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"twenty three twenty four five years" Discussed on 850 WFTL

"After the news with Ron Hershey. We've got well a little update on a famous person who was hospitalized. That was actually killed off by Garrett yesterday. On him. We actually do actually have a real death real show business, a death will that will get you will get to that. Well, actually, you know, a couple of gifts, but one that you would you may know update on former president, Jimmy Carter a little Florida proud got a very funny story about a guy in India who was in his office in a monkey jumped on so get to a lot of that stuff. Governor this phone number because I do have a solution to the problem that maybe coming our way in a couple of weeks of the plane load or a couple of plane loads of migrants, who just dropped off in Broward and Palm Beach Kelly, I actually have a solution for the governor. And I wanted to share it with him before he gets on the phone with Trump. If you have the governor's phone number please call right now. Well, shouldn't shouldn't we have it here? The governor, and we are news talk station. News talk station in every state gets a direct line of their governor. Do they should definitely shook? So maybe somebody in the front office can run the, the phone number down here. I'll just leave the or you know, we'll do. Forget about that. You know what I'll, I'll, I'll share it after five o'clock. It's a good solution to by the way. And I think it would work like a charm, somebody's listening, and we'll just we'll just tape it, we'll just take the tape, and we'll just send it off to the to the governor's office has that, right? So we'll do that. I'll, I'll, I'll share that with you, five. In the meantime. High school sweethearts on or not. We met in college, we met when I was just out of high school, and she was in her senior year. High school sweethearts I was her high school sweetheart. Okay. And so how soon after graduation. Did you guys get married young? Right. It was still a pretty good time. I wanna say twenty three twenty four five years after being together. Okay. So you live together right after high school not directly. She came down to, to north Miami, area and went to school. And after her first year at school is when I we got the first department. Well, this kid actually proposed. That really propose. He posed to his girlfriend on a billboard. In the time square. So it wasn't really a proposal but it was a problem puzzle. Is that the thing now? So he was proposing goes to the prom. Ask you how you propose to your high school girlfriend. So the guy's name is Kyle Gelber some Horace Greeley high school in Chappaqua. Isn't that where the Clintons live? Yeah. And he invited the girl named the Phoebe Spar to the prom by asking her live on a billboard in Times Square. How much money that's got to cost? This guy's got to have kids. Got it becoming from the family with money. Right. So, yes. I guess. The billboard in Times Square he asked her to the prom. Yeah. Is that is friends with the CEO of T mobile? So that's how that was able to get done. Here's the best.

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