentence that hey, thanks writing that it helped me, you know. But I've started a million things starting his easy. I can you know, I have fifty your name names registered that I've never done anything with. I have a treadmill that I now hang clothes on the you know in the garage. I can start a thousand things what does it look like to actually finish? And I I didn't have a good answer for my own life. The funny story I like to tell it took me three years to do six days a p ninety x and that's. That's that was really hyped infomercial on these guys with who who looked like me. And then next thing they they look like, you know, Schwarzenegger or something. I kept meeting people that were good at finishing things p ninety x or actually finishing. It saw got really curious and partnered with a PHD and Mike Peasley from the university of Memphis, and we studied nearly nine hundred people for six months to say, okay. What does it take to actually be finished? Because that's another one. That's really sad is eighty one percent of Americans. According to the New York Times want to write a book and every year less than one percent, do and that has a cost as you know, you've met a million people that say, Robert, I wanna change my finances. The call the stress at the car was apart. But then they don't which means they're just going to continue carrying that stress and heartache further into life. And so that's why I wrote finish was I wanted to kind of unleash all of these people that said I wanna lose weight. I want to write a book, I wanna do a business and give them practical tools that will help them actually complete the thing that matters. Okay..

John Kim New York Times Mike Peasley Schwarzenegger Robert university of Memphis Ninety two percent eighty one percent ninety two percent twenty five pounds twelve years one percent three years six months two weeks six days
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"But I remember I mean, all these kids coming through had something, and you know, resurgence for scaphoid stability surgeries for shoulder so captions ACL's meniscus surgery. I mean, it seemed like more often than not these kids at had a prior medical history or surgical history. And I said to Ronnie Barnes has gone Ronnie all these guys are somewhat injured in Lincoln oily at these are the best guys coming through. And he said he said they're all injured because they're the best guys coming through and they play, and it's made me realize it's very tough sport to play at a very high level without exposing yourself to injury. And that everybody gets hurt at some point. And it's usually. Those injuries that slow you down just a little bit that again is that margin that razor thin margin of being a star in the league. And being out of league do either your boys play football. My oldest does actually jaded us these playing freshman football. Does it were you at all not just with everything, you know? But also with east we've since learned sure it worries me like crazy. And you know, he started playing football as he's probably the only Jewish kid in the history of the world to leverage is by mitzvah until football spot. He is in seventh grade and he's preparing for his bar Mets or any was hating it. And he basically struck a deal is like you guys. Let me play tackle football. You won't hear a word about the bar mitzvah preparation. I'll just say we're, and we we took him up on the deal, and he was playing in a weighted football league, so one hundred twenty five pounds max, and they everyone's acutely aware of CT concussions head injuries that way the game has coached as changed drastically among the level. And then when you watch the games, it seems relatively safe. I mean, it's sort of kids. Bumping hips. It certainly doesn't seem any more violent than the lacrosse and hockey the kids are playing at that age. And we let them play he then he played again as eighth grade year because a little bigger, and so again, I'm still a sized limited leagues always a little bit more advantage, then and then sort of elected he's playing a freshman and simply because he loves playing the game. And we look at the mentors who are as coaches, and we. Such admiration for his coaches and we look at his teammates. And he gets an awful lot out of it. And I remember hearing Curtis. Martin's hall of fame acceptance speech, which I will link to it, but it is beautiful. It's an awesome speech. So you're better off listening to it. I don't want to spoil it. Go ahead and paraphrase it for the POS, folks. Who wanna listen so Curtis Martin talks, basically off the cuff about football and his closing line was and he came from very poor disadvantage environment. Pittsburgh and football game him an avenue, and he talks about all the dangers of the game. And he's not certain whether or not he let his son play football or not. But he's he says themself. If football can do for your kid what a differ me. There's no question that I let you blaming that's fundamentally the the punchline that there's a lot of pros and cons. You have to weigh. The pros and cons for your own kid and decide whether or not it's worth it. And for us. We felt it was worth in..

football Ronnie Barnes Curtis Martin Mets Lincoln Pittsburgh hockey Ronnie one hundred twenty five pounds
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"Late now, but that'll repel the concrete's hard. But there's capillaries in it. And if that Saudi brainy material gets in those capillaries, it's gonna lay there for a while. And every time that driveway. Becomes wet again? Activates that corrosiveness of the salt succeeding the surface to minimize water penetration of the concrete yet allowing the water vapor to escape is what you want to use which will minimize the damage. They call it Spalding on concrete surfaces salt the most corrosive lease corrosive calcium magnesium chloride mcneese Eum chloride is the least corrosive a little bit more expensive meltsa much colder temperatures, and if it says ice melt done say salt read the back of that big you probably gonna find out a contain salt. Just make sure you know, what your mind. Ice melter for a twenty five pound bag probably cost you I don't know seven eight nine bucks. If it contained salt, probably cost you five bucks. So heads up. Tips, right Lee. Welcome. Hey, Gary, good morning. How you doing doing great, sir? How can I help? Question about filters for furnaces. Haven't had forced air since. I was a kid. My house was crappy for eating. Moved here five years ago. We now have forced air system where the heat. Okay. And the guy out. This place. We rent. A couple of weeks ago and turned out. There was water in the system wasn't working. So it was freezing on the cold side. After he got done and found that you came in it still wasn't working and check the filter, and the filter was totally did spend changed about a month. Earlier maybe three weeks earlier. They come around and change them every six months and when he fulfilled her out. It didn't have a Merv value noted on it. So he didn't know what it was. But it wasn't dark. It was like a beige yellowish find almost maybe electrostatic because it would stick to your fingers. Do you think he didn't know? What was he had his boss out? You never saw that. You think is that what possibly drywall dust fourth? Look like, well, yeah. The yellow kind of throws me drywall dust or usually look like calc because. Yeah. Because of the Gibson. But I don't know if it mixes with dust and dirt. Maybe it does look that. Yeah. It was. If you clogged up a filter in thirty days, I'd probably get a duck work taken. You know? Well, unfortunately, it's a rental place and big on maintenance, probably not probably not was this a pleated filter or a flex builder. Yeah. About an inch thick. We. Yeah. Those should last you should last you ninety days. But you know, all those are just good averages. So well, they replace him here every six months, okay? And the last time when they replace this one month ago, the one we had it was whack. Dirt on ex and. Yeah. They they put the new one. And evidently, it was you know, an and he told us that you should check them really about every month. Pleaded. Here's what I would do. I mean, they're not that expensive. It's probably an inexpensive pleaded filter. Maybe three bucks for sure. So they can get so at least it's a pleated filter. They should last ninety days. I buy a handful of them. And I just swap them out every every thirty days or so or at least check them. And if they're just slide a new one in just eventually, maybe you can eliminate some of that stuff. Yeah. That's that's what we were planning on doing. Getting our own or if they're not gonna do it every month. Yeah. But I was listening to show tuned in about eight thirty and you're talking about furnace filters all said, oh, I was on W here. And they they broadcast for the first hour show from last week. Okay. Okay. But I heard you say that when you had yours clean ten years ago that the company asked you did you ever get gained right after you Bill for how right and I did not. And it was drywall dust, you're. Exactly, right. You're exactly right. So and I mean. Know even be usually like a white. But you know, if it's been old, and it's dirty and dusty I mean, yeah. But you can also, you know, if you feel like there's any issues with allergies or anything along those lines. There. You can take a pleaded filtering inexpensive pleaded filter and spray with a product called mold magnet, which will increase that. Probably would be like Murph for probably bring it up to about a Murph ten. Mentioned that so that might be worthwhile making that investment also. And maybe we can just kind of help clean up through air circulation won't be as good as somebody coming in actually, clean out the work. But right, right. And you said the pleated this has got flat. That's correct. That's correct flat filter. You're going to replace for sure. Pleaded direct correct? All right. Thank you very much, by the way, the water in the system. There was no leak in the system. The only way that could get it was the last. Well, see we we did have a problem around June or July when we first turned on the air conditioning wanted cooling and the previous company, they switch companies here came out, and he was still in with refrigerant. And I just asked him. I said you're doing a leak you put in you know, snoop or something to do leak. There's no they were just fill it. So, you know, he said the refrigerant was well that was the first problem we had a week ago and excelled it and after three or four hours checking this check them after rebates and everything. For leaks, and he said. I was just wild. He says possibly it wasn't filled correctly or they didn't do this. Or that wasn't enough in. I don't know because we didn't do it. Of course. Water in the system about the only way that could get in. If there's no leaks is if the previous person didn't clear his lines before he puts the refrigerant in water, or if there be any type of condensation going on. The LA Times, you know, we think they're leaks, but it's condensation and also there's condensation tube. A lot of times that'll get clogged in water actually becoming underneath the unit getting some bleach and there or even running a little plastic snake down there to clear that out in a lot of cases will take care of that problem. So another thing to check got to scoot lake for break. We'll continue your at home with Gary subtle.

Gary Spalding LA Times Lee allergies scoot lake Murph Bill ninety days thirty days six months twenty five pound three weeks five years four hours one month ten years
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"Everybody involved looking back to the program. Say. I am a professional Bahama home. Maybe I've been eating too many cupcakes from from yours, truly truly a cupcake friend. So you know, every night or every Friday night. Let's eat segment we more often than not have folks in that have. Well, we like to have people in the Heff stuff that we can eat, right. But tonight, we're going to sacrifice an hour instead for our dogs. Right. Frankie dog asked if we could talk to her cell. Yes. Because he's very happy with her. I told Greta what I was doing Greta wanted to come in. But I wasn't quite sure that it was time to bring in yet. She's been here once, but she stayed outside she stayed outside and somebody semi-state outside with her. She'll turn one year old a burger a female leeann burger, and she's so almost a year old dad is one sixty mama's one forty she will. She's still she's still not she's still enough of a puppy when you have one hundred and twenty five pound puppy bouncing around. Sometimes people are a little overwhelmed. Shouldn't mature until they're about to right? Yeah. She won't mature for a while. But the the good thing about big dogs. We voice had Saint bernards is leeann burger is they they melt well quicker. Oh, they do. They don't mature. They're still puppies. But for example, if I take Greta out to chase the ball. I use that euphemistically because it's more like dad throws the ball once or twice she chases. And by the third time, she's looking at me like what's this about? They're not retrievers, and so then she becomes kind of lumbering. Okay. I got the ball death. I don't see your your dog is being hyper dogs. They're not, hyper, but she's still just enough a puppy. So like, you know, and we've worked with the trainer now for, you know, we've taken all the classes and stuff because I find fascinating way off topic book..

leeann burger Greta big dogs Heff Frankie Saint bernards twenty five pound one year
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"He weighs four hundred and twenty five pounds. In the pinatas. It's it's funny. But in pin it on the. On the corporation. I mean, you I mean, you talk about lawsuits that could be. You know, there's I mean individual lawsuits could be tens of millions of dollars collective lawsuits could be hundreds of millions of dollars. I mean, it's a it's a it's a big deal. And then it's going to be a net is going to be interesting to see how the general public looks at this. Like, what's what's the general opinion of that? And then also in turn the port systems in the jury's to see whether they have sympathy for someone like that. Or it should be, you know, rugged individualism that America was founded on where you should just, you know, pull yourself up by, you know, your your knickers, or whatever it is you because the other thing that's really interesting to is the idea that, you know, the these corporations have essentially scheduled out your day for their exclusive benefit like this the whole nine. Nine to five workday originated from the factory systems from the industrial revolution. In the school system was also predicated on that it's too too. So kids would learn from an early age is like, okay, you, you know, you start in the morning, you have a lunch break in you work in the afternoon. And then the whistle blows in the new go home. And so that way of working benefits these multi-national corporations because they want everybody working towards a common goal. And I you know, it's more productive. Right. What incense you could? There's no written rule that if you own your own business that you have to work nine to five like I own my own business. And yes, I have to take client meetings in client calls, but I can literally work whenever I want. I can work ten o'clock night could start by day at ten o'clock at night ended at three in the morning, if I so choose to so it's it's it's very it's very interesting to see how all this plays out while I would have to respectfully disagree with mister lawsuit angle about changing things because number one I don't. I think people are gonna have a lot of sympathy to to try to prove in a class action lawsuit, or you know, that some guys overweight or a bunch of people are overweight because of the job, and how much do you award those people like I don't know, you know, how well that's going to play. I think it comes generally generational -i with people who say, no, I'm not going to work for your company like the person you interviewed Hoda. You know said I'm not doing this anymore. This is garbage. And I'm not gonna do it. So I'm gonna go do my own business. You know, if enough employees at say GE in the next generation, I mean, it's not going to happen in the next twenty years. Probably but certain things have changed over the course of decades where people say look, this is garbage. I'm not gonna spend, you know, all this time away from my family. I'm not going to work for you, twelve hours a day to maximize your profit. Fits apple made over a trillion dollars last year. And this is the first year where their profits. I don't even think they dropped. They just didn't grow it. Like, everybody's in a panic about it. It's like the bid people are people lighting cars on fire in the streets, small talk. How how how much money is enough like a trillion dollars in? It's like, well it, well, it's not it's not apple apple came back with lower than forecast its sales in it wasn't like they were boohooing. What happened was the the whole? It's a whole economic. I understand the point you're trying to make. But it's it's a whole economic picture. So when one of the largest companies in the world comes back and says look growth is slowing people panic it will panic across the globe..

apple America Hoda GE trillion dollars twenty five pounds twelve hours twenty years