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Episode 487 - Charlotte Purdue

Marathon Talk

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Episode 487 - Charlotte Purdue

"It's wednesday. The eighth of may two thousand nineteen I'm Martin yelling. He's Tom Williams. This is have sold four hundred eighty seven of marathon talk. This week show. We're joined by the third fastest female British Maratha in history. After her recent to our twenty five minutes in London, Charlotte Perdue on the show, and he kept show gain. That says he's going to have another crack going sub two hours over the math and CASA menu has her appeal rejected a new fifty mile world best training talk supported by thrive. And look to that tricky period, aftermath and Toni T trials you right? You run the ca- mazing kids around the world and share your most dramatic finish line moment. John Williams what you've been up to. I'll tell you what I missed the week even because I wasn't hey last week south got a long run roller coaster going on so last weekend. So wherever that what days today, choosed ace. Oh, nine days goes on me. A thought I'm going to drop some mileage out 'cause we talk to show him. We about me thinking, I'm just a little bit of head long one. Why not run volume wise mouse behind that in terms of long term wise behead where I wanna be. So I thought well do is all take few miles out and all take hills out and have a bit of a go a shorter in long run just to make things up hill bear now go back to the proper Longa ones. An im- head all week had the sixteen mile sort of two lap sixteen in my head, and though I can probably seven and a half minute mile. And I said, I two hours. That's quite nice all week have been really up for it. And I got to the Sunday. And I was went up fan. I went out the door. And I just said it hard and got two mile five which was about two miles from front door. So kind of whatever three cores of the first loop. And I was about ten seconds head of seven off minute mile pace and hanging on for grim. Two miles the guy when I was like, I'm to war. I actually going to walk. This is ridiculous. But I'm going to walk because I am busted. And I had one of those conversations myself said, look, you don't if you promise not to walk. You can just run straight home. So I promised myself not to walk. We see we with yourself. You did seven miles so five miles. I was gonna I'm gonna walk. I'm gonna walk. I'm gonna walk. I'm gonna walk in my head the little devil. I'm hanging on hanging on this eleven miles to go. I'm not for it feel terrible. I tell you what promise you went walk, and you can just go away home to nine minute mile and lived in the front door an hour before as many, click quit. How to wasn't me? Okay. So does that set you up because look it doesn't bother me in the slightest. But sometimes that happens, sometimes, absolutely. And some people they will react really badly. They'll beat themselves up about one bedroom. And of course. Yeah. And I'm not making fun of anybody. He feels totally totally get that thought protest. It's also helps to be able to walk away. Also, I'd be able to go, you know, what just wasn't there today? And and tomorrow in the next day a new days. Yeah. I I just don't have that that makes you thought process in. That's not not saying I'm better than anybody or anything like that. Just doesn't just doesn't pays me. But one thing I'm quite good at he's is saying what how am I going to pick myself back up again? So how what's the comeback run? Because I think often you can sit yourself up on something. It was just obviously just a bit beyond me to be honest. And then you do it again and you fail again. And suddenly you got two runs three runs four runs and you make a habit of not doing and then it can get under your skin. So I was actually really lucky because my few days after that my friends Darby longtime running part of Musica who lives in New Zealand now happen to be in the UK. And he he dropped me note. And I'm around do you wanna go around? And I tell you what you know, are really like to do on Sunday on love to go out for a super social chilled out long run an eases. Mr positives. These. Great saute. So this Sunday gone. He came out in the afternoon, and we went out, and we did eighteen miles about nine and a half minute Meiling, and we chatted Gwen seen each other. Two years easy. New Zealand wasn't expecting to see him. So we kind of talk stories and CIA head and cool top for three hours and the run. When in the blink of an eye are felt amazing. And it just gets yo straight back on your feet. And I think you know, there's a lot lockin Steve giving give me show and all those kind of things. But I think I think it can be really good tactics. You know, what that's not worth? I didn't enjoy that it year. That's what's kind of a pick me up on what's around. I know it almost certainly going to be a lotta fun and like I really slow super social run with an old friend and back in the game. And then the order excited says really good. That's a nice way of looking at it, actually, isn't it? Like, I really like the the notion of a pick me up on a nice thing to have a pick me up run in the back pocket. Do you know what mine is gone, six three minutes? Six times, we minutes. It's they do six three minutes the other day. I'm sure he did did is there ever being put in your life? Where you couldn't say. I just did six by three minutes the other day times. It's like that things that you're never more than ten feet from a rat. Or something never move never mind. Yelling never more than five days from six by three minutes. Yeah. No. I didn't six three minutes for six months this year. Really, not when I I'll be missing the old be missing the devil. Always always comeback session. Tell you. What did we prayed? How did the Southampton off math that we last minute entry? It was an entry today, which are did have to remortgage the handful, really. Ruth get ripped off by ticket. No. But you know, it's expensive is run against. I'm one of these people that pay their entries. I know you dafter, but. Nobody run a five k mornings perfect ending oven that is expensive. And you. For seven quit said, no more. What that felt it rough for her mouth in very steep. Isn't it yet? But I mean, it was good fun. Light was my photo, of course. Because I did decide to roll up and think. Ooh entries on the day. Why not classic preparation haven't than half marathon since one thirty five where was that was it fabric? Yeah. It was just look at you. You are turning into a proper influence. Belly? It was it was run. I'm going to complement your splits here as well. You have run a remarkably even paced run now, they get in a think of that mile eleven there was one went to his hilly six four eight. But that was all uphill. Downhill affiliate is finished with six oh to from our thirteen. They go fast. Yeah. Mall was the fastest mile of the whole run check US. That's exactly what I planned was just go out pretty steady and see if I can hang onto it. That was why did as we'll hear later on the show not quite as affected as this week's interview shot at put for studying stunning pace judgment by was all right. But I was actually I was going for inside one twenty five. So they go had stopped for a week. An unplanned pullover. But other than that, I why teen joy it was enough distance done anymore. Went from fantastic bike ride with the kids too. That's always good fun. The first time ever we went across on the ferry without Meeks. Like we. Normally we drive, and we kind of take the kids bikes in the car, and this time we all pitched off on across on the ferry although having another wind it did cost me as much to get the bikes across on the ferry as it does to drive which seemed to bit redundant immeasurable driven. Normally, it's cheaper the planet. How did say the planet, and then we all went dashing off through the woods on our bikes, which is really good fund. There's thirteen of us in total peleton with my five year old boys in it. Yeah. It was monumentally stressful at times. But okay, good. And also had Benard rotate staying with me for a week. Check that out Benard wrote it he's not American. No. He's cabinet, surely, Ben, Ben. Yeah. Benard is his name. Back in Kenya. Going now stayed with this complete. Wait. Oh. My name's Ken. Kenneth and. Especially feather met him in Kenya. Two times lives in career show where we used to go. Ron and he was running in Belfast. So we came and stayed for few days, and we actually had a rather hilarious week. But you do meet because Corinne chosen like quite urban. But we have to remember that but not has rarely left Kenya. Despite being a reasonably well traveled athlete in Kenyan terms typically he goes to a hotel in town does a race. And then goes back to Kenya. Yeah. So spending time with the family was fantastic. Especially when we after dinner one evening, I I all of the kind of dirty plate and knives and forks in the dishwasher at which point. He flipped his lid. Got them all out again started watching them up. And I know it's okay. It does it put it in here. Does it for you? And it just looked at me and went what? Because you're putting the way he just putting them away thirty and that was completely unacceptable. Really? And also in when we went to the cinema because he's never been to the cinema before so took him to the cinema. We went to watch avengers endgame, which may have been a slight mistake as long as you will kind of movie going baptism. It was definitely one of fire for a Kenyan like, Ben brilliant. He came out, and he just looked at me like did that whole mind blown justification. Completely go look the menu, and what's that in the opening scene when that's a spaceship, but kind of w where to go from there. He don't ever seen Nigerian films before I didn't ask. Yeah. And then he went who's that. That's the hulk anyone what? Fantastic. Then he went on to come third in the Belfast Murphy eighteen yes, other belong wasn't it. It was no point three wells long which been Molly frustrating for eighteen thousand people doing it there. We don't you three hours and no minutes or four thousand no minutes or five minutes. Could you imagine that sorry? So they are apparently race. Organizers say the chairman, David Seaton blamed human error, saying the lead Carl diverted from the root proximity. Four hundred meters were added to the official calls. He did say the statement protocols. We put in place to ensure this never happens again. And that are in the process of Justin runners times to reflect the correct distance. Right. Where are we also teach you in a big, thank you listeners of popular depiction and places support for this show. He like what we do. We'd like to support the show and become a patriot. And please check out this episodes show notes for the link to our patriot page right kit around the world each week listeners send in photos of themselves flushing super cool mantle kit in exotic locations, if you've got picture view flashing your kid, then please send it to info at math until dot com. So weak and share on the show first off what about a picture? Call hoops. Hello. Mt. Team from sunny Key, West, Florida. I love the amazing Martin interview with Ryan hall and Ryan's reference to seasons of life. I may not be running BQ Maritimes anymore says carb in this new season of my life. I'm teaching my six month old granddaughter grace the importance of kids around the world photos and short short. What's I'm sure you'll be pleased with Grace's kaslo POS, including the joint pink hat. As you can tell by the smile, she's a big. Mt. Fan like grandpa, keep up the good work fantastic. Righteous. Look where is well. The scene. Smiling. Face Brin, taste languish enjoyed running to ocean. Despite the cost version g to a riot threat and home bang, right? We're kind of voting long climb descent. Cops very instead of Chapman's. Peak miss down the ocean views sick legs threatening to cramp the finish fix that with rehydration, tablets and a beer in the internet. Look at their years showing off his medal in his marathon to obtain the end well-done, David and you also shared check it out the profile photo of the revised court Bercy division. Of course. Now, you've run with me in fact on Chapman's peak I've run to over champions peak and that as the the regular route over champions peak is one heck of a climb a proper proper proper climb. And actually the new one look it's almost twice as high in the space of five K you go up about three hundred fifty meters. Three hundred meters thousand feet of climbing in a in five K, and that downhill looks like one heck of a downhill as well, by the way, which would blow your legs to ribbons doesn't it? Wouldn't want to do that? Anyway. Well, done David might always you might more. See my me here is selfish might Morrissey from last Sunday's running beautiful port MacQuarie. My arm is at long enough. He says to get full length picture, but take my word for it to perfect catalog posed from the waist down. Just like, Tom. I'm trying to calm rate. Actually, he says just like TOMS, dad. I'm training for comrades. By the way, by the way, you have not said this year. So by the way till that would that change comrades et cetera. I looked at you need to run a few more hills. And we'll get him on the show suiting up date because trains going really well. So you need to feel more hills. We studying doing all these forty eight runs which is great and very well. But they're out back along Lake Geneva where he lives, and it's it's all of it flat. I said you've got to train for hills. So I get get message fact, he just sent me a message just now probably probably showing about another ridiculous long run. So I get a message for him says, right? I found a one k hill and I've run up twenty times. Back down. Again, it's times for forty K. Fantastic. Unbelievable. So that's that was four thousand feet of a sense. You've had four thousand feet and in twenty times one kilometer up one kilometer down. Honestly is on fire. He might win comedy ridiculous love that should be pissed way on the line. He may will do full. Full to anyway, where were we trust trust the process leisure tastes? Because around the world on you. Trust the process leisure t- designing SC lucidly for us by Sarah at art of your success as now launched you can see if you pictures of these social media orders for the two orders for the t shirts now open via your success dot com. Pulling on the show notes, by the way, we have lie. Single around the world yet in. Juicy places. Now, you should be the first where I'm going yet that really nice well, Sarah such against anyone hasn't. She's. Particulars. But they are really nice. It looks nice. Yeah. I find when the expert at the math in for a little bit good lab. Which is which is kind of find those comments. Nice. They would fit you. Well with your comrades in training and sculpted body ba- figured quite figure in certain region. Yeah. So we talk about Facebook Friday this fun. Let's on Facebook Friday this week. We said from hilarious way, some of this. That do storming down the mall to Haley Carithers incidently. We've just agreed an interview with highly coming up in the next few weeks. She was absolutely everywhere. It wasn't. She after the race. Absolute never. I remember watching it. I remember lucky go remember what it was Liz on the TV going. Well, that's it. That is the moment because yes, it's going to take a lot to beat in terms of spectacle, performance engagement human interest falling over five meters before the lining genuinely crawling across it. And then each ING with tip timing foots to make sure it crosses the line. I. Prince you on the show soon Haiti clubs up to a few comedy costume moments afterwards. The virgin money London marathon finish line was not short of drama. We asked this week finish this sentence. My most dramatic finish line moment. Well, there's a brilliant one that has been thankfully, edited. I think Ben Martin dies at the webbing muscial. It's going Abingdon, Maryland, not too great finishing photo. He says. As he's lying on his back legs. Akimbo fortunately with well. Well, I think probably the cartoon versions better than the real version. Yes. Yeah. He's fallen daddy collapsed with. Yeah. He's. Anyway. Anyway, on I liked this one Carrigan fell race is that the another competitive barge, paula's Mula tricky, very fun steep downhill sending league interests takeover, decent sprint-finish anew. If I could keep him my sides had a chance as you can see from her face. She wasn't happy. When a pit to the post. Look at their faces. Nick Barton national cross country two thousand fourteen nothing in my cross the line stopped and vomited. My cook breakfast that exactly the same in London in twenty fifteen didn't run Darby twenty sixteen and then lost my breakfast again law team into seventeen says I've changed my routine since hashtag slow learner. Oh, no bad. Isn't it? I love this was Morgan apple Goth on the home straight of the Chiang Mai Maryland been there, which is in Thailand after nearly detonating in thirty degree heat in eighty percent humidity my pride maybe hunt down the runner in front of me before the finish line for that extra place and a few seconds. I did it finally detonating in the process only to find that they were participating in the Maryland set off an hour before. And actually the winner. But have my sweaty Mets ruin that crowning glory photo opportunity. Really? Oh pass this great photo. He set them. You can see it. But pulled Hossan think much could top entering a pack. Moses. My beta stadium at the end of comrade last year after plans A B and C had failed. So ended up grinding out plan d from the last twenty K or so he said, I celebrated with cigar as soon as I crossed the line. That's good. Call fans so many of these. Can you just read through these? I what have you ever had any of these most barris finish line moment of God belter? I don't think from. I really had one. I'd I've never liked kind of thrown up. All tripped over or had. Undercarriage exposure or anything. I've never really had a finish line disaster thing on what's yours. Monaco half. Yeah. Here we go. Every on host Manal coke. It was one of the goals seventy point three Manako. And I was in good. I was in good shape. Even if I do say so myself, but I don't particularly like the Manako by ride. It's lumpy. And I'm not the wasn't the best dissenter. So we've done the c- swim hill. Just hilarious jellyfish in this. This is a slight tangent. But they're jellyfish innoc-. And one of my mates. Got stuck in the face by jellyfish as he got out. He said this isn't the funny story by this isn't weapon is Dame. Unbearably said a grad of water, I had testicles all over my face. No, feel tentacles. Anyway, we we always racing quite hard and was slightly hallucinating. And it was a lap. Course. I think you have to do six laps, and I was writing around like a racing car on the Monaco grand prix chased up the hill thought right near the finish them in a finish. I could see like half a dozen blokes ahead of me that was it. And I was like absolutely gun in for it crossed the line really pleased feeling broken yet. Pretty pleased with my performance walked through to the post race got my finishes medal walk through to this of ten way used everything else. I thought caught preempting here where everybody and there was only about five finishes in the race. And I'm like man, I've done well of surprise myself here because we had such a bad Bart ride. I pick them all off on the bike. On the run at the end. And of course of looked down. And they've all got one more finishes wristband lap Kanter than me. So I climbed the fence and Duma final lapping. Shame related. Goodlad? I tell you what. Good one. Actually, I've told good one. Did I was doing the Rieter five K? Seven years. Got we must be twenty twelve I think, and I was running. And I think I was pushing Rosie in a buggy, and I was pacing. This lady was wanting this lady who's from birth to Bruce with part one. I think their inaugural or something like that. Unless pacing this lady who shall remain nameless for the sake of the following story. And she was on for PB, and she was doing really, well, she was really pushing us out and we were trying to break thirty minutes. And I was kind of a motivating him and coaching her. We get five hundred dollars on the line. She starts nearly being sick. Like as you do sometimes when you really really pushing in whoop. I'm gonna keep going keep going. That'd be sixty crosses the line. So nice thirty minutes by a mile massive APB arms up in the vomits all down front gives me big cutter. Down. I love it. In Bank Couva, Yuki Noguchi was back in action. He ran a new course record running to fifteen one breaking the two thousand fifteen recold which was to teen thirty seven. Now. This was the fun bit. Because that's not fun is it with Yuki runs to fifty like for breakfast. But he ran it with his fiancee, you co Gertie. Yeah, they go. She took the ladies first ever victory in two forty one twenty eight that's pretty cool. Isn't it fantastic? But also as a lovely photo they go each at afterwards. I'm happy for rolling to be Vancouver marathon yesterday, my fiance. One two the first win for her. He said, thanks to wonderful, cheering nice view. We got wonderful memories. And we are happy and we became loving Vancouver and Canadian when look to advice to trophies come back on a plane with two by boys. Yeah. Look, quite smiles big trophies and feel safe didn't know that. But congratulations you. Uko you coat doesn't get any better than that. Good work. Good work and it slightly out of order. We do. Right. You on we forgot. Yeah. Sorry. Yes. What would you have to run to use the hashtag where you wanna social media and you'll feed on our social world will choose our favorites. Read out in the show first off this week from the Geron das- man, fifty five ran the Wilsons prompt sixty K event in Victoria, Australia. My longest distance ever run through some of the most stunning coastal scenery. You'll see a tough day with a rolled ankle early on but toughed out for nine and a half hour finish nine ten write your own nice. Said love youthful. Yeah. See lovely Simon on Twitter. Pose? I know that's why going purely for the pose depends Reiten baby and the pushchair forty miles around the canals this morning with this cheeky monkey that's the baby in the push. Rhonda. For slow lakes post, London marathon and pushing pushing around the Bucky up over the canal bridges into Birmingham makes for hard work. Nice running tiny jeweled so on that you need. So I'm not sure underpinned. Sought those crackers. Osteo on Twitter mountains for breakfast lunch with legends in a day full of learning the science behind the Liddiard approaching beautiful Queenstown jozy land, Matt limp. Ian, Dickson mathematics episode episode to sixty Lorraine Moller episode two six two and two six three who I suggested to Tom Williams for math untalkative good work have to say, I'm and I had often. I interview I met wrought when we were in California. We just got that. What absolute legendary top LOKI was. And I'm taking it. You met like rolled off the back of the interview. Yes, indeed him. And then it was just after that. We got over there on live healthful and news. I said when we hook up we did tell guy love. Yeah. Love the next one to Lee six two to six on the Graham sometimes best run when you least expect them whenever the intention of just shifting last night's leftover alcohol washing. Remember body, self slow past miles two and three and things just seem to flow. He said it wasn't really paying attention to the walks stronger as the run went on gobsmacked to see my strove actively sharing not only my fastest mile for over two years. But also achieved the holy grail of no flash negative split. Maybe she'll few with alcohol. More often. There is look hate thirty nine six forty two point five of a mile, which is making me mildly uncomfortable at the engine lecture down a. Garrard's went on Twitter, which will ten K Don, a new tank APB, very happy with my splits as well. One nine and a half hour, ten Nash work, you all. Okay. We're going to talk about it in a lot more detail because he is very complicated. You talk about emol detail and depth Andy Brown from the sports integrity initiative. Right. But yes, caster Semenya menus cool. Patrician for school. Verdict has come out and she'd lost basically a landmark case against. The either bless it's very complicated. Meaning that it will be allowed to restrict it being earth will be allowed to restrict testosterone levels in female runners, the cooled for patrician spore. Otherwise known as casts rejected the South Africans challenge against the I AA Fs new rules is complicated. We did get few notes from the BBC. We thought it was it was certainly worth mentioning and then digging into in in the future when you talk to and the Brown cast said it had some serious concerns as to the future practical application of the regulations. Sure what that means. Of course, Olympic champion Semenya said in response to the ruling the WF have always targeted me specifically. So now, she you'll you may know little bit more by this Tom because the research have been doing, but she and other athletes with differences of sexual. Element. Otherwise known as d s d so that differences section Venemen must either take medication or complete STAN this bit compete in track events from four hundred meters to the mile change to another distance. Well, look, so we we've consciously avoided it for the last few months because we've understood that it's a complex situation and we've not wanted to dive in and give uninformed opinions. And we've also I think I think the the people I respect have respected that this is about real people. Yes. And talking about human beings here isn't the be all and end. All yes, exactly. Why it's not some let's protect sporting competition at the cost of anything. We talked about real people and sports just to gain. And again, it's an income. It's an it's a living for people. I get people super passionate about it. But a number of people, and I'm not going to get into the into the into the business of. Naming people. I think really let themselves down over it. But a number of people seem to have completely forgotten. This is about real real people. Let specifically Casta Semenya has she's been portrayed. Absolutely. And look she's been up sued incredible. But this is predominantly about people who have been born. So that in this case in terms of this cast in the WSB stuff. It's not about trans athlete. So for example, the fear people have of of of men transitioning to become women and then taking part in sports. This is about people who have been affected -ly. Born of woman recognizes women by by their family raised as as a woman live their life as a woman compete in sports or woman, they are a woman. That and that's really important. And so I think people's gender identity. Well, it's not biological sex is the problem. So the the issue is it's about we say men and women, but that's kind of agenda identity. We're gonna call you human beings men for these reasons we're gonna call you and being in for these reasons, but actually biological sex. Actually, he's on a continuum. Yes. For an. Huge number of kind of nuances and differences. That mean, you can't it's it's it's almost impossible. What it is impossible to say. Right. You lot a man, and you are women, and that's gonna would not bind description is going to work for everybody with. No what we do in this situation. And what do we do in this situation, and even within the athletes, the people there are huge differences? So so one person having testosterone they may or may not be able to use. Let's not get into the real detail of it because I'll do that in other into I've got proper noted front speaking somebody who knows more than I do. Par issues is the. Used history on right as they're kind of marker of performance in gender, right? Yes. So the way I see the top the Butler way. See, and and we'll put some links on the show notes for some really good stuff to read and Rostock Tucker's done to I mean, incredible podcasts possibly to the best podcast episodes. I've ever heard Monteilh life going through the detail and I've listened to number of times. And so essentially there was a previous case with an Indian sprinter. I believe that. I believe casts ruled against the I W F A might get this wrong. Some Clinton to talk my head. But they will get some ineffectively said, okay. It might be that. People with with the day may have they might have had volunteers. But you need to go away, and you need to find evidence for that. So you need to go way do some research, and you need comeback to us with evidence. That says this is why we are going to implement these regulations. And that point that was perfectly fair. So we all agree women's sports. The most sports should be protected. Apologies. If I'm using those terms if female women in in a slightly. I'm an organized way. But we all agree that women's sport should be protected because if it wasn't protected then and so anybody get into women's poor. For example, anybody tool, then, you know, let's take your wife list, for example, fantastic work run a to Twenty-eight went to the Olympics. A couple of times. If she if in the men's field to twenty is, you know. A million miles back on you'll never gonna do those kind of things, and we important that women have opportunity say punt sports, that's compete until he role models dual these things is really important. So the concept of saying, let's let's protect women's Paul is valid the everybody agrees with that. The the kind of concept of fairy that all their certain genetic cases where somebody who is tooling tend to purposes, they're considered a female consider woman, but they have a difference insects development, which gives them some ridiculous advantage. So they're unbeatable and actually if is that the case if so is it such great advantage that is not referred that. They take part, and, you know, do you end up in this scenario where you have almost like over genetic testing talent ide- where people are going around the world finding. Female with differences in sex development and getting them into sport. And actually is there a future where you are only able to compete in women's sports. And this has implications for all sport, not really just running. If you've got the and so that conceptually just looked it up. So just looked shoes the June sprinter in two thousand eleven think. So conceptually. That's all we will. I think almost everybody agrees with it. I certainly agree with that. You know, should is that something we should consider. And if all those assumptions are right? Should we do something about it? And if so I watch we do about the I agree with all of that that this too big problems. I think from why see one is they don't seem to actually come up with any evidence. So they went away they looked my understanding is and we're going to in more detail in the future show. They looked at. I think twenty two. Events. I think he's gone field events. I could be wrong here in seventeen may found no effective testosterone. So the theory wasn't testosterone is the difference in seventeen they found. No difference. They found no for now. That doesn't mean there is no performance benefit. They. Yeah. A family which is living Vatian who the limitation around only in these events. Can you not compete because we only have evidence for these events well sort off, right? So again, my understanding without my notes in front of me is of the five where they did. It was the four hundred four hundred hurdles and the eight hundred and I think it was two field events. I think which and they decided not to use the field events in their in. Regulations, but they did decide to the fifteen hundred in the mile despite having no evidence in my understanding is the research didn't show any evidence in the fifteen to the fifteen hundred was client of chucked in arbitrarily sorts of for no obvious reason with no evidence, which doesn't help the case of looking like it's thing against Custos menu, particularly because. That's her difference. And so there's issues with quality evidence significant issues, if you listen to the Rostock stuff who represent who was part of so many legal team as well significant issues with the with the research, anyway, we'll go into that. There's also no evidence for the fifteen hundred and Cass had asked for evidence. So not quite sure how you square that circle. But also. What what you're doing is. You're saying to people you need to reduce your testosterone levels. Now the world is it the world medicalisation sation. I think of come out or ready and said. Audibly f- do this the since responded to the World Medical association, saying, yeah. The responded saying would have to look it up saying at disagree with you. We disagree with you. All you doctors. What do you know, exactly what they said? Yeah. I mean that almost sounds like a so-called experts kind of code, isn't it? I mean, the president Leonard item and said that we have strong reservations about the ethical validity of these regulations that based on weak evidence from single study currently being used to which the w f respond. We respectfully remind the WMA doctors should try not to over medical the lives of these patients is important that Frenette lesson raises, a female, blah, blah. They go on and on and on to issue is by you've got healthy person. And you're suggesting I mean, they call them a patient. Right. So we're not patient are perfectly healthy person. So the first thing of do no harm. Why we taking this perfectly healthy person and putting them on significant medication whereas trying to level. Yeah. We're gonna put you. On significant medication of which there isn't a recent the long term studies. It's there are significant issues. In fact, Andy Brown did an incredible piece on the sports integrity initiative. He talks these through was tacos talked through as well, you've got real significant potential for harm. So what you've kind of got on one side. You've got what seems like extremely poor evidence on the other side. You've got extremely high risk of harm to otherwise healthy people. And I just don't understand how you how you justify that. All I think I just don't understand I justify, and I, you know, I think Rostock suggestion was really they should they should have been thrown out in those regulations, and nobody disagrees with the with the concept, but the content needs to be thought through about eighty much more evidence, and you actually need I would have thought you actually need to one. Prove there is an unreasonable level of advantage that. Takes these female athletes Alto of a athletic definition of female. We sounds ridiculous. Even say that sounds ridiculous. Especially changing natural. That natural levels. Are did we really instinct piece in the guardian from keenum Malik kinda was an opinion piece really commenting on whether women with naturally elevated levels of testosterone should be able to compete in women's Alexa, vents in an had this. This really has been an issue for the last decade in international. Well, actually, that's not true. It's been an issue since the nineteen thirties. Of of people winning Olympic medals. And these accusations being thrown around rely. Is there in the seventies as well? There was no awful lot of yet just comment and. Throw-away proably hurtful comment, actually. But. But. Keenum makes it very interesting observation saying if it said if it all sounds a bit confusing. It is a bit. Like, you argues that most people set the case for separate, male and female categories and sporting events in which physical prowess matter goes on to say, yes, testosterone certainly does aid performance increases muscle boat, blah, blah, blah, and therefore Hypo, hyper sorry and genyk women of which duty Chan's we mentioned earlier Kosovo are both both. Then leaves with the comment, but why is that unfair elite sport by definition is an uneven playing field. Yes, in I think, it's a really really interesting point that hasn't really been explored. Why is this? Specifically unfailing conceptually is totally understand. If we've kind of we've we've have this this specific genetic difference, which means the certain category of human beings have have elevated testosterone way about other people in that category. That we've put in in other people in that human beings again really being explored. Very, well, I've just think the whole thing just. Just seems to be really many many police through really poorly executed. Are tempted not go into detail about with really important, isn't it because this is real people. And you know, it's only sport, and this is real people. We're not talking about people rush talking to really leap empower full statement. He said this isn't about people's choices. This is about food. They are like this is we're talking about real people. And who they are. They haven't ever made a choice to be like this. They have lived their life in an honest way with integrity, and I think to be fair. What makes it even worse is the amount of doping? And so on the kind of has happened to the copy get signaled an all those weaknesses to take a group of people who have done nothing wrong whatsoever. Have lived a. Perfectly honest and genuine life to punish them. So massively. I just don't understand how you can justify that tool based on again, really really really really poor evidence and huge risk of harm. If each other around incredible evidence tiny of harm, you'd say it's no brainer. But it's not just don't get it. And you see people I keep seeing people kind of. Ugly because his peaks. He doesn't even mention athlete welfare people welfare, quite ugly because it yeah. It it in, you know, in a world where actually we supposed to be, you know, about being together unity, inclusion celebration of the breadth of humanity yet in this instance, in our closed world of elite sport, we actually shown them push that tag. We we highlight extreme difference. So in the one sense, we celebrate, you know, Tiger Woods coming back and winning the masters as a elite superhuman. No, you all an elite even somebody like Joe gay. We will celebrate. As the greatest marathoner of all time, and effectively that could be his genetic makeup in some way. Of course, of course, yet in this sense, we tell you know, our preconceptions so challenged that we get really uncomfortable with somebody's difference. And so because we get really uncomfortable with somebody's difference. It's okay to taunt them in the playground. Yes. Anyway, we've on we'll cover it more detail suit up loads links on the show notes on this week show notes for people to go away and read and research and listen make their mind up. But please listen to the evidence actually about blonde saying, yeah, what I'm saying is it's not okay to them in the playground. And that's kind of what it feels like. Yes. Anyway, speaking value, keep Joe gay. It was that this week that any us. Supporting Kip togas attempt to try to break the two hour barrier for the marathon, again just a couple of years ago not barrier. Comey rule out the word barrier. It is I'm a big fan of it. I'm excited about what she I think. It's great. But he's trying to break the arbitrary. Yes. The arbitrary time of two hours. It's not barrier. Trying to break things going to arbitrary time of two hours. Yeah. The skies still remain where he does this. It's great. It's fun. It's brilliant. But I ain't barrier. The one fifty nine challenge will be an attempt at breaking two hours. We will put some links to press releases and videos and things on this week's show notes. But yeah, it's going to be quite exciting kit show gay in that just this week that he's gonna tempt to run the marathon in under two hours saying, this was suppose, everything I have changed. He's a he's going to to make the attempt in London in October off Sibley impact ac- park. Well, opium acing genuinely excited about to. In fact, Stephen I had a big chocolate or not talk long about it. And you know, I'm skeptical big brands. I'm skeptical skeptical that low-volume skeptical elite spore and all that kind of stuff. But if I if I'd run to a one for America in a real marathon, which he has if I'd run two hours and a little bit of change in a kind of a setup event to try and break to and somebody said to me to one another cracker breaking hours set up. We'll do it. And let's not forget when. Listen back to our interview, Chris Chataway all those years ago. Bannister Chataway look to doing exactly the same thing. In terms of let's have paces dropping in and out. You know, it's kind of somehow go into the old principles of sport. I mean, those guys looked at as well they went out to do. Otherwise, I think they would have done. If you ask me could you wanna crooked? It say hell, yeah. That'd be great. It's it's an exciting thing to do. He's won the Olympic one even picks. He's got the world record. He's won the big Marathi. He's got a London record is done. Everything. There is to there is the greatest of all time. Why should we have another cracker breaking to brilliant? I'm all for it. Although I thought night, we're very clever actually Yana lost the crowds in Monza. But they were able to control the environment. I'm surprised at any us doing it. So publicly particularly because they are a controversial as we've seen with team. Any us was team sky this week and composite my house the other day in the two Yorkshire? I'm surprised they doing it so publicly because you're vulnerable that too. Protesters and people complaining it'd be my blow in the hard to police that's carefully. So there's there's gonna be a risk there. If they won't call million people spectating MS risk that comes with Eisner. Yeah. For sure. I'm intrigued the back some of the ways in which they're going to set this up because clearly what we saw in in Monza was all of those boxes with ticked. And also, you know, you can learn a lot. And clearly they did learn a lot. So the instinct for me is how is that learning? They're gonna in harm's this attempt. So what happens again? Yeah. We'll have is time is he going to be the pace differently. And they've said, oh, we're going to use the paces again. They've said, oh, we're gonna use it track. We're gonna have a big crowd. And that was something that didn't happen munza. There's going to be a window probably a couple of weeks in October. So that you can get the weather, right? So yeah, I'm guessing they'll be a ton of media enchanting some. Yeah. For yours. My man pants like to you could have given him your man pants when you saw him in London Marfan, and he gave you that book. You could have said if these you now being in circle, I'm surprised he didn't tell you next. Maybe did you didn't tell us. You could've said loaned in the match Elliott women or women Pence. How would you like to borrow my man, pens or woman? Well, they'll be twelve cents lower. We know that point of his cakes. I've stick right. What's happening in other news? What are the thing for monthly this week? Jim Jim Wolseley. He did he do. He ran fifty Bruce Ford Icees fifty my world record. Of course. He did. Yeah. For fifty offended old actually did in a fifty mile race which wall which was. Where was it was at if I put it down. It was a Khokar fifty mile event. Was it a comforter? No. I think I forgot it. I haven't really done. So we can't remember somewhere somewhere click on that link. Click on that link who think. I think it says Hokka project carbon ax. Jim Williams Lea runs fast, ever, fifty miles. Today's Khokar one one project x hundred K race. That was American ultramarathons star Jim one these anything can happen an ultra that was interested in finding a location. Yes. Just the location where no idea America somewhere in America around four fifty eight fifty miles the old world. Best was full fifty fifty one held by Bruce Ford is here. He's nine teen eighty four brilliant. Now, what warms the did he basically wasted himself for the first fifty miles of this hundred K and then sacked it. However. Finished. He had to finish in order for the official world best and American record stand. He has to finish the hundred cater race. We did get this from let's run who save someone known reason as a rule the interim spritz only counters records if the full race is finished. So he ran the first fifty miles got the world best of four fifty and then had to carry all after a bit of a sit down at a walk. Then continued the to carry on to commodity money worries. His Mal's early on house about next right for four. I'm going to be the second. So it's fine. He averaged five four eight oil. Why are read for the first pick fifty miles for the first fifteen miles. These are the seconds of the five minutes. Right. Forty five forty five forty five forty six forty three four three four four forty six forty five forty seven forty six four four four. To four one four three. Like, so he has varied from five four as lowest mile to five forty one. As is fast. It's his five second variation in the first fifty miles. He actually speeds up quite alarmed. You're looking down at you. Strive. So you can just search Ramos driver. Okay. Can you spot where where he did the record? So he's miles forty five to fifty six. Oh, eight six five six three six. Oh, five six. Oh, five six eleven for the record. Yes. Miles is twenty-five seventeen eighteen fifty twelve fifty one really that's untested is up. So your classes mean good on him. What one words Eappen that happens about there? Yeah. Could work. But yeah, we'll put we'll probably again too strong a profile on the show notes. Great what great run what you missed fantastic podium last week. It was absolute hell listen to. It was good. Absolutely stacked. Let's see this week's pope produce stands up against it to get on the podium, you need to make sure you'll now thin. He's marathons owning on our events pages. But on those upload your event finish time by Monday night UK time, we will then see if you get to stand on this week's math and talk listener podium, and it's another busy one in place at the north door north Dorset village marathon running two fifty nine fifty five Kevin to racer over the moon. He says the twenty two minute PB. And my first sub three synthetics to the guy shouted only thirty. Seconds left for a sub three hall on the host rate is is an isn't what you want to hear. Verger Tisdale in fourth place again at north Dorset running to fifty six forty six my first very surprising sub three self three or five pace that it's a creep up. Then went for it. Thirty minute PB a decent negative split. Wow. Is that because you did the north Dorset village? Twenty four point eight Marathi joking in third-place hundred Humphrey the Milton keys marathon weekend to fifty six. Oh, one first marathon he says picked by clubmates bittersweet really pleased with the time was aiming for anything under three hours and really good on the day. Well, Don, he says keep meeting he says, learn them joggers club might yet trick Paseo mall twenty-five just as stadium came into you naturally. Stuck with him? When we went to the stadium. We kate. I passed him. He passed me back. I put in one last surge pasta again only for him to kick again, finish one. Second of me. Epoch that is brilliant. Isn't it is poorly in runner up this week math and taught listen podium? Bruce Campbell again at north Dorset village marathon to fifty to forty to love this quiet. Loki Dorset race forklifts have three of my Exxon. Heath. Area teammate with me to run helping me to six minute PB. My second sub three but topping this week's Matheny talk listeners podium running to thirty nine twenty four over in the Belfast city marathon, Jeremy current drama in Belfast. He says question marks over the official results drama drama drama. The organizers overdid it with their attempt to new cools in in averted Lee created the Belfast city. Oh tra. He's still a nice day in otherwise otherwise well organized nice on the women's podium. We have three entries this week. I off in place. Karen Bennett of the Milton Keynes marathan three fifty three forty seven concrete cows men Justice cows and a cow mental. She says it's taking eighty one hundred eighty one by finally onto four hours thirteen minute. PB check out tell what can anybody be thirteen minute PB on your eighty? I I often it's good, isn't it because it up respect. Yeah. Yeah. Good grief second-place field of multi at Prague marathon, three forty one forty four. Lovely course up and down the managed a forty minute PB. The weather was very cool the courses fairly flat. So I went out and. It was feared as eighty second marathon believable. And running AT third marriage. The minute. Newport, wales. Anyb- allows three forty thirteen pancake-flat flipping perfect ago textbook conditions and very well organized event makes this the ideal PB hunting ground, and that's exactly what I got. She says two minute PB even will proud that my seventeen year old dad and four fifty one what forty audience last marathon water guy coming in left right and center, seventy one year old forty as from marathon running four fifty one pretty tastic. Madison talk podium. The bobbin up wind the bobbin up pol- pol-, clap clap clap. Sorry. I'm just using a needle and cotton to repair my favorite shots. That's not a typo on the haircut one hundred single. Favorite shirts was giving its full title favourite shirts. Boy meets girl in brackets was a single by haircut. One hundred who were banned not an IT and just trying to keep it running related. A group of pop group in the nineteen eighties. Also single it's a record not a Guinness world record. If you're a nurse wearing scrubs stop breasts. It's his record after all vinyl single, a method to distribute music before compact discs downloads, and streaming D Y K that's short for did. You know, it's not an insult that for fifty five million. Streams of the song baby. I love your way the artist Peter Frampton only received one thousand seven hundred dollars, which means at current exchange rates. It would need to be played four hundred. And thirty four times before he earned a single penny. Sorry. I've lost my thread, literally. Anyway, it's Sunday the fifth of may. And I'm so in my favorite running shorts. Why are they my favorite running shorts? Why am I sowing my favorite shorts? Why do I keep saying why? These are my favorite shorts because they are comfortable. Design is pleasing to my eye relatively long in the leg dog grey in colour with a random pattern of what appears to be black paint splashes like a work of abstract expressionist. Art Jackson Pollock's to cover my bottom off their practical to as they have six pockets to the front to the rear and one over each wing. I mean like. Six pocket. Six book. It's why wouldn't aid six buckets? One for my phone to for some money three for my key for some bug. Grow five for my barcode six for the list of the five things contained in the rest of my pockets. Need to leave a bit of room for the list of runners asking Guinness to reconsider their marathon world record breaking costume criteria. But why am I attempting to mend these shorts purchased from a store which professes to represent ten sports? But in fact sells equipment for many more as well. As folding chairs sunglasses, and Hulu PTS the scene, which joins the leg of the shorts to the web Gusset offering protection to my stink bridge has tone, potentially exposing. My did, you know unwanted guest, the inbetween fashion show am. The garment became ripped not by getting snagged on a gate fence or style or even from the blast of a long angry fart. Actually, the fact of flop of fabric has been hanging from my undercarriage as meant I've had the rare experience of exercising without touching cloth. No, I'd like to think the damage to my puddle was simply from the sheer volume of running. I've been doing of light. Yes. Having been laid off with injury the station period of a squirrel or koala this grey mammal enjoyed and then Jordan week of re acclimatising my aching limbs to athletic activity before looking at my diary to see I only had eight weeks left to train for the Mozart marathon in Salzburg eight weeks fifty six days didn't feel long enough to train for twenty six point two mile race with six thousand two hundred feet of climb. So that's SO not s he w I came up with a cunning plan. I would not think in terms of weeks or days, but in terms of sessions, if I am to ruler session every other day. I'd have twenty eight sessions before my marathon, which for the sound. Better today. Eight in two weeks, I've successfully completed eight sessions, including apartment threshold room, two long runs and lots and lots and lots and lots of hills after just five days. In fact, I've already achieved. My Mace driver run climb challenge of two thousand meters, and I'm injury-free Torchwood off cloth. Now, so me shorts. It would seem. I'm returning to fitness. Why pack again, why Dipak again, don't pull a most. So now. This week's training to sponsored by thrive. Finger prick blood test allows us truck everything from iron folate, vitamin d fits Mindy, b twelve and more. Take the test at home, get GP and lows results with personal recommendations within forty eight hours as runner to great way to chat qui biomarkers and provide data to help you ensure your body is performing you can get my pants off your first personalized thrive subscription. Use code math in talk twenty five at thrive dot co. Now this week given that we just sort of coming into the end of the marathon talk Murtha took the marathon spring season with we don't three simple questions. One bit of a tricky time between spring and autumn marathons and if you're doing both, how do you know when you're ready to train of your spring one? What should you do post marathon? And what should he focus? On and why so Tom if you're doing a spring marathon? And you know, you're doing autumn once you've just finished your spring one. But you know, you've got another one coming up and to September or early Tober. What do you do now? Well, I used to for years. I did the whole spring autumn thing of London in the spring and then different than what one every autumn. An I used to kind of try and roll through keep moving keep training of back off a little bit. But arts tend to back off more after your than have have myself month off and proper recovery after the autumn one. And so this point now what we now in may be kind of trying to roll through keep moving and mixing up some fun stuff. And typically, we've always said on the show. Nicely rule of thumb to thumb ally. Yourself day mile to to feel fully recovered that doesn't mean you can't America. And then PBMR from the week after we see all the time me. But, but you know, I'd kinda give myself a month of grace where I'm thinking I'm gonna keep moving. I'm looking crazy. I'm not gonna wife feel bit rubbish. I'm not gonna put any more stress in my body by definitely keep it rolling through to the star of the training block for the autumn marathon, which you see I actually like rest after that spring marathon in with people I'm coaching all encourage them to rest, and they often say to me Alan full. We'll just wait. So this is kind of a Hattie. No, you're ready to to to get back into training an autumn marathon. We'll wait, and like have a few certainly one very light week of hardly anything probably two. And then I believe you just have to wait, and it will click back in even if you keep like, you run tea cozy going you don't. Don't wait to loan Nick ticks clicks back in again. And you thinking well actually now feel like I'm ready to run all over again. You're ready to build up to to build up your session. And I remember speaking about this. What should you focus on immediately afterward Marathe leading into the other and the answer that is certainly for six week is probably difference. Because when you move into one marathon, you if you to launch straight into this big base building phase all over again for another marathon sometimes get to same Ian fatigue in remember talking to George Gandy. I think it was who's coaching John Brown at the time. John brands somebody had love to have on the show. He was great gas. Yeah. Reached action a couple of times but unsuccessfully, but he was full in both Sydney and Athens over the marathon. Now, I think lives in New Zealand's, but George said that John would train specifically to be ten k ready before he started his Maryland buildups? So coming have one getting yourself faster doing some differences some transitional training, and then launching into another Marathe and build up seem to be a good idea. Try that. If you set it home. Have a bit of a rest, they get into some faster work, and then give yourself ten weeks and odd. Yeah. I think in you can look at it one year Serov than doing a block of training resting and doing the same block of training. Again, you can build off the first one by doing something differently. Ju ju ju you know what I mean. I when weeding line man, it was unbelievable. How many people did lands ATI man in may? And then would have absolutely blinding. I man races in the autumn it ideally twice. Probably my two best new Fatou. Best my much Eden. I'm MPV's nine twenty eight in Switzerland. The nine twenty four in the outlaw were both done off the back of Lonzo Tian man in the may go right may July major lie, and it would take me a few years. I was looking around thinking combo leave. How many people do really well in late summer? I'm man after spring, ironman. And actually, I'm sure that people used as a springboard into the second one. Yeah. And then you typically more knackered by the end of the year. Don't get me wrong. But it was. It was really interesting to almost you get that first one way, and you go, okay. That was like the long that was my longest training session going to my second. I'm thinking, my longest training session has been I distance. And that gave us a lot of confidence. So I think there's something to be said for in some way, and I totally agree into of the gas and do things differently and to get all of that. But I think there's something to be said for treating the to the spring and autumn is some kind of path with a proper gap afterwards as opposed to individual things. Nice like that. That was many of you probably saw recently the London marathon, Charlotte. Perdue ran an incredible full minute- PB to come tents running two hours twenty five minutes and thirty eight seconds to go third on the British all time list with only Paula Radcliffe. The current marathon world record holder and Maria itchy who ran two twenty three to come seconds of more years. She did that third on the British all time list. And she's here American talk. Tell us a bit more. So welcome to the show on it. What a run. I mean, what a run you must be. Let's let's all the exciting bits over with first. And then we'll pull it apart little bit. You must be thrilled. Yeah. I'm thrilled on also relieves the because as the Martha and so much can go wrong. The trainee had gone. So well that is really confident I can run that time. But it's just how will come together on the day kind of relieved that old it come together on the day. Yeah. It was a good good day. There is a real difference isn't there between like having that confidence in your pocket. We briefly each other the week before the race. And you know, you were there lily Partridge was. It's not the kind of time to talk about how the raises gonna go. Yeah. But there there's the choir in confidence that you might have turning that into a K full-blown execution of plan is difficult. Yeah. Is difficult because yes, I watched panga wrong even in the rights, then you don't really. Even when standing on the start line if it's gonna go right on. So you can only do what you can do to get to that point. So getting to the start line in one piece healthy that was more may name. And then executing the race do need a tiny bit wlac as well. Everything goes to plan. So I've just yes, happy that everything goes to plan. Let's talk a bit with let to dig into training, actually a full minute PB. I'm interested to know what what did you differently or what worked particularly well in in your trading? But if we do the best deal with the racing bit. I most people listening will be a small number two experienced what it's like to run in the elite women's field at the London marathon. But it's not quite the same. As the championship star. All the good for age star or the mess participation start. So like from an elite point of view. Give us a view from kind of getting up in the morning. Through to standing on the start line. How is it different? While opposite dart know what it's like on the other end for doing it. But from the east side, so it's the London Martha's definitely one the most organized races of ever run in my life. They just do it. So well, they've done it for so many years now that they will see no the routine is Pena save every single year. So it was my thought London Martha. So I did that you know, kind of what to expect. But yeah, wake up continental tunnel or publi far thirty. I think it was and then had breakfast. We we left the hotel cool. This is seven in the morning. So went downstairs to my coach because he didn't come to the start with me on the other athletes in my group because the difficulty is if you go to the start the only way to get the finish quicker than the runners is either to run all you have to get a bus uptake soda emits voice at the elite women's race. So he actually just went. Straight to the finish. But my boyfriend added went to the start with me. So that was good. And I won't see had all my trading partners with me. So we will chested said good BART's. Nikki Wentz the finish than we on the bus went to the stall area. Whether it's like, a tense that we discharge out in really much because for most people that do what tends to happen is not that. Like the get up. Yeah. The breakfast say everything society timing similar but you'll race. Of course starts half thirty five minutes. Maybe forty minutes before the mass field. I think is at nine twenty five ninety five. Yep. So the main mass field set off at ten ten and so like, you get there and the most people when they turned up to London. It's busy there on public transport. They walking you know, to start the don't you kind of get dropped off right by the by the star air. And then you go into like, what's a relatively intense relatively small tent. And it really is like it's a marquee with the Mets on the floor. And that yet, right? Exactly. Right. That is the what is like, I mean, all it's quite lucky because my Chinese punish made was in the rice. I had to chat thing and see my boyfriend Adam was this. I it just felt like. Pretty normal for me because I had those guys to chat to so it wasn't that intense sinus was relaxed kind of trying to them Sinead actually, decide what shoe she was going to run in. So this was just before. Yeah. Yeah. So she had one four percent on the left and the next percent on her right for because you got them the day before. So she was running up and down the tenth deciding me and kind of just trying to make up a mindful her. We were like she run them or should he run enough? So yeah, we were helping to watch actual shoes. She should do the rain. So that's my mind of it. Just how that's quite staggering people to this going because you need. We'll talk a little bit more issue diver. She also coached by Nick. Yes, he is. So we were doing not all of our training together. In January February March we will run running together. So lead into do. Do a little bit more about that. As we go forward. But yeah. So you're. The war. It's the elite Ted before the the Barra for the morning of the race like minutes not days or hours but minutes before the race. Yeah. And she can decide what she used. And then she goes hammering off like leads the race for the first ten miles. Yeah. Not so doing just deciding what she she should it was actually quite those things happen. Not the right said that happened, and then Emily Sisson who was an American. Rhonda, she fell I I should walking into the elite ten minutes before we are meant to warm up. She walked him not crying. But she you could tell she was per distress. Because she just twisted her ankle fellow. Yes. She tripped over before the start. So that was happening on the other side of the tent and then in the corner of the tent those a pacemaker who was meant to pace the two twenty five women. So I don't know who was going to go with two twenty five. But I knew in my mind, I was going to go to twenty five face the pacer was ill in the corner. So she decided literally about five minutes before the star that she wasn't going to run. So that was also half innings. It was very dramatic. They'll serve anything's going on doing shit team. We speak quarter low about how people do with the the tease and the nerves pre race and in different context or low Jacobus come in different things happen like how do you personally do you with that? When you know, you'll robotic to line up with the five other world's best marathon runners that are in that race, and you on the start line and get that intro to. A crowd like how do you do with that? In your head twenty minutes before the biggest race of the year. I think I just try to keep everything the same as I would trading. So I will not as I would doing big session. And I destroyed to forget about I'm about to do it. And just keep it as noble cause I've done training million times. If he tries keep having the same you just switch off in. It's just like a normal day light you're in instead of being a bit fatigued from. We'll be other sessions that you've done in the last week. Your discretion is going to be a good day. But I just try to keep everything the same as I would little things like that. Don't both of you. So. Because sometimes they would you know, people think that bothers me somebody being sick in the corner of the tent almost full over and they allow those things to creep into their head and sort of their game. Do you just block them out which off to them? Yeah. I mean, I wasn't bit a bit annoyed about the pace of because of those any one pacemaker Fatih twenty five. So when you told Mitch about three minutes before the start that you'll pacemakers not going to run it just compete me messes up your race plan because I was literally standing on the start line and turns to Adam. And he said to me you're on your own like like, oh my gosh. I don't know what's going to happen. So I decided in that moment just gonna run at t twenty five faces the are far I could go. But luckily, one of the pacemakers from another group at to me, I don't know why she did this. But she decided that she was going to pay me in this Portuguese go. So that was just literally lock some. So let's talk about this. So you're on the start line with thinking about because it's one of my questions for you is have that race then folds because is quite different in that. There's twenty five women on the start line not for two thousand people. And you start before anybody else, and so small groups form quickly. Yeah. And then the group so not only to small groups formed quickly, but also gaps conform quickly leaving you having to make in race decisions. Paps early on. Because you know, that it could impact the rest of your race with your running with people. Of course, what we saw with two things at London. We saw the pacemakers go charging off and then Sinead kind of hit the front gopher go for on her own. What's going through your mind either? When the pacemakers go charging off when you see a trading partner disappear off the road. Well, actually knew she was going to do that. Because we had a discussion, and we will get a of plan was either to run together t- twenty five pace to halfway. And then she was going to charge off because she wanted to fall into twenty five or I was going to go with the two twenty five pacer, and she was going to go to twenty four. So that was actually all planned. But then we're my teacher any five face drops out. I was like, oh, no do I now go with Sinead t twenty four or is that too risky because I knew I was in good shape. But I didn't know if ours in two twenty four good shape, or if that was too much of a risk. So I saw had charge off. And I just made a decision that no today. I was going to run at t twenty five paces of see what kind of happen. So that's just why did I went off t twenty five pace. And then. Yeah. Groups formed yells with leaders chief in the first five K, we'll kind of stay together because it was relatively pedestrian say. Elite female marathoning terms. Yes. You just never really know what the others again ado of in the race meeting that they before they said there was going to be a pace group at two nineteen pace. I think and then a pace group to twenty one pace and then a pace group to twenty five and say, yeah, all the the t twenty and the t twenty one q twenty two group was going to be white. He quick for me. So I I knew I wasn't gonna go with them. But yeah, wanted to run at the two twenty five pace group. But obviously that was no pacer in the end. So yeah, that was difficult. But then. Yeah. Like, I said one of the paces from another group just hang hung back in kind of looks at me in this Portuguese runner and just started to run with us. So we kind of had a pacemaker that was really lost minute. I don't know what what she was doing. What group she was meant to be with? But she just round with me in the Portuguese go. So that was yeah. Ridding lucky isn't that interesting? We think of these things being quite. Well, planned the race, but affect nine all of these things are not happening, but the working in your favor. Yeah. That's so. Yeah. My plan was literally Adam was like you're on your own if done training Iran at that pace million times, you just gonna have to run and see our the race on full. So that's what my plan was last minute change your plan. But then yeah, like you said some something happened what the patriots decided to run with us. So I was like, wow. This is actually quite lucky because it was windy on on the day was really lucky to have someone to run with actually would have been hard by herself. So what point did you start to settle in checkoff the miles you with a group of five K? It was okay and manageable an ineffective thing that's playing into your pre-race game plan. Yeah. You know? Did you go through halfway thinking? Okay. This is this is on legs feeling good. Everything's feeding. Good. Yes. I went to halfway on was just me and the pacemaker at that time because the Portuguese go actually took off and start running quicker. So I didn't go with her and the pacemaker stayed with me. So we went through halfway in one twelve the think Lexa my watch them as oh, that's good. That's good pay. So I'm happy with that. And then when the pacemaking Trump Tower at twenty eight K, I didn't watch off to that. I just focused on China like he said tick off the models and just trying to get each drink station ticket off on. Yeah. I didn't have a clue what time was on for off to that. I just didn't really. Honestly, I didn't look at my watch. Because the GPS is all off. Once you go pretty much past tank acres of otherwise on buildings or so once we went through. Halfway I didn't look once again. And then yes, just running. I didn't. You will look into. So if you're this is relevant. I guess for lots of people trying to run their own personal marathons, but you were simply locked into a pace that you knew felt about right? Yeah. Is that clear? I once I got past thirty K. I thought well, you know, there's not that long to go now. So just go to Rana's fosters I can with being up to do the distance. So I just yet locked into a pace. And then I started to see Molly huddle ahead the American runner and Adam shouted at me, molly's, only fifty eight seconds ahead of head of you. And then oh, well, so that gave me something to focus on the phones chase. They won't say went past her. I saw I'm not having a bad run. This is quite good because she's a good run run to twenty six. You know, he's won a million. US titles? I knew that. She was good run us. I went call her is a good day. And then I kind of. Yeah. Go to like twenty four miles. And then I was at right of two miles to go. Now, just go to run falsely can and then. Yeah. When I came around I saw Lynette NASA. Another ready get run ahead of me. And also my gosh, I can catch. So then I was trying to catch limit muscle. Once I take I tell him the corner. And I heard I think it was Jeff Watson on the tunnel. And he was like Charlotte's gonna run a huge cross, no vest. And also, oh my gosh. I've done it. But I didn't know what huge personal best was didn't know. New student because it could have been to twenty seven that still would have been a good personal vest. But yeah, then I thought I'm gonna look up now. So I looked up and I saw t twenty five and on gosh about taly cats the pace going, so yeah, I didn't know you into like cross the line that run to twenty five. I thought it was going to be to twenty five or t twenty seven. So it can't be slow in t twenty seven because I wouldn't have died by that much too. So you didn't feel did you because what you did was you basically held the first in the second off together. Right. Yeah. So was your second Hof neares-? News the same exactly the same split. Yes. So I slowed down by twenty eight seconds in the second half. But see. My last que was the fastest of the whole race. Yeah. But you were doing there without looking at watch. I mean that in itself is is is really impressive, isn't it? It's it is I slide down from thirty to thirty five K. That was my slowest five K that was actually quite windy running into the wind at that point. But yeah, thirty thirty five K was my slowest split when I looked back at the splits. And then I decided that you split snow and got this pace line. Yeah. I saw that. Yeah. That was pretty good. I was impressed with that myself is the most effective pace loyal and think of ever seen because it's just flat. Isn't it your pay per kilometer? Varied threat the entire race by two seconds. Like three to five K. So you three twenty five ING to three twenty seven. Yep. Per per K for your for each five K chunk of the race for every single five K chunk. Yeah. Well, the first the first twenty eight K was that was with help with the pacemaker. She was she was really helpful. But then after that, I think once you're not won't once I'm locked in a rhythm. I I just run are quite good. At staying in that rhythm on. I've done it in training. See Nicola system in training you like metronome? He's not set. He sets me like a no three reps, and I'll just run three K reps and each one will be pretty much the same. And I find it really hard though to do the pace change. So that's why I guess never get ten K Rana 'cause whenever he sets me one K reps. Then I have to run foster than Martha pace and terrible. But then I can run on note twenty by one k in the same pace. But then I can't run two seconds loss to face. It's the weirdest thing. I caught run like Boston three fifteen Piquet. But then I can run forty K three twenty so weird feel like coming. A couple of things, you know, one you run an amazing personal fullness. And then you kinda go under this finish country. Don't you in race? You get given these red house, and and you have to turn rather than in heavily pitches. Taken like two twenty five. But also, did you realize you've gone third on the UK? Oh timeliest. So before the race two days before spoke to Adam. And I said to him he was like, what do you think you're gonna go out? And I said, I think Nick said to twenty five that's why I can run some gonna that pace. And then I said to him if I run t- twenty five I get on the time said that's my goal and actually said that to three days before and he was like, well, you know, we just have to see how the race goes just focus on China run a good race. And so in my mind, I thought if I have a really good day. I'll be third on the Thomas. I said if I haven't average day a run like to twenty seven, and then I don't know what that makes me on the all time this, but still PBS still Olympic qualifier. So my good day was gonna be third on Neil Thomas. Also, really happy that I'm honest to do that. And speaking of Olympic qualifying time, only, go wedding song, dealing caller time. But also significantly you within the talk ten Israel, isn't it? Yes. So the top ten was actually from the I AA it's Olympic qualifier your top ten in the Martha major or the world championships. It's another qualifier. So it doesn't guarantee selection yet it doesn't guarantee so that chin, but it is. I mean. I mean, you know, we don't want to I wanna tempt fate. But it's pretty nailed on. Yeah. No. I don't wanna tempt fate either. The last two Olympics have come so close and midst of them so having active Olympics before so, but I've come very close the last two times. I'm really every time. Someone else me. I'm like, well, I'm not selected yet. So I don't wanna say to letter that until I actually on the start line. I don't feel like have made it yet. But yeah, I I am pretty close. Just. Yeah. I think is a big tick in the box, which is good will in a us done. I don't know how it will affect your future race plans. Because you've done everything you need to do to get selected, and it's up to other people that wish to get selected to do better than that. Yeah. It is. I don't say they're all three spots available. So it would have to take like three people probably to run foster them mail on. And I. Tonight. We'll take. Yeah. Rewrite of of British Matheny histories top three. But yeah, it would never say, I know. I don't want to say, yes. In the team yet. But yeah, it was really healthy with the way it went unto come in the top ten overseen even didn't know what position all in because I have to me. And then I have to the net muscle. I, but I was just trying to be as many people's. I could say I didn't know that the net. Mass was number ten and the always at she going into tenth. No, I didn't have include. So I just knew that. I was saying that muscle. I had don't see the racer inside me. Yeah. Wanna wanna be as many people as I can always I like it in national. Also, find difficult about the marathon is when you're in American let London it's not really a race. And I don't I do better when it's a race environment. Whereas London's more like a time trowel. So you don't you don't feel like you're in a race. You just feel like it's you running against the clock. So the last the last five K guess probably was my quickest because those seeing people and also. Yeah. Go to catch them, which I do prefer. You've always had that racing mentality in a long history of being a an international competitive athlete actually racing is something that you've always done. Well, yeah. I do. I just I just love writing and I find. Yeah. That's why it's hard on the Martha and on the other pick marathons because the Africans go off a pace that you can't even start with. So you don't feel like you're in the race. Actual for the first K. You're not in a race. You're just trying to run a good pace that you can maintain. Whereas other say, for example, the world championships you actually feel like you're in a race the whole time, which does actually help help me I find because it takes your mind off looking at the time. And also you're just trying to pick off as many people as he can. So I I do before running in that race environment on running. Running as females like having a very fast thirty kilometer woma up is. Yeah, that's that. He want my coach ROY says he says, you know, you just go to the keeping control the first k kind of riding on the bus. And then he help off the bus at thirty K just. Yeah. China day the rights, but then obviously, it does depend who's around you because you can't control who's going off to heart and died or whatever. But yeah, you just try to get the and then the rice thoughts should talking about Buddha about that training. So Nick is you'll know coach he's based in Melbourne. I think we've had his his wife Sonya, I sort of on the show. So what was different in your build up? Did you go and spend time with with Nick in Melbourne like what what do you think has has made some of that full minute difference? While last year, for example, I was in Australia Ford, January February March I came back did the big hall, and I go pay won the race and everything's going. Great. And I think actually in two twenty six shape last year, and then three weeks before the rice stress reaction in my FEMA. So I had to pull out London marathon. So that was really annoying and then later on in the year, again, I think into twenty six shape and all in summer, it's training with British Essex for the European chumps. And then eight canes the race. I had pulled out the Myra thing. I got ready by Crump, Mike, call my hamstrings. I've never had it before. And it was really strong. I literally could run side to dropout eight k which was yet ready oversee a terrible day. So last year I go into twenty six shake twice. I think obviously I just didn't run a race. So people look at this race. And then all massive jumped in my mind. Last year in two twenty six shape. So this time around the training was a lot easier because last year only got into that shape twice. So is just doing it again. But then of getting a bit foster. So this time we pretty much did the same training as I did lost twice. But yeah, I just found that clicked together easier because I guess lost year. I did that that work, but just didn't run a rice lost year. So yeah, did pretty much the same training as I did loss. It just I had Sinead to train with which was a massive help because previously Nick didn't have any female marathon runners so's doing training have people in the bike to rob with. But I didn't have I didn't have actual person to run with stories in the. In the kind of do we doing all your sessions together? Push each other in long. Yes, I January February and the start of March out in Melbourne and odd Goto training, and yet, let's just mention aid. Nick, also knew come on the bike. With us Sinead is actually always ahead of me every session of sauce literally trying to catch catcher in every session. But it was still good to have someone there to start with WalMart with and then. Yeah. And the recovery she joked back for me. So we we training together for that time. So it definitely helps to have her the wrong with. So I mean, that's backgrounds. Those it that you also very familiar with is having a strong group to help you in in training, actually when you get to elite women's marathoning that's quite hard to find yet. It's hard to find an obviously we have two guys inaugural as well. Brett romas. Brett Robinson, Jack Raina who also did the marathan. So we'd have them to run with as well. So it was kind of like a group of us and even on the easy runs. See we can run with the the guys on the easy runs. So having a group was really, really helpful. It just yeah. Didn't Y just helps you to focus on training and get yourself to twenty-five math. You're the back of loop. Yeah. I want actually wasn't a bucket a group because obviously should I already run ready run twenty five the previous she was trying to train at a level that was false than to twenty five. Whereas for me t twenty five was like the main goal that was a good day to twenty five what? So I was probably training to twenty six twenty seven around that time of year. So staying her like storming ahead. Also, one of I gonna catch every session. I would do like to be about twenty thirty seconds ahead of me and also only to get better and try and catch her. But yes, she was flying. So it was it was hard to be in the back of it did help me a lot. That's a healthy elite environment to be in because you've got people to chase. You've gotta stay group. You know, you've got so euro Sullivan, of course, hugely experienced a Nick huge experiencing in coaching. Guiding you towards either your Columbian in further goes. Yeah. Of Nick having he also coached Benita don't. But she's Lisa Willis now. So the training that we are doing is beneath today. So when he sets the trainee noise. Yeah. What she did. And she ended up running to twenty two. I think at London so he's obviously had experienced coaching higher. And then now main Sinead a new that he knows what he's doing. So I just kind of have the trough seventy said, and yeah, just get it done. Really? So of to code of other areas to to buy one briefly. These shoes. Did you wear the fancy shoes? Nice. I got the next sense. I guess fuzzy she's the next percents. No, I'm not quite up to it. But what I do know is that every single podium men's women's will same shoes. Yes. I got nice. The next nine cents a week before London marathon, I wore them in two sessions, but there won't be quite small sessions because it was only a week before the race. And I liked them. But I will the four percents in the race just because of several in the four percents for a million races on in trading. So I didn't wanna risk wearing the new shoes just for America's like I said, so many things can go wrong. It's wanted to eliminate as many things that could go wrong. So I thought what why would I change my shoes a week before the race? Let us just stupid. I'm happy with my all the shoes these shoes oversea meant to be better. 'cause I called the next percents and they do over any good. But also, it's too risky. I just made the decision to old shoes which the four percents, but to you stuck with this sort of. Okay, I'm gonna stick with the shoes. I know and comfortable with which is what we would advise people to do is that clear. Yes. I Adam said to me before the rice. Would you stand on the start line having any doubts wearing your old four percents? And I said, no. And he said Wendy stand on the sideline having doubts wearing the next cents. And I said, yes. And he was like, well, then you not wear the next percents because he had doubts. Yeah. That's was you'd be like Sinead running around these shoes in the tent. Why did do that today? So a couple of days before the race in my hotel room running down the corridor. One four percent one next which better. And then it was he just the fact that item said that, you know, about the doubts and how trained a million times and won the big hall for four percents. And I did the world champs in the four percent. So I just knew the shoes were not gonna fail me. So I thought well, I don't wanna get bliss the win the next percents. I want risk at this time. But hopefully, I can train in them now and whether for the world champs is that the prime. So that was one other question actually, you've got the world championships later on the year visually. You will inside the qualifying time for that is the world championships. Target later in the year. Yes, I always had the target of during the world champs because Nikolai decided that one it will be another chance to qualify for Tokyo. Because if you're in the top ten it's another qualifier. So we thought well, why would I not do that? And then also Iran for Great Britain. I love representing Great Britain. So why would I not want to take opportunity? And then also I think it will be good to practice in the heat as well 'cause Tokyo's g gonna be ridiculed the race starts seven AM. And it's going to be about it could be forty degrees. So I thought well Doug Hawes also going to be hot. So it'd be good a good chance to practice running in the heat doing American. So yeah. Always put out that. I wanted to run run in Doha just for those reasons ready. So yeah, that's my that's my next goal. I guess I just thought about running and then get going for that. How much confidence has has this run given you for competing at the next at the next level because like running to thirty as a marathon runner female marathoner is an exceptional time. Yeah. But take this the very best way. It's not going to. It's not quite up. There is it in tonight. It's not doing it's not quite good enough. And so when you go to something like the world championships with a tooth thirteen year. Puckett, you know, you're good. But it's gonna take something you've especial. Whereas now, you'll going with a superbly-paced evenly run to twenty five in your pocket, and actually my view. Then it becomes a very different ballgame and a lot of things can happen. Yeah. I mean in two thousand seventeen wants the world chumps echo in good shape. And I ended up coming thirteenth and offer that rice I saw on definitely not taste when he nine runner. I can definitely Ron foster than that PV just because coming the thirteenth. I was being people that had run to twenty five twenty six. So then I thought oh, yeah. Definitely run a lot faster. So doing that two thousand seventeen now I think, oh if all star team in two thousand seventeen in this kind of the two twenty nine runner, I obviously come higher now that does help, but has will be imposed a process. So see I did start to two thirty two. And then started to take off all the older minutes of my time. So I did I did start at that level. So yeah, I think it's been a long kind of process. I haven't just. Come into running American run t- twenty five even. Yeah. Running the world chumps of the year that time the Iran. I mean that position sorry. It was worth a lot more than two twenty nine. So I think yes, just been part of a process or any time moving into the world translates won't in the new fully recovered with a brief chat before. But you said he'd recovered quite quickly after London this year. He I always like to take off like five to seven days just to relax ready because of the trainees so intense that nice to give your legs embody a chance to recover. So I did take off a bit of time when away for a couple of days. But yeah, but now and running just thought to build up again. But yeah, see no rush to get into marathan training. Banks have a bit of time now till the world champs. So I just probably get back into Ken K training and try and charge kief up in my ten K trading partners, which will be hard. I was fun the hardest 'cause I'm not very far some really slow. I could just run long time. So China keep up with them will be will we hard? Yeah. It'd be good challenge. And then stop but marathon training later on in the year. Sure. And. Finally, we can you onto this time. But we do ask everybody given six months of amazing training. What kind of time they would knock at one really fast mile in on what you said last time. But what what do you feel now? That think it's going to be any fault. I just don't I'm so I slow short stuff. What would I run? So slow full. I can't remember I said love tell you four thirty. Okay. I'll give you that. What did I say? Also, that's fifteen seconds quicker, really loss time four forty five last time. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm going to the next. No. What? Yeah. Now, you three twenty five third on the women's marathon all time list, which soared has a nice ring to it. Yeah. Then then. Look that would leap you up the marathon tour rankings you currently one hundred nineteenth equal, I'm afraid. You can you can park or your lofty third time. Push your one hundred nineteenth on the marathon Kutai. But then you're Ingle companies own about said four forty four. But if we take Dan to four thirty you'd leap up the Marican talk time rankings to equal equal eighty second. Yeah. With the likes of Ayman Martin, you'll know. Mark stein. -ly? He may remember a two zero nine marathoner and Liz yelling four thirty four. He pushed than the math in place. And Steve cramp full thirty. So they go you've been many good company. Cool. Yeah. I do not, you know, if I full fourth. He said that you've said it actually I've got no idea about mile times anymore. My mind is just focused on that Hoffmeyer marathan split. But yeah, I'll also I'll take I guess. Well, listen, really well done takes. Brilliant efforts to execute. Even when you know, you're in-form to turn out the way you did. So in a very wealth on you to twenty five tenth place third on the old time list being is crossed qualify for Tokyo. But will just keep that on the back burner until we know for sure. Yeah. Thanks very much for joining us on the show. Thank you. Right. Bye. For another week. What you have to. Oh, storm right planning and trying to get that off the client. We now successfully registered charity, which is fantastic. Check out storm, break dot org dot U K. And if you are into website type, ad mini stuff. Gosh on need of some. Really? Uppish that sort of thing I'm rubbish dating websites, and like putting things I need in place in so Amll king somebody to give it a little bit of gentle IT support on stone breaks, if you're marathon, totally Sony like that sort of thing, and you wanna get involved in the Nick citing mental health project in education in schools. Gimme a show. Papas info Matin talk and follow up actually running as well to running kind of. Getting into again, I said this weeks ago getting into it needs some sort of targets over the summer. Just not quite sure what they're going to be yet thinking about a ten K couple of ten ks and I'm doing three peaks a couple of weeks time. No, I what Piques the three peaks challenge in twenty four hours now way. Good on you. Yeah. To full William. Friday, the seventeenth wherever it. Doing the doing Ben Nevis I and driving Snowden to scaffold pike doing that. Then Snowden doing that and the driving two thousand mile round trip. Nice. What's not to like? We we start this conversation before recording with you going just not good. I haven't. I'll tell you. I really tired. I'm gonna do is drive to fort William and back in thirty six hours away. Do. I know I'd rather three highs mentions in England and Wales in twenty four hours not to like about that all lovely good Latin. What about you? I will. I will be handy marathoning. So I've got my kind of coming to do it. No, thanks. I've got my way. Really? I'll tell you. I listen the other day to six our podcast between Peter tear Matthew Walker on sleep. And probably if you listen to it, you would cancel your three peaks council your three peaks trip. It has made me even more focused on trying to get to better lead sleep on. It was three they divided the six hours up into roughly three to our poll costs. Yep. Six hours on sleep. Uttley? Incredible patriot drive. If you if you out in long runs if commuting which always went on my podcast. Download it. Listen to it probably change like they say recording at quartz ten night. Don't don't know it. We've got gets Betsy works. We want me. We certainly do need to get in bed soon. It's been awhile since the come rage shot really to get to get more often. I will be hilly map it. It's my key key key session of identified for wyle Maddox to Geneva marathon on Sunday, I will be doing a self supported marathon in Harrogate on Sunday. I'm going to do my hilly loop. I think it'd be eight laps of it which should be about three and a half thousand feet of climbing in American only own with the podcast amaze. I'm asking my big key run all of comrades somebody excited about that before that tomorrow night as we recording. But she on Wednesday, which the day that show goes out. I will be doing Cuna in Halifax with za great NICKY Spinks after screening which I'm really super excited about come never met. Nikki and she's being one of the most inspiration guest. We had some super excited we're gonna childishly chat to load about the barky barons fantastic really to 'having that afterwards. If we get the opportunity. Yes, we'll get you on the show. There have said we can have some of the audio for the show. I'm not we'll see whether it's good enough quality in terms of the way, they record it. But it'd be great if we can account way to even what about the patch. We do that this is where you guys are running over the next few weeks. It's how you get on that the podium this weekend is Brechin beacons trail running challenge on Saturday. The eleventh of may it's also the Oakland. Athen and the hosted an Essex marathon and the Buell Walter marathon. Nice Ben on such eighteenth amazed kick wrath challenge mountain, the goods, Matz, Brian style glove are through Sunday the nineteenth. And also the Sunday is well as Richmond part full marathon Wyndham marathon in others that math until as listeners. I don't think I wanna fully weekend. It's Embraer the Glenn the luff lap of the gap marathon, did I get their pronunciation that. Right. Vermont city. What's happening the following week? It is the western Sydney marathon on Saturday the first of June the as Stockholm marathon on Saturday the first June. I think might be on Sunday don't coat don't hold us that ten day early or late. And of course, the week after that not on the potent on the launch pad yet. But the week after that it's come rate. Two. You. We hope you're gonna get some testing. Absolutely fantastic audio. I almost considered coming with you. But you know, what to do now? Now that you don't want me to things anymore. Do you? Come come. What don't you? Great. You get to be fantastic. Yeah. Thanks. To rep it to roll out for. I have had by the way one I on liberal boss low water game. Come on my off game. I'm totally lost. Now. I think that's it, isn't it. Right. Speed another week in math talk. I'm Tom Williams. He's multi yelling in that. Was Murphy talk.

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