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Dating Men In Power Ep. 12

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Dating Men In Power Ep. 12

"Combat diva stomp your after I left combats. Well to make to the cow de was podcasts. U T G and groups initial be is still at school. She'll be back next week. But in the meantime in between time, y'all says are like the boy Favier. Yeah. I wanted to keep them on show. So he backed for one mall episode of combat divas podcast Fe. I appreciate you. Coming back grown. I'm just happy to and I'm following you following presented fame. Appreciate it at the you got on the show. You know, plenty of people came back to like, hey. About away dating athlete this heart. So I wanted to kind of talk about what it means to day a man in a position of power popularity like athletes, you know, I mean politicians fall in this category. Millionaires Popstars Rockstars rap stars in etc. And you kinda rolling this circle a lot. And so I wanted to know how difficult it is to date a person in that type position. Again expectations gotta start there. Okay. Expectations period in then like the condition the conditioning of thinking that. You need someone of a. Particular stature that can. Have you in nice places in get you in mice things. And all of that in not really owning that yourself ever. That's the the biggest the gross mistake. Right. You just aren't like that is that you feel that. I need a ballplayer. I've had someone flat out tell me. Wow. Like that. They wanted to be to buy of rant like. A real rent in his light. I'm. I'm gonna give me a ball player in this. What what does that even mean like, and when you hear it like, I'm so I mean, I'm so not I've got underway way of being conditioned to think of things in a particular way. Like, oh, he's like, okay. So if you're saying that what are you saying about yourself forget the because that just doesn't make sense. Absolutely. I'm gonna get a ballplayer right is like the status the best associated with it. All Otemachi just drops to a class thing. It comes down to class. I feel I'm particular class and being associated with someone in this way, especially through marriage, right? I'm in higher class. Be when athlete, but it's just it's so much more difficult to deal with somebody in the lamb light continuously because more than likely will, of course. Athletes will be on the road all the time. You know, they go out of time. And just like you said you wanna be with a ball player. A bunch of other women have said the same made the same Val. You know, one thing I know about women are there. They are. They could be ruthless. Like, they will do whatever it takes to to get to you of this what they want to get to. So if Abe is the Mark, and I will say like that. If I was the marketing, I wanna get to say, I'm gonna do whatever I gotta do get the fame. I'm gonna pretend like I'm a window cleaner. A janitor. Whatever I gotta do to get into his green room or area. So that I could come onto this ballplayer. That's who I won't. And it is crazy to be the wife at home. You know, your husband gotta go through all is. Well, I won't say gotta go through all your husband is experiencing all this pressure. And you as a white guy trust him to just do the right thing or whatever not cheat on you. Has got to be hard. Yeah. I mean, and I can imagine it is because you're constantly is almost you're constantly constantly constantly wear of like, okay. Maybe might not enough thinking that anyway. Yeah. Especially have kids like in mining late mother, like Corey wife, and my you know, my up to the expectations that my family has put on me right in you doing that. Anyway, then you add all other end is like. I'm no you over here is going to be some hose. This you going out again. Right. Like you out. So you're going to be okay. Again. It's just it's crazy. It was like why you want to be invis- environment. Where is this calling? That's going on. Yeah. I he as a ball player yourself that you experience a lot of women's. I'm actually be vulnerable nam, did you experience a lot of women just coming at you. You know, not throwing draws on the field. But like, just you know. Thank you know. All is. He was number four know just kind of overpower you trying to get at you our time at the age, very minimal played a part in some people motive from our perspective is always seem like a pure thing. Elkem like, I'm sure they had the okay he gone being. Whatever whatever people say. And then when you get older it's the same thing now. Okay. We eighteen we graduate. Yeah. Yeah. High school. Yeah. So let's say twenty eight ten years. Okay. Now ten years from that point is like, oh, it's about the idea of me. It's the same thing. I got amount with the us. Just have a very firm strong like word that represents the idea me that that's why you're here not not just loving you. As a person is just that what he can't be. He gonna make money have a big house. We're gonna have these luxury card. We'll have all this prestigious. And that's why I want to be with Fave nine because he is a nice guy, you know, gray in so Soham so forth. I like I like the percentages. Yeah. Yeah. Is high on end of people who may have been trying to use it as for their own good. No. The opposite is probably like I would say sixty percent. Like, you you cool sixty percent of women that just. Parts of the other forty is. You cou and wow, I think you give them a lot of benefit of the doubt. They think it was probably more maybe more of a thirty sixty and other that Rex can I at thirty seventy and other that you who you know, just just kinda wanted to for what you what I was to fall. But my was a late bloomer. Potential, but I'm going from the beginning now. No, okay. Okay. We'll go to begin like. Yeah. I was a late bloomer. So as like, really, okay, I'm just talking about what I want to be that ain't really it's. But you still in the limelight like women ringing, of course, is like, okay. Let me okay. Let me start to pay closer attention to Ryan who talking about they wanna be around me. And like me, right. Like, so you agree with that? Right. I agree with I think as athletes heart to find women who are just genuine. If you not married before you get into the league. You know, and this is not just for athletes. I'm talking about politicians actors all above like if you are in a position of prestige. It is very hard to find somebody who just like you for who you are. And that for you know, the dollar signs, and where you can get him to and you know, I can make life better. But you have to be too early to be able to appreciate it. Appreciate that. As that's true. Like a Noah different you in. This is just a part of. Like show. Right. Like, I know who you are in now when you're just that person this the person on TV, that's a lot of I would the conflict stars to arise in like when you just all ego. Like, I need you to be who you were when you were just talking about for be that person because that's the person I like and not even don't change grow into enjoy it. I like you. That's my that's my out there like that. Just like any person as Societa was success. Right. Exactly. You know? And then just being able to disassociate from that in the sense of. I don't have to wear this mask or put on this armor here. Like, I could just be me. Right. That's enough because everything else's average out in rankings in there. So meaning lists like how we was talking about last time. I was here like participation participation in everybody's competing in everything. So it's a lot of logging going on especially. Technology now like you could break some down into some percentages in in two seconds small analytics you right being able to go somewhere, and it ain't out that right? I think that's was the period thing about should be kept in billing with somebody. That's in any type of lime light. It could be your getting. Selo of the euro war in your real estate company. Yeah. It could be some as small as this money like. Like, but I'll work hard to write. It can be small and have to be like, a Senator or athlete org be some small, but you just not being able to say shit. I like that keep doing what you're doing. And actually that inspire me. Yeah. I mean, actually, military wives go through a similar experience because the military is a subculture. So if your husband is a Colonel Colonel our first class, or you know, somebody over a bunch of people got a lot of status nans of team. There will be a lot of women who are coming at that person who are trying to you know, you know, shoot they shot or, you know, they lash it a little bit more to get your husband's attention, and you have to be able to eight you got to be able to trust show spouse, you know, that he gonna do the right thing. No matter what. 'cause I mean people shoot shot regardless. But yet to be trust them that they can come back home. But just that. It's just the prestige alone. That makes women some some women. I won't say some women wanna shoot they shot regardless, and it makes wives uncomfortable a in because they at home. Now, you're out in the field. I mean we in the field field. So we just rug it. I mean, ain't nobody correct. Those and nobody to say that we in a whole nother zip code area coal hone of the country for year three hundred sixty five days, and, you know, women Arash shooting shot constantly now you had no physical contact with your spouse. So you you pretty much aboard the game virgin when you get back to the Korea. And, you know, women all day like, hey. Good. Got all these private Dougherty. So a lot of times, you know, these or these military personnel kind of circum to the pressure of giving with these young females because they come in just like har-, and that's on the military name made a lot of money. It's just like doubt. They they out of at the prestige. I can't imagine being a millionaire, and you now you bring in eight hundred thousand to one point nine three million dollars a year. Gotta be just. Playing char fear. You know? Your door to be part of whatever you get. In again, I condition is because you get the same person the person to really really won't treat you right and be nice money. And all of that that person how you get that person is really being that. Because when you you can see that a mile away. I know why you like because you all start the look the same and Souness see that's the thing is if you if you had those experiences enough, and you could say Noma marry man that's just where stands him straight in really now. I'm just out here. Having these experiences analyzing all these situations all issue at the same now. That's when you got a good, man. They're all of Maine to. It's hard to turn down the main. Left to right at home in a month. I'm on a row we who. So some people do are. You have women who were okay. Make an amendment today. Okay. Even if there's some has minimal wiz. Okay. You didn't get a number. It was a situation for probably five minutes in fat minute me. Hey, I because they say our it was a marathon of absolute use in ain't them. You want to say, you don't tell yourself this. It was five minutes. He was drunk or he was drunk and it just happened. Yeah. In the reactions would be allowed different depending. Okay. Who did what who if it's a female? Did that on main? Yeah. The sky's falling. Yeah. But the. Yeah. It was it was an interesting thing really go through in have to learn through relationships. Now have you alive when using the college where you ever in a relationship, I hate to get personal which if you wanna ask them now? We use in college. You know, going to the different games lead on to a bus. Did you did you settle on a relationship? And if so were you ever like extremely tempted to go outside relationship due to the amount of women that were like bombarding you. Yes. Oh, absolutely. Because because now even from. Personal standpoint when you're used to dealing with. Issues and you're used to dealing with your experiences by. Being with someone. Like like, a COPA Anisim and not that you're using people for light on hurt. So I'm we'll run oil mad. So I need some unease, man. I like that this is where I find the most comfort in this is why feel the most accomplished, and we have moved like really look at things went. Okay. Like, you really like what you doing? And why because this is one of the places that in control. So sex. It will be more of a control fag. Nado relationship. Our relationship part is more of a control, even if you dive into something is totally about the other person and ain't got nothing to do with you. But as a man the way is Bill the rules. His own me now. Okay. I need to the American control. I'm in control. I'm in control of. Will we go will we go? Well, we doing almost to the point like if I'm having a bad day. I'll she yoga day. Just aren't. Because angry upset about something. So in this learning learning through your relationships about yourself and about just people in general like so if I was putting this out. You receive this in now, we're here in his like, man. So what do we want from the beginning? Did you even know what you want from the beginning where we both just doing something that we were taught to do. We're conditioned do rise. Now, it was the substance was the minimal thing. It was all about what we going is been three months of I'm graduating what you gonna do like all of that in his like why we gotta do any of that win. Really? Honestly, my main concern is taking care of myself and taking care of my family. I'm not even thinking about what really when we put it on a scale this thinking about that. That's after the the experience when you go through something like ain't trying to. Doing that shit again. Messing it up circle. Right back around to the dealing with people in knowing that I can be involved with someone and I can trust someone to understand that. I made a covenant or whatever to provide them for what they need. I like I like to wear. Come here. I yeah. If it ain't here, that's a different discussion. Right. Like come here. First because that's the green that we may. And I think that's forgotten a lot in relationship. They made that agreement they made the agreement. Let them sit in that right now have the experiences. Have you have them in when you need to amend something amend, something even if I'm gonna fuck out of here. You a minute as you can amend it. Yep. I like the work confident. Meaning like, hey, we made a promise to each other. And you know, we're going to uphold this end of the bargain serious serious, especially when you have time apart, and then you gotta come back together again. And I think that that's the hard part, you know to be able to both contain yourself. Apart? Okay. So she has contain her. 'cause I'm not saying that women are the most will behave either in the absence of their spouse or whatever 'cause sometimes they get lonely. They make mistakes give a reason off it will reason it will always day. Day man, little that's the easy. Call yoma. Give a reason just love someone else to easy. No problem. I think it is. Who use it again? That's how. But yeah, I may give a reason this you will. But even it asses over reason, I'm not saying that women out of most behaved in essence of their mate. But when you're is a athlete politician a man of high. Hi, thority have power with power becomes great responsibile will power comes responsibility. And that's a quote, man. Right. But it does. Marvel we've been not even get started because I'm Margo freak. But we're great power does congress responsibility in women are actually attracted to power. That's why women say I live in uniform right because in equated to power, and that's why you know athletes wear uniform, right? That's the same. And they do women love man who has some type of for Steve empower who come through the captain editing. Come. Paintin? How many hate to see how many commanders wise, you know, in the movies out of are just, you know, they feel like they, you know, she, you know, they really ain't shit because they. A lot. But by sociation, they don't want. You can't tell them excuse me on the command his wife. Thank you very much. But I can imagine the same thing on that side of the same to like Muslims quarterback ski. S you like. Quarterback this please this out women. Man. That's how they are. No. I mean this. I mean. I mean, those are so so why don't men feel the same way because by men like a woman in power is because they feel like women in power are not easily control women empower usually gang. A of flip. Now. Women hit as you, you know, and they're not very. Okay. And if you don't woman empower, either your or spout. A mate is a super supportive or being also empower, and that's the only way that works. If you're made enough super supportive and equally is making good money or whatever. But like just super supportive of you. Meaning he's there. He's taking business. He don't question you. He he supports you push you for it a word, and if he's equally as powerful, meaning he got a lot going on to. And he, you know, he lets you do your thing you do your thing. Then it works. But other than that. I can't see a relationship working if you're woman is powerful. And you can just like, you know, they're like it'll really work because it's just like you 'cause she come home like. Yeah. Anyway, because I've talked to snoop yesterday, and blah, he okay. Snoop. Okay. Baby. I'll take, you know, don't work. No, it's not an equal. You know, magic at the while somebody's gonna get bored or somebody's gonna get jealous. So is the only bridge in that friendship. The only way you can know something like that friendship. I can I can see it as something else in. Appreciate you for something else. Other than just my whatever. Joe what is like? Like a friendship. I was thinking time when I said it. But now, I'm thinking like more of a understanding of a person gets you first before you, turn them edge or Mayan there. Yeah. Okay. Agile man. So let's let's let's pick on my engineer. Okay. So let's say my dear is which he is he shit. Right. So he doing this doing his time. He out he produced for this air body come through to China to come through studio. Right. So right. So women no him. He popular he go out to those women are just like, oh, oh engineer. So they all let them right? And he got a mate. So he'd go home to his his mate. Now, let's say his is good wholesome. Stay at home wife. You know, she can cook good. See so par into bed now this hypothetical mirror. All right. So I'm hit girl for if you do. Sorry, isn't it? But you know, right. So then these girls keep coming though like like crazy trying to get a tension. Now, he has to decide whether he's going to be completely faithful to his spouse and his wife or these exotic females as willing to do some strange bit of change can't come in office feet thinking about right now is is she going issue going exactly because. Situation this because you only find out that's the last thing. Like, the cause I ain't gonna do nothing that going to give back to you that I exactly like the the hidden rule, right, man. Don't have coming back around to me. So that's the last the last stroz she. That's the last. They're out there. Right. That's the last his girl going find. Yeah. So fresh the Shane's roles because if you got a female, that's just you know, a good friend that you coming back to like, no matter what you wanna ruin a friendship. Right. And I hit me and say this all the time like I don't want to France with my grew. And I wanna ruin now lost a friendship and a girl and a lot of people don't want to do that and put themselves in that position. So you got to position yourself in a way this. I'm loyal trustworthy. But AMD coming at me, and it's very hard to find tune a relationship when you'll hers when whoever is the person in the limelight, especially if it's a female because females not that we don't know how to handle ou- win the limelight. You know, we could be a bitch about it because we know this shit. So it changes a little bit. When this Email males is like. Feels like skews me this shit. Okay. Tell them even telling young boys that they beautiful. Yeah. So you can start that as a young show. Now when somebody called me pretty someone's attracted to me, you pretty I mean, I mean you handsome that pre kind of down. Okay. Handsome or a great engineer. It don't like none. Like the able to see me and handle me as just like a person. Putting that forward K. Nobody else come really love you for something other than because you're going to notice it in venture was going to be like stale anyway. Yeah. Because you know, who you are as it is a lower self esteem issue where you don't permission this men. I mean be used to people get natural. I mean, come on women used to because they can't walk a block without. Hey, hey. Acid rain on one. Don't matter. They own you. He'll look look something like something. You don't even know they own your back. You'll even know the worst thing the most airframe thing for woman is a walk past a group of guys like this on the corner, something like that. Because no matter what you're going to get out of it. I was going to have a gas station one day not to get out. I was coming out the gas station. I just faith get let me get thirty pump five and I came back in. Do was in explorer. I get rain I have my baby with me to go which finance, and I was like what type of the work for you like in the has. Why he did it? Paul. I was offended as I do. People in. What would you say that to me like you see the rain? I mean, I saw that you had rain on Saudi stole and overs. But no respect maybe we'll Gupta. But I mean, you know. Shoes all types. He was mad. Get so we'll get you out of here. Told them not to do it again. Yeah. Ain't gonna find some different. Maybe the car. I just thought gonna him boy. Get your need to go get my my my old as explore tick that nineteen ninety seven as explore. I was gonna know. Because that's what we do is. We'll start talking about you. We Ruth New York is the root is as women you will ever meet in your life. Like, he's on what a mess with because they talk about you. They okay. If you like about the commit suicide, I've seen New York women be roofless like L of talk to New York woman. But they pretty my guy, you know. And there's going off no matter what you're gonna do it. You'll lining fucked up my guy up anyway, I said at the. Say is harmful a woman to one of the scariest thing is for women to walk past a group of guys because they going to get how. But guys had the same way. Where if you again, you get some going on for yourself somebody go holid- somebody come through, and they fashioned over fit about to say. Oh, I saw you football field. You know because we don't outta holiday. So like, you know. It just it through like that. I think me and empower had to be ever so careful with who they choose as their mate their commitments and their commitment, man. Fucking know your commitments. Yeah. Don't have a mean. Something to you. Yeah. Something just don't be saying one thing. And then you doing doing more don't do that. Yeah. So manpower gotta be committed. A and they gotta know who they win and be Dafur where they wit. And if not I mean, the temptation is crazy so they will go with it. So I percents you saying that the commit that the the obstacles are there. But you just have to know how to keep. Down to be cool. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, get used to being, you know, holiday get used to that being a thing on experience as a man shouldn't like really excite you too. Because you know, why they don't know anything about your wearing the ring. Right. Yeah. So they don't really care. So, you know, how absolutely, you know, make those distinctions, and and do the right thing there for what you're there for which is probably some music, and your people that you would. Yeah. Absolutely. Not that other should absolutely. So they at least a man in manpower is this is important as Dayton women power where you have to know who you dealing with a and be able to bring something to the because I think men in power need to download when they get home and that have that nagging or whatever hanging over their head. Like man was on a roll, you know, this person. You know, they messed up the ball and all that room. Like, I couldn't even get through. You know, they need to be able to talk about that too. And not have the other part come in like, okay, all having whatever. But why he was going? They need to be able to download and get all that out. It was they get all that out. Then we can you know, they can be open to whatever you gotta talk about two people to be like who they are you. You're no good to anyone if you're not doing what you wanna be doing. If you fill in amazing. You ain't. No, good anybody. Yeah. That's true. Really? So that's true. You focus on that. And let me encourage that instead of year all of that shit. But. Last night phone win. Who was that just asking? Just ask it. It was three in the morning when I heard because I would do that too. Okay. If you'll follow what? One of the home is somebody says some crazy something is not hurt. It's not her. I need this Zima heard sex at three o'clock and one because should be no coming through the three. I don't know communication happens. It could have been somebody was drunk. Yeah. We need to be express own thing. I care about as a g mail went through. It was like spam. Like, hey your own navy account. Okay. Cool. We can we can talk about at three three three only that being the what? Glenn at three tone. But if he's thing because if you'll get on three he probably his people to and he just call you to make sure that you can back up his live tomorrow morning at eight like I just live over Creole fail. It was the bomb. But if my wife, call make sure she know, I wanna say tonight, come to mind like it, mama. Man. That's how they could be happening. Covet through. It wasn't again. Appreciate the fact that use a guy here in by engineers in like nine times, you right? I mean, the man is right on it. He gave the. He gave the. That's it. That's it. I get that. Let's talk like females. Thank you, man. Say rail-ship football talking about the Basta. Appreciate it. But. As you go through this time away co host was out. So solutions Fabian, Connor going website. Click the donate button, man, if everyone few will donate a dollar man man to be able to change community rapidly. Man. I'm make sure going through the same. Hey, come through faith. I've been doing again for years and years, man. I just appreciate able to come back and talk as we always through faves. Look say did two thousand two if you knew him into that TV like. Exciting at the same energy. Hey, Imos know what you thought about it down low. Make sure you subscribe review. Hey to Nisha. It's an issue be voice because it's prerecorded. So I'm going to say today should be how can you reach us in my engineer can put it on. Hey, battles. You can reach us at combat divas podcast on Instagram as well as YouTube combat divas power one on our Twitter account, combat divas podcast at g mail dot com. Combat divas podcast on our Facebook page. We'll see you all there. Combat Jeeva stomp, you'll live comedy.

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REPLAY: Ramez Naam  How Renewable Energy Killed Coal and Why Radical Life Extension Isnt Going to Happen

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REPLAY: Ramez Naam How Renewable Energy Killed Coal and Why Radical Life Extension Isnt Going to Happen

"You know I think. Bill's sort of midlife change is hugely inspirational to me. We have this notion in society of average ever is at avaricious. Rich I think is how you put that or that. The self ingredients the greedy bastards and I think that's certainly does exist. Bill Gates was at this moment in his life where he was the richest person on planet earth he was leading a company that had the highest market cap and adjusted for inflation. Microsoft's market cap then is still higher than companies the market or is a fraction of the stock market. Actually it's still higher back then than any company has achieved since and I think he stepped back and said Jeeze. I've done this. What's my responsibility of a human being out? What should the richest person on planet Earth Stu and I think that pivot to really focusing on helping? The world's poor was totally brilliant and morally on. I spent all day today writing. I love coffee. But I hate jitters. I was at starbucks. 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And you know what you'll get free shipping anywhere in the US again that's disruptors DOT FM Slash F use offer code disrupters to save ten percent and to take it to the next level. Tim ferriss recommends this to everybody. Jonathan Levy one of the awesome guests. We had our Superhuman Academy all-star he loves it as well and it's powering elite performers. Like you everywhere. I want to take a quick time out to give you guys a personal update. Many of you know I've been working on my dream of becoming a SCI FI author will now. I've got a couple of SCIFI books and techno-thrillers coming out soon joined a help me enjoy my advanced. Beta reader team and get free or deeply discounted copies of my upcoming books to review and help improve the stories. If you're a fan of Michael CRICHTON Daniel Suarez a good dystopia Ian or epic fantasy. You'll love my writing. If you join and share your feedback it would mean the world for me and my writing career seriously. I'd really appreciate it. If you visit Matt Ward Dot Com Slash Book and enter your details. Then you'll be notified and occasionally selected to pre. Read some books before everyone else show. Your thoughts works directly with me to help me make the story better and much more. I WanNa give you guys an epic. Thanks for listening to the podcast especially for folks interested in the books and again if you WANNA get my books before they come out before anyone and helped me make this writing career success. Please visit Matt Ward Dot Co Slash Book to join and get your free early copies and now. Let's get on with the program. Welcome to the disrupters. The podcast about the future of all of us where we look at the technologies trends and societal norms shaping. Our collective future here. The world's top mines share their insights and predictions on the Convergence Direction and ethics of exponential technologies transforming. Like this you can learn more and stay up to date at DISRUPTORS DOT FM. What if I told you I could read your mind? How creepy would that be? We could change the world. It could just be a nightmare to either way it would be incredibly interesting and quite a thought experiment and is one that today's gassed actually went through Ramez. Naam is without a doubt one of the most interesting people I've ever met. He's a computer scientist. Futurist and Angel Investor and award winning author and he's on the faculty at Singularity University. He's best known for his next trilogy. Which was an award winning series looking at what happens when humanity has a mind merge he's also written a couple of really influential nonfiction books. The infinite resource the power of ideas and more than human embracing the promises of biological enhancement. He's the coach. Eric Singular University focused on energy and the environment which will live deep deep into in this episode. I learned a ton. I'm sure you guys will do any work early on with Bill Gates at Microsoft. He's Co panted quite a few things with bill. In fact he's appeared everywhere you could imagine under the Sun and now he is here on the disrupters just for you guys in today's episode. We talk about why we're at a tipping point. When it comes to carbon emitting cars sold worldwide what it was like working with Bill Gates especially in the early days what Romney's predicted about renewable energy. And why it's actually better than even thought how technologists are solving global problems by fixing incentives and driving down costs. Why Rama's is not a big believer anymore when it comes to radical life extension the brain two point Oh movement and why we're becoming cyborgs seriously. How rumours thinks about crisper genetically engineered people and a couple of the other incredibly interesting topics. They're kicking around to their at singularity university. This one's fun interesting and you. I know you guys will enjoy it so without further ADO. I GIVE YOU RAMA's Numb. We choose to go to the moon and this decade and do the other thing not because they are easy but because they are very interesting career and I wanted to start out with. What's the highlight of your career? My Gosh I think I've been privileged to be in the right place right time to make an impact or at least to work on stuff that touches millions potentially billions of people. And I think that's because I'm a special at hired out of college and Microsoft and when you're in a company like that the decisions you make have scale and so I consider that a real privilege great fortune and since being a computer programmer. You've really expanded Now now you're into life sciences your singularity university's at half clean tech chair is how did get. How did you get such a expansive experience? Because there's got the story here. What's the thirty overview while the story is I'm not sure I'M GONNA be when I up. I just might just never grow up You know I've always been fascinated by the future and by technology I grew up reading science fiction and just really think about how science and technology can change the world and so I. I quit myself twice. The most recent time was almost a decade ago now and so when I quit once I found it a tech start up at the DOT bomb happened. I didn't know what to do so I wrote a book about a science. I was seeing. I would just read scientific papers for fun and I saw this technology coming down the pipe that could augment people make people cyborgs make smarter sit on the aging process so. I wrote a book about that. Went Back to Microsoft did much as often internet search machine learning what we call big data and cloud computing now and then decided to do something else and along the way I fell in love with a planet. I really haven't been environmentalists at all but I just sort of fell in love with water. Mr Scuba diver and snorkeller and lifeguard and that led me down the road of looking at solutions to environmental problem and that led me to energy and somewhere along that I turn some of my The research I had done for my first book on Human Enhancement into a series of science fiction novels and that's also a great excuse to learn about and pontificate about all sorts of technologies and scientific areas. So I'm a dilettante in. Add over. It's Uber incredible things. I love it as someone who likes to hop into different projects. That's a yeah. That's perfect. I WANNA I WANNA figure out why that happened before we get into the WanNa figure out why so. What was it that inspires you when you were younger. You said You let sci-fi was that the kicker maybe so I'm an immigrant kid My folks came to the US from Egypt. When I was three years old and a fe fought to stay was legally incredibly challenging. But eventually you know legally stayed in the US. I grew up here not changed my life. I grew up absorbing pop culture like at age three zero English whatsoever and so it was probably cartoons like voltron and things like that that influenced my very very young brain and that led me into science fiction and science fiction. I think is we the literature of ideas. It's the literature where you talk about. How could the world change and that spurred my interest in science and technology and that brings that brings you here so you come out of school? You Join Microsoft and incredibly promising company. What what year was this? Nineteen Ninety five nineteen ninety-five. So can you. Can you date us a little bit for that? The iphone was thirteen years ago. What was nine hundred ninety five other than Windows Ninety five? Yeah so I joined in January of Nineteen mid-january. At the time it was windows. Three point one was out are the old style Mac. Operating Systems Pre Osx no tablets. No smartphones relieving. There actually was windows for pen. I worked on that in college. Actually believe it or not a software for that so it was you know sort of the MAC versus PC battle all clients. I computing office productivity excel access databases. That sort of thing. So the first I did was work on shipping email functionality in windows ninety five the ship in August those my first understanding that you even though I came on about project late that little changes that I made in that email client would go on to affect the experience of a billion people as like. Wow Okay I better take. Seriously A and B Technology. Is this incredible scalable lever or tool set by which you can change the lives of billions of people and that's really compelling what was it like working with Gates. I know jobs was quite hard and I. I were things about gates you know. By the time I started working with gates it was really Two thousand three or four and by that point. I think he had mellowed a lot in his younger days. Legends of Bill Yelling at people and being mean in meetings. I was in a lot of meetings. I was in a at least a couple dozen meetings with bill including some just some one on one conversations when necessary and I think I saw him raise his voice once so he had he had matured. I think both as a manager and a human being by that point was a wicked. Smart still is a wicked smart human being. He would give us input on our ideas and plans and search that. Sometimes I didn't really understand the the impact of the importance of what he was saying for a year or two later I was like oh my gosh. That's what bill was saying back then so a pretty impressive human being incredibly especially considering what he built in how he's been able to leverage that for good. That's something that I think a lot of tech giants to be learning from you. Think bill's a sort of mid-life change is hugely inspirational to me. We have this notion in society of the average offer ideas avaricious rich I think is how you put that or that. The self ingredients the greedy bastards and I think you know that's certainly does exist. Bill Gates was at this moment in his life where he was the richest person on planet Earth he was leading the company that had the highest mark cap and adjusted for inflation. Microsoft's market cap then is still higher than any companies. The market or is a fraction of the stock market. Actually it's still higher back then than any company has achieved since and I think he sat back and said Jeeze. I've done this. What's my responsibility of human being? At what should the richest person on planet earth too and I think that pivot to really focusing on helping the world's poor was totally brilliant and morally. You made a big pivot around the same time why. I spent thirteen years at Microsoft in two stints Iran. A tech start up the bombed Ashley The bubble burst around. We're getting going and I think I just wanted to try something new for a little bit and when I laughed Microsoft second time around two thousand nine you know. My idea was to write some books. And if it didn't work out honestly I had the privilege and good fortune of having had a career in tech so I knew I could go back and get a job. That's something that most people are setting out on their own. Don't have that sort of fall back option but fortunately for me it did work people like my side by my book on a Clean Energy and innovation to save the planet a started me down the road of speaking angel investing and so a whole new career took off but without that platform of economic security of having a nest egg from Microsoft and knowing that I was employable in tech. I probably wouldn't have taken that risk. There are two ways that could take this. Immigrants route ends the having the nest egg or the the security net which are both political but not the incredibly interesting part about. You will get to those later. I WanNa what I WANNA ask you about now you become an author both nonfiction and Saifi. What's the dichotomy of fat like? Oh goodness so nonstop. Both types of books. Actually if you do it well. You're a smarter at the end of writing the book than you were. At the beginning I thought out to write a book about innovating in energy food water. Saving the planet. 'cause I thought I knew some stuff. I don't a lot of research but it turns out that Hamid. Finish the book and you so much more than I had when I started. So that's that's fun and compelling but there's a different kind of experience that readers have and what I found is that my science fiction moves people emotionally a lot more than any nonfiction so nobody ever comes up to me and says damn you. You kept me up till three. Am Reading your nonfiction books. But they do that with my Sifi. So that's also a pretty interesting. Humans aren't really wired for data or evidence or not least not. I assist six. We're wired for narrative that's what grips US emotionally holds our attention and so the narratives we create our superpowers Ashley. Sort of bypass a lot of our rational sought in humans. And go straight to this this part of us at wants to hear a story and follow that story so I I love doing that. I love when people tell me that they you know skipped sleep or where late for her. Or whatever That's the best compliment you can give to an author. I didn't feed my kids because you're Good not really of course but that's the sort of thing you want to hear but it's also something to be careful of. How can we in the media environment we have today can be narratives that are actually representative of a broader truth? What would be some examples of of warning towels? I mean there's lots of good uses of fiction to produce narratives? That are both things that we should avoid or that. We should pursue a recent trend of criticizing Sifi for being so dystopia but if you read nineteen eighty-four or something like that. It effectively was warning us that information technology could be used uniquely masses and I think that's very very useful. I think actually even as a sort of messed up as the media landscape and fake news and so on his today it's nothing like what nineteen eighty-four positive and I think that's partially because a story like Nineteen eighty-four inoculated us against government. Control the media yet sites place such a such an important role. I think there is that big importance of knowing. It's not true but knowing it could be. The differs from the the problems today with media. So what how'd you life change after you wrote the box it put me on a different sort of profile? I would say working in a big company if you're not the CEO or one of the top executives you can have a massive impact. People don't really know who you are and in a way writing books you have less capability. You're not managing a team or collaborating with dozens or hundreds other people working on building something. But it's you you have complete artistic control and the work is directly associated with you as a human being and that's quite interesting. It gives you a platform where a frankly your ideas are my ideas on topics that are separate from my books. Get listened to just because people have tuned into me because they liked my books my talks and after that you decided I wanted to do something. That freaking matters. I wanted to try to help the world in some way. Was there a catalyst yet very cliche? Environmental Awakening was in a on a beach in Mexico. And just you know one of those perfect days crystal clear blue green water just totally fell in love with it. Had A magical day. There were some litter up the beach. The beach near to loom Mexico in the Yucatan and I just started thinking what. Why if they're literally like. Why would people litter in such a beautiful place? This planet's gorgeous any litter is actually not that big and environmental problem in the grand scheme of things about that asking. That question sort of led me down the road of investigating. What was the state of the environment and asking myself? What's my responsibilities human? Being what do I need to do here? What year was this? Was this too early? Cleantech way before a lot of the startups failed the second way. This was the mid two thousand so at the time I wasn't an investor at the time and I wasn't really thinking a lot about startups. I really started looking at data about a prices really about what's the cost of solar power. What'S THE COST OF BATTERIES? And what I found was something that looks a lot like. Moore's law modest ashes Moore's law but if the cost of solar power was dropping exponentially the cost of batteries was dropping exponentially. And I put those excel and tried it out and said my goodness. I think around Twenty fifteen. We'll start to see a solar power and some parts of the world cheaper than coal at at the time when I first that has an article for scientific American around two thousand eleven people thought I was crazy. The both environmentalists and energy people thought that I was nuts. Environmentalists said. How can you dare be so optimistic? You're so naive and energy people said how can you be so foolish? Energy doesn't work like that tech boy. You're so naive and it turns out I was on. I was a little bit too pessimistic. The actual decline in the price of solar and batteries has been a little bit faster than I forecast then So that's a good lesson for me as well and where are we today just happen? Idea of the magnitude of James. Yes so today. We're still a very long way. From decarbonising. The world in fact carbon emissions are rising by at the COST OF CLEAN. Technology has plunged. And that's really going to be the driver. So in the sunniest parts of the world electricity from solar or wind without any subsidies is now about one third of the price of electricity from coal or gas. And that's places like Chile Brazil Mexico Saudi Arabia the United Arab Emirates. An Abu Dhabi very sunny places or very windy places as well and in the. Us wind power is now cheaper than colour gas solar in the southwest in Arizona Nevada in southern California and Texas is now even take all the subsidies cheaper than building new colour gas. And that's the leading indicator it's getting those low prices is what than starts to create a tipping point in the market with a switchover occurs. Not only that but I hear it's the fastest growing sector third for blue collar while it is solar. Installer is the fastest growing job in America. There's you know well. Over one hundred thousand jobs in solar now Quarter million jobs in solar now. A Lotta that's installation installation on rooftops. A lot of it's also tilleke scale solar which is most or how we deploy it and then wind. Turbine technician is also a fast growing job in some great plains and Upper Midwestern states where the wind is really great. Those both sound much better than being underground mining coal. It's a it's a little bit absurd what's happening. I think we have to get into that. Most people that are listening are very well aware of that. Where are we headed? So I know I know wind is pretty competitive right now. Solar projected to be far away the cheapest we have a big frigging Zahn solar where we're headed and what are some of those implications as the cost to come down further and further will we. Will we turn the corner? What we've got a data turned the corner on a number of things and I just had a tweet story about the green new deal and and what a comprehensive plan looks like. We've got to solve electricity but a quarter I missions. We've got to solve transportation about a quarter of the world's emissions we've gotTA solve industry and building heat steel cement manufacturing and he didn't buildings another quarter in the last quarter is agriculture and deforestation. I was on the first two on electricity transportation. I think we're approaching tipping points. This event happen a just a couple months ago. In Northern Indiana and utility nips go made this announcement. Nips go is fifty five percent coal power. Today vary an An Area Northern Indiana. That has a pretty mediocre solar sources really and has above average like pretty good but not amazing. Wind speeds and Indiana went for trump by nineteen points. Nips go announced late last year that in their five-year resource plan that cheapest way to provide energy for their customers was to shut down almost all of that coal power and replace it with solar wind. Batteries inflexible demand. Not Over thirty years but by twenty twenty three to go from sixty five percent coal today to fifteen percent coal just four years away now and then by twenty twenty eight ten years time the plan to be at zero so that I mean that was an amazing amazing moment. The CEO of next era which is one of the largest utilities in the US and operates Florida power and light and also builds a lot of solar and wind. He was quoted as saying by the early twenty. Twenty twenty twenty two. Maybe it'd be cheaper for them to build a new. Solar Wind Dente operate their existing coal power plants so of course that's based on geography. It's helped by some tax credits that we have. But as we hit those tipping points you'll see more and more parts of the world starting with the Sunniest in the windiest start to realize. Wow we should just turn off. Coal plants build more solar and wind and that in turn scales solar and wind and that brings their prices down further. I know this is one of the fears that China had recently started building more coal. Can you comment on that? You know there's some some ambiguous stuff there but there were some satellite imagery is saying that it looks like some a coal power plants with the Chinese government had ordered shutdown or cancelled not even shut out canceled. Like they shouldn't finish the construction. Henry started construction. I think there's two or three things happening. There one is the Chinese. Central Government doesn't always have great control of what the criticism believe it or not to is the the dates of that satellite imagery actually sort of our before the most aggressive wave of coal plant cancellations in China but net. Even if some of those are restarting like the number of coal power plants that were in the pipeline in China or in India. Five years ago has shrunk by at least three quarters And so we're not quite done building new coal power plants yet. But we're probably you know three or four years away from being almost entirely done. Except for the places that have the very worst wind. In vary verse. Worst I've heard there's been a lot of economic engineering so to speak in China as well creating jobs essentially doing things that don't need doing just to be able to to boost duty being girls so that could potentially be part of restarting the coal. China has become a much more capitalist place over the last decades. But it's still in some ways a command economy and the incentives people are given don't always come down to just market prices so I think a lot of people you know get incented for building infrastructure whether or not it actually gets used which is sort of what you're saying. Yeah exactly that again. We have similar problems here but not not not to be pessimistic. So talking without the future of energy where do you see? The Future of energy going for specifically transportation. I know battery is the big especially in Silicon Valley. I hear people saying that fuel cells actually much more realistic opportunity because the batteries are ridiculously expensive in having. What are your thoughts someone? Who's there in the middle of battery? Electric vehicles have one. They've won for light passenger cars. They probably have one for light and medium trucks like the ups or Fedex truck. That delivers here your packages you and it looks like they're likely to win four for long-range trucks and the reason for that is they. They have a lower part count than a fuel cell vehicle like part of the advantage of battery vehicles if they have one chance. The number of moving parts of gasoline diesel vehicles and add putting in a fuel cell and hydrogen storage. And so on doesn't get you all the way back to the part count of a gasoline vehicle but it adds a bunch of Hampson containment and you have a battery. Cause a fuel cell can't easily go up and down output so it makes it a more complex vehicle to if you imagine your fuel cell with hydrogen. Got a bunch of problems. One you've got to build the infrastructure for hydrogen fueling and battery vehicles benefited. From the fact that everybody's got power at home and power at work and so on so they got to bootstrap off that and to you lose. A bunch of the efficiency gains of Battery Electric Vehicles Today are probably at parody with gasoline. Diesel vehicles in overall cost. If you had not just the cost of buying the car but the maintenance costs are much lower. An electric and the energy cost per mile. Electric is a quarter even at tents. The energy costs per mile of gasoline. But if you want to do a fuel so what happens is and you want the hydrogen to be Carbon. Free what happens? Is you use solar wind or nuclear something carbon-free to make hydrogen and in so doing you lose. Maybe a third of the energy because that's not one hundred efficient process. Then you distribute hydrogen out to places and then you put in also use the fuel cells to turn that back into electricity to run the vehicle your way more of the energy. So you're losing about three quarters of the energy if you do Hydrogen fuel cell type vehicle as opposed to just taking the electricity from power source and routing it straight into the batteries. And so we see this. Toyota is really a company that was most pushing fuel cells and they signed a ten billion dollar. Deal with Panasonic for batteries. Gm says their future is all electric. A Nissan is already going full bore. Electric Volkswagen reeling from diesel. Says they're best fifty billion dollars in an electric vehicles over the next few years. Go ahead how are we in trouble with the amount of rare earth metals that are needed for these lithium specifically? There's GonNa be some challenges. Lithium is one challenge but we have technology in the works at least to extract lithium from places. That can't be economically extracted today so I invested in energy start ups and I've talked to start ups that have ways to a pool. Lithium out of Bryan's saltwater underwater deposits that were once thought to be too low concentration to be economical or that have ways to find a lithium ores and other places or battery-recycling startups several of those around the world. Now so I'm not so worried. Lithium at the bigger challenges cobalt most lithium ion battery chemistries rely on cobalt though to varying degrees and cobalt really comes just from one place the Democratic Republic of Congo. Which is neither Democratic Nor Republic? A out always works yet to put that in the name and and it's and it's a human rights problem do we totally on us There it's it's not a pretty situation so what you see. There is that every battery manufacturer is working on ways true deuce or eliminate the cobalt from their batteries because no one wants dependent on a mineral found one place on earth which China's buying up and investing as much as possible. Sure I mean. China also owns eighty five percent of the battery market now yet. It's incredible there. It is definitely setting up for an interesting power. Dynamic hopefully does not come to something more problematic than economic bullying. I guess well and hopefully it's a win win. There's you know when Chinese manufacturers are making low cost solar panels for instance. It makes it cheaper for people all around the world to deploy solar and thus decarbonised so commerce is a voluntary exchange where both parties feel they benefit. So I'm not as freaked out as others by Chinese owned companies driving so much of The manufacturing of solar batteries. But I do think it was a missed opportunity for the. Us goes could be. Us industry's bringing revenue to the US and jobs in the US. The realistically manufacturer is not coming. Back is too expensive. Maybe actually I think it might have because the one of the great stories of China is back in the eighties nineties. People were complaining about sweatshops but what that was was it was dollars from the US and Europe pouring into China. A fund manufacturing of all sorts there and that has massively uplifted People in China and workers in China and so now the wage disparity between us workers and Chinese workers is growing ever ever smaller so that means at some point it may be cheaper to manufacture stuff closer to the consumer or there might be just last of a global wage imbalance driving some of that a decision of where to put manufacturing. I agree I would think it would go to India or to to Mexico. Also China's so much better manufacturing than we are it's built industry and they wanted more might've my background was ECOMMERCE and trying to work with you as factors nightmare. They wouldn't even reply. They were too lazy. That's fair I will say one more thing about transportation. We hit an amazing point. Maybe last year we had a couple points so it or a while now analysts like Bloomberg managing finance have been saying that at the rate at which electric cars are grown allergy vehicle. Sales are growing the peak year for sales of gasoline and diesel. Cars would come in the next few years like maybe twenty twenty three twenty twenty two so not the end of sales but from that point on annual sales of combustion engine cars. It'd be declining. That point might of happened already. It almost certainly happened in China. It probably happened about June of two thousand eighteen in China. Two thousand seventeen overall for China was a bigger sales year for combustion. Engine cars the two thousand eighteen was in June might have been the the highest months the China will ever see and it might have even happened globally last year every forecast now calls for twenty nine hundred lower sales year for combustion engine cars and by the time that sort of cyclic a change in the marquette a comes back around and the whole starts growing electric vehicles maybe taking up all of the growth. So we're not certain that peak still might be out in twenty twenty one twenty two but we might have hit the peak of the traditional auto industry last year. Let's play devil's advocate. How much of that do you think is due to the the improvements in cost benefits electric vehicles? And how much of it do you think is due to the fact of? Hey Mom. Don't buy a new car because everything's going Thomas and you know I don't think Autonomy has really affected the upgrade cycle as it were yet. I don't think people decides the listeners of your podcast. Of course I'm sure are aware of all of this. I don't think mom is delaying car purchase. Because they're attacking me either. There's more to global macro stops that affected twenty nine hundred versus twenty eighteen. But a lot of what's driven. It is sort of just this feedback loops that happens between policy that forces or subsidizes a deployment of the new tack and then the learning rate of new tech which is to say that as you grow volume of electric car sales. The price of electric cars drop Aso policy starts starts off prime pomp or really in this case. Tesla did an amazing job. You know Ilana wrote this posed by Tesla secret master plan back a two thousand six or so where he said. Look we'RE GONNA sell a quarter million dollar sports car. We'RE GONNA change the world we're GonNa Save the planet and climate lured by selling a quarter million dollar sports car. Obviously that's not going to do much but we'll use that as the starting point to get us to building an eighty thousand dollar luxury car okay. That's still too expensive will use that scaling to get to the point of building a thirty five thousand dollar sort of family heart which there you know. I think under forty three thousand for the model three and fat that feedback. Loop of getting more scale lets you. You know reinvest innovate on the platform. Innovate of the manufacturing bringing down the prices which Dan means you can get more scale as your product is cheaper. That's a virtuous cycle. It's a flywheel is Alan's I would say and that's really changing the world and is incredible in what's happening would love to. He's doing trying to do the same thing with spacex well at a it's fascinating to see and that is for people listening that want to solve a big problem. What are the small steps to get to the big problem so speaking of big problems? I hear you until you're one of those silicon valley guys that wants to live forever and it's focused on longevity. You're going to be more than human. You're not actually I wrote it. I've got this book. Came out in two thousand three more than human to enforce. I got where I talked about. Technology and science to slow down the aging process. Honestly that has come along a much more slowly than I expected. I think some of you our listeners will understand this. Analogy biology is code. But it's Spaghetti Code if not documented and everything has a side effect on everything else. So it's been very very hard dash actually make headway in that area. I sort of keep a pulse on what's happening in longevity research and a longevity startups and most of what's out there that's kissed the public as longevity is really like increasing a health span lowering your odds of dying up to a certain point so. I think we're GONNA see people especially in fairly affluent country who are affluent themselves living increase to ninety one hundred hundred five and living with more vitality living younger with morehouse more independence. But I don't really see a lot out there that suggests to me that we're gonNA break the the limit of roughly a hundred and twenty years of life anytime soon anytime soon would would you put twenty fifty years on that fifty years from now that'll be an average or do you think that's too. You know maybe in fifty years it'll be possible to start pushing the envelope. I think what's going to happen. Is that overall? Life expectancy will continue to to rise rapidly in the developing world right. Global expectancy was thirty some years in one thousand nine hundred. It was sixty six years in two thousand. So that's really. Infant mortality infectious disease will keep nipping. Those things in the bud and life expectancy at age forty will keep rising to get better at heart disease better cancer all of those sorts of things so fifty years from now the average American who's born fifty years from now might live ten years longer than they do today. Something like that especially if we can get a grip on some of the issues of poverty and depression and opiates right. Now that are that are causing some early mortality. Will we really have widespread technology that lets a lot of people live longer than a hundred years? I'm doubtful it could happen. But I'm down for one of the debates at Singularity University. You know a little contentious at times I would say I think the thing that non biologists seldom grasp. But I'm a non biologist myself but I've been forced to grapple with this is just how complicated biology is and how easy it is in seeking to improve something to break things at even if you tweak exactly a gene that you wanted to tweak and you get the effect that you wanted you don't see the fight effects coming. Here's an example. There's a gene in mice I. G. F. One if we turn it off those mice live forty percent longer. Now it's like one hundred percent longer in fruit flies. Four hundred longer in nematodes little tiny roundworms so how humans tweaking that gene might only be like ten percent. Something like that. Who knows really? But if you do the rats they also end up as dwarfs the don't get nearly as bic right so it's not. It's not a trivial problem to change. Just one thing in biology. We know people used to be shorter Def definitely has its perks. the smaller. You are the less you need to burn through you. Invested Investigating Caribous Life Sciences. Wasn't that the company that had that the crisper patent dispute I did yeah. Caribou with Jennifer Dude Nye. The person who I think most scientists give the credit to for Crisper is a company invested in through my good friend Dr Jenny Rock Who through her Angel Syndicate and now she's She's really focusing her time on her venture fund a Genoa partners and yeah. I couldn't resist that. The platform technology right. Something like Crisper is a platform technology for biology. It's a a new better editor that you can use for a whole lot of things and it seems that Just the last few weeks. There's been some good news for UC Berkeley and probably for Caribou on that. That in dispute as well. I didn't know that that would be a lot of money. I think what's going to happen. It's probably a hadn't a truce is I think. People are thinking most likely now where both parties where he three different parties. That have some claim. They're all get to make use of the patent and honestly even originally crisper cast nine is probably GonNa be supplanted by newer and better crisper variants and other genetic techniques overtime and like. You said editing. One thing often has multiple side effects sickle cell sickle cell. The movie also. You NOT GET MALARIA. So two sides of the same coin so I want to transition a little bit in do brain to point out. This was kind of the genesis of your books which you did pretty darn well with those books they are. They are popular sort of right time. Right place the nexus series. I'm delighted that that they spoke to people in what was the. What was the reason why they spoke to people? Talk a little bit about the premise of connecting brains. And what you've been seeing today real-world these people because they touched on a couple of different things one. The premise of the technology was that we would have a noninvasive brain tech swallow a vial of a silvery metallic fluid. It's sold a party drug. It gets into your brain and attacked us during your and gives you basically Wi fi or you would have the same same thing. So I think that was sort of William Gibson talked about cyberpunk but something for the elite and think about technology like mobile phones being incredibly democratize getting up to billions of people so if we could have frantic and basically anyone could habit. What's interesting there? And then I think you know the brain is is where we all live and I think this the explorative how it affects people personally touched people and I also use those books polemic against the war on drugs and war on terror and I think that was right time right place. So that's what got attention for them. I think in terms of where we are on BRAINIAC in. There's a flurry of activity right now. The brain is also a very very hard place to work in. The first rule of medicine is do no harm and so we have to be very very cautious when working on humans in general that sad. There's a raft of companies out there. My friend Brian Johnson. His company Karnal is working on a next generation direct brain computer interface technology to. Let's connect our brains to a software or the cloud of course has narrow link working on a different sort of a brain computer interface technology. I've been lucky enough to spend time with both Brian and not with Lan but with team at Niro Link on Mary Lee. Jepsen has open water working on using lasers that China through the first few millimeters of your cortex an ultrasound to do bank -puter interface. So there's just so much happening at the same time it's just it's the brain so it's really hard and I think it will take longer than I predicted in my Sifi for this sort of technology to really come to. Fruition will lead the multiple species a few minutes as some people. Opt for some people opt against. I mean you know my girlfriend and I argue that. She's in the apple species and I'm in the android species so I think that's sort of a level of these things. I don't really think we're going to have gone away. Bifurcation of humans or some people talk about runaway inequality I address this in more than human. What if some people have the economic means to upgrade themselves and others? Don't and then upgrading yourself. Lets you make more money while that are runaway dynamic? Yeah it could be but we used to worry about the digital divide to. We used to worry that only the rich would have access to a PC's and you know nicest Baud Modems right and that would be a driver can equality but overwhelmingly digital technology has been a driver of more equality of opportunity not more inequality global basis on a local basis. You know it's on a local basis. I think there's really sort of three different parts of this. One is the on the people who are consuming the technology. What is it due to the rich and the poor and I would say on a local basis. There's a a case be made in the. Us that the cheap ubiquitous digital tech uplift people who were low income more than it does people were high income levels that playing ground. If you know twenty years ago if you were are quite wealthy you can have access to a Bloomberg trading terminal and have access to all these information sources. We'd have to pay through the nose for it now. Anybody in America. The smartphone has it so it's level. The playing field is a different phenomenon. Which is it does lead to tremendous economic returns for the people that invent an own those digital platforms. And that's really because of of network events us because that if you create something digital and especially if it has a network effect you can scale it to a gigantic audience in a way that we couldn't scale old jobs if you were a factory worker. If you're even playwright or an actor in the era of just plays where theater. There's a limit how he'll you could reach. Once we had movies and one actor could reach a billion people then you had this huge inequality among actors Anna concentration of the wealth of actress wanting to just the ones that were big blockbuster stars and that's what's happening in tech. It's not about the consumers. It's that the people that make the platforms that each the most. Can you eat these enormous benefits even if their garbage movies like Box No comment talking with your eyes closed. So I haven't haven't seen it. I haven't seen it either but it's pretty pretty subpar reviews but I don't think there's going to be some type of. Let's say you were a hundred points higher than I was or fifty. This wouldn't be a very interesting conversation. Won't we will be reached the point where there are those differences not necessarily economic but driven by economics where the rich have smarter more attractive longer. Living Children. Why would they be interested in someone who is kind of like you talking to a five year old? Do we risk that dynamic as we mess with potentially intelligence. I mean we have some of that dynamic in society today to be clear so there's more a sort of meeting in the US than ever before which is to say that people seek out spouses of similar educational level similar economic background of their families and a similar politics and that's a stronger force in the US than it is today and if you look at what's happening education in the US family backgrounds that the number one predictor kids from families in the bottom twenty percent by income enter school two years behind kids in the top twenty percent at first grade and they stay that far behind throughout their schooling career. It's the impact of that is the differences in educational outcomes are less about how the schools are and more about. What's the home environment that you have? So that exists today and I think that's a problem society working one and I'm actually optimistic about digital tech upper transforming that if you look at some of the APPS that cost a few bucks or are free that you can get on a tab left. You've got APPs for little kids that are you know really immersive. That are teaching them to read to math and teaching them science and so on so I actually have some hope that whether or not we get universal pre-k we have this opportunity to technology to level that playing ground. I am now bring it back to what you're talking about genetic engineering or bring your faces. I'm super dubious. That will drive more change like a parents are so conservative about things they do with their kids. You ask any parent what they want for their kid when they're pregnant. They'll say we WANNA health kit at we're talking about before has all these risks as a parent is going to do something. Let's say we want to boost their intelligence while the single oleo single Jeanrenaud of that has the highest correlation with IQ is an appeal of the COMP gene and it may be accounts for you know a Navy a couple of points for like a couple percent of the deviation of the distribution in I humans great. Let's boost it well. The version of that the appeal of that that gives the greatest odds of higher. I Q also increases your risk of schizophrenia. So how many parents are GonNa do not many more broadly if you look at the evolution of tack when I talks I show this image from the film Wall Street where Michael Douglas. Who's the patience billionaire that you love to hate to show how rich he is? They've got the scene filmed with him and his mobile phone. And it's like this is of brick some Motorola dyn attack. It would cross about ten grand in today's money and nobody can. They would buy it. So what happens? Is that the rich pay through the nose to be early adopters and a couple of years later new ways of technology show up. That are both better that give more benefits and are cheaper so to me. That's a democratizing effect. And that's a leveling of playing field rather than a concentration of wealth. I agree as long as it's not layer in technology. If his layering technology built upon on a previous version. There could be problems. That could be even so you know it stuff gets cheaper and cheaper and cheaper so you have my friend catered to say that a tribesmen in rural Africa with a smartphone has more access to information. Ronald Reagan did when he was president of the wealthiest and most powerful country planet earth. I that's that's a tremendous sea change and that's what happens technology. What TRENDS TECHNOLOGIES? Are you most excited or interested in these days? We'll cleantech you know. Solar Wind batteries Digital layers on top of that platform technologies in Biology. Like crisper platform technologies in materials materials genome. And things like that but really if I ask you know what's having the greatest impact worldwide. It's really the spread of smart Super capable super cheap mobile devices that connect to a in the cloud. That's what is going to put this gigantic amount of power in the hands of billions of people and were were on the verge basically getting to real time speech translation so you can imagine that You know today. Three billion people have used the Internet. You can imagine in ten years. Almost every planet earth has a a smart device whereas a smartphone or a are glasses. I don't know that as a camera that has video and audio that has super high speed Internet and they can access all of the world's information ornoff lot of it all of the it course and have it realtime translated into their language and that gives me chills and to have conversations with others as well which infinitely expensive on that. What are you worried about most? Well you know. I am an optimist sometimes cynical actress but I have always believed that greater. Connectivity would drive greater empathy and greater compassion and I think it will I think as you're saying that conversing I think if we could have real time speech translation of people from other cultures have more cross cultural empathy at the same time. We've always known that the Internet let little subcultures form that didn't have critical mass. You know when I was in college it clear that Internet newsgroups on the days of the web were leading. Goff's maybe there was one kid in the single rural town who felt a little out of place and not kid could find his or her tribe online and feel connected them which is awesome but it's also letting tribes of hate form and amplifying their voices and that concerns me. I still think empathy is winning. I think if you look at opposing surveys. America's moving to the left despite was happening in elections and especially younger generations are tremendously more tolerant than older ones but small pockets of angry people can spread a lot of vitriol and incite. A lot of negative action are using the same digital platforms. That can bring us together. Twitter ZESCO. How do we fix something or bad? Basically the problem something like that. And if I had a solution for that that'd be a billion dollar Values Oh yeah. I don't think I do as yet it'd be a billion dollar value or more like could probably be free. It'd probably be something that could focus on money. That may in fact be the problem you have value and cost are different. It might be trillion dollar value. That's not monetize exactly like the guy who gave up the the patent for whatever the cure for pneumonia justin. Just it's A. It's the right thing to do. What's the most interesting thing you've seen in the last week last week? Well I'm fascinated by the green new deal and I'd actually stayed off of twitter a fair bit lately but one evening were snowed in here in Seattle and so I started a a tweet storm. I guess on the green new deal and US some kind of policies and it was fascinating to see the engagement Twitter is not just accessible. It's actually a place where ideas can spread. Experts can intersect Ordinary people can get engaged. people who have expertise in one narrow way can pipe in and add value. And so I felt like the global brain was at work positive way and if you wanted to leave people with one thing it could be a quote a call to action a book to check out anything before you tell them a little bit more about you where they can find you. What would it be and why I say that future isn't static? The world has gotten tremendously better. That is the trend and that trend will probably continue but it's also gotten better because people have worked their butts off to make better and I quote. There is the best way to put it. The future is to invent it. And that's what I urge your listeners to do which is something you've been doing for quite a while. Where's the best place for people to find you learn more about your vastly diverse overweight random and on twitter? I'm at Ramez at. Ram Easy or on the web. At Rama's NAM Dot Com clearly in early guy to the Internet. If you got at Rome as well played well played. Thanks so much for coming on today. Ross thank you a pleasure. Thanks for tuning guys. If you've had fun you know what to do. Share this with a friend or family member so that we can get out there and expose the I almost said sled. Trumpian thing expose ourselves to the world. That would be lovely. Now get out in front of more people and try to make an impact. Thanks for today. Run. It's my pleasure. Thank you. Thanks for your patience in the and staying on. May for how long it took to get scheduled. Now no worries no worries steers guys. If you want more of the disrupters you can subscribe to the podcast on Itunes or go to disruptors dot. Fm where you'll find tons of audio and video interview stories with leaders in the fields of genetics crypto currency longevity Ai Space Vr. And much. Much more you can also follow me on twitter at Matt Ward. I L if you enjoyed the show. Please leave a quick review on itunes at disruptors DOT FM slash tunes to help more people. Discover the PODCAST and help us make a bigger impact.

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Simon Amstell, Rachel Reeves and Kadir van Lohuizen

Monocle 24: The Monocle Weekly

50:52 min | 2 years ago

Simon Amstell, Rachel Reeves and Kadir van Lohuizen

"Hello and welcome to the Monaco weekly on twenty four with me. Tom Edwards and Augustine match lari on the show today Simon. I'm still the rights director humorous and TV personality will be talking us through his new phone and Jamin will also be hearing from Rachel Reeves, the MP and author whose new book women of Westminster looks at the stories and achievements of female, MS of the UK parliament and will be meeting Qadeer and low housing the photo journalist whose new exhibition. Arctic new frontier is highlighting global women's effects on one of the world's most delicate ecosystems all that's coming up. Plus Monaco's page Reynolds will be looking ahead to next week's news today, and we'll play some new music as well right here on the Monica weekly on monocle twenty four. Another busy week bites the dust org. And here we are spending our Sunday lunchtime together in a way that I find unimproved -able. It's nice to see you again, always busy, of course. Monocle? Let's look ahead to the program before us today, though. Now, they say don't meet your heroes. You've thrown that piece of advice that idiom out of the window and sat down with sam-nam slowly this week was a pleasure for you. Yes. He was a charming and lovely, man. And it was good to hear it from him about his new film, which I have to say I wouldn't be brave enough to make it's a really penetrating insight into a characters neurosis neurosis, which he himself has spoken about having. So, you know, I guess if it's kind of Tobia graphical thing, I wouldn't feel that comfortable with everyone else looking at it. But he is. And he talks about it beautifully later. I will hear from him and bids now it's time to look head to next week's news today on the weekly hair comes Monaco's page Reynolds. Hi page. What have you got for us? Well, it's home this week. I'm going to be starting with both Sonara who will be arriving in the US today for three day trip to the United States where he will. Of course, be meeting with Trump privately in the Oval Office. You know, Jada Bolsonaro of been called the Trump of the tropics looks like these two leaders might have quite a lot in common Bolsonaro said on Twitter last weekend. It'll be a great opportunity to reestablish the strong tots between our nations in the quest for a western hemisphere with freedom and prosperity. So what's going to be on the agenda? Well, the to quantum is probably gonna be discussing defense corporation progress. Trae policies, combating transnational crime, I'm probably most importantly, restoring democracy in Venezuela. So I think both preserve on the US have supported Guido the week before last person are hosted by dome Brazil. So I think perhaps their thoughts on this are going to count quite low and the international arena. So definitely stay tuned for that call crush. Next on the agenda. The UN's two thousand nineteen world. Happiness report is being public on next Tuesday despite its apps Twee title. It's become quite an important measure of citizen wellbeing across the world and often giving us kind of unexpected results. The older dodge of money can't buy happiness being validated. Often, the more prosperous nation such as US and Japan often falling further down the rankings than we expect. The report defines populations happiness as coming from six significant factors GDP per capita social support life expectancy freedom to make life choices generosity and corruption levels. So quite an interesting mix two thousand eighteen report ranked one hundred fifty six countries by the happiness levels and one hundred seventeen countries by the happiness of the immigrants and the two thousand nineteen Egyptian is also going to be focusing on the interrelation between migration and wellbeing until eighteen in Finland was the happiest country. Recall Finland topping the charts. Do we expect more of the same? I'm not sure I mean, I think it's being very much a Nordic top five since the report began in two thousand and twelve Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland have all sort of come out on top. So it's fun. Stay off. We've gotta fin here haven't we? I've always thought he's very dollar. Module. But I think he's deeply happy about it. But helps us the secret is going to write little notes of mischief and his voice. Pretty happy man pays just a final note on this baton has a reputation of triumphing in these sorts of surveys of happiness because it bases the strength of its economy on gross national happiness, rather than gross domestic product, many, economists believe GDP is a poor indicator of wealth, more broadly, and actually these other indices are more useful in baton consistently scores incredibly well, another one to watch on your list when the when the newly published more things to Google and finally one more story. Nice light hearted story. It is the holy festival of colors next week said this year begins on Wednesday, and then ends the following evening. The Hurley, I will colors show most people are aware of it. But it's rooted in Hindu tradition. Some say from Vishnu legend other safe from Krishna ginned, and has lots of culture. Significance as well. As a time to end and rid oneself of pasta eras to end conflicts by meeting others, data, forget and forgive settle debts and start afresh sort of a spring cleaning for the soul, the celebrations. Start the night before with holocaust, Don where people perform religious rituals in front of a bonfire and pray that attornal evil be destroyed and the next day. There is a free festival of colors while holy where people's smear each other with colors in this fine powder known as Google, and I'm sure we've all seen. The visuals are pretty pretty fantastic, particularly I think in the Asian continent in India. Nepal subcontinent. Thank you. Shade and color brought to proceedings this week. You're listening to the Monaco weekly in a moment. We'll be hearing from Simon and still don't go away. As a face on UK TV. Simon ams does a servic and Cutie biting wit has gained a devoted following. But the rights that comedian and director has seemingly Meno little in recent is his gritted thoughtful films that range from the futuristic satire Connick JR. Which imagined a world where the act of eating meat has become a distant thing of the past. So the semi autobiographical grandma's house and stand up specials like numb his latest. Film is Benjamin the tale of a young filmmaker navigating his career and love life and trying to strike some kind of balance between the two earlier, August spoke to Simon about the film, but I his clip. It's been quite wild happy, by the way. I guess people wanna know what people. To stop their daily just off elm and died. What's my inability to love? Gonna end up alone and unhappy, I know that's I you're saying, we're dive, actually. Frigid. Don't to touch. Here. It is again if envoy onstage. People week. He looked really good singing relations under your French excitement. Yeah. I suppose so I'm a big fan of the news. Benjamin is the story of a very successful young filmmaker who is about to release his second film, and he's terrified isn't going to go. Well, he has a real has really high status is really what he's looking for is the love of an audience. He just wants to feel safe. He just wants to feel like people love him enough. So that he had she doesn't have to get involved in the murky of actual love is terrified of intimacy. He can't just love and be loved economy in the moment with another human being without having to feel like he has to be really special, and you see him slowly throughout the film being broken down of that mania by this beautiful musician code Noah who very patiently just encourages him. Our shell took the music in a bit. But I of it feels very personal the dialogue. And you've said that it's come from remembered relationships from your twenties that your pass. That point that may be Benjamin is experiencing, but whether it kind of stop the film, I just started writing down dialogue from relationships. I've been. As a way of figuring out. What was wrong with me as a way of figuring out? Why none of those relationships really worked? And it turned out. I was just incapable of love. I was so defended and that was very successful. And didn't really need anyone all that's how it felt. But I was very lonely. It meant the I would seek relationships and would not be able to be in them people with Dimond of me more than I was capable of giving of that time, I suppose that's where it came from. And I didn't know those writing about something so deep actually, I didn't know those writing about intimacy all this inabilities love, I thought I was just going to Ryan quite funny story, maybe quite depressing story actually about loneliness, and it turned out to be quite romantic hopeful story about this guy who learns to love when you were kind of going through these memories, and you know, during from life as you have another place in your career series. Grandma's house was come to graph. This very powerful seen web Benjamin encounters an ex played for April ninth Stewart Jarrett, and he gets cooled out on using moments from life in his art. How have you found that as that cropped up? Why found is the the the people who will wear the angry and their life generally based angry. And the and the people who find and supportive and loving stay that way. And I always feel like I would love to be fictionalized something I would love for somebody to write about me. I find it so flattering, and it would mean they would paying attention like dumped by somebody many years ago who went onto right now, boom. And I bought the album thinking, I imagine a couple of these songs will be about me. None of them. None. It was so upsetting. What do I have to do? Like we were together for a while. Like why gimme one song? Gimme gimme something where you're even in the liner notes. Nothing. There's no thank you. You know, nothing that's code. And then I saw a picture of him after being hugged by somebody who also rejected me. Oh my God. There's no way that one of them's saying how Simon. In the phone Benjamin has like a range of ticks that he draws on home. He watches these self help videos, how do you engage with those is that kind of that mode of spirituality, something that you find helpful. Yes. Benjamin's problem is maybe he only watches stuff about Buddhism on YouTube. Whereas I've read a few books few and the also thinks he can just use some of that wisdom from a monk full his film to make it more profound and ends up just being more pretentious. And that's what Mark commode says quack yearly for me. I've found it to be very helpful that kind of stuff cantons of Buddhism. I guess I learned quite early on about comma and compassion everything. I do I think tends to be quiet compassionate, a film couple of years ago set in the future looking back at a time when people ate other animals, and it was a very compassionate look at how people in the past not films subjective. But in the. President from reality. Just doing what they think they're supposed to be doing just doing the normal thing. And because we have that compassionate angle, which is all from Buddhism. Really? I think the film was quite digestible and funny. I think it was funny to show people in a in a group therapy session talking about the shame that they feel now about eating a baby lamb in the past the terrible guilt that they have and the same writing characters, I suppose for something. Like, this film, Benjamin, you only Reno them, you only really figure out who they all from empathy. If you coming at it from this judgmental place, which is really inaccurate place to be because if you'll being judge men's is just that you are better than other people. And you know, something that they don't know. And we're all India. It's I mean, the whole thing is when I'm writing tends to be I'm trying to figure out why am I this idiot? What of I done? What could I have done to be less stupid? So it's a very self deprecating process for me, and I think of that comes from this Bush did this compassion. And I think I think is from that and thinking of stuff beyond the physical beyond just what your perceptions availing you. I think that comes from that without set though does writing off your kind of unity to I dunno joins and AXA bit. There seem those looks like archetype twits in this the performance say that's true. Yeah. Certainly, yeah. When school. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So when I went to the piece of performance, art contemporary don's. It was a very isolating lonely moment for me because this dance was doing this thing that was so absurd. And when she finished nobody loved, and I am I insane to think this is ridiculous. And so when you come to fiction lies ING that moment from your life. I don't think it's revenge for the it's quite satisfying. Because you feel like the world makes sense. Again, you feel that you've put it in the context that it was supposed to be putting in the first place said we mentioned the music James Reiten who was in the klaxons as now songwriter musician. Yeah, he's gonna solo project shock machine is about to release a new album just under his name because it's quite personal album. The music was really good which kind of surprise me a bit because I don't have you seen that though. That's come out on Netflix about art. But the art in it isn't very good in freedom by Jonathon friends. The lyrics quite hard to make music. Within within a foam convincing into mentioned on. I wonder how you went about doing that. I had you wrote the music together. He I wrote the lyrics. He wrote the melody I'm trying to think how he did that because you're right. I think we've probably thought about how we didn't think about writing songs for character James put himself in the position of being this student bandleader because he's been in that position before. And I wrote these lyrics from a place of wanting to express something it wasn't just as seen the needs song. That's song. It was what would Noah be singing about to this point? And it wasn't even what would be. I think it was just I've got these lyrics. I think we just wrote the songs from for my heart is probably be honest. We just wrote from our hearts, and then Phoenix press a process, I say who plays has a lovely voice. Not happy chance. Yeah. It was really it was really hard to find somebody who had everything he's beautiful. He's so effortless in his acting. He doesn't like acting and these chemistry with colored is amazing. It's just so beautiful and romantic the whole thing, and then he can sing and things in a way that James thinking move of young Ducati, he's this kind of husky nece. And he's thinking like Adele, but he's he's he's pretty cool. Indie singer vibe, how do you feel when people see films? When it premiered at the London Film Festival. It was a relief that everyone was laughing throughout apart from during the sad bits where they did other noises that made me feel good, I suppose, it makes me feel like I'm not insane to thought it was a good idea to spend five years trying to make this thing. And I feel connected. I think for Benjamin for his character. The results of what he does everything. And he's forgotten about the joy of doing the things that he loves to do. And for me having better after therapy. I am now in a place where I love doing the thing that I'm doing when I'm doing it. And then when it comes to a screening, and I'm there with people feels like it's not about it feels like it's not about tainting status. But it's about feeling the connection that the film is making. So when they laugh I feel like, oh, that's yeah. Good because I thought that was funny. And when they feel Saturday, I think, yeah. Yeah. It was actually based on something that made me feel sad. So. Is it's amazing. It's amazing. That feeling g think then that this is a kind of maybe it was it was kind of posed cathartic as like a kind of letter to someone that you have been a set of feelings that you have experienced from the position of no longer being that or did you work through things as you went along. Both certainly when I started writing, I didn't know what the ending could be because I didn't know exactly what the problem was. And then when we were shooting I discovered more stuff, and then I'd be in the edit, and I'd be thinking things like oh that pull guy. Oh my God. He's such a maniac. Wow. That's and I think, you know, develop these kind of compassion for my youngest health thinking about what I was like I was actually wondering around like that with all those bizarre thoughts. And I suppose the feeling like the changes puzzle. It's proves that change is possible. I'm not exactly like that anymore. I've got older I'm wiser I'm more right now. I'm in a relationship. Everything's just a lot more healthy unless fuzzy my head than it used to be. I know you mentioned carnage just now, which is the BBC film about veganism say about communism about Carter's. Sure. That of Asli comes from it's slightly different place. But with grandma's house with Benjamin very intimate films and kind of a domestic to them to the scale that something G fill that you've kind of done that. Now, you wanna do something big? Or is it just something? That's always interesting to think about the size of stuff. I think I feel like I've maybe done that aspect of my twenties. And I think there's probably something to be written about being in a long term relationship. You know, the difficulties of that. And I feel like I always wanted to try and figure out what's going on in my head all the things that I've learned from stand up is the I get a lot out of the process of feeling really scared or confuse or shamed. Or something feeding a contel anyone ever otherwise bad things will happen. And then saying the thing outland and hearing laughter comeback, which for me sounds like that love to it. Feels like either people are saying, oh, we all feel that. That's great. Thank you for saying it. That's good. We'll we can feel less lonely now. Oh, this I that's quite strange, but we're still here laughing. And so either way there's not the there's not the rejection that you think you're going to get from telling the truth actually, true sets you free. So I think I'll always want to do that as well as something like carnage, which is just just me wanting to say something about the world. So I'm gonna I'm so thank you very much for joining the Monica wait, I love Monica week. So I'm gonna I'm still then talking to Augusta much Laurie and do check out. So I'm new film Benjamin. It's out now time for music now, this is from the soundtrack to Benjamin which those two just discussing with music by James writing lyrics by. So I'm still and sung by Phoenix Brossard. This is give me something miss. Something can be. Kim was someone can feel delighted. Something. For get tonight. Give me something there. Sung by Phoenix Brossard written by James writing. And so I'm gonna I'm still from Simon's new film Benjamin. You're listening to the Monaco weekly al-manakh or twenty four. British Labour Party MP, Rachel Reeves is also an author and her new book women of Westminster looks at the roles that female members of parliament of played throughout political history in this country. It also asked how we can make politics affair environment in the future earlier Monaco's Fernando Aristo paycheck or spoke to Rachel Reeves about the book semi being a member of parliament for nine years now, and I wrote the book because a few years ago. I wrote about one of my predecessors in Leeds women Alice bacon, who's an MP there for twenty five years and the only woman to represent any of the lead seats before I got elected in two thousand and ten when I was researching her life, I felt very much a story needed to be told and more people should have heard it. And yet so many women get written out of all history, not just political history, but more generally, and so the idea of this book was to rewrite some truly remarkable women women pioneers back in political history and a ho that's what I've achieved with this book. Absolutely Rachel when. Talk about some of the characters in the book. I was also talking to our team today. I mean, you tell me that. But being like, a woman MP or a politician anywhere. It is stuff because the type of criticism that people seem to even from my own country Brazil when we had FEMA president Dilma the type of things that people would say to her. They wouldn't do it to a man in a way. Do you think that's the case this to lots kind of a prejudice in that sense? Yes. I think that things have improved hugely in the one hundred years had women in parliament have come away from no women MP is on hundred years ago. Stay to having two hundred nine today. Botts if you look at the sort of gender language that we still use in politics. If you look at the abuse MP's gets on social media the abuses, particularly targeted women MP's, whether they are on the left or the right. Whether it is Anna sue Brin the abuses. She's had over Brexit. Whether it's the abuse that Dina kits as a black woman. First black woman to be elected to parliament or the abuse Luciana gets as Jewish woman is totally unacceptable. But the proportion of abuse that is targeted women hugely outstrips that which Mel MP's have to ensure no one should have to endure it, but it's not right. That women particularly targeted in this way. That's very much. So talking about the book coming. Let's start with an amazing story of Nancy Astor. She was the first woman M P in parliament back in nineteen nineteen not all women could vote by then or in nine hundred nineteen psalm. But not all women were given the vote. So or won the right to vote the but giving it they won the right to vote. And you had to be over thirty. Now, you have to meet some property qualifications. So poor younger working class. Women were not able to vote you have to be over thirty for men. It was any man over the age of twenty one. You didn't have an equal franchise until nineteen twenty eight ten years later. It's actually an interesting case of Jenny Lee who is elected in the nineteen twenties as a labor member of parliament in Scotland, and she was older not to stand as an MP because you have to be over twenty one to stand, but she wasn't actually old enough to vote for herself because she wasn't yet thirty. So you had this live interesting situation where women could stand twenty one. But she couldn't actually vote until she was thirty in many cases, and is interesting yearbook coming, of course, your labor MP. But you also talk about, you know, the conservative party. I think that's quite nice. I mean, I believe even to resume mentioned your book on premises questions. Right. So. Yes. Prime minister's questions sort of sitting there minding my business and then the prime minister referred. My coming out for International Women's Day, which was really wonderful. And I have tried in the in the book, I interviewed the prime minister four I interviewed amber rods and the number of other conserved impedes, including Gillian shepherd Edwina Currie who were members of parliaments and ministers back in the eighties nineties. So I've tried to tell the story from across the political spectrum. I may not agree with everything that the conservative women have done and siesta herself was a conservative woman when she was in. She was elected in nineteen nineteen. I still think we should celebrate the successes of people who might not agree with on everything. One of the wonderful things that I learned about from researching the book was the extent to which women MP's over the last one hundred years of work together on issues that affect the lives of women outside so nuncius ter- conservative worked very closely with Margaret wintering, a liberal MP to change the law on the guardianship of children of until the mid nineteen twenties. Women had no rights at all over their children. In the case of separation divorce, and they changed the law. So that there was equal guardianship of children as a fantastic reform. It was something that the male MP's in Westminster hadn't thought about a tool. Margaret wintry, sit in her speech that she wanted the nail MP's in the chamber to imagine themselves as the woman who had no rights over her own child. And of course, that's very difficult for minutes rate of for anybody to put themselves in other people's shoes. That's why you need 'em piece from a variety of backgrounds in parliament to represent the whole wonderful diversity in our country. So that means more women in parliament, it means more people from black not ethnic backgrounds. More people who are LGBT more people with disabilities because parliament is supposed to represent the country as a whole, and you do bring I know this you brings a parliament your own experiences as well as those of your constituents and tell me more to be more about your job as an MP. You you were though since two thousand ten believe. Yes. That's right. I went to an economist before as. MP? So it was quite a change for me. I joined the labor party in school. And that was because when I was at school in the ninety s there were never not textbooks to go round all library was turned into a classroom at school. Because there weren't enough wasn't enough space for all the children that were supposed to be educated. There are six form was t- prefab hops in the playground, and I felt very strongly conservative governments that I had grown up under just three months old. We market action became prime minister, they didn't represent families like mine communities like mine didn't our interests first. And so that's why I got involved in politics. And it's still those issues of equality that motivate me today as a as a member of Parliament, I would like to see more labor members opponent. I'd like say labor government my whole nine years as an MP we've had conservative governments. But I also want to see more women in parliament because I think is really important that the talents of women at the moment is still just twice as likely to be an MP. If you're a man than a woman two thirds of parliament is. Just over two thirds as male. I would like to see in my political lifetime. Fifty fifty parliament as many men and women there, hopefully is going to be a long way for that. But I like to was there a breaking point in terms of female representation in Westminster perhaps post second World War with with the labor government. Yes. Two turning points. I think that the I was nineteen forty five and the second was nineteen Ninety-seven. So in nineteen forty five twenty four women were elected to parliament that may not sound like a lot today when we're talking about two hundred and nine, but it was a huge leap from the eight and they were in parliament eight women MP's in parliament before the second World War. So that was a huge leap. And there was a lady members room, which is where the lady MP's women MP's was supposed to work and just had seven desks in it, and in nineteen Forty-five when twenty four women turned up it was hugely overcrowded, and they had to start finding other accommodation for the women's that was a big turning point. They outgrew the the. Room where they were allocated. The other big turning point. Of course was nineteen ninety seven when a hundred and one labour women were elected in one hundred twenty one women over all in that one thousand nine hundred seven parliament, not as a huge step forward now that was impart because of the labor landslide. But it was also because people hadn't expected to labor to win quite as many seats as they did. And that was in true nineteen forty five as well. Often women are selected for marginal seats seats that they probably won't win and in nineteen forty five and nineteen Ninety-seven labor exceeded expectations of how well they were doing the polls. And as a result a lot of women in marginal seats, he came into parliament for the first time. But there is a issue. There's women are often selected including actually Margaret Bonfield. Who's the first woman in the cabinet under Ramsay MacDonald in the nineteen twenties. She was selected in Northampton which had a five thousand conservative majority. She overturned that and gave majority for labour of over four thousand but another. Sample of of women being selected for seats that the parties don't necessarily expect to win as a result women's parliamentary Chris can be cut short when the mood in the country changes. Correct me from wrong, but in terms of like women's right? A fever the type of language that we use my have changed because of course, ninety seven was the name. The Blair's babes or the Cameron cuties. I have a feeling I might be wrong. I mean, you tell me, but this type of language tells the nineteen wouldn't happen. I mean, the the press wouldn't have those type of names. Would hype Botts if you look at some of the commentary about Theresa May's Kitson hills Brown trousers that she will for an interview Ken Clarke slayer, a male MP, former chancellor and Fozzard of the house said that he was pleased to be a man because no one's ever interested in what he was recognizing as often lot of interest in what women were Luciana Birger. I think counted the number of articles that commented on her nail varnish color, for example, often described having raven colored hair which might be factually accurate, but not perhaps relevant to what she's saying is a member of parliament say there's still a lot of commentary on what women were not being true for one hundred years. So when women I got elected in nuncios elected in nineteen nineteen. There was lots of speculation about whether she would wear hats or not when she spoke in the house of Commons because I that point in public meetings women showed respect by keep. Being their hats covered. Whereas we're men rose to speak. They took the hats off and the times speculated that no doubt she will want to cover her head when she speaks and then the daily Express newspaper always a bust in of progressive journalism said something like hot problems still unsolved, and it wasn't solved until nineteen twenty nine. When the speaker ruled that in future women did not need to cover their heads to speak. But for ten years. There was lots of speculation in the press in the times to the daily Express about whether women should wear hats or not. And you know, we've moved on from that some of my colleagues were saying the other day that maybe we shouldn't a sign of Silla Garrity with women forebears alternative parliament one day in a beautiful hats, but the debate has moved on from hats. But I still think there's a lot of discussion too much discussion on women's looks. And they were, but when it comes to politics, how would you compare the UK with other countries because I mean, look at the US, I mean, they never had FEMA president. I mean, they tried Hillary contrast like France or Italy is in the quite far away from that as well. This is a global problem. It's not just an a problem in the UK. If you look at the the G twenty for example, I think I'm writing saying, it's just Angela Merkel, and Theresa May who are the female leaders of their countries Harriet Harman when I interviewed her for my book says that she was invited to the wives dinner at the g twenty reception when London hosted the g twenty she wasn't sure how to reply because just because she was a woman make her the wife of a politician. She was a politician in her own REIs. She was deputy prime minister deputy leader of the labour party at the time. So, you know, this isn't just a UK issue. This is a global problem. And certainly when Hillary Clinton ran for president that was an awful lot of gendered language about her which I just can't help thinking it does put off women, although. If you look at the next US presidential race, lots of women simply putting themselves forward for that. I think that's a great thing. And it would be a truly wonderful remind you if we had a woman, president of the United States and in our country, I would like to see a woman leader of the labour party and also like to see a female chancellor of the exchequer because there are still barriers that need to be broken through in this country. And of course, around the world, maybe Rachel Reese, you never know. But. Not right now. On the labour benches. Forty five percent of our MP's are women. So there's plenty of talent to choose among. And so I hope that the labor party can end it's one hundred twenty years of selecting men to lead our party and next time selector woman. I mean, though, the amazing and finally Rachel, of course, he wrote about his amazing women. Do you have any personal heroes when he comes to the world of politics specially women the woman who I was just so impressed with and really inspirational is Ellen Wilkinson Ellen Wilkinson was first elected in nineteen twenty four. She led the jarrow crusade from gyro in the northeast of England onto London marching against the poverty and high levels of unemployment in the community, she represented, and she went on to be the secretary of state for education under Clements Atla, incredibly reforming labor government in that role. She raised the school leaving age from fourteen to fifteen and introduced. Free school milk for children at school. So really think she is a heroine of mine and are high if people read the book there learn more about her story, and what huge difference she made Rachel Reeves. They're discussing her book women of Westminster with Amando Augusta shaker. You're listening to the Monica Wiki. Much is said the threat that climate change poses to the planet, but often it's tangible effects are only really understood when we hear from those living on the front lines getting to grips with that was the goal of photographers Eureko zero and KC von low housing veteran. Photojournalists who recently traveled across the Arctic to capture images of a region influx trip made possible with this system and funding from the common yet photojournalism award which the Joe recipients of the new book Arctic new frontier is available now and it's a company by photography show with the same name currently London Sondhi gallery. Could you have no house enjoined Augustyn and Markle's Roett bound to talk about the section of the journey. He made beginning Norway crossing Greenland and finishing in Alaska. It was a challenge on many fronts, but this is really about climate change, and what's happening in the Arctic, and what will be the impact of the rest of the world. That's what we were looking at. But we had to shoot this mainly in the Arctic summer, which is still relatively short. We need. The landscape was no is. So the period we were shooting. What's actually short of a six months would say was July up to tower? But yes, it's a project which I did was my colleague Eurico Z ref whose Russian I am Dutch. We both worked New York before. And we both noticed how quickly it was changing. Actually, you know, I mean, we all know about climate change. And we know about that the sea level is rising and temperatures need to go down. But in the Arctic everything goes to three times faster. So that was also, you know, why we wanted to work there because it's very visible. We worked boats in the Arctic before we we were talking about doing a collaborative project together before because we've felt that you would have a better access to Russian Arctic. And I would have I would have better access to western Arctic that he would have stumbling block was always expense. This mainly because it's an incredible not only difficult reach into where go in but also very expensive reach into working. So once a year does this big French journalism prize is being given and every year does seem to it. So last year the seam was the Arctic. So we knew we had to write a proposal and submits its quite I mean, so see a fight he topic and the name of the show book is new frontier. Did it feel that at the time did it fail like kind of wild west vibe from the name and from some of the photographs that there is operatives unity, those kind of bit of a gold rush? There's definitely I would call it a while Norse if you realize really what's happening. I mean, we all grew up was a globe. Whereas the white spots on the top of the world. And there's a wide spots at the bottom of the world's. And if two predictions are correct. Which are that the Arctic the ice of the North Pole will be melted completely. Early in eleven years 2030 thirty that there will be no is into summer anymore is kind of a strange concept. You cannot imagine it. And I think the main issue is that people don't realize what the impact will be because first of all, you know. I mean, I snow is white. So it reflects the sunlight reflects the warm so the North Pole is really our echinacea. It's our Fritsch. It keeps us cool. Not only the Arctic region middle show us England Holland's, western Europe, and most of the northern hemisphere if this melts, it means that the sunlight gets absorbed in the ocean and oceans, which are heating up a ready will heat up even quicker. We never really looked up north. You know, it was this barren landscape where very few people lift and nowadays was the melting of the ice. You know? I mean, new sea-routes become available new mineral. Oh resources are becoming valuable oil and gas reserves are becoming available. There's a huge increase in tourism in in the in the region. Not to forget, it's getting minutes. Rised one of the pitches. I think of when you and you talk about the miniaturization of it all that kind of Canadian strike team on this skit news, which is something that clearly would not have had happened. Don't be possible to even use that sort of cross to wizard round on the ice presumably up into the certain point. They're kind of fresh fresh from his military. Bingo. I mean, those front choose were maybe there to some extent during the Cold War, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, nobody really pays attention anymore. But now, it is you know, I mean where you he traveled into the Russian Arctic is almost all the military's own. So he needed special permits to be there into work there. The Canadians never really they had some presence. But never as large as as they. They have now I just came back actually from the Norwegian Arctic where spent time was to Dutch marines who have eight hundred marines now stationed there during the winter, and they are training together with the Brits, the Americans Belgiums and Germans, and it's it's a fighting mission. Right. So the question which came up to us as well is who the Arctic actually belongs to because if the Arctic melts is no Shen and ocean is international waters as does normally maritime laws which apply which have twelve zone in two hundred miles shown, indents international waters. But as you may recall already in two thousand seven, and it was the Russians who planted the flak under the is very far from the coast of Russia and said this is where Russian continental shelf. And so that's basically what you see happening, especially with all the resources, which which are more or less becoming available. It seems quite call Tunis. To amend that it plant the flag onto the ice. And now, they're kind of floating power stations new source of kind of things through a lot of heavy gear. That is being brought up there and installed and made to be almost land where there isn't going to be any land or any is is that what is that fails? That's definitely how it feels. And yes, it it remains a very remotes region. But what was striking for us? If you compare the images of your, Ian, you compare the images of of me is how advanced the Russians are it has as three to it because during the Soviet Union they developed the Arctic already in the end of the day. It's their only access studio shouldn't, but that kind of fell apart after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But you know, I mean if you compare it like the Americans so Alaska, Canada, they don't have any deep seaports does hardly any infrastructure there. No city big cities and the Russians is the opposite. There. Big cities infrastructure that needs seaports it's really well developed. I mean, the Americans and Canadians to get our have like a handful of ice breakers, which are quite old and needs to be replaced. The Russians have sixty icebreakers of most of them are brand new. We've been hearing about the kind of the threat of climate change certainly for most of my life. But it's really taking on this added urgency over the last three years now, it's on your a handful of radicals tonight's affects, but I guess this shift that you've seen have the retreat of the ice have been that sudden did it surprise, you how develop this infrastructure that you're talking about apart from the the Russian infrastructure, but moved broadly, how quickly people have leapt on as an opportunity or did it indicate that in fact, this is something that has been happening for a few years. But we just haven't noticed. I mean, it's all speeding up. Right. If we get numbers of how fast ac- level is rising how quickly the glaciers are retreating. How quickly the ice sheet is melting. It's always with than what was said before. Some people have been looking at the Arctic and saw this coming. You know, I mean the Russians they being trying to open a northern routes for many years, but but. Yeah. So so put them it's real given. It's a gift to them that this is happening and in terms of the climate change itself, and how you works for the rest of it in terms of the work of the pitches that will see in the gallery, and that we can send book what was people's asked. You to being photographed is you have to persuade them with the project, you doing did you tell them the truth about the project doing, but they suspicious that they don't want to necessarily be part of this. And as we see there's indigenous people that Russians they're Canadians people that you shot. Yeah. I mean, it was very different. It was very different. So, you know, people reacted differently. But it was definitely one of the most difficult projects either of us did because there's a lot happening there which people rod a done show. So we've mining companies oil and gas, you know, I mean, it's all very not necessarily all regulated so access was incredibly difficult. It's for indigenous native communities you really needed to an introduction and needed to be with someone local. I mean people are suspicious because they they get reports quite a lot. But it's always in a negative way. It's always about alcoholism suicide drug abuse. But not very often. The question is asked where is this actually originating from? So it's understandable for definitely from their Sidewire day, they are reluctant. But I think you know, we had a case to make we also had a we put it into context didn't necessarily granted access. But we were always on a st- about what we were doing. And why and I think what made it unique is that it's to us looking from global perspective at the Arctic similar Tena Asli. So you know, does look lots has been set over the years about the Arctic. But it's always bits and pieces in about a specific area. Region. Now, we looked from global perspective votes. And I think especially if you see Russian site in the western side, western sites next to each other. It gives a different perspective. And I think you know, I mean, that's some positive side effects forty architect at the climate is changing, you know, I mean in new C routes could be positive in a way that travel time for commercial shipping from western Europe to Asia will be shortened by sixteen days. So we will you know, it's better for the environment that cetera et cetera at the same time. You know? I mean, it's a very volatile Freccia. I'll region any accidents that could happen. Any oil? Spill we'll have Utah impact on the region. Give done many long trips long projects the course of your career. What is it about taking six months, ten months to engage with an issue or set of issues that is important feel method? I'm a freelancer. So, you know, I have to be like any journalist photojournalist. You have to be unique in stories. You're trying to tell you know. I mean, this known assessing for me to tell story which have been told or shown before I think also looking at the media. You know, I mean does if your staff there's very few media, which will dedicate the money and time we have spent on this project or other projects to issues, which are, you know, I feel very necessary. You know, I mean, they're very necessary to documents, and where it will wake up people or something will happen is a different story. But you know, I mean for the last couple of years my stories have been much more focused on climate change some on the issues about the rising sea level about waste management or mismanagement about the Arctic about what a scarcity its UJA shoes, which I don't think that people realize. What kind of impacted this will have for future generations, you know? And it's it's interesting to see now. I mean like like last weekend was a big climate much in hall in Amsterdam forty thousand people showed up the where the weather was the worst ever. There's almost uprising of young generation, right? They are fed up with us. We are wasting this planet's how is this possible with old assigns an older scientific proof that we still let this happen. And that we don't act for me. It's mind boggling do what I do. And and hope it will contribute something that John Listrik high and that designed to make something you have your own take on something that is is old. At least you talk about member. The time in the globe had said white patch on the bond the white patch on the top. Do you feel sentimental about that? Or do you feel that it is just bright that that show? Should pay the case. I wonder about your project about the seven great rivers flowing from source to see whether you've you maybe we will learn the last people to document that as it was in the past. You know? I don't wanna be sentimental about is. That's an okay thing to be when you're a photographer when you can't she you. You can try and protect some of the beauty of things in a pitcher. Yeah. Just about to the beauty, you know, this white patches necessity, and yes, okay? Climate skeptics will say well, the sea has been much higher than before as much lower than before we had ice ages that wasn't time that the pool was in there. But Wendy's and it's true. But Wendy's changes happened. It took sizes of years many many generations. And so the adjustment was supposedly was slow people were more nomadic than they are now. And now, we think that everything is supposedly, right? I mean, I'm living an Amsterdam I'm living below sea-level. So. Yeah. I mean, so you know, I mean, we invested centuries we invested in in the coastal protection in our dykes in in in our water management. But also Dutcher now being warrants recently in a report, which was actually made or the ministry of infrastructure asked company to make this reports when the Dutch being warned now by the end of the century that the c- good rise by one to three meters. That means does know Amsterdam. There's no Hake. Does know Rotterdam it's urging the Dutch to sink about a plan B and plan B could be to retreat, and that's just for people to sink about that. And we could lose city like Amsterdam, which is very historical. Is kind of a shocker, but you know, I mean it needs to become part of this. Same for London. Okay. So no sentiment. Then said, I mean, there's there's no room for sentiment. Sentimental urgency. Let's put it that way. Right. Right. Thank you. The Arctic new frontier, but in conjunction with the common. Yuck. Photogenic award is vital now. And if you're in London really do go along and see the exhibition at such a gallery. Ulysses the Monica Wiki. And what a show that was Tom food for thought. That's what we like serve up here on the monarchy clear to Sunday lunchtime. After all let thank the chefs behind the glass. The program was produced by Tom hall, Augusta much Laurie and our studio manager was Cassie Galp in my thanks to the mall. The Monica weekly. We'll be back at the same time next week. But for now, it's goodbye for me Edwards and for me. Goodbye. Thanks for listening.

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240: How Alexia Chef Lex Grant Went From Corporate Cooking To Carmelo Anthonys Chef

Side Hustle Pro

1:06:58 hr | 5 months ago

240: How Alexia Chef Lex Grant Went From Corporate Cooking To Carmelo Anthonys Chef

"Being a has there being entrepreneur. Ever-evolving you build one room in the new grow into the next. You realize it little fishing start the whole process over so having the mentality of ever learning in ever changing in the world. I don't know it just puts you in a state of like you're listening to side hustle. Pro the podcast that teaches you to build and grow your side. Hustle from passion project took profitable business. And i'm your host kayla. Matthew koma salutes get started. Hey hey guys. Welcome back to the show. It's michaela here and today in the guest chair. We have the also dynamic. Alexia grant aka chef lex aka phil bubble chef. You'll learn what that means in a second. My son strange magic chef lex has been blessed by the opportunity to channel her passion for health. And happiness to support high achievers and world champions. Thanks the her superior. Culinary skills glasses full mentality. Entrepreneurial prowess and inviting personality. She has earned the trust and respect of her many celebrity clients both in the kitchen and beyond her lifestyle management firm chef. Lex graham anco provides an array of essential services to elite athletes entertainers manures entities. Happy clients include carmelo in la la. Anthony malcolm jenkins mcmeel mill. Angela simmons and lauryn hill as well as brands like lululemon and frozen so she wears many hats. It's her abilities in the kitchen. That landed her the opportunity to cook inside the disney. Nba bubble in twenty twenty chef. Lex was the only chef chosen to a restaurant on the disney campus to service players teams present staff and she exceeded expectations with her opportunity. Her pop up restaurant comfort kitchen was an instant hit serving up. Southern caribbean and classic american eats think food so scrumptious. It pretty much left former portland. Trailblazers star hassan whiteside in a stupor on social media quitting her bubble chef foot and the name stuck yahoo sports senior. Nba insider chris hayes dub comfort kitchen bubble staple and pinned high praise for chef legs. She made her mark and established a new set of fans in clientele with this once in a lifetime. Experience in today's episode. You hear how chef lex grant smart thinking and hustle mentality helped her leap from culinary school sabina private chef as a side hustle sleeping into full-time entrepreneurship with amazing food. Amazing clients and are renowned reputation. Let's get right into it. So chef lex. We're gonna take you back a little bit. And i want to know who taught you how to cook. And what were your early experiences like in the kitchen honestly cooking in my family is just a collaborative effort on my grandmother. Really was the main focal point in the kitchen because she loves to cook but my mom cooks my grandfather all my aunts cooked it was just. That's the culture. You knock caribbean woman. You must know how to cook clean and wash or you are what lewis as they would say so. Cooking was just like a necessity to my life. And i was able to take this woman's role so to speak and monetize it ninety. I look at it so most people as they are learning to cook. And they're doing it with their family. It's something that symbolizes home and it's something that is seen as oh. This is something i do in my personal life. But what inspired you to pursue a formal education. And where did you get your culinary education. I got my culinary education at the art institute of new york and the biggest motivating factor in me deciding to be a chef or even just pursue culinary. Is my grandfather. My grandfather was my father onto purposes. My dad lived in london. He wasn't always around. And then my dad also has many other children so me being all the way across the world grandfather really stepped up the father role for me so much. I even call him. Dad like i was just his youngest child. How he grew up in a garden We had a really nice house. Getaway always had a garden in the bag always had fresh sued. He made sure that i had a good breakfast. Every morning is really important to him. And when growing up. Don't ever think about that. You just like take what you're given and he was dying actively on during my high school career and in his last year after i had graduated high school you know he was not the happiest didn't apply to college because i really didn't know what i wanted to do. And i knew that college is expensive so it didn't want to just apply without a plan. And he was passing. He knew it he could feel it so roundly september of two thousand five while he was still coherent and actually sat me down and was like look. I don't really care what you do with your life Professionally what your choices are but we did not come all the way from jamaica to go to england to have your mother to have your mother come here and let you be the first one born air few detroit toilet. You need to do something. I don't care which is going to something and whatever you do. Do all your hurt. And i was like man. Well you told so. I was like what am i good. I started thinking like that my grandfather's mechanic and here's an entrepreneur. Always like respected him for going out getting himself every day and like he was to kind of a man so he didn't make as much money as he should have so. I learned from him but i knew that i had the capacity to do what he did. And take something. I love and just make a life a good life. As long as i'm happy new. I was good at cooking. Applied to culinary. School called me back in october. Set up an appointment for november. I went into the school and really tell anybody either. Wanting to the school filled out some applications. I had to write an essay. Wanted to be there called me back that next week brought me and said you know you've been approved. This is all your paperwork. Bringing home to your family. And i walked out of the school walking to the subway. My mom calls me as grandfather passed away. I was just like what so the day. I get excited to spoil you. Good now. this is what you want it. I knew even though you know at that age you don't take anything seriously. But i knew i had to do something with this. Took me a while to get into it. Really understand what being shop was all about. I mean worked every aspect of culinary so being a chef didn't come to me a little bit later but he was my constant motivation to not let it go so after graduating. Where did your culinary journey. Take you after graduating Well i didn't graduate dropped out. I dropped out. That's biden about that decision. Why what what it was. I had finished my culinary program and then i had signed on for culinary program and then the a management degree that comes with it so i am supposed to go out into the world after i'm done with you know by c. Two hundred class and go work in a restaurant and see what it's really like and realize it'd be one work interest free for hours. I already had a job. I had to support myself. I mean i was grateful that i was still living at home but i was paying for myself to get back and forth to school every day from scheduling new jersey. All the way through to new york city i was. He don't feeding myself doing everything i needed to do. Only thing my family really bride was a roof. Like you've gotta learn. This is live. And i got a bill from the school if i had to pay them six thousand dollars and i knew my mom had that money. I knew my family and have that money. They could have taken a loan or did all of that. But i had to make decision in that moment like is the rest of this degree worth it or can i learn this to experience now only nineteen so i'd gone to college for full year and a half and i was like you know what i had my first catering job i got paid like two thousand dollars doing my very first catering to go to school anymore. Gonna be it for me That's the job you were doing on the side while going to school like you were doing catering on the side or was it something at your like. I've been a hostage since day. One when i got to culinary school my very first culinary instructor told us you know you gotta fake in this industry by. This is no one's going to give you the respect unless you respect yourself and you put willing to put the work forward told us to start catering company then so i did. I went and i got an llc for hundred fifty dollars a grant catering. And i started telling everybody. I'm a chef. Might everyone willing to listen. Hey i'm michelle shout out to that professor because you know a lot of professors and schools act like okay you come here you go through the program and then you'll be set but actually what they need to tell. You is in a lot of field almost every field. What you need to do is start side hustling and start implementing what you're learning as you're can be set when you graduate exactly so i did it. My uncle's best friend hired needed you. Lunch ladies luncheon. Asked me what my prices were. I'm like look. I'm so sorry i do not know yet. Get back on. Mac and me are down mile my monitoring. What i'm doing she was like. Don't we don't figure it out. We'll google it. We figure it out put together menu. I definitely had no idea what i was doing i. It was a party of twenty. I cook for like one. Hundred people stood my margins were all but at the end of the event lady had so many pans leftover. She sat me down. She's like girl. This food is delicious. i'm going to have a whole nother event tomorrow. And you know what i appreciate. Everything you've done. I don't know if you made any money. Based on how much for me. I'm gonna get you some extra. And she did you track for an event for one day for another day. When i was in june was on birthday june my twentieth birthday and she basically gave me the the nudge to like quit. So i quit school that you saw a couple of things. Stand out to me from your story. Well first of all. It's this idea of this hustle mentality the find it interesting that you're like you know i. I'm a hustler touch me about that. What does that mean to you. And where did this mentality come from so i grew up verse. Sheltered caribbean family. They just weren't allowed to go outside to friends password. I see you outside. what's that. Yeah you don't you don't divide. Yeah you don't go to your friend's house. You don't do sleepovers. You don't do this in my whole life. So thirteen fail thirteen. I went to mom. The mom's not high school next shade. Can't do this to me. No more Pick on school. I cannot live like this. You need to buy me jordan's you need to buy me jordan's meet the by me. Tim's we need the. I'm an north based because these kids at school are nice and piscataway isn't a fluent town. Might say rush. You said hell no cute. This misspell league out voters in a year. No not by. I would like did dish. Drops distraught distraught distraught. Depress can't go to school at home. School i can't do this so i might. I'm thirteen having these like existential crises. My mom worked for a nonprofit that had summer jobs opening up. She's like look. I'm not going to buy this free. But i'll give you the opportunity to earn it if you want it and i was like how tell me i don't care what i gotta do is get on my head what i gotta do so my mom got me a job. I was thirteen. And i applied literally like all my fourteenth birthday. The paperwork went through. And i had a job as a teacher's assistant at a daycare center so every summer from my eighth grade going into high school all the way through to my was sixteen. When i got a real job. I worked at this daycare center and watch kids out all summer from they. You're young so they can only let me work but so many hours of work by five hours a day. They paid me seven dollars an hour all summer long. Don't you know. I stepped into high school at fourteen with the all white. Tim's blue trim north face down kristie. Spend yeah yep. I said y'all will never stopped me from having the stuff again will work. My hatsaw blew my whole summer. Money on september wardrobe. Kids get laugh about that. Story is the fact that you were so young but still willing to work. And i mean what does something like that do and you start you get a job at the age of thirteen. You're responsible for showing up somewhere every day at a certain time. And you know once you see yourself earn money from that. How did that change your perspective on life. It made me so much more. Cognizant on what i needed to do to be self sustaining. I never wanted to have to ask anyone for anything. Because i did not like that. No that no burned me up. So i had to really start getting creative with all right. Well how am. I going to get things for myself one and it made me far more creative on what i did. That was monetize like there are so many things that could get money from that. You don't you don't think about until you're actually making some income Also not a very young age being at work. I was like groomed and molded into how to move around people around children. And like you know you're working with kids you gotta schmooze parents and you got a top certain way one special attention because their data such and such. Can you gotta this. You got to that. And i was so young that it was just this is just what. I'm learning like school. Union just feeding me information but it was literally learning about life while growing up so i felt ahead of the game when it was. You know my turning actually get a real job. And then i got will job at sixteen and then in there. I was hustling to mike. How personal shop for you. I want joyce leslie. Seo personal shopper. You up pick out all the extra money Yeah not the joyce leslie personnel shop was not everyone knows. Joyce leslie byrne is hilarious. The rollback oh okay so when you start coming school you leave and you mentioned you and your mom sat down you. You worked out some prices but from that moment actually formalizing your business and becoming more experienced that telling people here my prices putting up a website. How long did that take to really feel. Like i know what i'm doing. I have a business. And i know how i'm running this. I don't even know. I still don't even know if i know what i'm doing while you clearly know what you're doing you're right. You're know more than most at yet but i will say Being a house there being entrepreneur. You're ever-evolving you build in one room in the new grow into the next. You realize it a little efficient. You've gotta just start the whole process over so having the mentality of that you're ever learning in ever changing in the world. I don't know it just puts you in the state of like humbleness. So i will not say that. Oh i know what i'm doing. But i felt confident truly truly confident in the fact that i can provide for myself without a job. Twenty eight ten years eight years to just keep at it. Never stop like. I can't even tell you the amount of times. Like i met with the branding person that lied to me about what branding is took my money and person. They're going to do my website. They change trash. There was a lot of of learning and growing that has to go into it and like you have to be okay now. That's not the right way to say you have to understand that you're going to get got you're gonna get got an in those moments where you get got where somebody takes advantage of you learn from that lesson you keep going. A lot of people are like all. This happened to me in scorned the burnt by what they went through so that they don't keep pushing. I am where i am. Because i never quit on myself just because you did a bad thing. That doesn't mean that. I am going to give up on what i'm working. You're just not the person i'm going to work with. that mentality. has apple may mean perseverance others and what changed between side hustle and full-time entrepreneur. Slaying two thousand dollars like oh this is awesome but now when you have to make certain income or wants to make certain income per what change in how you structured the business where you're looking for a certain amount of jobs per week to make a certain goal. How did you go about it. How did you structure it While i moved from working in restaurants to working in the private sector where i was selling my services contracting my services to people for So let's say you needed my service. You know a couple of days a week. Deliberate with mimi a couple of days a week. This is what it looks like for the whole month. Can we just agree that you want me for a whole month. After my first week. In addition i found other ways of income all through food so i would give cooking classes to people in their homes. That was a way for me to make money on a scheduled basis. I would meal. Prep be real milk. was how i paid my bills. Then make sense because right now i am. I would pay someone for some meal. Prep okay prep of how. I made sure the bills everything else was extra. I was able to get the beginning of the month. I had a couple trainers that i worked with. I started to get really fit. I started to pay more attention to my body. And i realized that was honestly when you're a hustler. Everything is monetize. you're able to lose five pounds faster than the next person. That's monetize so serious. I'm just like that's what it is. How did you find clientele like where you go your gym and say hey guys like talk loudly like i just lost five pounds when my meals last week like all like social media was great platform but also like pit myself. I would just start looking at people like hey. Have you ever considered outgo chew. I was also working jobs now all these years. I'm saying it's maybe entrepreneur. I was steady at work. So i would. I worked at the Corporate cafeteria and in there was like six. Am or don't Six am to two pm. And they will come in for breakfast and lunch and it was all these investment banking. People and i would work the grill at work every station. They had an hour talk to them. I will be like. Oh hey oh you know what. Let me make healthy breakfast for you right now. Here and then maybe you know you can hire me to do some dinner for you at home or you can do this. The everywhere i went. I sold myself. It was it was. I felt desperate. Like i didn't want to be struggling. I didn't want to wake up at six thirty anymore. I didn't want to after. I was up at six thirty and then i went to work all day in hogan's happened on the train to work other job in new york city. Don't have to take the train back. Woman eleven o'clock at night all the way back to plainfield. I walk a mile home. Don't walk a mile to the train station. A few hours later at four. Am to do all that shit again. I didn't want to do so out to figure a way out. You figure it out and just you know full disclosure on the story and shutouts People listening knows knee. That was here for this. I wasn't so skinny because i was doing meal. Prep also getting walking two miles everyday to the train station to go to work at work. All day you tell people that like this pro on your feet. Yeah that's how. I pay my bills and i just structured it out i if i could book myself if i could book my days out in a month knowing my work schedule it just got to. The program are not gonna make how much i make a month in my hustle. What do i gotta do. And how much time do i have to give to my hustle to make that happen. That happened for like reform months to the point. Ramar hustle forced me to quit my job. I had to make a decision. If i wanted to work for myself or keep working for the compromise. Why did it force you did you. What was just a matter of time. There was in our day and the money that i was making the exposure that i was getting on the private side also started to make my superiors on my work side field sometimes way they were like oh you know you went from six hundred followers thirteen thousand followers in six months hard. You do that. Your business demand triggered. I can relate like what are you doing over there. What's going on here. All you need to go and i mean yeah you also have the gift of gaps. I'm sure helped as well because not everyone who's doing something on the side is confident enough to drop that information. You know in their main gig or just let people know about it. Did you ever feel weird about that. sometimes people ask me like how do i do this you know what if my coworkers see what. What was your mentality as relates to that. I'm i've always been a very brazen rebellious yet. So i would. I don't think i ever cared about what other people thought i was doing. I've got fired from every job and all is just like damn one unemployment against i can go back to my hustle was like i'd never had that fear of losing my job in order to be fearful of what someone they say about it and i learned early. Like the thing about hustling. I was like talking to you about earlier. Thing about hustling is. There's a code that you gotta follow like there's like this g code like it's almost like street code you you have to move in a certain way I was very young. When i read the four laws power and i understood early that i am court tier that i am playing on somebody else's world to get what i want and to and from me to then one day be be that person where i have people coordinate so i was always very Personable always making people laugh always being light in the room. I kept my attitude to myself. Wasn't argumentative out wherever you needed me to do. I did it. But that was because i wanted to do what i wanted to too so i got looked over often when i was doing something like. Let's say bob's over there and you know he's trying to hustle t shirts out his car. But i'm over here selami meal. Prep in you know the kitchen. Bob's get in trouble for me. Because i i made sure actor while the bosses free food before even doing understood i need to make these people happy so they could be okay. Need to talk about my food to let w. yes so. Yeah that that cold. That ethic Also i read how to win friends and influence enemy so between the forty eight laws of power on some understanding those that are in power in their psyche. And how you may insult that with what you do you also learn how to lose them so combination of those to save my life c. c. sprinkled a little lightning round wisdom in events. I gotta switch up the question at all. No no so now i need to know what stage you began working with celebrity clients. And how did that process come about because it's not like you know you're just working with your alike. I see you on your instagram with oprah doing a surprise for school year with Carmelo anthony. you're in the nba bubble. How did this all begin. So like i told you earlier about me. Being twenty eight when it was like the time had come. What had to make a decision on what i wanted to do. I had the opportunity to interview for andrew symonds because my teacher as a beginner in college freshman college told me that fake to make it so when i decided i wanted to go private. I started telling everybody. I'm a private chef now homeland that just sounds exclusive. Yeah right. i'm a private show now that anybody. I was also working at a restaurant at night and a corporate cafeteria in the morning did not nor did they need to know all ahead. All of his Fabulous restaurant experience. No idea how to actually do it. In someone's home without making a complete mess but angela simmons was my celebrity clients was my first private climb. Got to like experiment with some other people. I learn how to clean and learn what it's like because totally different working in a home news a restaurant so when i interviewed for her remember she had a photo shoot that day. She had called me morning. I was so shocked. Because the dude who i got this info for or who even said he was a suggests me was her driver and we were out know. I was out with my cousins. Met club like nothing. I was just like oh. Yeah yeah yes we will do a told about the private chef panned out for your girl because angela loved me. My personality was in tune with what she needed i was. She had the type of personality that she could have me around her friends. And we could be chilling ratchet. And she'd have me around her father and i'm respectable holy so it was just easy peasy there. She groomed me. She was not playing any games with me. Because we're the same age and she was. The only person really asked what my goals here like. What am i trying to do with this. And all of that. So she groomed me taught me about social media taught me about the power of my presence. She taught me about how to monetize myself how to engage with celebrities. What they like what they don't lie. Don't talk too much. Someone's house like all all this stuff. That i would have never know and it was her. That started brokering me out to our friends she was. Y'all got the got the sheriff. She pulls him on her instagram all the time and for that in exchange she has taught me about business. She said i'll do this for you. But you're not going to charge me your for. You could charge them your full rate trigger gonna give me a discount. What i'm gonna do. I love it. Shutouts angela. i'm real out to angela. I love someone who would take you under your wing like that. Because that's not something you learn in a book like talking about like you know. People love having a cool chef but don't be talking too much what's up. You know quiet now. These are the things that you can't you really can't learn unless Have that experience number one. But then also someone who's going to give you the q when you kind of greater nerve and i. I am so grateful. A lot of people don't even have this opportunity. But i'm so grateful that do out all this time in the learning like angela and i are still so cool. I sent her my interview. I did. I mentioned her today as you look. I love you posted it. She's so proud because she knows she remembers that girl that showed up to her house will not crazy look in ponytail. Bit like to you on. Then she did. And i'm forever grateful to our guys. It's michaela here with a quick learn from our sponsors. If you own a small business this could also be the year you switch to better payroll. Gusto wasn't just built for small businesses. It was built for the people behind them. Their online payroll is so easy to use. Gusto can automatically calculate paychecks and file all your payroll taxes. Which means you have more time to run your business. Plus thus does way more than payroll coastal helped time tracking health insurance four one ks on boarding commuter benefits offer letters accents to hr experts. You get the idea. 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I got a choice to make gonna collect this check from you or i'm gonna make my own money and as long as i was able to get angela what she needed when she needed. Whenever she was traveling she never died. Hire me friends. hire me at. She asked me to go with her places like it. Just got to the point where people would eat inam just celebrities like regular people just regular people that just happened to be able to afford a private chefs. They started really wanting my services. That's when you know meal. Prep became very important in life. The different dimensions of meal. Prep because i can drop off the to your house already. Cooked heated up in the microwave. Could drop off with your house. Uncooked the season up that you put in a of it. I could drop off food. That's partially All these ways that. I had to figure out to one. Make my client's happy because the end of the day i am providing a service and i learned in the restaurant industry clients never wrong so whatever it is that you want. I'm gonna find a way to give. Its you as long as we have communication being that. I'm so cool. Everybody felt very comfortable sharing what their real needs are without feeling intimidated. Insecure war like y'all. I'm really got to drop his back. Can't stop eating cookies. now i find other monetize. Will we know what. I can't come and cook you all the time magazine. Come into your house like clean now. All your cupboards stock you up with healthy foods vegetables. Make sure all cut up in prep for you and have all your dinner prepped while you put on when you get home and i'm assuming in a couple of days money money money love and what's bad one step ahead and did you do anything else beyond instagram at this point to market yourself where you able to finally put up your website. What was the main way you were marketing yourself as a private chef. I was getting myself on instagram. There at that was going around at the time. Call some tack Where you can like book. Shafts didn't back yes There was another app. I can't remember that. I put myself on. It put myself on craigslist. Put myself on anything and everything willing but no. I did not have a website where you could book me through. It was mostly instagram where the followers came from and i did not like putting my menu out because i did that once and people started stealing menus. So i'm like no way for every person that comes in wants to service from me. We're going to create a menu together based on your specific needs and that also had made it better because now it's becomes more intimate experience. I could charge a little bit more for customized menus than just putting something up and be like. Oh we'll pick from this money as you would say so. Last year was a very unprecedented here. Now when code nineteen through the storm started shutting everything down. Everyone was scared of of having everyone in their home. What happened at i talk about. What initially happens here business and and what happened once to nba bubble opportunity open so cove in nineteen. I was in portland with my client and a were at an event the weekend before. That's when everybody had to really go out with masks right before they shot basketball down except feels weird. It was a vibe in the airline formal then that next week the nba shutdown. That feel like kobe. Hit to all the rest of the world but didn't really hit hit until they shut the nba. There was like a free donald that day so cold nineteen hit february. But we didn't really feel it on march. And when i'm like oh shit. This is doomsday. Preparation cleaned out the deep freezer outside mellows house above all the meat chicken. Instead of fine there was no food in the supermarkets Omagh i had to go broker food from different farms. Like just make sure that he was gonna be okay. 'cause we didn't know one how long this was last to it like we've never been anything like this where you go to the supermarket is. There's no food there's no water. There's no toilet papers. I was terrified. Me mellow air family. We will be. I house was six months. We'll have food every day. So that was my first initial duck your only client at the time. I mean we're the only on all consigned about me as me and him important. I'm trying to coach my family on the phone but he was mind. Elite client in portland now k. I did have shops with other people. But it's their job to do this so we would have conference called like. What does this person need. Do i need to send you toilet. Paper cargo ship all over the country like it will just in sane what was going on then. This is the first couple days. Mind you after they shut down the nba. Then i started getting calls from melrose teammates like yo. Can you help me. A don't i don't know what to do these kind of your well. How rama noodles. For to please. So i was scared because i'm yam like i cannot put myself at risk because i cannot let metal think think we ever mentioned i mean. Of course i'm going to read your show. But she carmelo anthony the basketball. That'd be a player okay. So let's let's resume. Yes so. I'm like you know i know he was going to be alright and i also didn't want to put myself at risk so i'm like you know what i'll help. Y'all got the money so what i did. God knows my heart so to say but everything is monetize -able so i'm gonna help you so cash five hundred dollars a day. I gotta pay me cash you doing this card business. None at warmer young up five hundred dollars a day cash. I'll drop Lunch and dinner in supplies for you on a however whenever you need me to call me that morning or the night before a gotcha dinner the next day. I'm a drop it off at your door. You'll need money outside us do like that. Don't you know go. I came up a day. That i don't think is right to say how much yet but I came up in that moment as putting all my other shafts on. I was stressed as hell because i now i'm back to. There's not enough hours in the day. I gotta make her cooking malam making sure he's good also gotta make sure that these other guys are good because they're all team at the end of the day lying. We're team players here. Mel is not going to be so selfish to be like no. She can't help you if you can help you figure out a plan. Would you keep me safe. Everyone safe do your thing. So i did that now. Abe services team. I was able to normalize things for them. Get them little stuff. They need because they're scared to go the supermarket like whatever we're making a habit alma fast forward to the bubble yes when when the nba decided to play inside of a bubble on. Disney's campus in orlando. Did you have to apply to be fair. How did that process work. So y you know. I found out about the bubble prior to the world's find me out because my client was like you know we're going to resume we don't have a date. We don't have anything but these are you know the different that they have so we're going to be gone so for me. I'm gonna call ask clients money then. He's all these guys are going. Like what am i gonna do now. So i started my research on on everything like every call that he had about it. They say what they do. And just based on a little bits of information that i was getting started to put together a plan. I'm like yo they all leave all these guys and i also have other clients of other teams the cities of everyone's going to be in one spot and i call all my chef homeys weaken all go out there together and just get back like whatever dan. I found out that we wouldn't be able to see them to drop food. He would be able to do anything that would interact with the clients. Now new planets come into play. That's what i did for the guys on the trailblazers really was the shining blessing on my life because in order to service them i had to come up with the delivery plan for what we will do. That kept them safe. I kept me say like like literally. God was like huge. Your says put it on paper. Tell everybody so i did. I started putting together my cells in the kitchen with my best friend and assistant laying out the plan on what that would look like. Now i'm not gonna even try to hold you say that the plan that me and her put together look good. It did not look at look. You came up with a patent on looked like to high school. Kids dot together is out of power point. It was a mess. So i'm like you know what i need. A professional like the mba is not going respect. This i can't submit this in. I know that this is mediocre and did it. So let me. What am i. Started calling everybody now One of my mentors aaron sachs and a very good friend. She was like all right. This is easy problem. We're going to get you a proposal writer. I said a what proposal writer assessor. You're trying to tell me do this for a living that could have been called. She was like yes. We don't everybody you late so i called them. Proposal writer gave them all of what i did. All my my write up everything i plan. And they put together a prospectus for me now the prospectus is like eight nine pages. Summary of who i am all of my covid nineteen protocols might plan for the nba and at that time by plan was to rent a ghost. Kitchen in orlando. Florida had already contact with the kitchen. I was ready to drop the deposit as soon as they gave me. Go ahead and i wanted to be approved as a vendor just like they did all the outside restaurants that were allowed to service so i sent the perspectives. A cj mccollum was super instrumental in getting it to the people that needed to approve it. He gave it directly to the president of the mvp. a who gave it to The person that was doing all of the Event coordination and between those two contacts. And maybe having service him during the pandemic. Cj is one of the vice presidents of the mvp so it really helped like just get it in front of is and the nba players association. Yes they helped me get in front of is that could you know. Make something happen. And he told me he end. Mel told me as well like this isn't really go like you know. After i paid the proposal writer of course and pain for excellence. okay. I doubt the paying for excellence. Don't be scared to pay for your excellent and that proposal was three grand. It was not cheap by. But i was grateful that i had that cash from those dudes because definitely paid for the perspective to happen here. That wasn't even though. Yes is the pandemic guests. I'm scared for my job. I'm knew that i had to take this gamble is like what was the three grand gonna do for me just in my bank account waiting for something bad happen like i had to take this chance on myself so i paid it and it took about a month for them to even respond to me but when they did they responded. I was the only one that did anything like that at submitted. Anything like that. They had an opportunity inside of the bubble where players on find out the players. The teams were given the opportunity to bring shacks with them so they could bring their team shock to come and cook just for their team so nine teams opted in and brought shack. They will only had only had one more space lashed I had to wait to see if any of the other teams. We're going to bring a chef as soon as that time. Line closed out. They gave me a flat. I could bring to people in with me and we can run our restaurant from their kitchen. Rather than me mentioned the ghost stitches and that was the start of my country. property love. it's no you you've thought ahead like new the fact that you thought ahead so the fact that okay. They're gonna immed- i mean who's going to cook for them you know and then started. Put this plan into play. Realize that okay what i came up with on my own. I need somebody to really polish this and then did that address. Can we insert applause like toronto vo. And how was that experience like you know your private chef and this was truly like the the most private. Yeah you could ever have. How was that experience. So i'm not gonna lie was the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. It was me. I was allowed to bring two chefs in so initially. I brought you know one of my really good friends. Glenn roy brown and one of my like apprentices men tease king and both of them were like we love you but we quit. I'll be it was not. I'm telling you like crazy. It was crazy is not even the isolation. it's it's all day every day under surveillance and all day everyday following someone else's rules and one day you do one thing they'll kick you out you mess up one time they'll get you out and i am not the yes. I'm personable or having this fantastic conversation. Now bump savage back when it comes down to it. Y'all will not risk my life and my reputation that i worked for so my good friend from culinary school so grateful for her like she is like literally lead in my life. I love her. She came as she was. Lexus is absolutely insane. But i got your back and at once. One chef laughed than she was able to come in in the other shot left. Which is her and i in that kitchen servicing. All seven hundred people that could randomly order from us at any time. I mean joy made more pancakes and waffles. Chicken and waffles. In she cares she does mealtime. Like i'm never fried chicken. The experience was like a social experiment. The line because we came into a situation where we're outsiders in comparison to the chefs. That were there. All of the team's brought the shafts. They were already working with the team. Now i have a relationship with my players. But it's it's so weird feeling when it's like i have you know the trailblazers those are all my guys. They got all the treatment that they want. But then there's all these other teams don't as other guys that are hitting me up asking me for things like they're locked into their team because their teams competing against each other. I'm there for everyone. So i can't say that everyone in that kitchen likely or wanted me there because to them. I'm competition to their players. I'm helping everybody. They just want to help their people so that they could win. It was a very interesting dynamic. Socially yes it was a very interesting dynamic with the nba because to them. They're giving me. I was like only let me not say the only because they have other minority owned businesses inside the bubble but the only chef in there that represented minorities during a time when it was very. Socially charged narrowly socially charged. And i'm just this little black girl in trying to run my business off constructive figured out like you guys and like working with the nba. I had to in a second notice. Put my corporate hat on ticket off. Put my chef hat on to get off. Put my customer service hat on. Take it off every job ever worked. I had to put into play in this bubble situation so that people can understand. Was it like you know every like these other chefs. Are these like many restaurants option. So it's like okay. I could order from chef lex tonight like order from the warriors chef like how it worked. Oh absolutely not. I'm trying to understand. Okay what other jeff's uh-huh could only service their team okay. And they weren't taking orders. They were getting paid to be there either team okay. I was not getting paid to be there. I was paying to be there also when they would go up to their beautiful waldorf astoria room at night that the team covered. It's like we got a discounted rate. Thank you god but it was still like seven bands a month for me and for joy. So i'm walking into a situation already knowing that no matter what i gotta make at least twenty five bands this month if i'm gonna break even at sorry. That's an understatement. Thirty man's this month. Because i also had to pay my staff Like there was no guarantee of getting that money back. Don't those numbers out. There is a job known how much your girl tucked away during the pandemic. I had to take that chance on myself. I had to put my whole savings. I to make this happen and i mean you don't tell anybody that in the beginning right you don't say that but when the nba afterwards when they saw my business insider they were like they didn't know how much risk i took to make this happen. They gave me such an awesome like to praise. They were like look whatever. You wanna do whatever you need to say we got your back. Came in your your killed at you delivered. You did everything we asked you. Follow the rules you dealt with the hard times. You always positive like we got you quite the bubble chef Argue which you love it. Thank you very much so it was right. Yeah and now. It's what happened post bubble. Did you go back to working with the trailblazers exclusively. Are you back to be able to travel to your different clients. So i am contract to mellow exclusively. So you ever have the blessed opportunity to have cook for you to not allowed me out. The house go okay as a as a hustler. I mean this is the most ideal opportunity is to be able to broker people work for you and make money off of that as well as have a stable client that you've set the parameters on your work schedule what that looks like. It went right back to mellon light. I left the bubble early to go back to him. Because i was tired. I was like i just. I'm sorry you're real client. I come back to work tomorrow. So i left to go back to him in new york and new york until the season started again so only like six seven weeks before we had the Okay and what. What does that. Look like when you're on the road with a client. Are you a private chef in different states more. I'm a private chef wherever he wants me to be his private chef for he's in whatever state he's like lex. Come on the team handles my accommodations. I just go now. i'm contract to him. I try really hard to give other. People -tunities. Like i get it that. I am what they want. But all of the chefs. That worked me have been groomed by me. They've all worked under me or with me in different situations have been able to advise them like. I don't like placing shafts. That i haven't been able to give that the angela treatment to she showed me how it's done and it's my job to pay it forward so we can always okay so now before we get into the lightning round. I just want to make sure that any chef who's listening understands. What are some key things that they can do to start their private chef career and namely. How do you really get in front of that first. Private chef client and then get that recurring income like do you once their once. They're really happy with you. Pitch a year long contract. Do you say do you pitch a six month retainer. How does that work while is very important that if you want to be a private shop coming into the industry you have to understand that being a private chef is fifty percent your food fifty percent integrity integrity is every single thing that's industry because people have to trust you to be in their homes with them with their children their intimate things in hearing their arguments hearing their everything so yes we love social media and all of that but the fastest way to lose a client is to think that that momentary picture with them is gonna be currency for you. That's not the currency for you to take a picture with your client. Oppose it on. Your page is not currency for you to go into someone's home day in and day out forget. Forget that so you have that one opportunity to go into someone's home and you cook for them how you move your integrity in that moment your attention to detail with their needs. You're there to provide a service. You need to service their needs if they are not in a place to communicate their needs to you. Like let's say like i situation would me. I just got phone call. These are my allergies and she was doing the whole photo. Shoot so i had to pay attention to the people in the room had to go around to other people and be eating. Do the allergies or anything that you like being mindful being thoughtful about wanting to deliver your best each and every time is how you get those recurrent clients they remember that and then how to monetize yourself is like people celebrities especially in this industry. Don't got no problem posting you for a meal that will never help you. That one post them is nothing. The service that you provide in not asking for anything outside of services rendered how you get recurring contracts. All of this wonderful stuff. I got going on instagram. And all of that. It's not because i went to my client was like yo you work with this. So can you put me onto that or this. Like recently blessings on blessings. I i got featured on jordan. Brand dot com. They did an interview on me. They gave me free drip. All of this okay blessing. I've been wanting to for years. He is jordan brand clients. Never not once asked. Nancy can get a personal Can you can. You can give me interview absolutely not. They came to me on their own outside of what i was doing with him. Because of the work. I poured for myself. You got to like you are not your client one. You walk into their house. You are you. You are the chef. You're providing service whenever get too comfortable and think that you and your crime is on the same level. Y'all gonna not as as they're paying for a service y'all never on the same level. Angela and i are strands. That's my homie. I what are talked to her but when it's business it's business and when it's cool it's cool and it's never at the same time that is like major major major key to any business and said it answered your question and speaking of jordan brand lacson know what's up next on know that you did like pop up. Kitchen wins kitchen building a ghost kitchen in portland. Tell me more so. I am building a ghost kitchen at the melody ballroom in portland oregon Ca do to coal vedeno ballrooms banquet halls. Oh they're taking a major hit as well. The owner has so gracious to make me an offer to run the kitchen. Do whatever i need as long as we're able to meet the monthly bills and river pig saloon in portland. Oregon is ram ran by the big homey ramsey. Who like a. He's like serial entrepreneur six or seven restaurants in bars acquiring more such a mentor. He wanted to you know. Give me an opportunity to mean. Portland doesn't have a lot of black people in this is not a place like future. Anything caribbean or anything culture or anything like that. I mean the food and portland is absolutely spectacular. Like there's one. Celebrity shouts doing a a pop up. Here they inspired me to just do one here and my grandmother on my father's side had caught. Cova did and i went to london to say goodbye. Tammy thank you god. She's still here. That by was unnecessary thinking jesus but he as a man but it just made me realize like you know my grandmother here in jersey named tommy had a coke who put all his From me to even be an american citizen like yea Some money at christmas. Whatever done to release. Show her like yo. You did all of this for me to come do this. So miss money's kitchen is a whole mosh to her. The black cake. I'm selling is the one that she literally made and shipped to me I i just needed to represent for my people. i need this goski genocide. Be able to give my chefs work because the pandemic is a lot of people out of work even some of my clients that weren't athletes and entertainers took a hard hit. Were unable to continue their chef services. So we're getting back to the basics providing solid meal prep. I'm getting back into it with fitness. Have three trainers alan portland that we're going to be working with me and working with people in the ball room and they can come and pick up their meal. Prep like we have a whole plan to jazz. Revamp eating consuming and making it affordable and giving people jobs. I love it yes and given what you know now all the experiences you've been through if you had the chance to start your company all over again from side-hustle two full-time entrepreneur. What would you do differently well. S question is so hard to ask in like. I know it's taken time all of that. But the one thing i would do differently if real world real is be on it with my taxes in the beginning. Joe play which it's now with Don't call mingle. Your funds go has had to learn some very difficult lessons in the financial department of up. Taxes is really nothing to play with. Just some real simple keys like like two or three things that you can do to save yourself financially. Uncle sam always wants his one every time you make some money. I don't care how broke is put half to decide because you don't know how much of that on tape new get you a business credit card a set a set. That should be the first thing. I don't care. Iggy three hundred our credit card. Build your business credit as well as your personal credit credit is life like get the card of his three hundred dollars us the biogas. Pay it off every month. Like it's it's so imperative to tracking your money separating your money when you need that loan you have something sustainable to say. I've been running this company of been able to pay the bills. Help me and third pair yourself literally pay yourself like i. I don't care if you use all your money to do this. All you put all your personal money only made back what you put in petty yourself out of that and put the rest in your business because one day government is gonna wanna know what you paid yourself out of this business depending on how big you grow and you set those habits up in the beginning you will not get your ass kicked in the ant very very important keys right there. Thank you and that leads us right into the lightning round where you are just going to answer. The very first thing that comes to your mind. Are you ready. I read a right so number one. What's a resource that has helped you in your business that you can share with the side house. Appro audience smart receipts. It is a app that you could use to log in track all of your receipts expenses in end of the year. Gruesome it that whole joint to your accountant and it is so much easier to use an excel already number two. Who's an entrepreneur that you admire. And why oh my god. There's so many Minor league -til number three. What is a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. Lorrimore nations need a peaceful mindful meditative morning. I don't care if it's ten minutes my day meets to start in peace. I will lose friends in boyfriends if you cannot like leave me alone in my time when i begin my day to put myself in the mind frame to produce. I hear that and number four. What is a personal trait or habits that you believe has helped you significantly when you recite hustling being a listener being able to actively listen and deliver without being told and finally number five. What is your harding advice for. Fellow black women entrepreneurs who wants to be their own boss but are worried about losing that steady paycheck roman. You're going to be a hustler. You have to be very aware that you will lose something. The steady paycheck is is necessary for a lot of people. You gotta make sure that you are paying your bills and all of that so work on making as much in your side-hustle as your day job as you do. That took that money be broke. You broke until you not be broke because one day you can lose job. That's the goal. Don't ever be scared to lose the job because you don't really want it in the first place. One have control over your own time. Chuck that money away man. Don't be scared to be broke. Don't be scared to ask for help. And when you do eventually lose their job just be grateful that you bought the collect some unemployment little while my guys that that was one of the how can i say this is a really enjoyable. Talk man this is interview. And i just love your spirit. I love what you have to share and you hustle like you said you know and the fact that you're not afraid of putting yourself out there opening yourself up and i do feel like that has been returned to you one hundred fold and you so deserve it so i just much. You're welcome and where can people connect with you. After this episode you can reach me at chef lex grant on all platforms my website chef flex dot com iraq guys in there. You have it for the show notes from this episode. Had over the side of the product co. slash episodes to get all of the resources and links that chef lex grant mention and of course follow her online. Talk to you soon. Hey guys for listening side hustle pro. If you like the show be sure to subscribe great and review on apple podcasts. It helps otherside side hustler's just like you to find the show. And if you want to hear more from me you could follow me on instagram. As side-hustle pro plus sign up for my six foot saturday newsletter at side-hustle pro that o slash newsletter. We sign up. You'll receive weekly nuggets from me including one. I'm too personal lessons and my business type of the week again at side-hustle pro dot co slash newsletter to sign up.

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Could I Win?  Will I Win?  Should I Win? | PM Show

The Michael Berry Show

1:11:00 hr | Last month

Could I Win? Will I Win? Should I Win? | PM Show

"So it's that time time time mocking load michael berry show is on the air. I love days like today. So many inspiring stories to share so many news stories to dig into. Monday's always easiest day. Because there's so many things to happen. That i can respond to you. Know seventy seven years ago. Yesterday was d day. It was a day that changed the course of world history. I spent the morning show today quite a bit of time remembering that occasion i played from. Eisenhower's speech as the general. The eyes of the world are upon. You played from ronald reagan speech forty years after that at the us ranger monument. I told the story of james earl rudder texas aggie legend and his group and their heroics and a lot of things that went with that. I'm not going to do that on the evening program. But i will say if you're interested in that you have a world war two relative or child of world war two veteran in you want to go into that you can go back to our podcast from this morning. It's in the very first hour and Share those inexperienced those again. It is a monumental monumental day literally not an exaggeration in world history and it deserves to be remembered coming up in about thirty minutes. We will talk to jason l. riley. He has written a book entitled maverick. A biography of thomas soul thomas soul is the most influential person that most people know nothing about. He's actually still alive in three weeks. You'll be ninety one years old. He's a thinker writer speaker. He happens to be a black man and one of the things that makes him very interesting. Is that the harder they keep trying to tell him that he has to be a lefty. The harder he pushes back and exposes the hustle. That is the race baiting in american politics today. This is the. I believe it or not biography about him. And i think that much like noten. Friedman antonin scalia. Jordan peterson many respects. He is an individuals whose individuals writings his thoughts. His idea is the force of his personality are incredibly important. And worthy of study and I'm looking forward to hearing this interview. Like many of our interviews. I take them when. I can get them and folks don't like to talk to me this late in the day. So we record them before the show so when i tell you how good i think the interview it is. It's because i recorded it before the show. Because that's the only time i could get the person but i did go a little fan boy because i am a big fan of thomas soul met. The man never had the opportunity to speak to him but i have read a lot of his writings and they've had a great influence on me and so No way. I'm looking forward to that. The book the book has has finally come out and I'm delighted about it on the morning show. Today i played a number of clips from president trump's speech to the north carolina republican party on friday night and he made a lot of news which of course anytime president trump does anything. It makes the news but he had some interesting things to say which. I won't play now but you can go back in here. Those talking about us fighting for our other country's borders but not our own which sure seems to be the case talking about pfau ci in the media and noting that china owes us reparations. Which i think he's right talking about the importance of the midterm elections to put this into perspective march first of next year. we'll be the earliest primary. it'll be the texas primary and a week later on march eighth. We'll be the north carolina primary now during the mid term elections which means halfway through a presidential term. They tend to have the primaries later than during a presidential election. So that's why if you were wondering why that happens. You know you're iowa's was and and and and the like Don't tend to operate on the same schedule as they do. During a presidential election but president trump was talking about not just winning elections but getting the right republicans in there. Now is the time if you are a serious candidate and let me spend i. I got three minutes left in this segment. Let me let me speak to this for a moment if you are the kind of person who should be in office and you know that you need to be in earnest putting together your campaign right now and let me say this. You might have a role to play in public service. That is not a us senate seat. It's very difficult to win. I find that a lot of people run for the biggest office. They can possibly think of without doing some research. And finding that you know your state rep really needs to be replaced your assemblyman your council in your county commissioner. Your constable needs to be replaced. Your school board member needs to be replaced and that might be something you can do. There are many many many places where you can serve and make a difference. That won't be on fox news but will improve your community many positions but now is the time to start thinking about that. Now is the time and listen. I can't council every candidate. I don't have time. I know you're going to get angry. It happens every time that i won't take a meeting or i won't endorse you. I won't do this or i won't do that. Because i have limitations on my time in a number of other things but if you are planning to run next year which means most every election other than a senate seat those are every six years but of course a third of them are up every two most every other partisan position will be up next year. That's every congressional seat. All four thirty five the state legislatures. Some of the state senate seats are every six years. But now's the time to begin doing that and to start asking. And i'm gonna give you the one minute version of what i tell candidates. First of all. Ask your spouse. Should i run and could i win and should i win. Look you know whether you can do this job or not. But if you think you can and your five closest friends tell you can't take their advice. Maybe you're not as introspective or self aware as you need to be and the next thing is ask yourself how hard you're willing to work to win the race. Are you willing to do what it takes to win. Are you willing to put in some of your own money. Are you willing to make calls and ask people for money. I was really good as a candidate at asking people money. Almost no candidate every is but if you can't do that you can almost never win. Donald trump was a unique specimen because he managed to win not having to wallet with the race. He put some money into it but by knowing how the media cycle works. Very few other people do that. You've got to raise a minimal number of dollars to win. And then you have to be able to ask people for their support and answer their stupid questions. And if you're willing to do all those things and you're doing it for the right reasons not for your ego or because you wanna be a fancy famous person but for the right reasons then by. Golly not only should you run but you must. It's your duty so the only way we're gonna fix this country top to bottom every school board every state legislature every law and for everyone. That's every one of them. We've got to run for and win three two one two five eight seven four. Let's hear what you got. Show bud do before. I play any bit of audio. Always think about how to introduce that bit of audio and of course. If it's an opinion offered by a person in first person then there is the question of what if it's somebody who i don't particularly like what if it's someone who says things that off with which i often disagree. How much time do i spend saying. I don't like this person and they're usually wrong but they got it right here now. I suppose it'd be a lot simpler if i simply said well. Let's just not play that audio bid but good ideas are good ideas and sometimes even bad people who are usually wrong stumble on a good idea. Bill maher happens to be one of those and his willingness to say things that upset the left even though he's often one of their spokesman Delights me so when he gets something right no pun maybe pun intended. I i like to give that a little bit of of airing. I thought this particular Commentary was good and so take with a grain of salt who said it and just listen to the words themselves and then we'll discuss it and finding their own other. Graduation season has ended and we won't be spoiling anyone's big day. Let's talk about what higher education in america really is iraq that sells you very expensive ticket to the upper middle class. President biden's american families plan asks taxpayers to pony up hundreds of billions so that everyone can go to college and billions more for subsidized childcare. So our kids can go to school while we go to school. The theory being that all this education trickles down and eventually gets to florida now. now the right is calling. Biden's plan social engineering which is over the top. But biden's plan is an endorsement of a particular idea that the more time human spend in classroom staring at blackboards the better liberals seem more school. The way republicans tax cuts as the answer to everything we imagine going to college is the way to fight income inequality but actually it does the reverse. If you have a bachelor's degree you make about sixty five percent more than someone who doesn't and with a master's degree it's more like a one hundred percent more and the unemployment rate of college grads is about half what it is for high school grads. I know free. College is a left wing thing but is it really liberal for someone who doesn't go to college and makes less money to pay for people who do go and make more. I'm asking especially since colleges turn into giant luxury daycare centers with over-paid babysitters anxious to indulge. Every student wim. The university of missouri has a river grotto inspired by the playboy mansion. Texas tech has one of the largest water parks in the country that includes a twenty five person hot tub tanning deck waterslide and the lazy river. A third of students now spend less than five hours a week studying and when they do. It's for their owners. Magnum cum load of sports marketing history through twitter advanced racist spotting intro to microaggressions. And you an apology. One a one. Why is china kicking our ass because in two thousand nine hundred nine. We should more undergrad degrees in visual and performing arts than in computer and information science or math. Say what you want about laurie laughlin. At least she understood that one. Good scam deserves another and in the immortal words of her daughter. Olivia jade. how much school. I'm going to attend. But i do want the experience of like game days and partying. Yeah i'm not paying for that in one thousand. Nine hundred. sixty colleges awarded as to fifteen percent of the students will now. It's forty five percent and it's not because they got smarter. Yeah but also colleges are businesses selling a consumer product for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And they wanna give the customers what they want a magical piece of paper called a diploma. But that's only the beginning of the scam. A wannabe librarian needs a master's degree just to get an entry level job filing books. You know. I've heard this so many nurses and teachers and administrators rolling their eyes when relating how they needed to take some bull course in order to advance in their field. I mean really. They early learn what they need by working the job but in the in the griff that is our higher education. When you want to move up hold on there. That's a fast toll booth ahead. You need to pay for more education for. We decided you can do what you do. This is what scientology does makes you keep taking courses to move up to the bridge of total freedom. The middle ages the catholic church famously sold indulgences which were just tickets to heaven that you could buy well now. Another priesthood of academia sells different ticket to heaven. And because it's so necessary colleges can charge whatever they want since nineteen eighty five. The average cost of college has risen five hundred percent. What are the business doubles. Every nine years every year it increases at four times the rate of inflation and yet no one knows how to change a tire. The answer isn't to make college free. The answer is to make it more unnecessary which it is for most jobs. So that the two thirds of americans who either can't afford to just don't want to go don't feel shut out because the system we have sets up this winner loser dynamic and breeds resentment. That working hard has less value than sitting around in this thing and that that intern feeds into our widening political division or as one recent politician put it. I love the poorly educated interesting analysis. Of what just happened right there. That was an example of someone who was taking a shot at the sacred cow of the democrat party which is the The educational establishment but in order to save himself with that part of his audience at the end of the bit he has to take a shot at donald trump. I don't have to defend trump to you. But what trump was saying was if you take it out of context you can't tell but what trump was actually saying. Was you know they say that. My supporters are poorly educated. Well i love the poorly educated as a demographic group that is how they're described and he was saying that i love that group of people. And what's wrong with that in fact. Isn't that what the democrats try to tell us constantly but actually isn't true. Gonna talk to the author of a biography of thomas soul. Who wants wrote a book about the fact that as a black man himself. If you wanna help black people stop trying to help black people because all your policies that are supposed to help us don't and i think that's true across the socioeconomic scale for every group from levy shins to librarians. Everyone listens the michael berry show. You'll remember a few months ago. I watched a documentary. That i watched and then went back and spent a lot of time. watching particular segments that i had marked again because it was so wonderful in it was on one of the greatest men in american history and certainly of the modern era. There is antony scalia. And thomas soul for me thomas. Souls is out. I told you about this. A few weeks back maverick. A biography of thomas soul. That was the documentary now the biography. It's by jason riley who also made the documentary. And i must i thank you as a fellow. Thomas soul evangelist for putting something into riding this gonna give us an opportunity to share this great man's words and thoughts and ideas with so many who come after so great work and doing this. Thank you for that thank you. Thank you for having me on the show. Let me ask you the documentary before we get to the book commonsense in a senseless world. Is that what you see. Dr souls writings as as It's not unapproachable. One of the things. I love about his work is it is as highly intellectual as it is. It's not inaccessible. It is to a sense common sense. Yes i do. I do see it and i that way and i think that's Part of his appeal he is Not one of these intellectuals scholars who spends all his time speaking to his peers He's someone who wants to explain himself and disciplined and his work To a larger audience. And so most of the books thomas. Solis written And there have been around. Forty of them have been for general interest readers in plain spoken english On any number of topics and i think It takes great pride in that. I went to law school. I studied economics. I've read and watched Milton friedman on economics. And i still keep basic economics on my audible dated and i'll go back and listen to it. Listen to it again. it's it's primer. It's one of those things that just explains economics. In a way that i can then use that language to share with people who may never have even gone to college. And i think that is a great skill. His ability to teach an audience of people who may not have gone to college that which he's learned over what fifty something year careers and academic. It's incredible sure. And and you mentioned milton friedman. I think that that. Tom model himself as a public intellectual on milton friedman freedom of someone. Who would who'd won his nobel prize and and and left teaching in the seventies and then wrote books for general readers and then went around speaking on college campuses In in front of other audiences again to non-specialists he wanted to explain himself and he thought that was the duty of scholar. again not just to talk to your to your fellow academics but to explain yourself and that is what public intellectual should do and so i think that seoul modelled himself and in some ways on on milton friedman who taught him At the university of chicago where you under speech day. I went back a few weeks ago that the subject of inflation is you know. Here we are fearing a late seventies s Run up of inflation. And i went back and saw a speech that friedman gave in seventy seven early in the carter administration and he's talking about inflation in the printing press and all these things and i thought how very relevant all these years later how relevant will what thomas sole rights right be Forty years from now fifty years from now well. I think i think it'll be. It'll continue to be relevant. I think we are still debating a lot of the issues that he's written about in the past everything from from social justice issues to To the effects of the minimum wage laws and the effects of of affirmative action and and and and and slavery reparations. You name it. We're still talking about these things school choice. Which is what thomas oils. Most recent book released last year was about So so yes. I think he will continue to be read. I also think that his writings on economic history which was as i Discipline where he got. He got his His phd in the history of ideas and history of economic thought. I think those are going to be lasting contributions. His writings on social theory Decision making and so forth you know. Tom could have had an entire career Without ever writing anything about race that was not the first topic he turned to He's economic historian. I and he could have. He did distinguish himself writing about those issues exclusively and really really made his mark. And i think those works Will endure as well. The man is ninety one years old and still as relevant as ever recently in the news for the clip where he's asked about what his peers think of him and he said i've never cared. What my peers think of me. Is that the reason that thomas soul does not get what i consider to be his. Do play the game. I think you're right. You're right about that You know one of the reasons i wanted to write. The book is because. I think it's a shame tragic even that people like tom. He's see coats or even candy or nicole. Hannah jones or cornell. Last are better known than thomas oil even though he has Written circles around them all of them together terms of his output and not only just the volume of it but also the breadth and the depth and the rigor of his thinking is unmatched by those individuals. And i think it's just a criminal almost that he is not as well known as as they are. And the reason why as you've pointed out You know he's written some political politically incorrect things about Race in particular About the the Direction of the civil rights movement and the post sixties era and It's gotten him cancelled to use today's jargon. And a lot of academic circles a lot of intellectual circles. These are the folks that are largely control the media these the folks that largely control academia. They hand out the awards and prizes to their fellow intellectuals. And you're right. Thomas refused to play footsie with these folks. And i think it has cost him in terms of prestige and in terms of You know Notoriety poignant and powerful moment in your documentary was when you showed him going from a marxist. He gets all the way through school and he goes to work at the department of labor and he realizes that they're not they're they're talking about minimum wage. They don't actually believe in helping people. For whom the minimum wage would be increased in when they realized that what they're doing will hurt them they don't care that level of arrogance and that's the moment. He says he changed. Yeah and you know. It's not that uncommon for a lot of are conservatives today to started on the left when they were younger. You know. Ronald reagan started on the left you mentioned on friedman milton. Friedman started on the left and particularly among black conservatives. Today you know clarence. Thomas was black panther. So it's not. It's not at all uncommon Thomas always been an impure assist What's called an appears to some of the follows the facts and the data where they lead and he's less interested in the intentions of a policy than the actual results that come from those policies and so when he looked at at minimum wage after working in government and saw what the results were not what the intentions were but the actual result particularly with respect to the employment effects on minority groups. It costs them to not only we evaluate his support for the minimum wage at the time but to reevaluate just the role of governments The role of these government policies and and and not view them Without thinking just something beneficial to society that they need these policies put out by the government needs to be examined empirically and judged on their merits Not their intentions and so it. It did force tom to move away from socialism and liberalism And that was way back in the nineteen sixties. Even though he had he had been for much of his twenty's a marxist eagerly awaiting this interview with jason riley. Who's written maverick. A biography of thomas soul and we will continue this conversation coming up. You've got corn. Pop was a bad dude. The michael berry show. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I've been waiting for this interview excited about this interview of jason l. Riley the author of maverick a biography of thomas soul one of my intellectual heroes. We continue our conversation. This is a young man born Into a struggle from the beginning as young black man. He was orphaned He was in the jim crow south he experienced racism and it was real and he knew it and he came up through that and yet he's an individual who judges one independently. He does not bear a grudge or a chip. He looks at the world very honestly. He's been criticized for not being with someone else's 'cause it's a unique story but i think that gives him such a powerful voice because no one can question what he's been through. How did that work who he is. You're right Personal experience Did very much inform- Who he is and what he believes. Today you're absolutely right about that. A real world experience experiences that he had experiences in the military experiences living in in a segregated society or or there were certain restaurants. He couldn't use our bathrooms. you couldn't use her neighborhoods. He couldn't live. He knows that history. He needs no lectures from the left. On so 'cause the stomach racism Thomas been Been on this earth. A long time So he knows that but what he's also learned is that And this is his scholarship studying. These issues is that racism itself is not an all purpose Blanket explanation for the outcomes. We see today. He's someone who has studied The progress made among blacks one. That was far more racism legal segregation in this country versus the That has been made since the nineteen sixties and a great welfare state expansion of the great society and so forth and thomas concluded that it's true not only among blacks among many other ethnic and minority groups all over the world that If you have the right human capital if you have the attitudes and behaviors the culture you can overcome Discrimination by larger societies and group after group after group has done that and a lot of scholarship. He's he's showing these patterns among other groups and he said today that this emphasis on sort of stamping out racism. I'd be great. It might be a worthy goal. But it's probably not going to happen and the idea that that that blacks can't be held accountable or pay attention to personal responsibility and personal improvement and self betterment until racism has been vanquished. As silly he says you have to focus on most things and if you do focus on those things you'll be able to overcome the racism in larger society. To what extent did you focus your research and attention and energy for such a big period of time on this man because you personally revere him like i do well. I i've been a student of souls For decades now. I discovered him in college Back in the early nineteen nineties. I worked on the school paper. And i was sitting around with some of my buddies having a discussion about affirmative action one day. And someone said jason. You sound like tom. Soul and. I said tom who and the person wrote down the name of a book on a on a sheet of paper and i went to the school library That evening and check it out and read it in one sitting and and went back the next day and check out the rest of the library soul collection. And i've been hooked ever since So i i've been following his work since the since the early nineteen nineties i. I met him after. I began working at the wall street. Journal and on the editorial page There at the paper and he used to come through new york where i was based When he had books out on book tour and meet with editorial boards and so forth. So i got a chance to meet him in the mid nineties. And then i went out to hoover the hoover institution at stanford university where he's based and did an interview with him for the paper Back in the mid two thousand. And that's when we sort of struck up an acquaintance and i began Bugging him about becoming his biographer. I was quite shocked that he didn't already have one But he wasn't particularly interested in having one either so i had to. I had a a little bit and got some of his buddies to help me. And finally he said he asked me agree to For very long interviews to discuss his life. And that's how the book came about you. Such an intriguing man. The book is maverick. A biography of thomas soul by jason l. riley our guest he has such a regal old world distinctly southern Genteel respectful demeanor of a man. Who's been through so many things and we may never know what he's been through. But it's like a throwback to a different generation and yet for as genteel and and proper. He's always you know standing up straight. I've gone back and watched in in your documentary on youtube where people are just a sailing him with the worst insults calling him nasty terms and he's so dignified as as he does that. And it's just fascinating to me that this man never reveals that you can wound him or that. He asked personal emotions but that had to have affected him. Does it well. Of course no. One likes to be called called names but as he said. And that's i think is generally true That's the attitude i i sort of. Try to to keep Is if someone is resorting to the name calling. It means that they they can't challenge your your ideas what you said. They can't take on your arguments. This is all they have left are. The ad hominem attacks. And so it's a you almost get sort of satisfaction out of that. This is this is all they can do is throw names. Because they can't refute what you said And and so. This is what they have to have to resort. But you're right. He is someone of an older generation He carries himself a certain way. And that's been something of a curse and a blessing for him over there over the decades. And i see a curse. Because tom's i love was teaching he wanted to be a college professor of economics preferably at at a small college where he could you know have relationships close relation of the students And but this was the nineteen sixties when he was trying to to do that. And he did teach throughout the sixties and the seventies but as you know colleges were changing back then the The campus And they were changing in ways Rapidly that college administrators and college faculty Wasn't quite clear how to handle it. So you had the women's movement you had the gay rights movement the black civil rights antiwar movement and all of these movements us college campuses as platforms and. Tom was the straight laced Old school guy. Just trying to teach economics you know. You cannot be excused from class to protest. No we're not going to spend all class talking about the latest headlines here to learn economics and there this constant run ins with with students and faculty and administrators and then tom cornell in the late sixties when you had the campus takeover with the armed students and i think for him that was really the last straw the refusal the administration to stand up to the sort of thing I think really soured tom teaching. And he stuck it out for most of the seventies although it's sort of had one foot out the door by then But he but he eventually gave up eventually. Said i can't handle this. And he moved over to the hoover institution and nineteen eighty. And that's where he's been. I've ever since writing the books and the columns and so forth and i'm happy we have that at that collection of of of work but i think it's i love. It always been always been teaching. What do you think. Thomas soul sees his legacy as being in his greatest accomplishment. I think he's he's honesty and straightforwardness and and and that shouldn't be something that distinguishes you as a scholar on intellectual simply telling the truth but unfortunately today it does Thomas someone who has put truth about popularity He is someone. As i said who follows the facts where they lead even when they lead to unpopular conclusions or politically incorrect conclusions And there are other scholars who shy away from that they want to say. What is fashionable They avoid telling honest truth because they're worried about you know today. The social media mobs and so forth. Tom is not concerned with that. He thinks the role of a scholar is simply the follow the facts and to tell the truth and i think that is how he has largely distinguished himself throughout his career. The sort of fearless maverick truth teller. We'll talk more with jason l. Wryly about his book maverick. A biography of thomas coming. It's that time time time. Mocking load michael berry show is on the air our conversation now jason l. riley. The author of maverick a bogra fee of thomas soul. It frustrates me. That clarence thomas will forever be by a certain segment. Very influential segment be referred to first by his race and only later and never fairly for the opinions that have helped shape the court that was not done to scalia his dear friend and fellow traveller and it seems a bit unfair to him. Do you think that souls race in any way affected his lack of prominence to the extent that i believe he deserved. You think that people silenced him because he broke with the narrative and you need conformity among black intellectuals. Absolutely i think i absolutely and it is a shame. Now one of the questions that that's often asked in interviews And has been for for decades is how it feels to be at odds or to go against the grain of so many other blacks and he always corrects the premise of the question. He says you don't mean against the grain of most blacks against the grain and most black intellectuals most black elites He says but black elite snow more represent black people and white elites only people and and he's right about that On on issue after issue to this day you still see that Something like school choice. You know you. Most black people support it most black elites do not Affirmative action in higher education. The black public does not support racial preferences in college. Admissions the black elites do a voter. Id laws are supported by a majority of blacks opposed by majority of black elites and on and on and on issue after issue And so yes because it is the black elite status that the that the media constantly runs to to speak on behalf of black people They short-changed soul and the black elites have been able to silence him to cancel him to to to to Sort perceive him as someone not to be trusted or not even be heard on on matters regarding race and so yeah he. He is certainly paid a price without young black. Children will probably not very often be taught his works because it is outside. The sort of conformist mentality of this is what you teach young people And yet they will hear about other individuals. Some of the names you mentioned earlier. You think that bothers him because they're not getting to see the panoply. The broad expanse of human thought not just from black thinkers but from thinkers and writers. And yet he's going to be kept out of that by so many from educators. Do you think that bothers him on it. It might but. I don't know that he that he believes that low is be true. I mean he's. He's left this large body of work. And i'm convinced that it is it is it is too large and and and and to To thoughtful to to well argued to be ignored indefinitely You know and that body of work we'll speak for itself and it will be there. The books are the books they will be there. Someone will find them and someone will read them and when they read them they wanna tell people about them. So i i. I don't think tom sawyer will stay canceled. I think his his output I think it's just been too too too large and too varied To to to keep him silence for very long I'd i'd like to change things as soon as possible. Which is why. I did the book and the and the documentary. I'd like to introduce them to to younger people or making more better known to people who may know a little bit about him. So i'm trying to do my part but his work will speak for itself. And no one can explain thomas all time soul as we started out talking. You know he. He writes in this way that it's extremely extremely accessible. And i think many people ultimately we'll be able to access him. What about thomas. Sowell surprise you the most that you did not know about him in doing this intensive extensive research into him. Well not a lot surprised me. I mean like as i said i've been following a career for a while but what might surprise a lot of a lot of people who haven't filed him as long as closely as i have is What a late start he got. You mentioned that he was orphaned Had a tough upbringing. He ended up dropping out of high school before graduating leaving home at the age of seventeen sorta wandering around for a while. He was drafted into the marines. Sorta got his act together and then He doesn't end up. He goes to college on the gi. Bill doesn't end up getting a graduate An undergraduate degree degree until he is twenty eight years old It doesn't write his first book until he's forty and he's thinking about how productive he's been it just makes you wonder how much more productive he would've been if he had gotten done the traditional the traditional route of an intellectual but So i you know people might be shocked at just. How late start. Talcott jason you are a prince of a man for doing this. You have made a great contribution. I hate to think that his legacy would not be continued on. Had you not done this to the extent that it now will be. I love your documentary. I cannot wait to to listen to the book to read the book and then to listen to it on audible as as a follow up. Do you read it on audible. Or who does i don't. I'm not sure who's reading. And i think it's an actor And he might have read one of my previous books as well but But it's not no it's not me. Well fantastic work. I am a big fan of yours now as well. Thank you for making time for us. I really appreciate it. I hope everyone will buy the book. Read it listen. Think about it maverick. A biography of thomas soul by jason l. riley. Thank you sir. I cannot begin to tell you. What an influence. Thomas soul has had on my mindset much as antony. Scalia has much as milton. Friedman have and i have to tell you People tell me all the time you know. I'm not educated. They'll say you are educated. You may not have sat in a classroom because you couldn't afford the time or the money to go to college but your mind is sharp. Your experiences are vast. Your wisdom in many cases is plentiful. Don't sell yourself short. But i think one of the great sadnesses is is the idea that you go to school and you learn everything you need to learn and then you go out into life is learning. You're developing and growing as you go along. There are more opportunities to learn from other thinkers. Then there ever were before. Get yourself an audible account where they read the books to you. If you're a truck driver listen to books when the radio goes bad and you can't get a signal or some guys drone and on then go to audible and listen to read a basic economics by by thomas. There's so much available. So many of the classics. You can read milton and lock. And and a burke. An adam smith and john grisham would really be in that category but thank you for for participating But take the time now to do that. Make that you can't do it while you drive driving but for those of you who drive around you drive for a living whether you're a hotshot driver truck driver cop you name it. You've got some time where you can be listening thinking that can be schooltime for you. Think many hours you spend if you're a homemaker and and you got to cook dinner and there you are instead of putting on the view in the background put on a great book. Put on a classical book. Go look up milton friedman. He has speech is free to choose and he explains inflation. He explains minimum wage and he explained so many things never stop learning. And just because nobody around you does that. Don't let that stop. You be as great as you want to be. It's out there it's available. You can do it. And thomas hall is a great place to start basic economics entry level easily accessible bite sized pieces but in the meantime. Read this book this is. You may cut me man. But i'm going to wrap this chain around your head. The michael berry show little girl so he's broken up. Can't be that bad through. I want to continue for a moment. On the theme we concluded the last segment on in that is this concept of education education as an industry is a hallmark of social of socialist countries. The education establishment is very powerful. Very well funded. It's a collegial environment. A fraternity sort of of of powerful people because they're given the task of recruiting and empowering the next generation. The foot soldiers. And the idea that a chosen group of people will get the benefit of this education. You see this is very important. In these countries that has become the case here. Education should be something that is revered that is respected in the sense that it is a course of study that makes a contribution to society. How many of our graduates today are learning things with which they will make a contribution to society. The contribution to society is the people that are serving in the military and coming back and working hard and fixing problems. But it's not just the university which is what bill maher's clip was about an article in the philadelphia inquirer said that state lawmakers in pennsylvania have drastically reduced state funding for public schools over the last generation drastically reduced funding. Well who's gonna call them on that if it's not true they just say it. They don't even check because there's never enough money being spent on education right. That's the theory. You gotta show where your priorities are. You gotta spend more money on education right well. State lawmakers have drastically reduced state funding public schools over the last generation. Let's go back to nineteen ninety. Pennsylvania k through twelve education funding per student. Ten thousand five hundred twelve dollars per student ten years later in two thousand twelve thousand three hundred twenty eight ten years later in two thousand ten sixteen thousand eighty nine two thousand nineteen. We don't have the twenty twenty number ship. Eighteen thousand two hundred thirty eight. Even you adjust for inflation. That's a seventy three percent increase in k through twelve funding since nineteen ninety a seventy three percent increase even after you adjust for inflation. Where's the money going. We'll let me tell you it's not for classroom. Instruction the educational experiences not improved by throwing more money at it. Do you know what they spend more money on. Things like critical race theory teacher conferences outside consultants increase in administration pay like most every other administrator in most every other industry they find ways to feather their own nest but it never trickles down to the classroom. It never trickles down to teachers. Being able to teach students better who will then perform better. Which is why. They don't want standardized tests and i get it. There's teaching to the test. There's a lack of education because the teacher has to teach what's going to be on the test and not with teacher finds to be important but in the absence of these standardized tests. How do you ever control for changes in curriculum and find any way to measure results. How will we ever know if a teacher is doing her job. How will we ever know if students are actually quote being educated if they're learning anything and that's really difficult in the liberal arts classes like literature. I mean i guess you could have reading comprehension. But how do we know if a student can read well or not. you know. We've heard the stories of kids graduating and can't read right. I suspect it's true. But at least with a standardized test you can test. Math is very simple. Can you do addition and subtraction. Okay pretty simple straight up across the board level playing field. I don't think it's racist. But i'm sure some. I'm sure somebody with a phd at upn or harvard would tell me that having a math. Standardized testing is favors white kids and asian kids and it hurts black kids. I don't know how. But i'm sure they've they've they've written their thesis on it and they're probably on the faculty at some university trying to convince everyone else of that. Which is the soft bigotry of low expectations. But at least if you have math subtraction sorry addition subtraction multiplication basic algebra geometry. You could go on up trig calculus. You could test simple things. That are not open to subjective testing. And then you'd know. Are the kids learning basic math. And then you get into science and then you get into word comprehension and then you get into now it. It does get subjective when you start getting into more language but you could do basic translations for foreign languages. Spanish being the most important one in this country especially where i live in texas. Somebody wrote over the weekend. It was. I guess it was a soccer game that was being held in denver. And somebody wrote that. Denver is a home game for mexico. Sometimes it sure feels like that. But i'll tell you. There is a realignment going on politically in this country. Major win in mcallen. Texas where democrats have dominated the rio grande valley. What we call the or gv in south texas on the mexican border and our neighbors down south. This is huge fellow by the name of hobby. Air via lobos beat the democrat. He was running against with fifty one percent of the vote. Trump twenty twenty campaign senior adviser. Steve test points out mcallen. Texas is a major border town of one hundred forty thousand people eighty five percent hispanic and they just elected a republican mayor. The macro realignment celebrates in south texas and elsewhere. As hispanics rallied to america first strong borders economic nationalism pro-police the washington examiner carly ortiz. Lytle points out that a re alignment appears to be a foot and she goes through all the the percentages. There is a body of work now. President trump in two thousand sixteen versus president trump to two thousand. Twenty the flip of people hispanics in south texas who voted for hillary clinton and then voted for trump in twenty twenty. We've got to stop assuming that every hispanic person believes we should have wide open illegal immigration or else we hate hispanics. They don't feel that way. We've got to appeal to people's minds and stop pandering. We've got to fight the democrats on the narrative. We've got to fight them and prove to them. Hispanic americans are conservative. God-fearing child rearing country serving pro-police small business owners and hard workers who were giving up too much of their money in taxes. That is the republican agenda. We should be winning. The highest percentage of hispanic votes. These are pro-life not abortion lovers. These are veterans. These are police officers. These are family folks. These are these are people who have built this country and these are people who understand that illegal immigration is bad. They understand it they get it. It's time we start competing and winning for the hearts and minds of these voters. You don't have to change the message. you don't have to water it down. That's what the george w bush's in the mitt romney's and the john mccain's did trump didn't do that and look how they responded. Look how they rewarded backing blue and our vets to. It's the michael berry show. Fist gated cast taste in music. Women drove my. Wow president. trump told a very moving story about seeing our fallen. Soldiers brought back home and speaking with their families. I am reminded of hillary clinton as secretary of state when after benghazi the parents of those who died because of the failures of her in and barack obama and she promised to get the people who did this to their sons and all the while they were lying and saying that this was because of a film that had been made in egypt. They knew that wasn't true. This was muslim. This was a muslim attack on the date of nine eleven. That was not a coincidence. And they knew that and they lied about it to the public. Tried to distract. sent susan. Rice out compare her lying to the families of the fallen to president trump. Talking about speaking with those families and visited soldiers at walter reed hospital where the doctors are truly fantastic. What they can do. But i'd see these young people that were just blown to pieces and it's just it's so sad. I be a dover where the these magnificent machines would come in the big cargo planes and that door would open up and the be a coffin in the back and the military soldiers would take that coffin. Walk off the plane. And i'd be with the parents an hour before and would be talking and i'd say to the general in charge general. The parents seem to be okay and no. They're not sir the not okay. I said general. I'm having a great conversation. And mothers oftentimes would sell. My son was such a great football player sir. He had an arm. That was so powerful. He was so strong he could throw a ball so far he was such a good player. Other things they tell me these stories about just was so in love with telling the stories about their son or their daughter in some cases their daughter. And then i'd look at the generosity will. It's amazing the way they can handle it and then the plane would come in. And the general say sir. It's not going to be good and that door would open up at big back door. Right would open up from this incredible powerful machine that can lift up army tanks like it's nothing and it would open up and they'd be one or two or three or four coffins had. I'd see the same people that were talking to me so jubilant about their child how great the child was which starts screaming screaming screaming. Like i've never heard before it was the most terrible thing to watch. And the general in charge would say sir You're going to see things that you may be will not have seen like watch. I said mothers and wives and even father sometimes breaking through the military ranks and jumping on top of the coffin. And i got to see that one time where mother was just she went just absolutely. She was devastated. She jumped on and these incredible extremely fit. Soldiers are taking that coffin and would jumped onto the coffin and they would just keep what they wouldn't do a thing they would just keep walking and the mother was on the coffin. And this is rough ghanistan for iraq and for these other places where so many mistakes were made where we shouldn't be how we can't do that and we're moving out when moving back twenty one years you know you've heard nineteen years but it's not nineteen now it's twenty one years in afghanistan Off and we haven't lost a soldier in afghanistan since january last year. We have loss of saw that one single soldiers loss. Amazing pretty amazing. So it's hard to believe the records a biden administration is doing and i'm very glad that he's continuing to move them out. I think it would be very hard to stop to be honest. I think frankly stopping would it be very very hard but Some very honored by the fact that they continuing to bring those soldiers home where they belong. I've heard that three times now and it gets me everytime you know. Donald trump is not a pander. Bill clinton was bill. Clinton would tell you he could feel your pain while he was feeling up your wife. These politicians learn the language the power of words and the meaning the effects that words and gestures can have and so they do things for for bill clinton. It was making a fist and then digging his thumb into the finger and kind of pointing it at you with that for others. It's pointing their finger for others. It's for richard nixon. He was making a v for victory. Sign which was the world war two era reminder which is what he came out of trump. Didn't go to that school. They didn't sit him down and tell him how to do that. And maybe sometimes comes across a little more cold. Because he doesn't use the language of the speechwriter in in what he does or the mannerisms that are affected from going to lots of parades and lots of speeches and lots of ribbon cuttings. But you get the sense that that's a man. For whom in those four years. He saw some things and like a real human being. They meant something to him. I wonder to what extent joe biden's heart really breaks for these families. This is a guy. That's been in the senate since nineteen seventy two and he was on the assembly before that this. This man's been doing this for so long. You know i saw story. I saw a story that that the fawning media had written about Joe biden and it said that joe biden You know he. He likes to get out of town. He's he likes to to get away from it all here. We are the washington post biden's typical day reveals a creature of habit eager to escape the washington bubble and determined to stay in touch with his family. A six term senator and two term vice president who ran for president three times is just itching to escape the washington bubble notes beckett. Adam he just can't wait to get away from it doesn't keep running for will expert opinions trust the science. Trust the experts. We've been told that again and again. If there's one thing you should have learned over the last year it is trust but verify. It is that many times. The experts like everyone else have an agenda. Just as bill maher noted the church used to give indulgences for wealthy members to to get out of their crimes or they're to pay penance. Well there is a piece that's been dusted off. It was written five years ago in two thousand sixteen by one by the name of camilla domanski entitled fifty years ago. Sugar industry quietly paid scientists to to point blame at fat the parallels to fao she and other folks who over the past year have given their expert opinion. And we. now get this we. Now we now get the distinct sense that in many cases they were doing what their chinese overlords or joe biden or someone else told them to do a listen to this story. And it doesn't sound familiar in the nineteen sixties. The sugar industry funded research. That downplayed the risks of sugar and highlighted the hazards of fat according to a newly published article in the journal of american medicine internal medicine. The article draws on internal documents to show that an industry group called the sugar research foundation wanted to refute concerns about sugars possible role in heart. Disease now let me interrupt and say. I don't care if you eat sugar. I don't care much fat you eat. I don't care about your chocolate consumption or your alcohol consumption or whether you wear a seat belt or smoke a cigarette. I'm not anti sugar anti fat or anything else. I just want you to understand that when you make life decisions. Based on reports that are supposedly scientific unique to understand that many times those quote unquote scientists are nothing more than prostitutes for whoever's willing to pay them the most to say what they need said the s r f sugar research foundation then sponsored research by harvard scientists that did just that the result was published in no less than the new england journal of medicine. I mean that's the gold standard in nineteen sixty seven but with no disclosure of the sugar industry funding. The sugar funded project in question was a literature review examining a variety of studies and experiments. It suggested there were major problems with all the studies that implicated sugar and concluded that cutting fat out of american diets was the best way to address coronary heart disease. The authors of the new article. Say that for the past five decades. The sugar industry has been attempting to influence the scientific debate over the relative risks of sugar and fat co author steven glance all the new york times. It was a very smart thing. The sugar industry did because review papers. Especially if you get them. Published in a very prominent journal tend to shape the overall scientific discussion in the article. The authors aren't trying to make the case for a link between sugar and coronary heart disease. Their interest is solely in the process. They say the documents reveal the sugar industry attempting to influence scientific inquiry and debate the researchers note that they worked under some limitations. We could not interview key actors involved in this historical episode because they have died. They write other organizations. Were also advocating concerns about fat they note. There's no evidence that the s r f directly edited the manuscript published by the harvard scientists in nineteen sixty seven. But there is circumstantial evidence that the interests of the sugar lobby shaped the conclusions of the review. The researchers say for one thing there's motivation and intent in one thousand nine fifty four. The researchers note the president of the sugar research foundation gave a speech describing a great business opportunity. If americans could be persuaded to eat a lower fat diet for the sake of their health. They would need to replace that fat with something else. America's per capita sugar consumption could go up by a third but in the sixties the sugar research foundation became aware of flowing reports. That sugar is a less desirable dietary source of calories than other carbohydrates as john hickson the sugar research foundation vice president and director of research. Put it in one document. He recommended that the industry fund its own studies. Then we can publish the data and refute our detractors. Well i'm all for going out and doing your own research. And that research reveals that was your opponents are saying about you or other industries or scientists isn't true then you prove actually our product works but how much of your life now how much of your cravings for food are because you were fed that food timothy ferriss who wrote four hour workweek in the four hour. Body is alive hacker. He wants famously. Wrote we crave what we eat and he said when you start on a new diet the first day is very difficult but it gets much easier because the first day you start on a diet and i don't care what you do if you do atkins which was big for a while or if you do paleo or if you do kito or if you do only this or none of this when you first start the diet you crave the things you're used to eating we all have patterns whether that's fast food with pizza. Whatever that is pasta steaks fried chicken. And i make you hungry yet. But we crave that which we're used to eating and we have to create a new habit. Well once we start eating whatever that is red beans was sauce and some green vegetables. Only meet only vegetable. Whatever that is as we start doing it more and more. You will find that you start craving that. That's why whatever your mom made is mother's milk to you. My wife craves very different. Things than i do because she craze what she was raised on create. What i was raised on. That's the reason people in japan lives such long lives because they eat less red meat and more fish. I wish i crave that stuff. I don't because that's not what we ate. And the fish we ate was fried. The point isn't what healthy and what's not. We can argue over that and it's a fun discussion. The point is so of what we crave is. Because that's what we ate and so much of what we ate is because the government told us that was in that pyramid. do you know who funded that food pyramid. That you still believe is science. It's not well. What if you started learning that big pharma is funding. All this research or that bill gates is paying part of the expenses for fau cheese organizations or that fao. She was funding the gain of function research. In wuhan or that. Yeah start to make. you wonder doesn't it. Maybe trust nobody in. Start for yourself this ticket.

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Side Effects of Covid-19 on the Black Community (with Joy Reid)

Small Doses

1:11:36 hr | 1 year ago

Side Effects of Covid-19 on the Black Community (with Joy Reid)

"Starlings out of there thank you for listening to the Star Lebron's audio podcast network. We have so many great comedy shows to add to Europe Lila just last week on stubborn audio on the graphic saves the World Comedian. Andrew or vidal challenges his Co host. Ben Roy and Adam Cayton Holland watch all nine fast and the furious movies in one week a nobody listens to Paula poundstone. Tom Hanks drives to win their one hundred collar contests and talks about his experience with the corona virus. This week on the boogie monster CALC main and Dave stone discuss fake me. Strange beer mixes and Dave's got red beans and rice recipe on. That's Butte. Jackie shares her porn teen skin woes including eyelash serum irritation and indoor sunscreen necessities. Starnes audio on Apple podcasts. Spotify or any podcast platform for a full list of our shows featuring hosts like Dole. Say Slow the brothers and Kyle airs. Don't forget follow us on Instagram and twitter at starbucks audio enjoyed the show and remember stay. Stay healthy and keep laughing. Oh Hey it's Josh Gondolen. If you're anything like me you're constantly torn between wanting to know what's going on in the world and feeling crushed beneath an avalanche of horror whenever you read the news. Doesn't anyone have any good news? Ever fortunately for all of us. I have a new comedy. Game Show podcast day every episode. Three of my favorite comedians and best friends will compete even can put the best positive spin on the news and culture of the week and then I declare a winner based on. Cheers me up the most. Be Sure to subscribe to make day on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. You don't miss a single episode you so funky. Welcome to another episode of small doses but quarantine addition today. We have somebody who I feel like. It's always been such a such a direct voice I especially in particularly in journalistic space advocating for blackness advocating for acting against injustice advocating for women. And you know I really feel like there's this like very strong line that somehow been drawn between like the journalists space and then like everyone else like it really bothers me because I feel like once upon a time everybody watched the news. And now it's slag folks shade room or they watch blogs or you know and they kind of like consider that like. I've gotten the news but now people like ms are out here Giving us not just the news by information on a regular basis and making it their business making it her business to step into spaces. Where oftentimes we see the news. And when I say as I mean particularly black folks so first of all when waiting welcome to the show I just want you know and I. I had texted about my mother was like you know joy guy and we people from Grenada. We know exactly and my mother was like I really Guyanese. Women are really located within because once once they take you in there doing ever let you go. That's right you're like a guy in. He's women if you brother married a cousin. Whatever your your partner family so and getting food every Christmas everytime giving getting food get totten Gig Blackwell so definitely want us as you live in a CARIB CARICOM connection. Yes but you know. We participated in something to Angela riot together. Called Black Woman speak and it was the first time that you and I ever got to interact. And I've always been a fan of your of your work and the way that you have inhabited your space and on that we were talking about a number of different things in regards to Kovic nineteen and this all of this that we haven't seen addressed in the mainstream media space and I wanted to do my part in using my platform to fill in some of those spaces right because I know a lot of my viewers and listeners. They are watching the. Msnbc's watching the CNN. They are tuned in that way. Let's see your point even on those places they're not addressing things that are incredibly affecting our community so I wanted to take today to just give you a platform To address the things that you feel like are hitting the cutting room floor. Yeah well I I want to say thank you for having me here Amanda. I'm a big Fan as well and all the different ways that you are able to project yourself into so many different audiences because as you know for us you know. We don't see ourselves in that many spaces right and so whether you're doing series of which is important to see ourselves reflected in or doing daytime. Tv which is also report to see ourselves in Whether you doing comedy grow. Whatever you're doing I love the fact that you represent you always represent I was. I literally ran into a youtube where the whole youtube was about. Amanda Space will be saved. Up is just her? Just just look at the the the response if she gives you. The visual response is so fabulous. Because you let us know how you feel about everything at all times that I love it so thank you so much for just doing what you do is what you do is so important but I will say that The the way in which. I'm sure you can recognize this just working in the fields where you work is that we typically are not the majority even close to the majority in the space where we work often talent. You see us on the front side of the camera when you go behind the scenes when you talk about crew although I have to save my crew at thirty rock end of both in DC ended third. Rock are very diverse New Diverse But generally you got the crew. That's Lester bird and it gets even less diverse when you get to management when you get up to management we get fewer and fewer And so since there are fewer of us in the rule making the immediate you know the initial decisions about what to cover and how to cover it. We have to fight on the front end to make sure that we are seeing fit. Are that the look on. Our face is visible on camera before that even happens Hired we have to get cast in these jobs. We have to have producers and writers. It looked like us. We have to try to force our way into these. These rooms you know and so. I'm very blessed that you know I inherited initially Melissa Harris. Perry's tea as well. That were already diverse right. When I doubt over that spot Melissa's team was already in place and so some people have come and gone and bought onto bigger and better readers. But we've always been very intentional on my team about hiring a very diverse staff so I look around me in my little space and I see us right but walking around in the bigger picture of our industry. We're not so prevalent so I think that's one it's important to say that it's for us to be here for you and myself to Brussels. Even be here with these platforms means that that people have pushed for us to have this opportunity in that opportunity has been presented to us. It's such a blessing. That's one thing I'll say to code. Nineteen you know when we first heard about it. It was just kind of just general plague that we knew was happening in in Wuhan in China that we could come here. That trump was playing down as being. Oh don't worry about it. Fifty people get at that. It'll go away. It'll be fine. And then all of a sudden it went from that to like Armageddon almost immediately and as this the numbers of people who died increase. Some of US did start to notice that a lot of those debts were in cities. Have a lot of black. Oh Kim in big cities in New York in places like Chicago in places like Detroit and then as we look even closer like wait a minute even in the south other places. There's a lot of black victims here and then after a while we started to get the damn that showed that it's not just our perception. You know 'cause I remember before. Interest Elbow guided black folk were like. Oh we can't get that and in the black is black man guy again. It was it was like all of our British has been asked why. That's not possible so then we realize oh wait a minute. This can get us well. We black people are contracting Kobe. Nineteen and also dying after contracting copay. Nineteen at astronomical rates. So for instance. If we're fourteen percent of a population we'll be forty or fifty percent of the debts and to that start it's places where we're seven percent of the population but thirty five percent of the debt. It's extreme it's magnified the number of people who get it by three or four and that's how many of our folks are getting a dying and there's a lot that goes into that we're seeing the epidemiologist really you know sort of explain why that is one factor is. We don't have healthcare as often. We don't have health conversely so we're coming in with pre existing conditions that are untreated. So we'll have asthma already will already have high blood pressure and diabetes. And if you have those preexisting conditions are more likely to die if you get it. So that's one factor Factor is not having health insurance not having access to healthcare having pre existing conditions. Also the jobs that we tend to do when we talk about the working class in our industry. It's often white working class. That's who you talk about when you said working class. A lot of white journalists need white people but we go truckers. The overturns exactly. They're not talking about us but we are. The majority of the working class is mostly Brown and black and so we will tend to work in jobs where we can't do it. You and I are doing work from home. We can't do it. We are neat passers. We are people who work in Amazon warehouses. Not GonNa snaps would actually moving stuff around. The Postal Service is overwhelmingly. Could you know black? It's blacker than their national So we're working in job were. Ups Drivers we're the frontline workers near cashiers Stockroom people we gotta go to work so when catching it because we're around other people and we work in place what we can't not be close to other people so all of these factors are are are causing us to be victims more than the average population so this so let's put a pin in that. And can you give my for those for those who don't know where you what space you inhabit as journalists. Because you've been in this game for a million and you know I remember. I learning about your work with your embassy. Msnbc show. But I wanted to just get some backstory into how you got to the space and the reason why because everybody I feel like thinks that they can just tack on the term journalists and journalists. Very Willy Nilly these days But they lack a certain level of experience of ethics et Cetera. And so I just wanted to give the audience some frame of context about what makes you unique in that space. Well so basically I can just say I was born in Brooklyn New York Old My sister and my mom we moved to Denver Colorado. My father is from was from the Congo. My mother was diabetes as we discussed they got. They met actually in Iowa. Somehow because that's what they both ended up in college as you come from overseas. You're looking for bargain looking for price. And so the cheap place where they can go to college so they had been Iowa with. My sister was when I went to Iowa for the first time. Yeah I went for a scholarship and the CA- chaperone like a scotch competition. The chaperone pulled up. He opened the minivan door. And like I would say. Six out of nine of us were black and looked at us and went will. Y'All I colored. I've ever seen it and we were like we bought the car. So that's my Iowa luck. Yeah no crazy by by when my father went there. My mother came to this country in nineteen sixty and I think. My father came around the same time. And you know back in the sixties win. The Congo was liberated from the Belgians. What the new government originally did was they said. Okay let's take all the chiefs than the high level. People kids sons and send their sons around the world to go get an education and at the time the Kennedy Administration was fighting to get those people to come here because their attitude was. If this is going to be liberated country we wanted to be pro American pro Russian. 'cause I was really itching hard. No come to Moscow and go be educated there so my father was in that group of men including Barack Obama's data a lot of these people they sent their sons the chiefs in the high men would send their sons to America to get educated with the idea. They'd come back and then in the government. That's how my father got over here. He came not that long after Obama. Team year And so when he got to Iowa it wasn't just one or two colors. It was a whole lot of Africans. I've little bit. Yearbooks from back then in it's all these. African men sitting around with all these white men guys came here knowing nothing about the idea of segregation. They were like what about you know it was a whole new experience to come here and for my mother as well she had actually gone to school in England. I and she'd gone to London University us to be a teacher teacher. You know my my aunt is a nurse. Ochre oddities a nurse. They're the only two girls in family so one teacher one teacher one nurse so she came to To finish her education esotique jerk in in Iowa. So that's where my sister was born. They moved to New York then they at some point got Mary. 'cause I don't think they were married at. I is whole mystery. Because you don't talk about these things right. Thank you. Don't talk about it so then eventually ended up in Denver. And that's where my brother was born. And that's where we grew up so I grew up in Denver. Colorado originally of course being west Indian chat. I was going to be a doctor. It's going to be a lawyer and the brother architects. Of course. None of us are any bills so eventually what happened is very long story. Short a wound up getting into Harvard University. Once I guided was like you have to go so wet so I went on. My mom unfortunately passed away so that threw off my whole idea of being in medicine. I just didn't believe in it anymore. I didn't trust it. I didn't want anything to do with walking in hospitals or anything so it just I. It threw me completely off so I wound up taking a year off. I went to New York and I really had to start thinking about what I want to be if I'm not a doctor because my whole life I've said I wanna be a doctor and you know as a west Indian kid when you say that that's what you're going to be your family doesn't really have options for you at that point here like great glad. Hanau soft spots right. I didn't really have a plan B. So long story short. What wound up happening was? Eventually once I graduated a bopped around doing consulting and doing some of stuff when I got my degree and I wound up thinking you know what I my husband and I I got pregnant. Got Pregnant a second time. We moved to Florida and I was like. This is my chance to start over. I don't WanNa be a consultant. I don't want to be in management consulting. I need to do something different so tapped into what I always loved growing up. I was a news junkie from sixth grade on Not to age myself but when the hostage crisis happened. I was in the sixth grade. I was obsessed with it. I watched the show which eventually became nightline every night and my mother. And you know how what stadium? Mother's strict Oscalus to be in bed by eight but she let me stay up watch it because I was so fascinated by it and I was obsessed with the news in politics so I said let me remember what fascinated you know what it was the idea that all these people got kidnapped with trap it was a nightly every night it was a countdown show and they would tell you how many days these people have been trapped. This went on for like a year and these people were trapped in Iran. They couldn't get outs be Carter Administration couldn't see your headed. Get him out. It was this constant Soga and to me. It was a fascinating drama. You know so I just I when once I had to make a career not like let me tap into the thing that I always love which is news. I was watched it. I was always a nerdy news. Gave so I. I ended up taking a job I think about. I had worked in management consultants. I'd had a good job with a good money but I got to Florida and I took a job for seven dollars and twenty exits our for the morning show at the Fox affiliate in Miami big step down but honey when I tell you it was I was like a what do you call it like a kid in a candy store because I had all the news in front of me in this thing called I news tap in and the all the news and I love this job I ended up working at the NBC affiliate moving the NBC affiliate as a as a digital when when they were just trying to get digital kgo eight so that was my dad so I ended up. Just doing what I love to do. Originally how old you say you were around this time. So by the time that I moved into the news world I was because I had not had had my third child. Data had my third child yet so I was probably in my thirty thirty one. I started over. I I really started a whole new career. Had a feeling. Because that's your Saturn return you know in astrology. You go through a Saturn Return at twenty twenty twenty eight twenty nine which is basically. It's the first Saturday thirty years to rotate so orbit sun and so we go through every thirty years. They say we go through this shift into another space of adulthood. And it's when everyone transitions like we. We make up these like finite plan about the career we're going to have at eighteen. Yeah and then around. Twenty eight ten years later twenty. Twenty-nine year like I don't really know if I you know your friends you look at your friends like. I don't know if I really rock would choose. You know and so I did the same thing where I was like obsessed with hip hop and music and this is what I'm going to be in and this is my life and then around twenty eight twenty nine it was just Necessarily feel the same way I feel like I wanNA use my voice for something. That has more magnitude. I WANNA be able to be taken seriously etc. Yeah and then. I started transitioning into Comedy Space. But oddly enough my masters in African American Studies has become more useful comedy. Then ever but yeah. I wanted to hear about that journey because also I think a lot of folks kind of thing that if you didn't go to journalism school that you can't be a journalist right but but it's not to say that if you didn't go to journalists you can't be journalists and that you should just be able to just say I'm journal today right and I do think there's something to be said for like you start at the bottom. Yes and you work your way up and it's like you can't skip steps you kill speed them up in that process. How did you find your way to being threatened center on your own platform and being able to be an advocate? Not just you know in a newsroom and having to push stories but one who sang these are the stories well so this is a part of that story. And I'm glad you said that because the thing is transitioning your life right is all about. It's all about being willing to take risks. And being a risk taker. My mother was a huge risk taker. I mean moving from Guyana to by herself down into America alone leaving I father and across the country by herself you know. This is the things that she was an adventure person right. We would do road trips all over the country in our in our jeep in are not cheap in our station wagon back when those ignited. You know I mean we were at. My mother was an adventurous person so I inherited that from her and being a risk taker so the way that I was able to transition from being morning show writer writing for these anchors who will come in misread my shit. Every time I would have written perfectly and I use the right the kicker that were like the funny ending they would mess it up because they were rehearsing it. So I'm like accurate. You know frustrating being here. I supposed to be the punchline so I went from that job to writing in the digital space where I was getting to choose. What the digital side of of my local would have on so. I was thinking the stories on know the digital world and it got to be two thousand one Nine eleven happened on sitting in the newsroom. Allow isn't actually. The news are actually got called into work after nine eleven. I'm in Florida now at this point in Miami and it was it. Was you know obviously for everybody? This was kind of the world change. And then we went from that to invading Iraq. And as as I'm in this new space doing my own sort of research looking at what the hell are we doing going into Iraq? Bell that have to do with nine eleven. I saw no connection. I was not 'cause there was no connection and I there was a guy who I work with. Mike Cements is one good lesson for young folks. Get yourself a mentor. I was his cranial. Why do he had to be like sixty? He looked eighty but he was probably like sixty and he connected me with a guy who was the first black editor of the Miami Times editorial division and he said you should eat because he's like you are so constantly wound up about politics about the war about all these issues. You should write a column. He connected us together. I get to write this call at my very first column. The editors choose the title. We don't use the title when you write a car. I wrote this column and Bay Titled Against a senseless war in damn near fired. I got read the riot. Act By my supervisor that I'm not supposed to be riding my opinion. I'm not supposed to be giving my opinion outs. They were it unreal enraged. But they couldn't fire me because it would have looked really bad And eventually I decided that I didn't WanNa work in an environment where people tell me what to say so I quit. I quit the job. Took a chance. I took this training called wellstone action trading which was named after John Wellstone losers name was very liberals Senator And I took this training and I wound up working in two thousand and four on the Anti Bush campaign called America's coming together. I took a job as a press secretary. So again throttled. My salary e went and took a job to go try to get Bush out and I worked on that campaign. It really for about three quarters of believe we could win and carry could win and then saw that with both happened to realize that man was on loops and in the process of watching him lose. I realized the other my other obsession. Politics is so important and being able to speak. The truth in politics is so important so after he lost I wound up through another connection through my mentor. James T who's a big time radio guy in Miami? He'd put me on as his producer for a radio show. I became his side producer. Chime in. I did my own little read report. Which was my little section of what's happening in the news news in politics and then from there I wound up co hosting the show with him and then a Barack Obama runs for president. Because I knew a lot of people from my old campaign they hired me toward the end of the campaign to come back and be a press secretary again because Ms Cathy Hughes at sold our station right in October of right before. The Iowa caucuses because they think in a corporate world didn't believe Obama had a shot. So we're no longer had a radio show so I went and worked on the Obama campaign and when you win opportunities flow so I started getting barred on a pundit People wanted my opinion all of a sudden because Obama won and that's kind of it went from their stance. Think about it stay. Came through without him. No stay in ebbs. I gotTA use 'cause I gotta saying something he what am I gonNA do? I'm going to go to SAM'S DOT COM. Oh see everybody needs stamp. 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And I mean if you think about like you know for me in politics and you know I'm not one who's a party person necessarily I've been Democrat my whole life But I am probably more critical of the Democratic Party a lot of ways because I know what the Republicans are supposed to be working on that that raises in two thousand four. This wasn't for me about John Kerry on his campaign. I was on side campaign America coming together but we were watching that happened. I'm thinking wait a minute. My community black votes. There's things we need man you know and we need stuff that judo need. You are a rich guy with a rich white with opportunity and if Bush wins again. It's not really going to hurt. You is going to hurt us you know. We also what happened in Hurricane Katrina Rich folks. That voted for Bush. They weren't hurt by what he did. Use people rich people. Don't go on the front lines to fight. A war in Iraq is broken be was poor people. It's needed people who join the military or people who need to bring them get their lives together. My brother at won't point joined the Army National Guard. You need to get his life together. You can put on join the military because they are already privileged. You know a lot of times. They join for a job in health care. And so the idea that you could re elect a president who did that to. Americans allow these people to die and its disproportionate again black volts who died because we proportionately joined the military when Hap. Let Katrina happen. This is stuff. It's important you know and so as I've been a pundit I've never tried to shade Hide my own personal opinion. You know I am a pundit who would give you my opinion because I think. I don't want to be presumptuous but I think I speak for a certain number of people who have been raised the way I was raised. And you know. I've always tried to live in a community that is it is black folks in it where. I'm seeing in talking to an interacting with our folks with our people and so you know getting the pundit opportunity to come back to MSNBC TO BE ON. Alex wits show. I used to be end company in Johnson Company. I was part of the company. You know. Be a bunch of would be on with you know and so you know when Obama One. We were like valued in a sense as the voices up black. Would'VE BLACK PEOPLE SAY ABOUT SLIPS. Black natives president get some blacks where blacks at the top of this so. I kinda got lucky right and now that you know Cameron Hall. When Hall got the opportunity to go to the today show because you know people who care about folks that About Inner Committee are blessing. Tamarin was very much pushing for me to get her our when she went to the today show and so she went to today. I got her our as a side. Show I've empty got cancelled which now I know. I'm a I fear nothing now girl 'cause I got cancelled and once they cancel you. They can't fit can't fair. You know you can make you afraid anymore. That's the worst show got cancelled then. Did you see it coming kind of because yes kind of because you know it was? It was a difficult time to be doing the show I wanted to do. Initially which was a very editorial show and then all these things started happening like planes disappearing. And that's what we were supposed to talk about. And that's not my thing you know. I talked about playing distracted. Horrible for the people were missing. But I'm not personally it's going to do weather. Planes disappeared very well. You know. It's not always surprise to me on the real ma'am. I'm fine sometimes. Dislike this this this topic a month thing and that when you see my face because it's not like you're trying to. It's not like you don't have compassion. It's not like don't have you know excitement. You're just like this ain't my bag you know and if you if you're a even vaguely humble person are able to be like this ain't my bag like to say they get basically you are on that show because you you you channel what. I beach because I when I'm trying to do like story. That's my fact. My face is just really my thing this weather. I'm I'm talking about the weather but it snows in Boston. I don't know what to tell. Y'All and Y'all knew snow again because it's out last year in Boston here. So you've gotTa make you want me to look happy so I wasn't shocked when they were like what is grown. Enjoy this. So here's my when you got the show was it you were fitting you're fitting into our so basically you were taking over the format that they had already designated for. Tam You kind of. Yes yes pretty much yes I got a different team. They set up in each show kind of supposed to fit the anchor and I think that her show when when she was doing the show it really fit her and it highlighted. The Best of she is My show started out like that it was highlighting who I am until these that. I don't know you remember the play. The play disputed that they've never fantasia. The Malays applies and that just took over the world. Every that was every half. Cnn DID IT. Twenty four seven and so we did it. Twenty four seven competitively I get management was like we gotta do it too but it took the show in a very different direction from what had been a show kind of built for me to being a show that was more built for the cycle for the news cycle and then as the new cycle moved in and out some things. I was really interested in the Arab spring. I was very proud to be able to cover that because that's something I'm actually fascinated by. Yes when Nelson Mandela died. I was anchoring part of that covered. Some of my family found out vendela died from me. Which is I'm super proud to just been in any way that there was some stories where I was very invested but because the way the business change because of that Malaysia flight it changed the business and so that show was no longer released showed that was built for me. It was built for the news cycle. You know what I mean. So that's fine Meanwhile my friend Melissa Harris Perry show that was built very much for her yet right. I mean I. I sat in on the first reading for that show and it was such a brilliant show. I was so obsessed with it was like it was like a wonderful class. You could take get at a at a great school. You know what I mean. You're just auditing at watching brilliant And then when she left the network. Which do that is for a lot of us is devastated at you? Left the networks. When she left the network she really was an advocate for me to take her hours. So it's a weird position to be ended. I've ended up in two different hours of Friends of mine. Who you know how not an asshole? That's how that happens. People WanNa Talk Shit about me but I might. How you think I'm still here illegally. Someone advocating that saying like joy. No we need joy we joy and joy as women we are. We are Savior's yes we are. We are and the right. Allies are so important. Because let me tell you my advocates and allies in that building Tamarin Hall. Melissa Harris Perry would also Chris Matthews. Who's been like the godfather of my career in that building You know people like Martin Bashir. Who was a huge advocate? Not just for me but for black women out. Msnbc OFF for us like offer as you know people like that who really had stood up Lawrence O'Donnell who is a true friend. Who's a real ally who went? We went all out for my book like he really did. Book came out. I mean these are the kind of people who you know in this business makes you glad to be in it and like you said if you're not an all you can actually have those kind of allies that will be there for you and it will make your life better so. I think it's important so when I took over this show. I felt a huge sense of responsibility just on the same time as Melissa and the levels that she took it to and so we keep it. There's a few things we need to do. Diverse people you're gonNA see on TV that you always see. Uh if you're going to see a room that looks like America's the Latinos Cincy black folks. You're GONNA see women and not just to talk about. Women's issues would have black sweetshop matt black issues because see us this. You're GONNA see the pandemic through our is. You'RE GONNA see us and I think that's important so I take that as a rule for myself in Patine so to speak directly to that I would love for you to share with us. Some points of interest some topics that you feel like haven't been able to really get expounded upon That are specifically related to black folks cove in nineteen. I'm you spoke earlier in the show. About how we are of course in greater numbers getting infected and passing away because of these specific things that you've laid out but I would love to hear about if there's any other topics that you feel like are getting put on the cutting room floor or that again brushed under the rug while I think one of them. We both talked about it. Your Mom's profession my aunties profession when we see these nurses that are being highlighted. You and I both though that when you go to the hospital most of them. Nurses are a Caribbean women are their overall. Haitian sensation yawn any hospital floor. Yes they really truly is and so. I think we're we're not. We're not digging enough to and also puts more. That's one of the reasons. More Black and Brown people are dying particularly more black. People are dying because we over represented in the fields like nursing as ems people. We're over representing in those. We just did a story this weekend. A five year old. Who DIED IN MICHIGAN DETROIT? Both parents are. Ems worker there bolt first responders and their daughter because they were exposed to a day and night. The daughter got exposed to end. Die The youngest person to die in In the state of Michigan five years old a little girl now. Her parents are devastated but they still have to go to work everyday and try to save other people's lives. I think the stories about immigrants related to that. This is an administration the trump administration. That's trying to eradicate immigration and get rid of immigrants import people throw people out. Who is that? Who those people. They're not all brown people. They're also black. People Caribbean people. People for whom? He is taken away the protective funding that we had given to companies where we had status for come for countries like age where people don't have to be sent back because he is still in a crisis so immigration is Is directly connected to this crisis if we are throwing out immigrants and not letting people get visas. We'RE GONNA lose huge percentages of our doctors a lot of our Southeast Asian We'RE GONNA lose. Priscilla huge percentages are nurses so we should be watching immigration more. I think on the financial end we tried to do it. We've tried it on the show but I think we're not enough being talked about. About businesses immigrants and people of Color. We start More businesses than the majority yet. Our businesses are not getting that money that money those checks that are supposed to be coming to. Businesses are not going into the hands of black businesses. They're just not they're not going into the hands of Brown businesses. We're getting left out of the. It's a huge story. Another one black rural communities we talk about rural America. We know there is a white rural America but our rural communities are being starved. They're being starved of healthcare. But they're also being starved of financial benefits of trying to repair from this Kobe. Nineteen bailout the whole bailout. Situation is skipping tons and tons and tons of our people and so get in. Here's the challenge Amanda how do we do that story? We can't even get reporters out. We can't send a reporter out to Rural America. So we're trying to me source local news to try to drag those stories in because it's very hard to even do reporting because of cove in nineteen because I'll give you one more story that this is one that I've actually caught has caused me nightmares. Remember when I went to Tore Neo and we did the stories about the little kids that are being incarcerated because they've come over the border alone because they're so desperate moms or so desperate. They're sending their kids by themselves to get them out of war. Torn countries gangs are basically armies. Now yes And so go we. Don't we still to this day? Don't know and I have a contact that I talk to on a regular basis. We don't know today how many of those kids are still locked in cages. Now no those cages are small. We know that the kids are bunched up together. He I know the disease spreads in bunched up environments. We don't know if there is no vaccine. We don't even being treated there've been all these flu deaths right there but only remember all the flu deaths. That were happening early early early on in this it visible four in nineteen. We just heard about all these kids dive into the flu. Twenty and fourteen. I want would love to go backwards and start to look at those deaths later in the year and the same with the incarcerated population we are representing people in prison. Those are breeding grounds for germs breeding grounds for viruses. We have no idea. There was a hunger strike in Florida about two weeks ago where prisoners in initiated a hunger strike. Because they're so scared of dying from Kobe. Nineteen and these are people who haven't even been tried yet so they haven't been convicted writing they just in jail. They're not convicted but they're trapped in a petri dish it's like a cruise ship except locked in. Yes how do you stay SANE SEATTLE? Have my women running? You know because I honestly it's like and when I say sane what also mean is okay. So you like when you're really sick and you you're like. I will do anything to not be sick as I'm GonNa tell you like okay. Y'All got lease and then mix but put five cashew five cash wrong like you're you're like whatever like give me whatever remedy. I feel like that is kind of how conspiracy theories are working now. Where like they're kind of like serving as this like crazy remedy for a lot of people to try and help them make it makes sense and as a journalist. I feel like it's like this weird balance of like in this particular scenario. None of this makes sense. Yeah so how do you say sane on a line of just reporting what's being told even though it's like I don't? I don't know that this thing being told even what it is and not feeling compelled to even bring into the conversation. The possibility of this other thing that might be some hotel Science yes it's true but I made you want a remedy that because my godmothers Jamaicans my mom's best friend from nyu is Jamaican. So you know. She is like badgering me to make chicken soup and Karna Partridge. She swears cardinal parts. Kick your and I need to have that. Because of her I went out and bought two whole big things of white rum but right now the Jamaican white rum and I haven't to sitting there and stores like our normal use these four. She seems to think I need this and I need to make ginger ginger tea but not the not the one in the box if the boiler idea the book so. I'm all that stuff but I will do those things listening the reason why Gama Eighty six right right right right. She didn't get to eighty six just by accident now. Dayquil didn't get her to eighty six. We'll robitussin didn't do that. That's not may cause by Robitussin. So we do some of the things but yeah as far as sanity is concerned. Yes we hear a lot of rumors and weird stuff in this business that you can't report right. It's as bad as trump ruminating drink bleach ingested July salts. Like what do you think of that we have to? Debunk we say on? Tv is let's we can't don't drink saw my please down. I mean we don't know how to listeners guy. So there's that part of the there were nine hundred people that listen to Jim John. One hundred percent. And Hey Dave every time me and she would go out at. Dutt's that but every time he was the oil. Your accent is so lovely where you from. Georgetown Guyana Oh my God are you've met plays rebels. People died George Doughnut Jones. Those Americans those depots. Those are not my shoes so omolo would lose our entire mind. If you try to say see with from Gerald yards Dr John King Jr.'s. She would get so. You WanNa make that lady mayor. That's how you do but yes. So we debunk a Lotta Bullshit Because trump and his administration everyone they say is now is questionable. Obviously but then you have. People like doctor beer who it's like. She questionable mel like the Scar Lady. Can WE TRUST SCARF lady out? And then I so I I become obsessed with this guy named Dr Joseph Fair. He's become by guide. My guide don't everything because he dealt with the OB bowl a crisis with the Obama Administration. He was like he lived in the Congo for eighteen months fighting Ebola and he tells you these heroin stories at his old team eventually being dead he was he is something else and so. I took him a lot because I asked him barrier. Is that true ups and so we do a lot of them lot of debugging but as far as just sanity block out most of it ought to tell you I watch. Hdtv more at this point. Then I watch MSNBC. I just watch that or watch the walking dead when it was on or a watch westworld. I watched like distortion. Shows GonNa say you watch in the world and on another show like ends around you? Let me watch their world then. Yeah I'm now watching two handmaid's tale so reason I doing that to yourself. 'cause you know what. I WANNA be. I washed my every week with Amazon. I will go on instagram. And be like all right about to watch this week's episode in my life so true it's like I don't know why dive into like the dark shows it somehow soothing in a weird way because I've had all the way back to Sixth Grade. That's it the hostage crisis was the dark show that you were watching letter. Present one hundred percent. It's true I think I I lead into this the Dystopia so I do that and I watch less and less of network I do watch my primetime votes And then I think on top of that this little big missile zoom thing has become a real source of comfort. Because now you can do those zoom party like you can chat with people on it. You know you have to reject more. It's made me reach out more to family. Spend more time talking to especially the older. The elders in the family And then just I don't know I did writing keep busy if I sit still too long. I get anxious yet so I to be very tight bay and just keep doing something and I had a really bad insomnia so I don't sleep very well so I try to keep busy. You know if I'm busy I'm not thinking too much because you're in the space talking about this all the time. The escapism is necessary for your balance right but I know a lot of black folks who they are like craving more information about how our community is being affected. Yes and trying to figure out how to get a balance in even their news right like so. Do you have any suggestions on resources in places where they can find that balance? Yeah I would definitely say your twitter and this is not even just for now but it's more important now than ever curate. Your twitter because what's incoming to you is. What's feeding your brain so I follow the major newspapers. Wash oppose the New York Times Detroit. Free Press Miami Herald you know. Follow the big paper in every city very important to right and then follow. Maybe the next biggest paper is all you do the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. You just get a little bit of a balanced I have a little bit of right wing news in my feed to note. They saying keep the wet weather eye on it. But I don't put too much of that in there and then individual reporters and journalists who you trust. Follow your trusted people because you can take their word for and they are not going to be wrong on purpose. You're not just GONNA say crazy bullshit to you And so I think at your twitter is a good time to go to journalists people. This is the starter kit yet but I can tell you like. I don't like I can tell you three rappers. I trust them but it journalists like I have the voices that I know that are my peers. The market on hills they angela rise the Bakari sellers et CETERA journalism space. You know I think that's if you're not reading the news every day. You may have a particular journalist so like is a juggling that I will lead you know. Aaron Jeans is wonderful. That's our girl but Aaron. Hanes is brilliant. Philip Rucker is one of the best at just giving you the straight news with no crazy Philip Rucker at the New York Times I do follow him and he's also very smart I would say who else is really good. I mean I I I'm like you. I follow like days. Johnson followed like people like that who get through to the news and I Adam Serwer who's also wonderful journalist that also has some opinion and really bright Good comprehensive you. That's also racially sensitive and that was really sensitive to our issues things that we care about of Djamil Buoy. Who's also brilliant smart? He's view news from our perspective. Where you can really understand it. And he breaks down really simple and so I think he is also very good. Follow up for legal stuff. I follow Elliott Misao. That's my that's my lawyer friend. He got billions in these all over the place but he's wonderful he's at the nation and he's really smart so I would start with those guys with people that you trust but as far as like majority world journalists you know the time I think bill is the best guy there. He's very good at politico. There I can actually put together a little list of people that are email to you. Good little starter kit for following people on twitter. I can definitely do that. Must be met over to you. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over. Designed Outta touch. At Harry's our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars. Each we care about quality so much that we do some things like by a world class German blade factory obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. Millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not we hope you give us a try with the special offer. Get a Harry starter. Set with a five Blade Razor waited handle Shave Gel and travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter eight nine eight nine at checkout. That's Harrys Dot com code. Eight nine eight nine enjoy. So I have like three pillars that I basically live by at this point and I'm starting this social community. A membership only social community called B. Society Smart Funny of Black Society that I want to serve as a space for for Predominantly Black folks but allies will be allowed. Entry was know your place but really for them to be there all back sales and I have a safe space for growth in a number of raise white so internally intellectually etc and so three the three pillars that we exist on his like health and holistic concepts humorous content and honest conversation. So I wanted to get from you like where do each of these things play a role in your life? How where does health? How does health play out as a focus for you? Yeah this is. This is a challenging one girl. This was a little of a challenge. I you know my mom had of at a great friend on name. Rita Lagoon Braford in misled. Choose TO HAVE A. Why walk when you can sit what to walk with? You can sit. Why what stand you know if you can repose like her thing was like just sit down and relax? What are you doing so i. I've never been a fan of the whole exercise thing but because we are stuck at home and stuck at home near the fridge the fridge like right out there. I had to get help back into my life. I'm trying to lose lose that code. Nineteen I don't want that covert nineteen way. So I'm like let me try to lose some of it so I started exercising again. I'm doing this. I fit trainer. My husband bought his. I've trained where you run on it and there's a movie in front of you. That makes it look like you're in another country. It's amazing I've been running. Yeah I've been running in Easter Island for the last couple of weeks. It's amazing you have a traitor to like hi. I'm an Easter Island. And so were you. Let's job and I'm like this is great so I yeah so it's been amazing. So it's like travel runnings. I'm doing that and he also bought me a boxing. She and I love boxing Muhammad Ali lifetime. Og Superman mother was too. And so I love boxing so he bought me. This boxing thing could punch the hell out of touch. It touch it. It's like a like that guy. I dated like boxing. I got gotta punching bag from Amazon. Yes you put water in the base and you just you could just hit it will. This guy is like he's got he's got ahead in the Middle East the two arms out like this and it's got a space needle balls left a little man you could. You could just imagine. It's anybody crazy so I do try to get a little exercise in three days a week. I'm down in the basement in the gym. Trying to get us up together. So help is important but you know for me personally also added huge health scare last year. I got whooping cough which is crazy so I experienced respiratory distress thing. That you really don't really want experience ended up in the hospital and it really did reset my kind of thinking about my own health and so taking it a lot more seriously so I am trying to get myself together. You know healthwise sort of make you know. Make myself more. I don't know I guess. Make it more focus. It had to be you know mental health to you know like I think for black women are mental. Health has has become a focus just by nature of like if one more person says I strong recommend what am I put him on. The bag is two and mental health. It's funny because my my is much better is that I've I've never been good about like seeking help for mental health so I I have to get better about that. I have finally decided this year. I'm going to go into therapy because I think it's important for those of us who spent a Lotta time channeling bad news and channeling pain index and just putting it out there all the time doing that for other people. We don't do it for ourselves sticks to You. It really does so. This is the first year I'm going to try to do is keep you posted. We'll see works but also a cultural thing to you know just as women. It's kind of like that. You know that that thing that and you not my on. That's exactly right. It's like you know you gotta find and you're gonNA find a therapist. That's culturally competent. Yes and I've found that it's also beyond just having a therapist. There's so I'm really on this kick about like making yourself your passion project. Yes early and don't you ever been to one? I went to one one time talking to the lady. This is one of those at you. You will relate to this may aboard than maybe other folks relate to it and as certain point in this conversation she says you know we gotta make sure that you're okay because you know we really need you to stay sane. Your show is really great and at that point. I completely mentally disconnected as like Ida. I've got here. I WANT SOMEBODY. Who's Never Watch TV? I want somebody who's never seen. Msnbc so five members who lives in eight hours like that for a while but then it became where their knowledge of me being on TV became a necessary shorthand for talking about the difficulties. I was having based on yet sir being on TV here and so like to me. I have had that where I go into a gynecologist office. And the May Ma'am Ma'am love you. I can't I can't be here no more air. You don't sound my pussy information. File Hobby Vulnerable. You show listen as literally like what I can't. I can't so that that I don't have any tolerance for like they'll look at you crazy when you're like this is an girl. I had a P. A. Come in and I was like I'd like to see my actual physician and she was like. Oh Okay I've been waiting months to see my position so I came in later that day I got a DM from the PA. Saying today was my worst day at work in my entire career. I am so upset that you would not allow me to care for you. You need to do research on the specifics between the physician's assistant and your physician and understand that where people to I was livid and the office was just like what we have to do an investigation. I'm one investigation you have to do. I just sent you screen shots of this person Violating HIPPO. But you know it's like so stuff like that is like it makes you very tenuous about healthcare and makes you feel it makes you feel like you don't have a safe space and even if you're not famous by any means so many people feel violated right. Exa- showing up to say something's wrong exactly that your your whole life is being judged and then the and then you wonder if this person doesn't like bike show live at that worry too right like this is a person as the other side. Is it safe to go? I don't know who this person is. I mean remember back. During after a prisoner Obama got elected and The affordable care was asked. There were doctors in Florida will posting signs on their windows. Saying if you vote for Obama. Don't come here so there was I last date always like this girl. That's a whole nother cares. If you WanNa Talk Florida Florida. Okay okay. Second 'cause I don't even want to go down. That road yard is humor. Living the life of jewelry. I have to tell you one of the things about the joy show that is it is probably because his Alma wacky ass person is at the show has a certain wacky content of certain wacky quality to it. Because yes. We're giving you bad news looking. We know the news is terrible. Everything on the tell you was one the week who wouldn't we what we it because we're like this is horrible here. You've got to put something positive in sense but it can't be corny so we did. We made up when the week because were like this is depressing like we're killing ourselves. Yeah so so bad news. We try to keep the show have to. It's probably because I'm who I am on this show more than any show I've ever done of in my radio show. I'm just need me reading you. The news I'm not like portraying the news person at all right Ray. I'm not a trained Acre person. I'm more abundant. Who's now an anchor? Who's giving you the news? So there is a certain humor is so necessary for us to keep our set to keep our audience saying so that you can take information and know it's coming from a friend. It's coming from your homegirl. Giving the news as far as for me comedy I needed you know. Just watching joined being able to laugh. I live on Youtube. Good a crazy crazy. Talks a crazy stuff this on instagram opposite. You're laughing to myself insane person because I actually lead that. I'd need to laugh. Look to survive. We need this right. We as whole people we we need. We don't just need darkness. You need that light to well. Lastly honesty how does honestly play into how you live? Your Life. It's very important. I mean here's the reality I can't make the world better than it is I can't make relationships better than they are. I can't make the reality of child rearing better than it is. I have a good friend. That's also my social media records. She's like you get the most honest relationship. A child raising buys ever because people like our babies wonderful by Gan state. Where did they turned thirteen? Whole-body state they go. Stick your whole house up. Go Smell is on state. I just like nobody told me. Breastfeeding hurts renting it. Painful like those people. I want people to be honest with boats. You gotTa tell people accept bad news if you're always giving them honestly right if people can accept the horrors that we're giving you. If they know that were always be honest and so you know if I fuck up. I'll tell you on the show if I'm wrong I'll tell you wanNA show you sort of answer. Open an open book on the show at Mike the Highs and lows you get it all at least you know angle. The last Well I appreciate everything you've brought to us today. You know your energy your information like it's just thinks that just feels like so. Many of us are constantly inundated with personalities and influencers may have lot to say but are lacking education are lacking Really grounded insight. You know it's it's so refreshing on a regular basis to which is why it's so important like you said you curate your feet. It's refreshing to be able to see you speaking in your truth and having a platform to do that. Because I feel like they're speaking for me and you're speaking to me and we just so often don't get to see ourselves in who is speaking. So thank you for that. I bet you grow because I'm telling you. I have no idea especially for like on my leg. Younger viewers of younger folks. That watch you truly are are Avatar you are out there representing for how you could literally be my family because I like to Yup Yup. I mean it's really just there's a courageousness that when you do what you do makes me feel comfortable doing what I do so. I'm glad that I can give that back. And that senator can be there and yet have that exchange. Please let people know when they can watch. Am Joy yes. You can check it out. Saturdays and Sundays ten. Am Eastern to nude or eleven thirty. Whenever on Cuomo disaster he wants out in Maschera it pretending amatil Andrew Cuomo decides. He feels like coming out and saying things about his family dinners or whatever he does but You can also follow me on twitter at joy n read. You can follow me on. Everything is made everything joining and reach though. I'm very easy to find joy in read on twitter. Joy Reid on instagram. The only one. That's different is joy Reid official on facebook and of course the am joy. Everything is also a Jewish. You find me in all of those places and whenever I'm writing a book I'll tell you about it because I'm also Books so you can read all my books. You can find those On my paper Website which is joy reid. She got bugs. Y'All nine eight in the needs to get college paid out by the by the bus. Well thank you for not going by the book and actually keeping with us today. We appreciate you and everybody. Who's listening? You know what to do. Listen to what she said. Follow the instructions that I will be sharing with you. All on curator feed so that we as specifically the Blackhawks. This folks anybody who cares about the world and not just the very specific sliver that seems to get addressed especially when it's coming to this. Kobe nineteen But in particular black folks covert nineteen. If you WANNA make sure that you are educated in up to date and able to be in the conversation not just so that you know so that you could take action because you talk so much about making sure that we're voting making sure that we are calling the people who are speaking on your behalf that we have elected into these positions making sure that we're also using our own resources and if we don't know how adversely being affected we will know which resources we need to employ. I think it's very important to note that they decided they needed to make us specific hotline for Asian based racism. That is not an people are like what? How is that because their community they have managed to make it means something to them. They have managed to say listen. Our community is valuable to you. And here's why and so. They feel compelled to have to at least look like they're trying to protect that community and even though as black folks say like we are not a monolith for some reason people say market black America. And I'm like that's not a thick. We have tribes in America like you need to market to different value groups and there's GonNa be black folks that are in those and some of those are going to be specific cultural groups within blackness but at the end of the day we have to understand that as a community if we can get our different tribes at least agree on one thing which is were valuable we can make change so thank you for again being yourself. We appreciate having you on the show and make sure to watch joy Reid on. Am Joy thank you since there? I appreciate you man. Thank you business so much fun. Thank you and also make sure to put up a recipe for pepperpot ready. You know what I can make a book shot Roti Jayanta. These is at all these and I do. The courier royalty skin. I can do both yet and my my for fiction and could do it. I know there's times when you're watching with Cuomo interrupt you like this month as gone. Not Yes no behavior. Yes no behavior interrupting might show Sterling's a podcast network.

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A New Dawn of the GOP | Guests: Clarence Henderson & Curtis Houck | 8/27/20

"Oh I cannot wait to give you my review of the RNC convention. I can't wait. I can't wait I can't wait. We've only got sixty seconds to wait for it, but that's too long I just want to say this before we begin. These radical revolutionaries are the dumbest people I've ever seen I. They build a guillotine in front of the White House last night I mean what more does America need to see? Then afterwards, they attack Rand Paul. Hundred. Radical revolutionaries, he said. Would have killed him if it wasn't for the police and you see the videotape of it and it, they are going after him. These people are absolute animals these. Anarchist Communist revolutionaries are animals and. The choice in America has never been more clear. We begin there in sixty seconds. Is, the Glenn Beck Program. So I'll tell you about Alan East suffer from from back pain really really bad. 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Review of this let's just. Let's just start with the president's speech. Let me just give you some clips. We start with a clip one. We're going to go down the line here guys. Trump's speech most important election cut tonight I say to all Americans. This is the most important election. In the history of our country. There has never been such a difference between two parties or two individuals and ideology. Philosophy or vision. Than there is right now. Our opponents believe that America is the depraved nation. We want our sons and daughters to know the truth. America's the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world. Is the most important election I I think I said in two thousand, sixteen I'm not gonNA say that again. Because it's always been, you know, potato. Potato. This is a stark difference and that point was made for the last three days in ways I am shocked by. I can't wait to tell you about things that actually personally I felt coming up in just a minute. So most important election absolutely this next election will decide and if it's not a route. It it may not decide we may go into you know an eighteen, sixty sort of. Situation, but there's a possibility. This is a route because I think the Democrats are so out of step with the American people and that will send a very loud message now. One of the best lines of the speech was this cut to and the less backward. They do not see America as the most free just and exceptional nation honor. Instead they see a wicked nation. That must be punished for its sins. Are Opponents say that redemption for you can only come. From giving power to them. This is a tired anthem spoken by every repressive movement. Throughout history. But in this country, we don't look to career politicians, for salvation in America we don't turn to government. To restore ourselves. We put our faith in Almighty God. The. Again, the difference was so strong. So strong where they have denied God in their platform where they cut god out of the pledge of allegiance. The difference here is if you are a believer, there is all home for you and it doesn't matter I think I think everything was done. In this convention not to just rally the base I think this was done to rally the Democrats who have lost their faith in their own party. And it was allowing the base to be riled up because the base is not who the media says it is we're not right wing extremists that hate black people in gays and everything else. We're not those people. And if we were, you wouldn't have the reaction from the right that you're having right now. The right. Loved this convention. Loved it. I. Don't know a single person who has actually watched it. That hasn't said Oh my gosh the message was so great and so uniting. Did notice mainstream media and the Democratic Party how many black faces there were how many people that were talking about being from humble roots have Evian noticed how the right is cheering when you see Alice Johnson. We're supposed to hate people what people in jail all the time and no mercy. Have you noticed I think this is so clear. They did I don't know who produce this I'm guessing. That, it was Donald Trump and vodka were somebody somebody had discipline unlike I've ever seen perhaps ever in television. Was it from start to finish. Now, let me give you the cardinal rule from Donald Trump. Last night. Listen to this from the moment I left by former life behind. And it was a good life. I have done nothing but. Fight for you. I did what our political establishment never expected. And could never forgive break in the cardinal rule of Washington politics. I kept my promise. Really, really really really good if you listen to his speech last night. It was the most humble speech. Now, he did say a couple of the Gary remember what they were. There are a couple of statements like you know. And I put the moon up there in the sky for him last night. He you know there was a couple of things that were you know typical donald trump but this was the most humble speech. I have heard from Donald Trump. He used the word Y-y-you far much of far far more many times than me. I think at least that was my impression he talked about you and we we did this. We'll do it together where in sixteen it was all about I'm the only guy it was not this was a very we're in this together speech which I thought was outstanding for him here they are. Here is the president in a very powerful. Canceled Culture section. Our country was filled by Canseco. Speech codes and soul-crushing conformity. We are not a nation of timid spirits. We a nation of fierce proud and independent American patriots. We're a nation of pilgrim's pioneers, adventures, explorers, and trailblazers who refused to be tied down held back. Or in any way reigned in. Americans. Have stealing their spines gritting theirselves. In firing their hearts. There is no one like us on earth. I want every child in America to know that. You are part of the most exciting, an incredible adventure in human history. No matter where your family comes from. No matter your background in America. Anyone can rise. With hard work. Devotion drive, you can reach any goal and achieve every ambition. Our American ancestors sailed across the perilous ocean to build a new life on a new continent. They braved the freezing winters. Cross, the raging rivers scale the rocky peaks trekked. The dangerous forests And worked from dawn till dusk. These pioneers didn't have money. They didn't have fame. But they had each other. They love their families. They love their country. And they love their God. Speechwriter was absolutely. Perfect for this. Let me go to let me go to trump's speech on by a defunding the police listen to this. The most dangerous aspect of the Biden platform is the attack on public safety. The, Biden Barney manifesto calls for abolishing cash bail. Immediately releasing four hundred thousand criminals onto the streets and into your neighborhoods. When asked if he supports cutting police funding? Joe Biden replied yes. Absolutely. When congresswoman ill had Omar. Call the Minneapolis police? Department. A cancer that is rotten to the root. Biden wouldn't disavow or support and reject her endorsement he proudly displayed it. Shortly. Later on his website. Displayed it in big letters, make no mistake. If you give power to Joe Biden, the radical left will fund police departments all across America they will pass federal legislation to reduce law enforcement nationwide. They will make every city look like Democrat Ron Portland Oregon. No one will be safe and Biden's America my administration will always stand with the men and women of law, enforcement? Another great line that came. Next cut please Joe Biden's agenda is made in China. My agenda is made in the USA. It I love it. And then. One last clip and you'll enjoy this if you are watching us on blaze TV right now but the fireworks afterwards. Were like nothing I've ever seen. They I mean it this is honestly we have slipped through wormhole. This is the kind of production value I expect from the DNC. They always get imagery and everything else, and they're very good at that and the Republicans have never been good at that. This is what you get when you have somebody who has been in television and knows how to produce something. He this thing image wise from start to finish was rock solid rock solid. They didn't shockingly enough. Play Cool and the gang celebration that was the Democrats. They didn't have little party poppers that they. You know they pulled behind Joe Biden throwing balloons. Where Donald Trump had to act surprised it was amazing and then the fireworks afterwards split screen here here these are the fireworks between the DNC and the RNC. I I mean, it is the difference here was. Like your backyard fireworks and I mean. China invented fireworks. And they were put to shame. Disney I've seen Disney. Do Eight station fireworks so synchronized fireworks three hundred and sixty degrees around you. They did it for the fifteenth anniversary of the Magic, kingdom? And it was. Hot. It. Disney was put to shame with the ending and then I loved it. After the fireworks they come out with Nessun Dorma the opera. The saw they had an opera singer doing Nessa dorma. If you were a liberal that always thought that Republicans were racist were Hicks they only understood country music they had no culture. Your head popped last night you just like I. Didn't know what to think because everything was turned upside down this convention and Donald Trump. Has Fundamentally transformed in a positive way. The Republican Party. If this is the Republican Party? And that is this is how they're messing with with gay people who aren't like and we've got to have another march just gay people who are like, yeah. I'm gay and nobody here cares now let me tell you what's what's important. You have. You have African Americans who are not being talked down to. If this is the Republican Party. There is no choice. This is a new dawn. And and and I. I I couldn't have done it any better. I mean I couldn't. There's nothing I can pick apart here. Really Honestly. Really, really, well, done all right back in just a second. Let. Me Tell you about sponsor is sick freak simply safe One of the people works for me Josh got his simply safe package just the other day. 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So I'm telling you simply safe is the way to go and you need a home security system. Do it now simply safe Beck Dot com get a free HD security camera simply safe back dot com ten seconds station ID. Joining us now. Ms Stubai Gear Hi Glenn How are you? Good. How are you? Good. So you were a big fan of the event last night. I don't know how you got that from what I was pretty pretty pretty overwhelming praise. I I also had a personal the revelation last night did A. tweet storm last night. Because I was just feeling really. Personally. Horrible and I want to talk about that later. She should feel that way. That's that's a good. Thanks good that you're connecting with only. Did you see? Did you did you watch the whole thing I only I did this actually every night intentionally I watched the network coverage. So. What I saw was what a lot of people saw Um, which was the big speeches and the the conversation in between. with. What was your impression of everything I? You know I think I. Liked it. I thought. It was good. I did see bits and pieces online as well. You know and I thought was particularly Pan Dorn. Was the most powerful, but there were other you didn't see like the first guy who came up he's like first or second speaker right at the beginning black guy beard I don't even remember his name I guess he works for the President Now but he talked about growing up in Cleveland and you know nobody believed in him and everything else and he had such a rate. speech you know I never considered becoming a Republican never and that was over and over and over again and the Democrats who were on that were saying look I I mean I don't even recognize my party anymore. Yeah. I mean it was really powerful conventions are statements of strategy right yeah. We're watching the Democrats and Republicans back to back. You see what they're doing. Right. The the Democrats I think quite clearly had a position of we think we're ahead and we don't need to do anything to win this and Republicans were in a position of we're trying to expand the amount of people who who, who should be on our side. Like. He's over and over again with minority voters and gave voters and female voters trying to communicate hey, guys all the stuff you're hearing in the media isn't true. And it struck me is that the Democrats really are attempting essentially Rerun Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton's strategy was basically to say Donald Trump's such a bad guy a guy. You can't trust these terrible human being therefore by default vote for me but added with, Hey, all the chaos in the streets were cool there. Yeah. Well. That wasn't exactly Hillary's obviously it was. I said added. Vitamin was the same sort of thing, and it's like you kind of look at it and it's like, why did Hillary lose? Did she lose specifically because she's a horrible candidate it's very possible. That's why she was just a uniquely bad candidate. The other side of that though is, did she lose because of this strategy which Biden his taken in some ways expanded on right where it's like just focus on trump we think you'll think he's a bad enough guy did not vote for him and instead of just not going to Wisconsin, we're not gonNA go anywhere. That's an interesting approach to this. That is a it's a risky approach. They think they can just essentially hide in a closet until November they're not going to be and they're not gonNA got three nights and if you're going to have to get through at the very least. A the it's not going to work and Kamala Harris last night came out and said, you know if you think these riots are going to stop even if Joe Biden is. They're not and they shouldn't. What. Are you insane. More in just a second. Is the Glenn Beck Program. 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Curse Wallace and other started tournament apart because I guess it wasn't loud enough for them or wasn't rally. Line was bad. I liked his tone. Yeah. When the audience they did it once they're like, ooh. Stop that that and I, think this was a definite outreach to independence during the base secure. Okay. So let's show the the independence of they've got a comfortable place where you know. He's not insane. He's he's not out of control. He's not what you think he is he's not what you've been told he is. That's darn sure. Yeah and I think he accomplished that really well last and so I felt really I was watching I felt really guilty really guilty about one thing in particular. You know I have no problem speaking out about the president's policies and I have no problem saying in twenty sixteen I don't think he's going to do any of those things. Because I didn't think he would he had no record of of actually believing any of these things and I said it and I said at the time if I'm wrong I'll admit it and I have admitted that long ago as he started to fulfill those promises. I was shocked by a lot of them and but last night all I could think of was when he called me when my dad died. Do, you remember what I said afterwards. He called me because he had heard my dad died because we had to leave the hotel I was staying at a trump hotel and he talked to me about my dad and and I hung up the phone on I said he is running for president. And I tributed the entire phone call to politics and in watching this week. I think he is I mean I think he does not care about what he says about people in person I mean you know on stage or whatever he with he will call you anything and say anything he does not care. But I think he is publicly like that. And I. AM afraid I have misjudged him I. Think Privately. The the thing with Alice, Johnson all of the stories that came out this week from people who were not political. They didn't know Donald Trump. I think one of the most important things about the two conventions was. One yet a guy in office for forty-seven years who now says he's going to do these things and they had a bunch of people say Look I've known him for a long time and he's going to do those things. And they're asking you on Biden. Trust me trust me. I know him. The people that were speaking out about Donald trump or the exact opposite I didn't know him I don't really know him. But look at what he did. and I think there's Just rang true to me and I felt so bad about what I said how I said things in two thousand, sixteen and I've been feeling this way for a couple of days during this convention. And I just feel like I need to apologize to his children. because. I can't imagine I mean I just had donald trump junior on with us and I can't imagine he acted like we were old friends. I can't imagine they didn't have several conversations about me at the dinner table on some of the things that I said. And I, really regret it because I do think. Publicly. Twitter and everything else I. Think the guy is out of control in doesn't care doesn't enjoys it. But I think privately, he's a different guy because his children love him and I don't believe like for example, Ivanka is a psychopath. And how is it Ivanka loves him and all of his children love him as much as they do if he's a psychopath in real life, he's not no is not i. don't think we ever said he was a second no no, no I know. But people think he is because he just doesn't seem like he cares, yeah, you know he'll say anything and it looks like he doesn't care I don't think he's wrong during the campaign frankly we disagreed with him on policy mostly. And because he Was Not one of a conservative and if I would have left it at if I would have left it at politics I think I would have been fine because I've already said I was wrong and I said I would say it was wrong. But I I. Really went after his character and he can be targeted with his character. And I think that's fair. But I went after his character. Personally and I think I was really wrong on the level of I think when it's personal. And he's involved one on one on one he does care. I think he does care yeah. Yeah. It's definitely the messaging. I think that they wanted to get through. Yes it did. It worked because it didn't it felt real. None of this felt staged or phony or not at all. None of it seemed like, okay. We're reaching out to the black people again it didn't feel that because. It was black people who were saying, look it. I'd love this guy, and this guy is GonNa take us to the next level. The Democrats haven't. Yeah and like he said last night I've done more for blacks in three years than Joe Biden's done in forty seven and it's true by allot. It is true. It is. I mean I saw I. Didn't know about. The you know the funding of the you know the the black colleges I didn't I didn't know all of the things you watch it from the beginning good list of stuff each in. No No. The whole convention last night most of it. Okay. Well, asleep at one point, right so I started watching it from the beginning and I was just watching the raw feed. And so I didn't hear any of the commentary and I saw everything that was on stage they opened up with a couple of people. both Americans. was like look I grew up in really a bad section of town I never even thought about a Republican. And he now works for the president and was so full of joy it was. An amazing testimony. Then this woman in Houston who said. Two years ago I was homeless. Yeah. Did you see that? Yes powerful. She ended in saying look don't let anyone tells you as you do it. Yes, I'm I'm closing on a new house at the end of the month. Yeah I mean it was. Because of one of his program, right and. The other thing I thought was great. was that montage of actual people who've changed from Democrats? Republican yeah and especially the Democratic Socialist Oh my gosh. She's going to vote for trump this time and that was powerful to and does skinny white kid with a big Hole was serious. Yeah he is. He would not be pegged as a Republican over and he was like I would never voted for a Republican but I was living in my apartment in New York and he said You know I was talking to this neighbor who is black and I said you know what do you do or whatever, and she said I'm in the system and he said I just realized everything that I thought I was four traps, people it just traps them. You know it was. Did you see the Richard Grenell thing? The last night. Yeah Or. Go Yeah where he was basically making the case as Donald Trump is the most pro gay rights president. Ever. And it's interesting when we talking about that since the beginning he he's always been kind of. Friendly to to gay rights I the only one to ever be elected in favor of gay marriage. Yeah. But it was a it was in like the they're reaching out to these groups and like they're not all consistent. This bashing of the nineteen, ninety, four crime bill, which is very, very standard thing. Now, that Republicans are doing was something wildly supported by Republicans at the time. Being tough on crime law, it was a law and order bill, and now at the same time, he's making this case for law and order. He's also kind of making the case against the crime bill because Biden voted for it. It's an interesting thing to try to pull off I. Think the same thing goes with with you know they did it with gay voters I thought very well when you outline everything that he. Has, done and has supported over the years. There's a very important A. Successful outreach gave voters who would not normally consider Republican well, I think you can talk about it because you are the gay character on the show and they care. This. Was the most important you mentioned to me but you know I think the thing is the most important thing is is that I don't know anybody who had a part of problem with any of that stuff. I. Don't know a single conservative that this was the true representation of the Republican Guard anybody say, Hey, Richard Grenell shouldn't be speaking. He's gay no said that. The interesting dynamic as a party just as an observer right is that all the things that he was the Grenell was hitting Biden on. Were things overwhelmingly supported by Republicans at the time? So here were over like say like, oh, he was really you know Joe Biden was really late to gay marriage. So wait a minute. I understand that has an outreach political tactic. It is an inter look. Are It's different. I think you're missing something What you're missing is we weren't talking about gay marriage last night. This this convention was not about policies. It was about the human and American heart. We can disagree on policies, but we don't hate each other and that's one thing I think that bar. Low for trump because of how evil he's treated in the media. He's the worst guy ever. He's a racist he hates gays he hates Jews he hates everybody. So just showing that the guy legitimately cares about people and has empathy for people and has treated people. Early, and has people like Richard Grenell who supposedly supposed to hate who has been elevated to roles never achieved by any gay person in history in the United States at least out outwardly. That is an important message I think to get out to people. and. There was no way you could walk away. If you watch this convention and listened, there is no way you could walk away and say that is a racist Guy, a racist party, a gay bashing gay hating you know homosexual xenophobic party. No, there's no way you could walk away didn't believe which by the way a lot of people you watch the mainstream media reaction to it and it's just so predictable. Bringing out like. Yes he says this this and this but but look I mean even big reporters were doing after this I think that particularly the one with Grenell for whatever reason really got under the skin of reporters who don't want to they don't WanNa lose that ground they don't WanNa lose the we're the pro gay party crowd they don't WanNa lose the we're the only ones that African Americans are allowed to vote for those sorts of things are really offensive really really under the skin of knottiest the Democrats but the media in general they knew it why did oh yeah, and they did. The politically effective I think I I'd love some of the little shots. The Little Pokemon with pickle folks things that trump did during the speech last night that you know drove them out of their mind. Out of their minds, you know one of the things that drove them out of their minds and I just I have no problem as a historian. Hate to say that 'cause I know how the press would react to that. But. I read a lot of history I've I've you know I go to original documents et cetera et cetera. So as a quasi historian I was I'm bothered by the precedence of the backdrop being the White House. This was the first time and I hope it's the last time. If it was not the era of the pandemic, I would have I would have been screaming bloody murder because I don't like that however with that being said, remember, this was his third choice as a backdrop yet this is not as I this is his third democratic city said, no notre or that. All that. So he's like, okay I'll do it from where I'm living. You know it was not his first choice it wasn't but then he accentuated it last night just to get under their skin. How many times did he point to the White House to show? Is there the time that it was like you talk about? It was a giant pickle that he took money. Out and said, you know what they said this but. Hey. Look where I live. Really. Good. Thanks Pat. All Right, pat a really good idea. Last night when I share it with you, you know twenty twenty been an absolute joy I think we've all you know it's you know it's like sitting in a nice hot tub of boiling oil. It's been a wonderful wonderful year. Now, why not go inside our house close all the blinds in the windows and just Let it all pass by. Now, you don't move too much. Maybe twenty twenty one won't be able to see US and You know I think that's a pretty good idea. All you have to do is close the blinds, but you better have good blind shades shutters drink. You might want to put Kevlar on them as well. 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We learned about these about these really brave people who said I just WANNA be served. Well, one of those guys Clearance Henderson and he has. He's amazing. He He. He marched with us in Birmingham and said, it's time for all of us to come together. The Scott to stop. We all have to come together. He's an amazing guy. Well, he spoke this week at the GOP convention and he's The guy who said. Joe Biden said if you don't vote for me ain't black, he said well, I'm telling you Joe, even for Joe Biden you don't know history. To be joining us here in just a few minutes also we have. we have a couple of other things you just don't want to miss. We have newsbusters on the managing editor. Curtis. How? Who is going to go through the mainstream media spin on the RNC this made their heads pop just made their heads pop but I also WanNa talk to him a little bit about the spin on what's happening in Kenosha. 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Very brave man he and he has he marched with us in Birmingham Ala Alabama just what four years ago or so. I. Love this guy he was one of the speakers at the GOP convention and he had a few words for Joe Biden saying if you don't vote for me, Ain't black, we're going to talk to him in sixty seconds. Is. The Glenn Beck Program. Sometimes in life, the right choice is hard to make. For example, you know you find out all the companies that make ice cream or donating to liberal causes. Not, I don't care. Okay they build gulags. No don't care man they're torturing my children. How. Can I have a little bit of their ice cream? Anyway there are lines it. You just can't cross when it comes to your phone company. It really is hard to hard to believe what they are doing with the money that you pay them every time you make a phone call, they take some of their prophet and they go to help the fund abortion with. planned. Parenthood they they fund radical ideas anti second? 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Clarence, Henderson civil rights, activists nineteen sixties will worth lunch counter sit in amazing guy and I just love him and it's an honor to have you on the phone again, Clarence our you. More than grand longtime though see I. Know I know I have been thinking about you a lot lately before the GOP convention because you actually were part of these protests in the sixties that mattered and I know at the time there was a real. A lot of people were angry with Martin Luther King because he said peace you know we are going to be peaceful take the beating and there are a lot of people that didn't want to do that. They wanted to fight back. And look where we are. Now I mean this is Malcolm. X., if you're if we're lucky what's happening on the street, but it's not usually black people, it seems to be a bunch of white people saying it therefore black people. Or you know it's amazing Glenn because we need to understand that violence begets violence. And we have. People are talking about systemic racism. We have a stem corruption going on in this country and we need to realize and recognize what's going on this With all of our imperfections we are the greatest country in the world like China he'll, and I'm hoping that people will record that and and their place in America where they can be successful in have as a society to be that a place people can feel like income to and have the opportunity to minute office. And so what they're doing now is that they're taking away is not that isn't the tear down, it's build up. Is Building relationships or whatever we're in the word of the king unless we learn to live together, brother repairs together food and I am very concerned that people are caught up in these movements and they don't know what kind of movement is there for me to kind of move missed. One is a gender of moving. Being. Oppressed back to King George the third and then there's the principle. But we where we continue the fate amount free choice is your radio show you continue to do that and you get ostracized for it but you continue going we have do those kinds of things and to stand up what is right for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren is coming up behind her. Clearance. How do you? How what would you say to Democrats that are listening to and I? Think they know it in their heart who are listening to the press and to the political leader saying these are peaceful protests. Some of them may have been during the day at the beginning. I think there were lots of them. But they degenerated and it's it's not even it's I don't think this has anything to do with black people in anymore is all about revolution anarchy. What do you say to break through to those people that are it isn't, and and and what we have to realize that we are a country of loss we have shown the law said to be governed by the rule of law and order man, and so therefore when these situations come up, we have a judicial system may court system where we bring these things to the forefront and. Let it be decided in the court system, not a and the judicial system and not the court of public opinion where we become mob aroo and becomes dangerous for. we're not careful you have people riding around. Everybody says I take the law into my stuff because nobody's GonNa hear me for example, when you talk about the police if they're not there then what happens smashing Europe? is where I lived in New York back in the sixties in hall and even at that time when is different than now you know one of the things people doing something came, what did you do you call the police because you've got people in this country right now apprehensive about coming out of their own house and not bothering in about it and I want to participate in any protests anything like that. They just want to be left alone but these people jumping on old folks who? Ever gets in their way I just and I'm still in DC right now I was at the presents a separate speech and So I didn't see Iran Paul all around him we went a different direction. So we just got through having except to speech not bothering him to by all of a sudden they wanted to come in these people the come in destroy all these things that we worked for this country and it's time it has to stop at this point and I thought the. Powers that be that are not doing anything about it because when it turns into violence, then we there's an order we have to stop and pre peaceful protests one thing. But when you change, it would've violence then it had something has to change it. So I am container going across America talking about we need to do to to unite our say and divide I'll say. What's the biggest thing we need to do clearance? What is the I mean you lived at a time where when you stepped up to that that. Lunch counter in Greensboro. What were the possibilities of what was going to happen to you? Did you think at? The possibilities with I could come out of there in a broader position Going to jail handcuffs I could have come out of there in a prone position going to hospital to the more, and I reflect back on it and that the movies. Uh, braveheart was man dies and Iran. and. So the solution for me is that this thing has to be done by we the people are not they the government we cannot contain allow allow five hundred, thirty, five people to take three, hundred, twenty, million plus people what they should or should not do. It is based on we when Thomas Jefferson said that America's added them in people really don't know what that man he. said that Americans should always go by the choices that we make and it should be done at the polls at election us decide how what kind of country we wanna live here and we have all these things that people vote for we got some elected official somebody disappointed that wants to come in and change it. But for example, the definition of marriage in North Carolina six or six. decided it would be based on traditional marriage but some judge, I, think an Asheville Ashby brought a case brought before him and he decided it should not be that. So we're in this quagmire where we in right now. So as we the people that have to come back and I started to have meetings and some of the people in knowledge right now in the Democratic Party for the so far removed from reality, they must be removed and who even as somebody Republican part of the same thing they need to be voted out. And have people come in understand for example, take the guy like yourself nonpolitical but you know what's going to America you would it'd be served better by person like myself a you did really has a handle all of us in America and really go inserted a people. So we gotta find those kind of people to the vote into a legacy system and run and serve this country and we have to do a better job of betting our politicians before they get off. Because politicians are diamond doesn't believe leader surprises. That's what Donald Trump is roughly hewn man, but he gets things done. And I feel as though we saw the site of Donald Trump that nobody wants us to see that side that actually privately I mean he can say a lot of things on twitter and say a lot of things in speeches but he Obviously cares and obviously. Has Made I mean the Alice Johnson thing I mean it Things that he's doing. You don't do unless you actually care. You know the way he's handled these things and I thought the GOP convention showed the Republicans are the Conservatives. For who they really are through actions, there was this was a unbelievable outreach to the African American community and it wasn't pandering. Did you feel there was any pandering to anybody at at any time in this convention? I I had a chance last night to beat Vernon Johnson the guy that's a Democrat out of Georgia that spoken said he was going to vote for Donald Trump Tremendous guy is is opened up to see what the party is doing because I was a Democrat law without better Republican but when my eyes are open up and new direction I need to go there was sincere today people caring about each other war against us and It was such a peaceful situation going on there last night. Stand up sharing it looked lack America and it brought me back what America is like this. This week has shown all all people saw it on. TV Asahi wherever have seen when America looks like what this country has been founded on people striving to become successful people's looking for the opportunities that America obviously just say you see the gland that is a form of fast and America, but most people concentrating on looking at somebody else comparing rather than competing. Yeah. But. Is a free market capitalistic system. Which a lot of Democrats have used in talking about social. You got a Bernie Sanders. Might make the Fremont campus. Your spouse and socialism which leave communism, and that's that's not the way that this country works. I'm so glad to talk to you every time we get a chance to talk. It has been too long clearance. Thank you so much. Are. You quite welcome granted outlook look for the next time we meet you got to come less. Henderson civil rights activists the guy in the prominently in the Woolworth lunch counter sit in the pictures that we all grew up with. All right. 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These are not images from some imagine Joe Biden's American the future these are images from Donald Trump's America today the violence were witnessing is happening under Donald Trump not me it's getting worse and we know why we do and Joe this is weird I I understand why they have to attempt to this kind of gymnastics This isn't Joe. Biden's imagine imagination of the future. This is look back in the past this this happened in Barack Obama's America with Joe. Standing at his side the does anybody remember in twenty fourteen, a little place called Ferguson. Remember the riots in the streets in. Ferguson. Es. what did they give birth to? I remember. The Marxist organization black lives matter. You gave birth to this your own vice presidential candidate yesterday said in an interview. These riots are use the variet- she said protests but riots these riots aren't GonNa stop if Joe Biden wins. Nor should they? The are all in with these people. Yeah. That's that's really interesting. Of course this is obviously not the way trump would want to handle these cities. He's he's respecting the lines of the federal government's power and I can't believe it. Yeah. No. It was the last I mean you know because we had very strong conversations off the air in the last year I've said he has he has proven himself every. You know in these situations while I might disagree with some of his policies here and there he is you know he's holding the line. And I said. But you watch a crisis is coming and if there's a crisis, this guy will become the biggest FDR. Just that's my last fear. That's the last box that I have to check off. They've been begging him to begging you do. To take control in violate the constitution. Yeah and he hasn't done it and it's I. He has not and I think he couldn't I don't think he should. But I think like in this idea of like if Donald trump were king, he would not he these low these democratic cities would not be run like this. Right. So you see this point is the other thing too is the. Black lives matter thing was interesting in that after George Floyd. It really turned into a even the we were critical of the organization and their conservative critiques about it, but it was generally a unifying concept. People were like black lives do matter. There are people saying we'll always matter to. But yeah, of course, black lives matter and we all agree with the actual sentence or phrase black lives matter. But at the time, it went up to about plus twenty five in favorability the group this is in I think plus twenty eight nationally in in Wisconsin specifically plus twenty five. They released a new poll about black lives matter. This is before Kenosha. So this is not because they're reacting to Kenosha the new poll came out and they were even. Went from plus twenty five. Zero in two months, and they were plus seventy five weren't they at one point towards the beginning they had seventy five percent approval. So that's different than plus plus it'd be like if zero is forty eight percent favorability forty percent unfavorability that's where it is. Currently, it was twenty four, twenty, five points of the positive a couple of months ago about seeing the same poll where they're split police are plus sixty three. So. This is we a of times get into these worlds where we let the media control. What we feel the the country's is is is really saying they're not saying the policemen and the and the Republicans were smart to continue to point that out because if they're going to allow and not denounce the defunding police. Side of this argument, the riots and he's seen Biden gave a lip service to it a couple times recently because he seeing these poll results but if they're not gonna do that, there's a huge opening here for Republicans to say we're the party. That's GONNA keep the people the police on the streets to stop burning your. Is the conversation I wanted to have in two thousand sixteen. That's why I wanted Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. Right right. Because I wanted a clear cut case. We now have a clear cut case guys. They're. They are going to end capitalism their own words they're going to end capitalism as we know it. They are going to de-fund the police. It's a radical transformation into something we are not. Or we're, GONNA hold up the American heart and say, we don't have to agree on everything. We don't even have to agree on policies, but we have to agree that this is a good place to live. We've got it pretty sweet. We've got some problems and we can fix them. We're not going to shut down I mean it's a clear clear choice and I think the clearest choice in my lifetime. I don't even think it was clear between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan this is the clearest choice and I think the last call for America. At least as we know it. Is the Glenn Beck Program One of the most important things that business owners need to know no matter. 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Seven actions businesses need to take now is something that they went and they just talked all the big business people around the country and said, what do you do to restart? You'll get it for free just go to net sweet dot com slash beck net sweet dot com slash beck. Studios America on Youtube in podcast today the awkwardly titled Stew Ben Shapiro That's that'll be today. Check out the episode. Still. Today is a big day and we haven't mentioned it all week and we need to. Today is eight Twenty Eight twenty. Eight twenty, eight, ten. We were all together. In Washington DC right for restoring honor a decade ago a decade. Ago. That's insanity and I wonder I wondered if this ever made a difference to anybody. And I think you know what I said on stage on that day is it may not be us somewhere in this crowd. is a young kid. It might be the next George Washington that will remember this day. Well one of those young kids not a young kid anymore his name is curtis how? He's the managing editor of newsbusters and I didn't know that he was at eight twenty eight until just about. Five minutes ago Curtis Welcome to the program. How are you? Going to be with you Glenn Again Yeah it is an honor and Yeah. Eighteen year old curtis would be absolutely floored If ten years later today here we are. It's amazing. How did that affect you? Well I I. Mean. It was just a combination of you know watching you and reading you for so many years a lot of the things you know about the founders and really what the last has been trying to instill in. So many other Americans and trying to do to remake this country I learned from watching and reading you and so being. Able to go to event like that and be with you know hundreds of thousands of like minded conservatives and not even conservatives people who just love this country and care about the constitution being able to go with my dad and some of his friends and cool I mean it just meant the world to me. Well, Curtis. Thank you very much. Thanks for going and thanks for remembering it. It's It's it's meaningful. All right newsbusters you have been watching the meltdowns of the mainstream media. So we want to go over the the R. N. C. Convention. And just get some highlights from you on. How bad was the meltdown and what do you think? It was the best meltdown from the from the mainstream media. Well. I I'll say that I think. Going back to what you've talked about this morning, which is what a contrast it this is allowed us. You know really between the DNC the media saying this is binavince finest hour he was like a preacher at the pulpit he was optimistic fireside chat. Whereas in contrast, DONALD TRUMP has no hope no hope it was dark in filled with darkness. Harsh attacks it was more of the same and he just wants to own the lives I mean. It was really just. Incredible but my biggest meltdown was actually from before the whole speech happened MSNBC last night. You know over the course of two hours leading up to the speech were actually saying the president quote doesn't care if people quote get. killed for sick from the coronavirus by ten ding this event I mean, it's just. I often tell my colleagues about how the media just empty there storace's. Your finger out like how how they can like meltdown and describe what they're seeing. But really this week they definitely earned it. They're getting those pages are well loved. Do you think Curtis, that there is a An awakening beyond the Conservatives and Republicans that there is an awakening on the press especially over the last two weeks of like, Oh, my I mean, you're in an allison wonderland world. Right, and especially because of the fact that the news media. Are. Saying what's going on outside on America's streets is not happening right They're saying that they're mocking the President I thing that there's an arc in the streets you know you have you know going back to, yeah. You're looking at first and what was going on you know this goes to the CNN. Chiron. Hopefully people saw. Barry, but mostly peaceful protests. They had to do something they had to do something. This is the third time there has been burning cars in the background and they're talking about peaceful protests. So this time they just while they're talking about peaceful protests. Put in the Chiron. Fiery but mostly peaceful. I mean. I mean, this is like not the onion, not the BEV alone be on overdrive like I mean it it. It is one of those things that you can. This can't be real. Oh yes. It's real I saw. Great Babylon. Story came out last night that Babylon, just their biggest competitor. CNN. Backley. Okay. So let me go to the hypocrisy. Your favorite H- hypocrisy moment over an RNC speech. Yeah I and I got a big look at the week, and one of my colleagues over newsbusters has been crunching the numbers dot. How much time MSNBC has been refusing to carry the speech really after the news media in totality carried about ninety percent of the DNC So let's the first night. They get thirty three minutes night to thirty seven minutes night three you know with the Vice President fifteen minutes. And we're looking to fifteen minutes and we're looking to be well over that Cross probably. Closer to an hour at least for tonight once we finish the numbers today and they they, they just skipped it entirely talked over it. Correct. They talked over it and I think going back to one of your other points from early this morning about stories and speakers humanize the president you know terror Myers talking about her son with down syndrome you know Kayla Mueller's family Chinese activist chain going Chung. He all those speeches were not carried by NS NBC. And it's very intentional. You know with the media sometimes they're kind of they stumble into their ways, but you know and I. These instances. They know exactly what they're doing. This isn't a case. It's ignorance with the news media especially this past week. So how is America going to react to this? Did do you think enough people that were independent? Or you know Democrat by by record but are kind of sick of this. Do you think enough people saw the real message because a real messages. The most of them did not come from the politicians it came from the real people. Yeah, I think that's such a great point and it's people from all over the country that spoke really it covered. You know Tennessee Minnesota everywhere in between and then yeah, the news media I actually think it is because you're seeing in the polling you know you've talked about you know black lives matters support just cratering you have seen emitting Zach. This is showing up and polling you've seen the governor of Oregon. Saying, ooh, the violence is bad. Oh my gosh. We totally condemn all this and now we're people are waking up this morning to see that a US senator and his wife required a barricade of police officers in their bikes to get them to safety It's like what happened in the nineteen sixties people turn on their televisions saw what was going on to peaceful protesters that were marching and sitting at lunch counters. And they're seeing what's going on in these cities and they're seeing the emotion of these people that have lost everything and over on the other side, you have the news media. That's kind of saying well, they have insurance you know. I mean it's just. It's because it's not. It's not happening to them that there's just no empathy. They talk about the president not having empathy or I mean it isn't Alinsky I. You know strategy of projecting onto your opponents. Kind of where you are. Curtis how? Managing Editor of newsbusters what a? What a great day to talk to You Curtis On the anniversary eight, twenty eight. Thank you so much. Thank you have you bet bye bye. Right we are going to correct something else the media is doing just a second right after this this commercial break on tell you about my pillow Mike Lindell had him on the program Tuesday. I mean he runs me ragged with his energy, but I just love talking to him. He built the company from the ground up himself came from a heartbreaking past made something of himself. Gives back to the community ways very few people even understand or know. Anybody who's purchased a my pillow product Y-. You know he makes great products. This guy is America. He is truly a un-american success story. There's no way he could be successful in any other country. he did it here turned his life around and I mean now he's making great products. He has the Giza dream sheets. 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Elijah no, it was who was it from the daily caller yesterday I said, where are the main? Where's the mainstream media where whereas ABC NBC CNN where are they? They're not they're not getting any of this footage of what's really going down all my well that just pop the head of all of these they just were in a it last night all these journalists there were out there in la come. Back seat it's about us well, really easy drew Griffin tweeted. So many of my CNN colleagues are reading this Dodo birds comments between their live reports in Kenosha Wisconsin come on Glenn. Okay really what time was that again. Glenn Beck just lies in lemmings will believe anything he says. This dishonest type Blah Blah Blah. The truth is to hate those who the truth literally every network every day every night has been on the ground my favorite is from. imen- as Omar Jimenez Bro I'm literally standing in Kenosha right now sleep-deprived from standing in the protests violence and fires this night every night this week. Bro He's the guy on CNN with the Chiron underneath that says fiery but mostly peaceful protests and you journalist, why are you running Elijah Schaeffer in the daily caller? Video? If you were there. Why did you have to run their video? Would you I don't know run your own video you're on your own video why was Elijah Shafer on the phone with a New York Times to try to help tell them exactly what happened for their story if they were there. Oh my gosh. These people are incredible. They're they're they're not showing you the truth they're not there. Well, let me ask. Somebody who their? For Welcome to the program. When I am happy to be here and I'm very delighted to let them know that blaze TV and the blaze. Job Ever reporting then somebody's multi-billion dollar corporations. Oh it I mean are they they're? Course there there we see them on TV but where are they? You know it's like it's like an absentee parent who's there but they're not. You know like they they might be available in the home but are they raising the kids? They're not. That's exactly how I can describe the corporate media right now they're present sometimes but when. The actual thing hits the fan I mean I don't see their fancy cameras I. don't see. They're nice reporters. Their lights aren't on I mean where are they? They're not where the story is actually happening. Well, let me just let me just say this Elisha. I think it's that they like you and the blaze so much that they're running our video that you got because they just WanNa give us a boost. They thought you know we've got great video coverage of this. We were there. We saw it. We captured it but you know what? Let's give the let's give those conservatives that are out there. Trying to cover the truth. Let's give the. Let's give the credit to them for the video I think that's what happening maybe. So what's happened? Because you know when you look at the Komo shooter Colorado House who Seventeen There's two interviews that are that are out there. That are really viral. Washington Post mid amongst many other publications which to me rich to Ritchie. McGinnis, from the blaze from daily caller I, mean how many of these needs through outlets have extensive interviews with Kyle before the shooting? How many? How much of their footage is as being used from the shooting? How many than have on video the cyrus big started or the faces of the people destroy vehicles I mean how much of this are we really seeing being aired? Footage I'm not kidding not having it. If I am. Like, let me tell you something if they do have it it's worse than we think if they do have it you're exactly right. Why aren't they airing their footage? So I mean, it makes no sense. The. So let me ask you one other thing I've heard that Rittenhouse does not have. He has a public defender. This guy's going to have is lunch eaten. If he's got a public defender, he does now. I think that's changed I. think he has. Yeah. One of Rudy Giuliani's attornal now stepped in. All right. So now there's a there's another thing that I want to check with you. Did you see that the guy who was shot had a warrant out for his arrest? Is that true? Okay. So there's a lot of. About a minute about a minute so you gotta keep short. Here's all say is that these people did have criminal backgrounds? And I'm not going to I'm not going to specify charges. But what's really interesting is that because they had criminal backgrounds. That if you just took these three people as a sample of the group, it's really interesting that the three people involved had pretty severe charges. Even somebody who had a wet had weapons charges against him probably should not have had that weapon on the on the I'm going to say that the the charge of rape might be. As bad if not. Worse than the. I, he had a weapon on him There is a difference between having a weapon on him and having a weapon and using it. but will continue to follow this. But thanks so much for your cute little champ deck. Coverage CNN and ABC, and all you people your show. Hello America. It's for right A. Lot to go over on this gop convention week, we begin in sixty seconds is the Glenn Beck Program. Now while while while while. Hey. You're feel good after a great. Shave you. WanNa. Look good after a great shave smell great walk out of your house every day looking like a million bucks sold in wrinkly. Renzo. 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There where than how come you don't have any footage of this why are you coming to the blaze and the daily caller for the footage? Why are you calling our reporters at the New York Times to ask them what happened if you were there Yeah, big part of this is they show up when there are mostly peaceful protests. Of course, this is known by the protesters slash rioters. Wait until they leave to start lighting things on fire when everyone is back home in their hotel rooms and they're comfortably watching their little remains of their broadcasts when everyone's walking around being peaceful. People like Elijah are out in the middle in front of the fires and dodging gunfire now even when it's their. Cars on fire and they're burning in the background of the CNN reporters. They're still saying it's peaceful. Dude, how do you do I mean what? Do you have is or just a lack of a thesaurus is the only word you seem to know is peaceful. It's just not a notable point now it's. Mostly. Peaceful. It's not if you could be every, every serial killer is mostly peaceful in their life. Incidents where they kill a bunch of people, Right It doesn't make any difference. Full Charles Manson. Most of the time was sitting. Right. Adolf. Hitler was painting when he was young doesn't mean his life was mostly peaceful. Okay. So how many not you go through the Nazi party and you'd find probably most of the actual Nazi party members didn't actually kill Jews personally does that mean does that notable notable fact? No. He's full you. Know it's not a notable. Remember US used to make this point. It's like. Well, you know you. You could look at the Nazi regime in really complement their highways right but that's notable. Right about who heyday. Eighty. So I really did doesn't matter not a notable as their rocket program was great. Not, interesting the important thing is the over what when you're talking about we we have hundreds and thousands of protests around the country for these same causes. That go perfectly fine. Perfectly fine in the other part of this is we also have hundreds of thousands, millions of interactions between police and African Americans that go perfectly fine. Those are the ones. You say police are mostly he's never hear that how police never erase. Only. Those mostly peaceful protesters. The Guillotine in front of the white. Out But it was a mostly peaceful guillotine. It was just stands there most of the time most of the time so easily. Moseley mostly. Just a shirt. Bethany the air. It's peaceful. It's not doing anything. All right. So they had that in front of the. Front of the White House, they were attacking elderly people last night in front of the White House and then my favorite story Rand Paul, God bless Rand Paul Man Pray for the safety of our of our. Officials pray for safety for really everybody on all sides on all sides. This thing could spiral into one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, eight so fast. It almost did last night there about one hundred members of this angry mob about a block away from the White House and they just surrounded and attacked Rand Paul and I think his wife. And And here's the thing. Why are they attacking him? They were screaming say her name Justice for. Briana. which is a fascinating thing particularly to rand Paul right because he wrote the justice for Briana Taylor. Is. If you couldn't earn more on there being more obvious admission of your own ignorance to be yelling at Rand freaking Paul the WHO has been talking about no knock warrants since you've heard of him before you before you were born, you knucklehead talking about it while I was doing is surgery. He sitting he's a libertarian. He's opposed as the entire time BRIANNA. Taylor thing has literally nothing to do with race. If you look at the case, they weren't even shooting at Brianna Taylor. They were shooting at her boyfriend who by the way actually shot a police officer. I don't blame him for that. By the way it was it was a terrible incident. It was not his fault, but he had actually fired his gun at the police and the hit the police before they fired a bullet. So, like the idea that this was some racist stalking thing is insanity. It is a perfect example of the libertarian critique of police when you're talking about no knock raids in the middle of the night over a drug offense in the middle of pandemic. Why were there that that will it's very legitimate point to be made there. The black lives matter point has literally nothing to do with the Briana Taylor case at all as. He is likely. To that, these officers could not even see Brianna Taylor where they were shooting. They just know they got shot by bullet. One of them was actually struck by a bullet from a gun and they started firing back in the direction of where the bullet came from. There's no disagreement about this by the way. That's exactly what happened. So yes, no. Problem Kill Rand Paul in the streets yes, he's. He's your he's probably the biggest ally in only his. Head him Yes dopey had biggest ally in America, write that one down to solve the actual problem that occurred with Brianna Taylor. Probably the biggest ally in America you're surrounding in threatening his life. This is. This is I think I got it behead. Rand. No. No. GotTa gotTa don't be had rand Paul important. The work don't don't important make in front of the words beheading. Another thing this is important. Order is crucial here one learn to. Protest you gotTa do it in that order. It's really hard because a lot of times you want to go out and protest alert about this afterward. No, you have to learn I protest after I learned how to. In, school already, no, no no you have to learn about the thing you're protesting. Maybe. Ashington about Taylor's you should read word one about the case I'll give it to you go to Stu. Does the Truth About Brianna? Taylor had to name the changed the naming convention for this particular one because it did not feel it was appropriate. Does the Truth About Brianna? Taylor look at that? It is a great case for people who Radley Belco, who wrote a whole book about the Police, and it's about tactic it's not bashing police officers. It's about these tactics authorizing a no knock raid in the middle of the night for a for someone who wasn't even accused of the crime but was believed to be associated with someone who was accused of a crime in the middle of a pandemic. I would just argue is a bad idea. The situation should not have occurred that way you could have. Grand Taylor on her way out. Of Work and talk to her, and she probably would've talked to you the idea that you're going to bust it in the middle of the night is just bad practice and that's something that I think police have to be very, very careful and utilizing. But that is a totally different point than all cops are racist and we need to go get rand Paul. It's insanity. Okay. Well, I. Don't know if you can get a very complex rant. I'm hearing lots of rules. Are. Rules lots of things to remember and you can't do it. But I. We went back with the timeline. and. The mainstream media is like wayward there. We're covering all this. Well first of all, you don't seem to be relying on the video that you don't have that you had to get from us. Only the New York Times seems to have this halfway. RIGHT MSNBC is the worst is the worst they're just denying what you see on tape. It's incredible but they were all there and they all covered it, and so I just did we just did a little Tiktok here I mean just. At eleven fifty five Elijah Shaffer tweeted breaking news someone shot in the head in Kenosha. Levin Fifty Five PM Levin fifty-six ABC News on it Wale. Of a time a pot of workers spotted swimming through the puget sound. We. Did have reporters reporters then eleven fifty eight, pm eleven fifty five Elijah Eleven fifty eight PM USA Today a look at Wednesday's paper pence distress winds in virus fight Levin fifty nine CNN the advantages of incumbency are afforded to any sitting president trump's use of his office as gone well for beyond is Brennan Answers. Eleven fifty nine modern vaccine lacks. Black Lip. syncs and indigenous participants. So CBS News while somebody just been shot in the head in Kenosha wherever they got people. Reporters there They were worried about the lateen cts vote kinks with various into Latino in America that is normal that goes yeah. Like the. Thing that's reflected in every poll when they asked that question a twelve am New York Times. They are talking about the need and the alarm on the need for Protective Masks Sue PBS Newshour Mike pompeo plunged into the heart of the presidential campaign Reuters president trump pardon John. Ponder. MSNBC Ben Rhodes on Secretary Pompeo speech. Twelve eleven, Washington Post Jerry Falwell scandal weakened trump's evangelical support twelve sixteen Associated Press. Now we're approaching half hour. Hundreds of flights were cancelled in South Korea twelve seventeen NPR covid nineteen latest series of disruptions. So. So it's a half hour. It's a half hour. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. It's the graveyard shift got lenny, and he's like Dad behind the I send this out maybe nitty everybody was sleeping you know in Kenosha. So maybe they didn't know about the shooting in real time they were on the. They were on, they just happened to look down they were loading film in their camera, which they don't use anymore, and they just look down and they missed all that gunfire. So about forty five minutes after the blaze is posting the shootings. Surely, they'd pick up the scent. Twelve forty two am almost an hour later. Elijah Schaffer posted a threat on twitter explaining the circumstances leading up to the shootings. He's already got analysis and video of leading up to it. CNN's CNN's main concern at the time. Squaw Valley Alpine. Meadows resort. is going to be changing its name next spring acknowledging it includes racist and sexist slur. Twelve forty am then twelve forty, five road Reuters Mexico. Confirms. Corona. Virus. CASES MSNBC twelve forty-six after three months after George Floyd's death sparked protests and the world the side of his death remains a sacred place for racial justice. One am now an hour and ten minutes later airlines to shed tens of thousands of workers, CBS. News. New York, times. McDonald's say there is an investigation into misconduct claims without the in the country one zero two. PBS Newshour Pam Bondi. One Oh three Associated Press breaking. Mass Shooter Brennan Darren Tells Judge Won't speak in his defense it sentencing hearing in New Zealand court. One Zero three m USA Today during his remarks Covington Catholic School Graduate Nick Sanmen Decried canceled Culture One oh four NPR Jacob Blake the black man who shot multiple times close range by police in Kenosha currently paranoid paralyzed from the waist down. So at least an hour and twenty minutes into it, NPR has a story about Kershaw but they obviously didn't have someone there with the video did no they were all upset at me yesterday for saying they weren't there. Oh so they they were all there, Stu. They were there but like. Is it valuable there. But in your hotel room when all the bad things, he's listening to you a Washington Post one seven trump uses republican convention to rewrite Corona Virus History one, fifty, five now two hours later Huffington Post's thirty two tweets that's being single in the middle of a pandemic you might WanNa think about reading other tweets. Maybe checking out other tweets of the twelve media outlets only three posted any news about the Kenosha shootings overnight, the Washington Post two hours after Elisa Schaffer posted about it. CBS News and Reuters. I don't know what do you think to nine, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, seven. That's enough time to watch. Elijah's. Reporting. And then go should we care about this? I mean, it doesn't look good. How can we spin this and then finally posted you guys weren't on the ground you may be of on maybe on the ground maybe you're sleepy she. You know I felt really bad last night with Donald Trump. He was going at midnight last night when I mean that's so unfair Joe Biden couldn't watch that thing live he was in bed by four. I mean you have the early bird special three at Denny's, and then he's gotta go to sleep. I don't know if he saw any of that that was really unfair of Donald trump to and the news reporters I mean, if anything happens after nine pm or God forbid anything after dark, you know these are peaceful protests nothing happens after dark. Your frauds and America's knows it and you know what's so sad you know it but you're not man enough or woman enough to admit. then. You've got to change your behavior. Born real estate agents I trust the housing market been on fire ever since the beginning of the year. Friend of mine bought a house at Yellowstone was it yellowstone club and it's like and I was looking at them during the pandemic I, went to the websites they bought this house and. 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We spent probably five minutes talking about courage and how to cultivate courage really He's really strong on this. and somewhere in that area of humans want to be taking care of much more than they want to be free. And I had asked him you know what's wrong with us and he's like they just they just. They're afraid people are afraid and that led us into courage. It's really good available now for blaze TV subscribers, but it's out tomorrow three PM Eastern on my youtube page by the way subscribe to my youtube page if you will and like it, it helps other people discover it helps us in the algorithms. So go to youtube and look for the Glenn Beck Page and subscribe and rate like. Right. Beautiful. flowery words mean whatever you have to do. It will help others, discover it wherever you get your podcast. That's tomorrow at Three PM, Dennis, prager and Glenn. Beck together and available now for great blaze TV subscribers. Is the Glenn Beck Program. 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Ben Shapiro Today on STU does America Youtube and search for stew. I'll be the first one there. You can get it on blaze TV DOT COM slash. Glenn. Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. It is eight, twenty, eight, ten years ago we were standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial together if he were there for restoring honor. Five years ago, we started the Nazarene Fund in Birmingham Alabama. Can you believe one hundred thousand Christians saved and moved into safety? Because of what we did five years ago basically a glorified moving company very expensive one by the way. believably, we could get that done with the U. Hauls for the price. Hey, no it really. No I know. That's one of the I mean, you look back at your life say that's probably the best thing you ever did. They think. Oh Yeah This has been featured by ABC News and it's not just you know what I'm saying it's not just a conservative claim you're making. A thousands and thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands maybe have been saved from this one hundred thousand people have been moved in the last five years because of died A. Clearly a lot of them. A you can by the way check out of those videos of those events they were great. I. Think I'm GonNa Watch them with my family. This weekend you can find them on the blaze TV or mercury one dot org, and while you're there, donate to the Nazarene Fund or any of the other things that we do especially our education project we're going to be announcing some things here in the next couple of weeks that I think you're going to be very excited about. Want to go to a Ryan. Morrow he is a director of the Clarion Intelligence Network we are premiering something tonight on blaze TV called covert cash. What American universities don't want you to know about their foreign funding. It's going to be on blaze TV. This weekend, and then on September I think it is next Tuesday it's going You'll no-go on Youtube and a lot of other places, but you'll be able to see it this weekend if you're looking for something that you can watch that is. You know pretty amazing that nobody else is covering Lara Logan is involved in all of our friends are involved in this. And the Clarion Project as well Ryan Welcome to the program. Thanks much me back. You Bet I premiere this tonight at five o'clock. And explain it to the audience because it's We've been talking about schools and universities in the last week. This is been in the press somewhat, but no one seems to be really paying attention. Even, by my standards being absorbed than the topic of extremism and hostile foreign influence operations for so long this is jaw-dropping even for me but the film covert cash was inspired by a study that myself and Alexandra's and some other people at Clarion project were involved in where we look at the declared foreign donations to American universities and colleges, and we put it all together and then we organized, and as far as I'm aware that's never been actually done before because. We wanted to get some real figures to get an idea of how much foreign financing is coming to our schools and what we found in the first study of just what was publicly declared. Most of it is not we found over ten billion dollars flowed from foreign entities to American universities since two thousand, twelve, the vast majority of it coming from countries and governments that don't like us and are known for their history of foreign propaganda operations on American soil and that cutter. Turkey Russia. Okay. So our universities are taking this. They're also employing many of these these scientists and professors you know, and that's a whole different story but we are now starting to wake up to China but tell me about Saudi Arabia and Russia. Hey Right. So if you look at the figures again, this is just from the first round of the study. Later on, we found a billion dollars that the universities had not publicly declared So the universities are not declaring most of this funding that's coming in from based on our research cutter. For example, they donated just over one point, five, billion dollars, Saudi Arabia six, hundred, fifty, million dollars Russia a hundred million dollars and I would emphasize that this is just coming from what's publicly declared. It's not doesn't include. What's when you set up a front? If you WANNA be really sneaky you that's how you do it. So this is just the amounts that these countries are brave enough to basically slap across the face and say, Hey, guess what your doors open and we're just GonNa do this openly because there's covert stuff going on, and then there's the less covert stuff going on you point out in the film and talk a little bit about this that these schools these Ivy League schools have set up branches in some of these hostile countries. That are toxic, toxically illiberal and filled with America anti-american ideas. And in our universities are end up supporting. misogyny homophobia. Reese's them while virtue signaling at the same time. How how do they not see this? All? They know about it mean the Department of Education has begun looking into this and so as Congress and their reports say very blatantly that these schools are going to non-free countries and basically accepting the money begging for the money and giving them unprecedented access to our students in education system. But in in the case of campuses, overseas cutters given billions of dollars to schools to set up campuses in their country, which is a spy bosses dream, and specifically in one case with northwestern university cutter was getting them money. To help them expand Aljazeera. They're basically donating to the school and thing yeah, here's a bunch of money. Now, bring your students over to Qatar to help us expand the biggest terrorist propaganda network on earth. China's also doing a similar thing where they're giving tons of money unbelievable amounts of money to our professors in order to come over to China and help them build lab so that they can steal information and that's why professors are being arrested for lying about that funding because they're taking the money and only now is the government starting to crack down on it, but it's so big. I don't even know if the federal government can crack down on it fully. There was an interesting line that stuck out to me. It was from a woman who said when I was growing up in Iran I was forced in school to chant down with America every single day. She said, now our universities are doing the same thing. That's like the the modern version of adolescent rebellion. Now, it's like the cool thing to do among the youth is to say that you are so enlightened you are so objective that you're willing to fash- your own country and rebel against it, and it's hard for me not to connect that to this issue of foreign funding that's coming in For example, you mentioned China according to our latest records. China's donated over one point, two, billion dollars the university since two, thousand twelve now maybe I'm too cynical but I don't think that they care about American students getting the Best Education I. Don't think that we we know it's not going to lower tuition. So. What is the return on their investments? It must be pretty big for them to spend that type of money. Thank you so much rhyme for being on with us and thanks for letting US premiere this. This documentary it premieres tonight five pm you can watch it live or you can watch it. Know on. You know on demand at the blaze TV, dot, com and then next week it will go everywhere. You can watch it in advance. Now, if you're a place member, otherwise it'll be on the youtube page for the Clarion Project next Tuesday. Thank you so much. I appreciate it, God bless you go on you bet. Kaba. So lister of Mine Pam, she couldn't sleep unless she lay flat on her back staring up at the ceiling Gosh could you do that? Can't do that no no. No. Hope of that at all that's like trying to sleep on a plane. Yeah. To she said, she'd have shooting pains that started in your shoulders and then radiated down her arms sleeping on her side or stomach was out and she's always been aside sleeper this. Awful. 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Glenn Beck Program it's Friday I just WanNa leave you with this the Hollywood crowd they I mean they all my gosh. They had aneurysms all night last night and it couldn't happen to nicer people But they went crazy about Rudy Giuliani. WENT CRAZY ABOUT VODKA TRUMP I? mean. Ivanka trump is not a conservative. You know I think she. They. have. The same role I thought she did in two thousand sixteen, which was to play to myself. Friendly voters who prefer largely democratic policies direct can get can get. To show that he's done things that aren't just for his base, which later when claims right and I think she has I think she I and my guess is, is that she has. Had something to do with the overall message and production of this RNC convention which I applaud I thought it was fantastic the messages and the images and everything that came out of it. I thought it was real genuine and and just solid ethic Republicans have largely used their conventions to basically pitch to their base. Yeah. which here, the did the opposite of this was Reagan. This was ringing. You may not remember those might have been too young but Reagan did this he he spoke across party lines and he was like look. That's not what your party stands for. You know it's it's it's almost exactly. What America went through in nineteen eighty and there could be a in a nineteen eighty, four kind of landslide. If the president is disciplined we could be witnessing a landslide. One of the things. I. Just want to go through some of these things One of the things they were just apoplectic on at me Affair Mia Farrow compared to Jonestown. An. ADORING cult waiting for Jim Jones to appear and look at how none of them are wearing masks etcetera etcetera mio mea I just I just I just want to ask. You have you been tweeting about the AMA's. because New York decided that the celebrities vm as. The video music awards at Radio City. They don't have to the you know they're not going to be subject to the quarantine mandate. They can fly in from wherever you know the Bulla. If, they want and they don't have to be quarantined at all because they're special people. They're special people. So I'm just waiting for the Hollywood elites to You know to tweet against the special people but anyway So it was Jonestown the Guy Bradley Whitford he was on the West Wing. He said it was the desecration of the White. House. Was it really wasn't. I mean I'm with you I don't like the fact that the White House was used and I don't like the fact that that is probably going to set precedence now but it shouldn't be used but it is a covid year and this was the third choice. The president had he tried to move the convention and the Liberal Democrats wouldn't allow him to do it. So okay, I'll do it. You come over to my house. It is a, it is a Kovic year and he did not move it there. First, he tried other places you guys just tried to shut it down so. Rosie O'Donnell her lovely lovely self tweeted the things that I really. Well. I really can't repeat any of them but Jim Gaffe again. swooped in to defend Joe Biden from claims that he's a socialist. Okay. I go with that I. Don't think I don't think joe is a socialist, but he surrounded himself with socialist and his policies. Now on his his platform are socialist to be fair. He's been a longtime Democrat and is assisted basically in the middle of every democratic movement. So when the party has gone left, he has gone left. Going very left right now. Right. So anyway so gaffe again. Defended him cities not a socialist and then he said the president's speech was all lies to scare America and to those who think I'm destroying my career wake up if trump gets elected, the economy will never come back. First of all. I liked claim I really liked Jim jeff again. I, consider him. I can say a friend friendly. And and spend time with Jim Gaffe again, I've no problem that he does I know he disagrees with me I know he. Care and I don't care and you know if he sees that and he really believes that somebody should go vote the other way. That's fine. That's fine. But I I would like to ask him in a sincere questioning honest questioning. What? Part of Biden's experience shows you. He was part of the team that said it will never come back. The economy will not get any better than Barack Obama ever. This is the this is the best. It's GONNA get. Donald trump came in and. it was the best economy we've ever had nation and lowest unemployment rate or I mean it was really good. Jim. Sold a lot of tickets are in the trump era. Yeah I know. So I just want to know what part of the Biden economic the business building experience makes. You say he's going to be better than the guy who did it as opposed to the guy who was part of it that couldn't do it. I just think that honestly this election season more than ever before is just ruining people and they just you know they're always fighting with each other everyone thinks that their opinions the only one that matters the only one that's right and everyone that disagrees with them is the worst person on earth. I'M NOT GONNA go there this time I'm not gonna I'm GonNa try really hard not to go. Oh Oh yeah because I mean look I. I can deal with I have a very high tolerance for nonsense from entertainers. Gyms totally. Wrong on a lot of the things he's saying I can deal I could still I could still laugh at his hot pocket jokes. I'm not going to have the same thing with these athletes like they can do all sorts of things I don't really care because I don't go to them for these things. I I can just avoid. Of caring about them I. Don't think about what some what Lebron James thinks about politics. I don't care I don't care. I'm not GonNa let them take away something from me that I enjoy just because they're stupid and that's Not everyone gets to that point. Jim is a New Yorker lives in New York and it's a different world. I talked to people from New York. It is a different world than. Gaffe again is he's one of the more sensible people whose talked out even he is liberal has talked out sensibly about politics when he's touched it normally, and then last night is I mean look at this era is people are just they lose it they lose it the media people who are irrational halfway decent reporters four, five, six years ago are completely nuts now completely insane. No one can seem to control themselves anymore. All right. have a safe weekend. We'll see Monday on radio.

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