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"twelve moving parts" Discussed on Car Talk

"We've never had that yet. But i would disconnect all that stuff disconnect the propane heater and try to drive the thing without that in the circuit. Okay because the only way my brother is right is if if the problem completely goes away and if it doesn't completely go away i think it would be the coil. Can i check the class. You need an own meter. I got ask got him on on the other side of volt meter. Look up the spec you have. You must have the book on this car now right. Yeah yeah you gotta start with a simple diagnostic steps. But i would test disconnect this stuff then test the coil then test the fuel pressure and then call us back in the morning. Take two aspirin. Good luck to you helen. Okay hope you make it to arizona and if you don't call us next week okay we'll be ruby right here we'll be here and probably be there later folks or do you mind if i read some mail now Do you have to do read it. See a out all right show. This is paul fending illinois where he's from. Da brothers mariachi at the risk of sounding just like any of your relatives. I must tell you how disappointed i am. Would you both all up on bulletin us. I think it's gonna get the though pro. Specific instance which i refer was your recent conversation with becca dad toll for bill remember. That becker called us one week and told us that her father insisted that you fill out a little book. And we accuse him of being anal retentive retentive and then he called the following week. He defended himself headed himself. We accused him again. Of being a retentive. This was truly a lost opportunity to strike a meaningful blow against anal retentive this and adl retain knees everywhere instead you let that cheesy weenie auto. No real criticism of his terrible and injurious personal defect would responded will vigorously. If this guy had mentioned that he was an engineer for chrysler the question that must be asked is what has happened to reduce your usually stinging repartee to the levels. Of whose car is it toll for. The answer has to be that. It is undoubtedly tom's fault. I have noticed recently. A california lilt in tom's attitude really. I have no doubt whatsoever that tom spent less time in psychic communion with opium ex-pm toshihisa. It's not opium. Xp does it's only on us be other does right right. This is probably some ancient. Tofu warrior the level of critical. Thought and dialogue on your show would increase exponentially. If tom really requires some type of psychic connection to function he should send this. Xp doshi guy. Back to the cemetery in san francisco where he was buried and spend some time trying to channel up to general. George patton ooh. I am firmly convinced that after a few sessions with the general told now there was a well adjusted guy. I'm firmly convinced that after a few sessions with the general tall will be able to slap around any anal retentive goofball caller or battle fatigue soldier with the best of sincerely ause forfeiting castle rock colorado. Wow so don't be such a whissy. I'm going to have. It is true. I have been in the psychic rome lately. Yes it's the medication i guess. If you are in that in that other world you don't you're not as vitriolic were. Maybe yes you notice. I haven't ranted and raved. The medicines been working dougie. What are you guys. Slipping into my shock. Anyway if you'd like to talk to us our number is eight eight eight car talk. That's one eight eight eight two two seven eight two five five a lawyer on car talk. Yeah this is richard I live near talent oregon which is near ashland high richard talent. You live near it so that means you live out in the boondocks for about three miles. Can you see anybody else's house afraid so you can. Oh you don't like so. What's what's cooking richard. I'm planning at grand road trip in my sixty four dark convertible. I knew you were gonna laugh. Really what color is it. It's white white. Anyway drive from here down to sacramento and take highway fifty at least as far east of cincinnati and then back to chicago and take route sixty six to santa monica. There's offered to Follow along with a pickup low to spare parts. And i know there's a dodge dart expert here. I just wondered if you could advise me as to what spare parts y'all kerry maybe to just saying engine and transmission as you know. This is an extraordinarily reliable vehicle in it has the advantage of having only eleven moving parts unlike modern cars. Yeah i mean more includes the roof. Yeah just for the convert. Twelve moving parts. I mean modern cars while they have many conveniences and safety features are very very complex. But your car is really simple. I mean if the engine goes that's the end of your trip you know you drive the car in a ravine and you're you're finished trip with your brother in law and the pickup truck. But that's not likely to happen if you if you maintain a reasonable speed you guys are gonna have walkie talkies or something. Oh probably yeah. I think that would be fun because you need to keep each other awake. But don't use them without thinking about it because they know they know better than cell phones when it comes to driving no but when you feel something's going wrong you can ask him if any parts falling off. Yeah and stop and pick them up and you'll meet him at the next coffee stop. I can decide whether to put him back. I'll just throw them in the trunk. But i think you could change easily. I would bring a fuel pump a set of points in the condenser coil. You know An alternator nozzle bring those along the belts and hoses You know in the of course. It is not an engine and transmission. Let's just say another sixty four. Yeah hey richard. This is going to be a great trip. No and if you take too much stuff along they won't be any element of surprise. You have in order to be able to tell the story with authenticity. You have to be able to tell people after you survive the trip how you managed at a roadside barbecue grill to forge a crankshaft out of an alternate in the ashtray. Well richard we hope you have the time of your life acting to my wife's not going go very far. That's why we know you're going to have to.

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