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Week 6 Recap

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Week 6 Recap

"Uh-huh. Up to twenty six Admiral his stage in coop. So the Russian president hostage, we've been ordered to rescue for the producers of Olympics has fallen most aggressive military up in rushing his strength. It's going to be World War three, Gerard Butler worship outstation security, old man. One common authorize crew. Central killer dude are under seventeen minute parent in theaters number twenty, six. The fantasy focus football podcast is presented by ZipRecruiter, forgetting to put Brock Osweiler five lineup will six that was not smart using ZipRecruiter to find qualified candidates fast that smart ZipRecruiter advise people with the right skills, education experience for year job to actively invites them to apply, try it for free. It's a dot com. Slash os, six NO ZipRecruiter dot com. Os six one. Oh. So more. The fantasy focus football podcast, Monday dishes. It's Tober fifteenth year halfway through the month. Matthew already picked out three different Halloween costumes. He will wear. Sixteen nights from tonight, he'll percent Matthew berry star, find your bell. I wanna I, I have a bone to pick with you about your ZipRecruiter, man. Do that. Sure. I just read the script, but go ahead and well, just what you said was that you felt like not putting Brock Osweiler into your lineup was not smart, and I disagree with that. I think it was completely smart not to put Brock Osweiler into your lineup, like sometimes it doesn't work out process over results. There was this no reason to suspect Brock Osweiler given the career that we've seen Brock have and seeing what we've seen the bears defense so far this year. There's literally no reason whatsoever to put Brock Osweiler into your lineup in an end up working in. It wants somebody a million dollars in DFS now, but I it's crazy serious. Well, believe it or not as the king of comedy on this podcast, you're Mattie, tell you that that was a joke is very much tongue. I will say this. I want to quickly do this before we are. We do ZipRecruiter yesterday at twelve thirty four eastern time. A guy name Indra Marana AJ m. o. r. a. n. o. on Twitter, Twitter, that me into Ospar with over three hundred forty three yards. Three touchdowns. One of them rushing touchdown in a duh. Dolphins, thirty seven to thirty four overtime win. That was at twelve thirty four. All right. It would not exactly that. But as far as as. On that. Vegas anytime tweeted that. And I said, AJ will be available to go on Vegas trips here to forward. Let the record shows to find yours acid. Do Vegas say, I'm just saying. To see me is the national. The play. I love it. Dog -ly I love it. Went like teams tweet out photos of their players on the planes business trip. Defined, you're going to LA Las Vegas hashtag business trip. Let's begin with our recaps. We go back to Thursday night where the giants are giants fans lose thirty four to thirteen to the Philadelphia Eagles. But saquon Barkley again we have. We have a one or two. How big is the top running back tear the undisputed heavyweights of running back play going for three players is Todd Gurley, saquon Barkley and Melvin Gordon that finito to borrow a Pat Shurmur phrase. Yeah. I mean, listen, I think cream hunt is sort of right there on the border. Okay. I think Sony, Michelle's got a chance to get there. Passing game, right. Not well not enough in the passing game, but is the do we think like if so, he was show gets to rushing touchdowns every game from here that shock you shock, you Chuck me. Wouldn't shock me like that would be like every not seeing. I expect it, but I don't think it's, I don't think saying creating, say to very touch the it's one of the most prolific rushing touchdown teams in the NFL the last five years. It's crazy crazy. He's the one guy they've got. They've got one guy for a role that has been traditionally very, very productive. So you're saying that Sony Michelle is in the same category, girly. And to me, it's four players and I think it's five players, maybe four. It's Tommy. His AAC want tubby saquon Barkley Mellberg. You make the case for Alvin Kamara and also cream. That's it for music Elliott's right there. But again, that often sputter so much like those five guys that I'm locked in, we'd have to blame the point, right? The issue is this and if it again, he starting running back, like if you knew Jay. James is right there as well. If Christian McCaffrey get into the end zone a little bit more, he might be there all the. See all the. To the point. There's no cabbie them for girly. Here's a little, Tony, Michelle, you guys, you guys are haters by the white papers, the giants made this draft saquon Barkley it's over. It's done. We can be. We can get into that debate forever. But for now enjoy saquon Barkley. How about ally manning his poor joy saquon Barkley for against, yeah, Lord and Miller in the celebrity league, and then Matt Bowen. Our staff league just beat me like a drum with them. Well, I've only just took saquon Barkley and tau. How and then I come back up. It'd be. Breath, love of power. Again. Nailed it. Swish if there isn't that Karl Anthony towns. My first round pick this. You lamenting stinks, he's bad. He's so so bad. Do not. We have more basketball talk later. ESPN passing on your league. But yeah, she's starts tomorrow. You can get one league in. Yeah, not wait. However, do someone should do the vampire league? Someone should do the fantasy basketball vampire league. I wrote about it and ESPN dot com by love hate last week. It's a great idea. The the vampire league, somebody should do that. I would demand right because you have to keep picking up all these. Well, the idea, the idea the vampire league is, in essence, you'd have to play head to head which is a format obviously that he has been supports very quickly. Nine teams or however many teams in the league all draft except for one player that person is the vampire. That person does not draft, but that person gets everyone else on waivers. No one else can use it. I think it's actually tougher and basketball because it's such a star driven sport, actually, that would be really interesting to see how that would go and fantasy basketball. That will be very fun. Basketball leagues. As Matthew mentioned, begin to Morrow. Apparently, you love your fantasy. I do fantasy hoops, but I'm already so good at them. But I don't wanna take other. Feel bad when they lose. Secret, squirrel beat you last year hoops. That's accurate. Constellation champion. Maybe I'm saying regular season record pretty much dominated moving along here back to men who thinks he's bad. The question is what ripple effect is have on the pass catchers. We're going to get into this week how Nurit how nervous we aren't a player like l. back junior a slumping superstar. Not because of his own accord, right? Like Adele still sweet, but he had six catches for forty four yards on ten targets. It's secondary. Struggled so far this year, it's a limiting factor for all of the pass catchers in New York, and they're no skews anymore. We can't say anything that takes ally manning off the hook. He's just not good. And moving on vehicles with that uncertain ceremony or something else. We can say. I was really well done right field was so shocked that you actually paused for massive massive question of the game because of the Philadelphia Eagles who would it be? Corey Clement when Dell small? Well, here's the answer at least on Thursday night, Corey Clemente found the end zone Levin carries forty three yards and a touchdown. Plus three catches for twenty six yards me. Well, when they'll Smallwood had nineteen total touches including eighteen rushes for fifty one toll yards. Did we learn something about this philosophy eagles backfield that you believe is predictable going forward the or we still not there yet. We did learn something about the eagles backfield on Thursday night and it's that they're not going to be predictable going forward this committee, and I don't think Corey Clement is quote, unquote their goal line back. They were splitting series and he just happened to be in at the time they got in close, you know, Carson Wentz through a swing pass to him. He gets down at the one and then they get inclement catches that. And then he. He ends up going in. There was another play later on in that game where they was like, I and I don't know what the down was there on the two yard line, and they threw a designed bubble screen to Sean Jeffrey walked into the end zone. So I don't know that you can sit here and say like, oh yeah, Corey Clement is going to be there thumper at the goal line. I think it is going to be a committee. I think they're in sproles when he returns will. Make this even more confusing. The one thing that was interesting I thought was in a game in which Philadelphia dominated and was up big. We still see Josh Adams. There was some thought going into the game, hey, preseason star, Josh Adams was a bigger guy. You know, more of a prototypical kind of between the tackles thumper that we might see some run from him and we didn't feel the good news is that rather than having potentially four eagles running backs to juggle. We feel like most will have three when Darren sproles returns. I'm with him at the. My fear is that the next game they play, which is this Sunday against the Panthers. Maybe we do see some Josh Adams, but you're right. The biggest point here is that we did not get clarity about how to predict this backfield going forward for what it's worth when Dell small woods. The only one between him and Clement, it's still available enough to qualify for the waiver wire column. And I would say I'm interested like I don't know if you've thought about this, but I think I will have Smallwood barring any sort of information that comes out. I think I will have small would rank. Higher than Clement just because I know clinic on of the end zone, to be honest, I think small woods look like the better running back. The last couple of this is going to be for me kind of the beginning of the season with the Broncos running backs or titans running back. Not that they're that way now, but just like smash right together within one or two slots and not really feel as though there's a strong lean one. Clement did not play weeks four and five because he has a quite injury. So when smallwoods start to shine, it was commitment is not participating. And he was just coming off that injury, and I thought he looked pretty good from the point of view of how he ran mall would play forty two snaps Clemente play twenty five out Sean, Jeffrey and Zach ertz continue, just gobble up targets, twenty one combined Alcyone Jeffrey two out of three games. He's been back has been really good. Your patients paid off. If you drafted him the bucks fall to the falcons, thirty four, twenty nine in a really entertaining game. And we talk this past week and two weeks before that. And we before that, even James swinson put them on the radar. He is going to eventually become the buccaneer starting quarterback. If you rostered him good on you because he was fantastic for fantasy yesterday you can pick apart some of his real life of ball performances, including his two interceptions, but thirty point, nine fantasy points. I believe he was QB one going into Sunday night football, and I'm not sure that Brady or Mahomes. I know braided not Mahomes may have surpassed him. But you got legit top-five quarterback play from Jameis Winston this week, no matter what happens tonight. And we've only been talking about it for quite some time. And we, I begged people on fantasy football now. I mean literally said, like if I told you Patrick Mahomes on the way, why would you go get him? I would write. And I said, because that's what you have in James Winston, given the pass, catching weapons, the lack of a defense, lack of a run game. People forget over the final five weeks of last year talked about this on the show last week talked about in my column. I've talked about it. I feel like I talked about once in for quite some time we've talked about on the fantasy show on ESPN plus company, man. But over the final five weeks of last year. James Winston was the number one quarterback in terms of total fantasy points, and he led the NFL and passing yards. He was great in the preseason this year, and I would argue that all the things that contributed to Jameis Winston being good fantasy wise last year. Are there an even more their defense is worse. Their pass catchers are better. OJ. Howard has emerged, Chris Godwin has emerged and they can't run the ball because they actually did run the ball somewhat affectively down the stretch last year with Peyton Barbara. Yeah. I mean, let's actually ran well yesterday designed thirteen for eighty. Two plus twenty four receiving yards and a touchdown. And how. There was a Ronald Jones citing as well. I would say to find your that we got an expedited return from OJ Howard thought he could miss up to four weeks. He missed zero games and he played well yesterday four for sixty two with a touchdown, but just put the medical goggles on for a second here. What did you see from OJ? Don't laugh at that Matt. It was no, I I just I want to see actual medical gulls secret squirrel, go out and buy some medical finance to wear them. I would love to do that. Make them big and bulky and kenley. They should look very minion. Esque dominions have their goggles around Halloween. This is really, this is one of my daughters is going as a minion. They're super cute. I, your daughters are super cute. I me as. Look OJ. Howard I thought kinda put to rest the concern that he might come back and be limited in any way. That's obviously MC l. injury the by week to recover. He was still wearing a decent size brace during the course of the week. We didn't know how much he'd really be able to do in the game. This is, you know, we talk sometimes when a guy comes back, you want to see how they flow through the game. Because if he starts having problems team's going to be talking to him during the game and they're going to be watching. And if all of a sudden he didn't look good, then he would have been yanked. But right out of the gate, he looked strong. So I think if you were concerned about it, this certainly helps alleviate your concerns and let's be clear about this. So in his first game back wearing that bulky, brace ran more route had more snaps than Cameron bright, who does get in the end zone here. But OJ Howard has at least fifty four yards receiving in all four of his healthy game. So far this year field Yates and over James Winstons last twenty four touchdown passes. Thirteen of them have gone to a tight end and listen to this. I every week I start working on the next week's waiver wire combine Thursday or Friday because you write the lead, get an idea of who is available. OJ Howard had dropped to thirty four percent rostered while you cannot find titans anywhere and he's available in sixty five sixty six percent of leagues on ES dot com. He is. He is the subject of the lead of this week's waiver wire column, and certainly a player we think must be rostered in all leagues. Yeah, nice match up next week against the Cleveland Browns as well. One last thing I want to say here about the buccaneers like going forward. Jamie swinson is a top ten fantasy quarterback and I might be too low by saying that he's clearly QB one. I have a league where I've Winston and a lot of places because I take my own advice and I have a league where I've Winston and Stafford. I'm going to look to move Matthew Stafford this week because the concept I have in James swindled past there by now you're. Up. So and but the one thing is that while Mike Evans continues to have high value because of his potential touchdowns when you think about Sean Jackson, Chris, God, when an OJ Howard and Adam Humphreys who actually led the team in receiving yards last last Sunday. And then Mike Evans, I don't know that you're gonna feel confident about starting any buccaneers pass catcher with the exception of Evans because he spreads it around because they're gene and. Yeah, interesting. I'm not sure I'm quite there yet. I wanna see more from this Tampa Bay offense. The falcons by the way, get a must win in my opinion, two and four. Now they host the giants football next week. Unfortunately, to find you it's not just defensive injury, attrition. It's the offense aside to wide receivers, Kevin, really an Muhammed to new both Lee. This game. Now in mama's new came in with a hip injury, then he's forced out of this game. Calvin really with an ankle injury. If you were watching the game and all you saw, I'm working on the side trying to walk it off, but walking very stiff legged clearly comfortable in the fact they ruled out for the rest of the game gives you some concern. So it'd be one to watch practice over the course of the week, but they do have the advantage right Monday night game, get a little bit extra time. Unfortunately, for raw, those of you who might be considering starting them. This is one of those where you may not know until later in the week. I mean, we're seeing it today, right? I mean, like I, I've drawn a mouse and Randall Cobb and a couple of weeks where I could have used them and just didn't feel comfortable knowing whether they're gonna play or not. So bad. I started Quincy new. I will say, well, for me. Yeah, unfortunately, that injury, but here weekly reminder that the falcons one of the better teams at giving you transparency when it comes to what the other feeling about their guys that the only problem with being Monday game is that may not come until Saturday, but I would say that a very good idea on Saturday, but I'm sure you will be following that story all along it was it was such a bummer to see was such a great game. But you know, especially when new who would who had been on my love list some of those very high on young into the game. I is a top twenty play twelve point six percent and gets into the end zone here. But when I saw him get hurt, I was just like no new to you have been on fire except the exact opposite. The past couple of days with the comedy. Beyond that there's a running back split in Atlanta, the bears serious monitoring Tevin Coleman fills in for devante Freeman. He gets ten carries for thirty five yards and just one catch for. Six-yard. Now he did score on that one catch, which is good news. But ITO Smith has scored in three straight games thing is I actually thought about a worse pun to respond to you yesterday because you tweet what was your tweet? I don't know. It was something about. What I, it was something about how most new. At scored three games a right in my. Yeah, I was going to be like, MO is last. And to Romeo whatever it was British. But this. Wesleyan, a throw. I was gonna ITO. Julio would have been really bad. I think you would have had to have. Planers underneath art ball tier, running back mixed though. You don't know. Devante Freeman may be back vailable this week. So now you really about to. You said. Kevin Coleman for. Got me. All screwed up, potentially three guys to choose from as you're heading towards Monday night as a as opposed to the two awesome. Hooper goes cradles is a real thing. He's pretty good. He is pretty good and awesome. Hooper went crazy for the second straight week with nine catches in a row, nine for seventy one on ten targets with a touchdown. Here's what you're gonna say about him. He's got the potential to be a top ten tight end the NFL going forward because there are like seven good tight ends in the NFL by the way he is. I mean, as of today, he's the ninth tied and fantasies not only the pencil. He is a top ten fantasy tighter. Now, some of that speaks has could be right. Speaks to the position more than anything, but especially with Ridley and two new banged up Hooper I would think makes your waiver wire call. He's not because he's already rostered in about six fifty, seven percent of interesting. Okay. Early. We think this is more real than not. He's got nine catches and seventy yards in consecutive games. Zakar it's the only other tied into do that. This year we got to keep moving to. Let's go across the pond, the raiders win. Twelve started hawks win twenty seven to three over the raiders just a smothering. Bolic's bummer. Hymie. Curio time for Russell Wilson and not love so painful and the Seahawks twenty seven to three think that Russell Wilson might be training in the right direct. Yeah, point, nine points. Here's my concern, Russell wheelchair? What is it back to back games with three touchdown passes. That part is good. I believe in zero rushing yards last week he had twenty yesterday that parting courage ING, but still two hundred and twenty two passing yards. Three touchdown passes on twenty three attempts. It's still pretty low volume for Russell Wilson. I don't know if Mike does his p for quarterbacks, but it feels like Wilson's is just much lower than other quarterbacks that are James Winstons quote, oh, f p for quarterbacks. It'd be like forty five in most games. Wilson's is twenty nine in this game. That's my concern on the low volume for quarterback. I think that is, I think that's fair. And I think especially when you think about that, the result, the reason for that, there's too. One of them is a legitimate change in offense of philosophy. Brian Schottenheimer is a new offense. Coordinator has traditionally been always run focused, and that is what he said in the offseason what Pete Carroll star in the offseason. They wanna get back to running the ball and that certainly what they have done so far this year. But if there's reason for optimism, we talked about this on fantasy football now as well. And I've talked about it before the show and on the fantasy show right. Is that is that Russell Wilson is traditionally a slow start right? Last three years weeks. He was QB eight through the first five games of two thousand seventeen finished obviously as QB one from week six on twenty sixteen I five games QB Twenty-one QB ten. The rest of the way I five games twenty fifteen QB fourteen rust the way QB too. So now in week six. The first game here he finishes at twenty point nine. I don't know where he'll finish, but he's obviously going to be a top ten play this week. We're noting that through the first six games of last season. He had eleven touchdown passes for six games of this year. Thirteen touchdown passes. My belief is that one of the reasons that he is not. Running as much field is I think he's got a bit of a hamstring issue that I think there is. It's yeah, I don't. I don't think so. I think that's true. Yeah. And so now they get on the they have a bye. They're not playing again to week eight. So hopefully two weeks off gives that time some more time to heal. Do I think he returns the value of the top three quarterback that he was drafted? No, but do I think he's more top ten quarterback than top twenty. Which is what he's been to this point? Yes, I do. Fernow Safaniah Doug Baldwin goes for six for ninety one yesterday. Eight targets. I'm still thinking through Russell Wilson, encouraging signs. I mean he's been healthy. He's been off the injury report. We should say, this is the kind of game we've been hopeful for, and I think he expressed his displeasure last week after having one target come his way. So he he to not happy with the run first offense. And he made a point of saying that his knees were not the limiting factor. So as of right now, he's running well playing well. Is always going to be a concern. He remains on the injury ports on during the week intermittently, and I think you're gonna see him there again. But as of right now you're if he's active, you're starting. You're not worried about a limitation unless something comes up again worth noting the officer on a by next week as are the Oakland Raiders who are banked up right now? My goodness gracious so many injuries and a scary one yesterday, the Mark Hooper really, really move onto Oakland very quickly. Just wanna say this very quickly nother touched on catch for David Moore, I get it. It hasn't been a lot of volume. You've got Baldwin and lock it there. I just I have a couple of keeper leagues. I've David Moore and every one of them they love him there. He's a very talented young receiver. He is absolutely somebody that if he's not if he's still available somehow in your dynasty league, he needs not to be. Yeah, is going back to the Amari Cooper hit very dangerous, very. Flagging flagrant, if you will hit from Seahawk safety is it McDonald is that he pronounced gold, but troop shot either way. I was very surprised. There was no flag thrown, but I expect there will probably be an envelope coming. His way Mark Cooper appeared, obviously, lose consciousness. Take into the locker room, did not return. Jon Gruden expressing concern for his player afterwards as you would expect. So we'll obviously watch his health is tough. You know, sometimes the things you don't think about it can be it can sometimes take out be cleared to travel. Obviously, they don't seem to have any issues with that right now, but we'll watch Mario Cooper status there on a by. As we mentioned, we'll see whether or not Mark Cooper is available and they returned gate and Jared cook, went back to his Jared cook turtle shell to catches ten yard onto targets. Magin this Derek Carr had thirty one passing attempts. He got banged up by the way, left shoulder, let arm when I saw that. You know, as weird when player grabs. Kind of the mid shaft of the human. You start thinking, well, you go, did they? I didn't see exactly what, but it looked like you got hit and sometimes you get a hit from a helmet there and you worry like, is there some sort of fracture so we'll we'll see. I don't think they didn't report anything, but this is something to keep an eye on dog. They're bad. They're really, really bad. And I think that is something that is worth noting people that have marshawn Lynch because his marshawn Lynch has been nothing short of fantastic sixteen touch again in this game. But again, once they get down and that happens more often than not, it becomes the Jalen Rashard show. Jill chard now has at least six catches in three of his last four games. He's out there in a lot of leagues. If you're an appeal, if you're in a twelve team or deeper PR league, I do think we're shard is Fluxus flex issue. Worthy Fluxus was kind of. It's like, hey, let's get to the ravens the titans and absolute smothering by the Baltimore, Ravens won eleven sacks yesterday. If you're one of those people that believe the defenses and kicker should be removed from fantasy football. Here's the reason why you can make the case yesterday was in a storm great day for the Baltimore Ravens historically good, eleven sacks shutout and what are they score? Eighteen fantasy points on defense yesterday. What was their final defense? Lash special teams. What am I leagues now? Maybe the scoring is different there, but seriously like an unbelievable incredible day for this Baltimore Ravens even and they got nineteen fantasy points nineteen fancy point. So I die grasp. But anyways, the ravens were awesome on defense, the ravens are okay on offense and specifically, thank you. I'll IX Collins them board bets. Alex Collins, nineteen fifty four now two touchdowns. Yeah. No, thank you that count edge three, twenty seven. Also the touch edge nineteen to four over buck Allen. You know, again. The the goal line touches for a while. We're going in buck owls favor. I think. Backer. Out all over the place. So is. How can you be aside from the fact that you wind congratulated. But how can you trust him when you look at bug Alan ever? Thirteen touches in his previous two games only four in this like it outside of the script that we've seen in the past. So why would I believe that that's going to be the definitive script going forward? I mean, I I would agree here with star Fanja bell. In a in a game that they in a game that they had one, I guess, or they've lost last week to Cleveland overtime loss. But the he had out snapped an out, touched Alex Collins last week, and then all of a sudden go down to four touches in this way. It was weird. I mean, especially season high number of carries for, it's not like they just found, Alex Collins figured out what he could do. So like why? Why would I believe a real question was sort of rhetorical, why would I believe that this is going to be how it's going to be going forward? I wonder if it's this, I wonder if you remember the first game of the year when they played the bills bloom out, right? And all of a sudden house got pulled because I were blown them out. So we'll put the backup in buckling and buckling doing well, and we're like, we sort of blew it off at the very first week because we're like, yeah. 'cause when time it was a blow was a, it was a blowout game. They're just letting the backup gets them run. Maybe that's what happened here. Maybe the backup. Alex Collins got some running to save buck. Alan. 'cause they were dominating the titans. And so so. Weasels way to victory that he he didn't win the board bed and by the way Daniel, can you help me with that stance? Socks from Dell went under one hundred yards. I'll take those free cozy germ song. Good week. Well, a good week, John Brown little bit less than the in the target department this week to for twenty eight and three targets. I mean, I, I don't have like an explainer. A great reason why John Brown didn't. They played the diner him up so bad. I mean, the ravens so bad now. I honestly, I honestly think the reason is combat ler because Michael Crabtree was just abusing him so bad that there was no reason for Joe flacco to look anywhere else because every time he looked up to pass, there's Michael Crabtree wide open. All right, let's here's around. But I do think that is like jokes. Great of matchup is the risk for opposing wide receivers, Michael Crabtree got to business on him yesterday. Here's our titans recap moving along to the colts the jets. No, I kid but almost serious heightened being. I mean, let's be honest. Every hall on the titans was percent wrong, just terrible. Heightened so that this integrates great Daniel to find you wanted so hard to do board bets. And so now she does board bets and now now that she's one of now that she's one of the people, she gets a see what it's like to be on a Monday morning and realized she had bet, you know, she'd gone on the board for the titans. There's nothing like having the freedom to make bad decisions rights to find. All right. All right. I'm bracing, I own. It was terrible, but I'll come back Mark. Not more scored more fantasy points than only Josh Allen to Shawn Watson and Derek Carr among starting quarterbacks yesterday their heart. He was gone leading titans. Fantasy score yesterday was seven point, two points just brutal, Corey Davis one for twenty four Dion Lewis was seven total touches for fourteen yards. Derrick Henry with seven, eight dollars hutches for twenty six yards so bad. If you could avoid it, avoid titans. And by the way, yeah, they're going to London next week and they face the chargers. I want no part of any we ever do the London. Never. That titans there. I feel bad. Focus football podcast is presented by ZipRecruiter and picking someone feature every do not draft list from New York to North Dakota and everywhere in between. That's not smart using ZipRecruiter. Help your business find great talent like the antitax. Now that is smart. Unlike other job sites, ZipRecruiter for candidates to find you. ZipRecruiter finds them for you is powerful. Matching technology skins, thousands of resumes identifies people with the right skilled education and experience for your job and then actively invites them to apply. So you qualified candidates fast like injury, like injured player, dropped from your roster fast. No wonder ZipRecruiter's rated. Number one by employers in the US that's based on hiring sites on trust pilot with over one thousand reviews, fill your business roster with great talent visited dot com. Slash OPEC's o-on, oh, today ZipRecruiter, the smartest wet hire. And right now our listeners contracted recruiter for free as dot com, slash six one. Oh, that's ZipRecruiter, dot com. Slash six. Oh, and a reminder, you can go to dot com slash fan to be able to enter into this week's fan. Of the week submission where you're answering the question, if you are to choose a member of the six to be your wrestling tag team who choose what with their name, be set a personal record bench. This morning's dot com slash fan. All right. The jets win forty to thirty four over the Indianapolis Colts. A really interesting storyline developed four Indy. This backfield split Marla. MAC basically has his first full healthy game of the season. It was a MAC attack. Twelve eighty nine yard that for Khalil clear Mak Matthew, but twelve offense. A MAC attack. Twelve Rogers eighty nine yards for Khalil Mack plus one catch for four yards that as compared to ninety. Mm, hind to three Russia's for fourteen yards. Two receptions for twenty one yard. Here's the snap count difference Twenty-nine for Hines. Twenty-three for MAC. Do we think that we learned how the colts want to have their backfield operate going forward? Matthew. No, here's here's what I think. We got some clarity on Moreland Mexican be thing. Okay. This is a bad game for Naim Hines. He drops a pass in the end zone as well. That certainly did not bode well. And I think it was interesting that Marlin MAC and this is what Marlin MAC is hit. Three different carries yesterday that gained ten or more yards. And so he's a home run here. That's what he is. And it's one of the things on a team that currently lacks a lot of playmakers as we await the return of t. y. Hilton. And so on a team that doesn't have a lot of big playability. Yep. Here's a guy that has some big playability. And so I think what you saw is nineteen Hines who only gets three Russia's in this game. Got five total touches, but you know the previous week he'd gotten some work between the tackles, the crushing for nine Hinds is the colts through a little. I mean, we're talking like Andrew luck bunted from the one yard line and he's wide open the end zone and he jumped for some reason the ball just right. Yeah, he's had a couple of those issues, a rookie. It'll get better. But I will say this for me it. It was notable that Marla Mak played as much as he did. The volume was there. He was fully healthy again, good on the colts to sorta hold him back until they felt like he was a hundred percent and to your point to find it. He was somebody that was off the injury report. It wasn't like he was going to be a game fish in or that there was none of this dalvin cook. He'll be on limited, snap count or anything like that. So he was off the report seems to come out of this unscathed. And I think. I will have Marlin make ranked ahead of nineteen Heinz this week against buffalo. It will be close. It will be close in PR leagues. I don't think Hines suddenly loses valued at the tough match-up against the bills. But I do think going forward Marlon MAC certainly needs to be rostered. He has that kind of -bility on an offense that we think will be scoring points and feel. I assume he leads your waiver wire column. Marla. MAC is the top of the waiver wire columnist available about seventy four point, five percent of league. So consider him if you need a running back right now, the colts also got three straight games or have three straight games with ten or more targets from Chester Rodgers. Now, thirty two targets over the past three weeks. He has four for fifty five with a touchdown yesterday if deals doesn't play next week's to farm in who knows at this point. Well, I think is getting closer. We'll say this, they need him because they're, they just lost Ryan grant to an injury. And I think that's also part of why you saw some more targets. Go Chester Rogers way Ryan grant injured two catches on. Five targets for twenty four yards. Injures his ankle does not return to the game, so all wrong reasons for Chester, Roger to be on the waiver wire call this Anisi longshot. Moving along here. Nice call by Matthew for the jets. And you know it was a really good day for Jason Myers or kicker at twenty seven fantasy points yesterday seven field goals, three extra points, but there was a scary injury. Yesterday's to find him. That was to Quincy Enuma, we know missed all of last year because of a neck issue, right. And is air crawls one who comes into the game with an ankle injury. We're talking about it all morning long is air Crowell fine. Quincy noon. What? Injures his ankle in the first half hard time bearing weight on it and my scheduled for today. It sounds like there's genuine concern about what the prognosis is for him. Keep an eye on that. Obviously going for, we wish the best for him the jets finit wide receiver, but we saw Germain curse. Go nine for ninety four yesterday on ten targets to we think he's the presumptive or defacto number one. Why out if Newell MRs time Matthew, I do. I know prior prior comes in also. Gets the touchdown as well. Also injured now he's got a groin injury, right? So he's back finger. Thank you. They didn't. But you think about last year where Jemaine curse lead the jets in routes receptions targets from the slot. He counted for over thirty six percent of the jets slot targets last year, which is where a noon was spent the majority of his time. So Germain curse who comes in obviously nine for ninety four, ten targets. To me, he would be the guy that you would want to replace a noon, woah, going forward. They've a nice matchup this week against Minnesota, that struggles in defending the slot. Yeah, I think Minnesota, maybe finding its job. You're right. They have not been particularly strong against the slot so far. This season we're gonna quick break. We'll be right back. Talk about the best player on the planet. It's time time to join the millions of people that meet happy with zoom videoconferencing zoom gives you flawless video crystal, clear audio in instant sharing across any mobile tablet or desktop device. But the best thing about zoom, it just works so ditch. Distractions, join the movement and meet happy with zoom videoconferencing, visit zoom dot US to set up your three account today that zoom dot US. Zoom video conferencing. Technology powers your business and technology changes. But chances are you're still using conferencing that was wild ten years ago, but feels more like today ditch the choppy video and crappy audio and get back to wow with zoom. If the easiest most reliable video collaboration suite, and it costs about a third of what you're probably paying now. Wow, not visit zoom dot US to set up a free account today that zoom dot US. Zoom videoconferencing. I actually was looking down and I thought that Matthew had like a twitch like some violent enroll in teary spasm. And I looked, he was actually trying to charity. At my advanced age, it's always you never know which way. Turn it into a church. Roddy Padre good job on that. No, I'm going to let us have the first week. I of these smartest fan of the week. He's a quest for right here. So you guys just decided to jump in even though it was planned, hey, this is Gary Wallis ZipRecruiter smartest fan of the week and you're listening to the fantasy focus football podcast. Now back to the show well done by Gary, let's he is not the best football player on the planet. That would actually be Todd Gurley, but Gary is a close second. Curly went crazy yesterday. Just good on you. Man. Career high two hundred eight rushing yards. Two touchdowns thirty six point, five fantasy points, but the real takeaway from this Rams offense is Cooper Cup leaving this game early in the first half to find you after a jet sweep gets horse. Collard leaves the game. We're thinking ourselves. I mean, I know this Twitter and sometimes we need to be careful speculating. People were like Cooper cups out for the year. Oh yeah. We turned the second half, right, really impacted by a lot of a lot of people on Twitter, weighing in on something to find your always cautious in terms of trying to speculate. And injuries until you have more knowledge information. There are people saying like he's done for the year. And then of course he comes back, but what do we know about my little Cooper Cup? Well, we know that one of the things that everybody thought it was, which there was a lot of talk about his ankle because if you watched the video, you saw his ankle kind of rotate and give a little bit, but it was actually knee that was injured again, why we have to be careful not to be too quick to judge. I'm a huge. Very outspoken about horse collar injuries because it just if you think about the physics of it guys running full speed wonder action gets yanked, his upper half backwards the other direction, like the momentum. It just folds him in half, and that's what you saw happen to Cooper Cup. Hyper flex Disney is ankle rotates, then you're getting twisted. It's not just the pullback. It's the torsion in the twisting putting a lot of towards no force through that the they're back and through their lower extremity really risk for very severe injury. There he left. And then as you mentioned guys, he came back, but Sean McVeigh said afterwards, he was out for one possession basically, and he really wasn't himself. He's going to undergo more testing and we'll get more information as the week goes on. It was nice to see that he was able to come back with tells me is that they did not find anything grossly unstable when they examined him back there or they would not have allowed him to return. That does not mean there is not some pathology there. That's what they're gonna look for today. And of course update you. As we have more info bottle. The waiver wire com today reads, Josh Reynolds nature. Just, you know, we don't know. We'll find out more Hooper cop. I'm not discounted the idea that he plays next week given the did return game yesterday to sort of forecast that we have no idea yet. So it's a high volume passing offense. Even though it was not yesterday were Jared Goff completed, just fourteen passes. The good news was Robert woods was awesome in a smaller work Lord Lok workload than usual. But this is why by the way and I, it wasn't you know, ended up being the Todd Gurley show, but it's the second straight game with one or fewer touchdown passes for Jared Goff which is weird because he's traditionally really good on the road last two road games here. Next week has a road game as well. But it's at to find this crappy forty Niners. Gough we'll get. Yeah, exactly. Could be a huge game to give, but we also we talked about this field. We talked. We talked about it last week as well in terms of like, hey, other snow here, should I bench on my guys and what ended up happening? Of course, whether it's fine that good job clearing it up and really did not impact. I think really the impact was just that they it was. I think the coal collected them did this noted honestly listened. I know, yes, there are some teams that are play well in the snow, teams aren't used to the Broncos stink. They really do stink, but fantasy football purposes. Philip, we'll talk about Philip linzie rusher in second like Thomas back to back weeks scoring a touchdown. You know, that's good. It gets you fourteen point seven points yesterday after I believe twenty plus last week to me, this is the highest of cell highs that I can think of over a two week stretch. I agree scores last week against the jets when they're down thirty four to ten with three minutes and twenty two seconds to for John. Easy yesterday scores, long touchdown. Sure. One catch for early in the game. He had one catch at one thirty five yards. Correct. And he scores has too late catches to make a three for fifty seven with a touchdown game. Like seven with like seventy seconds to go a hundred percent and it's only because they missed on the like he wasn't the first option like they, they, I forget who case keenum threw it to. I want I want to say what Sanders any missed, but it might have been Cortlandt Sutton as well. And anyway, so the first first down they missed and then second down it was the second or third done. Forget it. They try to run, but but regardless appoint is it was only because they failed to get in the end on a couple of times that he was able to find him raise Thomas at the back of the end zone. And that's what ball. But I agree with you. He's just he's not running. He's not getting a tremendous amount of volume in the passing game here. He's averaging under six targets game over his last four. It's clear that case keenum prefers manual. Sanders. We continue to see Cortlandt center Sutton come on and emerge little bit more so agree with you other still value there for Damaris Thomas for someone that's sort of looking at surface stats. People do weird stuff. I'd offer for Beckham junior league. If the person who has Dell is a panicky finicky, do it right now. What happens? I wouldn't be surprised if somebody tweeted us tomorrow with the Dell for to Marius even if it's like, oh, del plus pieces and Marius plus piece of street wouldn't be surprised if somebody could pull cat off the Broncos have running back. Split that much. We know I have the room. We want him back junior, okay. Yeah. I come to you for Dobbin cook. Ooh. Oh, yeah. Now we'll talk. Philip linzie, but he was the better Broncos running back again. Yesterday ten total touch is opposed to just nine for Royce Freeman. I think we're at the point now where is Royce Freeman, Adrian Peterson, light. Touchdown dependent. Everytime I, here's what was encouraging, I thought was that Royce Freeman out carried. So in terms of just running back carries, it was Royce Freeman, nine villains before to your point. Lindsey got more involved in the passing, which I think was also positive because the eyeball test, right. Don't you feel like I feel like Philip Lindsay is the explosive back where there's always the potential for something to happen. Yeah. Look, I like Royce Freeman and maybe I'm just a little bit blind to it. I like Royce from and I don't think they use them correctly. I think he needs more work and I think this is a they should be used in a prototypical thunder and lightning sort way that we, we've sort of seen, I think devante Booker has no business being on the field given those two guys. But I say, I think he's what you're straight on. When I think he is, I think he's just he's just a guy he's wrong. And I think that Phil blazey and Royce Freeman, and that order are talented running backs who deserve more run. The one thing that is clear is that their best chance at moving the ball this year is on the ground and not letting case keenum throat. And that goes also by the way part of the issue with Damaris Thomas case keenum he's been bad so far this year. Bad for manual centers, but he just hasn't been great this year. Chad, Kelly came in just to take a knee because case keenum got banged up towards the end. The first half the cheerleaders were crazy. People want themselves from Chad Kelly time right now in Denver. Think that change happens at some point. They're two and four. They lost victory games. They stink. The Broncos are tough to watch right now. Yes. So if you're in deep league quarterback Chad, Kelly, I think is an interesting speculative. Add the bills are not much better. They're two and four after yesterday's game against the Houston Texans. But the first injury of note here is that Josh Allen left is games to find elbow issue getting an MRI. Very Marcus mariota, like in terms of just like when you saw them evaluating him on the sideline, looking hand, elbow, range, emotional that. So we'll we'll wait and see what they actually diagnosed him with, but the fact that that he could not come back and if it is something similar than your time line for projection becomes very, very difficult. You know, Matthew, it was already a bad offense. But if Nathan Peterman or recently signed off the street, Derek Anderson as the starter, it craters even more it really does and it. And if I may make suggestion as you continue to tweak and find tune your waiver wire, free agent, fines of will read later today on ESPN dot com. And the colts defense ninety three percent available there because I got to tell you a home game against Nathan Peterman. Really interesting for streaming. Yeah, isn't interesting streaming option there indeed to sell teams on a by. Dealers not a great streaming defense, the Packers, not a great streaming defense. But in any event, there are some options to consider next week with some notable teams on a by Shawn McCoy sixteen Russia's seventy three yard. Three catches for twenty one yards. And I called him after last week. I believe he was a sell high. Hopefully you've got some value there for the Texans. This is an ugly win, but I'll on their back to three and three and tied for first place in the AFC south facing the titans. I'm sorry, the Jaguars next week. Sean wasn't didn't look right, didn't he was entering this game with a chest issues to find you and it's hard for me to say that you can tell a guy's impacted by chest issue, right? But I think I think he's impacted by the collection of all the rushing, the hurrying, the hitting the sax and trying of. Batte of line and you can see the indecision, right? I mean, he looks skittish. That's the word I was. He looked skittish is not comfortable saying the pocket. He wants to be on the move, but he feels like he's been told be careful when you're on the move because you're, you're exposing yourself to more contact here and made that risky play where he got the chest injury the week prior was because he was trying to turn something into more yardage. I agree with you that he doesn't look right. This is not him coming back from the knee that we established in preseason look, very good. This is to me him being uncomfortable, just playing quarterback in that setup that they have right now. Thank goodness for yonder Hopkins who had seventeen point three points yesterday because otherwise there was not a Texan that was were starting unless you played their defense who did pick six, Nathan Peterman. Or not targeted all in the first half. This was really concerning, and some of it is is because he was so bad and some of it's because honestly, KiKi Cutie has emerged. I mean, honestly, obviously he did not have a big game here either. Just five targets three catches, but his five targets more than willfuller only one less than the Hopkins in the low volume passing attack that was Houston on Sunday, and there's some cause for concern. There will fuller makes that one play in rolling out of the end zone if you all saw that. But the all the medical staff was around him for a bit of time. So there definitely some concern. I'd be keeping an eye on that this week. All right. Perhaps most entertaining game of the regular season so far took place last night in the patriots and the chiefs, the patriots when forty three to forty, just smashing that fifty nine and a half point over by mere twenty three point, five point, Kansas City though. All hail Patrick Mahomes who started slow in this game actually had two interceptions too. And yet he goes off for three hundred fifty, two passing yards. And four touchdowns really for the chiefs. It was all the same familiar faces. The only guy who didn't really produce Sammy Watkins, went to eighteen on four targets. I kind of think maybe that was the Stefan Gilmore treat more than anything else. I, yeah, I would agree. I think that is that is the case. Tyreek hill was just all world here. I wish I could do a dramatic reading of my texts because I had a friend, the texted me Sunday morning. Okay. And he, he said, Ryan or Mahomes, and I said, I have them. I basically have Mahomes at one I have Ryan at for their super close. I think both guys have good games. I don't think you can screw this up, but I have home slightly higher because there's a chance that the falcons are able to run away with this and you know that he doesn't need to pass. And so he says, okay, I'm going Mahomes. Obviously, Matt Ryan has a monster game. The home starts slow and he's just, he's, he's, he is hammering. These. It's like, dude, I don't know what the hell. Why did I listen to you? I can't believe. Why wouldn't you go with Ryan at home versus a young quarterback on the road against Bella check. Who had extra time like, what are you doing to me? I don't know. I listen to you, blah, blah, blah. And then you know, he's like, I'm gonna lose my matchup. We're gonna move. And then you know, of course, by the end of is like he won by ten. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate you can text. Yeah, like I wanna take out to dinner and I'm like, a, you know, we'll see the chiefs are awesome. Absolutely brilliant. Perform rain for so many of them. Cream hunt should always play to let him he went now the second time that he has played there for the patriots, Tom Brady. He was very good himself, three hundred and forty passing yards. He also had a rushing touchdown. I believe it was as long as runs and thousand and you're like Brady venture big wrong run. It was amazing sorting machine, twenty two point six points. But what was interesting and I know math, you're going to be a little bit disappointed. You and I were talking about Josh Gordon quite a bit yet. Fantasy football. Now I'm more encouraged than. Look at the box score points for him. What we said about Josh Gordon was we thought they were going to open up the game for him and the amount of involvement that he had. If you were watching it, there was some targets that were way off. There were couple passes. He just couldn't get to her. They were well defended, but Josh Gordon was much more involved in this game and he was stretching the field more than he has so far since his time with the patriots for me from the physical standpoint, from just the eyeball test of how involved with the game and how much Brady was looking to him a huge uptick hundred percent. Look. I had one of the most frustrating fantasy days of hat and terms of playing because they ended up losing like five different games by less than five points. And I had Josh Gordon on almost all of them. So I have a ton of Josh Gordon this year. And so that was certainly disappointing to me like in that he should have touched on, but it was a pass interference. And and so I agree. So just as somebody who plays fantasy football, very frustrating, but I can. Completely agree with us to find you and field. In terms of your analysis here, Josh Gordon ran the most routes of any player on the patriots ran thirty five routes, which was a team high member. Four catches on six targets in his first two games. Combine. He goes five on nine. He got a couple of end zone looks as well. Some in close. Again, he came with an inches of a big play as well. I'm very encouraged by Josh Gordon going forward better days or ahead for Josh. Gordon just didn't show up in the box score last night. And of course caused me to lose a number of game. I'll better where's my better berry. Might need a better better bury a bitter better bitter berry because it's it's, it's lists not quite there yet, but I'm getting darn close. I think I will next week be close to ranking, Josh Gordon even head of June adamant amongst patriots, wide receivers element found the end zone last night, hey, Chris, Hogan's alive. The Panthers lose to your beloved field. Daniel? Yeah. Tell us about seeking tickets from for the game. That was what I was trying to say Daniel. Oh yeah. Yeah. The the game or them go to. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, about that thing. Well, listen, I have used them. 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So so it made me feel good made my kid feel good, and it can make you feel good. So here's what you do. Download the seatgeek app into the promo code f, f, f, that's promo code f, f, f, and here's what you get twenty dollars off your first seatgeek purchase. Not bad, right, twenty dollars off your first seatgeek purchase suggests use promo code f, f f when you download the seatgeek app today, seek wife's an event, and we have tickets back down to the Redskins and the Panthers, the Panthers lose this game twenty three seventeen. Do Greg Olsen minutes. I return back Vandross to you. Talk about a guy who was right back where he belonged. Also, you helix great. And if you saw the one catch that he made, whereas like his shoe is just going out of bounds, but it was the alad one half of the show and you're and Cam Newton had to be like, that's my guy aids back on the field. That's what I've been missing. Love him for catches forty yard, seven targets the real. The bigger story though, is he played the whole. Game. He looked good, no apprehension right back to being at guy. And with tighten the position being what it is, we can't guarantee that he's not going to have any problems with people say, see fully healthy. He is fully healthy right now. And that's a lot more than a lot of guys who play the tight end position. So I would not hesitate to get out there. And if you could get Greg Olsen if you need him if somehow he's a veil lable snagging I can't imagine he is, but I will say that on Sunday more him. Yeah, because people because people are the emotional thing, they get afraid to trust. I don't know. I will say to your credits, define a Sunday morning on faithful. Now the question was asked, are you starting Greg Olsen today? And you said, absolutely. I'm not worried about the injury, so you put them right back into your lineup and you know whatever. It was four, forty eight. It was whatever the titan Pishin but still positive. See here field. Listen when you go against a buzzsaw defense like the Washington Charta expect production from any place, not since the eighty six pairs. Have we seen a defense like the Redskins here? What are you concerned at all about Christian McCaffrey? Kind of a quiet game here, especially with Greg Olsen back. No, not at all. I mean, listen, like if a bad day for Christian McCaffrey results in, let's see. Thirteen point six fantasy points. I'm okay. This is true. And by the way they missed a touchdown at the very end there just by like six inches there that obviously would have changed his day quite a bit. But I agree with you feel as love my Chris McCaffrey love me more because you know what he lost my Redskins HALE did Adrian Peterson played a featured role in this game seventy nine ninety seven. Excuse me. I mean just incredible toughness to get back if shoulder got hopped out last week that was also by the way hyper and is Nathan knee injury had ankle issue, and then dislocated his shoulder all Monday nights a less than a week to come back from that. If you could see if you saw like a black strap around his arm as a harness that they wear to basically help. Support the shoulder. That was recently dislocated because chance you fall on. And again, you're also trying to keep the arm relatively close to the body. People wondering, why did they only get one pass catch it because or one target thrown his way because you can't get your arm from your body. Literally can't lift it out, but he absorbed the contact. He was out there on the. It was remarkable really mama. There goes that Batman. Unfortunately, still a touchdown dependent flex play for me during Peterson because he played awesome. Got you. Nine point, seven fantasy points. Jordan Reed disappeared yesterday, but five catches for thirty six yards. Actually, Vernon Davis, three for forty eight and a touchdown. You know, I don't know that the takeaway is that you know Jordan reads values impacted more that Vernon Davis impact you value is legitimate as tight end spot. Like I just think that you know, like the days of Jordan Reed being in that top tier of tight ends or no long. I also think this is going to be messy this week, right? Because you had Chris Thompson out. We don't know what his status is going to be. You had Jamison Crowder out. You don't know what his. This is going to be Josh Lawson. You never know what his says like there. You don't really know what they're going to be able to field by the time. They get ready to line up against our part of it. However, is also that Alex Smith to spreads around, like I watch this game, I watch closely, obviously I would. I was a prized to realize that Alex Smith threw the ball thirty six times in this game because it didn't feel like it. You know, it's a low volume game. He, he truly managed manage this game. I mean, there was ever there was a game that he just sort of many mentor and, hey, by the way I just I'm gonna policies. I thought Capri bibs was going to be a thing. I was really surprised talking about them all last week. I was not surprised at Chris Thompson, miss this game. I was surprised at how little Capri bibs was used. So I apologize to those that used bibs on my behalf. I use them in a lineup to it was I was weird, surprising. The Steelers mangles never have dull games to win this one twenty eight to twenty one in large part of the brilliance do the brilliance of James, CONNER nineteen for one hundred. Eleven with two touchdowns added four catches for eighteen yards. Here's what we're going to say about about James. Connor in like what to do now. We're gonna wait there on a by this week, and I think we're going to have a much better chance of getting more information on lady on bell over the next couple of days. Then we have right now, but James, CONNER, if you've written him out so far, he has probably catalyzed five or so wins for you to this point of the fantasy football season and wrote Ben actually delivered yesterday. Better off has been much better on the road this year than it's been in previous seasons. Thirty to forty six, three hundred sixty nine yards. A touchdown. Good for twenty one point. Six fantasy points. They wanna buy next week, but you know, I think some of the most difficult road tests we're gonna see from the Steelers are still ahead. Notably the ravens come up. The Jaguars come up. It was the to thinking of specifically those are next to road games, but Ben's been a little bit better. Might give you more confidence starting him, even in what will be perceived as poor matchups for the Bengals Tyler boy. Does he back. Back. Look back to me yesterday. Seven catches sixty two yards in two touchdowns on nine targets. Good for twenty five point. Two fantasy points might be like top twenty play this week against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night football given away the chiefs defend the pass. I had fifteen coming into this week. I mean coming into this week, Tyler Boyd was top fifteen in the NFL and targets. He is a legit wide receiver to I Tyler Boyd is nothing short of terrific. It is a high volume offense, obviously has a great connection with Andy, Dalton, and he's getting a lot of looks. I mean again, you know, I don't know guy was top fifteen targets prior to this game here, and then he goes on and gets nine targets. I mean some sixty two on the loveless. I'm not saying expected two touchdowns but yeah, I mean to me he was already a top twenty fantasy wide receiver. And I think he's creeping into that top fifteen range and other good game for Joe mix. We should plan. Name game with Tyler boy that we don't have time today, but we can do it maybe later. Oh yeah. All in Tyler Boyd and have been for a little while rushed effectively yesterday fifteen total touches for eighty four yards. And a touchdown. Quick mention if CJ use Oma if you're looking for a tight end by ninety, two percent of the snaps six catches fifty four yards. Tyler. I for out and Taylor cross going and time to he's getting opinions. His broken bone is foot, talking consulting specialists, so, but he's already said he's not playing in week seven. So you is the title the chargers rush the Brown yesterday. Thirty eight to fourteen in Cleveland. Melvin Gordon was amazing. Eighteen Russia's one hundred thirty two yards. Three touchdown, thirty five fantasy points for him. On the question we have on the chargers. Thank to is. Can you flex auks Austin actor seven Russia's for sixty yard? I think that the tricky part was he had no catches yesterday's zero targets for Austin. Akwa weird one. Yeah, they didn't need a game. They didn't need them. Yeah, they play next week in London. The chargers have. Not just awesome, but they have three guys could be flexible given week, right? Mike Williams more Tyra Williams or Austin, Ecuador, tyrod lambs, wait a hog the ball this week. I if you had Mike Williams hoping so frustrating. There's nothing more knowing than tyrod Williams comes out of nowhere. Right tonight. Sounds on hundred nineteen yards receiving and playing. It's me like I played in a league where somebody started tyrod Williams against me and it's one of those. It was a good. Bye. You'll say, what are you doing? And then and you're just like, oh, come on, come on Iraq. The Browns. It's sort of a tough day at the office yesterday to put it in. I think it's, I think, while as a nice performance by Williams, a couple of plays here, I think it would be hard to trust anyone not named Keenan Allen and passing game. Yeah, till we see more consistent. No, I completely agree on that part. It's sort of the the we separate. Ever. I don't know. You'll see consistency ever. Never been the chargers off. I'm with you on that the Browns bad day, but let's go to the positive side. I even joke whose trend is stock training in three games. The Baker Mayfield he has been really, really good, seven, fifty five on a touchdown yesterday, twelve targets tight end top eight tight end the rest I'd had him on the hate list coming into the week and part because the match up here and be in part of because if you look a little bit deeper into the usage and obviously just a bad call of just a total with by me on that one. So I apologize there on in joke who here, but it was nice to see and the touched on catch with something of beauty like it was like, we have this, this feature, the countdown does you know. But like you got moss David joke mosques, the chargers defender wasn't that play, but a brilliant catch from dividend joke, who he may eventually become a good player, but Antonio Calloway's issue is not good. That's his problem right now. He can't catch. The ball has to be literally hinted off to him for him to make catches at this point. He got ten targets in this game in a lot of them were catchable balls field. Yeah, him and Jarvis Landry both get ten targets yesterday. I'm sorry. Nine targets for Landry ten for Antonio Calloway and they combined for four catches twenty yard just to forget day the office announced Baker Mayfield to a little bit of an injury. If you saw the play is running out of bounds, kind of takes awkward step and you see his ankle role and then he comes up. Limping goes back in the game. There was like some sort of out of down marker that abounds whatever it was. It was like. Yeah, say roses ankle goes back in, but if you watch him throw after that, he was off and people sometimes if you don't see it, you're like, yeah, but he stayed in. He was fine, but he wasn't fine. And the way he was moving around the way he was stepping into his throws, he sailed a couple ball. So look, he's going to play this week. It's not like it's a question Mark, but hopefully his ankle feels a little bit better than it did right after he came back in. To define fantasy football for the next four weeks. Just an incredible slate of match-ups coming starting Tampa Bay Buccaneers, falcons Steelers chiefs. Baker Mayfield could go for one hundred combined points over the next four weeks or he just never quite get there. So he's on the waiver wire calm, noting that it's just a matchup friendly scheduled coming up. Fascinating. The head for the Cleveland Browns before move on just wanna mention Damian Radley. You know, it's interesting. So we do that fantasy longshot segment on more. Hagen day. So I had chest Roger who's mind and more mentioned Damian rally who he said. You know, he said on Aries as I've been told, he's going to get six to seven targets today. What happens? Damien, rally goes out and gets eight target six for eighty two. And when you think about the inconsistency of in Tonio Calloway and the injuries to to Higgins and Willis like like they, they need pass catchers in Cleveland on offense that we think is better than than average. Especially considering the schedule. We just talked about Tampa Bay Atlanta, so on and so forth. So Damian rattling, I think should make your free agent fines. If you're in a deeper league and he'd wide receiver help not quite there yet. Personally, I wanna see one more week out of it before I start to vouch for him as a regularly. The bears went to Miami to brutal performance in the second half twenty one score three straight times open the second half, and they let Miami back in this game. They fall people where dreaming the bears defense when they heard about the quarterback, and that was. Well, they were always starting. In DFS obviously they suddenly became a very chalky play. I played them obviously didn't work out happy Brock Tober every right Tober. But how about the running backs right now in Chicago? Jordan, Howard yesterday of Miami, though, before, do you want to feel like second Chicago? I. The meeting Jordan Howard fourteen rushes for sixty nine yards, but a brutal fumble. The goal line yesterday goal literally six inches away from touchdown, and he fumbles I, if Twitter is to be taken for anything, it has been perhaps the most asked about player for me so far. This morning has been Jordan. Howard man, like it's been a rough, go in for him and to recall and by the way, those five thirty one of the ground and had seven catches for nine yards. A touchdown is the question is maybe not this. Maybe it's it's two things. One has Jordan. Howard been surpassed by Tariq Cohen as the running back you onto roster or you want you would have more confidence in week to week, or is it this that it's so coin flip that you just don't know that you can have either one ranked head of the other with confidence. I feel like that the ladder into flippy the fact that he has a under eight fantasy points combined over the last two weeks. This is our this Jordan. Howard. You know, he didn't do anything against Tampa Bay and they're like, well, you know, Trubisky threw for six touchdowns. It was just one of those games that got away for you, and then you come out and you see this fourteen for sixty nine to your point with a bad fumble. And you see to Recode has a second straight game, and you start thinking about all the fears we talked about in the preseason about Jordan Howard, which is that he wasn't a great fit for it. Matt Nagy wants to do on offense that they wanna use to Recode and more sort of field stretcher in a kind of tyreek kill ish, sort of way that Nagy used him back when he was in Kansas City. So I think you have to be nervous here if you have Jordan Howard to me, this is less about the emergence of three Cohen who certainly flex worthy and more about sort of the drop in confidence you have in Jordan. Howard, especially when you think about next week when they're home to the patriots and is out of game, they get behind in and they suddenly they, they need to throw. And that's three Cohen. I like to risk streamer by the way, he's been really good of late tiller. Gabriel has back to back games up over one hundred yards. Twelve catches on twelve targets. He is a waiver wire. He's playing a ton of snaps right now for the bears. Now we get to Matthews beloved Miami dolphin there. You're Miami Dolphins, right? Yeah, sure. Where do we begin? Brock Osweiler was unbelievable yesterday and I'm not being sarcastic. Three hundred eighty passing yards. Three touchdowns he was picked off twice but twenty six fantasy points for Brock. I guess the real question though is Albert Wilson because listen, it's Brock Osweiler. Adam gates already said when Ryan tannehill healthy which could be as soon as next week he is the starter we'll see. We'll say just the one thing Adam gays after the game was basically like when when you say I find it very odd. He did not know whether he was day today or long-term. That's a really odd strange thing to say. There was an odd things about this including how quiet they were up until the last minute. And I'm getting very frustrated in front of the media about being asked about the situation Ryan tannehill. So when we say, we don't know, we really don't know because you got a code saying things like that. All right. Keep an eye on his status this week. But Albert Wilson, six for one fifty five and two touchdowns that he gets shot. Out of a cannon on a couple of those catches those long. Weaving touchdown runs no OSCE perceptions, but he was awesome yesterday, is it the thing? Matthew? I don't know. They say it's a. It's weird. I mean, he's now scored four touchdowns at his last five games. Fifteen catches over the past three. We. I mean, I haven't as a dean waiver wire adding ish thing. I don't know that he's a thing is the thing if maybe throwing to sort of find his way on this team, what here's what's weird is that I see the production, I get it. And then I just think about the actual act of me saying like, yeah, I'm starting our Wilson and I don't see myself going. Who there with Alba Wilson, the Miami Dolphins. I got Brock. I'm good. Tannehill just like the numbers are there. I get it into your point. Like if you're in a fourteen sixteen team league. You can hold your nose, right? You don't have to like sit on talented player. You wanna make, although I will say this, they are home next week to Bengals Detroit Lions by ear. Ears. Fair for Brock Tober drink, how low will it be for you? If you guys go to Miami Brock. Osweiler. It'll be pretty low. Yeah, it'll be pretty bad Kenyan Drake, get you point eight fantasy points. Another player with a devastating fumbled walked off with the game. Obviously they ended up winning, but not a great day from Kenyan Drake is Frank gore, just wonder that is Franco Andrea yards. The Jaguars got just stopped by the Kabul yesterday. Forty two, seven in Dallas that day we all game. We get you ten fantasy points, but you might have hope for double that yesterday with letter for net out, you know, sort of one of those toss away games for the Jaguars my opinion. It was. It was one of those where you're like, wow, the dolphins with Brock Osweiler blowing the beating the bears. Yeah. What a shocker. That's the craziest game. I've seen. There's gonna be crazy than that. And then all of a sudden the Jaguars Cowboys game says, hold my beer. I mean that was to watch Dak Prescott run. For eighty are to watch the Jaguars defense get blown out right by what offense IBM lose on. That was I agree it. So weird. Here's what I agree. It's one of those, like it's a little bit of a throwaway game. It's just a weird one. Like again, we don't expect act Prescott run for that many ours. I don't expect Koby's to go ham. Again. I'm not a recommended going in, rushing on picking up call Beasley, but I didn't think it's worth noting that I don't think the Jaguars defense is the Jaguars defense and all capital Ramsey definitely was limping around a little bit. He was definitely not himself traded the Jaguars. I know. I know him Hines a couple of weeks ago and you know, I don't want to say the ninety minds was great yesterday, but I think the Jaguars defensive play as it has so far this season. For just to disappear that just that point, but coming into this week and so the this week as an even orient. But just even coming into this week, they were the seven best defense and fantasy. And this is a defense that was drafted in the seventh, seven, nine like people like, you know, reached for them in a significant way and they're the seventh best defense on fantasy. It's one of the things that we noted in the preseason here by the way over the last nine team's defenses to get at least one hundred fifty fantasy points were all nine different teams like no one. That's been the number one team in fantasy defense has repeated the following year of the last couple of years. So and so far looks like the Jaguars are going to continue that trend. The bears your number one defense by the way heading into the week jets. Number two. About that final game here the Vikings win twenty seven seventeen over the Zona cardinals has gotten the point. Now where I mean besides David Jones is Christian Kirk, actually the cardinals wide receiver. You have ranked ahead of Larry Fisher. Going forward. I don't know. Seventy seven on seven targets layer pitcher goes five or sixty nine. I'm sorry. Five thirty nine on eight targets other than David Johnson and even David Johnson Esa mitigating factors. Keep scoring, but just to catch yesterday Maj. fumbled. E can he can do? But meanwhile, Christian Kirk now has over seventy five receiving yards. Three was last four games. He's eighty percent of his target. So far this year seems that there is a real connection between him and Josh Rosen one that certainly doesn't exist. Larry FitzGerald. We did a panic or patients kind of thing on fantasy football now, Sunday morning when I did and we were asked the question FitzGerald and I said, panic, full blown panic panic cannot imagine the next time. He would feel comfortable starting Larry FitzGerald in until a week after he breaks it is right. And who knows when that is in a standard ten team league or you're only starting to wide receivers like was if you guys wanna wave later, it's got no issue with that. It's not something where I'd be like, you gotta hang onto him. You absolutely do not need to hang onto them. We get somewhat of a surprise yesterday based off of early reporting in that Dowding cook, missed the game for the Minnesota Vikings. Batavia's Maury fills in and goes crazy career high. Hundred fifty five rushing yards for latavius Murray twenty two point. Eight fantasy twenty. I'd ask you about Dalvand cook for this week, but I'd rather wait until Tuesday or Wednesday when we actually have more information. Yeah, I thought it was a bit of I wanna say stunts not the right word, but just to have him there like he was gonna warm. I mean, really hadn't looked good during the week, and I said this yesterday on fancy football. Now the language from the player was enough to make you think you should be concerned about when he said in the week, he wanted to be one hundred percent and get back to being explosive that he was still only like seventy eighty percent. It would have been hard to trust him anyway. So I guess the favor that they did for you was actually not having him play in the game. So he didn't have a question Mark, but I'm certainly not automatically thinking that week. Seven against the jets is the time that he comes back. I would put it this way. You need to see him in practice before you're convinced that y- that Alvin cook is one hundred percent ready to roll. I agree and super bitter about that because in the league that I lost by two points. The guy started once he he'd had as much all week long. And then as soon as cooks, ruled out, of course, he puts on the Mary who is going nuts and I lose that game time head, Quincy noon. Well, sorry. Murray has. We have thought that this could potentially happen in the absence of and cook, but they're run game hasn't been there no matter what the against the cardinals sort of knew that was about this. We will. Now I mentioned that I had him as running back sixteen is very once. We knew the news about dalvin cook so feeling you are awesome, six games with the hundred plus receiving yards. Put a bow on this podcast with crappy promo. Times best selling author met you bury with another self-serving self-indulgent all about the promo. Just wanna give a shout out to a couple of social media channels that I think you will enjoy following at MB, fantasy life on Twitter and Instagram. There's fantasy loser stuff. There's some really interesting stats as well. So my minions there will help answer your fantasy questions that about promo codes and you know, free swag as well. So just follow me on Instagram and Twitter at m. b. fantasy life or you can go to Facebook dot com. Slash Matthew berries with an ass. Matthew Bury's fantasy life there and sign up for the rodeo pass newsletter, which is does a great job as well. Also free just go to wrote a pass dot com and sign up our free newsletter which we mail every single day. And we've got news and notes and analysis for us well delivered right to your inbox. So check that out at row, pass dot com. Great stuff there. False on Twitter's to underscore ESPN. Instagram is defined. You'll be eighty seven method berry Timour everywhere set for the fantasy life that he's at. Matthew berry field Yates banish. Oh, coming up later on today on ESPN plus. Yes, sir. We are back tomorrow tuck whole bunch of stuff in recaps defying for Niners, probably witting tonight out these out. Six. In case you. You guys go ahead. Give me for being on sportscenter for forty, five seconds. Because I don't think. Get your terrible at Nash tag, improv. Feel feel gate. Fun berry. Media, then.

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