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"twenty four 24 hours" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Play in this series but he looks like he got it back to about the original lightest scrimmage i was saying to place to try to get the first in keep going so denver just using its final time out with to 24 left and it's going to be i'm going to say is going to be by a third of thirty eight i was gonna say third and six so so third need a little more than than what you'd hope for your but you've got to throw i think right here if you're the raiders not worry about taking it past the two minutes walk tuneup twominute warning are you take it down to the twominute warning but that then enough the pond and if if this morning play doesn't work right so you bet it on completing the pass and getting first down and down to the twominute warning in and you can basically taken knee and put the game away but if you don't comply the past the clock stops it gives denver that much more time to work with you know i i does the does the twenty seconds or so make the difference abusive even if you don't get anything i dunno if you don't get anything on the run your your punting from close to your own end zone you're you're gonna probably attempt upon from inside the fiveyardline so either way that's an interesting passing i ii on derek car under heavy pressure just threw it up and cordeiro patterson not only catches the bazzar was was sort of throat up and go get it and he did and then he broke the tackle he got about fifteen more yards down pretty much in this game is that takes us down to the twominute warning and then that now they could take the knee three straight inese victory position games over a good for the oakland raiders said they want a big game today drivers demean came in played well in relief impact alleged at least got the broncos back into the game but their struggles continue so now we got twenty four 24 hours owner in jacksonville third in three with a minute fifty six left the door close to.

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